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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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    Massah 2001; Discernment Prayer, July 2nd.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy,  oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.   Long Rebuke prayers: we had just been reading and discussing the Pontificate for Life discussion of the use of xenotransplantation, with some anxiety.  Miracle prayer.

    .Mother is with you little children, be at Peace. The many fine details of all that the scientists are exploring and working upon, are not explicitly given over for the beloved  Holy Father’s perusal and comprehension.  At this time do not become distraught about this message, but simply continue to pray.  In due course all is sorted out in the mind and will of the beloved

    John Paul.   Do you realize the immensity of the information being directed to him in his capacity as the Holy Father for the Church and in his leadership role with the many groups and associations round about him in every aspect of human life in relation to Holy Mother Church?  Little children, at this time I bid you, do not be distraught but simply wait upon the Lord; in due course all of these matters are clarified.

    Thank You Mother  Mary. The Sorrow got heavier as She spoke and as we prayed.

    Mother Mary we pray for Your protection over him, and through the power of the Holy Spirit may he eventually speak the Lord’s Will.  More obstructive words.

    Lord I just received word that Dr Parnia, of the pair who did the research tending to confirm the presence of the human soul, spoke in California on this research, and that they have received 3,500 responses from many who were afraid to be labeled "crazy” for similar experiences, and now have formed a foundation to extend this research, which was published in the Resuscitation " journal of February 2001. Lord we eagerly await Your Words on this.

    Little children, those who already as Christians, believe in the soul, accept these matters readily; the ones who consider themselves to be atheists or agnostics, linger a bit in this discernment; yet I shall cause to occur, events in the matter of "brain death,” in the matter of dying, to cause Humanity to know most assuredly,  each human is gifted with a soul -pure spirit!  Little children, believe in these articles and recognize them, and pray for further clarification to come to these doctors who are seeking that which is true with regard to a human being,  who is not simply  body like the animals.  Persevere prayerfully and we shall be discussing this matter further in the future. 

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  These beautiful Words themselves should persuade the Pontificate for Life that the unique human soul is the reason why a purely animal organ should not enter a human body, but that is just my ignorant human thought. 


    Those scientist practitioners of these procedures are going to find themselves in certain difficulties in what they are attempting to do, for most assuredly it is not of Me.  Much of what is not of Me is occurring in laboratories and hospitals throughout the so-called civilized world.  They are doomed to failure, for I am not with these people in these enterprises.  They have not united prayerfully with Me nor do they recognize Me. And therefore you will see such scientists becoming frustrated and having tried all that they understand, will cease to work in this direction. Little children, they do not recognize the possibility, they refuse to recognize the possibility, of a form of germ warfare attacking humans severely through the use of  animals in these experiments.  The end result could be far worse than that which they are endeavouring to study and cure!

    Thank You Lord.  Thy Will be done!   Lord LS is back.  He has much to discern; especially whether to be ordained for Canada or Rumania, since he cannot bear the smell of a corpse ; There is no use of refrigeration in Rumania, which is not a problem in North America. Lord how should we help?

    Children, it is the Lord Who speaks.  Do continue to pray for him.  Invite him, encourage him, entice him, to come here to pray in unity with you.  In the meantime, I bestow blessings and graces upon him to help him to resolve all his uncertainties.  As he is here this summer, the anemia disappears for he is both eating and exercising differently.  Be not anxious with regard to this matter; I already resolve it. Simply invite him having prayed before hand.  Leave it all with your Jesus.

    Thank You Lord. 

    Mother is in tears, it happens.

    Thank You Blessed Mother.  So Lord, its best if SL comes so You tell him Yourself?

    I wish to bless him in a specific way when he attends here, for this is a Portal of Light , named the Mercy Gate of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and here I wish to pour out continuous graces and blessings on little ones who attend.

    And Lord was it sufficient for me to just give him the card of the Rumanian doctor NM, or should I communicate with her independently further?

    You may give her a simple communication that you have given her name and address to SL; this leaves her an open door to respond back to you.

    Thank You Lord.  Dear Lord, You know that Pam is coming and spending a few days with me before that conference, and that TK has asked me to babysit for 26th  and 27th, since SK is going away for four days, but since I don’t know when You may ask me to speak I don’t know what to say to her. 

    I, the Lord God bless TK and the infant, and yet I desire that you remain attentive at the conference fully, therefore Heaven assists TK in finding the appropriate individual to attend upon the infant.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, You know from the discussions with my brother, that chaos reigns in my sister and brother’s lives; plans that were not made with You in mind and in prayer.  Nevertheless we pray united with the guardian angels and Mother Mary for them. Memorare.

    Mother is in attendance upon this people and all the concerns at hand.  Little children, accept that each individual, no matter how much you love them, must be molded, must be fashioned, must be tried, must be tested, until they are strengthened in knowing and loving and serving the Lord our God, and only then does the purification of the soul begin, so that they become pleasing to the Father.

    Therefore little children of Faith, many whom you love and are concerned about and pray for, are going through these journeys, which are in fact healing journeys, though it is not apparent to either the individual or you, who must look on this suffering.  Heaven hears your prayers; these ones for whom you pray, in due course return to the Lord, for He is the Good Shepherd and fetches them back.  In the interim dear children, simply pray for them; pray that they will do that which the Lord desires of them to do. 

    You pray, "let me know and only do Your Will;” these ones should also be praying this prayer, but alas they are not.  So little children, simply remember them in the Mass, remember them in the Rosary or any of  your prayers which you are so faithfully praying,

    Then leave them over to the action of the Lord Our God.  In the power of the Holy Spirit, changes occur in each life.

    Now is as ever, the opportune time to come unto Jesus; and yet when the little ones are confused and resist, they must go through some further struggles until at last Enlightenment comes upon them. Little children, in your penances, your sufferings, your prayers, they rise up as pleasing incense before the Father; the blessings and graces flow upon the needy ones for whom you pray, both kinsfolk and even strangers.  That is why I, your Mother, call you to continue praying for the conversion of the multitudes, for this includes many who are your own kinfolk.

    Beloved children, trust in the Lord at all times, trust in His Mercy and Love, and leave them with the Lord. 

    Thank You Mother Mary; and thank You for the editing and scanning coming through TK,

    Please continue to enlighten me, so all goes according to Your Plan.

    I Bless thee and TK, I bless the works of your hands; little children, persevere.  A special anointing comes upon TK, the little busy mother, in all that she in doing.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, this is coming for the third or fourth time, and I have been afraid to speak it out yet it never goes away; since you gave me so much sorrow at the very beginning of this book, are You going to give me more of Your Wounds as this book goes along? 

    And again I remind you little children, that the readings at the Mass this morning, [Genesis 18:16-33]: were there five good ones I would not have destroyed those communities, and it is as you understand, a faithful remnant, and when your God gazes down upon Earth, and His Eyes fall lovingly on the faithful remnant, that the Wrath is stayed and does not fall on Humanity as yet, and yet you are the ones, little children, this handful scattered all over the Earth, who suffer, as the beloved St Paul has spoken, " for I make up in Myself that which was lacking though nothing was lacking.”

    Little children, and so you feel the suffering; it is not visible to your neighbours, especially those in the world, but each one of you, in addition to your cross, bears a measure of the

    Suffering of your Jesus, in His Passion, each one in a unique fashion.  At times you feel it heavily, and at times it is eased.  My little children, know that when you feel the agony of various stages of the Passion, that someone is given an opportunity to convert.  These may be specific individuals for whom you pray, or utter strangers for you pray in a general way  for the conversion of the multitudes.

    Little children, at this time on the Earth, the true Body of Christ, the faithful remnant, therefore walks the Via Dolorosa with the Christ.  Embrace your cross, love your Jesus; together we win the Victory, so long awaited which remains imminent, and yet only the Father knows. Peace.  I am your Jesus, Eternal Victor!

    Thank You Jesus.  Stay with Me, because only You can help me carry it.

    It is your very unity with Me, which causes My Strength to be upon you and to sustain you through these times in which you are living.  They are not easy times for Humanity as you know.

    Our Lord let me know during the Mass on Friday, that the Words about victim souls was to go under the satan, sin and death chapter.   He can tell me these additions to the book or give me some form of His Passion at any time.  Because of these Words today I understand why He said that on Friday.

    Lord, I pray for LT whatever her needs may be today.  Miracle prayer for her; may the Presence...

    Mother is in attendance upon LT; be assured the Lord is with LT.  The little one, the small sensitive one, is safe in the Lord, who is her strength.  She recognizes now that in Jesus’ Name is her victory, is her strength.  She is secure in the Love of Jesus, in the Love of Mary.

    I Jesus, bless this child of Light and Love and I do indeed make her strong.  A greater Fortitude, a greater courage in walking her pilgrimage through this life. It is for you to know that it is good to pray for LT and love her.  You sense the fragility of this little one in some aspects of her life.  She is My Delight for the Faith that is in her heart.

    Lord do You wish to speak to us spontaneously  from Your Heart today?

    I wish you to know little children that Mother and I are attendant upon the Body of Christ throughout the world, the Church instituted by your Jesus, on the Rock of the beloved Peter, and I am profoundly attendant upon John Paul.  He is at once both strong and fragile, and I ask you to pray much for him.  The Spirit of the Living God encompasses him.  John Paul is safe in the Lord, and all that I desire him to know, comes to him in due course.  Little children, pray for the beloved John Paul, pray for your Mother the Church, and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Glory be...

    Massah 2001; Discernment Prayer, July 9th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    The Love of the Lord is upon you little children, be at Peace.  I am with you always as I am now.  You have many concerns?

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Since we were just reading about the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute newly established at Toronto University, St Michaels College, we will pray for them because we read of the different views expressed and we pray for Your Unity to come upon them Lord Jesus, since they say they are faithful to the Magisterium of Your Church.

    I am attendant upon you; simply pray the miracle prayer on their behalf and leave them with Me.  They are just sprouting, it is a beginning.

    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be...

    Lord we understand that the Holy Father is going on ten days of holiday today; we pray for all his physical and spiritual needs. We know he prays and writes much during this time.

    Be at Peace; pray for him as you do little children.  You know that he always comes back from these periods of rest with abounding words of wisdom to the needy people on the Earth.  Keep your intentions as you do, before the Lord God and the Mother of God. I am attendant upon these matters with the beloved John Paul and in due course it is given to you.  He will speak well to Humanity on his return.  The question is; who will heed?

    Lord help Humanity to heed; everyone who is meant to hear him, for their souls and for the souls of those whom they help or harm depending on their obedience to Your Will or not.

    Continue to pray thus little children.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, we are still struggling with the editing and scanning of the book.  We keep learning the problems, and I need Your discernment in editing out what is unnecessary of what I have collected.

    I bless you with the needed wisdom and discernment in this undertaking.  Pray and then act, and it is accomplished.

    Thank You Lord.  Some things still haven’t come, that I have written for.

    With regard to CA, the multitude of disruptions in this family’s life, is inhibiting their ability to cope with very much at all. Needless to say, the request is ‘put on the back burner.’ Therefore pray much and be patient in this matter. 

    Lord have Mercy on the whole family.

    I am attendant upon the multitudinous prayers that come before Me on their behalf, yet free will prevails.

    Thank You for the medical records on Tihana Ann from my sister who faxed them to me.

    Lord, even though You are with me, I remain in free will, so I have to keep coming back to pray that I am still on track, in case I take a wrong turn.  I know that in  the satan, sin and death chapter,  during Mass You told me that the ‘victim souls’ should be there, and as I obeyed, I found that I was now writing about the Fatima children, and then the whole Message of Fatima, the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Lord, is that Your Intention?

    It is by the Clothing of Jesus, with Flesh and Blood, through the "Yes” of the Immaculate

    Virgin Mary, that the Victory against satan was won, and that is why he perseveres in persecuting both The Christ and the Mother of God, and the Baptized children, Her "other children” of Faith. [Rev 12 vs 17]  This is ongoing, though few take time to pray and ponder on these matters, this is important.  The Annunciation [25th March] is as it were, a  Portent of the [spiritual] war, as it is today. 

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  How beautiful! Then does the vision of the serpent who stalked me, and the Vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe who appeared and stood on the serpent belong here too?

    I Bless you with a discernment of that which is suitable or appropriate to that of the scientific minds of those who will read it. As you know, many shun Me and My Mother who is their Mother also.  Therefore in the expediency of the Message directed primarily to physicians, there will be some limitations which you will discern, along with those who  assist you.

    Lord, I trust Your Holy Spirit to guide me. I don’t want this to be a matter of human opinion.

    Peace, I Inspire you to place all that I have given to you suitably in this book.  Sweetheart, as you know in cannot incorporate all the Messages, and so there will be, by you, certain discernments and limitations, of necessity.

    Thanks Lord. What about the front pages of the chapters as we had in the printed version before.  Do we keep those or not Lord?  I don’t even know where to put the Oath. Even pictures generally, should they go in or not Lord?

    My little ones, I am attendant upon you as you do this work, with My Merciful Love.

    It is good to include the Oath, perhaps at the ending of the book, because by then, the individual reader, having read, has done some soul searching, and is ready to consider this Oath.  With regard to the many pictures and title pages, include them now.  Know that as you discuss them with printers and publishers, there comes a time of discerning that perhaps some things should be left out in the interest of economy; this too has to be considered in the world in which you live.  I am assisting you every step of the journey.  Believe and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, the document about the human soul, should it be included under "brain death” or somewhere else?

    In Scripture St Paul calls the body his "tent,” that will be "folded up.”  Include this information in the book.  This gives one a better perspective to the concept of the relationship between body and soul.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. [Read St Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews Chapters 9 and 10.}

    See little children, your tent is not so valuable as the Essence of the being  within the tent. And in today’s world the emphasis is put on the "tent.” [body.]

    This could just as possibly go into the chapter on "organ donation, " because of the length people will go, to get organs to extend human physical life on Earth, forgetting the soul.

    You will hear a voice behind you saying, "this is the Way; walk ye.”

    If you would consider to dedicate the book to Gianna, who knew the value of the human soul.  She was ready to, and did give up her life for her baby. 

    Thank You Lord, that’s what I need. If that is Your Will Lord, then yes, I will do that.

    Lord, I have made two attempts to talk to Fr JM but we both ran out of time.  Am I to tell him about the book or anything else besides asking for a new spiritual director?

    Let him know about the book. It should not be a problem to receive the Imprimatur, for decidedly there is nothing against Faith and Morals in this book.  You may withhold this bit of information from Fr J at this time since there are changes in progress, but simply let him know about the book and its contents.  He will find time for you to discuss the book and the spiritual director.

    Thank You Lord. Besides visiting our previous pastors is there something else You are sending me to San Fransisco to do?

    Do indeed visit the beloved priests.  Trust in Me in all that is occurring.  Remember, we are walking in Faith.

    Thank You Lord.  Regarding the printers, even though I don’t know, and don’t have to know yet who the printers will be, I ask You to guide me in this preparation to suit the printers You have chosen for this book Lord.

    I bless the works of your hands that all falls into place according to My Design for you.  Leave it with TK at this time to research the different publishers and printers.  We have ample time to speak of it again.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, are the Scriptural extracts before each chapter, acceptable to You?

    It is good as you are doing.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, the soul document that I am to speak or read from in the WHO conference; how many copies should I make?

    It will be a stormy time at the conference and little children, always remember, wheresoever you go into the worldly domain, hold the armour of God snugly about you, knowing that I am with you.  With regard to how many copies to bring; bring what is suitable weight wise, luggage wise, perhaps seven to ten.  In a needy situation you could print copies there or promise to mail copies.

    Oh Lord, is it me who is going to be stirring it up? Its what I was afraid of.  I am afraid Lord.

    Little children, watch and wait; wait and see!

    Thank You Lord.  Is Dr Parnia going to be there; the one who was in California last week talking about the existence of the human soul?  Will he present that talk; I know I refer to their paper in this document of mine.

    Walk with Me!

    Lord You know that I am afraid.  I pray to stay as close to You as I can be! Strengthen me no matter what.

    I do; I am Your Dignity; I am your Strength.  Faith casts out fear.  Cling to Me, your Jesus.  Cling to Our Mother.  Sanctuary remains in the Two Hearts of Love.   Know little children, each one of you, that since you are in Unity of Love with Me in the Mass and in the Sacraments, I am within you and encompassing you.  In the Power of the Holy Spirit it is so.  Therefore, there is nothing to fear.  Fear not, for I have redeemed you.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord, Caron has asked that we pray for her husband.  Grant His needs Lord.

    Therefore we shall pray the miracle prayer and Mother and I attend upon him.

    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be...

    Thank You Lord Jesus; we ask You to speak to us from Your Own Heart spontaneously.

    I address each one of you gathered here together in My Name.  I am profoundly with you, each one, filling you with My Love and My Peace and My Joy.  It is incumbent in you for you stay prayerfully united with Me, the Living God, and thus blessings and graces are flowing upon you, to carry you moment by moment, step by step, day by day throughout your Faith journey. 

    When you abandon yourself, dear child, I address each one, to My Will, you become My instruments of healing Love, My instruments of Peace.  We work together in a unity of Love most profound.  And that is written, "all things work out for good for those who know and love and serve the Lord with all their heart.” Again I am calling each one of you, in your own way, in your own Mission which is unique, to persevere, endure, persevere, in My Name-Jesus- and in the Sanctuary of the Two Hearts of Love,  encompassed in Love. 

    Though you are in the world, you are not of the world, for you belong to Me, and thus to My Kingdom.  Peace.  I am Jesus, your Merciful Jesus, Who Loves you so!  Glory be to the  Father...

    Massah 2001.DP July, 23rd.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.   In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and in Union with the whole Heavenly Court we pray, the Lord rebuke thee satan, the Lord rebuke every evil spirit all coming against us and our loved ones and our Missions. Great and Glorious is the Lord Our God!

    Mother is in attendance and the Lord is with us, ready to communicate. The Reason for the Lord’s presence is ten-fold for there is much to do in His Holy Name. Little children, each one of you will be busy in the service of the Lord, for your "yes” is known by Our God, and therefore let the works begin!

    Thank You Mother.  Lord, keep us abandoned to the Holy Will of God. I am attending the World Health Conference ,mental health congress, and more than ever I see that Our Lord is totally excluded; more than ever I see the culture of Death agenda manifested; and the ones that mention "God” are promoting other religions such as Sikhism and "Native Spirituality” which is not Christianity.  Lord you are totally excluded and I feel Your Sorrow, but I do not see an opportunity to speak out in Your Name. I do not feel I belong there at all.

    I am attendant upon thee.  I ask you to persevere in going there My little one.  Your eyes see, your ears hear, you know what is happening in the world about you, both in the material world and in the spiritual world; you perceive  the insane direction in which the medical professions, the alleged scientists are going.  This is a far cry from caring for an afflicted patient as you know.

     I desire that you attend to make mental note of the various ways in which the human mind, the finite mind is plunging into darkness, despite the prayers of the faithful, despite My Call to holiness!

    I would desire to have these individuals working in Unity with Me, for the well being of each individual, yet they go off at a tangent which is alien to Me and not good for the patient.

    Thank You Lord.  How should I use this information?

    I simply wish you at this time to attend upon the meeting making observances of the noticeable trends in the health movement for future reference.  There is little need to document this conversation so far, but you may record it for your own references.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord, as You Know I have heard back from Dr PF and how should I proceed?

    Attempt to locate what the Dutch doctors are doing in this matter, and also keep an open line of communication with this Dr PF and hold it for future reference.  We will discuss this matter once thou hast researched it.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  As You know Lord. PM is with me and I cannot work on the book right now, but TK has some things for me to scan.  I did research a bit about one publisher but they are not available.  I don’t know that it is time to work on this yet Lord Jesus.

    We will wait yet a little longer in this matter also.

    Thank You Lord.  I pray for Kenny yet again. 

    I hold Kenny in My Embrace of Love now as ever; continue to pray for him and Trust Me. 

    Thank You Lord.  We pray for the Holy Father who is back from his time of rest.  I am glad he has spoken to President Bush.  Its getting close to a year since he spoke to the transplant specialists.  Will $ he speak soon Lord.

    The beloved John Paul is barraged by those who think otherwise, therefore continue to pray in this matter.  In due course he speaks.

    Lord, please help me to continue to attend my Holy Hour before I attend the conference, because I need to come, even if I am a bit late getting to the meetings, and if I could ask Father to receive Communion early because I cannot stay for the Mass and get downtown in time.

    Come unto Me before you attend the classes.  It is good to do that.

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, in the field of health locally there is more chaos than ever and no healing in sight.

    The concept of free enterprise vs socialism is at the root of these circumstances, and always little children you see, in this type of battle the egos and the self centredness of the individuals involved.  Therefore the only solution for the true believers is again prayer.

    Omen is telling our Lord she does not like to see these things happening to her country.

    Is it not a sign of the times?

    The fact of SH and KH coming to a nearby town; was this for me to know and attend?

    It is delightful if you would attend, but I do not Commission you to attend. I would not overtax you with meeting upon meeting, and yet it is a work of My Light and My Love, a work of Enlightenment to the people that are sorely in need of My Mercy and My Peace.

    To me it feels more like an opportunity to get spiritual healing, emerging from the hostile environment of the WHO conference.

    I am attendant upon your heart; I will motivate your heart accordingly.  Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. I ask You to bless TK with discernment in the scanning, so that we can make progress with the book.

     I bless TK in all her ways.

    DA had not received my previous letter; I have her latest phone number, to ask for medical records.  I am praying for several desperate patients.

    Give them to Me, leave them with Me; I attend upon them each one!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Oh My people, I am Calling all to come back to Me like the prodigal son.  There is only suffering and sorrow and hardship where they choose to wonder, and they find it so difficult, for the return journey back to Me, and yet I await them with open arms of Love.  How I Long to clothe each one with Salvation.  Tell Me their names in prayer at the Adoration Chapel and leave them there with Me.  I am your Jesus of Mercy, your Jesus of Love.  Upon whom I will, I have Mercy.  At this time I have Mercy upon all of mankind.  I await their response to My Call.

    Thank You Lord.  Glory be... May the Presence...

    The angels are singing, "Take my hand..."

    Massah 2001.DP July, 30th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.   In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and in Union with the whole Heavenly Court we pray, the Lord rebuke thee satan, the Lord rebuke every evil spirit all coming against us and our loved ones and our Missions. Great and Glorious is the Lord Our God! Oh most Holy Trinity, undivided Unity, Holy God, Mighty God, God Immortal be adored.

    Mother and I attend upon you little children, be at Peace.  I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally.  My little ones, I am blessing you each one as I so desire to do.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  We thank You for bringing us through last week at the WHO conference, difficult and ungodly as it was, and thank You for being so close to me, to us, several times over the weekend, especially in Adoration, and other times of prayer.

    I am always attendant upon you little children. In your "yes,” your meaningful "yes” to Me, I am with you, within you, and encompassing you at all times.  Yes, sometimes I permit you to be more aware than at other times in your busy lives, but I am with you at all times.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord, the heaviness is so great that its hard for me to even think, so I will just go straight to the main concern.  Since Friday morning when I was searching for the Holy Father’s words about the unity of the human soul and body, I started to read his encyclical, Evangelium Vitae, and found that the new order for the chapters in the book we are writing, conforms almost perfectly to the order of the Chapters in Evangelium Vitae, which I find amazing, but I realize I can only understand when and what Our Lord permits;  I do not understand the significance of this Lord.  Sometimes the Words the Lord has given me, are so in tune with Evangelium Vitae, that if I quoted from the encyclical it would be huge amounts.  If it is permissible Lord may I simply refer to the specific paragraphs from EV, which are numbered.

    Do So!  As you can see, the correlation is Mine; I have given it to thee according to My Will-the Words, the subjects, and they do indeed correlate to the words of the Holy Father.  At this point in time I ask you to persevere in working out the book.  When you are close to the ending, the completion of the work, before going to publishers or printers, we shall discuss this yet again.  I wish to put some Words to that effect in your foreword of the book.

    In my soul I know this but I will only know what the Lord permits me to know, when I should know it. People who read the book would need to have EV so that they could read the numbered paragraph referred to.  And Lord, the one or two chapters in my book which now seem out of order; is it that I am just too early in putting the book together and I will understand later why they belong where they are now, or should I move them to where they seem to belong now, following the chapters of EV?

    It is sufficient to cover the "marks of Cain” in the order in which they are at present.

    I understand that Our Lord has His Reasons for not revealing more than I should understand till the prescribed time, so I will just wait till You reveal the design of the book to me.  Lord it feels as if what the Holy Father is saying, should go into His Words, the third chapter, because he is Your Vicar on earth, and speaks in Your Name to all humanity, but particularly Your Church.  Is that Your Will Lord?

    It is good to do so!

    Thank You Lord. It also seems that in the chapter about angels, that I am meant to quote from "Our Lady speaks to her beloved Priests,” to Fr Steffano Gobbi; her words about Michael and Gabriel, the archangels, and the guardian angels-what their function is in these end times.

    Do So!

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I thank You for the arrival of the proceeds from Guadalupe Appeal, which I attended with Life Foundation Canada at the end of October 1999- printed speeches have finally arrived.  I have been eagerly waiting for the "formation of moral conscience” speech by Dr Dianne Irving, but there is also the speech by Cardinal Trujillo, Pontificate of the Family, about the respectful Christian burial of the remains of aborted babies, both of which I wish to include in part or whole depending on the space available, if it is Your Wish Lord?

    Do so! I assist you with the book cover to cover!  Be at Peace; persevere in all your undertakings, I am with you.I Bless the works of your hands.  Trust Me!

    Thank You Lord. I know that I am the least competent to write Your book, is why You choose Me.  Lord thank You so much for Your continuing Presence with us, especially in prayer and work, guiding me to do no harm to my patients.

    Lord I pray for AM and her friends searching for apartments now before school.

    I am profoundly attendant upon AM and each one of the other little ones. Our Lord shows AM’s guardian angel right beside her. All goes according to My Plans.

    Thank You Lord.  I also Pray for DK and DK who need to find a little home to and sell their place.

    Mother is attendance.  Invoke the Holy Family Who always protect the children. The beloved Joseph is keenly attendant upon the little families of Faith on earth today.  It is good to have recourse to the beloved Joseph, to whom the Father of All Creation entrusted the Christ Child and Me, His Mother!

    Thank You Mother Mary.  Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints; blessed be the Great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, blessed be St Joseph Her Most Chaste Spouse; blessed be God forever!

    The residence is before My Eyes; it is the Lord Who speaks; be at Peace.  All things fall into place for those who know, love and serve the Lord!  You dear little ones who abandon yourselves to the Lord God, your prayers resound favourably in Heaven. The graces and blessings flow!

    Thank You Lord! We pray also for both T and DK as they both look for more secure work.

    We attend upon the concerns of the beloved T and D.  Again, recognize the beloved St Joseph the Worker and invoke him!

    Thank You Lord.  Lord I pray for a mother, abandoned with her two teenaged daughters; protect her as a parent and her daughters.

    I Myself attend upon this people.  Simply pray for them as you do; council as you do, and trust Me.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for a patient who has cancer, and who is having gall bladder surgery tomorrow.

    Be at Peace; this one comes to Me in prayer.  We attend upon this one also.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord we pray for Fr JM, for all his needs as he leaves us.

    Showers of Blessings fall upon Fr John for his parishioners are praying for him unceasingly and it is My Delight that he has been appreciated  by the little flock of this parish.  Be assured he will be appreciated where I am sending him. 

    Thank You Lord. I pray for LT, that what she is experiencing may become a fulfillment of Your plans for her, and for the people through whom it comes about, especially the one she is replacing who has appreciated her.

    My beautiful, My dear little LT, My beloved one; know that I am ever attendant upon you.  Believe dear little one.  You realize that I am in your heart for you have said "yes” to Me.  I am with you every step of the journey.  You are encompassed  in Love.

    My little faithful one, My precious little worker, persevere in prayer and be not anxious.  I bless you profoundly, with the enhancement of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which you already have!  My precious one you will recognize this as you go forward day by day in the Light of My Love.

    Mother attends also upon you little one; you know that I am always with you, pleading your cause before Almighty God, loving you, blessing you, caressing you, comforting you, consoling you, cherishing you to My Heart.  You are cherished of God and of the Mother of God. Holy angels I set about you; you are immersed in the Love of Almighty God. Continue beloved child, holding the Name of Our Lord Jesus in all your works, and all goes according to Heaven’s Design for you.

     It is a beautiful plan indeed that the Lord calls forth for you; rejoice in Our Love’s Union and be at Peace! Glory be to the Father...May the Presence...

    Thank You Mother Mary. Lord, we ask if You Will , that You give us Words spontaneously from Your Heart.

    The angels are singing, the Love I have for You my Lord, is only a shadow..

    I am attendant upon you little children; Mother is attendant upon you.  Graces flow upon each one of you, for the true children of God are profoundly anointed in blessings and graces, in this time of trial, for it is you little ones, whose soul is filled to the fullest, in the River of Life and Light  and Love,  to be poured forth upon the needy ones whom you meet on your daily journeys.

    You do not know what occurs when you contact another individual with a gentle pat, a gentle smile, and a gentle good morning dear little children, and the blessings and graces I desire to pour forth upon that individual accrue.  My little one, that is why I call to Humanity, love one another as I have Loved you.

    This is the Mission of the true Christian, to pour My Love and My Mercy upon everyone in your pathway of Life.  The irritable ones, the unfriendly ones; these ones I ask you to just simply say a little prayer for them as they pass through your life, and persevere.  Oftentimes it is the only prayer these unhappy souls get. It is because no one is praying for them, that is why I call you to pray, and the Virgin Mother of God, visits the earth pleading the cause of humanity and calling them to pray and pray and pray again.

    Little ones, do it joyfully; give Me the joy of your morning offering, and I, with the Mother of  God, visit those whom I would contact.  Many know it not, and yet My Love is falling upon them too.  That is why I call you My faithful ones, precious precision instruments in My Hands, to see yourselves always as just that!

    The angels are singing, "Mary help us help we pray..."

    Thank You Lord, thank You Mother Mary.

    Massah 2001.DP August 6th.

    Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus and the fourth anniversary for this Mission on the internet (website.)

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy,  oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.   In the name of Jesus of Nazareth and in Union with the whole Heavenly Court we pray, the Lord rebuke thee satan, the Lord rebuke every evil spirit all coming against us and our loved ones and our Missions. Great and Glorious is the Lord Our God!

    The Sovereign Queen attends little children, be at Peace.

    Thank You Mother Mary. We each have people to pray for, who are Catholic but turning away in error. We pray for these to be turned back.

    La Salette;” up you children of Light and fight, ye small band that can see.”Little children, persevere!  The Lord is with you and I am  tenderly attendant upon you.  I am pleading your cause and the cause of the children of God. Do not disturb your Peace in all of this.

    We get part of a verse? St Teresa of Avila; let nothing disturb you, all things are passing; God alone is constant!

    Thank You Mother, Queen of Peace. Mother Mary thank you so much for Your powerful assistance this week. I ask if I have enough from her words to Fr Gobbi.

    Little one, that which you have taken is adequate except you have Divine Inspiration to do more at a later date. As you know, his book is full and readily available to those who would seek out these truths you will touch upon my words as they pertain to the chapter at hand in each instance.

    Thank You blessed Mother.

    Lord am I still following Your Will in what I am doing in the chapters?

    I bless the works of your hands; be at Peace.  I give you the necessary Divine Inspiration in the decision making, the discernments. Little one, it does not matter if there is a little much in the beginning.  As you work on the book you will, of necessity, eliminate a bit, while leaving the fullness of Truth in the book.

    I am in that interesting space where I see clearly the piece I am working on but utterly in the dark about other chapters not worked on, and about the whole book as a unity of work.

    "I am a Lamp unto your feet, and  a Light unto your pathway.”

    Lord as long as I know You are leading me and also setting the pace at which You wish me to go.Lord I thank you for the Anniversary of Your Transfiguration, the day on which the website first went up four years ago;I pray for the obstruction blocking the website to be cleared.

    My little ones be at Peace; it is readily cleared up yet again.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I thank You for DNI who is truly Your instrument of Truth.

    I Bless this woman in all that she in doing in My Name.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I don’t know how to handle the quantity ; I feel as if I need an appendix at the back of the book. Is that acceptable to You?

    An appendix with references to the source material, indeed! It need not give excessive detail, but reference the information.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I need to ask how, or if You wish me to use information about Audrey Santo.  You have already once before given me Words about her. I have been able to access her website.

    A short two or three pages but that it be referenced as to the source.

    "St Paul’s words... for I make up in my body what is lacking in the Sacrifice of Christ even though nothing in lacking....”

    Thank You Lord; a victim soul.

    Lord I wish to pray about my friend LP, who is almost legally blind.

     He asks us to pray, my God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.”

    Little ones, trust Me in this matter and continue to pray as you do; it is pleasing to the Lord your God.

    Thank You Lord.   Lord if you want to You can heal her. I ask St Raphael, for Your Glory, but Thy Will be done.

    You have a way with words little children, for tugging the Hearts of your Mother and your Jesus.  My Love and blessings come upon you and upon Lee and upon the many for whom you plead.  I heal as I will, and you are aware of that, and I bless you for your Faith in action.

    Lord I pray for their success in whatever they do in preparation for the coming of the Holy Father and for her children and all those who are so vulnerable in these times. We are given the words of the song,

    I will pour out my Spirit on all mankind and they shall live, For you are My People and I am your God, you belong to Me...

    Healing Love I pour out upon My beloved Humanity. Acceptance occurs, as you know, in the free will of the individuals, yet we have a persevering Mother, interceding upon the cause of each individual.

    Thank You Lord, thank you Mother Mary.  Lord I don’t know yet what the last chapter is really about; is it The Eucharist or is that Victory and Salvation?

    He is showing us the flames around His Heart and saying,

    And again we will approach this subject in due course; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord.

    I had a strange experience on Saturday, July 28th, when I came home from Mass, and fell asleep on the couch, only to wake up to the feeling of being watched, and I saw this old lady, whom I had never seen and did not recognize, staring at me with curiosity, above my feet; just her torso in the air above me.  She was very old, with grey hair parted in the middle  and somewhat ruffled.  I was stunned; then she was gone, but I started to think she must be one that I had prayed the chaplet of Divine Mercy for in Adoration, which I’ve been doing each time since 2-4th February when we had the workshop on Divine Mercy and I became a Eucharistic Apostle of Divine Mercy and promised to pray for a soul dying during my Holy Hour of Adoration.

    I bid you know that the one permitted to gaze upon you, is indeed, as you have discerned, one whose sins were negated by the Divine Mercy intercession. This prayer of Faith in My Merciful Love is a great instrument in Salvation.  It is underused at this date, and so there are few of you who are accomplishing this healing of souls at the hour of death. Little children it is a time of great Mercy from your God. 

    Yes, I am God and I can do as I will, but in the Design of Your Father of Mercy, it is by man that man is healed.  I became Man for the healing of humanity.  I am the Way; I have taught you The Way little children, and you are each one, following in My Way, despite the oft times weariness, you persevere. I wish you to know of the success of your prayers on behalf of the little troubled ones.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; that is an amazing and powerful experience.

    Lord, now about GI and Colleen; we thank you for her healing so far. Should she be included in the book?

    Mother is in attendance little children; I am attendant upon Colleen.  Prayers resound on her behalf. The healing as you see, is ongoing.

    Jesus says Her prognosis is good.

    Delightful little  children, I your Mother bless you both; your prayers have been powerful in the healing ministry of many people.  Colleens healing, to be recognized in the book, calls for assent from George and Colleen . This is forthcoming.  The miracle for the beloved grandfather occurs in due course in a short time.  It is not a long time because of the prayers of the faithful.

    A child of Light ...

    Mother who is the child of Light?

    I Jesus bless you; in due course you will understand this statement. It is sufficient for now.  All the children of God, children of the Truth are children of the Light.  This child of Light of whom We speak, comes forward into your lives, and you will pray for the child who will be healed.

    Both of us?

    You will wait upon the Lord; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for the two year old in Lviv; if it is Your Will that he be healed?

    He is in the Eternal arms, the Everlasting arms.

    Lord, You are taking Him home, or You have taken him Home?

    He is Mine, now and ever, be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for the 45 year old husband of GI’s  employee, if it be Your Will to heal him Lord?

    Simply pray for him and trust Me.

    Thank You Lord.

     Lord, is it Your Will that LT Scripturally annotate Your Words used in the book?

    It is a delightful and pleasing way of enlightening the reader to the Truth of My Presence in every human life.

    Thank You Lord; this is so much bigger than I could ever imagine, I really don’t know the full picture of what I am doing.

    I tell you again, I am your Jesus, All Powerful God, Wonder Counselor, Great Physician, and I desire to hold every precious little one to My Heart of Love, even as Mother does, for the Healing of soul and body.  My precious little ones, the times in which you are living, have brought  distress and unpleasant disorders and diseases to humanity.

    I Myself attend upon the many, and again, in the Will of your God, you must be instruments in the healing of your brothers and sisters, all you who know Me and have unity of Love with Me.

    I call you to be healers in My Name, for the suffering ones. You know that some, in My Will, I take Home to Myself; some I heal that they may remain longer in the world in Me, even though they are My Own, for My Own reasons. Little children, love Me and trust Me.

    He shows us all the technical apparatus that man is using for healing today in the scientific world and saying...I ask you if it is necessary?  Some of it works for good, some of it works for harm.

    If they would ask a blessing from Me upon their undertakings, much, much more good would come upon their works, but they prevail in finite reasoning to do what they do. Little children, you are as it were, strategic instruments in My Cause, which is Healing Love!

    Glory be...May the Presence of the Sacred heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, remain with us always; beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace.  Jesus Christ the King of Kings reigns! Amen. 

    Massah 2001.DP August 20th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy,  oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.   In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and in Union with the whole Heavenly Court we pray, the Lord rebuke thee Satan, the Lord rebuke every evil spirit all coming against us and our loved ones and our Missions. Great and Glorious is the Lord Our God!

    The Lord is with you children; be at Peace!

    Mother is telling us to be at Peace also.

    Thank You our Lord and Mother Mary. I ask our Lord’s permission to pray seated because of a knee injury.

    If you knew how your soul comes before Me you would be in delight! It is sufficient that you sit today.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. I ask You to heal my knee so that I can return to my routines, but Your Will be done Lord.

    I touch you with My Healing Love!

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I feel You have much sorrow for President Bush who has compromised Your Truth in compromising with evil in his ESCR decision.

    This is a hideous crime, and not pleasing to the Lord who is Wrath, for the wages of sin is Death. Death of the soul is the Death to be dreaded! There can be no exchange with evil; there can be no compromise with evil.  This political leader attempts compromise with evil to no avail; it cannot be! It is either Truth or deception! There is no middle ground, even for the most politically astute. It is an impossibility to try to appease both sides, destroys trust and character and much, much more. I am not oblivious to all of this! " His Eye is on the sparrow, His Eye is on us.”

    Lord have Mercy! Lord I ask for you to help me with the discernment of the convergence of Your Mercy and Your Justice, which the Holy Father discusses so well in Dives in Misericordia.

    My Mercy remains upon My beloved humanity in a prolonged hour of My Love.

    In the context of My Will, in the matter of Life and Death, it is the Lord Who speaks; you see the scientists usurp the role of God.  They have been enlightened scientifically but not spiritually. 

    They condemn the Christians, the believers, and override their rights today.  Again, I am not oblivious of this!  It is when My Justice meets with My Mercy, as it were, that I take My Own Home  out of this world.

    It is a foregone conclusion by the scientists that they will clone humans.  They have not considered Me! They have had what they consider some reasonably successful experiments.  This is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord, your God.

    Those who tamper with the life-giving Force of the Creator of creation, will rapidly find themselves in unexpected situations which they themselves cannot cope with; some of them call on My Name; others will abandon reality, going mad; others yet will persevere, beyond for humans, what is a point of no return, and take upon their own souls, that which they have done!

    You cry out, Lord where will it end, when will it end?  Those who belong to Me I will hold secure through all these perils, for the time of Holy Freedom on earth is not quite yet.  If it were, there would be no cause for this book.  But it is yet a little longer, and in this time frame, science attempts that which is undesirable for humanity as a whole, and displeasing to your God. I have My Eye on each one of them;  My Will IS done!  In due course, they become aware of this.

    Lord, I know that You are leading me one step at a time in this book, and in this moment I am unable to see what or how it will be about the book, what will throw the light switch one, that will cause the ones you speak of to convert, to see Your Truth, to believe and to turn aside from all this evil that offends You so much and endangers their souls eternally.

     Trust Me!  Continue to walk, hand in hand as it were, with your God, and I bring you to the understanding I desire for you! When others read the book, they will obtain an understanding, each one for himself, because My Words, though not in Scripture, are yet from Me, and they bring light for those in darkness, and are fully compatible to those in Scripture!

    Thank You Lord. Lord, as You asked me last time, I did search for the similar document as the one of the doctors about the human soul; the Lancet rejected it and therefore will not publish it.

    Make one more attempt at learning the content. Persevere!

    Yes Lord, thank You. Lord, I also have not heard back from GI and C.

    Let us wait in patient perseverance!

    Lord, we pray for them, and that she will give consent.

    Blessings come upon this work and blessings come on all who take part in this work.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord may I change the subject now, or do You wish to say more about the book?

    Let the book remain under the convenorship of the Mother of God and all falls in place.  Little children, recognize that She does indeed attend upon the Living God,  in all that you pray about, and you know well the response you receive.

    Thank You very much Mother Mary; the feast of the Queenship of Mary is a very special anniversary between Mother Mary and me.  I pray fro D whose birthday is the 22nd Aug,

    I am the Good Shepherd; I seek out My Own.

    Thank You Lord. I pray again through our Mother, for the Eucharistic Miracle soon to come about, for the conversion of the people of the world to hear and believe.

    Continue to pray for this intention and believe; it occurs!

    Lord I need to pray for some patients, who are really suffering. I pray for the one abandoned with two adolescent children; WA.

    She rests in My Presence.

    Lord I pray for the one who has come off medication now, whom You did give healing last year but she did not trust enough to believe.

    Our Lord asks us to pray My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love you.

    I am attendant upon this one also; heaven hears your prayers.

    Thank You Lord; we ask their guardian angels to inspire them to come to You often.

    Lord I pray for GW especially regarding the breast lump, that it is not malignant.

    Leave her with  Me: I attend upon all the ones for whom you pray little one.

    Thank You Lord.  I pray for the ones whom I find difficult.

    The abuse falls on Me, your Jesus, and is no more. My little one, I died also for them, I suffered the Passion for them.  Leave the abuse fall on Me.

    Lord, I have a long way to go, to be even a little bit like You Lord Jesus.  I pray for the one LE who has lost a daughter, and for the son in law, and for the repose of the soul of the daughter.

     All are known to Me; I do indeed attend upon each one.  Be at Peace in this matter.

    Lord it is so wonderful that we can come to You, that we are not left alone with any of the world’s burdens.

    "Lo, I am with you always....”

    Thank You so much Lord; I pray for the one who has returned to the Church, the Sacraments, and now she is trying to convert her adult sons, brought up differently.

    We commission her to persevere in all prayerfulness for their conversion, and in due course it occurs.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord we pray for the situation of health in Canada and BC, that Your will be done.

    I am the Lord your God; I am attendant upon this nation of yours, and in all manner they scatter from Me. I do not abandon them, I am the Good Shepherd; even those who are afflicted , and awaiting the medical attention.  These ones I am attendant upon, each in his or her own way.  In due course the children of God will depend more and more on Me, the Living God, for their healing, or many will depend both on the Lord God and on the believing physicians to assist them with their health concerns. I am your merciful God!

    Thank You Lord.  Lord Jesus, we ask for You to speak to us from Your Heart.

    In a brilliant burst of Light, humanity will at last recognize the Commission, shall We say, which the Living God has entrusted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, will come to believe and to understand, the Family of God; will come to recognize, the Living God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; and in the Consecrated Bread and Wine recognize at last, My Presence, for I have spoken, "I will be with you always, even unto the end of time,” and I am with you fully- Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity,- in the Holy Eucharist, and I am with you in Spirit, the Spirit of the Living God , Who is Love, Who is Sanctifier. This knowledge is free to all who will heed and I now cause events to occur which brings humanity-for the most part- to their knees, and even prone before the Living God.  You will hear of miraculous events, and know yourselves miracles of My Healing Love- here, in your parish, which remains a faithful portal of Light to humanity. Question not these Words little children, but believe, for nothing is impossible to the Lord your God!

    Thank You Lord; we give You all praise ,honour,  glory, thanksgiving ; we bless Your Holy Name. May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always; beloved children of God and children of Mary be at peace; Jesus Christ, the King of Kings reigns. Amen.

    Massah 2001.DP August 24th.

    We are praying on Friday during Divine Mercy Hour, therefore we pray Divine Mercy Chaplet first. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    Mother is present. Jesus is present also; be at Peace.

    Thank You Jesus and Mother Mary.

    Be not dismayed little children about what is happening in the world and those who are of the world still. Your Mission is to persevere in the way of holiness which Our God has chosen for you. In this way, as you remain humbly obedient, persevering despite the harassments and oppressions, the distractions, you win the victory, and this victory is the conversion of many others,  to know Salvation, for you know well that you are front line warriors ,in the battle for souls in the Church militant upon the earth today; yet always remember you are not alone; the Lord is with you, I an with you, angels and saints are with you. Little children, rest secure in the Embrace of the Two Hearts of Love.

    Thank You Mother. Please pour forth the graces that we both lack in following You. The Lord is present but He is not saying anything. Lord thank You for the Love that I feel upon me in Your Presence. Lord I thank You for the beautiful feastday today, St Bartholomew, and also to thank Mother Who spoke to me five years ago today, asking me to tell NC that She was asking him to become a priest, and I  pray for NC .  Also thank You Lord for St Faustina whose birthday is tomorrow. May we receive Words from You today please Lord?

    Indeed! The Presence of the Lord is profoundly upon you little children.  I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally.  Each one of you is blest in a profound anointing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy. Little children, I remind you that I have long told you, in the battle in which you are front line warriors at My Desire, you would be wounded, battle-scarred, weary, but ever victorious in My Name; Jesus!

    Therefore persevere, endure, persevere; this remains the message of the times.  In prayer, in unity with Me and Our Mother, you are victorious!  Indeed angels and saints readily assist you at all times, as do I, the Living God, and Our Mother. We are never, ever distanced from the chosen ones who have said "yes” to the Living God, and are working out their given Assignments in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love, patiently persevering, such as yourselves. There are many of you scattered about the world.

    Thank You Lord. Lord when we prayed on Monday, You told us that Mother Mary was intimately involved with the affairs of humanity by Our Lord’s Design. I came across the encyclical of the Holy Father, Redemptoris Mater, which he wrote in 1984, I think, and we had the Marian Holy Year then. It appears that that Inspiration of the Holy Father, and the Holy Father’s leading the Church in honouring Our Mother then, was the burst of Light, in preparation for the coming millennium. Is that correct Lord Jesus?

    The beloved John Paul is Our Chosen Instrument for these times.  But of course, He is illuminated, and with his illumination, his flock-My Flock are illuminated, in a great blessing of Peace and Light and Love  and Joy.  Heavenly angels work in relaying the Messages of Truth, enlightenment of Scripture, Truth in the Mass, and much, much more in these times, through the beloved John-Paul, and through the many, who have made their "yes” in emulation of that of the Virgin Mother of God, and that of the beloved Saint Joseph.

    Children, your "yes’s” are pleasing to the Living God and to the Mother of God.  I am called Teacher, but She mother’s you, and mothers have their own way of mothering which is a form of teaching, and in this way you children of God and children of Mary have your formation. 

    Thank You Lord Jesus; thank You Mother Mary. This seems important for evangelization,for the Jewish, the other Christian and the Moslem people as well, especially because that word was very clear when I received the juan Diego Vision.

    In your yieldedness to Me, the Living God, in your daily "yes, ” as it were, the morning offering, I guide you with Divine Inspirations. Little children, stay in the Peace of My Presence throughout each day.  Yes, there are trials in the interaction with other people who are not believers, or are only limited in their belief; they are yet My Own. And when you can remain in the Peace of My Presence by calling on My Name, by calling on Mother’s Name, at those needy moments, you become a great example to the other ones who are agitating or disturbed, who are disruptive. .  That is why I would like to call each of My little ones, not only lighted candles but pillars of Faith, for pillars of Faith are unmoved by all that is going on around them.  Do you understand little children?

    Yes Lord Jesus. Lord, help us to get to that state by Your Grace. 

    You have Our Mother of All Graces present to you little children, smiling and blessing you with additional graces.

    Thank You Lord; thank You Mother Mary! We pray for NC and for all seminarians and priests.

    Continue to pray for Him and all the other students of the Faith; the seminarians, the priests. This is the time which is difficult for My priests and My seminarians and for the searchers for Truth.

    Lord the Holy Father’s encyclicals are so beautiful and enlightening. It is almost a year since his address to the transplant experts; we pray that soon he will speak on the issue of body and soul, the unity. We get a huge obstruction, a barrier as we pray for this intention. St Michael the Archangel...

    Mother is attendant dear children! You know he is My beloved priest-son. There are forces working against Truth everywhere, yes even in the Church established by Our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is a serious offense to God, and a great heartache in the Heart of the Mother of the priesthood. The obstruction to the Holy Father speaking out in this grave matter, is now being removed and you shall soon hear the desired words.  Yes they shall be clear and readily understood.

     It is not the desire of the Living God, that one individual be killed to cause another individual to continue to live. It were better for each one to pray with regard to the state of their souls- each one, and have regard to the Merciful Love of Our God, than to enter into these undertakings. 

    You see now the proof of the suffering and the killing, brother against brother, Tape becoming inaudible...Prolonged hour of Mercy you are still called to persevere patiently, awaiting the action of your God through the Holy Father and indeed it comes forth clearly; the Truth is spoken clearly, but will all heed?

    Lord it seems to be that when the Holy Father speaks about the unity of body and soul,  his words will form the most important part of chapter twenty; Peace in His Presence; is that correct Lord?


    Thank You Lord. It also seems to be that each chapter should highlight the primacy of the

    human soul; or this should be the main focus of each chapter?

    Continue in this manner.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, when the Holy Father gave us Redemptoris Mater in 1984, together with the Marian Holy Year, highlighting Our Mothers role in distant preparation for the year 2000, there was a document I read that said, if the Holy Father had not consecrated the world to Mary that year, Lucia said there would have been an atomic war.  Lord is this accurate, and should I leave it in the book?

    Leave it there for now.

    hank You Lord Jesus. The tape became completely inaudible here, at least half the Words were lost.

    Massah 2001.DP September 3rd.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.  Rebuke prayer... In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth...

    In the Name of Jesus you pray, and I am attendant upon you. Peace; I am your Jesus of Merciful Love; be not too much aggrieved  about the dreadful things you see and hear in these times; you well know that you are living in the time of great trial, and before My return, these things have to be. 

    Today I am asking those who know and love our Mother, to continue to pray for a time of Advent where She is recognized and triumphant,  and I too, am recognized; I am your Jesus of Victory.  It is My Will that My Mother be recognized in the Body of Christ! She recognizes each child of God as her own precious child, because of My Word to Her at the foot of the Cross of Calvary.

     I call to humanity; do not shun Our Mother, the Queen  of Heaven and earth, the Mother of God,  and by My very Word, your Mother also. It is now a moment of Love; I am pouring out My healing Love upon you, filling you with My Love and My Peace and My Joy, that sure and quiet Joy, which indwells your heart, and  which is indicative of the indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Living God, Who is within you and encompassing you at all times.

    You are aggrieved and concerned about one who has been ensnared by the ways of the world.  As you pray little children continuously for the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls, as you do daily, you may single out a certain one or other that you know at times specifically in your prayers,  but know that all your prayers are heard in Heaven, and it is always your God’s desire to say yes to the precious little faithful ones. Even so, all must go according to the Father’s Design, and all as you know, is contingent upon the God given free will of the individual for whom you are praying.

    That is why Mother is visiting all over the world, calling the children of God to pray and pray and pray, that none of My Own be lost to Me.  Each one of you is given a

    specific Mission by Me, in the works of My Mercy, and I bless the works of your hands and I assist you, truly I assist you in thought, word and deed, in all of your undertakings, and I ask you continually to rejoice in this God given unity of Love.

    I indwell the hearts of the faithful, making them truly hearts of love, for  Love, for the dispensing of My Love.

    Thank You Lord, as You know I lost some of the Words last time because of problems with the microphone; I recognize some of the Words today already are a repeat of the lost Words.  Thank You Jesus! Even some of the words that Mother gave me were lost also.

    Jesus shows Omen a beautiful full blown rose and says: I am attendant upon you; I have written My Word in your heart, as has Mother; in the power of the Holy Spirit it is so.  Even so,We incorporate and entwine in today’s and future dates, Words covering all that you have missed.  Be at Peace. I am with you always.  Divine Inspirations ensure that you persevere in the works We are doing together.

    Thank You Lord.  You know already that when I was feeling so inadequate and incompetent to do Your book today the Holy Father’s words about Judith, the weak and powerless, are the ones Our Lord chooses and strengthens as His instruments. But we have not yet heard the words from the Holy Father, about the unity of body and soul.

    The Assumption of the Mother of God into Heaven; She came not just soul, but body and soul, for there is an integrity of unity between body and soul, for each human being. It is not the will or desire of your God, that these disruptive activities, in this aspect of the medical field occur, and continue to occur.  There is no recognition of soul, and a decreased recognition of the integrity of each human body. You see clearly this is not of Me.  You await a pronouncement.

    He shows Omen the Pope inundated with work with the racism conference in South Africa.

    Therefore again I bid you little ones, endure, persevere, believe!  I am Truth and the beloved John Paul, in due course, speaks out Truth.  You ask that it be clear, without any ambiguity, and it shall be thus, for he too has learned of all the disgraceful and corruptive ways that are occurring in the treatment of the humans body during this absence of recognition of the human soul.

    Thank You Lord. As you know, I was refused permission by Zenith to use their English version of the Holy Fathers words; but I have to find an electronic way to access L”Observatore Romano to ask for permission to copy the official version of the words.

    One must attempt to contact this official voice; this newspaper. Once the Pope has uttered the words, they are in the public domain; the source being indicated, it should be adequate. Even so, should you be unable to contact them on the internet, there is ample time to write.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  I did try again to write to the Lancet; but the editor did not reply.  I could write back to Dr F and see if he can help me get the Dutch paper. And send him a copy of the human soul, if that is Your wish.

    You may do so.

    The sister at Pauline books and media, said their headquarters is in Boston, plus she told me about National Catholic Ethics, both of whom could be approached about publishing the book. Then I also got e-mail from Ascension Press, wanting a link with my website. But they might also be able to publish the book; so Lord we have three choices.

    Allow them to unite with you for they are of Me.  I lead them as lead thee, as I will.  Trust Me. You may also contact the two addresses in Boston.  I am opening doors for thee little one, because it is My Word, My Work, which I wish My beloved humanity to know, most specifically men of science, to know.  One must proceed diligently, winning as it were, one individual at a time, to recognize that man is both body and soul; to win them over to this Truth.  Therefore I cause you to have, as it were, many irons in the fire.

    Lord, as You know, I need Your Words, even to know what to write to them.

    I will inspire you. You may allow them to link with you now.  You may advise them of your work, and that you are seeking a publisher and enquire if they would be interested. I will advise you in your script to them.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I need to be closer to You, to be clearer where to put some Words, Like the Words of Mother today; should they be nearer the beginning or the end of the book? Some chapters are already full and not available for more Words, and some are still quite empty, waiting for a lot more.

    The ones with the space will have the big pictures.

    Lord which pictures?

    We Leave that till just prior to preparing the document for the publishers.

    Oh, this is really getting big.  Lord when I went to Pauline bookstore I bought a few more of the Holy Father’s Encyclicals. Lord it’s so much and all so important. How to extract?

    You will take a pertinent line, and then say where it is from and then tell the reader they are well advised to read the original document.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. I pray for all to be converted and to do Your Holy Will Lord.

    It is a time where the young people are fearful for their tomorrows; it is like a panic  which causes them to practice the birth control; they think it is a panacea for the problems of today, but alas it simply complicates their lives.

    Thank You Lord. Lord help me to persevere with the book, not to look at the huge job it is, but just the part before me right now, and strengthen me to persevere.

    He shows Omen long stemmed roses  and lilies in a bouquet.  I am with you; call on the Names of your Jesus and Our Mother and We assist you profoundly.  It is always thus.  It was that way for the saints who have gone before you little children. Cling to your Jesus; cling to Our Mother and We guide you, moment by moment, in all that We wish you to accomplish.

    Lord thank You, and for Mother Theresa; and I have the book of her rosary meditations, but what may I include?

    Sweetheart you might use one or two quotes, and also note the source and suggest the reader read also that book.

    Thank You Lord.  She spoke to us soon after she died, in this Mission, but since she is not an officially canonized saint yet, can we quote her; can we say she spoke to us?

    The one who is Mother Theresa is secure in the Lord; secure in Glory. She was called a living saint while on earth; yes indeed you may quote her, you may use the words given to you in Spirit.

    Lord thank You; and Mother Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces, we pray for the graces we need to know and love and serve the Lord as we must do, in thought , word and deed.

    Mother Mary says very solemnly, Cain has killed his brother, and humanity- they are killing their brothers and sisters in every imaginable way. Corruption is upon this world, and yet in this room, you ask for the needed graces which are being poured out upon you little ones.

    Mother pour them out on the world as much as the Lord permits.

    This is a good prayer child; you pray often that I pour forth My graces in the power of the Holy Spirit of Love upon this love -starved humanity. The graces you ask are given to you.  You shall stay secure in the pathway of holiness.  You learned lessons in the Church about humility.  It is given to you at once with dignity.  You are each one molded and filled with the needed well being of body and soul, mind and emotions to persevere as the front line warriors that you have been called to be. Therefore little children, be at Peace. And again I bid you, keep your eyes upon Jesus, and keep His Name ever on your lips, for He indwells your heart and soul and mind, and you are encompassed in the Divine Love, of the power of the Holy Spirit.  Rejoice in the blessings of Our Father.  It is pleasing to the Lord God, little children, when you seek sincerely to do His Will.

    Mother Mary I pray for FC to find Jesus and to be secure in His Love, as well as her friend K.

    When you seek Me I will let you find Me; come unto Me all you who are weary and I will give rest to your souls . Angels are singing” how great is our God.”

    Thank You Lord. May the Presence...

    Massah 2001.DP September 10th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    Michael is present, Our Lady of Fatima is present, Our Lord Jesus is present!.

    Thank You our Lord, thank You Mother Mary, thank you St Michael. Lord, we always have so much to thank You for. I would like to thank you first for Mother Theresa of Calcutta; on her anniversary 5th September, on EWTN I saw her speech at the prayer breakfast, which I copied and placed it in Ch two, above where I had written about the abandoned babies, especially the ones in which my sister was involved.  Mother Theresa had called her talk,” whatsoever you do to the least of My little ones you do to Me,” which are Words which our Lord said to my sister, blessing her for adopting TA; it fit!

    Thank You Lord.  Omen is also remembering that when she went to speak at the UN she also handed out the prayer of St Francis, "make me an instrument of Your Peace,” and she always said, do everything with love or it does not count at all.

    Lord I need to thank You for bringing the relics of St Therese so close to me; in fact five minutes from my home, and on a Sunday the 23rd of this month, a Sunday and also the day of death of Padre Pio a saintly one while on earth, renowned for miraculous healings. Lord, I know that I am being profoundly blest, but how am I really to see these gifts now?

    Little children, in all exhilaration of Love, I bless you each one, in a profound anointing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy, from My treasury of Love, through the Heart of Our Mother, through the love of the saints, through the

    angels, graces and blessings are ever flowing upon the faithful, in the Body of Christ!

    Thank You Lord. I know that Therese said that she would be love in the heart of the Church.  It came to me that the spiritual experience on the 30th July 1984, of me as a child less than three years old, lifted up in the arms of my Crucified Lord, that that childlike trust in the Lord, is what is modeled by Therese. Thank You Lord!  Last Friday the Lord gave me the gift of experiencing the overwhelming Love of the Lord in Adoration, which continued when Father said we would celebrate a Mass in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus because it was the first Friday of the month. A few weeks ago our Lord said a "boy of light would come through and be healed " but he did not tell us any more detail. " As I was passing the Adoration Chapel on the 8th September, Mother’s birthday, I noticed the lady in there arranging the flowers; she was alone so no-one at the time was adoring our Lord so I knelt down to do so while she was working.  I started to pray the rosary when our Lord reminded me that I had seen the young man PR alone in the Church for the Mass, and that he had heard the priests renewing their fiftieth commitment to the Salesian order, and I understood that he was now wanting to make a commitment to  priesthood; that Mother was asking of him.  I remembered that on the 5th October 1998, Feast day of St Faustina, I had been told that this young man would become a priest [he is Polish] but I was told that I could not tell his parents, but should continue to pray for him. After praying the Rosary, I prayed Divine Mercy Chaplet, asking that all obstructions in his path and that of the Holy Father’s be removed. Lord is this my imagination or Your Will?

    Little children, you are called to walk in Faith and hope and trust and love, patiently  persevering. Little children, I lead you one step at a time in your Faith journey, yet I bid you do as Mother is calling to all the children on earth to pray, pray, pray; little children you have no idea, the fruits of your prayer life! Be assured that your sufferings, your penances, united with your prayers, rise up as pleasing incense before the Father, Who pours forth graces and blessings as He wills on earth!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. We pray for him. I received a phone call from a patient in tears,who already has an appointment with another doctor, but seemed upset about it. I haven’t called her yet; I need to pray for what is best for her before I act.

    The Queen of Angels, Queen of all Saints blesses you child.  You may give to her a courtesy call and you will discern what is going on in her heart and thoughts, and Heaven will assist you in your half of the conversation, and you will know what to do by Divine Inspiration, even unto Words!

    Thank You Mother Mary.

    We are getting the Words, " what a friend we have in Jesus, take it to the Lord in prayer..." Thank You our Lord. I have not heard from any of the three publishers yet; they have been in contact with my Mission before...

    We are not as yet ready to publish, therefore be at Peace; in due course they respond.  Little one, you have many irons in the fire at this time.  Little one, wait on the Lord and be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord. We have not heard from GI.  Our Lord said Padre Pio was involved as a "healing saint” when we prayed for the healing of C. PP prays for his Guardian Angel to contact with GI’s guardian angels, to release the consent. We pray for JM who asked for prayers because she is being obstructed. Her birthday is the 12th, Holy Name of Mary. We get obstruction around her and pray rebukes.

    Mother attends upon the little one children; be at Peace and again wait upon the Lord.  All things work out for good for those who love and serve the Lord as you do.

    Thank You Blessed Mother. When we prayed together last time our Lord said some of those empty pages were for the big pictures; we still don’t know what our Lord was referring to. But I found two articles the BC report, one about sale of body parts, one about abortions; three and four pages. Lord, are these what You want?

    Hold the pictures; save the pictures; wait a little longer child.

    Yes Lord, I do actually have the sense of being held back and made to wait, by our Lord! We have major spiritual events in the rest of September before we go forward for the book.

    LT " The Lord rejoices over you with singing..." "My Hand is not too short to act..."

    Thank You Lord, that is so beautiful.

    LT: I stepped out in Faith and told them that I’m not going back into nursing. I have such Peace about it. They’ve been promising me a job for nine months.  I have opened the door for our Lord to act! Now I would like to pray about it.

    This little one has been given over to Love, and is in the presence of Love at all times. In the power of the Spirit of the Living God, I indwell your heart and encompass you in all-holy Love, all Divine Love.  I open doors that have been closed; I lead you joyfully, in Unity with Mother and Me, to the work I have in mind for you. It falls into place.  Again, I bid you little children, wait on the Lord a little longer, and doors are opened.

     Always little children, given thanks to the Father.  In this way you are glorifying Him by walking in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love as you do, precious, precious child of God and child of  Mary, I am with you and I am all things to you; yes-your Providence!

    My little one, trust Me.  The events which occur fall into place, as it were  happening to you and your work is available and pleasing to you. Believe and be at Peace.

    Glory be...The angels are singing, The Love I have for You My Lord...

    Thank You Lord Jesus! We pray for a 52 year old first nations lady with cancer... from Prince Rupert, she has lost two children also; in need of housing. She is B.  We give them to Mother Mary. Memorare...

    Mother is in attendance; little daughter of Mercy and Love, doors begin to open.  She causes Omen to think of Kateri center. 

    Padre Pio looks straight at Omen, because we did not ask for a healing for the woman, so we pray for her healing.

    Cover them in prayers little children and trust in the Lord.  We pray miracle prayer.

    For LT:Always remember,  I am your Strength; I am your Dignity!

    We pray for the  words about unity of body and soul to come from the Holy Father soon.

    Mother is in attendance upon the matter; it comes to the fore quickly now and the Pope utters the words which will cause displeasure to certain groups of people; yet he ever speaks Truth, for he is in unity with our Lord, who IS Truth!

    Thank You Mother Mary; please protect him as he is traveling to Kazakhstan on the 22nd.

    Lord may we ask you for spontaneous Words from Your Sacred Heart.

    Little children, love Me as I have Loved you; this is the pathway of holiness, the narrow Way.  Little children, "many there are who seek Me” but they do not follow in the narrow Way.  Little children, in the world today there is so great a temptation to follow the ways of the world, to seek the material gains, not realizing in so doing, you are being caught up in the snares of the foe, in idolatry and the like. 

    But little children of Faith, be not unduly concerned, for I seek your loved ones out.  I am the Good Shepherd, I bring them back to Truth in due course.  Even so, in Our Father’s great design, the prayers and the penances of the faithful, play an integral role, in causing those who are in free will, yet in the world, to have a conversion of heart.  You don’t realize at what moment, after so much prayer, one soul will come back to Me, in all repentance, and be embraced in Love once again.

    That is why Mother is one earth, frequenting the earth, calling the children who can see, who can hear, who know, to pray and pray and pray again, for the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls.  Hosts of angels assist in the works of My Church upon earth.  Hosts of angels assist each one of you now in these unusual times. 

    I ask you little children, to pray for those who are following the Moslem beliefs.  They are brought into a misconstrued notion of God and holiness.  Hate can never be of God; the desire to kill because someone is different can never be of God!

    My little ones, pray much and trust Me, the Living God, the Giver of all life.  No matter what is happening on this earth, your prayers do indeed resound in Heaven in unity with the saints, and much good is brought forth.  Also always remember that in your faithfulness in prayer, in word and deed, you are storing treasure in Heaven, to be known to you only on a glorious day of the Lord.  In the interim, walk in My Light and My Love and My Life, persevering.

    I am anointing you this evening little children, in a profound anointing of My Love and My Peace, and that sure and quiet joy in the Love of the Lord, which I have given you.  I cause your hearts to flame up with love periodically at moments of prayer union with Me.  This is a moment of rejoicing in our unity of love.  Let it always be thus!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Massah 2001.DP September 17th.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. 

    Salve Regina because there is need of much prayer little children!

    Hail Holy Queen, Mother of mercy; hail our life, our sweetness and our hope; to Thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve, to Thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious Advocate, Thine eyes of mercy towards us, and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed Fruit of Thy womb; Jesus!

    Oh clement, oh loving, oh sweet Virgin, Mary.  Pray for us oh holy Mother of God; that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ! Amen.

    Queen of Angels and All Saints attendant upon you little children, bids you Peace.

    Thank You Mother.

    Believe little children, believe in the Victory in Jesus Holy Name, for it is so!  My dear little children, there are certain events that do indeed  happen on this earth which, though not of God, are portends of the times that are ahead, which bring on changes upon the earth, and in due course, the return of Christ, and  a new era of Peace on earth, as has been told through many visionaries with whom I have worked.

    The difficult times as you know, are now! And yet the children of God are safe in the Divine embrace. Children, you are safe, whether on earth, in purgatory or in Heaven; you are safe in the Lord. It behooves you little children, to pray much for those who do not yet know the Lord, for the hour is indeed late, and the many are indeed far from Home, far from the Sanctuary of the Heart of Jesus; the Heart of Mary.

    Little children, the grief in America and indeed about the world, is profound.  The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, is busy; attendant upon the multitudes in need of comforting at this time.  Little children, your prayers on behalf of the suffering Americans, are powerful to assist in their healing.

    There are those who died in this disaster who were most precious to the Lord God, indeed every soul is precious to the Lord God. In the death of the beloved Fr Mychal Judge, you see a martyr’s blood, mixed with the blood of all those who died.  Many were the martyrs, especially the firemen and policemen, and the innocents in the planes and in the buildings. 

    Oh My children, the souls of all those who died unjustly, and are recognized as martyrs for the cause of Peace, are safe in the Lord, yet we ask you to pray for those yet in their purification; pray for the people suffering physically and mostly and in all mental anguish on earth, over the loss or injury, of their loved ones.

    There can be no cause as great as the Cause for an end of abortion. One might liken the individuals in the two towers, and in the Pentagon, as feeling secure, as it were, in those buildings, when fierce intrusion exteriorly, destroyed their lives. Do you see the simile little children? Yes Mother.

    Dear little children, continue to work on the Cause for Life; it is imperative for humanity, that an end of legal abortion and every force of destruction and death, untimely and unwarranted, be stopped.

    You say, greater is God Who is in your heart and mind, than that enemy which is in the world, and this is true.  The enemy is always Satan, the evil one, the promoter of hate; but as you recognize, he has many human pawns on the face of the earth, who having believed the liar, are now in his evil clutches.

    The facts in the world today children; they are no horror movie or monster story; they are the evidence of the battle between good and evil.  As Our Lord has spoken, " I have already defeated Satan, sin and death,” indeed-Death of the soul; each little human has only to defeat self- to defeat the frailties inborn because of original sin; the damages!

    Little children, whenever one says " yes” to Our Lord Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit is upon them, and they are profoundly assisted by Our God and by Me, and the angels and saints, in the service of Love, and they too win victory over self, and are in unity with the Living God.

    It is to this end that you are working little children, to evangelize in the Holy Name of Jesus, for the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls, while it is yet a time of Mercy upon this earth! You ask, "was it mercy, the destruction of the towers?”

    She shows us Her words of La Salette, "Up, you small band that can see and fight-the spiritual battle.[ September 19th feastday]

     Little children, again you are told, certain things must be, before the return of our Lord, the Prince of Peace, and the great era of Peace on earth. That is why you, who know Truth; the Lord Our God, are called to be the heart and hand and voice of Our Saviour; that is why you are being told that the Words of this entire year are: persevere, endure, persevere!

    I Myself, in the power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God, bless you little children, with many graces to assist you at this time, so that you will be fearless companions of  Christ on this journey!

    Do not be afraid, I am with you; I am always with My Own.  My Spirit is in your heart and encompassing you.  You are secure in the Lord.  Your primary role now little children of Faith, is prayer, and if possible-penances; little self denials on behalf of the conversion of the multitudes.  Any sufferings, unite them with Mine, that they too bear fruit.  "Unless a grain of wheat fall to the ground..."

     Little children,  in this instance, saints blood has again fallen to the ground, but this time, in the United States of America;  and you will see now, conversions occurring as never before! Little children, their sacrifice is not in vain; it is united with Mine, for the Victory of mankind over the foe.  Give Glory!

    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end.  Amen.

    Thank You Lord for the help from Heaven in finding the Scripture Luke 13vs1-5, which You wished me to use in this BIG Picture. And Lord is appears to me that when You said the half empty chapters were for the big pictures, you did not mean the actual pictures of September 11th, but the larger moral interpretation from our Lord’s perspective, of the disaster.  Lord is this correct?

    Do you Love Me?

    I love You my beloved Jesus; I love you more than myself.  I repent of ever having offended You; never permit me to separate myself from You again.  Grant that I may love You always, and then do with me what You will.

    Those towers and the Pentagon are symbols of Death and I do not really want them in a book of Life; yet there will be instances of Victories in My Name which you may  in due course, include.  This will come to you in due course.  You get the Picture.

    Thank You Lord  especially for Your enlightenment; and thank You for the pictures of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Divine Mercy with the Shekinah over them, for the book; also thank You for the letter for the book that arrived from JA.  We pray for her because she is severely tested and taunted for it. Memorare. Lord is it Your Will to use the whole letter?

    Indeed, it is done!

    Thank You Lord; I need to pray for the Holy Father going to Kazakhstan; we know he is always safe in You spiritually yet we pray for his physical safety.  Miracle prayer.  The angels sing, only a shadow...

    Little children, simply pray for the beloved John Paul; that is what you are called to do as obedient children of Mother Church.  Continue to do so and trust in the Lord in all things.

    Lord I pray for AK who is sick, and TK cannot come with the disc for continuing information for the book.

    St Michael attends upon all that is occurring and clears the way most securely; little children, you do not realize, or perhaps you do now, that there are countless legions of angels assisting all those who are the Lord’s Own, opening doors, breaking down barriers, assisting in every aspect of each human’s existance.  All is in the hands of the Lord.

    LT we pray about the decisions to be made at Providence Health; that they would make God’s decisions, not their own. We claim everything in, around, under and about those buildings in Your Name.  Thy Will be done Lord; and we pray for LT.


    Mother is in tears of Joy that you pray thus for St Paul’s Hospital.  But of course the Lord has beautiful and beloved LT; be at Peace and trust in the Lord.  Little children you are called to walk each step , hand in hand with your Jesus, and Me your Mother and the beloved Joseph, Guardian of the family of God, walking in the Light and Love

    Of God’s Glory every step of the journey.Trust in the Lord at all times and be at Peace!

    Thank You Mother and Our Lord. Lord I pray for the woman that I saw for the first time today, so depressed and downtrodden and emotionally abused, by her drunken husband and daughter. Lord You know how to heal them; help me to know what to do. Spirit of oppression. Prayer to St Michael...

    They shall come to know Me as you continue to pray for your patients as you do.  One by one, they open up to Me, the Living God-Jesus-their and your Salvation!

    Thank You Lord; the other one with the three sons and the sick and inadequately treated husband. Lord and Mother Mary, please help this family.

    They have come to know a way of life which is alien to Peace and Truth.  Little children, it takes much prayer for this type to begin to respond to the call of Almighty God to come back wholeheartedly.  I Myself assist you with the dealings with the one, and this will spread to the family rather like a contagion; therefore be at Peace. We bless the works of your hands with the healing Love of the Living God.

    Thank You Lord.  May we ask for Your Words, spontaneously from Your Heart.

    Little children, persevere in your works and prayers as you do, for I am with you always.  Little children, each one of you in anointed profoundly this day; additional charisms are given to you to assist you and those whom I will set in your pathway, for the bringing of My Healing Love upon them who are in saw need of My Love.  You will recognize this as you go forward day by day, one might say, in this anointing.  In the power of the Holy Spirit it is so.  Welcome the little stragglers back into My Presence in My Name.

    There is a feastday quickly approaching which will bring blessings upon the many; I believe it is the feastday of St Therese[October 1st.] It will bring blessings upon the many. Little children, recognize each holy day in the calendar and pray in unity with the Communion of Saints.  Little children, Heaven is powerfully attendant upon the Church Militant on the earth at this time.  You will see more miracles occurring for I am bringing rapidly back into the Sheepfold, many stragglers and even many who have never known Me, I cause to know Me at this time.

     Little children, that is why Mother calls constantly for you to pray and pray and pray; it is for the multitudes who do not yet pray, who do not come into unity with Me in prayer, or in Communion.  Little children, you are storing treasure in glory beyond your imaginings in all that you do and all that you pray in My Name.  Little children, you are precious to the Lord God and to the Mother of God.

    On whom I will I have Mercy; I choose to have Mercy on My beloved humanity all over the earth at this time.  Be assured the martyr’s blood of the past centuries and this century already, are bearing fruit in the conversion of the hearts and souls and minds  unto Me, the Living God.   Would you like to sing a Love song to your Jesus?

     Yes Lord.  In moments like this, I sing out a song, I sing out a love song to Jesus...

    A solemn oath I give to you; all of you are blanketed in My Love also!

    Thank You Lord...May the Presence...

    Massah 2001; Discernment Prayer, September 24th

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy,  oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.  In the Name of Jesus....

    The center of the storm is upon the earth now; chaotic conditions prevail, lingering for some time all around and about the earth! Creation groans under the weight of humanity’s sins, all of which are abhorrent to the Living God, the God of Life and Light and Love and Peace and Joy.

    Again I call My people, what have I done to you; why have you abandoned Me? Answer Me!

    Lord please bring them back we pray to You.

    The enemy plays a hand in all that is occurring which is evil upon the earth as you know. The deceiver is causing many to be led astray into lies, into fictions, into disbelief, into deception, to enter all immorality. 

    Mankind, each man, sins against himself in the sins of immorality. Against God, yes; but against his own body!  How much worse little children, is the sin of man, should he elect to be united with animal parts!

    The scientists work under bright lights, but they remain in darkness of the secrets of Life; of the Truth of Life.  I the Lord God, am the Giver of Life; I AM Life!

    Do not be deceived little children, by the stories of the charitable reasons for this behaviour of the scientists.  You know there is a time to be born and a time to die, and there are good physicians who attend upon the ill, and work healings in all charity of Love, and these ones

    often have hearts of love, and actually pray and are truly in the Healing Ministry.  There are others who are scientists and do not necessarily have compassion upon the afflicted ones, but work for the greater glory of science in all their experimentations; all these undertakings. 

    These ones are in grave peril to their very own souls, and they are inflicting peril upon the souls of their victims; those whom they operate on as though they were laboratory rats or monkeys! How can this be of Me?

    We feel called to pray; Lord we believe, we adore, we trust and we love Thee; we beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee! Lord I beg You that Your Church speaks only Your Truth, when they speak on the 26th as announced.

    I am attendant upon them as I am attendant upon all humanity!

    Our Lord is with us but not speaking. Lord we pray that the Holy Father would speak on the value of the human soul.

    Little children await the words in patient perseverence as you are taught. You are well trained in this!

    Yes Lord; as You have promised, his words will be the climax and finale of Your book.

    Our Lord quotes the song; "Come back to Me....the wilderness where I shall speak...”

    The Holy Father is in the wilderness of few believers now, if from there he would speak like St John the Baptist the words that echo the words announced in the Vatican. [just my thoughts right now.]Lord thank You for the visit of the Little Flower, Patron of Missions this Sunday; I ask her to speak to the Holy Father about this Mission, since it was given me on her birthday.  Mother Mary have mercy.

    Omen sees a vision of the opening of a boy scouts type knife with several blades. We don’t understand the significance. We pray miracle prayer for the Mission and all involved. We’ve waited a year. Angels are singing, "Mother of Our Precious Saviour; help of all who call on thee...”We know that much of the world will be hostile to the words if they are Our Lord’s Truth!

    It is to be expected; I am Truth!

    But when the Lord has spoken through the Holy Father then they clearly know. I had the temptation of being concerned about what my life will be like when this book becomes known, but I can’t look at that anxiously because I know my life is in the hands of my God whom I trust.  Today I had a difficult appointment, I had not been looking forward to; and it left me shocked.

    Spiritual warfare; St Michael the Archangel...

    At this point of time, My little one, do not trouble yourself about this matter; leave her with Me!  You may hear from the lawyer in the future.  We shall deal with the matter then; it is now a time to always remain at Peace little children, no matter what the enemy is throwing at you.  This woman needs more Faith, which is obtained in increasing measure by true prayer. There are those today who believe they are in the Faith community, who flit hither and yon, seeking solace for worldly matters instead of My Providence.  She has yet to attain a true level of Faith, therefore I bid thee leave her with Me.

    Our Lord shows Omen that she went to get a gang to back her up in her resentment toward me.

    Lord have mercy.


    Lord heal me to regain Your Peace and guide me to know Your Will.

    Mother attends; do not be distraught my daughter, for the Lord is with thee and I am with thee, guiding you every step of the journey. The little one, so confused, is in need of prayer.  Do not accept her back for counseling, you have decided wisely; and my little one, see it as something between this woman, and the Lord- and on a day, at an opportune moment, the Holy Spirit, will enlighten her, and she will comprehend all that she has done and failed to do in her Faith walk.  She is yet the Lord’s Own, and she is yet in need of much molding and fashioning, strengthening and purifying.

    And so am I Mother Mary.

    I your Heavenly Mother, remind you that I am ever attendant upon you, comforting you, consoling you, caressing you, blessing you, as your loving Mother, your spiritual Mother. You are secure in the great embrace of the Lord God, and of me, your Heavenly Mother. Little children, in every moment of trial, turn to the Two Hearts of Love and be comforted. You are held secure both of you, in the Two Hearts of Love.

    Thank You Blessed Mother. Lord we pray for the one in South Africa who died of AIDS.

    Salve Regina and leave her with Me! 

    Hail Holy Queen...We also pray for the mother and sister of Jerome.

    There is a great need of assistance for this people in prayer.

    Mother shows Omen her purse, with the rose petals from visiting Little Flower relics on Sunday, so St Therese is intervening for them. Blessed be God in His angels and in his saints.

    The angel of the Lord, attendant upon you bids you Peace.  I Myself [Jesus] attend upon Jerome and his loved onesHosts of angels We set there.

    Tales of Victory abound wherever the little saints relics go; therefore pray much and trust in the Lord.  Be at Peace: In all things I am with you ; I am Peace, I am your Peace!

    Lord, thank You; may we trust the Little Flower to speak to Our Lady of Victory for the victory of this Mission?

    Beloved children, I the Living God attend upon this matter.  Little children be assured of Heaven’s attendance upon all that Heaven has asked you to do.  Therefore simply wait on the Lord, pray much and be at Peace.  Angels are singing, what could My Jesus do more...

    Thank You Lord.  May the Presence...


    Massah 2001; Discernment Prayer, September 28th

    The piece below says that the new document issued yesterday on xenotransplants can be found on the Vatican website under The Pontifical Academy for Life.  Please see Pontifical Academy for Life website.

    Animal‑to‑Man Organ Transplants Deemed OK Under Right Conditions

    Vatican Outlines Position in Special Document

    VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 26, 2001 (‑ Organ transplants from animals to man

    are morally acceptable if certain conditions are respected, the Vatican announced today.

    Such transplants in fact reflect one of medicine's most promising discoveries, said the Pontifical Academy for Life, which presented a special document to the press in order to explain the Church's view.

    The academy's work was commissioned by the Vatican State Secretariat in response to a request from the European Council on the ethical character of so‑called xenotransplants. The text, entitled "The Prospect of Xenotransplants: Scientific Aspects and Ethical Considerations," is currently available only in Italian. Bishop Elio Sgreccia, vice president of the Pontifical Academy for Life,

    explained that xenotransplants be adopted ethically as"final surgical therapy," only after very strict conditions are guaranteed. One such condition is that experimentation would have to be done on animals first, and only later applied to persons in desperate need."Modern transplant techniques could save the lives of millions of human beings if there were organs available for being trans- planted" Bishop Sgreccia said.

    "Despite appeals for donations, which come from different areas and which have resulted in an increase in the number of donors, there is a constant lack of human organs for transplants to patients,"he noted."Because of this, the scientific community is highly committed to the prospect

    of xenotransplants, that is, to the possibility of transplanting organs, tissues and cells from animals to man," the bishop said at the Vatican Press Office.

    The document "has been prepared by an international working group, guided by the Pontifical Academy for Life, with the presence of unquestionably famous specialists, of proven experience and competence," the bishop added. "The text is a response and contribution to future decisions in the matter of xenotransplants."Professor Emmanuele  Cozzi of the Department of Surgery of Cambridge University, and professor Marialuisa Lavitrano, coordinator of the Xenotransplant Pro- ject in Italy, also spoke at the Vatican press conference, to illustrate the current state of research.

    Both speakers highlighted the great hope offered today by preclinical tests and the use of transgen- ic pigs.

    For his part, theologian Father Maurizio P. Faggioni, OFM, professor of bioethics at the Alfonsi- ana Academy of Rome,explained the relation articulated in the Bible between man and animals. "The recourse to animals as sources of organs is no more than an instance of the use that man can make of animals," he said.The ethical character of these transplants, Father Faggioni added, will depend on "the evaluation of the goods that can be obtained for man or woman and the respect for certain conditions, such as avoiding unnecessary suffering for animals, and the need to observe the greatest caution at the moment of introducing uncontrollable genetic modifications that can significantly alter the biodiversity and balance of the species in the animal world."

    The pontifical academy's document in Italian on xenotransplants may be consulted

    at in the section of the

    Pontifical Academy for Life.

    Discernment Prayer, September 28th

    We got together to pray today because, ever since I heard the pronouncement from the Vatican on xenotransplantation, I have been carrying great sorrow in my soul, and as I drove home from Mass yesterday morning I received a huge burst of sorrow in my soul with the words, "My Soul is sorrowful even unto death;” so I knew immediately that our Lord was calling me to pray, but we could not find a time to pray together yesterday, so it had to be today.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy,  oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. 

     Mother and I attend upon you little children; Mother speaks first.

    My daughters, I ask you to wholeheartedly look at the Holy Infant in the crib in Bethlehem.  Here you are gazing not only on the Perfection of Body and Soul, but upon the Perfection of the Lord God Most High! In this Body and Soul of Christ is, as it were encapsulated God; Almighty God!  For Our Lord Jesus Christ is True God and True Man, as you know little children, and I have carried the Infant King, both in My heart and in My womb, the nine months preceding, and I have become the Christ-bearer; Theotokos!

    When you are children of Almighty God, you too, by Baptism and by a profound "yes,” become Christ-bearers, for the Spirit of the Living God dwells in your heart and encompasses you in Divine Love; and you are born at the time Our God designates, and you live on this earth doing the Will of God, bringing the Love of Christ, the Light of Christ, the all-charity of Love, the compassion of Christ to your brothers and sisters, many of whom know not the Lord, have not been baptized, do not know that they are called to be temples of the Living God!

    Hosts of angels assist the children of Light now in these difficult times. You are always called to be a light to the world, for you are small sisters , small brothers of Jesus the Christ, the Light of the world. Nothing in Scripture is canceled out little children; it is the Word of God! Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Word of God!

    Little children, HOW can you place, as it were unclean animal parts, in these temples of the Living God?  Study again the magnificence of King Solomon’s Temple which held the Holy Spirit; the Shekinah in the Ark!  This is how your precious bodies are designed to be, and when you attain Glory, you become clothed in the magnificent Glory of God!

    My little children, again I tell you; there can be no compromise with evil.  Lesser evils are yet evil my little children, they are evils!

    Mother Mary we pray You to enlighten the powers in the Vatican who make these decisions, because we have no power.

    The war for souls , it is the Lord who speaks, is immense now, as you see! In your world you have a word you call "shock therapy!” This is happening, as it did in New York and in Washington DC and in other parts of the world.  They are most assuredly what you refer to as "wake-up calls,” and again I tell you, I come as a thief in the night, and I ask each human on earth, "art thou ready to come before the Just Judge and answer Me.”

    I am a God Who is Love, a God Who is Mercy, a God Who is Life! I tell you again, it is pride of intellect which takes My gifted children, off into a dark place on earth, unenlightened by My Spirit, they make decisions which are harmful to their very souls, and the souls of all those with whom they work and whom they impress with their vast knowledge of the human anatomy.

    It can never be the Will of the Living God that you be united partially here or there, with animals! Yes they are My Creation, and Man is given power over them, but not for such purposes.

    Little children, always I remind you; I am the Physician; I am the Healer! You have much evidence of those who have prayed for deliverance from afflictions, who have been cured, restored to fullness of bodily life. Little children, the scientists abandon Me and they use their intellect to bring that which is unpleasing to the Lord God, into their practices. How shall I respond to what they are doing?

    Even as the great nation of America, and other nations self-destruct as it were, for lack of obedience to My Will, lack of obedience to My Ten Commandments of Love, lack of obedience to Truth, so will these scientists suffer in strange and varied ways.  Surprising events occur because they reject the Shield of Protection of the Holy Spirit!

    When I am rejected, I do not reject you My people, but you have shunned Me, and are no longer under My Providence.  My little ones, you seek the fountain of youth. Little children, you are on this earth for perhaps seventy years, or perhaps a few more.  By then you are no longer youthful, and this makes you disgruntled, unhappy; but in that aging process throughout those years, those who have said "yes” to Me, have learned great wisdoms, and are respected as elders in the Faith, elders in Truth, with much to give the younger generations. It has always been thus with My people; and in their "yes” to Me, when I call them Home at an opportune moment, then they attend upon Me in Glory, and it is in Glory that you will know the fountain of youth, the River of Light and Love and Peace and Joy, forever and ever, for all eternity!

    That is why I ask you; do not seek eternal life in your frail physical bodies here on earth; seek eternal Life with Me, the Living God!  On this day I am profoundly attendant upon you as I am upon the beloved John Paul, and My little ones, you will hear more and discern more clearly what is occurring.  Little children, when you listen to the news, remember that certain things have to be, before the era of Peace comes upon the earth, and that I will see through this difficult time, all the faithful in the Body of Christ, and so there is nothing to fear.

    You grieve for the suffering of those who are used simply as a reliquary of parts to be taken from their bodies for the use of others.  In their generous "Yes” to assist others,- where this actually occurs, it is good; but the utilization by the atheistic scientists is not good, and they are mistreating many people without their consent, in much of the world, with the so-called organ harvesting!

    I am not blind; I am not deaf; I am not ignoring this! I am All-seeing, all-knowing, all-hearing and a day of clarification, a day ultimately of retribution comes upon the cold-blooded scientists! 

    It is not My Will. I have given them talents, I have given them intelligence to use for love of neighbour and love of God; alas they do not heed.  They see others as lesser beings, before their vast intellect, their vast knowledge, and become hardened of heart! It is the sorrow beyond all sorrows! Suffice! Glory be...

    Lord, I believe, but I am concerned that I will be perceived as opposing the Words of the Vatican,  and not being obedient to the Church, which I have already been accused of, when I share Your Words.

     I ensure that the Words you have just read to your sister here, this morning,[Words our Lord spoke on Xenotransplantation previously] are studied by the beloved John Paul; and in due course he shall speak because it becomes necessity in the Christian medical realm. I do not command him to, I do not force his hand, but I bless him as ever, with the  Holy Inspirations, even unto Words of Knowledge, and he, already having wisdom and great discernment, knows when he will act.  He is encompassed in the Holy Spirit as you know and he is beloved of the Lord God. As you know, his is a complex task in keeping in touch with all that is in the world pertaining to My Church and its members. 

    Do not worry about what others think about you, even those priests , even unto bishops because I am with you and I remind you of the works of the great saints, [Teresa of Avila and Catherine of Sienna,?]who corrected the Pope when she felt he needed it.  Do not think the Words go totally unheeded by believers in the Church; they regard them as Divine Inspiration, ponder and study them carefully, seeking to ascertain Truth.  For each person who is in My service I give a profound anointing of Knowledge and discernment of My Truth. Little ones, I ask you to persevere, remembering always that I am with you,  for your prevailing "yes” in My service is pleasing to Me, the Living God!

    Thank You Lord.  Glory be...May the Presence...

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