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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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  • 2001 April to June

    Massah 2001. DP April  2nd.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  Short rebukes.

    We had been speaking of a man KM that Our Lord inspired me to speak to; I became aware of him and that he was in distress last Thursday when I was praying the Stations of the Cross, and though I had no idea who he was I wrote him a note inviting him to spend time in the Adoration Chapel, which he did next night, and he was heard moaning or crying out,  by Omen and her companions who were in the Adoration Chapel, and came into the church to pray for him.  Omen described a complicated, “spirit with many tentacles” which came out of him as they prayed over him, but he did not say what was bothering him. He told them I had sent him to Adoration. We were amazed and thankful at how our Lord works, because I have no idea when they adore and they were there apparently later than their usual time. We give him to Mother Mary. Memorare.

    Mother is in attendance; but I do take My son to My Heart and his healing is begun. Be at Peace in this matter.

    Thank You Mother and Our Lord Jesus.

    Little children, it is the Lord Who speaks; be at Peace in this matter.  The man of your concern is released from a certain dark bondage and is duly astounded at My Mercy and


    Thank You Lord.  Lord we also pray for MC who has come to the Adoration Chapel to find You.

    Little children, be not afraid; I am with you always. [To Omen] As thou hast seen the spirit which had assailed the young man, and which is now no more on the Earth, this is the type of spirit which is assailing mankind throughout the world.  You live essentially in a sheltered spot on the Earth, and yet there are many spiritual trials in the people about you.

    You have not experienced the wars and the famines of the other nations. Little children, each one of you has a giving heart and this is pleasing to the Lord. Persevere in praying for each of the little troubled ones, those troubled spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and for those physically afflicted as well.  My Healing Love shines down upon them in and through you faithful couriers of Love.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, for MC, I really hope she will continue coming for Your Healing to the Adoration Chapel.

    She feels My Healing Love again and again; I am attendant upon her, be at Peace in this matter.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, she recognizes Your Powerful Presence but thinks it is from the Cross, but we know it is from Your Real Presence in the Eucharist. I have chosen to say nothing, trusting that she will soon realize this, but is it for me to say anything Lord?

    In due course she recognizes that it is My Total Presence before her emanating My Healing Love out upon her.  She perceives the adoration of the other individuals present, and begins to comprehend.  Little children, when little ones have been growing in an improper direction, it takes a little while for growing in the direction of holiness.[He shows Omen a plant like an ivy, how they turn to the light.] We turn her to the Light now; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord; Lord I thank You for this unexpected letter from MS, which shows us You have created experiences in her life, so she has understood the issue of “brain death” in a different way. I’m not sure I should answer Lord.

    Little one, it is happening as I have spoken to you that it would; you need not answer this letter, but retain the name and address on file because there well comes a time when you will wish to communicate with her once again.  Believe that she fully comprehends now for she is a woman of great abilities, [it seems she is communicating with Dr Shewmon]

    She is a woman of acclaim now, and as she speaks out again and again, she will cause others to veer off the course which they are on, over into the Light of My Way.

    Thank You so much Lord.  Lord I still don’t know how to proceed with registration for the conference.

    Register, attend, leave all the rest to Me.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, as You know, when I looked into it I saw that there were three consecutive psychiatric conferences, I wondered if You wished me to attend any of the others?

    Little sister, attend as your heart desires; I am with you.  You know little children, when you go to any kind of lecture or conference, you take to heart that which is good, that which is pertinent to you in your work, and it is sufficient.

    Thank You Lord.  I have some people to pray for in desperate straits. One who has been awfully persecuted by wicked neighbours; she has difficulty finding the will to persevere. Lord we pray on her behalf that You would intervene for her and her family.

    Jesus lets Omen feel burning in her heart. “ Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” My little children, there would be no need of moving from the pagan neighbours if the individuals within the walls of the home were fully united with Me as you are. Do you see that little children?  That is why Our Mother is calling every one to pray much.  He shows Omen the Lord’s planted green, and the enemy’s planted weeds intermixing.  Little children that is how it is today.  Oh sorrow!

    Thou hast prayed well for this little one My daughter; continue to pray for her little children; pray for the family.  I am not uncognizant of all that is going on in that household

    -a thing were confusion reigns.

    Lord Jesus then we just pray; in Your Holy Name, may the enemy spirit be removed for they are baptized in Your Name.  Let Your Spirit prevail.

    St Michael is in attendance upon them because of your prayers.

    Thank You Lord.  Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.  Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy; Blessed be God forever.

    The angels are singing,‘all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.’ we ask Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette in particular to attend and help because her birthday is on the 16th April.

    We attend!

    Thank You Mother Mary and St Bernadette.  Lord, for another one of my patients where there has had lots of money but this has been frittered away on material things; I know things are not all as You Will, I don’t even know their Faith; I ask You to prevail I am not the judge. Lord have Mercy.

    Persevere; We are in attendance upon these ones also.

    Thank You Lord.

     He is telling us that St Therese’s words,”many prisoners go to hell because there is no one to pray for them” but

    These ones who are in prisons of their own making; they also need people to pray for them!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord, theres the one we have prayed for before; she has been healed from the depression, but she has now dropped out of school; I don’t understand, but I know they don’t practise any Faith in this family.  Lord I ask that You would prevail here too.

    I do!  Little children, when you come to Me in the Chapel of Adoration, give the names of these needy ones to Me.  I tell you, when you love Me there, I Love them into fullness of wellbeing,  for nothing is impossible to Me, The Lord Your God!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, there is so much we could pray for, but Omen is tired from being busy in Your service.  I need to pray again for more adorers to come, because some are dropping off.  We need replacements, and we need Your Eucharistic Miracle to come about to call many back.

    I am Jesus Who Loves you; I am cognizant of this matter.  Mother and I are attendant upon many little ones who at last begin to more fully comprehend the Power of these hours with Me, and so it shall be!

    Little children, pray , love, pray, trust, persevere!

    Thank You Lord. We pray for many, many people to receive and to pray the Divine Mercy Novena, that many adorers come from this and attend the celebration.

    Mother blesses you little children.  With regard to Divine Mercy, all goes according to Heaven’s Design. An influx of little ones will come forth into the Presence of Divine Mercy on the appointed Sunday. Be at Peace.

    Thank You Jesus and Our Mother. We pray for the Holy Father and for many people to come back to Jesus in this holy season of Lent. Lord speak to us freely from Your heart as we so love to hear You do; according to whatever You wish us to consider right now. 

    Angels are singing Faith of Our Fathers...

    Little children, I am the Lord Your God; I am tenderly attendant upon each one of you.  My little children, My little Faith-filled ones, the more you pray and act in Faith, the greater the increase of Faith in you, and thus you will see more healing events; a myriad of miracles you might say.  You seek a recognizable miracle of the Holy Eucharist and it shall come to pass.  It is not yet but it is not far off.  Little children, continue to pray.  The Eucharistic Miracle is powerful, but the little miracles of Healing Love are also powerful in the matter of winning souls over to Salvation, and that’s what it is all about My little evangelizers.  As you adore yourselves are healed, and as you adore further, Healing Love comes upon those who are so needy of My Merciful Love. Little children, persevere!

    Little children, when you come before Me in Adoration, sharing all of your hearts concerns for Me, I tenderly Bless you and assist you and those for whom you pray.  Always you know that those in free will, who have not yet yielded to Me, are in need of much prayer, that there will be a movement from each heart to open up to Love.

    I the Lord God, Delight in your hours of Adoration; I do not take any such hour lightly. Know that each hour of Adoration bears far greater fruit than you can recognize, for few there are who put in an hour of Adoration, and many there are in the world so in need of My Merciful Love.  Little children, you cause by your Faith, this River of Light and Love

    and Life to pour forth upon the needy ones, and the more you abandon your hearts to Divine Love in My Holy Will for each one of you, the greater the River of Faith which is being poured out upon the Earth.  Little children, My Delight is in your Faith, and I Bless you and remind you that I Love each one of you most tenderly, most totally and eternally,

    and My Plans for you and the good of your neighbours shall come to pass, because you are Faith-filled and obedient and humble before the God of all creation.

    Oh Lord Jesus, thank You for such beautiful Words; such amazing concepts, especially how our Lord reaches out through us to others. Realizing the Truth of God’s Real Presence in Adoration really does set us  free. Glory be...May the Presence...

    Massah 2001. DP April 9th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! 

    God is with you!

    Praise the Lord.  Thank You Jesus. Lord, thank You for another opportunity to intensely focus on Holy week that we may grow more in the way You wish us to be, in order to more perfectly do You Holy Will. We are nothing and can do nothing unless You guide us Lord. We trust that You will not let us go astray because the Missions are Yours.  We praise and thank You for LT and for the many who are joining Your Church this Easter. We pray for her especially because she cannot be with us this evening.

    I am attendant upon LT.  She is My beloved; she is My Own. I Bless you for your loving concern for a sister. I Bless L; her heart is pleasing to the Lord God.  She is precious to the Lord God.   I have plans for you LT for your good and for those whom I set about you.  I proclaim to LT.  Peace!

    Thank You Lord. Other things are not so clear, and even though it is Holy Week I still have to pray to know Your Will because the path is not so clear. I have received e-mail that the hosts of the web site is going out of business. It is an opportunity to seek Your Will. Through DK we ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to find the one You wish to host Your Mission Lord.

    I Myself attend upon this matter.  All goes according to My Will and Design in this matter.

    Yes, We present to you the appropriate connection for e-mail ; for your place.  Phenomenal growth of your Communication shall occur wherever you are connected this time.  Therefore through you, I Bless DK and the works of his hands in this matter.  As he works

    with you My beloved, he comes closer to Me, the Living God.  Never doubt My Plans; I know what I am about.  Did you expect to have this young man assisting you?  Think back.

    No Lord; I had no idea. 

    Therefore be at Peace! We bring him strongly into the fold in due course.

    Thank You so much Lord.  Will it just happen that DK will research and the one he suggests will be the right one, or should I participate further in discerning the host place?

    You have prayed and you continue to pray as unity with Me. If you should choose certain sites by discernment of prayer, give the young man several to choose from, and he will look into them and comment back to you on what he thinks is appropriate.  There is a togetherness of action between you and DK.  Continue to believe in Me and I bring you to the appropriate site.

    Thank You Lord. I have not heard from Divine Mercy or from Msgr Rosada, so I will leave that with You still Lord.

    I am the Lord Your God; I am attendant upon all these concerns of your heart.  My small one; know that your communications have been received, they have been pondered, they have been prayed over, with regard to the response.  A courtesy type letter comes from a communicator.  Do not think that you are shunned or disregarded with these communications. The Church is extensive through time and the world, and it is seemingly at a ponderous undertaking.[ Through Omen Our Lord shows us a Vine; for a new leaf to grow on that Vine.] Therefore be not impatient little children, I am with you through it all.   It comes; the Victory comes in due course.

    Thank You Lord. That is evangelization. Lord we pray for the many people who have been individually invited and spoken to about Perpetual Adoration to hear the Call and to respond.  

    Lord help us to cover the hours needed.

    I am the Lord your God; I am attendant upon these concerns of your heart.  Little children, much fruit is borne by the Faith of the little adorers who come unto Me.   My little one I Cause, in the Power of the Spirit of the Living God, for more adorers to attend.  My little one, all those who make so great a sacrifice to be attendant upon Me, because there are so few who do, these ones I Bless resoundingly.

    A remarkable event occurs which causes others to begin to think over, what is referred to as The Real Presence, and they begin to come back to Me.  Little children, little seed planters, persevere!

    Thank You Lord!  Lord are You referring to the Eucharistic Miracle now, when You say a remarkable event will take place? 

    Sweetheart, let us wait and see.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I pray for PG as he tries to get people to participate in the information expo.  He is not getting the response or support he needs. Lord please help us. 

    Sweetheart, give it over to Our Mother to convene and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord.

    Little children, be at Peace; Mother attends.  We work things out.  Precious children, I ask you to pray not only for P G, but especially for the beloved A E of Our Heart’s Love.  He too is inundated with meetings and concerns and distresses of every description.  He too is persevering and yet I ask for prayers for him as I ask for the beloved John Paul because their Shepherding tasks are immense.  Little children, in all things give thanks to the Lord.  Pray much for your Shepherds; they play such an integral role in all that is occurring on the Earth today.  Little children, remember Our Lord’s Words; Love one another, pray for one another, and persevere, little children, endure, persevere!

    Thank You Mother Mary.  Lord we pray for all the Holy Father’s needs and intentions, and especially His words about Death, as Our Lord means us to understand it.

    The virtue of Love is that I am ever attendant upon this matter, for this issue is indeed of grave concern to My Heart.  The beloved John Paul, let us say he bides his time and speaks at the opportune moment.  Do not think it is easy for him to speak on this issue, for there are many pressures round about him with regard to this issue.

    Dilemma [about the Dogma of Our Lady ] There is, one might say, resistance to the pronouncement of the final dogma of the Mother of God,[ Mediatrix of All Graces, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate.] and this is a serious concern of the beloved John Paul, who has already professed all the beliefs in this Truth of Faith. See little children what a busy man is Our beloved John Paul and these are only two issues which are contentious among those round about him. Therefore little children that is why Mother is pleading, pray, pray, pray! 

    Yes Mother.

    Be at Peace little children, all works out according to the Holy Will of your God. 

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord help us to do all You wish on Divine Mercy day.  We have and are advertising the Novena.  St Faustina and Our Lady please help us with the final details.

    Lord, we hear on the news that depression is now the second most common illness in the world. We know this is because of the absence of the Presence of God in people’s lives. We pray for them to make that connection Lord since most doctors and people don’t know or believe it.

    Little children it is with Sorrow I gaze upon multitudes of the depressed.  Some, even many are Baptized unto Me, but they know Me not!  You pray to Me as Almighty God, Great Physician, Wonder Counselor, but so few know Me in this Way.

    Lord, teach Your People. Seems there s a block against us we plead for the depressed. We discuss

    a particularly messy suicidal  referral I experienced this week, which I ended up refusing to continue to see.  Even after prayer, I felt more strongly than ever I should not allow this in my practice, but still had an unclear feeling about whether I had done right or wrong with this one.

    Bless Me!

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    Little daughter of Faith, be at Peace in what you have done; My little one, you know the enemy beleaguers those who are working in My service.  Little one, be at Peace in this matter.  I attend upon the entire matter.   Mother is also attendant.  You are safe in a Great Shield of Protection in the Power of the Holy Spirit.  Know little children, that the Body of Christ is profoundly protected by St Michael, who leads countless Legions of Angels.  You are safe  in the Lord.  Leave that little one with her physicians and be at Peace.

    Lord I’m concerned about the little children.

    Would you like to pray Mother’s miracle prayer for this people and then leave them with Heaven.

    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be...

    Lord Ken has not received “Divine Mercy in My Soul” yet.  He should have had it by now.  Lord please send angels to guard  them to arrive.

    Forthwith be at Peace; We attend upon this matter. [Omen sees a big pouring out of a stream of Blessings coming upon these people of South Africa.]

    My people there know Me and I Love them and I attend upon them as does Mother. Heaven is with the little precious ones.  You know well that they suffer much and yet I am with them, and My Plans for them for their good come to fruition.  Omen sees a Healing Light flash. [we are eagerly waiting for Ken’s healing Lord].  Little children, be at Peace the Lord is with them and the Communications are received.

    Thank You Lord. HO  was rushed to hospital with bleeding connected with drinking. Lord we pray for the family to return to You and for his healing.

    There is some memory that torments this man like a ghost from the past. I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally; because of your prayers for your brother dear one, I attend upon them. Do not be discouraged; I am the Good Shepherd.  In due course I fetch them back.  I Call them to come back to Me wholeheartedly, and because of your prayers and the prayers of other members of the family who love them, they come around. 

    Thank You Lord, we claim it. Lord let us do whatever we have to do to help even though it has been unwelcome.

    A carefully selected “get well card?” [I have one from Divine Mercy Marian Helpers.] My Healing Love must emanate from each of you to every one I set in your pathway of life at all .  You are precious vessels of My Healing Love.  You are My Heart, My Hands, My Voice.  Do not fear for a moment that a gesture of Love will be rejected.  My little children, when one comes perilously close to death by such a vivid experience they are ready at last for comfort, for consolation.  Because you pray for the many, Mother is attendant upon this people. Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. We pray for a patient HS whose mother has died in the prairies, and the second family was going to cremate her the very next day.  My patient and her husband have each just had surgery and have no money; they had to borrow to go and see her mother’s body before she was cremated, and she has arranged for her mother to be buried with her own parents. They are

     very poor right now, but she has a very good heart, always making others happy at work.

    [Omen is seeing a darkness, with a faint Crucifix, and Jesus is coming off that Cross, coming down and turning into Light and coming to comfort someone. ] I am He who Lives and Loves eternally.  I attend upon the poor little victims of woe.  I am Mercy, I am Love.  Trust Me.[He quotes from the Beatitudes;  Comfort the afflicted, heal the sick.] I Bless you for your services of Love; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. As You know Lord, the one who wanted something from Mother Theresa, realises she is not ready, not at the level of spiritual depth.  I certainly can hear her, but I cannot see what else I can offer her. She arrives at You through the beauty of nature.

    The angels are singing, “For the beauty of the Creation, thanks be to God ...”

    Continue to listen and leave her with Me. I am listening with you.

    Thank You Lord.  I heard part of a program/documentary on the porn industry.  A mother decides to follow the daughter who is eighteen into doing porn for money and making the movies.  Then later on the group start to contract  AIDS, one by one.  Lord we pray that is how they eventually turned to You, and are freed from enslavement to the spirit of lust. Lord we pray for their Salvation. Lord have Mercy. 

     Our Lord let us hear the evil one saying; “the Columbine shooting happened and you did not stop that, why do you think you can stop Me?”

    Let all who hear proclaim with us, “Jesus Christ is Lord x7, He is Our Saviour and Our God, Our Redeemer and Our King and we adore Him; Our Lord and Our God!  The battle belongs to the Lord.

    Continue to pray much little children, in like vein.  But of course, on the day of My Justice, My Wrath will come upon those destroyers of souls, those pawns of the evil one.

    Lord destroy the evil spirits please.

    Come unto Me little children I call; they heed Me not!

    Lord have Mercy.

    The offense, the affront to Me is immense.  The ringleaders will have much to pay for leading the little ones astray. You see little children, the mother and the daughter; see little children, several generations do not Baptize their son and daughter unto Me and it is like the time I came into the world.  The enemy has free reign.  Little children stay close to Me.

    Pray for the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls and be not anxious.  Remain at Peace.  Many strange things have to occur before My return. On whom I Will, I have Mercy.  I draw multitudes unto Myself.

    This is sad and scary, but it is Holy Week and we can devote our prayers on the conversion of sinners the salvation of souls. The Divine Mercy Novena will reach a lot of these.  Help us to spread it Lord. Lord, You chose a teachable moment but I did not understand why or how the mother who was coming from Communion made her little son stay next to me while she went on to the back of the Church, and he sang with me at the closing hymn, then I gave him a few copies of the Divine Mercy Novena, and the mom came and fetched him, but I did not understand what went on at all.

    Omen sees “the Light shining in the darkness, casting out the darkness. “ No Words.

    This story will be told much, much later on!

    Thank You Lord. Glory be... may the Presence...

    Massah 2001. DP April 16th.

    Feast of St Bernadette.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit, and in union with the whole Heavenly Court, we pray; the Lord rebuke thee satan, the Lord rebuke any and all intelocking spirits coming against us, our families and our Missions.  Great and glorious is the Lord Our God.  Further rebukes against the spirits of obstruction.

    Mother and I are in attendance little children. Be at Peace.

     Thank You Mother and Our Lord. We thank You for all the beautiful spiritual graces of the Triduum; thank You for the new Catholics.

    Countless little ones come unto Me now, for it is time.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; and thank You for the opportunity to hand out so many copies of the Divine Mercy Novena; we just pray that many will pray it at this time, bringing many souls to You Lord, and celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday with us and all over the world.

    “I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind says the Lord, and they shall Live,” Jesus quotes.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    In Our Unity of Love, little children, address your concerns to Me as you will.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord as You know, I have a beautiful document written by Fr SM, explaining Divine Mercy Sunday, which in the absence of a priest to lead us on Sunday, I had hoped to have read, in addition to the prayers for the celebration. Is this adequate Lord, or do You wish to change anything? If a priest is inspired to lead us we will gladly accept Lord Jesus.

    Beloved, have the document read.

    Then Lord it will be the same as a priest leading us.  Thank You Lord. Also Lord, I wondered if I should ask Father if we could have the Images throughout the day at all the Masses, or just at the celebration?

    Children, simply approach him and accept his will in the matter.

    Thank You Lord. We keep him in prayer and all priests. In the same way we also pray for the Holy Father, for all his need, spiritual and physical. We realize that he spoke about Your Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection, which at seemed so applicable to the issue of “brain death”  but not in any specific words.  The document distributed in the parish this weekend from the bishops of Canada, completely avoids the issue of “brain death,” while enthusiastically supporting organ donation. The dark side is not addressed at all!

    My little children, it is good to give as you know; it is pleasing to the Lord Your God, and yet little children, the peril of this concept of organ transplantation, brings one to that “slippery slope” of transgression of the Laws of Life, to a place where souls are imperilled, not only the victim who must die, but that of those who are performing those procedures.

    I am not oblivious to any of this.  It occurs in free will, and you recognize little children that the scientific mind is not always ready to contemplate spirituality, especially the status of the soul in each human being.  Were they open to such contemplation little children, there would be no abortions performed in hospitals.  They have wandered far afield.

    They deemed that, because something in scientifically possible, it should be done, the procedure should be practised randomly.  They do this without consideration of Truth, of that precious soul present in every body.

    You yourselves recognize that this is not generally known to the public and that is why there has been no great hue and cry against it. The masses are oblivious of what is occurring except when it happens to one of their loved ones, and only some then does Enlightenment come to them about the error of these procedures termed organ harvesting.

    These procedures termed organ harvesting- these words are not pleasing to Me; this terminology is not pleasing to Me.  These deeds are not pleasing to Me; to the contrary they are repugnant to Me!

    Little children I know that your hearts cry, when will the Holy Father address the subject; I know your prayers, and I know that you wait perseveringly in Faith for the needed words.

    You know well the controversy surrounding the issues of organ harvesting of transplants which take the life of another human.  There are many, many words being spoken out and printed out, about the good of such procedures, with scant attention paid to the soul of the ones who die in the procedures.

    Be assured that I Myself am attendant upon the beloved John Paul, and that he will most assuredly speak on the errors of the scientific world and what they are doing.  Yes, he proclaims it is good to give, even when it is a vital organ, such as one kidney, but what you might refer to as the dark side of organ transplant is not revealed to the public, and is only scantly revealed to the beloved John Paul. And yet I cause him to know all that is occurring in this aspect of human behaviour today.

    You are aware of the many contentious issues he is dealing with in all the problems of the world today, and this is but one more for him to attend upon.  In Spirit I communicate with this holy man and cause him to speak out clearly, even emphatically, upon this grave concern.

    The timing is according to My Design, so I ask you little children, yet again-wait patiently. Trust Me!  All occurs according to My Plans which are for good. The little ones who loose their lives in the interim, are known to Me.  There are different kinds of martyrs little children, as you have seen in the Nazi persecutions and in the Communist persecutions.

    Leave them with Me, Your God Who is Mercy, Your God Who is Love, but continue to fight, for this is indeed a human rights issue.  Peace; I am your Jesus.

    Dear Lord Jesus, for the average Catholic who is obedient to the Church, after this document from the Catholic Bishops of Canada, using the Holy Father’s document, the issue of “brain death” is not addressed at all, so it seems as we have already been accused, that we who speak against “brain death” are not obedient to the Holy Father or to Our Bishop.

    Tell Me, tell Me children, are these Bishops working towards the good of the soul, or are they concerned more with bodily life and death.

    Lord, we understand that as shepherds they are more concerned with the soul.

    Then it is essential that they too, partake of a soul searching themselves, to understand the issue at hand.  Again little children, the words, the propaganda of those who promote this form of Medicine, is glib, and if one does not look deeply into the issue, one can be readily deceived.  Little children, there are so many causes being fought for in the world today, that some people see this as a small cause at this time, and yet as you gaze upon the known horrors of organ transplant, you know that it is an important issue which must be addressed.

    My little children, I will cause Enlightenment to come to the many brave priests and Bishops, and to the Cardinal who must deal with this issue.   Little children, since I am fully cognizant of these concerns, I assure you that the beloved John Paul will speak in due course.

    He is, as you know, a wise man, and he seeks all aspects of each issue thoroughly before making an address.   Some have attempted to, shall we say, withhold certain aspects of organ harvesting from him and those who attend upon these matters.  The Truth will out as you say.  He knows and he will speak, and as is ever the case when he speaks, the bishops will, as a rule conform to his Authority.

    Thy Will be done Lord Jesus. Lord it seems that I have done what I could do and reached our Bishop; the CHCW has the Words; the Holy Father has the Words.  I don’t know what else I could do?

    I will Inspire certain individuals to write to the Pope, to address the Pope, over the very concerns which you have; this way he is directly informed, and it does not go through the

    due process as it is situated today.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; we will just continue praying.  Smokescreen; it seems things get close to the Holy Father and then become dissipated before reaching him.

    We pray for Mother to take a hand especially since the Holy Father is consecrated to Mother, and because this third Millennium is entrusted to Her. We just have to wait till the Holy Father speaks. We know the Lord is always Victorious.

    Our Lord shows Omen the callous way in which this harvesting is done, but always in the clinic way that makes it look correct to the Bishops and the people are kept in the dark. 

    So how will this wall of darkness be broken through?

    It will be broken through by you and such as you, and the pediatrician and many other who  are aware, just as the Truth of abortion is known now though not yet defeated, so Truth of this form of abuse of humans will become known clearly in due Course. Doubt not! 

    Lord, so what should I be doing that I have not been doing? All the Words are in the Holy Father’s hands, and the CHCW Pontificate.

    Continue to address this matter to Me in the Adoration Chapel, and I Who am Truth, will prevail, and Truth will become known to many more about the world.  Little children, you are as yet front line warriors and you must remain so in this time of spiritual warfare which is upon the Earth.

    When you unite with Me at Adoration, My Healing Love, My Truth, My Mercy pours forth, wheresoever necessary on the Earth.  Bring Me your Cause at each visit and leave it there with Me.  At this time it is the chosen Way.

    Thank You Lord.  Thank You for EM coming forward to replace GP, and for the others who have or will help to spread Adoration. May many come during this week of Divine Mercy Novena and celebration. Lord help us to love You more and more. Help those who struggle with commitment. 


    Our Lord shares the burning Love of His Heart.

    The little ones who come before Me There, are growing spiritually[ He is showing Omen little plants growing in the sunlight.] So is each child of God growing in the Light of My Love!  

    Thank You Lord Jesus. We just continue to give Mother the whole day, for it to be everything You wish it to be. I thank You because the book arrived for Ken, and we pray for his healing. 

    Angels are singing, “in His Time, is His Time...”

    Children, there is a reason for everything.  Persevere little ones, prayerfully trusting Me.  Continue walking in My Light and My Love, in My Peace, that the Joy in this our Unity of Love be ever with you.  I Bless the beloved Kenny in many ways until that physical healing.

    Doubt not. For some reason Our Lord is showing Omen the blind man of Garabandal;  he is going there the last week of this month, taking a pilgrimage group with him.   Wait on the Lord little children.

    Thank You Lord; and my sister received another short term foster baby boy, and she had to baptize the baby herself because he is leaving after just two days. She named the baby after St Nicholas and St Martin, her saints.  We pray for them all Lord.  Lord have Mercy.

    How appropriate; those names signify ‘gift’ and ‘healing love.’ 

    Thank You Lord Jesus. The people who host Medjugorje are willing to host our Mission web. I have a lead on another. Catholicity hosts only their own. Many people have received Missions by going there, such as Life Foundation. Lord, do You wish any of these, or am I to wait to hear back from others. 

    Marianlink is acceptable to Me and the Medjugorje one also is pleasing to Me also.  Both are under the mantle of Our Mother.  Therefore be at Peace.  I Myself attend upon the matter with you FM; it shall be so.

    Lord, should I be open to any others, or I will be inspired to choose one of these two.

    Little one, go forth in My Light and My Love; choose from these two. The one who has quoted a reasonable price is good.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray about all these threats of legalizing euthanasia; since Holland has legalized it. Now the 70,000 doctors in South Korea will be voting to accept their new code of ethics by the end of the month, ending life as they decide-playing god. Things as far as the sanctity of Life in the world’s eyes look bleaker and bleaker, but You are our Hope. Lord speak to us from Your Heart please.

    My little children bless Me!

    We adore Thee, oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    We are in a time of Redemption of the little ones.  I am counting them through the Sheep Gate little children and I ask you to continue to evangelize in My Name. My little children, I ask you to continue to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in the Ingathering.  There are many who are seeking Truth and few there are who are teaching Truth. 

    I ask you to persevere in every little personal outreach to every person.  When they see, little children, the lights of Love and Truth which each one of you has become, they are drawn to you, and they seek also to have that Light, that Love , that Truth which you have.  In this Way, you are being My instrument of Peace, and bringing them to Life and Light and Love.

    You know that you are precious in My Hands, and that it is in Unity with Me that others are drawn to My Church, and drawn within My Church to prayer of the Rosary, to Adoration, to an increased attendance upon the Sacraments of My Love.

    Little children, the time of Mercy is yet upon the Earth, and I am seeking all hearts to come unto Me.  You know well that I thirst for souls; bring them to Me!  I assist you; Mother assists you. 

    Children, do not doubt the Truth of the matters of Life and Death from the moment of conception until the individual comes Home before Me, will be known by all Humanity.

    Little children, at this time many tribes on earth , who are considered primitive, are treating Life far better than the so-called enlightened and educated groups who call themselves the civilized ones.

    Little children, Mankind has generally honoured pregnancy and the elderly, and this is being effaced, driven away, by the intellectual atheists of today. This is the war you are in, little children -to bring the Truth of the human soul before Mankind.  By Yourselves you know it seems an impossible task.  Never forget that I am with you and Mother is with you; angels and saints are with you, and My Plans for Humanity shall come to fulfilment.You are blest little ones who have been called to be instruments of My Healing Love; of My Peace!

    Glory be... May the Presence...


    Massah 2001. DP April 23rd.

    [Day after the Feast of Divine Mercy.] Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful inter- cession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  Short rebuke prayers.

    A constant Love is upon you My little ones; Peace, I am your Jesus of Mercy; your Jesus of Merciful Love.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.[I had just been reading the article promoting organ donation by the CHAC and COLF and lamenting the fact that although I had sent the articles in March from the General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Life and the Holy Father, condemning organ harvesting, routinely practized by BC Transplant etc., ] to the editor,  but not a word of it appeared in the BC Catholic; not a word of it is in this article.   Who is being disobedient now? However, Bishop Blanchet does caution the Health Minister that the determination of the moment of death and other moral issues requires further clarification. ]

    Lord, You are our Refuge and Strength in this time!

    Do not be distraught at what you are reading; I have long warned you that these things have to be.  Yet I have sent you out as children of Light to bring the Word of Truth, My Light to the people.

    Lord forgive us for the level of frustration and irritability these articles bring about. Is there something besides praying for the Holy Father to speak, that I should do?

    Some few individuals like yourselves are aware of the gravity of these circumstances of organ harvesting.  I now galvanize into action many more.  You are puzzled by the silence of the beloved John Paul.

    The centre of the storm, the vortex of the storm over the killing of individuals for their body parts is not quite yet.  The storm is brewing and is ready to occur and only in significant prayer and exchanges, word exchanges does it become clarified.  This has begun to occur but is not yet full blown one might say.  Therefore you are called yet again to pray for the necessary pronouncements by the Pope and the Bishops. 

    The Holy Father will speak, and the bishops of necessity must accept and unite with him on the words he gives with regard to what is , as you know,  essentially murder, for the body parts.  This is, as you say grotesque, and it is abominable to the Lord your God.

    Certain of My sheep, attempt to follow along with the atheistic currents of these .  I shall cause them to be painfully drawn back to Truth. Doubt not!

    You pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done...” My Kingdom is present within My faithful ones on Earth.  My Will is not being done in many aspects of human society, human life.  My flock is being led astray by the atheistic and pagan currents of the .  I am not oblivious to this!

    Lord I know that the Holy Father will speak in Your perfect time; but right now even though he has already spoken, the world behaves as if he has not, and we Your instruments feel helpless.

    A clever ruse is used to drown out the Voice of My Truth by this pseudo-charity, this misplaced charity, this misplaced compassion for the afflicted.  No-one is soul searching about why these afflictions are occurring.  No-one is seeking My Healing Hand for the healing of the individuals. All are running to the physicians who have become false idols,

    little gods, to cure them.  And when the physician cannot cure the damaged liver or kidney or heart, then comes the clamour for the replacement parts!

    Then the media is brought in and the people are made to feel, as it were guilty, if they are not conforming to this clamorous voice.

    The Truth at this time appears to be standing by in silence for your voice, like those of the True Cohort is essentially silenced at this time.

    Lord, what would You have us do?

    Mother and I attend upon you little children; We also attend upon the beloved Pope and the Bishop, for it is through these channels that the Voice of My Truth will come down upon the world.

    Do not feel that you are in a quandary; I Myself attend upon the beloved John Paul and the Words of Wisdom come forth.  You pray, “how long Oh Lord, how soon Oh Lord?”

    I simply tell you it is imminent, for the many evils that are occurring in organ harvesting, the very name which is repugnant to Me, are shown to this holy man and he is impelled to speak.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I have never asked You this question before, but each time I hear about xenotransplantation, [animal transplants to humans] my soul recoils in horror, and yet it seems as if the Vatican is edging toward approval of it. Lord, please, what is Your Will in this regard?

    It is a time of Great Sorrow; this would be a sin against the human body far worse than any sin of adultery or like sin! How is it the body, recognized as the temple, or as temple designate of the Living God, is so treated!

    Lord, it seems that the Pontificate is tentatively thinking of approving it, so who in the Vatican is going to listen to us?

    If they were as concerned with the soul as the body they would not be considering it.

    Lord, help our Shepherds to speak Your Truth.

    The very concept is an abomination in the Eyes of your God! The scientists practise to deceive the public and to deceive the Christians.  Their sins are compounded layer upon layer!

    Lord, then we need the Holy Father to speak out against that as well! Even the Moslem countries have waved the condemnation of consuming pork, so the Moslems can accept pig organs.

    These people have abandoned Me.  Did they truly know Me they would not need these procedures, these body parts, these ghastly experiments, for I am the God that Heals My people.  But My people know Me not!

    Lord have Mercy on mankind now, we have gone too far!

    I the Lord God Bless you little children and ask you to persevere prayerfully when the storm increases over these issues, and I, the Lord God impel the beloved John Paul to speak!

    There are those who are using as it were, stalling techniques; there are those who are biding their time in the expectation that the beloved John Paul will simply die that they may be able to practise a ruse, to use great deception upon the people of God; that is why I ask you little children, to pray much for the Holy Father, and for his intent to speak out My Truth.  He is a man of great intellect; he has a scientific bent as you know, and delights in all that is saving and healing for humanity, but he must make a document pertaining to the human being,  the human body, the human soul- a unity!

    I am a God of order and unity, and despite the deceptions, the ruses of the enemies about him, this holy man of God will speak Truth, and it will be revealed to the people of God!

    Will the atheists listen; will the agnostics heed?  The humanists have no desire to be obedient to the Law of God!

    Therefore I WILL take action on this humanity!  Be not distressed; I assure you again and again, My Own are safe in Me!

    Each one of you gathered here in My Name has a heart of compassion for your fellow man, and I am aware of that, and I am Mercy and Love, yet I am Justice! See this as a delicate balancing act of your God, Who so Loves Mankind and wait on Me!

    As surely as mankind can have AIDS; as surely as their livestock can have the dread afflictions they presently have, as surely as mankind can have the dread flesh-eating disease, as surely I can stop what is abhorrent to Me— and it shall be so!

    Thank You Lord.  

    At the Renewal conference on Saturday, when others were expressing awareness of new impetus to Missions I experiences a silence but I knew I would soon be given further instruction about My Mission. I woke up the following morning knowing that I was to initiate the presentation to the WHO Mental Health Conference section on spirituality myself instead of waiting for a response from Dr Fenwick; in fact I had dreaded this for a while but it was now time to act! Lord, what is Your Will?  I have no idea how to respond to the call for papers. The scope seems so big and frightening. Lord I am afraid.

    Register therefore and GO! I send thee.

    Yes Lord, I am going; I’m asking if You wish me to present a paper and what that is?

    We have Our Plans for that conference; indeed, do a paper.  Pray to Me; I will Inspire you and assist you remarkably, and have your associates agree to continue praying for your intentions.  Be My little boy David with the five stones!

    Thank You Lord, I am both afraid and clueless! This is a big crossroads for me. They usually ask

    for an abstract also; my previous experience is that the abstract was rejected in New York.

    We shall carefully word the abstract; I desire to have Mercy on My Humanity.  It is your Jesus Who speaks.  Are We not called to warn them of the error of their ways, that they may know that it is offensive and sinful before the Discipline, the Justice comes, that they may repent and change?

    Yes Lord Jesus. The other part is that the Epistle of Love is aimed at the Jewish and Moslem communities also and the atheists; not just the Christian. Why was I the one to hear Debbie Herbeck? [Zionist Jew converted to Catholicism.]

    But of course; are not they all the works of My Hands My Heart is towards all mankind.-LH

     How will I cope with all the change and turmoil in my life, my practice.

    Are you not in My Providence?[you are the voice of the one calling out in the wilderness.-LH who also feels the Lord calls her to be there and pray for me while I am presenting. ]

    So Lord, You shall help me prepare and write a paper, a presentation for this conference?

    We shall write it with the most tactful of Words, that it be accepted.

    Lord I am not a public speaker; though I know it went well when You assisted me in speaking in New York. I developed a thick skin then. 

    Was I not with you there? Did I not bring you in and out of the Vatican readily? Am I not ever with you?

    Lord I need the thick skin when I get back to live through the fallout.  I’m giggling out of anxiety.

    I need to leave this with You Lord Jesus.

    T and D and A are going to Australia, because the family is ailing. I pray for their safety on the journey. I pray for my cousins who are ill with tumours.  Help T  to know her task Lord Jesus.

    I am the Lord, your God.  I am He Who Loves each one of you as I have spoken, most tenderly, most totally and eternally.  T is My Own.  I Bless this journey for the three of them.  It is good to visit the sick, and you know well that where love is, I am there, for I am Love, and together with T, I attend upon this suffering people.  I Bless her.  Her loving embrace brings My Healing to these people; spiritual healing I wish to give each one of them.  I ease their sufferings, I hear your prayers; believe.  All that is done to My little ones is for conversions, perfections of souls.  Blessings accrue and flow through T upon this people.

    Thank You Lord.  Is there any specific item that I should sent to them Lord?

    Should you feel inspired to do so, do so as the Inspiration comes. Pray; this is the best gift to them, is your prayers.

    Her birthday is Oct 5th, death of St Faustina.  Padre Pio told Omen another time to pray the rosary for healing. Did you ever see me without my rosary, PP said. Thank You Lord.

    I received e-mail from Fr J N appealing for ethics, morals information to link to the pro-life movement in Japan,[hoping for a link to China too] so I have introduced him to Epistle of Love website, but we are undergoing a transfer now. Lord please help us, since I believe this is Your Inspiration.

    It happens little children, My Word is known round about the World, as you learned on Saturday and even prior to Saturday; we are a people of Life.  We must extend the Words of Life in its many aspects; in its many levels of society, throughout the world.  I assist you profoundly in this linking up, as it were, with the different sites in the different nations.

    Children even those who do not give you feedback, but who visit your site; these ones are given cause to think about what is occurring and they are changed by the studying of the Messages. I Bless all those who read the Messages seriously. In this way Truth is being spread despite other obstructions to My Truth.

    Thank You Lord. We pray and thank You for the devout people who came for the Divine Mercy Hour, and from Carmen from Perpetual Adoration Association.  What she is sending seems exactly what we need, and also for the High school students.

    Mother is present little children. The Adoration in the little chapel is already bearing much fruit.  You have many concerns about  covering all the hours, but believe; they shall be covered.  A continuous flow of adorers arrive, not too great in number, but sufficient.

    With regard to the children in the high school, We shall direct a parent to work on this matter.

    The children are woefully lacking in the comprehension of the Eucharist as Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, this free Gift of Love, this humble Love of Almighty God, for Humanity.  Yet some of them will come!

    Thank You Blessed Mother. I am struggling between going through Fr H, asking  a parent or speaking to C, the youth worker, to promote Eucharistic Adoration among the youth.

    Do all three!

    Thank You Lord. Lord Jesus, we are in need of hearing Your comforting Words from Your Heart, especially after the Divine Mercy celebration.

    My Great Hour of Mercy continues for some time little children, for I am Mercy.  Continue to plead the Cause of Humanity , with the prayers given to you through the beloved Faustina.  Continue little children, to pray in all the ways that you are praying.  It is pleasing to the Lord your God, and bears much fruit.  You know there are not so many who pray as you do little children compared to the billions on earth, and yet your prayers bear much fruit.  I Bless you each one in your works of Mercy and Love which I have Inspired each one of you to undertake. 

    Thank You Lord. Lord, on Saturday the Bishop spoke.  It was interesting that he spoke of Peter Singer, the very one who inspired MS to write to me; It made me think of sending her letter to him, but the poor Bishop must be tired of hearing from me...

    Send it child!  Know that no covering letter is essential.

    Lord, just her letter to me or both?

    Will you send them both; the beloved Bishop likes to keep up on all that is occurring.

    Thank You Lord. Lord as You know, I have received another demand for the record of a patient I saw in 1981.  But it all seems immoral and disrespectful in the way it is asked. Legally, I do not have to have kept these records. 

    This is not of Me, yet in charity you may well decide to forward this information should you see it as going out on behalf of the individual who was so victimized.  The people of today are being taught that this sort of thing aids in what they call closure.  You know that I simply ask them to forgive the unforgivable, that I may fill them with My Peace and My Healing and My Joy.

    Thank You LordGlory be... May the Presence...


    Massah 2001. DP May 2nd.

     Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  Short rebuke prayers.

    I am the Lord your God and I am attendant upon you little children of Faith; be at Peace My precious little ones.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. We pray for the Holy Father first because very shortly he leaves on the ‘footsteps of St Paul’ pilgrimage,’ and we know that he is very little loved in the countries where he is going. Lord we know he goes because You send him regardless of the animosity; we beg for his protection under the mantle of Our Lady of Fatima, his Protectress, and for the conversion of many because of his healing presence, words and work in Your Name Lord Jesus!

    Mother is present little children! My daughter, I am with My beloved son John Paul on the journey; Our God is with him in the Power of the Holy Spirit. He is never alone! You know well little children that he has been commissioned by Heaven for all that he is accomplishing on Earth today.

    It is a time of Ingathering in the world.  There are those who will yield to the Will of the Father and come back to the fullness of Christian Life.  There are also those who will resist the Call, and there are those as you have mentioned, who hate everything that the beloved John Paul stands for.  It is, you might say- a blind hate, for were they truly to know Truth, the hatred would be gone!

    It is good that you pray for the Holy Father, for there are many throughout the world praying for his well being, his safety, his intentions, and so he is secure in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Who is Love!

    Thank You Blessed Mother.  Mother Mary, even if this is a little presumptuous, we pray that on the 13th May, the feast of Our Lady and Fatima, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, and also Mothers’ Day, the Dogma of Mary as Mediatrix, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate will take place; that all the confusion and opposition  will be removed, so this can take place.  Jesus hear our prayer.

    It is Our Will that the Dogma be declared.  As you know, these Truths have been an essential component of the Tradition of the Church, and the Declaration will indeed come in due course.  I the Lord God have commissioned My beloved son, Scott Hahn to assist in this matter. The new book by him called “Hail Holy Queen;” In this book anyone would be hard pressed to reject My Mother as part of the Church Truth, therefore little children, many come into Enlightenment through this book, but also through the words of the beloved John Paul and through the Tradition of the Church.  Therefore little children be at Peace in this matter; the Faith of the Fathers, in the “New Churchestablished so long ago, comes to the fore once again.

    Thank You Lord.  We pray that the document from the Holy Father, about the human being, body and soul- a unity, -will soon take place.  Lord, let Your Will be done.

    The Word of the Lord with regard to the matter comes to the fore very, very soon now, through the beloved John Paul, and it MUST be recognized for it is Truth! Your prayers are not in vein, your petitions are heard.  I am attendant upon the matter in and through the beloved John Paul. 

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  May all hear and heed Lord Jesus.

    Those whom I Call will heed; those whom I Enlighten will heed, and there will be sufficient numbers of them to effect changes, for nothing is impossible to the Lord your God!

    Thank You Lord Jesus!  Lord as You know, I have already registered for the conference in July, but I found out that the abstract was due end of January, so I leave it in Your Hands because I could not proceed with the speaking since it is already May.

    Our Lord shows Omen me speaking at the conference, and He saysYou will speak because I arrange it. Have your prepared document at the ready at all little one, and be at Peace.

    So Lord I must go ahead and prepare a document, which you will Inspire with regard to the subject matter, and I will not know when I could be called by You to speak.

    Indeed; I will Inspire you by Divine Inspiration! It will occur!  Thou art My beloved; thou hast said ‘yes’ to Me, thou art My instrument in revealing the errors in the scientific world

    today pertaining to medicine; how it is practiced today.

    Lord the inspiration I have is that the letter I wrote to MS and the document I will speak, are connected, are related.  Is that true; do I build on that Lord?

    Build on the material; always remember that in essence,  to kill or murder someone for their vital organs is not, and cannot be of Me.  Therefore you shall be My Voice in explaining this in perhaps gentler words.

    Thank You Lord. I know that not only will You help me with the words, but also the manner in which I will deliver them.

    We do so!

    Thank You Lord.  Oh Lord, I know that our Blessed Mother has a lot to do with shaping and preparing me for this task, and even preparing the ones at the receiving end, with the outcome so different from what I expect and even fear.

    Know that Heaven is with you in your Mission of Love.

    Thank You Lord.  Thank You Mother.  They’re showing us through Omen that,

    Mother is tenderly loving those whose body parts are taken and still tenderly loving those who are receiving the parts, because She Loves, She does not Judge. She Loves every child of God.  My little ones, rely on prayer; when you invoke the Holy Spirit as you do, in unity with the Blessed Mother of God,  the Queen of Angels and all Saints, powerful things happen. You sing, “Great things happen, when God mixes with man;” this happened with Mary, and continues to happen to this day and indeed to the end of time.

    Thank You Lord. I cannot do things without Heaven assisting me with every Word and every gesture, but at the end of all that help, I find I am blest to get much more done, while others are falling apart and not coping.  It is an amazingly strengthening experience to see the extent that I am helped. I feel a spiritual process happening in me.  I keep being surprised.

    Our Lord says, ‘You are My faithful little warrior; I did not Call and not prepare; I prepare what I have Called, for the task. Little one, you Trust Me and thus I have entrusted you with a Mission in My Name. Therefore know that it is, shall We say perfectly human, to be surprised as you walk in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love, as you are called to do.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I pray for the ones I encountered this week, who are struggling and who I promised to pray for. Lord, You know in which ways they need Your help.

    I am attendant upon each of these little ones, and I have assured all that I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and that I am Lighting the Way for each little one. When you pray for someone little children, in all Truth and Love, I your God attend upon them as I will, and some of them simply have to go through specific trials, even as you have had to do, in their molding, in their formation, in their strengthening to the needed Fortitude, and then little children, in their purification.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, we ask You to help us most powerfully with all we need to do to promote Perpetual Adoration, and all the other parish activities being promoted this weekend at the information expoWe ask particularly for two new co-ordinators and many more adorers.

    God is powerfully present but we receive no Words. We pray many rebukes, Mother Mary has told us we must pray till we win through when we perceive obstruction.  Miracle prayer.

    Sovereign Queen bids you Peace.  Little children, persevere in all prayerfulness.  Dear little children, the little faithful ones who attend in Love on Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, are so dear to the Heart of Almighty God and to Me, your Mother, because you know well the Truth of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; you know what you call the Real Presence for what It Is.  There are many alas, in the Church today, who are very casual about this matter of Faith, and this is a grave heartache, a grave Sorrow to Our Lord, who died to give man Life to the fullest, Who humbled Himself to become Man, and then humbled Himself again to become helpless in the hands of man, in the priesthood, and Who pleads incessantly for the Cause of Humanity, before Our Father in Heaven.

    Dear little children, you are a blessing and a comfort and a consolation to your Jesus and to Me your Mother.  That there are so few of you is known, and I Your Mother, am attendant upon many of the children of God to bring them back to Truth, and this weekend you will assist some in coming close to Jesus.  It is a worthy Cause!  The exposition of Our Lord in the Adoration Chapel shall continue; there shall be sufficient numbers.  Little children, persevere in all that you are doing, all that you are undertaking.  All that you are doing in that matter and in your other Mission is underwritten by God.

    Thank You Blessed Mother; we pray for two more co-ordinators to be inspired to come.

    They come!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  As You know Lord, LT and I are going to the Mass with the Bishop for the new Catholics. Please bless out Adoration table so all the new adorers are helped to sign up; and that the new Catholics become wonderful examples of the practice of the Faith.

    The Blessings flow; it is done!

    Thank You Lord for such great Blessings. We can’t even imagine how much we are being blest.

    Lord I trust You to help Me with my accountant, that the tax issues fall into place with not too much energy and stress, so that I can focus more on the Mission.  We thank You for the beautiful rainbows that were seen on Divine Mercy Sunday, and on last Sunday as we prayed at the hospital.

    Thank You Lord, for Blessing us so much. Lord I pray for AM because today is her day of baptism, as she goes through intense preparation for exams, and for the summer jobs they all have to travel to this summer.  Omen experiences obstruction again briefly.

    Mother is in attendance. My daughter, be at Peace with regard to AM; she is under the Great Mantle of Love; she is under the Power of the Holy Spirit.  The little associates in the class are known to your God and are attended upon by the Holy Spirit as well.  Dear little ones, Trust the Lord in this matter.  Remember, He is Named Emmanuel and He is truly with His little ones on Earth.

     From the rising of the sun to going down of the same, not a moment passes Me by that I do not see My child.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord as You know I came across the paper which said the Pontificate for Life was looking into it, but the thought was that the xenotransplantation may be morally acceptable. I had just finished typing last week’s discernment prayer and it became a powerful Inspiration for me that I should send the discernment urgently via Fr Antonio to the Pontificate for Life, so that they would know Your Will in this matter, and not wait and send it next year.  But it was returned to me and did not go through to the Vatican and I did not try again because I had not prayed about it specifically.  So Lord what is Your Will in this matter?

    Beloved, it is My Will; send them again and Trust Me.

    Yes Lord; should I e-mail or send a letter, and should it be just last week’s DP or everything since January?

    Send last week’s one; they would be brief and readily read, whereas a larger document might be readily set aside for a little time. E-mail is good; it works! Fr A is My Own. It is fine to send it through him.

    Yes Lord.  Lord each week we experience more and more how much we need the beautiful Words that come spontaneously from Your Heart.  Lord please speak to us from Your Heart if it is Your Will.

    My beloved little ones, you know well that you are living in most unsettled and that there is spiritual warfare rampant over the Earth, and that is why little children you run into many and varied obstructions in your daily lives, and yet as you cling to your Jesus, as you keep your eyes upon your Jesus, We see you through all these mined fields.

    Little children, you are safe in the Lord.  Stay the prayerful little ones that you are; stay in this close unity of Love with your God.  My Own are safe in Me, I can’t emphasize enough.  Cling to Me, you are safe in Me; I see you through the trials.  Little children, though things look bleak at , know that I am with you and that I bring you through into the Light once again.

    My little children, those of you who can see, who can hear, who are truly yielded unto the Will of the Father, who do know, love and serve the Lord, some you feel heavy burdened.  Don’t!  I am with you; I carry the main weight of all.  I do not give you more than you can “handle ”as you say.  I am with you, united with you.

    Oh, if you could only see how much Heaven is assisting you in all these efforts which you are making! They are not unimportant to your God.  In each one of your lives little children, you are storing treasure in Heaven and you will realize on a glorious day of the Lord, just what was occurring because of your trials, your sufferings; what were the fruits of your prayer life!

    Little children, believe that you are pleasing to the Lord your God, and be filled with the Joy of My Presence and persevere.  My precious little ones, an anointing comes upon you this day which is holy to the Lord; Blessings and Graces come upon you.  My little ones, always rejoice in the Love of the Lord, and remember this month which is given over to Our Mother, and little children, love your Jesus and love your Mother; We are the Ones Who Love you so!

    I Love you. I speak clearly in the Trinity, for you are beloved of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! We Love you little children, I tell you again most tenderly, most totally and eternally.  You are precious, precious to the Lord your God; you are beloved of Jesus and Mary, rejoice in this Our Loves Union!

    Thank You Lord!  We love You too. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Massah 2001. DP May 7th.

     Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  Short rebuke prayers.

    Mother Mary is present; Jesus is present.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; thank You Mother Mary!

    Lord Jesus, we always need to thank You for the faithful Blessings that come down upon us unfailingly, which is what we did experience this weekend again at the information expo, where we did get quite a few new Eucharistic adorers. We trust You Lord, through our Mother, for the ones who have come, and for the ones who are still thinking about it. 

    ‘Pour forth Your Spirit, oh Lord and renew the face of the Earth.’ Dear little children, We are doing just that in the chapel of Our Love, We are pouring forth Our Presence out upon all who attend upon your Jesus there, and upon those whom they carry in your hearts.

    There is a time of great change upon the Earth now. Those who know Me, come powerfully to the fore now in Evangelization.   Little children, cling to your Jesus; cling to Our Mother.  Sanctuary remains in the Two Hearts of Love.

    Thank You Lord Jesus and Mother Mary. We pray to You Lord Jesus, for Mike and his four Lutheran friends who wish to come to the Adoration chapel ; we know that the Invitation comes from You Lord; we entrust all that is to follow to You through Our Mother.  Let it be done according to Your Word Lord Jesus.

    My children, remember it is the month of May and Our Lord has many Gifts and Graces and Blessings to dispense in this month where I am recognized by My precious children.

    Thank You Mother Mary.  We continue to pray for the Holy Father, who in spite of all the anger and resentment, continued to walk safely and pray and apologize for all injury done to the Orthodox Greeks by Catholics; we pray that healings come from this for the Unity of Your Church Lord.

    He is My Apostle to the nations in these in which you are living; he is My powerful instrument of Peace and Healing and Love.  Although he is frail in body he is not frail in spirit.

    Thank You Lord.  We continue to pray that soon after he finishes his pilgrimage he will release his document about the unity of the body and soul of the human being.

    We await it in all eagerness, is it not so?  Be at Peace; it comes forth in due order.

    Thank You Lord.  As You know, we are going to Seattle to face all that is to happen there; and we are hoping that he would speak before we go, and we know that if it is the Lord’s Will it will happen, and if not then it happens in Our Lord’s perfect time.

    Poignant is this moment of Our Love!

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, I can hardly contain this problem.  In My mail today I received a letter from the  lawyer of a previous  patient whom I saw four , after she had injuries from four different MVA’s in eleven months, but who had gone to a Catholic Place of healing where she had stayed for a few weeks. There she obtained healing, which I confirmed in the four visits afterwards.

    Now the lawyer expresses not only his surprise but that of another lawyer because I did not do further treatment with this person.  The letter requests that I give details of my evaluation and treatment of her  PTSD and talks about my payments for same.  I have been very unsettled since receiving this missile, and all I can say is “what I have written, I have written.” that is what I believe; any lack of Faith on the part of anyone else, is not my problem.  No thanks to the thirty pieces of silver! We actually prayed over this before I told her that I believed in her healing in Faith and Our Lord confirmed it here.  I feel like weeping and weeping about this betrayal of Our Lord.

    Let it be as you have spoken;“ what I have written, I have written.”   Dear little children, in these in which you are living, many people consider financial compensation to be a means of healing, but alas it is not so; I am the Physician; I am the Counselor.  What healing can be received from the coinage of the day?  My poor little ignorant ones, how pathetic they are in seeking not My Healing Love.  Am I not the Giver of all Providence?  Why don’t they trust Me, the Living God?  Again, I remind you little children, that lip service is never enough; there must be Faith in every action of the Christian. 

    Little children, the Call to Christianity is far greater than many Baptized Christians recognize in these , and it is essential then, that they might know Salvation and wellness,  increased testings and trials to bring them to the needed Faith, the needed Fortitude, before the purification of soul can be established in them.

    Little children, when they seek the false idols, they make their journey more complicated.  Pray for them,  but stand by your word and your Faith.  I am Jesus; remember children, I am the one Who Loves each one of you most tenderly, most totally and eternally.  I tell you that again and again!

    Thank You Lord.  Its also shocking that we can get to the point of being daily Communicants and still have so little Faith.   We only hope to heal spiritually one day from, our daily contact with Him.  What I find frightening here is that as soon as I don’t comply with her lawyer, I become fair game for the lawyers of ICBC, in turning her down for money for their own purposes, but they are also corrupt and I do not wish to support them, if it goes as far as court.

    Speak Truth; I am Truth! The Truth will set you free! These lessons must be learned by every individual. Therefore remain in Me.  I am Truth.  Is there someone motivating this woman to take this course of action?

    Lord, I don’t know; maybe the lawyers who won’t get any money if she doesn’t go to court.

    Therefore, pray for that soul and leave her with Me!

    Thank You Lord.  My three o’clock patient did not show and I needed to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the Lord’s Peace.  My first patient was new and sexually exploited by a cousin, now exploited by the in-laws.  These are not Christian people and it is hard to be in Charity and helpful when these problems keep coming steadily; its hard to console them when the threat of my record ending up in court is ongoing. We know You Love all Your Creation.

    My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe , do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee!

    The Queen of Angels Blesses you child!  The poor woman has much guilt and pain and suffering, and much anguish over what has occurred. 

    Omen is being shown a big bug.

    Comfort the afflicted.  The little one is sorely afflicted and you are blest with healing Gifts to assist her.  I anoint you with the necessary Words of Wisdom to assist her.  Do not be fearful; I attend upon you in your working with her. I Bless all of your undertakings for you are My instrument of Peace and Truth, and I ask you to simply attend upon her in Truth, and should it become a legal matter, do not be unduly concerned; I assist you then as I assist you now, for you are My Own and you live in the Power of My Peace and My Love.

    Assist the poor suffering little one, that some Light come into her Life!

    You know that this people, without My Assistance, have a tendency to go into despair quite readily, for they do not walk in My Light.  Beloved, I assist you in dealing with this woman.  Continue to love and serve your Lord; I continue to hold you secure in My Love; My little one, My beloved one!

    Thank You Lord Jesus! 

    Dear Lord, I know that yesterday You began to Enlighten me with the document; and then as I was reading the Diary, the Words became so relevant to the document, then it opened up experiences from my earlier spiritual journey.  The words became too many, and too diffuse.  I don’t know if I should quote You directly, or even how long the document needs to be.   The spirit of confusion got into the picture so I had to stop and pray for redirection; so that the document will be as you wish Lord.

    As You sit down to these papers, this work on hand, invoke Mary Our Mother and invoke Me, and in the Power of the Holy Spirit, thou art profoundly assisted; all is clarified and becomes straight forward once again.  Doubt not, but believe, for nothing is impossible to the Lord Your God.  It shall be according to My Desires.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord I promised to pray for TD because she has seen a job that is becoming available in the future; that she could pursue only if it is Your Will for her.  Spirit of confusion. We pray rebukes!

    In Jesus Holy Name it is done; all Powerful is the Lord Our God Who reigns supreme!

    Mother Blesses you little children, be at Peace.

    Thank You Mother. Lord, TK speaks of a job which seems interesting, which she would like to apply for if it is Your Will for her, though she likes the one she has, but is not sure if it is secure.

    Let TK apply; it is the Lord Who speaks.  Be not anxious.  As she looks into this We Will Inspire her further and she will know which option she will take.  Persevere in all prayerfulness; doubt not!  We do not speak further on this subject at this time.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  We just pray  that she be in Your Providence for all her life and needs and issues Lord Jesus. 

    Beloved, she is My Own, even as thou art.  Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord, we place everything about our attendance at Seattle in Your Hands that all happens  according to Your Holy Will; and also the following week listening to Fr Corapi, but I could attend My own Adoration Hour in Our Chapel, and still attend his talks.

    Do you desire to hear Fr Corapi?

    I always wish to hear the priests that are of You Lord, but I only wish to do as you wish me to do with regard to my Eucharistic Adoration.

    My beloved, I Bless you in all that you are doing each one of you.  My beloved, be assured that should you attend Fr Corapi, I will give you sufficient energy in the Power of the Holy Spirit, to attend on your committed time of Adoration, and I strengthen you.  “Lord I am weakening” and I strengthen you. Little children, My Delight is when you stay in unity with Me in all that you are undertaking.  I Bless the weekend in Seattle and I Bless the one with Fr Corapi; he is My Own and he speaks Truth in a direct and profound manner to awaken the hearts and souls of all those who hear his voice, to the Truth which I am, and which is sorely lacking in the world today.

    Thank You Lord.  LT prays to Our Lord regarding the job issues. “ I want to be faithful to whatever the Lord says even if I am not comfortable with it.”  Because of the strike her job is everywhere ; different places different days.

    Beloved; My smallest of sisters, how I Love You.  I am with you in all these trials.  Little children. Again you are reminded, when you arise each morning, remember to thank Our Father for the creation of the new day and then prayerfully give your day to the Lord, and all that occurs on that day, both the sunshine and the rain,  are of your God’s Will, and persevere in this manner.  Remain at work in this place during this period when the strike is upon the hospitals. 

    Little children, you are My beloved; the strikers are My beloved, and the patients in the hospitals are My beloved also.  Many of them are suffering prayerfully.  Some even though

    they are deathly ill, know Me not!

    Yes, dear little children, pray for every person I set in your pathway of Life; I do not say do

    an immense,  long, formal prayer, but simply a little “God Bless you”, or “Jesus heal this one, ” or “Jesus Mercy. Mary help,” any such little words of Mercy and Love upon these other ones. 

    I give you the needed resilience to work where you are placed, for I am with you always and remember little children, I do indeed carry the brunt of the Cross, but I let you feel it.  It is for your formation little children, therefore persevere a little longer.  We shall discuss this matter once the strike is settled and We see and assess the circumstances of your workplace

    once again.  I have plans for you for your good; I bless you in your adherence to Truth; I Bless you for your patient perseverence in enduring all that you are enduring in My Name.

    Bless Me!

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world!

    Little beloved ones, My Peace is upon you; a great Blessing is upon you.

    Thank You Lord.

    Mother is in tears!

    Why Mother?

    Because of God’s Great Mercy to the sick!  Because you are an instrument of His Peace and Love; you are His Hands, His Heart, His Voice in dealing with the sick.  Therefore know that you have healing hands and when you must attend upon the little ones, it is Jesus attending upon them, and yet when you must attend upon the little ones, the suffering one is Jesus.   This is a complexity of Our Lord’s Love; His Mercy in action.  Little children, Love one another as He Loves you, and be at Peace! 

    Thank You Lord.

    Right from the start of our prayer, LT shares that the Lord  is pouring the anointing oil over my head, like He did over Aaron, till it ran down His face, till it ran down his beard.

    Thank You so much Lord Jesus; as usual Lord, we are always so in need of the beautiful Words spontaneously from Your Heart.

    Precious children of the Merciful and Loving God; remember always little ones that you are in Unity with Me, the Living God. We are one and it shall remain thus, for I have accepted your “yes” to Me.  It is when you commit yourselves to My Will in that “Yes” like Mother’s “Yes”to Me, then you become the full-fledged instruments of My Peace in an ongoing manner. 

    This is where you are, all three of you little children; instruments of My Peace, instruments of My Healing Love.  I am your strength and I am with you always, and you shall indeed

    persevere, though none of you are now headstrong or wilful in regard to My Work, you are strong enough, strengthened in Me, to do all that is necessary in the service of Love.

    Little children, you love Me the Living God as I Love you, although in a different manner, and thus in loving Me, you love your neighbour as yourself.  This is the Healing Love I Desire to pour out upon the many whom I set in your pathway of Life.  Do not be dismayed at any of the strange events occurring in the world.  Many of these things have to be before My Return. Therefore you are called to persevere and endure.

    Little children, you follow the beloved John Paul, My chosen one. See, in his frail body, he is yet walking as he has spoken, in the footsteps of the beloved St Paul, and little children, he is an example, to all who follow the Christian Faith, to be not hesitant to walk in the footsteps of your Jesus and to proclaim the Good News, to Evangelize wheresoever you find  yourselves

    Little children, My Plans for each one of you, are for your good and the good of your fellow man and you shall persevere.  Today, an anointing of Blessings and Graces, comes upon you yet again.  My Delight is pouring out My Spirit on My beloved Humanity. 

    Little children, because you are in Unity with Me, Great Blessings and Graces come upon you.  I Desire to pour them forth on many others, but they reject Me at this time. That is why you are called to pray for those who know Me not, that they too may know Salvation.  Little children, on Earth, you are in the Church militant - a brave army of Christians, lead and directed by the Power of the Spirit of the Living God.  You are safe in the Embrace of Divine Love. 

    My Love knows no bounds.  Bring them in to Me.  Bring them all back to Me little children; do not hesitate to proclaim the Good News.  My Hour of Mercy prevails for some time.

    Thank You Lord.  Glory be.... May the Presence....

    We shared the beauty of the prayers for a few minutes and then I voiced my sadness that I received profound and powerful Inspirations but do not often hear Our Lord’s Voice, His Words as both Omen and LT do.  My companions persuaded me to pray for the Gift because once before when I asked our Lord He said it would happen in a while, but that was now a couple of years ago.

    So I knelt down again and asked our Lord and He said,

    Like the Beloved John, rest your weary head on the breast of your Jesus, and you will begin to hear the desired Words.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.   Glory be... May the Presence...

    The Human Soul, the Spiritual Value of Coma, and the Meaning and Purpose of “near death” Spiritual Experiences.

    [This document was inspired during Eucharistic Adoration  on May 11th,  2001 as He had promised on 7th May,  2001.]

    “You aught to see them, they are just lying there.”said a Catholic nurse.

    “I teach my residents and medical students, that when a woman has an amniotic fluid embolism, she is inevitably dead or becomes  “just a vegetable”-the prognosis is hopeless! ” said a Catholic obstetrician /gynaecologist.” I recognized myself, not as the physician but as the patient in both these situations.

    Yes, they are lying there, but “no” they are never  JUST lying there!

     The human soul is that “breath of the Life of God,” given to each person by God.  The soul is that  force or“Life Principal”as the Holy Father puts it, by which God gives us Life at the first moment of conception; and sustains and integrates our various functions during life from that moment on,  whether we are pre-born, or born, young or old, conscious or unconscious, and it is  that  which is withdrawn and sets off the biological sequelae by which we recognize that the human being has died,  at the end of that life. God, the Alpha and Omega of all Life. There is no human life except when the soul is present!

    “Let her be; or let him be ,”  and we come into being!  If He calls us into being, it is an act of His Mercy .  God’s prerogative!  [Ecclesiastes 3 -There is a time to be born and a time to die-God’s time.]  And God calls back to Himself that breath of His Life at the moment He determines. In all the manipulation of the human bodies and human genes, that goes on in reproductive technologies, and medical research of many types in many situations,  the fact is that God  knows,  loves and sends each human being specifically with his own mission and purpose to Earth:  which human manipulation can never bestow on any human soul; that unique mission and purpose and meaning for being here on earth, the time when each individual is sent, and the time frame in which the task or mission is to be accomplished, to the moment He recalls us to Himself.

     God has a Master-plan and He is a God of order. All other Creation obeys God’s Laws; the planets, the stars, the tides, the seasons -all move to His Design. But Humanity, the only Creation given free will, often chooses to disobey His Will.  We do well to remember that in essence,  to kill or murder a human being for whatever reason, at any stage; is not and cannot be of God. As long as the soul is present “THOU SHALT NOT KILL.”These four words of this fifth commandment are Unconditional.

    In calling each human into being at a specific time, for a specific purpose, God takes care of each and every aspect of our being, both strengths and weaknesses and we are a perfect fit for His Intentions for us. He Loves His Creation, most totally, tenderly and eternally. But we must remember that “our home and native land” is not Canada or any other place on earth.  It is Heaven. Our soul is what is eternal and what is judged by God and spends eternity, either in Heaven with God,  or in hell if we have and continue to the end, to reject God.  As the saying goes, there are no atheists in foxholes. When souls sense that they are in danger of a negative judgement, they know they must plead for God’s Mercy and forgiveness.

     To take human life, whether from the “foetus before birth, or by evisceration of the organs of the unconscious, even if they are irreversibly so, or by “euthanasia” of the elderly or infirm by withholding food, water, warmth, hygiene or basic treatment, assisted suicide, is murder.  If they are alive the soul is present. In these atheistic , this is never even thought about any more. But God is eternal; His Laws are immutable and eternal. The same standard by which Cain was disciplined in Genesis, exists now. “Whatsoever you do, to the least of My brothers, or sisters, you do to Me!”Little does mankind know, the harm done to mankind spiritually, when the mission of that person is aborted, both the human and the angel.”[guardian angel] He says.

    The spiritual meaning of coma.

    It is important to know that in coma, the soul is not unconscious, just the brain. Furthermore, God never wastes time. There is always a purpose, however long the person is in coma. It is God’s means of rendering the conscious brain and  body inactive, so that He can communicate with the soul alone. This is the moment when the soul recognizes its very Source; its Creator---Abba, Father! Then the soul sees its own state, in God’s Eyes, from His Perspective, and the soul knows what it must do.  If it has lived heedlessly and sinfully in disregard of God’s Laws, this is a time of praying, pleading and begging Mercy for its own Salvation, or if this is the first time of encountering and knowing God exists, the soul learns that it must pray and reform its life if God allows the time; or it is a time to plead for the souls of others that the soul loves and knows to be in danger of eternal damnation.[Remember the parable of the rich man and Lazarus on earth and then in Hell.] When I was praying for the people who were trapped in the earthquake in India our Lord said, “When they are essentially entombed they have ample time to pray and contemplate and repent and beg Mercy.

    Some, the Lord is testing us- the family or the care givers, to see if there is any compassion for the fellow human being left in coma among us; and to the extent that we do or do not  take care of the physical and spiritual needs of the human being, we pass or fail the test. We have been told that we will be judged by the standard of how we do or do not live out the Great Commandments. [Mt 25 You shall love the Lord your God, with all your strength, with all your heart with all your mind and with all your will, and you shall love your neighbour as yourself.] Whatever God’s purposes may be in keeping someone alive and in coma, they are of spiritual significance to the eternal well being of that soul and usually also the souls of others. 

    From the spiritual view of the eternal life of the soul, this is a vital time.  They are never “JUST” lying there. Therefore they are never disposable or dispensible as mere objects.

    Obviously, for those who return to earthly life, the encounter with God always happens before Judgement.  Once we have been judged, we do not return to our earthly life as human beings. 

    For people like me, whom the Lord in His Mercy, sees fit to send back to life on earth, sooner or later, we seek a pathway of holiness and our lives are changed, so that when God calls us at the end of our lives we have the chance of a favorable judgement; but we always remain in free will.  I remember first realizing that I had an urgent desire and capacity for prayer as soon I was physically more stabilized.   I would take every free moment and start praying; but I was also very puzzled because I did not understand why I wanted to pray constantly, so I used to hide because early on I would not have known how to answer if anyone asked me why I was praying. The Lord imprints a Knowing upon our soul, that works like an instinct- you simply know; and you know that you know, before you know why you know-and you act on that knowing because you know that your eternal life depends on it!

     When in October of 2000, the news broke in the newspapers that a neuropsychiatrist by the name of Dr Peter Fenwick and his research assistant Dr Sam Parnia, working with patients in the cardiac unit of Southampton Hospital, were doing some research on patients that appear to have had “spiritual near death experiences” and the scientific research seemed to verify the existence of the human soul, I recognized immediately the non- randomness of the four who had had these experiences. I wrote and explained to him that the four, all Christians and not  practicing their Faith, would be like me, who would “instinctively “ for want of a better word, seek a pathway of holiness.  I suggested he might extend his follow-up to track this without necessarily disclosing this focus, to test my conclusion.  To date, I have not heard back from him. I bet he’s puzzled!

    It also happens that God often gives a special task to one whom He sends back; special information or a Message, not only for that person’s own soul, but for others, often a group or family, or others with something in common, which Message they remain in free will to obey or ignore. Thus the Lord gave me, Epistle of Love to the Scientific World Mission; ethics and morals for our , for these scientific advances often with no consideration for God and His Laws, in these of the wholesale abandonment of right and wrong, of a sense of the sacredness of human life, of family, of birth and death, of the human body as the Temple or, for those who choose not to believe in God–He calls it the temple designate of the Holy Spirit, or as the Pontificate for Life and the Holy Father both said when condemning organ harvesting at the beginning of March “the human body must be treated not as an object, but as a subject; ”of the presence and eternal life of the soul, of the knowledge that each and every soul is precious to the Lord God, that He loves each soul most tenderly, totally and eternally and that the well being of the human soul always takes priority in God’s perspective. “Ask them which pagan God they are sacrificing to?” He said about cremation; of xenotransplantation He said, “it is a sin greater than adultery; if they were thinking of the human soul first they would not be considering it.”

    From early on after my recovery in 1977, besides the drive to pray, I received many spiritual Gifts from God that I had not had before that clinical crisis– “Words’in my soul[locutions] from our Lord, our Mother and spiritual experiences and visions; until I searched for a priest who could help explain what was going on and who insisted that I write these things down; which I did very reluctantly because I was not convinced these things were to be told even to a priest.  When he died, I actually ripped the pages out of a book, but for some reason I stopped short of tearing them up, which is a good thing because I have been able to understand them better as the Mission I have since been given unfolds.  For a long time the “Words” and experiences were just for my own spiritual situation, but over time they changed.

    In early 1983/84, I started going daily into the Church to pray before the Blessed Sacrament while I waited for my children to come out of school.  Then one day I heard our Lord speak in my soul;

    “will you carry a wound for Me?” I refused immediately and with no hesitation; A wound! Of course not- I assumed He meant a physical wound, the stigmata.  Of course I could not do that!  Several , in fact every time I went before the Blessed Sacrament Our Lord asked me and I refused.  I had no second thoughts about it-just “no.”Now I can’t even think about that without shame, saying “no” to God, and then just carrying on with my prayers as if it was nothing. This went on for about a year and I did not budge until to my profound shock, on the 15th June, 1984, I refused again, but the Lord sighed-I will never forget that sigh- “when will you love Me more than you love yourself” He asked me.  I was so shakenOK Lord, but give me Your most hidden Wound then.”

    Then I realized that I had no idea what the Lord’s most hidden wound was. I raced off to my spiritual director to say what had been going on and to ask what the Lord’s “ most hidden wound” was. He said he did not know, but thought it most probably was something emotional or psychological.  That settled it for me; then it must be something to do with rejection and abandonment, I decided. Well I could understand that, even perhaps deal with that; better than a physical wound, or so I thought!  Shortly thereafter, all hell broke loose in my life, which took me many years to work through, by the grace of God astoundingly and constantly present in my life. 

    When I heard 2 physicians debate “brain death” being death, on April 5th 1997, a deep sense of horror and foreboding entered my soul, and I could not be still, yet I had no words.   The sense of horror became stronger and stronger, and for nine months, there was nothing I could do to get relief. It was a heavy, nameless horror that I carried, like a pregnancy, but not a single word to explain what exactly it was that felt like a lump of lead on my soul, in my chest, so heavy that some I would start to sigh, trying to get relief, to no avail. The drive to pray became more and more intense. I started to spend hours on my knees, especially before the Blessed Sacrament. Then at last, while praying to understand the nature of this “lump” in my soul the Lord started to speak. By His Own Inspiration I knew that He would speak, so I decided to have a tape recorder as I prayed with a friend who also has locutions but no medical background. So from the very first time Our Lord gave me “Words” to understand His Message,[2nd January1998]’ I recorded them.

    We [Triune God] have snatched you from the doorway of death and restored you to life for Our Purposes; understand?” [ Jan14th, 1998.]   Who would forget!

    “Sorrow, Grief and Wrath are in the Heart of your God, for what mankind is now doing to My beloved Humanity.”

    So this is what He called what I had been asked to carry; this was His most hidden Wound!

    “Heaven hears your plea little children and blesses you; it is so!  A Solemn Oath I give to you; I am the Lord your God!  I am profoundly attendant upon you for I have assigned you this Mission of Love that none of My Own be lost for want of guidance in the pathway of holiness. Guidance is amply present in My Church, and in Holy Scripture and yet My little ones have wondered far from Truth. I the Lord God, I AM TRUTH!  I address you on the matter of Death and dying.

    My little ones, “there is a time to be born and a time to die!” [Ecclesiastes 3].  Now, is a time of spiritual warfare; a warfare for the hearts and souls and minds of mankind who are, as it were, embroiled in a great battle for Spiritual Life.  Little children, if a halt is not caused to occur with regard to the mining of organs from those deemed “brain dead, ” many more calamities will come upon the Earth, for the doctors as you see, are choosing who shall be born, who shall die, when they shall die, thus proclaiming that they are “god ”or at least equal to God.  Oh woe! Oh sorrow! 

    There has  been traditionally in every tribe of the Earth, means of recognising death. But this is not adequate today; it must be assessed by technological means in order that living tissue from one human may be transplanted to another! The virtue of Love is such that I the Living God, Bless you for your Fortitude in going forth and speaking before the world on this matter.  Those who have died are truly physically dead and this is recognised by the traditional signs of death; but of course by then, the body parts are also dead and no longer useful for the doctors designs. Those who are named” brain dead’‘ and yet have a spark of Life in them, a spark of Life which could bring them back to fullness of Life, are now often, never permitted to be restored to fullness of Life, by the hasty action of the physicians involved!

    This  subject is of great sorrow to the Living God Who is Life Eternal!  They crucify Me again and again in certain barbarous acts which are now occurring in hospitals which were meant for mending, repairing, healing, restoring and generating Life. I the Lord Your God, do not condone that which is occurring with increased frequency, in hospitals!  Its is true some would have gone ultimately on to die; were they not declared “brain dead, ” and placed on equipment to maintain them until their parts could be removed.  It is equally true that some others would have been restored to life.  They are not restored once their heart is removed, or their kidneys both removed, or many other such events taking place now with human beings when they will be at the point of death, BUT ARE NOT DEAD!

    Many have gone to the point of Death, and by the Mercy of God, have been restored to Fullness of Life. Often in the action of Your God, when one is deathly ill, others are called to pray for that individual , who becomes well, and the others become more Faith filled in the Action of God!  This is denied the many now!  Little children, the one who is intact of body organs, with prayer, can and shall be restored to Fullness of Life. Alas for the many who have  received organ transplants; a goodly percentage live as it were, a half-life!

    People, don’t you know that I, the Giver of Life, Am the One Who takes all those I choose, at whatsoever hour I choose! I tell you again; when I send a new soul to this Earth, it is for My Reasons!  Let them be Baptised at birth, and should I choose to take them Home promptly, they have caused a healing effect in their family and their loved ones in a manner chosen by Your God! They have completed their act of Love and Mercy in My Name, and they reign with Me in Glory. 

    This  can happen immediately after birth, shortly after birth or even in the womb!  Was not the beloved John [the Baptist] Baptised in the womb?  This can happen through any stage of Life; at any age! Some I permit to live to ninety or a hundred; this is the exception. There- fore I ask you; do not believe that because your heart is failing, or because your liver is failing, that you have a right to expect to be given another person’s heart or liver or any such organ. It may well be that I am calling you Home!

    You live in a society which does not want to think of death or speak of death, but yet Death [the devil] is ever present in the world in the state it is in today. Until  I return in Glory, Death is not fully defeated!  Those who are yielded to Me, have nothing to fear in My Embrace. They  cross the barrier of time into Eternal Light; and so the basis for desiring to give a set of organs to the other, is not well thought out by the physicians!  There is as it were, a movement to think that for the many afflictions organ transplanting can be a sort of panacea for all that is happening; this is not true.  If I had wanted  this to be occurring I could have made all of you with identical blood types, identical genetic codes, identical beings , interchangeable as toy blocks. Did I do this?  No!  I made each one of you unique for My Own Reasons.

     I am Healer , I am Physician, I am Counsellor; consult Me before you make any such decisions. Pray, meditate, discern and act. This has been the Way for the faithful through- out the generations. Now there is always an urgency to make snap decisions about matters of Life and Death.  Children, you have to live with those decisions! You have to answer to Me, Your Judge, on the Day of Judgement which is never far off for any individual! ”

    [Words given on 24th March,1999]                Thank You Lord. 

    As surely as mankind can have AIDS; as surely as their livestock can have the dread afflictions they presently have, as surely as mankind can have the dread flesh-eating disease, as surely I can stop what is abhorrent to Me— and it shall be so! [April 23rd 2001]

    As recently as February of 2001, I read Alan Shewmon’s Commentary on Pope John Paul II’s Address to the 18th International Congress of the Transplantation Society,  August 29th, 2000.

    He is Professor of Pediatric Neurology of UCLA, and notes that he was asked to comment because he served on the working group for the Determination of Brain Death and its relationship to Human Death,  of the Pontificate for the Sciences in 1989 , as a proponent of brain death and, in 1997 and 1998, on the Pontifical Academy for Life’s Task Force on “brain death”, having completely reversed his position from a strong proponent to a potent critic from one consultation to the other. Aside from the fact that he shows that there is no general concensus on how to determine either the totality or the irreversibility of “brain death,” neither is there any consensus in the “international scientific community” regarding the reason why “brain death”, however it may be defined or diagnosed, is supposedly death. A telling indicator of the lack of true belief within the international community is the fact that BD bodies that will not be harvested for organs in academic medical centers are not treated as corpses. They are not dissected for anatomy lessons by medical students and not used for practice by surgical residents. Why not; are they “dead” only for the purposes of transplantation? He discusses the many instances of survival of the BD.

    He tells us that in the last two international symposia on BD held in Havana in 1996 and 2000, which constitute the most representative gathering of experts in this field, there has been a definite shift from the opinion in 1992, away from the “organism as a whole”rationale to the philosophical “personhood” rationale.  His presentation at the last symposium showed the multiple parallels between high spinal transection and BD somatic pathophysiologies, as a means to show that BD does not entail body integrative unity. No one challenged his empirical data or thesis. Rather they kept shifting the debate to the philosophical domain with comments like, “OK, I accept that it’s a living organism, but is it a human person? ”

    Oh- so now, that’s why they’re doing it and how they’re justifying it!  But I’m afraid there’s no place to hide there either. In the spiritual perspective, the human soul is more important than the personality; its eternal and belongs to God! 

    Recently, I think February or March, I heard on the news that depression has become the second most common, and indeed may yet become the most common illness world wide, but Our Lord’s view is that depression is a manifestation of the “absence of the Presence of God in their lives.”

    Once I have made the physicians and research scientists aware of God’s View of what we are doing ethically and morally in the various fields of medicine and related sciences, it is not my business whether you believe or not, BUT after hearing or reading these Words you will never be able to say you did not know, and it is between you and God, what you make of them and how you use them in your life. The Words are a Gift from God’s Mercy.  My responsibility is to spread these Words far and wide, so that as many doctors and research scientists as possible hear them; its not my responsibility to make you believe them.  You remain in free will.   I am still called to pray for the conversion of all, the Salvation of their souls! May the Holy Spirit guide  each one, to seek His Truth and know eternal Salvation. 

    See website:

    Massah 2001. DP May 16th.

     Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  Extensive rebuke prayers.

    Beloved little ones, be at Peace.  I am Jesus, attendant upon you.  I have removed something which had been obstructing the progress of the Mission. Little children Bless Me.

    We adore Thee Oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by They Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    It is so! Alas the majority of people on Earth are oblivious of this fact, this Truth and that is why there is so much grief in the world, so much war, so much famine, pestilence, so much suffering.  The great sin of idol worship in every facet of its meaning is practiced on Earth today.  Blasphemy!

    Lord we make reparation for this evil, help us to know and only do Your Will.  Holy Spirit Lord, we need You today to help us on our journey.

    We’re under attack.

    I!   [The devil is threatening us.]

    The battle belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ who is in our hearts and souls and minds. We pray old Confiteor.  St Michael the Archangel.  Credo. Lord without You we are nothing and can do nothing at all! 

    Mother blesses you children, be at Peace, it is accomplished.  My little children, My precious daughters, I am attendant upon each one of you, in the power of the Holy Spirit it is so!  Little children you are coming into a time of more intensive spiritual warfare.  You have recognized it round about you, and I ask you little children to hold the armour of God tight about you in these .  Little children, read Scripture, remain powerfully faithful to the Living God, invoke Jesus at every turn, at every event; have His Name at the ready on your lips before you speak to others.  It is advisable in these to pray, “precious Jesus,” and then speak your words.  This may be aloud or silent, but hold His Name at the ready, it is the most powerful weapon against satan.

    Little children, remain abandoned to Our God’s Holy Will for each one of you, and persevere in all that you are doing.  Little children, the Lord is with you; be at Peace therefore My beloved ones.

    Thank You Mother Mary.

    I give you a moment of abandonment to Love as I infill your hearts and souls and minds with My Love and My Peace and My Joy.  Little children, when you do not feel the Joy it is time to come closer to your Jesus; come prayerfully into the Peace of My Presence, that you once again rejoice in the Joy of Our Love’s Union. Thus you are safe in Me.

     I give you these Words because We are in the trying so long forewarned about. Little children, cling to your Jesus, cling to Our Mother; herein is your Sanctuary in these .

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I thank You for Inspiring me as You had promised as I prayed before You in Your Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, to sit and write the document which you wish to have ready for the conference and on me all the time for whenever You ask Me to speak on the MissionI come before You today to ask if it is complete in Your Eyes and done according to Your Will or if any changes are required?

    I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally; I Bless you, I assist you, I Inspire you, I Bless the works of your hands.  Be at Peace, it is satisfactory, adequate and just as I desire as it is. All is well as thou hast written it; let it be!

    Lord Jesus, thank You. Lord do You wish me to send a copy to anyone?

    Let it stand for the present.  We shall address this yet again.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    In essence, I will Inspire you when I Will you to give the information to some individual.

    Lord, I meant to ask if You wish me to put the document on the web site in Epistle of Love?

    I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally; I Bless you and all your undertakings, but  indeed include the Words I have given you in the Mission.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.Lord it is the Holy Father’s birthday on Friday.  I pray for all his needs and intentions, and for great fruits of unity in the Church especially Greece and Syria since his pilgrimage and for his Words on the unity of the human soul and body to come forth soon. Spirit of obstruction around this issue.  We pray St Michael...

    My little children be at Peace.  The utterance by the beloved John Paul for which you wait, indeed occurs, doubt not.  Little children be at Peace, We take down all the barriers and obstructions which have been raised against the words of the Holy Father with regard to this matter.

    You must realize little children that his words will not be pleasing to a goodly number of physicians in particular about the world and some of them have certain spheres of influence, and that is why I ask you to persevere in all prayerfulness with regard to this work.

    Thank you Lord.  I know that they have influence, but they have forgotten about eternal Life and Judgement as a consequence of sinfulness.  We pray for their Enlightenment to Your Truth.

    My God I believe I adore, I trust and I love Thee.  I beg pardon for those who do not believe, adore, trust or love Thee.  Mother Mary please help us to totally focus on our Lord at all .

    Little children be at Peace, the Lord is with you in all of your endeavours because they are His Desires.  It is His Will that this work be accomplished; that Truth be upon the Church and the Body of Christ so that the Church be a Voice to the world in all that is occurring in the matter of the so-called organ harvesting.

    Thank You Lord.  It is both organ harvesting and “brain death,” especially here in the Catholic Hospital.

    My Soul is weary unto Death!”

    Lord many people Love You and wish to make reparation for these sins.

    The Voice of the Redeemer will be heard through the beloved John-Paul as you have spoken, loudly and clearly, for it is the Will of the Father, so be at Peace therefore!

    Thank You Lord. We know many will not heed, but at this point some are still are confused because what he said before was ambiguous. Lord I am very excited to see that the very psychiatrist [Spitzer] who was instrumental in getting the AMA to exclude homosexuality from the manual of illnesses has now come forward with new research showing that, by Faith, many homosexuals, male and female, have successfully changed and shown that they have been married successfully at least five years to spouses of the opposite sex. He now admits that he has to change his belief, and especially those who wanted treatment to change, and the insurances would not pay because of what he had done and said.  Lord you said this in Our Mission years ago. Thank You Lord, this is so beautiful. Lord we pray for Sr Grammick who has derailed herself while defending their cause against the Church.

    The Virgin of Fatima bids thee Peace.  Mother attends upon the little ones who are desirous of change.  I plead their cause before Our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is a grievous offense to the Lord God as you know.  There are many other grievous offences to the Lord God, but it is paramount for them to convert for the Salvation of each soul.  Little children, persevere in prayer for this people.  There is an aspect of Salvation in that many who suffer the death of AIDS have turned to the Lord God in true repentance, and they too have pleaded for their brothers who are like ensnared, and thus the Victory is greater than you recognize at the moment little children.  

    Oh thank You Mother; that is so beautiful. Lord I was just ready to move to the new host, but the one to do it is called to jury duty so we can’t act on it till he’s free again; so we pray for this obstruction to pass soon, but all is in Your Hands Lord.

    Installation begins according to My Schedule; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord.  Pam has been seeking the journal with the article from Dr Fenwick regarding the human soul; but they cannot find it and I don’t know what else to do.  Omen sees a lot of darkness.

    There are those who will it not to be dispensed.

    They cannot even find the journal.

    The Virgin of Fatima blesses you children. The Will of Our God is that this come into the Light and it shall in due course.  Little children, simply pray and again wait; you will have further contact from Pam.

    Thank You Mother. Lord I am a little anxious about Seattle.  Help us to do only Your Holy Will and nothing else.

    The vortex of the storm which had been over you in the past over your initial public speaking with regard to “brain death” is no longer centred over you, therefore it is a much more peaceful conference for you.  Yes I Bless your journey; Mother and I attend with you and you know that when Mother and I attend, the whole Heavenly Court attends. 

    The scientific world is at loss first to recognize what they see as an alternative position on bodily death which you and a few others have brought into the Light.  Thus you are not so severely rejected in your statements.  There are always those who will resist, but there is an opening of minds occurring now in this matter, therefore persevere little sister, persevere!

    Thank You Lord.  Lord strengthen our Faith, like Your first Apostles.  Lord we ask for the Words

    from Your Heart to send us on our way.

    Angels are singing sing to the mountains...

    Little one I Bless you with a delightful journey; be at Peace, I am with you always.  Little children, persevere.  You will recognize that I have selected you, handpicked you for the Mission which you are undertaking and that this does indeed require the utter abandon- ment to the Will of your God, and each one of you has responded beautifully in abandoning yourselves to the Will of your God and this includes LT who is beloved of the Lord!

    Little children it is upon that abandonment that I am able to Cause the Works of holiness to occur.  Little children, in all of the world, there is only a small percentage of Christians who have abandoned themselves to the Holy Will of the Father as you have been taught by Mother and the saints and Myself, and so it is that you are Blest in all your undertakings.

    You are special instruments in of My Merciful Love for the Love- starved world. 

    He shows Omen a swirling battle between darkness and Light right now and says, The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness is no more.

    You are the Light oh Lord. Thank You Lord.

    Little children, I am infilling you both and the many you carry in your hearts with My Love and My Peace and My Joy.  I do indeed strengthen you to the needed Fortitude for all that you are undertaking in My Name.  Little ones, go forth joyfully in My Light and My Love.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Massah  2001. DP May 21st.

     Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!

    Do not be afraid little children, the Lord is with you.  Peace; I am Jesus and I am attendant upon you.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord we thank You for the Holy Father who’s birthday it was on Friday and we pray he will soon speak the proclamation against BD.  We thank you for taking us safely to and from the conference in Seattle.  It was very evident to us that quite a few are also eagerly awaiting the proclamation, and not a few uncomfortable with the prospect.  We saw the confusion about the subject.  Obstruction. We pray short rebukes.

    My little children I am attendant upon you now as I was during the conference, for as I have spoken, I am with you always; therefore little children, be at Peace, and I quote the great saint [we think it was St Benedict]“ Let Peace ever be your quest and your aim.

    Lord thank You for keeping us continuously in Your Peace no matter what was happening in the conference, and the Joy we had among ourselves and with the others who I had met in New York,

    like-minded and spiritual partners in prayer and Faith.  Lord thank You for Inspiring me and us to know who was to receive the documents. Lord we are sorry that the five Catholic medical schools are not obeying the Magisterium , and the lack of Faith and Trust which hampers Your working through them.

    Beloved, thou hast worked well on My Behalf.  This one also will come in prayer and Discernment to Me and at last comprehend the depths of depravity to which the medical profession has sunk in this drive,  not so much to give restoration of Life, but to do “medical and scientific procedures.” This is the centre of their thought at this time; although some are most compassionate, others are not! Dear little ones, persevere in prayer about this abhorrent practice of obtaining body parts through,one might say the execution of a human. Thank You Lord.  We hope the document makes a difference. 

    Beloved children, persevere!

    Thank You Lord.  I pray for Dr S who has pursued Br S doggedly trying to persuade him to Trust the Lord and be faithful in teaching only Catholic Doctrine in the five medical schools.  I promised to pray for him. We know that through you those schools would never be closed down.  He is Your prayer warrior, wanting radical and intense Faith in You to prevail.

    Peace; I attend upon each institution.  Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful.  Prayers resound in Heaven on behalf of this Cause which is a serious, a grave concern.  Were they to have Faith in Me, they would recognize that it is I Who provide, not alien sources of funding! All good works are under My Providence.

    Oh My little children, My people in the field of Medicine , even those who claim to be My Own, are in disarray and division and confusion.  It is the works of Our foe!

    Lord have Mercy. Omen feels the pain of the Crown of thorns which always means more prayer is required. Lord You are greater. Lord help us to pray and sacrifice to defeat these enemies.

     My God, I believe,  I adore, I trust and I Love you; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love You.

    Beloved children, this is a powerful prayer; that is why it has been given to humanity.  Pray often on behalf of the scientific world in this manner.  Little children, some who attend the gatherings and read the literature are teetering on the brink of indecision, and when you persevere in prayer they come unto Me in full recognition of Truth, therefore persevere in prayer little children in this Cause.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I know that several from our guild attended; You are the One Who reads hearts and souls and minds, but even though I did not feel called to speak others did keep bringing up so that all heard that the subject of BD will not go away. Lord I remember so well that in New York when I spoke You spoke out the word “Apostasy “ but to this day I regret that I did not say the word out loud.  But Dr SW told me during the conference that I must edit a book about those who survived BD, with our guild sitting right in front of him, though he does not know them,  and I agreed. I gave him the booklets on becoming a Eucharistic Adorer of The Divine Mercy, for the sick and dying.  But Lord, what is Your Will in this matter?

    More than you know is occurring here little children. Be pleased to make such a book. You may well contact Dr S with regard to such a book and obtain both guidance and assistance in this matter. Are you not ably assisted by LT?

    Yes Lord.

    Little children, you are thinking it only happens with My assistance but I have given it to you.

    I thought SW was asking me to do an editor’s note to a book; but is Our Lord saying I should write the book?

    The Word of the Lord is upon you. Collect the duly documented information, assembling them into a book.  It thus becomes a book of evidence to Truth.  Today Life seems fragile, but I put a Life drive in every human being which is powerful and profound, and it is My Desire that Humanity recognize this.  Not only do I put this Life-drive in Humanity but in every living thing. 


    But I Desire that Humanity recognize that I am the Source of all Life, and I am the one Who chooses to give Life and to take individuals in bodily death. 

    Do I Know what the doctors are doing, the so-called doctors?  But of course I know, but I gave them free will. They use it against Me, the Giver of Life, and this is an affront to Me, the Living God.   Therefore you see the enemy making books and booklets and magazines to promote the incorrect ways.

    Therefore I ask you do not hesitate to endeavour to speak Truth in book form; I assist you.

    I edit the book, I give you thee Words.  Believe and be at Peace!

    Oh my!  Well, we pray as we go.  I hope the Holy Father speaks much sooner than we can ever get a book out, because its his words that the Church must obey.

    My little children, be at Peace; We are working to that end!  Proclaim the Truth to all who will heed and do not concern yourselves unduly about anything else.  All is falling into place according to My Plans. Little children, you recognize that the spiritual warfare is great upon the Earth and that the enemy musters forces hither and yon about the world, but you also pray, “greater is God,” and you believe thus, and I am with you and it is so, because I have already defeated satan, sin and death.  My little children, cling to Me, Trust Me.  I am with you always.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You for bringing me to meet M and CC whom I have never met, yet she has wanted to meet me for years.  She is a psychiatrist, he an orthopaedic surgeon. They are very enthusiastic having just experienced “Life in the Spirit,” seminars.  Lord how best am I to pursue this contact.  I think they are also new to the guild.

    I Cause it to unfold according to My Will, therefore be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord.  Lord we discovered the HLI conference to take place in June in honour of Fr PM; I knew immediately that You wished me to attend, and LT too.  So Lord, how are we to prepare.

    Be thou at Peace; each one of you I wish to attend and it falls into place according to My Plans. Our Lord shows Omen a tennis ball and says, My little sister, We have spoken Truth and the ball is in their court now.  Therefore be at Peace; you may take some documentation, some information along and readily give out your internet site [He is showing little business cards with the web address on them, which LT and I already discussed on Sunday,] and leave all else to Me, the Living God! 

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    I just pray for T and D’s healing. Please bless them and the visit to D’s family in San Diego. Keep them safe under Your mantle Mother Mary.  Thy Will be done Lord.

    Mother is in attendance upon this undertaking; be at Peace little children, all works out for good for those who know and love and serve the Lord Our God.   T is precious to the Lord.  In all these experiences D and certain of his kinfolk come closer to Our Lord.  Rest assured the Hand of the Lord God is upon T and D.

    Thank You so much Mother Mary.  Lord I was speaking about going back to the uncomplicated basic paediatrics and medicine I used to practice, and to my shock I saw a document referring to consecrated medical missionaries in third world countries the very next day.  Lord I did not know if You were offering that to me or not?

    Beloved, know that there is always an opportunity to practice what is seemingly routine medical procedures in such areas as Africa, and of course My little one, should you desire, I would open the doors for you.  At this time My beloved, I Desire you to remain working on Epistle of Love, and on the book that We have just commissioned together. 

    There is time for this alternative work in the future should you desire it.  Always, as it is your practice after much prayer and discernment, come to Me and we discuss these matters together.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord there have been a few different documents from Christian physicians, needing new membership, new input to their AGM taking place on the 29th May; but I have not really heard any stand against BD. This does not attract me, this is already the difficulty with my own guild.

    Should you wish to join this group without taking office but simply to stand and be counted, it is acceptable to Me.  Be at Peace in this matter.  Know that when you attend, they know who you are and they know your position, and in a matter your presence is speaking loudly of your Mission.  Even so, be at Peace, you are in free will in a yes or a no to this group.  They do know Me and love Me and serve Me each individual in his or her own way.  They too fight the good fight for Life.

    I have to be careful not to get too oversubscribed in time , effort and money.

    LT’s prayer.  Ido not want to be hesitant in saying “yes” to the Lord.  Mother that is definitely what You do best; teaching us how to say “yes” to Our Lord. We pray “Memorare .”

    Mother is present; My daughter L, My precious one, My darling child, the Lord requires a “Yes”

    of you when He has a Plan which He knows you will bring to fruition because you do indeed persevere.  My small daughter My precious one, do not be afraid to say “yes” to the Lord when the Divine Inspirations come upon you, because even as He asks you to make a commitment to do something, He Himself does it with you and within you and through you as it were.  This way you are an instrument of His Peace and His Love ; you are His Heart, His Hands, His Voice, for you are part of the Kingdom of God which is present in Heaven yes, but here on Earth in the true faithful ones as well.  Daughter, never be afraid to say “yes” to Jesus. 

    When you find yourselves little children, doing too much, and your workload for each day overwhelming, then go into prayer to discern what it is that you are doing for the Lord and what is it that you are doing for other causes and reasons and people.  The Lord leads you in a direct pathway!

    My daughter, as Mother of all Graces, I fill you with increased graces to assist you with your decision making.  My precious one, the Lord has blest you with so profound a healing anointing of your whole life that you are very well now and the Lord is giving you a beautiful Commission

    in His Work of Salvific Love.  My little one, as you go forward in Faith, you will understand these Words today.  My little one, always know that the Lord is with you and that He is the one Who opens the doors, Who makes the Causes come to fruition.  There is a time of change upon the Earth now and you have been Called in a specific manner by Our Lord and God Jesus Christ in His Works of Healing Love.

    Child, when you say “yes” to Our Lord Jesus Christ, it is the most beautiful experience of your lifeYou have said “yes.”  Little children, all three, continue to say “yes” to Jesus.  Render Him ever in your heart and soul and mind and on your lips.  He Lights your way.  Beloved children, Peace.

    Thank You Mother Mary.  We beg You for the healing of Ken.  He has been waiting a very long time for the promised healing.  Lord have Mercy.  Rose Prince please pray for him.

    Omen is shown a bouquet of flowers, the wrapping.

    Mother is in attendance; Ken is safe in the Lord.  Do not be discouraged little children, simply continue to pray.  The flowers represent the many, many prayers coming into Heaven on behalf of Ken.

    I am the Lord Your God; I make the Light shine in the darkness and the darkness is no more; the miracle you desire is not yet. Persevere therefore in prayerfulness.

    Lord it’s a long hard road for Ken.

    And the many in like circumstances.

    Lord we pray for them all; have Mercy.  Thank You for being attendant.  Thank You Lord and Mother Mary.  We just keep praying even if they run out of the soil.

    By Faith is the miracle won, by Faith are the Victories wrought.

    Lord, as always we pray that You would give us the spontaneous Words from Your Sacred Heart.

    Little children, know that I the Lord Your God am attendant upon you and each and every one of your hearts concerns little children, for nothing is hidden from Me. My little children I ask you to just Trust in the Lord in all things ; you know well that you are living in stormy , in unsettled , in this world, and the Body of Christ is sorely tested by those who know Me not!

    Little children there are people who read Holy Scripture as one would read a history book. They do not Invoke My Spirit and do not receive the anointing to Understand the Love of the Lord God for every human being.  Little children, continue invoking the Holy Spirit of the Living God in all your works in all your readings in all prayers. This Way Enlightenment  comes to you to Understand what is hidden from those who know Me not.

    He’s showing Omen its like when He spoke in parables and the disciples went to Him and understand when others did not. So it is with My Spirit.  Little children, I ask you to rely on the Holy Spirit. My Delight is in your invocation to the Holy Spirit to come through the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother.  This Way Blessings and Graces come upon you. Be assured that the Lord God is attendant upon every soul who has said “yes” to the Will of the Father.  Therefore rejoice in this Our Love’s Union. Rest often in the Peace of My Embrace of Love.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  May the Presence...

    Massah 2001. DP May 28th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! 

    Short rebuke prayers.   Omen is told the vortex of the storm remains above her because of the spiritual warfare she has been involved in. St Michael the Archangel...

    Mother is in attendance little children, be at Peace!

    Thank You Blessed Mother. Lord we come as ever to seek Your Words of Wisdom, Blessing, help, Knowledge, Understanding.  Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Thank You for the opportunity to pray the novena to the Holy Spirit this week before the Feast of Pentecost.

    Mother Mary speaking as Virgin of Fatima, says again,

    The Lord is in attendance, be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus and Mother Mary.

    Thank You for the Holy Father,  Fr Corapi, and for the many graces we have received this week.

    My little ones, I am attendant upon you; address your concerns to Me now.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, we need to discuss the book in some detail, because there are so many aspects of it ,and each time I prayed more came to me which I need to confirm or clarify to receive Your Holy Words for these Inspirations. I need to be slow to cover all.

    It appears that the book is not just about those who survived “brain death,” but the Epistle of Love is to be put in print now. Is this Your Will Lord.

    Dear little children, I Bless you in all the works you are undertaking.  My Delight is to have Epistle of Love in book form.  As you know, it is voluminous; it would have to be somewhat carefully edited to a degree, without losing essence but to get the Words of Truth contained  in the book format.  This is a great endeavour, and would be time consuming.

    Lord, You know that is what I am experiencing right now, the magnitude, the weight of the task-

    is overwhelming, and You know that I am not qualified to edit Your Mission, how are we to proceed?

    The Lord is powerfully present but He is not speaking. This is when I know I really am nothing because the task is impossible to me. It appears to me it needs to be at least two books; volume one and two as on the web site; with volume one being the original discernment prayers and volume two, the Words by topic, with related cases added to them.  This would still be huge because the twenty categories or chapters, are many pages each. so to whom have you entrusted with the work of editing it Lord?

    As you know human nature, people will read the testimonials which you would link up as you have spoken, to the subject at hand.  This book perhaps you will desire to do firstly, and the more intense book subsequently.  I leave My little ones as you know, in free will in all the undertakings. I simply bless the works of your hands and guide you.  I Myself attend upon you in these matters.

    Lord, from all eternity You can and have already seen exactly what You want this to look like and be; I am praying day by day and some hour by hour to do Your Will. My free will is already committed to whatever You want me to do Lord; please guide me very closely to do exactly that and nothing else. I can waste a lot of time just trying to discern it, I feel stressed to keep my work load, but to leave enough time for this task and I don’t have an idea of the time frame within which You wish it completed. Do You really trust me to edit it?

    Our Lord shows through Omen an Angel with a plumed feather; this one will assist you. The Divine Inspirations will come to you in the writing of these books.  I Bless the Works of Your Hands.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I feel so sad that You have limited Yourself to entrusting us with these Divine tasks, when You are Perfection itself. How can You ever be satisfied with what we do?

    My Delight is in your achievements little ones; never doubt. He shows Omen the parents delighted as what a small child masters or accomplishes a task.  That’s how He is with each one of us.

    Lord  how do we find the publisher and deal with the financing.

    The angels attend, Mother attends, the Lord is present.  Little children, the works of iniquity prevail about the Earth for a time yet.  You are aware of the warfare round about  the world, and yet My Own are safe in Me and I lead you in My Light in the way I would have you go, each one of you. With regard to a publisher, I bid you to pray without anxiety, for this to be revealed to you, and to simply begin to format the book now because it is not yet ready for a publisher and we shall speak in due course with regard to the publisher.

    Lord, if it is Your Will may we know more about Stockbridge because we have not yet heard back from them as regards their John Paul Institute of Divine Mercy, being the spiritual home for this Mission. More obstruction.

    Remain at Peace.  A response will come in due course. They are in need of prayer.

    Thank You Lord. Thank You for the quick response from Dr AS. Is it Your Will that I now get in touch with DA and those from whom we will need the medical records for the book?

    Beloved, you may contact DA and invite the story of CA to be a part of the book.

    I will guide the desired information to you My little one; believe.  Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. We have the beautiful picture of the Oath and the we site picture. What pleases You Lord Jesus?

    I accept the St Raphael picture on the book of the testimonials, and the web site picture on the book of original discernment prayers.

    Lord do You like that picture just the way it is, because the angel is not too good, but it was done with a good heart and maybe I should say nothing.

    If you desire, when you attend upon a printer they may alter it slightly to your liking.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, what do You wish for the Name of the book?

    Epistle of Love to the scientific world and...

    Medicine of God!

    Thank You Lord. That’s the Name of Raphael so that would be on the cover. I feel so sluggish, oppressed about this task. I spent a whole day trying to find the stories about survivors of “brain death, but found very few. Mother, “seat of Wisdom, “we place these books under Your mantle.

    We pray Memorare...

    There is a blanket of Love over you little children; it is the power of the Holy Spirit. Angels of Light assist you. Some stories will come to you as if by chance, but it is the Design of your God.  Walk ever in Faith and all things fall into place.  Yes, for the books as well as for your personal lives little children, for you are beloved of the Lord God and of Me your Heavenly Mother; doubt not but believe.

    Thank You Blessed Mother.  I really need to deal with a little anxiety that I am having about my

    pace of work, because I don’t want to get into debt and I don’t want to make patients wait either, but I need time to explore the journals, obstruction of my computer etc.  I know who definitely does not want the book done.

    Time is your God’s Gift to you, little children. Little children when you offer Me your day, I take care of all that is occurring in that day.  Trust Me! Give yourself to Me in Trust and Hope and Love; the anxiety is removed and Peace reigns.  When you do not feel the Joy or the Peace, come to Me in a moment of prayer that I restore you to the fullness of My Peace and My Love. Even a moment of prayer is sufficient.

    Lord, I really don’t want my name anywhere in the book actually; it is all Your Work Lord, I cannot take any credit for it!

    I bid you, I ask you to use your own name. Were you to do otherwise it might not be readily received by those of a scientific mind.  Don’t doubt that I have considered every aspect before I give you this Word.

    Thank You Lord. I am struggling with it but I have come to accept that.  Lord, only You know how much we need You to prepare us for the presentation of it.  Its easier to plod through the paper work, than to be there with it, claiming it as my work to the public.

    I have given it to thee.

    Thank You Lord. When Dr AS asked me for my story and I gave him the clinical story but not the spiritual story which would not go through on e-mail.

    Do you think Dr AS is ready to consider the spiritual aspects of Life and Death?

    I don’t know him at all Lord, maybe he’s too much a scientist. What should I tell him Lord?  Is it You preventing the e-mail from going through or is it that we are obstructed by the enemy? It would not go through for LT either and she was ready to receive it.

    Strive to send it again.

    Our Lord told Omen now and has been saying it often for a month...Cain!  Cain killed Abel; Cain killed his brother!

    That is also in my document, the one Inspired on the 11th May before the Blessed Sacrament.

     And the line further, “am I my brother’s keeper?”

    Lord Jesus, You know that I won a national essay competition writing on that subject when I was in high school, and I have it but I cannot find it Lord. Would You help me find it?  Do You still wish me to use it, or is it not necessary any more?

    You will find it readily.  At this point I wish you to review it.

    Thank You Lord. Its really true that You shape us for our Missions from before we ever know it. Thank You Lord. I don’t remember what I wrote at all.

    LT and I both arrived at an insight from what Mother Mary told us last week, that she has been healed from her depression, and she had already started coming off the antidepressant.  Lord we need Your confirmation of what we spoke out on Saturday.

    LT do you accept that I am your Strength?

    Yes Lord.

    Therefore it is accomplished!

    Thank You Lord. I ask LT to consider allowing me to use her story for the topic of sorrow and woe as a healing.

    Let LT pray and share with Me and accept according as she wills.

    Thank You Lord. Thank You Mother Mary. We arrive at it in different ways but to the same end.

    When Fr Arsenault was walking with the Blessed Sacrament but missed our isle, our Lord told LT, “by Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won.” Lord, I know I have to pray as I go along, but I will need to know how much to put in each topic in “Words” and healings.

    It is given to thee!

    Thank You Lord Jesus! I know that the Holy Father will speak in Your time; I hope he will speak again in time for this book to be printed. I already also have the words from the 29th August last year.

    Use that which you have at hand.

    Thank You Lord.  

    “Lord send out Your Spirit and renew the face of the Earth”you pray little children and I am doing just that!  As Pentecost approaches, I Desire to give so very much to each one of My Own, even I desire to give to the luke warm and even to those who know Me not.  They harden their hearts, they put up shields against Me, the Living God.  Yet My Spirit comes in vast measure upon those who open their hearts to Me.  Pray therefore that many will open their hearts at this period of time that My Spirit can come upon them as it did upon My first Christians. Little children, Bless Me.

    Lord, we adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross though hast redeemed the world.

    Pray that the world accept Me; all those in the world whom I am calling to Myself , that they come unto Me wholeheartedly, that they know Salvation.  You know that you are in the world, but not of the world, and there are those who will never recognize Me.  Even so, pray for every brother and sister on this Earth.  All are the Works of My Hands!  It is a time of great Joy for those who know Me.  It is a time of hardship and struggle for those who know Me not, because they believe they are doing all things by themselves, whereas you little children, you know that you are working in Unity with Me and are Blest by Me, and so their lives are difficult because of this lack of knowledge of the Living God!

    I Bless you in the works I have committed you to do.  I Bless this diocese in a unique way.

    Lord we will have to seek the imprimatur, the nihil obstat; Where will I go for that?

    Believe in Me and Trust Me and leave this matter with Me for the present.

    Thank You Lord.

    Glory be..may the Presence..My friends had to hold me up because I started to sink”in the Spirit”.

    Massah  2001. Discernment Prayers.   June7th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!

    Angels and saints are in attendance, Mother is in attendance, the Lord your God is in attendance little children; Peace!

    Thank You Mother Mary.  Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Speak little children as you will, I the Lord God am in attendance.

    Thank You Lord.   Lord we always have so much to thank You for, and so much to ask You for.  Thank You for all the opportunities during the week to stop and pray for Your Guidance.  Lord it seems a difficult time for Fr John to leave since he is the priest who has come to know both Omen and I and believe in Our Missions. We pray for him and his replacement.

    The anointed one, Fr JM beloved of the Lord and of the people of God, is safe in Me.  He is precious to Me and to the Mother of God.  Sanctuary is his in the Divine Embrace of Love. 

    Little children, love one another, pray for one another. Distance is not a problem where Love reigns. 

    Thank You Lord. Lord I have a great request in my heart; it is that You not let Fr J leave before the Eucharistic Miracle, because he is the one who helped us get Perpetual Adoration started.

    Am I being too presumptuous?

    Our Lord shows Omen a beautiful flower like a waterlily but He is not speaking.  That represents Fr J.  A beautiful compliment, but Thy Will be done Lord.  Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, please help us . Our Lord tells us,

    LT is the first Eucharist gift here and there will be many more.

    I remember that Our Lord called her to Perpetual Adoration and when she came  Our Lord Himself welcomed her Home in locutions. How beautiful! Thank You Lord.  LT is in tears experiencing His Love.  With regard to the request He says,

    We Wait upon the Lord little children.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord lets talk about Your book which is going to have my name on it.

    I need to know Your Words to know that I am still on Your Path. Each chapter is taking on a life of its Own.  The order has changed.

    I Bless the works of your hands; it is going according to My Plan, My Design. It falls into place beautifully little one.  I have a Plan and it works out in your hands little children, as I

    Desire,  as I Will.  You will recognize this readily as you go forward in this work of love.

    Yes thank You Lord and I do love it.

    [LT] Just as you go to do the flowers and all you see when you start is just a pile of flowers, what I see at the end is a beautiful arrangement. Right now all you are doing is putting the flowers in the piles, but I see what it is going to be at the end, even though at this moment you don’t see it.  Your job is just to put the flowers together and collect them and get them ready, and at the time that the book is to come into place, the placing of each flower, will be very precise and very right and it will fill together as a beautiful bouquet.

    Thank You Lord, that is so beautiful.  People keep telling me the flowers are beautiful but I never see that; I only can see what is not perfect about it especially comparing them to the trained florists and its always so far from that quality of perfection, that I never measure up in my eyes.  It is probably God’s Mercy that I cannot see the beauty that others see in it.  Thank You Lord.

    The chapters are taking on a different character altogether.  Today I was working on the blood chapter and suddenly the Words at the Consecration of the wine to His Blood at the Mass came and seemed to belong next, and then the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and as I am kneeling here it comes to my mind that those who get AIDS/Hepatitis etc through blood contamination should pray in profound trust through the Precious Blood of Jesus for Healing, and about my own anointing to heal in the Power of His Precious Blood. Lord is this Your Will?  Healing prayers at the end of each one?

    Thou shalt write according to Divine Inspiration and We shall work it out together.  Inspirations come to you; when you wish you may attend here for what you refer to as Words of confirmation.

    Thank You Lord.  

     Oh Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a Fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You![the three o’clock prayer. ]

    Lord, thank You for inspiring Dr S to reply to me and direct me on how to get the written documentation of the BD survivors. Now I am back to pray for him to become spiritually ready for this book. I know he isn’t ready for the spiritual story, but he is Your scientific instrument of Truth.

    [LT] The book is enough!

    Thank You Lord.  Lord please help my sister A who is looking for the booklet with “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

    It comes to light in due course children.

    Thank You Lord.  I saw a patient this afternoon who has put herself in Your Hands, but she is going through suffering through ICBC because they do not wish to pay her what they owe her.  Lord let Your Will prevail, let Your Victory reign.

    My daughter, We attend upon the matter.  Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord she told me that she sees 666 on the forehead of Mr C, and the new gvt, that bad things are about to start happening now.

    The Body of Christ is safe in Me. Little children, those who have yielded their free will to the Father, these ones are safe in Me.  You know well that these have to come before the Great Victory is evidenced on Earth.

    Thank You Lord, she has yielded all to Thee. Pardon Your people in their weakness... the angels are singing.  In Your Mercy Lord, You saved her when she had made a serious suicide attempt and  now she is willing to write the story for the book, which would help against the assisted suicide/ euthanasia movement.

    Satan goes around seeking who he would destroy but he will not prevail; I will prevail!

    Today in the medical post was the article about removing the child from the homes of parents who do not comply completely with post-transplant medical regimes.  How much control do they want to take from the parents?  We heard on the news that Canadians are travelling to China to buy the organs from the shot prisoners.

    4th, 5th 6th June was the time that a judge was to decide if my medical records where to be handed over to the lawyer of the sexual abuser of my patient,  who has hired a UBC prof who has made a career out of discounting memories of patients like mine, [who never had any loss of memory.]

    Little children, Trust Me in this matter.  Mother attends upon the little wounded victim.  Heaven attends, Truth prevails in this sordid story of abuse and deception.  Abhorrent to the Lord God is all this activity of firstly the acts of abuse and then the attempts at lying.  Remember little children, vengeance is Mine.  I shall repay, and yet I am attendant on this matter.  Heaven hears the prayers of faithful ones.  Persevere in all faithfulness little children, for you are living in most difficult .

    Thank You Lord. 

    Lord we know and have already heard on the news that the nurses have rejected the offer and we are not surprised, but the plans for LT are on hold while this goes on.  Lord help her to know her path.

    I am the Lord your God, the One Who provides,  and I am attendant upon LT.  Be not anxious LT; persevere in all prayerfulness, enduring what is happening at the present time,  in unity with Me.  I am your Strength.  My little one, these obstructions happen in the course of one’s lifetime in the molding and fashioning which I am giving to each of My Own.  This purifies and strengthens you and makes you pleasing to Our Father.  My little one remember always that I am your Dignity and I am your Strength and in Unity with Me, all goes works out for good.  My Plans for you do indeed come to fruition according to the time frame of your God.  Little one be not impatient, but persevere.  I am with you every step of the journey.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord I pray for my cousin Sylvia who has widespread cancer in a lot of pain.  She is one of Your faithful warriors in the prayer group in South Africa.  I know that she is safe in You whether she lives or dies.  I pray for her well-being during this very painful time, and for the many in the family who are not practicing the Faith.

    In her “yes” to Me so profound, your cousin becomes that instrument of My Peace.

    Our Lord shows Omen rosebuds opening up, to bring the needy souls back to Truth, back to Salvation.  Little children you understand well that there are victim souls on Earth, in Unity with Me most profoundly, and the fruits of their suffering bring the conversions so sorely needed upon Earth today [He shows the children of Fatima when He says that.] Know that your God, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter is within the beloved one, and encompassing the beloved one with Love and Mercy.

    Thank You Lord.  I pray for my niece who has tuberculosis. 

    Let the healings begin!

    Thank You Lord we claim it.

    Lord please speak to us from Your Heart in this month of the Sacred Heart.

    Little children, Peace.  I the Lord God am profoundly attendant upon you and upon every member of the Body of Christ upon Earth, the Church Militant.  Countless of you see now and recognize the signs of the which are upon you and you know well that the era of Peace is imminent but not yet.  The enemy yet prevails for a brief period of time and so there is trouble and distress upon the Earth, and yet all those who know Me and love Me; those who call upon My Name in their neediness, Heaven assists them profoundly. 

    See, this way little children, you are safe in the Lord.  That is why I am calling many to evangelize, to proclaim the Good News of Salvation to all those who will heed the Call of My Love and come back to Me that they may know repentance and conversion and Salvation. 

    Dear little children, it is a time not unlike when My first Apostles walked upon the Earth.

    They were My instruments in causing many to convert; you children are also My instruments in causing others to convert.  Do not worry about sheer numbers, but rejoice with Heaven when one sinner comes back to Me wholeheartedly.  Rejoice that many are coming unto Me, coming into the Embrace of My Divine Love, yet alas there are many who know Me not, and that is why you are called little children to unhesitatingly proclaim the Good News at every opportunity.  As it is written, “the harvest is plenty and the workers are few”, so it is today little children,  but I am with you and I am your all-powerful God, and in your weakness is My Strength and together, miracles occur.   As you are well aware of the many Healing miracles, so there are many Spiritual miracles, healing of souls unto Myself. 

    My precious little ones, do not doubt that it will include doctors, lawyers, even politicians,

    many such seemingly self-important individuals.  They too will fall on their knees before the Father in due course that they may also know conversion and Salvation, for nothing is impossible to the Lord your God.  

    Little children, you know the reading, “for they have all gone astray like sheep. ” I bring them back, I am the Good Shepherd! That is why I call you to pray; stay united with your Jesus.  Seek Heavenly assistance from Our beloved Mother who magnifies your prayers and brings all who call on Her unto Me; Jesus, that they may know Me and know Salvation, and the Father is well pleased little children, for “nothing is impossible to the Lord your God,”

    and yet in Heaven’s Design each one of you who are My Own, is called to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in bringing My Merciful Love to all mankind.

    Yes, you are limited each one, but there are many of you now.  I am delighted in My faithful little ones.  Precious little brothers and sisters of Jesus, all are anointed in My Love and they do indeed evangelize successfully, and Our Victory is known world-wide in due course.  Do you believe little children?

    Yes Lord.

    Yes little children, you know well that I have already won the Victory over satan, sin and death.  In My Name, Jesus, is each souls Victory.  Do not worry about the signs of Death, the 666 and other such signs of the which must be,  before My Return. 

    I protect My Own, I shield My Own.  Yes you will see sorrow, and yet you will see Victory.  Be not afraid, I am with you always.  Hosts of angels surround the children of God all over the Earth now.  Remember that twice as many angels were loyal to Me.  Therefore cling to

    your Jesus, cling to the Heavenly Host prayerfully and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Glory be...May the Presence...

    Massah 2001. DP June 11th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  Rebuke prayers needed first. Satan tries to obstruct because great things by the Holy Spirit.

    The vortex of the storm which is upon the land of America prevails yet most fiercely, [He shows us the floods in Texas and the execution of Timothy McVeigh].

    Lord we pray for the conversion of the multitudes.

    Seek Truth always little children, I am Truth!

    Thank You Lord.  Help us to clearly see Your truth no matter what is happening around us.

    Today was a special day in the power of the Holy Spirit and before I knew it was the feast of St Barnabas.  I couldn’t pray my usual introductory prayers as I was going to Adoration because the Holy Spirit was giving me the sequence of the chapters of the book, and I knew them before I knocked at the door of the Adoration Chapel.  As soon we had prayed the rosary I sat down and wrote the index down. At Mass Father told us how St Paul and Barnabas both did not become Jesus’ disciples till after His Resurrection, encountering Him through Holy Spirit. Then my first patient today was a Messianic Jew- so beautiful what we shared; she has an amazing story as was her mother’s story.  Lord I pray for her that she would complete her journey to Christianity.  

     according to Your Holy Will.  

    I am calling My children Home  [repeatedly He says this. ]

    Thank You Lord.  I know she is among Your remnant.  Lord just help me to be open to however You wish to use me.  Today was the day.  I’ve known her six months; she just moved from Ontario.

    Today was the day; God’s Own perfect time, God’s Own perfect Way.  Beloved we shall walk this path one step at a time together.

    Thy Will be done Lord.  Lord do You approve of the order of the Index is this Your Will?

    It is in an order pleasing to the Lord your God.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; and within each chapter, the order and the amount of content, some have plenty of content and some seem to still need  work as far as content, as well as the order within the chapter.

    Mother attends upon the thinner ones and they fill up adequately.

    Thank You Mother. We discussed the two women in the news today erroneously told they may have abnormal children, and encouraged to abort them who had normal children.  Demonic influence of the medical profession. I pray for a woman  sexually abused in childhood, now having serious sexual problems as an adult. Lord please heal her; she has problems with trust, and I pray for her husband as well.  Now she has ulcers as well.

    Pray the miracle prayer on behalf of her and her husband.

    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be...

    Dear little children, it is sufficient for this evening.  Leave the little suffering ones with your Lord for this evening.  Continue to pray for themBehold, I make all things new. 

    Little children, in the world today there is so very much child abuse, sexual abuse; there are so many attacks of rapists upon innocent victims.  All of this is abhorrent to the Lord your God, for the victims are so wounded. 

    In My Mercy I attend upon this woman in you and through you and her healing is accomplished as much as can be accomplished to the individuals so abused and so debased, and at this time the pleas for such victims resound in Heaven, and I am attendant upon all of these concerns. 

    I make an act of Healing for countless such individuals for a cry rises up to Heaven on their behalf.  The suffering is eased, lifted; and the little ones are restored to fullness of life. Believe! My Love, My Mercy, My Compassion comes down upon him also and he understands more fully the feelings of his spouse.

    Lord Jesus we believe, we praise You and bless You and thank You .

    Lord I pray for two women, both Catholic but not practicing, yet suffering and depressed.  Lord, draw them back to You in Faith.  May they find You Lord Jesus.

    Hast thou recognised the beautiful route to finding Me?

    He wants us to pray the Memorare, giving these women to Mother Mary.   Memorare.

    Lord, I planned to leave the chapters with TK for the scanning into my computer with some editing is this is acceptable to You Lord?

    Proceed accordingly; it is pleasing to the Lord your God.

    Thank You Lord.  I’m beginning to wonder because I have not heard back from the people who are hosting the new web site  should I try elsewhere or wait further?

    Wait a week at this time.  There are of course other alternatives available. Let us wait in the little interim and pray.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. We will about it next week.  Lord I don’t have any idea of the time frame for the book.  I don’t even know how to approach a publisher and say what kind of book this is;

    or maybe we should search at the conference.

    We are not yet ready for a publisher, yet it is good to contemplate on a publisher. The publisher will ask if this is a medical or a spiritual book, yet it is both.  I will direct you in due course to the publisher of choice.  Continue praying for the success of the book and trust Me.

    Lord, am I permitted to ask You what kind of time frame are we even looking at; is it a year or six months or even three months?

    It is given for your God to know; simply work diligently as your time permits.

    Thank You Lord.  Such a typically human question. 

    The Lord gives us Mary and Martha [Work at it but stay abandoned to the Lord with it.]

     All Christians are both.  Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, we would like to hear Your spontaneous Words from Your Heart.

    Mother and I attend upon you dear little children, each one of you, always remember that.  Ask often in Our Names for all that you are doing and all that you desire.  The Lord your God Loves you little children, so totally.  It is Our Desire always to say “yes” to your requests, precious little ones, but you know little children it must be according to the Father’s Great Design, and therefore little children at there are delays and at it seems to you no response, but the Lord is with you every step of the journey. 

    To LT, My child I am Healing you in a remarkable way, and strengthening you profoundly to a great Fortitude; We have so much to do together.  Beloved, I am ever infilling you with My Love and My Peace and My Joy.  I increase your abilities in the spiritual Gifts which have been given to you and you discern clearly all that is occurring round about you.

    Little children, I ask you each one to persevere in prayerfulness as you do.  This holds in Unity with Me the Living God, and enemy must flee from such a one who is so united with Me.  This is where I wish each of My little ones to be!

    You have associates, acquaintances who have not reached this level of spirituality, or even alas, are far away from Me, and that is why Mother appears about the world, pleading for prayers and conversions.  You have no idea the power of your prayers little children, little faithful ones.  They work the needed miracles of Love upon this Earth.  There are many, many of you scattered about the world [like a salting all over the Earth], and this is the Seamless Garment encompassing the whole world, the true faithful, united together with Me, the Living God.  This is the Great Fisherman’s Net, which causes Victory in My Name

    for multitudes. 

    Do not doubt little children but believe.  Remember, I Love each one of you most tenderly, most totally and most eternally.  You are part of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom is in Heaven and yet it is here for those who are united with Me.  Little children, when you pray the Lord’s prayer, you are asking for the Completion of this, My Kingdom of Love.  Little children, My Delight is in your prayer, in your faithfulness.  In all your trials and stresses and undertakings, you remain faithfully united to Me and thus the Blessings and Graces flow.   Truly in My Name, Jesus, is your Victory.

    Little children, it is also a time of trial upon the Earth; it is more so than for other generations, for you are in that time of change which is upon the Earth, and the enemy knows he is limited and attempts to wreak as much havoc upon the Earth now, but I have already defeated him; he is a defeated foe, and when My little children, you pray in My Name, he must leave.  He recoils from the Name Jesus and from the Name Mary, the Woman of Genesis, the Woman of Revelation. 

    My little children, I am anointing you in My Love and My Peace and My Joy, as I do at every moment of true prayerfulness, of true Unity with Me.  Do you wish to ask Me further questions?

    It keeps coming back what our Bishop said about the changing of the waters, on the 21st April.  It is so powerfully connected with the vision I was given on the 10th/11th February 1999, about Epistle of Love Words being a means of changing the waters, it seems I have to write and tell him about the vision, and that the Words of the Mission are to go into print, and also to send him a copy of the document on the 11th May.  Lord, am I being presumptuous or is this Your Will?

    You may give him the knowledge of the vision; it is a good and positive Message [ and our Lady is holding out a yellow rose as Our Lord is speaking, which we know it’s a symbol of Rosa Mystica, her special title to the priesthood:  feast of 13th July. ]

    Lord what about the document?

    Yes, but not one upon the other; wait about a week.

    Omen receives a vision of the Bishops desk is overflowing.  It seems many sources of information are now going to him.  We are going to the conference, but we pray only to do Your Will and nothing else there.

    I Bless You to go to the conference and you are safe under the great mantle of Love, Mother’s mantle, the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Glory be...   May the Presence..

    Massah 2001. DP June 18th

     Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! 

    I am Your Jesus of Merciful Love. Peace!

    Thank You Lord.  Thank You so much for so patiently speaking to us weekly for years. Thank You for the feast of the Sacred Heart this Friday and Immaculate Heart of Mary this Saturday.  We pray for the Holy father, in all his spiritual and physical needs.

    Mother and I are attendant upon the beloved John Paul; be at Peace. All goes according to Heaven’s Design.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. We just continue to pray that very shortly now he will speak Your Words about the unity of body and soul. 

    The works of disunity delay and disrupt but not entirely; in a sudden direct movement of the Holy Spirit the Words come forth through the beloved John Paul to a world, much of which is unready to hear the Words.  Believe little children, persevere in all prayerfulness.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord I thank You so much and Mother Mary,  for all the people who are sending me materials for the book.  I pray for TK who will start the scanning and editing that nothing is left out that You wish to be in the book.

    I, the Lord God, bless the works of your hands.  This book I have called forth, is in My care, and thus you are anointed and your daughter is anointed and all those who assist you in this work are anointed in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

    Little children, recognize that the Power of the Holy Spirit, which often is referred to as the wind; it is the Power of the Holy Spirit which is impelling you forward, in the Will of your God, because of each individual “yes” to Me.  Therefore be at Peace, it is occurring according to the Desires of your God!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord I need to ask for more clarity as to what we are actually going to do at this conference. It seems we may be collecting more material for the book, getting consent to use the materials, and handing out some of the “meaning of coma copies;” how many of those sill we need to make Lord?

    Take a goodly number. I will inspire you how many to take as you are gathering them up to pack. 

    And one of them is to be mailed to the Bishop before I leave Lord Jesus?

    It is confirmed; Yes!

    Lord. It appears there are two things I aught to add; when I encountered my Crucified Lord on July 30th; 1985, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; I know it was a Sunday morning but I can’t find where I wrote it down. Spiritual obstruction.  Rebuke prayers.

    Mother attends upon you child, be at Peace! The disruptive spirits are no more.  Simply send it as you have prepared it.  It is sufficient as it is.  In future there is time to give all the embellishments, all the details of your experiences.

    Mother please help me to find the experience of the Holy Spirit, just for me own sake. 

    It comes readily to you; Heaven attends upon the matter. 

    Yesterday, for some reason I can’t even explain, I went to check on the “Prince of Eden”, web page, and found the material all removed.  When I wrote I was told that several legal matters needed to be resolved before production could continue. The location had moved to Blaine for some reason.  I promised to pray for the obstructions to be removed. We pray miracle prayer.

    Mother attends little children.  With regard to the story of Juan Diego, there are many obstructions as you have been notified.  It is always thus when works to the greater Glory of God

    are occurring.  That is why little children, you are called to pray much for every intention; pray much for the well being of the Body of Christ, the Church upon Earth.  Little children, at this time We ask you to continue walking in Faith and hope and Trust, patiently persevering, in all of your undertakings. 

    Never be dismayed at any of the obstructions which occur; it has been that way for the saints throughout the generations, and it remains that way until the era of Peace occurs upon the earth.  Persevere little children in all of your undertakings and most of all persevere in your prayerfulness, your unity with the Living God.

    Thank You Blessed Mother. Lord I don’t know if its too soon to ask this but it seems that Your spontaneous Words at the end of each discernment prayer, should go at the end of each chapter of the book, though I don’t know yet which goes where. Is this Your Intention Lord?

    Utilize them thus!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord I still feel a lot of heaviness about the content, though I do not have it all. But just putting it in chapters.  I know I need to pray for the strength and perseverence to continue.  I know I could not do this task alone.

    The work has begun in ernest and comes to fruition readily, therefore be at peace.  Yu will discern along with TK and any one who is assisting you, the numbers of the important stories to be in each division.  All falls into place according to heaven’s design as you persevere in your work earnestly and yet prayerfully.

    The Rosary has become a lifeline, Mother Mary and all of Heaven.

    Lord, what kind of book should I say it is if I am talking to a possible publisher; I know its pro-life, but should I describe it any more than that, or should I even talk about the book at all.

    When the book is nearer completion, then is ample time to speak out in public about the subject.  Your stance in this matter is well known to those associates of yours in the medical profession.  This does not mean you cannot discuss it discreetly here and there with like-thinking associates.  LT is saying that He will bring specific people to you; it will not be a matter of you looking for them, and you will know.

    Thank You Lord.  We know terrible things are happening in the world, and both T and DK are a little  worried about their work world.

    The virtue of Love is such that all things work out according to My Design for the beloved TK .  Little ones just pray as you do and trust in the Lord.  Take any warranted action in any activity, then wait on the Lord.  My Plans for TK come to fruition beautifully in My Design in due course.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I thank You for the new web site, its now up in the past week, and thanks for Damian; I hope it lasts a long time and we don’t have to change again.

    Mother is in attendance.  Mother names Herself by a few of Her titles, Our Lady of Fatima, and the power of the Holy Spirit comes through Her.

    Thank You Mother Mary.  I pray for those from whom we are awaiting there stories, that nothing obstructs Your Will , as far as their participation in this book.

    All falls into place according to Heaven’s Design.  Be at Peace.

    Lord we see that a chaotic mess is taking place in health care.  We pray for all who are suffering and for Your Will to be done lord.

    Omen feels the pain of the great Crown of Thorns, as a band of pain and suffering.  

    Sinful man has brought these troubles down upon his own head.  I have told you little children and I reiterate to My little faithful ones, before the era of Peace, these things have to be.  You shall endure, you shall persevere, for I have anointed you to endure and persevere.  Be at Peace therefore little children.

    Thank You Lord.  We ask You to speak to us from Your Heart spontaneously. 

    Mother and I are attendant upon you little children.  I am your Jesus of Merciful Love, your Jesus, Eternal Victor, the Alpha and the Omega.  Little children, as the feast day of the beloved John the Baptist approaches, multitudes of faithful ones are in prayer petition before the Living God.  These prayers are indeed heard and are responded to as your God Wills.  As you know that the beloved John came as a herald, a forerunner of your Jesus into the world, bringing a Baptism of Repentance, bringing hope, bringing much , much more.

    Little children it is that time now, where the Mother of God Herself is attending upon Humanity, hither and yon about the Earth, calling all to repentance , calling all to place all their hope in the Living God, in the Will of God in the Love and Mercy of God.

    Little children, many are responding, but not in sufficient numbers as yet, that is why each one of you is called to be one like unto  John the Baptist, for each one of you also to be a herald of the great Kingdom, of the great King.

    Little children, teach all who will, to pray the Lord’s prayer, invoking the Kingdom to come  upon the Earth.  My precious little ones, all who have responded with a genuine “yes” in abandonment to the Will of Almighty God, these ones are safe in Me, and through all the trials on Earth, they remain safe in Me.  Even in the war-torn parts of the world, strife and famine-filled parts of the world, were you to know the details of their lives, there have been miracles of Heavenly assistance to the faithful ones. 

    Yes, some are taken in martyrdom in bodily death, but they are My Own and they are yet safe in Me, and I remind all the children of God, those who are Our Own, I am united with,

    though they be in Heaven, in Purgatory or on Earth, they are in Unity with Me, and all in due course, all the little faithful ones, attend upon the Glory of God in Heaven.

    Little children, you are called to persevere on this Earth in fighting the good fight, to bring the Good News of Salvation to the many, invoking My Spirit, the Holy Spirit of the Living God, to come upon the multitudes, that their hearts be transformed to hearts of Love, and that Peace and Joy reign henceforth in each heart. 

    Continue to work towards this end little children.  Graces and blessings of assistance flow.  The Queen of Angels and All Saints, Bearer of the Good News, is working side by side with each faithful child of God.  In the Power of the Holy spirit it is so little children.  Rejoice in this Unity of Love little children.  Herein lies your Victory!.

    Glory be... May the Presence...

    Massah 2001. DP June 25th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! Short rebuke prayer.

    Mother and I are in attendance little children. Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You Blessed Mother. Lord we need to thank you so much for so many lessens we were taught at this very peaceful pro-life meeting we attended, with so many of Your faithful soldiers.

    Little children, I have told you that I am weaving together the souls of the true faithful as a seamless garment encompassing the entire world and you begin to see now, how it is taking shape; at every level of the battle it is taking shape little children.

    Thank You Lord, and thank You for the Holy Father and all he is doing in Your Name; we pray particularly for his safety as he travels in the Ukraine.

    He is safe in My Hands; it is the Lord Who speaks!

    Thank You Lord. Lord I thank You so much for the opportunity to hear first hand from the priest, Fr JH and his associates, that they have written to the Pontificate for Life regarding the issue of “brain death,” and we pray for a response from the Holy Father soon.

    The beloved John Paul, the Holy Father, becomes fully apprized of what is actually occurring.  Even as it is appalling to you little children, it is appalling to him.  It is not of Me as you know, and that is what this struggle is all about.  He shall speak in My Name and many shall respond for they too have been largely oblivious to what has actually been occurring in this so-called science.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, what these writers have revealed to the Holy Father, is that the heart is stopped by the use of KCL, a poison. They also told him about the exanguination of the body. Is it that the Holy Father is waiting to hear from other places in the world, or is it that he has heard widely and is waiting for the opportune moment to speak?

    The opportune moment arrives rapidly now, for the Vatican has been apprized of what is happening in the many so-called civilized nations.  The culture of death has insinuated itself into every stage of the human life of individuals now, and the cloning and other activities

    occurring which are abominations to Me, cause My Wrath to fall as I will on this Earth,

    where My Commandments are ignored, where I the Lord God am shunned, I the Giver of Life!

    Thank You Lord. Lord I thank You very much for the document I received from Fr Z, that is promoted by the Pontificate for life, about the moment of fertilization/conception. I pray for the documents that have not come yet especially the testaments of healing.

    Simply continue to pray as you do, and I the Lord God, cause all things to fall into place in due course.

    Thank You Lord. The document about Divine Mercy and the end ; do You still wish Me to place this whole document, including the teaching how to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, exactly as it is, under the Blood Chapter?

    It is appropriate there.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord I need to pray for the patient called A who used to be my patient several years ago, who died last Friday [Sacred Heart feast day], for her repose and for all those who are grieving her.

    I pour forth My Mercy on the little ones who are starving for love of Me; those who have rejected Me and struggle ineptly without Me; these ones I pour forth My Mercy upon and I assist those who are seeking Me, to find Me rapidly now. Little children, each one who is yielded to Me and is thus part of the Body of Christ, these ones cause by their sufferings, their penances, their prayers, graces and blessings to fall on the needy ones.  The one for whom you pray is safe in Me.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I pray for the strengthening of my daughter AM who is now working with a doctor who is an abortionist, and so she refuses to attend.  The doctor has now been ridiculing her and her Faith, calling her a fanatic. I know this is a foretaste of what the world is like.  I pray for his conversion. We praise, bless and thank You for AM. We know she is safe in You Lord.

    Because EM has honoured Me, I will honour her in time.  Even at this moment in time, I am her Strength, I am her support, I am upholding her and her light will so shine before man, that they will give glory to God in the highest because of that.

    Thank You Lord.  We give him to Mother Mary.

    Peace, it is already accomplished; do you know how AM prays?

    Thank You Mother. We do believe it was not by chance that AM was sent there.

    AM is a thorn in his flesh.

    Thank You Lord. May he soon be converted because of his own conscience. Lord, since we’ve been away I’m not abreast of the situation in health; I believe it is worse. Lord, we pray for the conversion of all according to Thy Will that Your Justice and Mercy prevail.

    Peace; We attend upon the situation.

    Thank You Lord. We pray for LT who has to endure during this time of prolonged uncertainty, to know what her permanent job is going to be.

    Persevere, littlest love of the Lord; I am with you every step of the journey.  I have plans for your good and the good of those whom I set about you.  Therefore go forth in the Peace of My Presence joyfully .

    Thank You Lord.  TK also asks Your Blessing for the job she is seeking, and for those through whom she may get the work.

    Tell Me that you love Me for those who do not.

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love You.

    Little children, there is a sort of luke-warm attitude among the young adults of today, rampant about the so-called civilized world, and the little ones become ensnared with this attitude, and that is why I call you to repeat these prayers often that were given at Fatima.  It is for such people to return to Truth, which the majority do in due course.  The work for TK is at hand; be at Peace .  It simply falls into place nicely at the opportune moment.

    Thank You Lord. Thank You for the meeting with Dr Newbury. Lord we pray for Zandile who has been asked to translate the Divine Mercy prayers into Zulu; let Your Spirit be upon her that these translations go according to Your Will Lord.

    I will fill her with My Truth, this Truth of My Mercy; be at Peace.  The translation turns out beautifully.

    Thank You Lord. We pray also for MV and all in the family who have left the Faith.

    The Truth of My steadfast Love will become known to MV;  in due course he comes back to Me with all his heart.  Little children, persevere in prayer for all these little stragglers.  You have no idea, the fruit of your prayer little children, in the conversion of the many.

    Again, I bid you little children, persevere in all prayerfulness. Love is the tie that binds MV’s heart to My Own and that bond shall never be broken.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, the books I have bought; do You wish me to use any of these, to quote them, or are they just for my own guidance.

    At this time, use them for your own information and guidance; do not include the information in your book.

    Thank You Lord.

    Little children, all of the Messages that are of Me, are to cause the faithful ones to assure the state of each one’s own soul, and to inspire each one of My Own to evangelize more vigorously.  Accept them as just that little children.

    Lord thank you.  I can hardly wait for You to speak from Your Own Heart, just spontaneously.

    Mother and I attend upon you little children at all .  Your Mission is important to the Lord Your God.  You know that I am profoundly assisting you and causing you to see that others know My Truth also in these matters.  Continue in your undertakings.  I guide you; Mother and I both attend upon you, angels and saints assist you.  Heavenly support is with you in this Mission which is important to Me,  the Lord your God.

    A doctor attends upon you who will speak to you of these very truths and he too, is a part of the cohort of physicians who know the Truth of what is occurring and of this out rage against the Will, the Law of your God. [The Lord is showing Omen He is assembling together true believers, a phalanx of Christian warriors to penetrate into the scientific world of medicine].   Children, each one of you has a unique Mission, in bringing Truth to this world of confusion, and I the Lord God and Mother, are attendant upon you now, in a great Blessing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy, is poured forth upon you. Blessings and graces flow upon you little children.  Persevere in all your undertakings knowing that you are walking hand in hand with your Jesus and with Our Mother; with Joseph, guardian of the family of God attendant upon you little children.

    The Kingdom of God is in Heaven yes, but it is on the earth in those who have truly surrendered to the Lord Your God.  And so little children, you are part of the Kingdom ; you are never alone.  Fear not, there is nothing to fear for you are one with Me and I am one with you. [ Shows us the Gospel of St John.] Little children, believe.  Rejoice in this Our Love’s Union! Glory be... may the Presence...

    Massah 2001; Discernment Prayer, June 28th.

    Called to pray after starting to read “ A Father who keeps His Promises.”  God’s Covenant Love in Scripture, becoming filled with sorrow and weeping all day. His Sorrow for the doctors having abandoned the oath  to protect Life is the lens through which this whole book will be edited.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy,  oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    My people,  My people, what have I done to you, how have I offended you; answer Me! 

    On whom I will, I have Mercy,  for I am a God of Mercy and of Love.  I elect to have Mercy on My beloved humanity, even unto those who know Me not!  How is that they know Me not?  Has Mother not attended upon Humanity all over this world?  Has not the beloved John Paul attended upon Humanity all over this world;  A world so starved  for Love, and they accept lust in place of Love, while I am attended upon them offering Divine, Holy Love, all purity of Love to them.

    They hear Me not, they see Me not; and they seek personal power instead of accepting the Power of the Wisdom of the Ages to come upon them, to assist them, holding them safe in the Light of Truth.  Am I not bereaved by such behaviour from these people upon whom I have bestowed My Love?  For I do not cease to Love; I Love each one of you most tenderly, most totally and eternally.

    A Covenant of Love is a Covenant of Love.  You know that it is written n the Blood of the Lamb  without spot; sealed, that all may know Salvation.  I bless you little children who can hear,  who can see, who open your hearts and souls and minds to Truth.  I remain your Truth.

    My beloved little sister, I shall assist you at every step of this work; on every page My Presence is imprinted.  Doubt not, but believe, for this is a Calling to the people who need to know Divinity, who need to know of human souls, of the eternity of a soul. 

    You know well there is a displacement of charity; one is obsessed with the body to the exclusion of the soul.  Oh My little ones, I have set many saints among you as well, to show you this dichotomy, and yet you pay no attention to them.  They were My instruments to enlighten you and they still do, for those who will heed.  My little one, I am calling you today, each and every one of you, to come into the Light of Truth.  Will you tell Me that you love Me for those who do not?

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You;  I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love You!

    Peace, I am attendant upon you little daughter of Faith, do you have questions now?

    Lord, I feel this is the prologue of the book; is that where You wish it to go Lord?

    You may use it thus.

    So Lord, do I have the whole picture yet, the whole mosaic?

    Step by step little one.  Little one, you are overwhelmed by the depth, the beauty, the breadth and width of My Love for Humanity.  None know the greatness of the power of Love which I would pour forth on Humanity!  Some allow little trickles into the world.  I wish to  pour a great river of Light and Love and Mercy upon Humanity;  I wish those who call themselves physicians to be these instruments of Healing, that I so desire them to be.  They limit themselves, they limit Me, and  yet they believe in their pride of intellect, that it is the only way. 

    Oh My little children, how I Love you; and I SHALL break through these barriers of pride and power, and I SHALL release this people from this limited way of thought, and Infinite Wisdom will come at last upon My people.  Believe and be at Peace.

    Lord  this book is so beautiful; I just pray that all physicians and priests and many others will read it.

    He shows a rose just barely budding, and beginning to open up and blossom till its fully opened, that’s how this book will read.

    Lord why did it seem important to come today, not wait till Monday, yet I don’t understand why?

    I wished to give you these Words which You choose to use as the prologue. Little one, be at Peace, I called you here; I Bless you.  My Imprint is upon every page of this book,  which you are making in My Name, and it will serve a purpose known to Me.  It will be effective upon those whom I desire to move toward Truth.  As You attend upon Me prayerfully, I give you more and more each time,  My little one. Little children, persevere in all that you are undertaking, for I am with you, supporting you.  I am Your Strength, your Fortitude.  My Works flow through you, each one, as I desire.  I Bless you in a great anointing on this eve of so great a holy day, each one.

    Lord, this is so beautiful and yet overwhelming.  Thank You,  and thank You for blessing Omen to be available when I called her.   Before I came I was having obstruction and confusion, so I could not edit the first chapter because it kept seeming as if I had repeated myself.  Lord please help me.

    We seal you in a shield of protection, that no spirits of confusion or disruption or any such thing occur in this Work which is a Gift of Our Mercy and Love.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I pray for GW, please give her relief of her pain,  and graces to help her bear the pain.

    The virtue of Love is such that We attend upon GW  in a profound anointing of Our Love.  Be at Peace, we give her an understanding of all that is  occurring and she is released from that which as distressed her for so long.  Believe, for nothing is impossible to the Lord God.

    Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.

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