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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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    Discernment Prayers.  3rd January, 2001.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine!   Prayed short rebukes.

    The Rock of Ages bids thee Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Precious children of a Loving Father, speak your heart’s requests.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord You know that what is in my heart is whether or not I should mention what I’m thinking, or whether it is too melodramatic in which case I would not mention it except if it is Your Will Lord.

    You may well speak it.

    On New Years Eve I went to the evening Mass, then cleared out the roses that were dead, but at the foot of the altar I saw that I had been pricked by a thorn in my right ring finger, and a large drop of blood had fallen on the lowest step; which I initially just swept away without a second thought, but Our Lord said to me in Adoration this morning;

    We have a covenant written in blood now!

    Lord I know that You have bled and died for me, and that I receive Your Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity every day at Mass; but what is the significance of a drop of my blood?

    My beloved, My beloved, My beloved, are we not one? My little children, every sacrifice, every suffering, every penance, united with your prayers, rises up as pleasing incense, before Me the Living God, for we are one! [Our Lord shows us again the Gospel of St John 17,18; -

    Father, if they could become one in Me ].

    Little children, each one of you has become one in Me, and so our hearts are one, our sufferings are one, our relations are one, our Joy is one.  Little children, believe that the

    miracle of roses is not yet over.  Many, many, will come in Adoration in this Church, for I have selected it in honour of My Mother, who is reverenced in that parish, beyond that of many parishes.

    As You know Lord, I have received two phone calls from MmcS of Life Foundation, because  her friends in Vernon, where Fr NK lived when on his Mission, are South African, and the husband is a pediatrician. They are visiting South Africa next February, because his sister, who lives near my sister,[Pietermaritzburg] has breast cancer.  MmcS aleady knows my sister because Life Foundation members lived with my sister when they took the Divine Mercy and OL of Guadalupe Mission there three years ago.  While there he wishes to meet my sister’s baby, who was miraculously healed of AIDS.  Margaret has given me the sisters’ phone number, as well as the number of a lady in JHB, who has had much to do with finding homes for these needy little children.  So Lord, I will call my sister and give her these phone numbers.  Is that all You wish me to do or is there more?

    My beloved, give the information to A, and keep the information at hand for yourself,

    and let us wait in expectant Hope for the fruits of these transactions.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I read that the Holy Father will publish a letter, on the new Millennium, and I hope that somehow he will deal with the issue of “brain death.”  Many have commented on the Holy Father looking fragile, but I know that even so, the Lord will call him when He will call him, and not a moment before. I have somehow got the idea that the printed

    “Words” which are at the printer now, should be ready to leave Canada by Friday.  It seems important to have things ready and gone by that date; Lord please Bless the printer to have it ready, and let Your Will be done.  These Words are all so prophetic ; therefore it seems it should be in the Vatican before these predictions happen.

    Militant angels of God are watching over the Documents; the obstructions are prevented; a free flow of printing occurs.  Heaven assists profoundly.  And is it not First Friday?

    The Sacred Heart; yes Lord Jesus.  Thank You Lord.

    I am so obstructed getting to the website the college wants me to log onto, even with help, after several hours.


    Thank You Lord Jesus. Today is my brother’s birthday; I beg for theirconversion; that soon they would come back to the Church.

    I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind and they will live! Our Lord is making Omen look at the little statue of St Martin de Porres, one of my favourite saints [Nov 3rd.]St Martin, please help us as we pray for those in our families far from the Church!

    Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal wills to help you in all of these undertakings, and so it shall be.

    Lord thank You so much for helping me to find the prayer group I needed when I went to St Mary’s Parish. Lord; I should stop speaking.  If You wish to, please speak to us further Lord.

    [I am]Lover of souls.  The vortex of the storm is hanging over the the Holy Land now.  Do not be distraught at anything you hear now.  Even the media may not be carrying truth as you understand Truth.  Little children, We keep that area of the world and the people We draw there in your prayers.  I have a Plan and I have a Design as you know; it is the Lord Who speaks! Yet this people on both sides, these people are not yielded to Me.  And those who proclaim to the world that they are working to a peaceful solution, are often just meddling, for their own cause their own agendas as you now.  The political expediencies , as you know are often brought into play.  Dear little children, at this time I ask the faithful to simply continue to pray that your God’s Will be done and that Peace comes without a horrendous cost to mankind.

    We prayed an Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be...

    Therefore remain at Peace little children; as ever, I am with My Own always .

    Thank You Lord.  May the Presence...

    Discernment prayers, 10th Jan 2001.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate and Sorrowful

    Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine!  Short rebukes.

    My Name is before you and on your lips.

    Thank You Lord.

    Little children, in these Missions of Love which I have entrusted to you as it were, although I am profoundly united with you in all that you are doing, great Blessings come upon you; indeed, each one of you shall persevere in all that you are undertaking.  Do not be dismayed at anything that occurs in the world today, for you live in most unusual times, turbulent times. My precious little one, itemize and ask of Me what you will, on each subject of your heart’s concern.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Dear Lord, I could never thank you enough for Fr A, Your faithful priest who has written to confirm that the “word” of the past year are in his hands now, who will give them to the Holy Father.  I thank You for the inspiration to send the “Words of Jan3rd now instead of waiting for a year, to let the Holy Father know that You have a plan for the Holy Land.

    It is good.

    Thank You Lord, and for the Peace of soul You gave Me, when it was done.  Lord, I am grateful to have found Your Words in the Gospel [of Love] of St John, which confirm the Word’s given in this Mission, in both the “Word” and the “Signs,” that we are continuing to live out now.

    Lord, it became clear to me, that Your Command, “if you love Me, keep My Commandments,” [John 14], is the reason for this Mission to the scientific world especially, and to the people of this time.  And Lord, the vision You gave me last year on the eve of 11th February, is almost exactly the words You spoke to the Samaritan woman [symbol of a woman missionary] in Jn4; ‘the water that I shall give, will turn into a spring inside him, welling up to eternal Life.’ Even the healing of Lazarus, bringing him back to life, you have done to me.  Thank You Lord, for this deeper understanding of this Mission.  Lord, please correct anything I may say that is not accurate.

    Our Lord is present and silent.

    Lord, I know you have Your Reasons for causing me to know details about the life of one of the transplant surgeons who was at the meeting that the Holy Father addressed ; we always have to pray for their conversion.  But is there any other reason why I know so much about this one’s

    chaotic life with no effort on my part?

    Beloved, you see for yourself, that when one rejects Me, the Living God, thinking to do all

    things himself or herself as the case may be, one only finds trouble; trials, suffering, confusion, disruption, all the undesirable states of life come upon them, for they in rejecting Me, though I love them and I yet attend upon them, in their abandonment of the Law of Love given in Holy Scripture, they find themselves in a place of peril of soul.  Yet, thinking themselves entirely self-sufficient, they do not even comprehend the slippery slope they have placed themselves upon, and the great risk to soul which is occurring in their lives.

    That is why, My precious ones, you are called to pray for just this type of individual.  You know well the power of prayer My little ones, and I simply ask you to persevere in prayer for this man and such as him, for there are many, many more like-minded.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You for the response from my friend PM who does indeed know Dr PF; he is now retired so she may not contact him as easily, but he may be more free to travel.

    I Myself attend upon this matter with PM .  Peace.  You shall hear further from her.  

    Thank You Lord; and for pursuing him.  We pray that he will say yes to You Lord.

    Trust Me.

    Thank You Lord.  Dear Jesus, as You know. LT is now in the thick of the negotiations regarding her job, and in need of reassurance and Your Truth to prevail Lord.

    I Myself attend upon LT; she too is My beloved little one.  Be assured that she is safe in Me. In due course, all that I desire for her, falls into place in her life. 

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Little children, just walk in Faith and wait upon your Lord.   The housecleaning of Providence continues.  She is the whistle blower, and that puts her in an unpopular position, yet I am her Strength and her Dignity, and together we persevere.

    Lord, we pray for whatever her superior truly needs, we place him on Your altar of sacrifice, for Your healing attendance upon him.

    Lord, I pray for Your healing upon me, that I continue to do my job well, under some difficult stresses.

    I Myself; it is the Lord Who Speaks, strengthen you to yet greater Fortitude.  We have much to do together. I recognize the limits of time in your life and the many matters you must attend upon.  Therefore I set many angels, and goodly saints to assist you, and I endow you with a vast measure of My Peace, My Love and that everlasting Joy in Love and Unity with Me, that you do indeed persevere.

     Little children, you have been told through the many visionaries and locutionists of Our Mother, that these are the turbulent times, these are the trying times, and yet My Love, that River of Light and Love,  is pouring forth upon My precious Faith-filled little ones, even as now, and you SHALL persevere. 

    Again, I tell you, to each one of you, I am your Strength, your Dignity.  My Power, it comes upon you helpless little ones, to persevere in all that I Call you to, and I carry your cross, My beloved ones.  I let you feel it upon occasion, and yet I do indeed carry the brunt of the cross, for each of My Own.  My beloved one, rejoice in Our Love’s union.  In this way, when you are united with Me, as you often are in prayer,[He is indicating to me the times in the Adoration chapel] I am with you profoundly and I fill you with all that you need to carry you moment by moment, step by step, day by day, throughout your Faith Journey.

    Beloved, you know well that I have chosen you for this  most specific Mission, and yet it is essential that you continue the work of your hands that you are doing in the Healing MinistryYou recognize that the little ones are in darkness and affliction, sorely afflicted, most particularly those who know Me not.  Even so, I Bless you to be My Heart, My Voice, My Hands in the ongoing healing. Do not be frustrated with the troubled and troublesome ones.  Give them the specified measure of time and leave all the rest to Me.  Give them over to Me often during prayer especially at the Church, at the Chapel; just give them to Me. Leave them with Me.  Attend upon them for the allotted time and leave all else to Me, for I am with You in a remarkable unity of My Love.

    Your Love for Me and Mother and My Love and Mother’s Love for you, is it not a beautiful trinity? Therefore, be at Peace.

    Its very beautiful; thank You so much Lord. 

    We are thanking Our Lord for the people of Life Foundation, the couple in Vernon going to

    South Africa seeing the baby healed from AIDS, Fr NK who lived with them, because as You have linked them, they will be able through Fr NK, to provide reliable and trustworthy information to the Holy Father and CHCW, about the baby in SA.

    Little children, you realize well that My Design is released as I repeat, moment by moment to My precious little ones.  That is why you are called to walk in Faith, for a most detailed

    Design of your God, is ever before My Eyes.  My precious little children, the few who truly say yes to Me, are a Cause of Good...The Lord’s Will is done  in you and  through you.  My Will comes to completion, comes to fruition through all the precious children of Faith, such as yourselves.  I have spoken to you that I am weaving the souls of the true faithful together in this Seamless Garment of Unity, and you are able now to envision a portion of it, there- fore little children persevere in the Faith that you have.

    Thank You Lord, it is so beautiful now that we are actually seeing it, it is so amazing, especially as we see it developing and being revealed over time. Dear Lord, we pray for the sister with cancer, and for K whom You promised would walk. He has been crippled like the man at the Bethsaida pool for 38 years, K has been crippled for 32years.

    Why haven’t you given him the healing earth of Rose Prince?

    [A Carrier nation woman who died Aug 19th,1949 and yet her body was found incorrupt in 1951when the graveyard was moved.]

     Omen gave me some to send to K after the prayers today,; she had only one prayer card left, which I will mail to K.  Thank You Lord. Glory be...May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers.  January 17th,2001

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  St Michael the Archangel...

    Little children, in an anointing of Love, be at Peace.

    Thank You Blessed Mother.

    The Word.

    Lord Jesus, You are the Word; thank you Lord Jesus. Your beautiful Words regarding the purification and sanctification of our souls coming frequently before You before in the Blessed Sacrament , were not recorded on the last tape.  Therefore we beg You in Your Mercy, to give us similar Words and Teaching again Lord Jesus.

    The progression of souls once called to Myself and having responded and yielded to the Divine Will, these precious souls begin, as you have little children, on a journey fraught with trials and testings, and in the process you are strengthened to the needed Fortitude for the works I have at hand for you, and in this testing and strengthening there also comes in this molding and fashioning, the necessary purification of soul to make you little vessels of Love, to become pleasing to Our Father, and it is then that the Great River if Life and Light flows upon you, giving you the needed Heavenly assistance for all that you are doing in the Name of your Jesus.

    Little children, each one of you has attained a level of purity of soul so that you are truly My Heart, My Hands, My Voice in all that is occurring , and I ask you simply to stay as you are doing, prayerfully united with Me, in the Sacraments of My Love; specifically in the Confessional, in the Holy Mass in the reception of My Body and Blood, so that we remain a unity of Love, and the Blessings flow through you little ones, to the many, for it is the Will of the Father, that all that is accomplished in your God’s Name on Earth, is accomplished in and through men and women of Faith, through the children of Faith.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Dear Lord Jesus, in view of the beauty that we receive, it’s a real tragedy that LT received such misguided words from the pastor of her previous church, when she told him she was becoming Catholic; he told her that Catholic Doctrine was arsenic, and even a small amount would kill her [loss of Salvation.] She went through a difficult time of self-questioning for a few days.                                          

    Our Lord is saying, “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.”

    Lord, I know that only You can speak to their hearts and souls and minds to convert them if this is what they believe, and I beg You to let Your Eucharistic miracle come about, so that all can believe.  You are the One Who can convert the shepherds.

     Our Lord is present but He does not say a Word; this is very wounding to Our Lord. 

    Lord we thank You for Linda who knows she must go forward in spite of this. We pray that one day she will be the one who welcomes this flock into Your Church.

    Lord, I was very moved but I did not really understand why it happened in Your Design, that when I called to make an appointment for this patient, it was actually the eve of the fourth anniversary of the day on which her son was in the MVA, and his organs used for transplantation, when I did not even know that date.

    My little one, I ask you to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in the Healing of D.  I attend upon you now and I will attend upon you strongly during her visit to you,   that My Healing Love be readily poured forth upon her.  You will see evidence of the fruits of such actions that have been taken in the matter of obtaining  organs;  the fruits of suffering which come upon the survivors, and you will be My Voice in the Healing of such suffering.

    Oh Lord, all we can do is pray again for the conversion of the perpetrators.

    Dear Lord, for some reason, as soon as I read that Our bishop was to be in the Vatican, even though he will be there for the beatification of Sr Bl on the 29th April, it seemed to me that he would also consult about our  Missions. I know that I hope for the nihil obstat to come soon Lord.

    Is it not April 30th, that is the canonization of Our beloved Sister Faustina? For My Mercy endures forever.

    Thank You Lord, we will just continue to pray and Hope; we will pray that the Holy Father has spoken by then.  We know we are just guessing but we Hope Lord.  Thy Will be done.  We place our Hope in Mother’s Heart, especially since this year Mother’s Day, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima,

    is on Sunday this year.

    Lord, You know that I would like to attend the seminar 2nd to 4th February on Divine Mercy, but there are priests there who have the Words of the Mission from whom I have not heard, which is a little intimidating.

    Just be your usual sweet humble self and attend and be not afraid; am I not ever with you?  Have I not pledged to be always with you?

    Yes Lord Jesus; thank You.  But I do have to work quite hard to be sweet and humble which is not my natural self Lord.  Mother Mary always carries me through these difficult times. 

    Remember always that they are priests like Me.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Help me to always see You no matter what.  I depend on Mother to keep me the way I should be.  Lord, You are AM’s Providence and she has drawn a number that enables her to have a good variety of choices where to go this summer for work experience.  Therefore Lord, I ask You to enlighten her that she chooses according to Your Desire for her please Lord.

    Be at Peace; I will indeed choose the place and she will know by Divine Inspiration, that which We choose together.  All falls into place for those who know and love and serve the Lord as you do and as your daughter does.  You are My Own, My little precious ones; I attend upon you, I care for you.

    Thank You our Lord.

    Lord, I believe this was a Gift from You, that I switched on the news and saw the end of an interview between Margaret Somerville and a familiar journalist, in which they were discussing her book, “The Ethical Canary,” which seems to be about secular ethics. But I need to ask how You wish me to use this Gift?  I ordered it immediately and now have it.

    My little one, I Bless you to read the book with a discerning mind and we will take it from there.  We will discuss this matter when the book is read.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord for the past day, I don’t know why M is coming so strongly to mind repeatedly; is there a particular reason for that Lord? I sent him the Words on “brain death” in October, but I have never heard from him.

    When he comes to your mind it is My Desire that you pray much for the man. Therefore do so.  In due course you will understand why I am calling you to pray for this one.

    Thank You Lord.  I hope he is not seriously ill..  We pray Memorare.  While we prayed Omen was given huge infilling of the soul, a sign of approval for the prayers,  so  we believe. Thank You Lord. Lord we pray that very soon the Holy Father will speak again soon regarding ‘Brain death.”

    Continue little children, and to await the day of his commentary on the situation of ‘brain death’ and organ transplant.  Many communications showing the abuse of individuals in this regard are coming to his attention, and he SHALL speak on the abuse and it will be the necessary Words which you await.  Believe and be of Peace.

    Thank You Lord.  And Lord we pray for Your Protection of the holy soil from Rose Prince’s grave, which was put in the mail last Friday.  We pray also that A and K receive it in Faith, for his healing.

    Be at Peace; it arrives safely.  

    Thank you Lord. There seems to be a bit of confusion about which mail A has actually received since I sent several pieces of mail, but she has been off for three weeks.

    Little children, be at Peace, the communications are completed favorably.

    Thank You Lord. 

    Omen is being shown someone who appears to be a nun or a saint, in white garments, with a dark blue cape helping A.  We don’t know who this is with A.

    Lord we thank You for RP, who is accepted to Cape Town medical school. We place him also under You Providence Lord.  May Your Will be done in him also.

    Beloved children of Faith, it is so. Little children, your persevering prayers and faithfulness

    are always rewarded by your God Who delights in His faithful children.

    Thank You Lord.   May we ask You for the healing of Libby, who has cancer of the breast, as K through the prayers of Rose Prince or however You wish it done Lord.

    Persevere in prayer for her; your know little children, “by Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith are the victories won.”  Many miracles have emanated in and through both of you because of your Faith, in unity with your Christ and with Our Mother; they continue to occur.  No-one can deny the miracles that have occurred in the healing of the afflicted and the conversions.  Therefore trust and pray for the beloved Libby.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    We pray through Mother Mary for YB and TB, and for the conversion of those who torment them.

    Memorare, rebukes.

    Our Lord asks us for The Lord’s prayer. We pray the miracle prayer. And May the Presence...

    Lord Jesus, and Our Mother, we are here before You in Faith, with the list of questions drawn up; but please do not let us limit what You wish us to know and learn, because of our spiritual poverty.  I know I should just come here and listen; but You always invite me to speak.

    I attend upon you little children, non-stop, for it is a time of great spiritual warfare which is upon the Earth.  Myriads of angels assist mankind at My Command in these times, and a great number of saints also assist.  Thus little children, you are never alone in the activities of the Church, and in the spiritual warfare which is upon Humanity.

    My precious little ones, I just ask that you continue in all Faith to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, presenting My Healing Love to all the suffering little ones, whom I present you in many and varied ways.  Mother and I are ever attendant upon the little faithful ones.  Be assured, you are seen as front-line warriors for the Cause of the evangelization, the healing of mankind unto the Living God.

    Our Lord is showing the reading Omen did about the man who said it is a “post-religious time,” and saying,

    Sweetheart, these are the deceits that pride gives mankind. Be at Peace. All is going according to Heaven’s Design.  There is a time in the lives of the intellectual ones, where they forget about Me, the God of their childhood, and then in their latter years I call them back, and they are at last ready to come back to Me with all their hearts.  In the interim, they have often done much harm to themselves and others, and then comes a time of repentance, and a humble contrite heart is before Me in each instance. 

    Little children, Our Father calls for man to do the works of Merciful Love which I , The Way, have taught you. That is why called to fastings, to penances, to prayer; this is so pleasing to the Father that He pours forth Healing mankind upon mankind so that they are not lost.  Little children, it is a circle of Love, a cycle of Love, and I ask you little precious ones to persevere as you are doing in your prayer life, always rejoicing and remaining at Peace in My presence every God-given moment.

    Our Lord has been showing a lot that He gave Adam dominion over Creation, and when the devil snatched it away, God did not change His Mind, he simply came as Man, because dominion was given to man, and Jesus , The Way, came as man and released us from the bondage of satan, sin and death; but even so it is through men and women of Faith that dominion comes  back to God, by close union with Jesus, through the Sacraments.

    Glory be...May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers..  Massah 2001.  January 22nd.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. 

     My Peace is upon you; you may express your concerns, My beloved.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Expressing some health concerns.

    Mother is in attendance little children. Be at Peace.  Do not be anxious My daughter; you have said ‘yes’ most profoundly to the Living God, and all that occurs in your life, is according to His

    His Holy and Divine Will; His Design for you, therefore be at Peace. Remember, you are cherished of the Lord God and the Mother of God.  Little one, stay as you are; your prayer life is pleasing to the Lord God, and be not anxious. All things work out for good for those who love and serve the Lord, as you do.

     My small one, you know Him far more profoundly than most individuals, for there is a singular unity of Love and Faith in your heart.

    Thank You Blessed Mother.

    You know the ways of the world are different than Ours My beloved, and yet it is good for you to have a physician.  Little one, just choose to call one of the two doctors recommended and then as you visit, you will understand and be at ease, for I Myself attend upon you, My little one.  Rest assured that all that you do is in My Hands for you are My Own.  In your ‘yes’ to Me, all goes according to My Plans for you.  Be not anxious about your health, but trust Me; I bless you profoundly in a great Healing anointing of My Love.

    My beloved, you will know which one to choose as you look at their names. Call that number; by Divine Inspiration it is the one I Desire you to attend upon.  Remember little children, I do not tell you all things; you are called to walk in Faith, so take this small step of Faith and be at Peace.

    Yes Lord, thank You.   Lord, I am a little concerned because I have not heard from PM and it is about the third week now since You asked me to attempt to reach Dr PF for the July conference.

    The man is inundated with communications since his words were made public, and is in essence in hiding from the media and many other, some favourable communications, some attacking, which as you know little children, are hurtful, therefore pray for this doctor and wait on the Lord.

    Thank You Lord. Lord please direct his responses.  Let Your Will be done that he soon respond.

    Mother Mary, keep him safely under Your mantle.

    He will come back into communication in due course.  Be patient little children, and each one of you pray much for this doctor.

    We prayed a Memorare for him.

    Lord, may Your Holy Will be done in Australia, on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the world day of the sick, where Bishop Barragan is presiding and giving the opening address in Sydney.

    I have given you a Solemn Word  that clarification of the state of “brain death” and as it is called, organ transplanting, is made and it shall be thus  soon; trust Me. 

    Thank You Lord.

    I started remembering the letter to Archbishop Barragan, regarding Tihana Ann; and I wonder if I should inform Our Bishop about this miraculous healing before he goes to Rome.

    The Mother of God salutes you, greets you, blesses you.  Little one, you may as a courtesy, send a copy of the story of the healing of the infant, to your Bishop who is beloved of the Lord and of Me, the Mother of the priesthood.  In essence, know that he is fully aware of your activities.  He is such a Bishop that little escapes his knowledge; he is well informed on what each one of you is doing little daughters.  Doubt not; believe and be at Peace.  All goes according to Our Lord’s Design little children.  These works of mercy are of importance to the Living God, and that is how it is that you have been assigned these roles to play in these revelations to mankind of the errors of their ways in not following the God-given Laws. Believe little children and be at Peace. He will have time now to look at it whereas he was much too busy earlier.

    Thank You Mother Mary. Omen sees a stack on a desk.

    Lord, we thank You for all the new Cardinals, and for this new pro-life trend in the USA, this day of the 28th anniversary of Roe vs Wade. We pray for Canada. We pray for Christian Unity to come about soon.

    Lord, now that we are praying on Mondays may LT join Omen and I in praying together.

    Beloved, as you well know, LT is My Own even as each one of you is My Own. Should she desire and be available to attend, My little one if you are comfortable with this then let it be.

    Lord I am happy to have her; I just wanted Your permission Lord.

    “Where two or three are gathered in My Name...

    Thank You Lord.  Also the woman who was to send me the copy of the letter regarding the oath, I have not heard back from her.

    Overwhelmed.  She is indeed overwhelmed by the depth and extent of Epistle of Love.  In due course she will contact you, initially in the form of a further enquiry.  Be at Peace, it happens. Beloved, leave it with Me a little longer.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord You know that I am struggling with sorting out which conferences to attend. There’s one at the end of June and one at the end of August. Lord, where would you send me?

    Mother is speaking and saying, the Lord God will inspire you to choose the one over the other. The Virgin of Fatima Blesses you child. It is that you will find yourself not attending the New Orleans gathering, and you will understand in due course why We Call you to attend the other gathering. Be at Peace in this matter.

    Thank You Mother.  Mother Mary, we pray for the spring of Healing Waters in Mission soon to flow. 

    Michael is attendant upon you.  Know that the Angel of the Lord is ever attendant upon Messages from the Living God; attends upon this matter.  In due course what is meant to be shall be, for it is the Will of the Lord your God, and you will become rapidly aware of the Healing Waters.

    Mother Blesses you little children. Rest assured that the Mission Grotto site shall indeed become a place of Healing.  You wonder if it will be in conjunction with the Rose Prince miracles.  Little children, the Mission Grotto site will remain distinctly as it is and many people shall come there

    and the gatherings at the site where the beloved Rose Prince’s is placed to rest, continues to be a gathering place, and an annual pilgrimage will continue there.  Miracles will flow forth from both locations.

      Another little one shall be recognized as having seen Me, Your Mother at the Mission site, and this will be a cause of many conversions.  Do not doubt but believe, and it happens rather quickly in time now.  Believe; do not be dismayed, believe.  By Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won. Many pray for this miraculous site at Mission, and many pray for the proclaiming of the new St Rose Prince.

    Lord, we started the novena to St John Bosco; we pray through him, for the Eucharistic miracle soon to come to Our Parish, since he is the one who was given the vision for the end times, for many adorers to come; the Eucharistic miracle and devotion to the Rosary as the twin pillars through which the  Holy Father will steer the Church safely. Miracle prayer... May the Presence...

    Massah  2001 DP Jan, 29th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  

    St Michael says,

     “There is no need to be anxious, the Lord  is with you.”

    Thank You Lord, thank You St Michael.

    We thank You Lord for the beautiful events that have happened in the last while.  We thank You that the Rose Prince soil has reached my sister, and for Your Purposes, in Faith may Ken be healed and Libby and Siphiwe  if it be Your Will please Lord.  Lord Andy asks if she is permitted to share the soil for Siphiwe.

    Simply do so; each such action, is it not an act of Faith?

    Yes Lord.

    And by Faith are the miracles wrought; by Faith is the Victory won in every instance!

    Therefore do so little children.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord thank You for the elevation of Archbishop Wilfred Napier by the Holy Father, to a cardinal. It is hard not to believe that this is in some way connected to Epistle of Love Lord Jesus though this may just be wishful thinking on my part.

    There is a significance but again, continue to wait joyfully in anticipation of all that must occur.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord we pray for those who have been killed or suffered in every way as victims of the earthquakes in India and San Salvador, and all natural disasters everywhere in the world.

    Beloved, I am attendant upon all the victims of the disasters everywhere, those living and those who have come before Me.  At this time little children, pray for both the living and the dead; and little children, I Bless all those who assist in any way the victims who are now without food, without shelter, without drink,[Our Lord shows us the Scripture of the Beatitudes,]. Those who are able are attendant upon them, those who have gifts to give are doing so, those who are not able to do either are called to pray much on behalf of the suffering little ones on Earth, and for the deceased.  Therefore be at Peace little children,

    when each human is doing all they can prayerfully or in material ways, physical ways to aid, they are living  My Great Commandments.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, I pray that Your miracles are recognized when You choose to spare the lives of a ninety year old, and the newborns, while the middle-aged and able bodied die; that every life is sacred to the Lord, whereas the world euthanises and aborts them.

    Those who know Me, recognize it as the Hand of God.

    Thank You Lord.

    Our Lord shows us through omen that Scripture that those who were killed when the wall fell on them, were not, nor were their parents, more sinful  than the rest of humanity.

    All are in My Hands little children, whether they are on Earth, or in their purifications or in Heaven; I am attendant upon them, each and every one.

    Thank You Lord. Omen was praying about the ones who might not have been spiritually ready when the earthquake struck, but Our Lord says,

    When they are essentially entombed they have ample time to pray and contemplate and repent and beg Mercy.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord when we prayed at the hospital we recognized that it was also the anniversary that the Supreme Court of Canada overturned the conviction of Morgentaler, making abortion no longer illegal in Canada, ignoring Your Laws Lord.  We pray for the conversion of all abortionists, and for our legal system, all who defy Your Laws of respect for Life such as our “pro-choice” so -called Catholic politicians. Lord have Mercy.  We never heard back from the CHAC .

    Your Lord bids you know that He is cognizant and attendant upon all these grave matters

    little children.  The true faithful; their prayers resound on behalf of the Cause of the unwanted children.  Do not doubt your God is attendant and acting soon.  Those who proclaim themselves pro-choice will find out that they are instead murderers. Do not doubt. Some shall repent.

    Lord we pray for the conversion of all who commit abortion, euthanasia, “brain death” etc.

    There is a matter beyond concern for the soul in “brain death”as you know. That matter is money, greed, profit, power, control; all these facets of pride in those who are removing the organs from the comatose victims, are working , shall We say for false idols and not for your God, and so there is a great resistance to change these procedures which would drastically limit what is referred to as the harvesting of organs.  The question of God does not enter the minds of those who are working in a cold-blooded manner both in the industries of abortion and organ harvesting which is not of Me; by their very names they cannot be of Me.

    Lord, the mother who is to come to me, whose son was in an MVA and his organs “used for harvesting” has made and cancelled appointments twice. There seems to be an obstruction.  Help us Lord.

    Guilt.  There is remorse there; an unbearable remorse on the part of the father.

     Lord, we give them to Mother Mary.


    Remember Oh most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to Your protection, implored Your help, or sought Your intercession, was left unaided.  Inspired with this confidence we fly unto You Oh Virgin of Virgins our Mother; to Thee we come, before Thee we stand, sinful and sorrowful.  Oh Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not our petitions, but in Thy Mercy, hear and answer our prayers.  Amen.

    The Virtue of Love is such that Heaven attends upon this couple.

    [Omen sees that her guardian angel is going to assist her to keep the next appointment.]Thank You Mother Mary, Queen of Angels, Queen of all saints.  Lord how do I act if the father wants to attend and has remorse.

    Dear little one, simply pray for him and in due course he is as it were delivered, freed up from the torments.  Little children, all must learn that yesterday is no more and that your God Heals the woundedness of the yesterdays, and begins you to pick yourselves up and walk again in My Light. 

    My small instrument of Healing Love, you shall assist the woman to understand, and in due course the man will also understand. 

    In the highly emotional moment of the loss of a child, when others tell them that the use of the vital organs will cause in a way, the child to live on, what can they do but acquiesce, and then only contemplate it later on.  Little children, I am your Merciful Jesus; I attend upon this matter.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, let all be done according to Your Holy Will.

    Lord I pray for N, friend of A who has an undiagnosed but serious illness; we pray for her healing in body and soul.

     We don’t get Words but Omen sees the river of Healing water being  poured out

    Thank You Lord.  Lord we pray for R  from Birmingham, who has been through so much adversity, we place him under Your Providence. 

    Heaven is attendant upon R ; I have plans for you; plans for your good. 

    Thank You Lord; and I never forget MG and his family; Lord have Mercy on them; he is back in Birmingham too.

    Mother is attendant upon him.  He shall come fully into the Light having taken a prolonged time of discernment.  Do not cease praying for him.  It is powerful to support a young person covering them in prayer.

    Mother is showing him to Omen coming forth in beautiful Light. 

    His formation is in progress according to the Will of the Lord Our God.  

    We pray for his parents. Thank You Lord, and Mother Mary. 

    Lord You know that I have mislaid the information about the Seattle Guild, which You asked me to attend, and I have not heard back from the e-mail.

    The papers are at hand; be at Peace, you find them promptly.

    Thank You Lord. And we thank You for the powerful help You have given LT in dealing with her work and the intended sale home.

    Our Lord just shows us how He was at her side, supporting her arm at her  right hand through it all. This is how LT experienced Him also.

    Thank You Lord. 

    Also since I have spoken to but not seen the doctor yet; all is in Your Hands Lord.  I just go in trust; its against my nature to choose a male doctor, so Thy Will be done Lord.


    Thank You Lord.  I remembered that You asked me to look at the name, and it was James.  “All lay hands and they shall be healed.” [from the letter of James.]

    Lord it seems more and more important , each time I come, to invite You to speak to us about anything You wish; and not be limited by only answering my questions.

    Morgentaler will come to an unhappy end unless you pray for him much more.

    Lord, You created him in Your Own Image; You are Great Physician, Wonder Counsellor, Mighty God.  Help him Lord.

    Peace! I atend upon the matter.  Little children, simply continue to love as you do; loving your God and loving your neigbhour as you do.  I tell you again, you are thus living the Great Commandments of Love.   These Two Commandments encompass the entire Ten Commandments; thus you are living the Way your God Desires you to live.  Little children, I simply on this evening, Bless you in an anointing of My Healing Love that you may pour it forth upon all those whom you meet, those who permit you to bless them and pray for them. 

    Little children remember; all individuals remain in free will always, and yet you have given your wills to the Living God, and you have a bond of unity most profound, with your God. Thus you are , each one of you, a profound instrument of My Peace, of My Healing Love.  Little children, stay the Joy- filled little vessels that you are. 

    It is this that draws others to you; they seek to know what IS this Joy, what IS this Peace; where does THIS Love emanate from, for it overflows your hearts little children. You sing, “fill my cup unto the fullest”; the cup of your heart is overflowing with My Love and My Peace and My Joy,  each one of you precious instruments of My Peace. Blessings and Graces pour forth upon you each one now, as we approach the season of Lent. 

    Little children, when you unite yourselves with Your Jesus, increased Blessings flow upon the needy, Enlightenment comes upon many others, and they begin to come back to Truth. The world is filled with the lies of Our foe, yet Truth shall and does prevail. Bless Me!

    We adore Thee Oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.   

    Let it be thus!

    Thank You  Lord Jesus.  Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always; beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace.  Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns. Amen.

    Massah 2001.  DP February 5th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine! 

    Your Merciful Lord Jesus is present.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  I could never thank You enough for the wonderful, abundant graces I received from the Divine Mercy seminar; Lord so many things happened , so much teaching, beautiful prayers, holy priests; and most of all Lord, thank You for showing and telling me that Epistle of Love to the Scientific World Mission, belongs under the umbrella of the John Paul 2 Institute of Divine Mercy.   As I walked into the Church during Adoration on February 2nd and past the priest at the back, [later learning that he is Fr SM] the Holy Spirit informed my soul that he is the one I would have to approach about the Mission.  I also knew that I would have to come and pray for Your Confirmation of what I thought before acting on it Lord, to receive Your Word.

    But of course it is so.  Did I not unite you and MM at the Marian Conference years ago,[Mary, Mother of The Word; October 1996] when I sent you to tell the organizer that the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was the one I chose for the entrance; and M was the one who confirmed this ?  Already you were linked little one.

    Yes Lord; but I did not even have the Mission then; I did not even know who M Mc S was;  I did not see it as an ongoing link; especially not all the way up to the Institute as the Spiritual home of the Mission, even though MM and I have been linked many times since then.

    One step at a time!

    Yes Lord, how beautiful.  But Lord, what do I have to do; who do I contact. Or maybe they already know through others who know about the Mission and recognise Divine Mercy in it?

    I cause you to know that I desire you to bring your mission to the attention of Fr S. As you know, every time you approach a priest it is not necessarily easy.  Start by presenting a small portion by mail to Fr S.  Ensure that he has your e-mail and your web site and then leave it with Me prayerfully.

    Lord should I send him the abstract, or jump in at the deep end and send him the letter about the healing of the baby from AIDS?

    You may do both.  Consider discussing with him your links with M M.

    Thank You Lord; and thank You also for the fact that our pastor has given me permission to put the prayer books for the sick and dying into our Adoration Chapel.  Lord, thank You also for Fr RT who was very happy about the receipt of the letter. Our Lord, may I ask if any of these priests know anything about this Mission, because if they are very busy it’s a huge task to start learning about this Mission.

    The volume of Words given over to thee from Me are of grave importance to both mankind and your God.  You may feel free to give a small portion of information to each one of them as you will.  Some, as you know, will resist.  Some will not take the time to consider or contemplate on the contents.  Yet some become powerful allies in this Battle for Truth, this Battle for souls.  Be at Peace, I am with you in all that is occurring!

    As I have spoken; that is how it is!  You may address each one of them with an individual

    packet of information and leave the rest to Me.

    Thank You for inspiring R to hold the seminar here. He is powerfully under the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    When we start the prayer Apostolate should I approach Fr J , our pastor and my spiritual director, as our mentor, or should I ask Fr S.

    The Father of all Mercy bows down; He bends an ear to heed your concerns.  You may simply speak to Fr JM, your pastor, and allow him open access to all that you are doing. All goes according to Heaven’s Design little children of faithfulness; doubt not but believe.

    Thank You Lord; its easier to trust as You reveal more and more of Your Plan. Lord, a few years ago You told me that You would cause a movement in the States to happen, similar to mine, which would greatly help and complement and support my Mission,[Nov 19th,1999 page 336] but  it had not been publicly declared yet. Now I have come across the Eucharistic Apostles of the Divine Mercy, by Fr S and Dr B and Mrs S T; and Lord, this Apostolate seems“ tailor-made” for me. Is this the movement You told me about Lord?

    Little children, full of questions and riddles, continue to walk in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love, persevering in all things.

    Thank You Lord.  So is it not time for me to know that yet.  Lord, I know You have Your Reasons for not telling me this yet, but this is a riddle for me.  I would have sent him an introduction to the

    Epistle of Love Mission.

    I have received a letter from my sister who has the miraculously healed baby.  She tells me that her neighbour is moving to Australia.  She is thinking that she could get the neighbour’s house, and start the Mission for homes for the abandoned children, if this is Your Will and in Your Providence Lord. She needs Our Prayers for this Discernment Lord.   Lord have Mercy.

    Little children you must pray much with regard to this intent.  Little children, persevere in all prayerfulness and walk in Faith. Your Lord God knows the need of the infants and children.  The Lord God knows the love for the children.  The Lord God measures the love in each human heart.

     Little children, I Bless Andrea for all that she is doing and all who are with her.  There is a faithful cohort there in South Africa.  Though they are small in number in comparison to the need, they are My Own, and I am Blessing them and the works of there hands.  Pray much and trust a little longer.

    Thank You Lord.  Dear Lord, I need to pray and ask whether to attend the conference in San Fransisco, or the later one in Boston.  Mother Mary has told me not to choose the one in June because I will be involved in something else then.  So Lord can I tell FC I will join her in San  Fransisco?

    Beloved do so.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord Jesus, may I pray that no earthquake happens then; I am afraid of these huge natural disasters Lord.

    Be at Peace; are you not in My Providence? Don’t we have much to do together? Am I not the God Who looks after His Own?

    Yes Lord, I’m sorry.  Jesus I Trust in You.  Help me to be more abandoned to Your Holy Will.

    Lord I pray for JC who has had surgery, and PW’s mother who needs to find a care home like my mother did, and YB who was involved in an accident, and for P’s job.

    I am attendant upon each of these little helpless ones.  Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. 

    Lord as You know the lady whose child was used for organ donation cancelled again; I receive many inappropiate, panicky calls from others.  Lord I need You for each decision, even though this is too much phoning; its hard to stay in Peace.

    Continue to give your practice over to Me and together we make all things fall into place. We give the suffering frightened little one, one more opportunity to attend.  Dear little children, the enemy puts fear in so many and obstructs their path in that manner alone.

    Little children, teach others not to fear but to trust in Me.

    It is true that the beginning of Wisdom is the fear of the Lord, but it is a wholesome fear, a feeling of awe before the Creator of Creation.  They are intimidated by many and varied small pressures about the Earth.  This is not of Me.  Bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee because by Thy Holy Cross thou hast redeemed the world. 

    Let it be so then; let us bring them all unto Me; unto Truth, unto Salvation; unto Perfect Joy. 

    Thank You Lord.  Lord right now, I need to just do nothing.  I am so overwhelmed.  Thank You so much for finding a spiritual home for my Mission.  I pray it is accepted.  Lord; please speak to us and teach as You know our need reading our hearts.  I cannot speak Lord. Speak Lord, Your servants are listening.

    My dear little ones, I just desire you to know that I am always with you.  You pray and you talk to Me; and I give you Divine Inspirations.  Thus you are enabled, empowered even, to act on behalf of Love.  Remember little children, every thing is because of Love; everything is done in Divine Love.  All that you do is for Love, with Love, in Love.  Little children, Love conquers all!

    Little children, you are heeding the Will of the Father.  Alas so many on this earth are not

    and they are in a state of lust confusion, disarray, disruption, despair, they are deceived. They are suffering many , many attacks of the foe. Many elect not to know Me.  Many simply have not been told about Divine Love.  Thus the work you are doing as a physician

    always has the Essence of My Truth in it and thus you are in your unique way, a Missionary of My Love, never doubt.

    I Bless you, I Bless all that you are doing, I Bless your associates here this evening in a profound anointing of Love and  Peace and Joy.  Whensoever you are united prayerfully with your Jesus, My Love and Peace and Joy is upon you.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, and thank You for the “Dream Team,” Terese`and Faustina  who both feature so largely in this Mission and for St Luke and St John, the Gospels of Divine Mercy and of Love.  Glory be... may the Presence...

    Massah 2001.  DP February 8th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Dear Lord Jesus, I need to come before you for discernment of several things that are happening, none of which I understand.

    The first three things we prayed about before I realised I had not released the “pause” button.  I begged Our Lord to forgive me and to give us similar Words again.

    I have spoken to your heart.  All that I have given you is in your heart.  My little one, your angel will profoundly assist you in recollection of what has been poured out upon you.

    I heard from MM of Life Foundation and I have no answer for her Lord, so I beg You to help them in there discernments, or give me Words for her if this is Your Will.

    I will inspire her with the same Words that I placed in your heart and she will know what she is to do. Pray for her little children, she too is My Own.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, for about three weeks I have felt something is changing for me spiritually; I have been seeing something that was just a wavy horizontal line almost continuously; I told LT two weeks ago that I could not speak of this because I did not know what it was or how to describe it. But I have been experiencing the indwelling of the Holy Spirit each time I see this.

     I was “seeing” this off and on but knowing it is not externally visible. Now in the last two days it has become wider and I see that it is many feet; they have sandals, they are covered with desert type sand, and they are walking in every direction back and forth. Yesterday suddenly I saw a door frame and the feet are going in and out through the door frame, but there is no door. The word EVANGELIZATION is appearing on and off in my “minds eye;” but there is no sound. Then suddenly today I see a man, short and stocky, swarthy in complexion; with curly black hair, about three or four inches long, with cropped black moustache and beard. He seams between thirty and forty years old.  He is just standing in the door frame and smiling. He is wearing a kind of cloak made of a coarse thick weave, which is striped longitudinally.  The broad stripes are cream and orange, the thinner stripes are brown, green and maybe reddish. I thought the cloak may have a hood, but I’m not sure.  I see him very brightly but I have no idea who he is.  It seems like   Old Testament times and I first thought he was Joseph with the coat of many colours.  I phoned my prayer partner to pray together, but as soon as I put the phone down I had a strong intuition that he is Juan Diego.

    When we were praying Our Lord said;

    It is of Me.  It pleases Me to give you this vision in progressive steps for My Own Purposes.

    It is My Will to use you as a precursor of things that are to come, that are to be The Holy Spirit, the Holy Flame of Love is upon you. You will be experiencing an exciting time.

    At Adoration this morning,[Friday] Our Lord says that St John the Baptist and Bl Juan Diego

    had similar roles in their times in the history of mankind, and also that they looked similar.

    Our Lord also told me that I would be contacting the Monsignor who contacted me from Mexico

    City last year, telling me of the movie being made of Juan Diego; The Prince of Eden.

    [April 26th, 2000] Lord as You already know, I have received the letter regarding Juan Diego from, the Canon of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe; Msgr Rosada; I have no idea if or how you wish me to respond Lord, or even if it is of You.  Our Lord is present but silent.

    There are many facets to what is occurring now.  Continue to obtain the information that is obtainable on the internet, and yet I bid you wait on the Lord a little longer.

    Thank You Lord.  

    But I think I’ll wait till the next DP to see what our Lord actually wants me to say to the Monsignor. Also, clearly there is more to come.  Jesus please protect me from seeing or hearing or thinking anything other than what is of You. Let Your Will be done Lord.

    We are taping again. Thank You Lord for alerting us to the problem.

    Lord, I feel very troubled by the fact that yesterday, [7th Feb] I read on Zenith news that a group of people, the Liver Transplant Association of Italy, were at the papal audience, and the Holy Father is quoted to have encouraged them hoping, that many more people would donate organs; I know You have not disapproved of all organ donation Lord; but livers are vital organs; which means to me that the donors are not necessarily totally dead as the Holy Father defined it, when their livers are removed.  I am disappointed, confused and afraid Lord. Please help me to understand.

    Little children, it is I the Lord God Who speaks. The voice considered wisdom, which is only finite wisdom among the atheistic doctors and the greedy doctors and the doctors seeking power, has swayed much of the civilized world.

    The Heavenly Wisdom, true Wisdom,  The Truth will indeed come out!  I have arranged in the Power of My Spirit, that Our Mother who is Seat of Wisdom, shall cause a Great Clarification, in and around and about all that comes to the beloved John Paul, and as you have that saying,”the truth will out, and it is so,”in that the undermining deceptions will be aired and he will know the cry of pain of those whose lives are taken to give their body parts to others deemed more worthy to live!

    Little children, it is a solemn matter, and the fullness of the Truth of what is occurring round about the world indeed comes before the Holy Father with now cover-ups, with no excuses; just the clear Truth of what is actually occurring.

    These occurrences are neither of Love, nor of Mercy, and I the Lord God, am impelled to

    to call “halt”to all the evils of organ transplant, in and through the voice of the beloved John Paul. Doubt not but believe; as soon as the full picture which you and others like you have been exposing, comes before him, his voice will ring out.  This will not make him popular among the doctors or certain other factions, but he is not worrying about human esteem; he knows Me too well for that.  My Will is done in and through this Pope of My Choice. 

    Glory be...

    And furthermore, you know what I have spoken to you with regard to MM, I will speak to her heart and she will know precisely what actions to take and what actions not to take. A Blessing of Graces and discernments come upon her.

    I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally and I anoint you little children, in a great anointing, and again I bid you persevere, endure, persevere.  This is the sign of My faithful little ones; recognized now as apostles of these times.

    I was wondering about how the evidence, and what kind of evidence would the Holy Father receive, and what time frame to expect, when our Lord said;

    It will come and rapidly; doubt not.  I am the Light of the world; I shine Light on the darkness that man may know Truth; believe! I Am Who Am, and I do that which is essential to the wellbeing of humanity.  In due course you will hear of this and you will know the consequences of the beloved John Paul’s  words to humanity. Doubt not; believe.

    Thank You so much for everything Lord.  Glory be...May the Presence...

    Massah 2001, DP February 19th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. I had related prolonged stress dealing with increasingly demanding and merciless insurances, having to write letters continuously over months,  on behalf of disabled patients who were being cut off disability insurance unfairly, and left penniless.

    Lord we seek Your Peace , Your Wisdom and Your Patience in dealing with so much evil on virtually all fronts.  Lord please take possession of my soul so that I can come before You in Peace.

     I love You my beloved Jesus; I love You more than myself.  I repent of ever having offended You. Never permit me to separate myself from You again.  Would that I may love You always and then do with me what You will.

    Healing Love is upon you little one; be at Peace, I am with You.  Little children, have I not told you it is a time of perseverence, a time of endurance, and again a time of perseverence.

    These are the times in which you are living. Distress is epidemic over the Earth yet few return to Me wholeheartedly. 

    My little ones, always recognize that you are front line warriors in My Cause, the Cause of

    Merciful Love, the Cause of Salvation. My very Names are “Salvation” and “God with you.”

    Therefore be not afraid, I am with you always.

    Lord, I know that my anger does not serve you.  Help me to keep it under control; I have been so angry.  Our Lord gives an example that I had described.  

    Simply make a comment such as ‘not applicable,’ patient  not known to me during that time etc. Strive to do this through each of the questions, howsoever inappropriate they are.  I Bless you for your efforts on behalf of My suffering little ones.  The glass of water that you give to My little ones dearest, you are giving them more than just a drink of water in My Name; you are giving them of yourself, and I Bless you for that.  If you do not defend these little ones, who is there left?

    I am so bothered by losing my peace over it.  Its also hard to realize that I have to do it even for ones who hardly believe.  I pray for their conversion too.

    My little one, sometimes you are attendant upon your work when you are weary and exhausted and it is that moment that you may come forth with a burst of anger.  Forgive yourself; get My Name back on your lips little one, and persevere.  I Love you; I tell you again, I Love you most tenderly, most totally and eternally. I am your Jesus of Merciful Love. 

    For that woman you speak of, I died that she might have Life to the fullest, yet she is not ready to recognize Me fully, and in the hollow selflove of such individuals, there is a great lack of spirituality.  In due course as you pray for such people, they come at last unto Me;

    oft-times it is not until the death bed, yet I do not give up on them, so I ask you My small sister of Faith, do not be discouraged. I know you do not give up on them. You pray always for the conversion of the many, and I Bless you for your efforts.

    Little children, I tell you again, some of you plant the seeds and it will be others who will recognize the harvest and bring in the harvest.  It is not often that you are both the seed planter and harvester, but yet it is happening. 

    I Bless you in a great anointing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy.  Be comforted; the Spirit of the Living God is within you and surrounding you.  You are in unity with the Living God.  Be at Peace; I fill you with My Peace!

    Thank You Lord.  I believe, but sometimes have trouble experiencing the protection of the unity.

    It s as if I need to experience it as a steel coat of armor, though I know this is stronger than steel;

    when I am feeling so vulnerable being buffeted in the world it can be hard to experience the

    protection.  Sorry Lord, I just wish I was not so in touch with my human vulnerability all the time.

    My dear little one, you are beloved of the Lord God and of the Mother of God, and you are safe in Us. Little children oft times you are like the beloved St Paul who as it were complained, ‘I do what I don’t want to do, and I don’t do what I want to do;’ it is the human state is it not My little ones? It is some of the traces of the original sin which each human carries.  In your weakness is My Strength! And that is why I call you; cling to Me, I am your Strength, I am your Comfort.  My little one, you are in the world and not of the world.  You are as the salt is it not so, and I bid you recognize in these perilous times that many who are of the world, the enemy has, as it were, the flames of hell licking at their feet, and that is why I call My precious little ones to fight the good fight, to continue to proclaim the Good News, to continue to love the unlovable, to forgive when it seems impossible to forgive, forgive any way.  This is My Way!

    Little children, each one of you gathered here together is My Own and you are safe in Me. My precious ones, be at Peace.  Do I not give you My Peace at every Mass? [Again He shows Omen that we are like a little  hamster on a treadmill, working, working, working, then we have to stop and go and get that little drink of water which is the Peace of His Presence, then we have to go back on our treadmills.] Little children, be at Peace; I am with you always.  I pour out My Spirit upon My loved ones most profoundly.  I pour it out on many who shield themselves from My Spirit, to their sorrow and My Sorrow.

    Thank You Lord.

    Rest in Me, My beloved one, rest in Me.  A few moments where you envision yourself in My Embrace, is more than several hours sleep to you because I am filling you with My Healing Love, My Comforting, My Strengthening.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I am stressed about the what is going to happen when the letter to MS arrives. I don’t know what to expect.  Yet still I think the letter is Your Will.  I know You are reaching out to her, but it could still be messy for Me. 

    My beloved, My precious little one, as I am with you always, I was with you as you wrote the letter and I remain with you, but of course you will have to wait to see the response.  And always remember, I am your Protection, I am your Shield; you are safe in Me. Do not be dismayed at any unsavory comments.  Little one, you know Me. I am Jesus.  I am Truth.  When you speak Truth, it is because I speak in you and through you. They did not heed Me when I walked on this Earth, though I was Truth, and so often times they do not heed those who are united with Me. 

    I shield you in My Embrace of Love in the Power of the Holy Spirit.  You are encompassed in My Light and My Love and you shall withstand any negative attacks.  This woman is known to Me.  Again, you have the intellectual.  Little children, we persevere and we shall speak further on this matter when we have received the response! [The angels are quoting,

    ‘Lo, I am with you always, even until the end of time!’

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I wish I do not have to deal too much with the media.

    FM is My beloved instrument of Enlightenment for the many; the media is not too intrusive, but one might say watchful because it both sells papers, and it is controversial and it stirs the fires of controversy and they can find something to print.

    Let them print from the web site all they want Lord, let them print Your Message; they are blest to read it, but whether they benefit or not depends on their attitude. Let them print Your Words, Your Messages, and spread Your Word Lord; that is good.  I just don’t want them calling me and quoting me and distorting my words when they could be quoting You Lord. 

    My small ones, you are delightful warriors.  

    I was thinking, I wonder what the time relationship will be between the Eucharistic Miracle, the Holy Father speaking, and this explosion of exposure of the web site; but I know the Lord has all this in mind, so I’m reluctant to ask again. The Lord does not tell us His time. It will be perfect time.  I know its just me wishing for these confirmations of the Mission. The adorers are still not covering their absences adequately.

    Mother Mary attends upon the matter little daughter; be at Peace.

    Mother Mary, we really need more adorers to be inspired.

    They will be swarming in the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel and spilling over.

    Mother Mary, when?  Its just too many heavy things being dumped on me right now.

    Dearest, all goes according to the Father’s Design and My precious little ones have to persevere, walking in Faith, and Hope and Trust.  Just as you pray, so it is; but it is soon little children, in your time! Each faithful child of God is but a small instrument in the Hand of the Almighty God.  That is why He calls you often to rest in His Peace and be comforted.  You are being used powerfully on a Mission of grave importance to the Lord, and these stresses of course occur.

    Little children, consider some of the stories you’ve read about the lives of the saints and realize

    since each one of you is called to sanctity, that there are these stresses, some seemingly more than others, depending upon the Will of  Almighty God. ‘Let Peace be your quest and your aim!’

    [?St Benedict] Thank You Mother Mary.

    Lord I have health concerns and I am a bit overwhelmed at this situation right now.

    He says very tenderly,

    Rest in Me little one, rest in Me. Dearest, that is why Mother is calling. Beloved, you don’t know the magnitude of what you are doing for Me.  Know that you are chosen, singled out

    for this Mission, and prepared for this Mission, all the days of your life.  Rest in Me My beloved, I am with you always.

    Thank You Lord. A got a call from M whom we prayed for about a month ago; he is not doing well and he is back with his family.  Lord help him to find the path you have for him quickly. Lord place Your Healing Hands upon him, and Bless his family.

    He is in need of consolation; he is safe with his parents.  I bless him with a Healing Blessing; Heaven hears your prayers, little ones, continue to pray for him.

    Thank You Lord.

    [Our Lord shows Himself as the Good Shepherd, trying to lead a little sheep in the Way, and the little sheep keeps trying to go another way.]

    Lord I pray that he will find the path You have mapped out for him, and stop searching.

    I anoint him with My Love and My Peace and he will know that quiet Joy in the Love of the Lord God. Persevere in praying for him, without anxiety little children.  Pray in love with Me.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I really need You to speak to Me today; help me to put everything back in Your Hands, and just trust You.

    As you hold the pen in your hands  to do the tedious tasks, ask Me. Your God, to hold you in My Hands and thus I am doing the tedious tasks; as you hold the pen, that’s how I want to hold you for the tedious tasks.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord we pray for the Holy Father, that Our Lady soon brings him the Truth that causes him to speak plainly against “brain death” and whatever other evils of organ transplants are occurring.

    A Solemn Oath I have given to you for every Word I utter is Truth; it shall occur. We release to him vital information as to the hypocrisy of what has been going on and been covered up as Charity and Love.  A Great Sorrow is upon your God and indeed upon Our Mother over man’s betrayal of his fellow man and the many underhanded activities which are rampant about the world, within the medical profession, and within the general population as you have noticed the insurance companies; they are not the only ones, for none abide by My Commandments, none but a few faithful ones, for greed besots their minds, power besots their minds.  That is why My faithful ones endure much, and in so doing are blest!

    Thank You Lord.  Lord we pray for T  to heal. I pray that both my daughters always remain obedient to Your Holy Laws Lord Jesus.

    I attend upon T with an anointing of My Healing Love.  Believe; Trust Me.  All works out for good for those who love and serve the Lord.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Massah 2001, DP February 22nd.

    Come Lord Jesus, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse! Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine!  We pray the three o’clock prayer [Divine Mercy.]

    Short rebukes.

    Lord, how thankful I am to be able to come before You again at any given moment when I feel in need.

    The Lord is present, Mother is present, Michael is present.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You for helping me to get through the two letters. I pray for success for these patients. We pray for them to come back to You.

    The little ones are safe in Me.  We work to that end My small one.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Now dear Lord, I thank You for the letter from Dr AS against brain death.  Thank You for him. May his letter help the Holy Father to speak Your Truth.

    He is My instrument of Truth. 

    Thank You Lord. I also have the letter from HB, but I feel more and more his agenda.[ I feel Our Lord’s Sorrow]

    In all Charity, simply accept it as an invitation, a memo, a reminder, since you are already planning to attend according to My Will.  Remain courteous to all those who do not share in the Knowledge which has been given to you.  At this gathering, My Good will outshine that of the enemy, yet as you know in the status of Humanity, all will not believe, all will not concede. You have the saying, ‘the truth will out;’ I am the Truth, and in due course My Truth is recognized in this matter of bodily death.

    Lord You know that I was hoping the Holy Father would speak plainly by that meeting, so that those truly Catholic will obey.

    Remember that is the Holy Father’s birthday[18th May]

    So Lord, what special gift can he be given from this conference.

    Be at Peace; Dr A S’ letter is in the hands of the beloved John Paul who, because he is hand-chosen by the Lord God to be the Pontiff at this time, has an apt intellect, even in his fragility of health, and is keenly aware of the controversy now which is clearly before his eyes.

    Lord does that mean he will speak before the conference?

    Little children, walk in Faith, step by step; Trust Me, Trust Me little one.  Little children, there is a good cause for your God, never to tell you about your tomorrows. You know very well little children, by now, that our enemy, the adversary to all that is good and holy, is ready to disrupt and as you say, put up road blocks.  Therefore we walk in Faith, waiting on the Lord God.

    Thank You Lord; we pray for the conversion of all physicians, especially the older ones who are still misguided; that they do not come before You still clinging to the belief that “brain death is death.”

    A Saint of Holy orders will attend upon the meeting and inspire much thought provoking

    concepts through those who attend.  Do not doubt, for nothing is impossible to the Lord. 

    But Our Lord did not tell us which saint.  I started to think of Ignatius Loyola because one of the speakers is Jesuit.

    Thus you know well little children that I am with you and that I work through many who will be present there who know Me, some only nominally, and yet it is a time to Inspire them further into Truth.  Doubt not little children, we are victorious, in allowing the Truth of “brain death” and organ transplant to be fully revealed.

    Mother Mary, please be there and keep us all under Your Protection.[ I3th May is Our Lady of Fatima Day.] So Lord do You wish me to respond to this letter from HB or simply leave it and go because you have already asked me to be there.

    Beloved, you might write a small courteous  note , thank you for the reminder, and words to the effect that yes you have already committed yourself to go; I shall assist you even in writing this wee note.

    Thank You Lord. Its sad that he still does not believe.

    They see such as thee as an obstacle to what they call “progress.”

    Thank You Lord. Lord I thank You for Linda; it is so wonderful that she is taking on the Scriptural annotation of the Mission which she has printed out. Do You wish me to invite Linda to Seattle Lord?

    Leave everything in My Hands but you may extend the invitation.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, what is My task with regard to that firm of doctors who all seem to have Christian names.

    “I will make you fishers of men if you follow Me.” Just be yourself in their presence. Gestures like the pro-life invitation are acceptable whether they respond or not. Just be yourself in the presence of this physician and his associates; I do all the rest.

    Thank You Lord.  I know that HB will approach me because he is so eager to get me to Seattle hoping for my conversion to believe in BD.

    You will stand on your dignity; I am your Dignity, and cheerfully proclaim “yes I intend to be there. I Shield you when you are around such people.

    Thank You Lord.  As You know Lord, Lord I saw NK yesterday for the first time. She has a significant illness; but she believes she has been healed from this illness.  She believes she has come to the right office.  They are a faithful family.  Lord, if it is Your Will, let her be totally healed and be able to come off this medication. 

    We place Our Healing Hands upon this people, her whole family.  Be at Peace;she is in My Hands.  Those who have said “Yes” to Me are My Own.  She has indeed said “yes” to Me, wholeheartedly, therefore the healing is begun.

    So Lord, when she comes back to me please help me to know when to take her off the medication.

    Little one, together we shall gradually implement this withdrawing from the medications. It is only then that you see the true person is it not so? Therefore be at Peace; I assist you in this.

    Yes Lord Jesus, thank You.  Lord, as tax time comes up again I just ask Your Wisdom as I decide on various aspects of what I do.

    Indeed I am your Shield and your Providence and your Protector and you are safe in Me.  We work through it together.  Do as you do invoking My Name at every opportunity and then Trust Me.

    Thank You Lord.  And we thank You for the Holy Father, the Pope of Divine Mercy; also today is the anniversary that St Faustina received the Image which Our Lord asked her to get painted. Thank You so much for the whole Divine Mercy movement Lord.

    The value system of the world appears altered in these days in which you are living, but My Divine Mercy, My Merciful Love, indeed outshines the darkness.

    And thank You for the forty-four new cardinals, and we never understood how this Durban Cardinal is linked with the Mission Lord.

    The forty-four new cardinals show that My Church on Earth is alive and well doesn’t it little children?

    There will be future links.  

    Thank You Lord. I am someone Jesus Loves, am someone Mary Loves; I am safe in the Arms of Jesus, I am safe in the arms of Mary.   May the Presence...

    Massah 2001. DP March 5th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! Short rebukes.

    Heaven is present!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You Mother Mary.  Lord we thank You again for this opportunity to pray before You for Epistle of Love Mission.  Thank You for taking me through the weekend meeting where I saw many of the guild after about two years, without any negative experiences, even though it is disappointing that no one acknowledged the Mission.

    I bring such groups together for the Enlightenment of My poor confused children yet in the dark clouds of deception and confusion. My little one I am powerfully attendant upon each and every one of My faithful little ones who are fighting the good fight for Truth; I am Truth!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Thank You for showing me the need to persevere in this presenter who has been trying for nine years to be heard in the Truth that abortion is not only always bad for the baby, but also a risk of breast cancer to the mother, and is only just beginning to break through the wall of obstruction that has consistently blocked him.  Give me the grace to persevere with Epistle of Love Mission. 

    Little children, simply persevere in My Name; leave all else to Me, Your God!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I don’t promise never to complain, but only to pray for grace to survive and persevere.  Lord he did not ask, but I pray for the one whose wife is ill with Parkinsons, for her and the family; heal them in whatever way You desire Lord.

    Peace, believe that I Bless them each one; I am tenderly attendant upon this family.  Little children, your prayers for the suffering are very important, one might say essential, in the Design of Our Father, with regard to the Healing of the beloved Humanity both spiritually and physically and in every way. That is why you are called to pray much; as the beloved Paul spoke- “pray without ceasing.”  Little children you do this when you keep your thought,

    word and deed, in line with Me your God.

    Lord, please help us to keep this in mind, because as You know there were many occasions and places in this past week, where I encountered people whose expectations of me were not met, but who judged me for it, and I did not feel free when in their presence, which bothers me. It was hard to shake off. Sometimes I’m not so good at handing them over to You Lord.

    It is thus upon your pilgrimage on Earth for each and every soul dear little one.  It is important little children, that you practice the Virtues. I give you Grace sufficient to overcome all the taunts and attacks of the foe.

    [ He shows Omen that they come against a faithful soul as a barrage of attacks to try and weaken you. ]

    Lord in our weakness is Your Strength; continue to strengthen us.Lord You know that I have received the response from MS, as well as the information from the Pontificate for Life; Bishop Sgreccia speaking against organ harvesting;  I need Your direction to respond.

    The angels are singing about Our Lady of Guadalupe and Her miraculous Image on the Tilma of Juan Diego.

    Dear Blessed Mother, thank You for being present.

    Little children, I the Living God attend upon you profoundly; do not be distressed with regard to the response to your letter.  Simply pray for that soul to come to the fullness of Light. 

    Little children, since you have the Truth about bodily death and it is My Will that through you and several others like you, it become known and accepted, at least in My Church, in the Body of Christ, it shall be so!  Little children, Mother simply wished you, through the song of the angels to remember the Rosary, your weapon of choice, the five stones of Victory.

    Little children, Your God is Life and the Giver of Life, and the Virgin Mother of the Christ

    gave a wondrous and wonderful “Yes”to Life and She is the example to all Humanity; Joseph also proclaimed the holy and humble “yes” to the Will of the Father, in all aspects of Life. These are the living examples of the ability for Humanity to say “yes” to the Will of the

    Living God successfully.

    Little children, each one of you gathered here in My Name has said “yes” a holy and humble,  a quiet “yes” to your God, in all abandonment to Love; thus you become these precious instruments in My Hands, and I am able to cause events to occur in and through you, for in your abandonment to Me in all free will, it is so!

    There are many who at times perceive the error in the matter of life and death, but they have not fully surrendered to My Will, and they resist, or as your say, they drag their feet in attending upon My Will.  That is why little children, prayer is so essential in these times.

    I Bless you each one, for your patient perseverence and your endurance in all the trials that have beset you.  You well know that I am with you supporting you [He shows us His Hand under my elbow, walking next to me ].

    Thank You Lord.  Lord should I just pray for MS, or should I do more?

    Simply forward to her the pediatrician’s words without comment, just for her attention, and then continue to pray for her.  You see, she is conscientious in her works, but little children, this aspect of life and death has not been regarded clearly, nor has it been clarified by the scientific world, and yet it comes to the fore according to My Schedule.

    Thank You Lord.  We pray Memorare to ask Our Mother to pray for her, and for this issue of BD.

    Dearly beloved children, I do indeed bring this petition of yours before Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Be at Peace therefore.

    Thank You Blessed Mother. Lord with regard to the statement against organ harvesting, who should I send it to?

    Do that little one; both to the beloved Bishop and to the editor of the BC Catholic, with a simple note, example, “for your attention,” and it is sufficient. This protects you from any controversies.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; we know BC Transplant practices organ harvesting with gay abandon. Our Lord has already shown us its like crows at a road kill.  May the Holy Father soon speak.

    We remain in a waiting position at this time little children.  Trust Me!

    Thank You Lord. Archbishop Sgreccia’s words, “the absence of the Presence of God,” it is identical to Words You have given us in Epistle of Love.  Lord, as You already know, I have given Fr material and a request for us to have a special celebration on Divine Mercy Sunday, at three o’clock with Benediction;  I pray for You to move his heart according to Your Holy Will.

    Good News awaits you; be at Peace.  

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I ask You to speak to us freely  from Your Heart as You Wish. 

    Beloved, beloved, beloved; My precious little ones, just know that I am with you always, as it is written so it is!  I am with you, My cherished little ones. My little ones, the spiritual warfare for the souls of mankind is immense in this time.  My little ones, because you say “yes” to Me; because you live out that “yes,” I Bless you and give you the needed Fortitude to persevere in all that you are doing. 

    My little ones, it is a time where much prophecy is upon the Earth through various places; some are Truth, some are not, but I just ask you My little ones, to live the Great Commandments of Love, and remain in joyful anticipation for all that is coming forward to you.  Remember, I live within you and about you and you are safe in Me. I lead you in the pathway of holiness. 

    My beloved little ones, Mother also is blessing you.  My darling children, My Delight is in your loving faithfulness and service to the Lord God Most High, and I Bless you with Graces to assist you in all that you are doing.  In the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God, the Graces flow upon you.

    Beloved little ones, in this time of Lent, you abandon yourselves more deeply to the love of the Lord, and this is so pleasing to your God and to Me, Your Mother.  When the accuser accuses God that mankind is wicked and not worthy, I proclaim, behold Your beautiful children, showing Him My little faithful ones.  Your Faith- in- action is so special, so precious little children, and each one of you is storing treasure in Heaven. Blessed little ones, be at Peace and rejoice always in the love of the Lord. Little children, the whole Heavenly Court is your constant companion in the battle; you are never alone little children.  Never for a moment imagine that Your God would  leave you alone.  His Love impels Him to assist you in every detail of your lives My precious ones.  Glory be... 

    Thank You Mother. May the Presence...


    Strengthening Prayers  9th March 2001.

    [Legal and health complications;  Long rebukes required. Much obstruction encountered.]

    Mother is in attendance. The enemy is hurling all it can against you now for what you do.  Trust in the Lord, for He is with you more profoundly now than He has ever been in this time. Hosts of angels I set about you and around you.

    I attend upon you ;be at Peace. I give to you a great Gift of Healing Love ; I strengthen you now. I hold you fast in the Dignity of My Love. I walk you through all that is to occur.  In these times these things have to be. There is a Light coming up before you quickly now, and you are freed you up from much that you have been carrying.  Cling to Me and feel the Joy, and Peace of My Presence in you and about you.  Be strengthened oh soul I command and thou art strengthened to a great Fortitude! Peace. 

    Glory be... May the Presence ...

    Massah 2001. DP March 12th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will. Rebuke prayers.

    I am the Lord Your God and I am attendant upon you; beloved little ones, be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Thank You for the season of Lent and the opportunity to deepen our spiritual lives during this time. There are many things happening at this time. Lord we make reparation to you for the doctors who claim they are ready to clone human beings; even the cloners who have cloned animals are warning them of the many failures, malformations and deaths, but they are not hearing them.  We pray for their conversion.

    I am attendant upon these matters little children, for I am your All-seeing, All-knowing God; your All-powerful God.  These are individuals of pride and presumption who know Me not. [He is showing us through Omen, Old Testament lessons where rulers thinking themselves god in spite of the prophets warnings, who held the lives of slaves, people in their hands, ended up defeated.]  In due course all those who make of themselves god, meet the same fate.

     I am not ignorant of what these people are doing. I Myself attend upon the matter.  Again you are called to just trust Me, Your God, for I am indeed God and I do know what I am about. Our Lord gazes upon us and blesses us for caring about these matters.

     Lord we thank you that the doctors who have been using foetal tissue to treat Parkinsons are finally admitting that they have failed; they are finding horrible consequences which they cannot control or turn off.  Our Lord told us a few years ago near the beginning of the Mission that grotesque results would begin to appear and now it is happening.

    Murdered babies! Can one borrow another person’s life?  This is what this people attempt to do. They seek the fountain of youth by stealing the youngest.  How is this different from the crimes of the Aztec people who knew Me not?  But this people know of Me.  They cannot deny that they know Me, though they do not heed Me.  They reject Me; how could they kill if they knew Me.

     Lord we can only pray; please change their hearts Lord. 

    I pour out My Spirit upon My beloved Humanity but they shield themselves from Me lest they recognize Truth and be changed, be converted.

    If today you hear My Voice, harden not your heart. [Psalm 95.]

    Thank You Lord. Only You can open their hearts and minds and wills. We pray for them to be open to You Lord.  Lord, I ask again that the Holy Father would speak clearly, so that at least Your Church would hear Your Will Lord.  We pray that the BC Catholic and our Bishop would be moved to place the words of the Holy Father and the Pontificate for Life on the BC Catholic, against organ harvesting.

    I will give thee a Word of consolation; I am attendant upon the Bishop and I am attendant upon the beloved John Paul 2 about these very matters pertaining to bodily death, and the usurpation of My Will in these matters. 

    I Myself assure you that in Divine Inspiration coupled with the knowledge that both the Holy Father and the Bishop have, there will be utterances made with regard to that which is occurring in the so-called harvesting of organs, which is not of Me. Indeed it is an abomination before Me.

    Lord, let Your Church hear You! People are so confused.

    Little children, in these times many of these nightmarish occurrences have to be, before all is changed.  Even so, the Bishop speaks Truth and the beloved John Paul speaks Truth and he will make an utterance of Truth with regard to “brain death.”

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, as You know I have not heard back from Fr J regarding celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday.  Lord help us to do Your Will.

    It is accomplished according to My Design; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, as You know I have a huge legal mess coming up in my practice which is Yours; so many lawyers becoming involved.  I just pray that it all go according to Your Willbecause there is so much evil at many levels.  I pray for the protection of the victims who will suffer further. Spirit of oppression, confusion, disruption. We pray the long rebukes.

    I the Lord God attend upon this matter; machinations of evil are involved. As You pray greater is God; so it is! That is why I ask you to pray much and trust Me.  I assist you in all Your actions in this case.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I pray for the Enlightenment of the lawyers who are protecting the suffering ones. You intervened supernaturally in her life before; therefore we trust You to intervene again on her behalf even if in a supernatural way.

    Therefore Trust Me.  Am I not with the poor and the suffering?  I assist thee profoundly with Divine Interventions and I assist the poor so; more than you can imagine, for Heaven hears your prayers and graces flow, blessings flow.  

    Thank You Lord.  I have so many to pray for, especially those trying to come off drugs, those afraid. Give them the joy of discovering it is not as hard as they expect. Help me to stay in peace when they are angry because they are not getting what they want from Me.

    I have set a shield of protection around thee little one; and thou art safe in Me.  I do not permit you to be fearful, nor do I put you at risk in any way.  Cling to Me.  Remember- Sanctuary is in the Two Hearts of Love as you struggle on the Earth little children in the great spiritual battle which is upon the Earth. You are safe in My Heart of Love; safe in Mother’s for She directs you directly to My Heart.  Little children be at Peace.

    Lord thank You; and I take my practice with me into Your Heart Lord so that You heal each one either through me or even directly if You Will Lord.

    I am attendant upon the little suffering ones.  Each one has a journey in which I Wish to include Life to the fullest, yet this is not so in their lives, but ultimately, because of the prayers rising up on their behalf.  Persevere, little children, persevere in every detail of your lives, I am with you; I am with those for whom you pray.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I know that You helped me profoundly on Friday; You healed me.  You said that Light was coming toward me shortly, but I wasn’t sure which Light You meant; Word from the Holy Father, the Eucharistic Miracle, or news from Divine Mercy Institute. All are Great Lights Lord.

    With regard to My Presence, I cause others to know Me in the Bread and Wine of My Love   in a Miraculous manner.  It occurs very soon; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord dare I ask You which Light You were referring to?  I am praying for them all.

    Be comforted; My Light and Enlightenment flow to you and to the many who do adore and more adorers shall indeed come.   Be assured it is so; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord; speak to us from Your Heart again; we should be silent and You Speak Lord.

    Little children you are gathered together in My Name and I am with You, and each one of you is being blest and necessary graces flow. The one who seeks a home finds it rapidly now.

    Beloved little sister, I am the Lord Your God Who provides for you; you are in My Providence and Protection.  I Myself attend upon you My small sister FM in a great healing anointing and you will recognize this as you go forward day by day for nothing is impossible to the Lord your God. 

    On whom I will I have Mercy; I choose to have Mercy yet again on multitudes of suffering Humanity.[ He shows Omen them in hospital beds at many levels; yes even those who are in experimental treatments.]  Rest assured, I am more deeply involved in Epistle of Love than you can imagine, for it is a Project dear to My Heart, for Enlightenment must come to the

    atheist physicians who have all gone astray in a quest itself gone awry.

    Little children, simply pray for all physicians; pray for all scientists; pray for all those who proclaim themselves atheists, or communists or agnostics.  They do not know that denying Me does not cause Me to cease to exist, but places their very souls in peril instead, therefore pray for them for they are the confused, and they are confused to the point of being lost.  I do not give up on them; I am the Good Shepherd; I am yet seeking them out. 

    We will await the needed words from the Holy Father. It shall come to pass that he will speak most clearly on this matter in defense of Life.  “How long oh Lord you cry.”  I assure you it is very soon, in your time very soon . Little children, this is a wearying Message to you

    but believe that it is happening according to My Design and it occurs at a time when many will be convinced and respond to My Call to Truth.

    And through LT our Lord says He has called me to be“ the one crying out in the wilderness, saying prepare ye the way of the Lord;” as with St John the Baptist.

    Thank You Lord.  As You know I have not heard from PM and PF.  It too is in Your hands and in Your time.

    Leave it with Me.

    We were speculating about when the Holy Father would speak.

    It occurs according to My Design.

    Thank You Lord...Glory be... May the Presence...

    Massah 2001. DP March 19th. [Feast of St Joseph.]

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will. Rebuke prayers. Still having obstruction.  St Michael the Archangel...Let all who hear proclaim with us now; Jesus Christ is Lord x7.  Still a spirit of confusion.... Long rebuke...

    Mother and I attend; be at Peace little children.

    Thank You Lord Jesus and Our Mother.

    My Little ones, I am your Heavenly Mother and on this day which is holy to the Lord, Great Blessings come upon you for the Beloved Joseph is honoured today most powerfully in Heaven and also on Earth; children the Blessings and Graces flow. God is commending the wondrous obedience of Joseph and we are being blest by it. 

    Thank You Mother Mary, St Joseph and our Lord.  I know that the problems in the Adoration Chapel contribute to why  we experienced more confusion today.  We pray for pardon for our failure to communicate Your Truth well enough.  Please help us and explain Your Way.

    Peace, I am the Lord Your God; on whom I will I have Mercy.   I have Mercy on the precious little ones who come of genuine heart into the Adoration Chapel where I am dwelling.  My little ones, I bless you both for your loving attendance upon Me, The Living God, and your concern for intruders or interlopers is known to Me and I protect My little ones who come to adore Me throughout the night.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, in the ongoing Enlightenment of the Epistle of Love Mission, I am again meditating on St John the Baptist and Juan Diego, especially since I heard that the Holy Father will visit the Damascus mosque to see the tomb of St John in Syria; and on the loneliness of their path and that of the Holy Father’s and St Joseph’s in being faithful to You Lord.  What you ask of me is to bear it with serenity in my own Mission. But though I know this has a very profound meaning, I don’t quite understand what is happening that I should be thinking like this and what it means. Also, from last time, I am focused on Our Lord’s mentioning specifically the atheistic doctors, though I don’t know how to put all this together.

    The virtue of Love is such that Our Mother, your Mother, the Woman clothed with the Sun is in attendance upon you.

    Beloved children of a Merciful and Loving Father, you know the prophets from of old were bearers of the Seed of the Good News, for it was known that the Messiah would come, and you know that when Zacharias’ speech returned, as he held  John, he proclaimed;

    You my child, shall be the prophet of the Most High,

    for you will go before the Lord to prepare His way,

    to give His people knowledge of Salvation, by the forgiveness of their sins.

    By the tender compassion of our God, the dawn from on High will break upon us.”

    Little children, in this Benedictus, you can today see the beloved John Paul, preparing the world for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  I too have been preparing by appearing in the many areas of the world, calling people to pray and repent.  The call of John Paul to Humanity is in Unity with The Holy Spirit of the Living God and thus the way is being prepared in connection with My beloved son, Juan Diego- a most beautiful convert to Christianity.

     He has been our God’s instrument in bringing this western hemisphere to Truth, to recognize the Good News of Salvation.  Little children, you also are called to evangelize and pray as you do for the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls.

    My daughter, with regard to the atheistic physicians, prayer is the key, and yet your God-given

    Words have indeed circumnavigated the world.  There are a handful of people in key positions who recognize Truth in the Words. Its like a two-pronged Mission; your prayers and these Words, being given over to a world where darkness yet rules.

    My daughter, I ask you to simply love Our Lord Jesus. With Me, love Our Lord Jesus and He does all the rest.  My darling, often you will think, ‘what have I accomplished?’ but it is not for you to measure.  It is what the Lord has accomplished using me as His instrument of Peace and Love, His instrument of Enlightenment.  You are that lighted candle in the darkness of a deceived world.  There are many of you about the world.  Oft-times little children, you feel alone, but the Lord is with you, I am with you, angels and saints are with you. {She shows us through Omen that the Communion of Saints is always like a cheering section, supporting me in every way.  }

    Beloved little ones, rejoice in the Lord; trust the Lord; love the Lord; hope- because there comes an answer to all that you have been seeking. 

    Little children the Holy Father is shown the deceptions of the organ harvesters and in due course the words of Truth are uttered for all the world to hear.  They will hear, but not all will heed, or

    change, for this is part of the larger scene of battle which is on the Earth today for the souls of the many.

    My daughters on this holy day in honour of the beloved St Joseph, humble and faithful  lover of

    Almighty God, and of the Mother of God, a special blessing in Graces is coming upon you, as you remain in humble prayer before the Living God.

    Receive ye the Blessings and Graces which pour forth upon you this evening. 

    Thank You so much Our Lord and Our Lady.  We have heard from Fr J that a priest could not lead us on Divine Mercy Sunday, but we do have permission to celebrate the day. We pray for God to help us plan according to His Will.  I will ask AK if we can bring the big Image to the Church for the veneration.

    Mother is in attendance. Speak to the beloved AK and obtain the use of the pictures.  Children, do have some to hand out.[ will call Life Foundation for more] Do so, for the Mercy of God is yet

    powerful upon the Earth, and He so desires the children of the Earth to know of His Mercy, His Merciful Love.  Dear little children, I Bless each one of you yet again on this holy day, with needed graces; in the power of the Holy Spirit, they flow!

    Little children, I Myself shall convene Divine Mercy Sunday at Our Lady of Good Counsel, and all will fall beautifully into place.  I wish to honour Our Lord Jesus on this day which is holy to the Lord.

    The saints will attend in all delight. Little children, Divine Mercy Sunday, following rapidly upon Easter Sunday, will bring Graces and Blessings to all those who love the Lord, and the overflow of Blessings will draw others back to Our Lord Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life;  and the Way will be Lighted.  Little children, you have no idea what you do when you work ernestly loving and serving the Lord as you do.  In Glory the treasures are stored for you. By the novena, the Blessings will come on Divine Mercy Sunday, powerfully.  The Novena bears much fruit little children.

    Thank You Mother Mary. Lord we pray and thank you for the many anniversaries and feast days and birthdays celebrated in the next week, especially the 27th, anniversary of my miraculous healing, along with the readings about healing waters, which so powerfully match the vision You gave me of healing waters, two years ago on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes [11th February.

    Our Lady of the Healing Waters of Life, She calls Herself.]

    Lord, help us, mold us to be better servants of Your Will.

    Beloved little ones, Love Me, Trust Me, when it seems there is no reason to Trust; Trust Me. Remember, I know what I am about.  My Plans for each little human soul is for their good.  On this feast day of St Joseph, I release many souls from bondages, and on the subsequent series of feast days coming forth, on each such day, souls are released from whatsoever binds them, or holds them captive in unwarranted ways.

    Little children, love one another as I Love you, and believe in miracles; by Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I pray for AM who is doing well as a student; we pray for her and that You continue to open the doors You wish her to go through.

    I am attendant upon AM at all times, she is My beloved.  I have Plans for her and they come to fruition. At this time we do not attend upon the matter of  neurology.  Little children, always remember, I lead you one step at a time.  Be at Peace, she too is cherished of the Lord and of the Mother of God.  Quesnel; a small town, a friendly town, an all too worldly town.

    Thank You Lord. Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy; Blessed be St Joseph, her most chaste Spouse; Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints; Blessed be God forever. My God and my all!  Glory be... May the Presence...

    Massah 2001. DP March 26th.

    Feast of The Incarnation of Our Lord and the Annunciation to Our Lady.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!

    The Queen of Angels is in attendance, the saints and angels are in attendance, the Lord Himself is in attendance!

    Thank You Lord Jesus, Our Mother and all of Heaven.

    The Angels are singing, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news...

    Thank You Lord. The Lord gives me the “Gift of Knowing” sometimes, without actual “Words”

    and sometimes I’m hesitant to tell this because I doubt that this is really true.  I thank You Lord because as I arrived in Adoration I was greeted by my son John-Jude from Glory.  He was born and baptized today, and by this evening 24 years ago, I was slipping into coma, and in the early hours of the 27th I was miraculously restored to life. Thank You so much Lord Jesus; If Our Lord and Our Lady would wish to speak?

    A long silence but we feel our Lord’s Presence and without speaking He is showing us through Omen that Jude had to be sent for this event to happen in my life, for the effect down these years to follow, to where we are now.[ the Mission.]

    Thank You Lord, speak ; Your servants are listening. Spirit of obstruction; we short rebuke pray.

    Michael attends!

    Thank You Saint Michael.

    The Peace of Christ be upon you; it is The Lord Who speaks!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Our Father in Heaven addresses LT:

    I am anointing you in a profound anointing.  You will speak My Words of comfort in the Name of Jesus My Son; you will be an instrument of My Healing Love.  It is imperative that you persevere as you are doing in your studies of The Lord.  I Myself attend upon you.

    Even so, I address you as The Triune God, for Our Word is One; the Father, Son and Spirit One, are attendant upon you at this time, and the beloved Ever -Virgin Mary is rejoicing with tears of Joy!

    Mother is saying,

    Regard it daughter, as an annunciation to you, of Our God’s Love for you, and His Delight in your “yes” to Him.  Beloved little one, rejoice in Our Lord’s Love.

    Glory be...Oh Most Holy Trinity, undivided Unity; Holy God, Mighty God, God Immortal be adored.

    Jesus speaks,

    “The Sword which pierced Mother’s Heart that the thoughts of many be revealed,”do  you understand this Communication?[Simeon’s Words at the presentation of Jesus in the Temple.]

    No Lord, we never have understood the meaning of that Scripture.

    You will begin to understand it now little children, as you watch and wait!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord we rely on Your Holy Spirit to help us see and understand. In this Mission, God the Father has spoken each time at the Annunciation/Incarnation, a Trinitarian event. Lord we pray that the mosque will not be built at the doorstep of the Basilica of the Annunciation in the Holy Land.

    It has come to pass that there is a war in that area and unusual events occur in a war! Be at Peace; I attend upon this matter Myself---Personally!

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, I pray for the 58 children who were burnt to death and the 28 injured in the dormitory in Africa and for all the places where there is unrest and war; for the salvation of the souls and conversion of the perpetrators.

    An Angel who names himself “Holy Tears” has been speaking to Omen two days, says he is attendant upon the Mother of God who weeps Holy Tears for the fate of the children of mankind all over the Earth.  It is a time of struggle and trial upon the Earth, yet has the Lord not spoken.“Before I return these things must be!”

    Heaven is not oblivious to what is occurring.  Many souls are taken into the Presence of God; many come unexpectedly by them, and unready in soul and spirit, and for these ones We ask you to persevere in praying for those who are dying in this way; your intercessory prayers assist them, for the Lord does indeed come often as a thief in the night and calls all mankind to be ready!  Glory be...

    Lord we need to pray that You will guide someone to replace GP on that Adoration of early Wednesday morning, and also for the hour of 1-2am.  Mother Mary please inspire more adorers to come. ... Lord, please help us!

    Those adorers who truly love The Christ will continue to come; those who extend themselves for more than one hour in Adoration are indeed rewarded most profoundly; remember, Your God is not outgiven!

    Little children, Graces and Blessings continue to flow on all the adorers, they do indeed persevere and endure all things in the Name of The Lord.  In the shrines of Adoration all over the Earth, these people are, as it were, holding forth lighted candles before the darkened world. Be assured Your God sends forth sufficient numbers.  You are giving Glory to the Light of Christ until the moment when all the world, all those who will ever believe, recognize this Light!

    You are, as it were, holding a door open to all the luke warm and the unbelievers, until an opportune moment in the Eyes of Your God; therefore rejoice that you have been chosen in these times, for such a Commission of Love!

    Thank You Lord, we cannot help but pray again for the Eucharistic Miracle to come soon, because we know that, more than anything we can do, You will be the One Who will bring the greatest Evangelization about, when the Miracle takes place, which answers many questions and settles many doubts. I pray for GP and his mother who are faithful adorers, wherever they go!

    Each one of them is My Own and they are safe in Me.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord, You have sent astounding people and events into my office, and I in turn have sent them to You in the Adoration Chapel because I believed that the problem was spiritual; I pray for her, and I trust that as You promised, “if you seek Me I will help you find Me.”

    Mother Mary says,

    My daughter, leave her at this time with the Lord; pray for her until her return to you. She will be sharing.

    Thank You Mother Mary. Another one “wanted out” of this life, but I have never spoken about spiritual matters to her, so I bring her here and pray for her.  We pray Memorare for her and leave her with Mother.

    We know this is a difficult time of confusion; I pray through Mother Mary for continued enlightenment to carry out the plans for the celebration of Divine Mercy Feast day, and for many people to pray the novena beforehand.

    As you pray your rosaries little children, invoke the assistance of Our Mother and all things fall into place, remarkably so.  Be at Peace. 

    Thank You Lord Jesus; I pray for a girl called T whom we have prayed for before; very depressed and in difficulty with her work associates in the Church. Lord have Mercy.

    Jesus asks us for the miracle prayer  [Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be...]

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord. I’m left not knowing whether I am going to court or working in my office on the 9th April, because the lawyer has left till the 2nd. Lord, You know what is happening on the 9th.  Please Enlighten me to know what to do.

    My Spirit is ever present to My faithful little ones. Simply pray and book the patients as need be and trust Me!

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for JM; she is in a legal hearing on Thursday and also looking for a home.  She is making the commitment to be in St Paul’s, willing to be prayed over by Omen.  Lord please strengthen her and guide her, that no obstruction prevents her from getting to St Pauls.

    I attend upon the little one; Our Mother attends upon the little one.  Be at Peace.

    Lord thank You; I pray for one I have not seen for a long time, but who has advanced cancer and I think she is dying.  I pray for her and her family, because she told me she has no Faith.

    Abandon her and her family upon Me, your Jesus of Mercy, remembering her and them, when you pray your Chaplet and leave all else to Me!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord, if it is Your Will, knowing that we are sinful and weak, please speak to us from Your Heart.

    I am the Lord, your God; I am attendant upon you, little children and upon your heart’s intentions.  Little children, it is still to simply live the Great Commandments of Love, loving Me, your God, and Loving your neighbours, whomsoever I set about you at any given time, as you love yourself.  Love them with My Holy Love; strive, strive to pray unceasingly.  Your good morning offerings strengthen you for the entire day little children, and the enemy has great difficulty in taunting the little ones who are faithful to their morning and evening prayers. That is why Mother is going about the world, about the Earth bidding the children of God to pray and pray and pray again; this keeps the line open between your God and yourself in a beautiful way. Yes I am attendant upon you but this means of Communication is powerful, and when you pray not for yourselves but for another one, your God in all delight Blesses both you and the one for whom you pray.

     I desire that each child of Faith be so filled with fervour and love of the Lord and of their fellow man that in this way is precipitated the fire of the Holy Spirit, upon all humanity, all who desire the power of the Holy Spirit’s Presence upon them I so desire to give them.  Little children, Bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    You have no idea the power of your prayers little faithful children, and I simply ask you to continue to pray and to spread the Good News of Salvation.   Remind them that My Love knows no bounds, My Mercy knows no bounds, call on Me little children, that I might pour forth My Spirit upon you, that you may know Salvation.

    Little children, you know there is much unsettledness in the Earth.  You see these events in Africa and in Asia, and the most serious events people are working to precipitate in the Holy Lands and in the lands there about.  It is good to pray for Peace in the area of the Holy Lands and in the lands surrounding it little children. 

    There are those who betray others in word and deed, and bring grief not only upon themselves and others but upon the world. Little children, love your Jesus, trust your Jesus,

    pray much and strive to remain always at Peace.  Glory be...

    May the Presence...

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