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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
  • 1998 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
  • 1999 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
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  • 1998 Jan to March


    If today you hear God’s Voice, harden not your hearts!

    Come, let us praise Yahweh joyfully,

    acclaiming the Rock of our safety;

    Let us come into His presence with thanksgiving,

    acclaiming Him with music.

    For Yahweh is a great God,

    A greater King than all other gods;

    From depths of earth to mountain top

    everything comes under His rule;

    the sea belongs to Him, He made it,

    so does the land, He shaped this too.

    Come in, let us bow low, prostrate ourselves,

    and kneel in front of Yahweh our Maker,

    for this is our God,

    and we are the people He pastures,

    the flock that He guides.

    If only you would listen to Him today,

    Do not harden your hearts, as at Meribah,

    As you did that day at Massah in the wilderness

    when your ancestors challenged Me, tested Me,

    though they had seen what I could do.

    For forty years that generation repelled Me,

    until I said: how unreliable these people

    who refuse to grasp My ways!

    And so, in anger, I swore that not one

    would reach the place of rest I had for them.

    What follows is a series of discernment prayers, still ongoing, in my search to understand His Will for me, His responses to my prayers and now His directions for sharing these with others, as set out in all that follows.

    Discernment Prayers - January 2, 1998 (Birthday of the Little Flower):

    After introductory prayers and invocation:

    What would you ask of Me My small one? The Queen of angels and all saints is in attendance. The Mercy Gate of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is wide open precious, precious children of God gathered here in the Name of Jesus, Heaven is listening. Before the Son of Justice all must stand. Stay prayerfully united with our Lord Jesus now every day of your lives. Now is a trying time, a testing time for humanity. Many strange events are occurring on the face of the Earth now. Much of mankind has gone awry, gone astray, abiding not in truth. Our Lord Jesus is Truth. Oh how your Mother’s Heart aches. You do not know how many tears I have shed for the suffering children of the Earth.’ Come this way I call’, but they do not heed. My sorrow is great. Even so, My little daughter, I am holding you to My Heart, immersing you in the Wellspring of My love; and the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the living God is pouring forth upon you, as it were a great river of light shining down upon you, surrounding you in the light of Christ Jesus our Lord Who goes ever before you. Graces, blessings, anointings; indeed fulfilment of the gifts you received in Baptism and Confirmation are yours. You will indeed serve my Son to the utmost, for Heaven hears your prayers and delights in them. My little one, be not anxious therefore; pray and step forward boldly, for the Lord your God is with you.”

    “I Jesus bless you, My small sister. I Myself carry your cross. I Myself take all your woundedness, uniting it with Mine. Be not worried, therefore, when harsh Words are hurled against you. They fall on your Jesus like so many whiplashes and they are no more, even the most recent ones. Live in this present moment, that is the only place to be - in My embrace in the present moment. Little sister, you are strengthened to a great fortitude. I have much need of your assistance, I have chosen you to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice. Speak out boldly in the Name of Jesus, for I am with you always. Even as We speak, I bless you as a river now of prayerfulness, infilling you with My Love and peace; with joy in the love of the Lord. Be not anxious therefore, the day will surely come, when you will understand all things, and why these many trials have had to be.

    “Know this, you have been tested and strengthened and tested and strengthened and united with your Jesus. You are the instrument I desire you to be, in the times in which you are living. Oh My little one, sorrow, grief and wrath are in the Heart of your God for what humanity is now doing. Oh Woe! Little sister, hold My hand, it is your Jesus who speaks; and hold Mother’s hand. Let Us walk together with Our beloved Joseph, in faith and hope and trust and love and patient perseverance. You are part of My Family, the Family of God, of Bethlehem, of Nazareth, the great Family of peace which I am building up upon the Earth.

    “Despite news to the contrary, the Family of peace is being built up, one might say right under the noses of the enemy. In the face of the enemy it is being built, and they are yet unaware of it. My little one, you are named “child of faithfulness”, child of God and child of Mary, for I have called you by name, you are Mine. You are beloved of Jesus, beloved of Mary, continue to take Our Names prayerfully on your lips and We are with you, resolving the concerns of your heart in the peace of Our presence.

    “Ask of Me what you will. When you want testimonials of any sort, ask Me and the power of the Holy Spirit to be with you where I am, and together We write the Words! I Myself speak to you as you Well know, in Divine Inspirations, and a Word here and there, for I am with you. Ask Me, and I set great angels and assistants about you at all times. Indeed, certain selected saints assist you now. My little one, pray as you do; it is pleasing to the Lord your God. Do not be anxious about anyone or anything. Stay always in My Presence. Anxiety obstructs, one might say, the pathway.

    “Love Me, trust Me, for I love you most tenderly, most totally and eternally. I am with you. Surrender Me your love. I am Jesus and I do all the rest! Believe! Continue to rest prayerfully in My presence. Many great prayers are not necessary at all times. Just Be with Me, Be with your Jesus. Be with me in the Church, at the Tabernacle and before the Monstrance; and yes, be with Me in spirit - wither thou goest I am with you. United with Me there is nothing to fear, for I am with you. By faith are the miracles wrought, by faith is the Victory won! Know this: where you go, silver springs of light flow constantly, as they are deflected from Heaven, the Holy City. So therefore, falling upon each one of My faithful little ones. Rejoice, My Victory is at hand.” Glory be......

    (After this I felt a strong urgency to ask our Lord to help me more with two issues.)

    1. I asked, “I need to know for sure whether our Lord really wants me to continue co-ordinating the Perpetual Adoration at our parish, or should I hand it over to someone else,” because I am getting ‘nothing but grief ‘out of it. Our Lady told me that She had entrusted it to me. This was confirmation, because on Christmas Day in the evening, after everyone had left, I was jokingly asking Heaven what My special Christmas present was, and I thought I had heard our Lady say, “So now I have entrusted you with My Son,” but I wasn’t sure I had really heard this!

    2. Suddenly, I had found the words for My foreboding and they came pouring out! I felt urged to pursue the issue of brain death and organ transplantation, and felt strongly against it, but I felt shut down by lack of support. Yet I could not feel any peace leaving it - the belief has become stronger and stronger and I felt urged to write about it. I believe that this is not our territory at all; it is our Lord’s territory and it is sacred; that it is not our business to be getting exact about the moment of death for the sole reason that we can then remove vital organs; possibly to lengthen someone’s life, but possibly shortening someone else’s, and also affecting all the lives of people associated with them - including all the physicians and other paramedical people associated with them.

    I believe that it is against God’s wishes because only God can know what is best for all those souls at that moment. It is most certainly playing God for man to intervene! Furthermore, God’s purpose is always for the good of the soul and according to Heaven’s Design. Which man-made decision can ever claim that as a primary motivation and insight! Add to that the fact that it is really naive to think, the world being ruled by the devil right now as it is, that the donated organs are being reaped morally, i.e.,with proper consent. In fact, I have proof to the contrary about the organs imported from China, for instance. I would not doubt that the same is true of many other places in the world..

    There was a long period of silence during which I felt uneasy and as if blocked from our Lord by a ‘negative or dark presence.’ I started to sing, “Yahweh, I know You are near...” After the first verse, came the following words: “The Comforter is present.” Our Lord’s response was so concise - but so totally precise. “The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit is it not?” Yes, Lord. “Therefore, is it sacrilege to take out the organs.” I was still trying to absorb this answer when our Lord said, “If today you hear God’s Voice, harden not your hearts!” This got My attention - fast!

    Discernment Prayer at Mercy Gate Shrine - January 14, 1998:

    This prayer came about for several reasons. Following the discernment prayers on the 2nd of January, I realised I didn’t know enough about what, where and who to write. Also, on My way to Toledo, I had spent the 12th of November in Dayton, Ohio, with a psychiatrist friend, who helped me find the Marian Library in the (Catholic) University of Dayton. I had asked our Lady to help me get to Mass that day and She did a little more than that! I certainly shared in Her sorrows that day: first, in the chapel of the Immaculate Conception on the campus, where the Church was both structurally and spiritually ‘gutted out’, to be blunt. Then after lunch, when I was “led to a lecture in the Humanities Building’ in which the speaker denied that it was truly Mary of Nazareth, the Mother of God, who had appeared as our Lady of Guadalupe. He said that the older women of Mexico, who were the “interpreters of sin and grace” in their culture, actually believed it was the Holy Spirit Himself, who appeared in the form of a woman.

    Although both his speech and his paper are pockmarked with disclaimers to protect himself, he broke through his own thinly-veiled veneer at one point to exclaim, ’‘What- you have no problem believing the Holy Spirit can come in the form of a bird, but you have a problem believing He can come in the form of a woman!” That was bad enough, but when I was talking to a colleague later, I was told it didn’t really matter, though, because We didn’t have to believe in the apparition, so what difference did it make whether it was the Holy Spirit or the Mother of God! Lies always hurt many, but lies against the Mother of God and against the Holy Spirit, The Holy Trinity for that matter, can cost the loss of many souls. Besides, Our Lady of Guadalupe is an approved devotion. I thought We needed to have a serious reason not to believe.

    Early in December, I had made a previous attempt to pray about that day, to understand what our Lord wanted me to do about all that I had been shown, besides pray. It was an awful experience because after almost three hours of prayer, Our Lady said not one word, and our Lord said, “This denigration of My Mother has gone too far-now are all the demons of hell unleashed.“ Nothing more. So, now I was back because at Mass the following day I was distraught. I told our Lord that He was My Family, and if He wouldn’t speak to me I had nowhere else to go ...

    3:30p. m., after Divine Mercy Chaplet:

    MOTHER SPEAKING: “Mother is in tears, Mother is in tears.”

    JESUS: “Mother is in tears, Mother is in tears. I am your Jesus. I am He who lives and loves eternally, your Jesus of merciful Love. Your tearful Mother and I your Jesus, suffer through the great attacks upon My Body the Church now, all the evil upon each one of Us personally. My little one, you are blest with My Love and Mother’s love in Our service. You have been tested and blest and you are now as it were a finely tuned instrument in Our works of merciful Love. Holy Light ever surrounds you. Now is a moment of sweet surrender, as the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon you, enfolding you in a great stream of the river of Love. In this Love each one of you is given Words and Divine Inspiration for the work of mercy at hand.

    What you ask of Me is given unto you. The Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception, Mediatrix of all Graces, the Intercessor before the throne of the Godhead, the Woman Who is full of Grace, under Her many titles, is yet and ever shall be My Mother and yours. She is Mother of All. It is written in Holy Scripture. Believing in the Spirit of Truth, one cannot avoid knowing that She is the Mother of All.

    “I ADDRESS YOU IN THE TRINITY OF LOVE . We, IN OUR WISDOM, chose to heal the sin-filled world, My beloved humanity, through the most pure Vessel, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Ever since Her Assumption into Heaven, Her enthronement in glory beside Me, your Jesus, She has assisted Her other children - you - in your faith journeys. She is so filled with love, that even the most blackened soul She appeals to - to reform, to repent; and She appeals to the Lord your God for assistance with that soul. She is ever Intercessor on behalf of mankind. She is ever pouring forth graces in the Power of the Holy Spirit upon the children of God on the Earth. She brings your cross, magnified through Her Immaculate Heart, into the presence of our Father, Who is well pleased by these gifts of faith and love. We, the Lord God, deigned to present Her to the pagan societies of the Americas as truly the Woman of the Scriptures, the Woman Clothed With the Sun (Rev: 12) and even yet, as in the early Americas, that they might understand and know conversion. It is a miraculous Image. It is also an Icon bearing many, many messages to the children who believe. Prayer presented to God through this miraculous Image of the Immaculate Mother of God, are magnified as they are presented to the Father.

    “The river of lies spewed out against Myself and the Mother of God, and indeed, the beloved John Paul, and indeed, the entire Church from the mouth of the serpent, the old dragon, are falling upon the ears of the many in this time, just for a brief time. Blessed are those who hold out in faith and trust and love and patient perseverance.

    Little children, you in this prayer group are anointed in great faith and great blessings are upon you. Your prayers are pleasing to the Lord your God. Know this: there are many children of God praying all around this small globe which is the Earth. They are likewise under Our blessing. My little ones, be at peace. When it is necessary to refute, We give you the Words. We open doors and windows that others may see and know the Truth. We have just done this in the case of the Piccarreta messages. As rapidly as the lies spewed out of the serpent’s mouth through the human cohort, so rapidly, THROUGH THE MOTHER OF GOD, have We stopped it. The paper trail of lies remains about the globe but not for long. Enlightenment is given mankind in this issue alone.

    “Perceive what I am telling you, beloved little one of faith. Follow your beloved Mother of All. We will speak in you and through you, that others may know the Truth. Hosts of angels assist you and indeed some special saints will profoundly assist you in this work of enlightenment. My people are only now beginning to come out of the darkness into the Light. It comes through the enlightenment of My precious little ones, of which each of you is numbered. A great blessing is upon you, Faithful Missionary, for this work.”

    Jesus says ‘there is a great Doctor of the Church who assists you.’ It is Therese`(Little Flower). He has told me that a great saint assists me three times but never gave the name before. Once when I was starting the physicians prayer group, though, He asked me who the patron saint would be. When I said St. Luke, He told me to remember to invoke the Holy Spirit, our Heavenly Mother and St. Luke and all would be well. I knew Therese was one of them, though. She and I have had a special relationship since My Baptism. Praise God. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints! Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy! Blessed be God forever!

    Don’t be surprised little one, you are Our delight. Forthwith be at peace. I, the Lord your God, have anointed you in this assignment. I repeat your own words: with God, nothing is impossible.* It shall be done.

    “As to the matter of life and death, this is a grievous burden upon you. In your fight, My little one, I ADDRESS YOU AGAIN AS THE TRIUNE GOD! We DECREE WHEN ONE WILL BE BORN AND WHEN ONE WILL DIE! Yet man in brazen pride, works furiously to alter both these circumstances of humanity!---pause (how can I make them hear?).My little sister, they do not wish to hear! My little sister, they must open their eyes, their ears, their hearts, their minds.

    I Myself work a miracle of Love in this matter.

    You have been scooped up, out of the death’s doorway, and restored to life on Earth for Our purposes. Understand?

    The sins of mankind, man’s pride or, as you would say, ‘power trip’ fill Me with wrath, ad nauseam. Do not be dismayed about anything that happens on the Earth now. IT HAS TO BE ! Even so, speak boldly in the Name of Jesus. I Myself will be your voice. I Myself attend upon you in these writings; in the concerns of your heart, for they are My Concerns and I place them on your heart.

    Be with Me now - a moment of blessings in the peace of My Presence. I am writing My Words within your heart and upon your soul that you may write the necessary papers....Pause.... Rest in Me a while, little sweetheart of your Christ.---Pause--I am holding you to My bosom. I bless you, caress you; I strengthen you, I Inspire you and then I set you back on your sturdy little legs to do that which you must do, little one. Love Me. It is sufficient! (Thank You, Jesus! ) You walk ever in Great Light - be not afraid. Delightful and surprising actions occur now, for I hear your prayers and I make your pathway straight, levelling the hills and mountains. Little child, never enter an hour of despair. Cling to your Jesus, claim the Name of Jesus - you gain silent Victory . Cling to Our Name and all goes according to Heaven’s design. My beloved one, a great blessing is upon you. Triune God!”

    Do you have any other questions Faithful missionary? I’ve been searching the Autobiography of Blessed Sister Faustina because I thought I had read some specific Wordsof 8

    Jesus to dying souls that I wanted to include in this paper- about the sanctity of the dying moment and Jesus’ merciful action on the dying soul - because to me that was the core of why that moment was sacred ; but I have not been able to find the passage I am looking for and I’ve re-read almost the whole book. Jesus, could You please help me find it?

    Jesus points to the Bible. Lazarus! And He’s reminding me that I’m holding My Saint Benedict Medal/Crucifix - and St. Benedict raised a man from the dead. “I Myself bless you. Invoke the Blessed Spirit and open your Sister Faustina book. I Bless you; Sister Faustina blesses you.” Thank You Lord.I love her too. “My little one, you are indeed ever in the embrace of Jesus and Mary. We guide your footsteps. You are safe in the great mantle of love. In the Power of the Holy Spirit of Love, you live and dwell and have your being, all the days of your life. Rejoice in this, Our Unity of Love.” Thank You So Much Jesus! The Virgin Of Fatima will take you to Her Heart now.

    OUR LADY OF FATIMA: “I am your tearful Mother. I am grievously wounded by those who follow not the Lord Our God, but follow the deceits of the enemy. The enemy is not only the enemy of God, but of all mankind. He is creating havoc in the lives of the children of man. Dearest precious little one, indeed when you comfort your Jesus and your Mother Mary it is good, and it is the cause of others to convert. Your prayers fall like so many caresses on My beloved Jesus, your wounded Jesus. Believe, little one, your prayers fall as an assuage and a comforting oil on the wounded body of your Crucified Lord. Pray, little child, pray, comforting your Jesus. I your Mother bless you yet again, indeed all in the prayer group and all the adorers and a multitude of loved ones.

    “The capacity of love which your God has is boundless. Pray, and it is expanded exponentially about the world - seeing My little starving children, seeing My little cold children, seeing My little abused children, seeing why the Mother weeps - for they know not their Lord Jesus. Oh My child, pray, pray for all the little ones; pray for the beloved John Paul. The journey now is perilous every step of the way. Your prayers on His behalf work profoundly in His favour - if you knew the army the enemy has rallied against Him!

    “Oh My child the ones in Cuba need your prayers also - they have been denied their Jesus for so long! When you pray for Cuba it gives those who were hopeless, now some hope. China does not know the Name, Jesus. Oh, pray for the children of the world as never before.

    “Since I am the Mediatrix of All Graces, I am strengthening you in a great anointing to carry out continuous works of mercy and Love. Your prayers resound in Heaven, My daughter. When you pray, there comes upon your Mother, your prayers, and I magnify them before the Father, Who in all delight pours it on the children of the Earth yet again in a great reciprocity of Love. (Thank you, Heavenly Mother.) It is pleasing to the Lord; We bless you yet again in a great anointing of Love.”(thank you Heavenly Mother)

    Discernment January 28, 1998 (Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas):

    MARY: Mother is present, Mother is present, Mother is present! Dearest little child, be at peace. I am ever with you. I am the Queen of Peace. Love conquers all, precious, precious child of God, thou art the delight of the Lord your God, and of your Heavenly Mother. Know this, the vicious foe is ever taunting and tormenting, attacking, dividing and sowing confusion. Thus you see, with lesser faith, there becomes rampant warfare. This is evidenced all over the Earth. A profound anointing is upon you, for the Father of mercy is attendant upon you. Bow low before Yahweh! (Praying prone till told to rise.)

    JESUS:The Lord you God gives you a great and glorious anointing. Now is Love come upon the Earth in the power of the Holy Spirit. All those who belong to Me on this Earth will experience an anointing of the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of Love; the Sanctifier; the Comforter. The Spirit of the Living God anoints each and every one of His Own, and as the Mother of God continues to beckon and call, it will be through the faith of such as you, which will cause others to come back to the Lord their God with all their hearts, that they too may know salvation. It is indeed true; the Lord your God is wrath about the transgressions of His Laws which are great, occurring rampantly on the face of the Earth. A measured beat of time is upon the Earth, and at the end of it, then comes the sequence of events which are forecast in Holy Scripture and hold fear for the many. Be undaunted by these fearful messages. Those who are Mine, are ever Mine. There are those who Were never Mine. Do not concern yourselves about this matter.

    Simply love all those whom I set in your pathway of love. I ask you to love unconditionally even as I your God Love. Those who remain defiant to their Creator in deliberate, wilful disobedience, shall experience My wrath. All others who are My own, I protect. They remain, whether yet in their bodies, or simply souls, they remain, all remain in My Presence, whether on Earth, or in Purgatory, or in Heaven; My own are safe in Me. You ponder many things little child. You may rise up and ask of Me what you will at this moment. A great blessing is upon you. Give Glory! (Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy. Blessed be God, Amen!)

    A great and glorious light comes now upon the Earth. It is the rapidly approaching sign of Victory . None can see it at this point in time, but the Lord your God sees and knows. Oh, oh little children of God, you who have surrendered in abandonment to Love; you will be the first to know and you will be the instruments of bringing the multitudes back to the Sanctuary of Love, the Heart of Jesus. Oh precious little one, be at peace. Sing songs of praise unceasingly. Until the moment of My return, Mother weeps copious tears of joy. Yes, it is true they are united with tears of sorrow at the very grievous events upon the Earth; and yet there is joy in the Victory of the Holy Name Of Jesus. Oh little one, bless the Lord with all your heart and be at peace!

    Having gotten this far in My writing, on January 28th I had a lot of questions. I discovered at Mass that it was the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, and I asked for some help with My questions. Usually, while driving after morning Mass, I listen to religious music, but I decided to listen to the news instead. Well, I was informed that ten years to the day, the Supreme Court of Canada, to our shame, had struck down the abortion law, making abortion no longer illegal in Canada. They had reversed the conviction of Henry Morgentaler, who was now heard to express concern over the increasing incidence of violent protest at abortuaries. It was also the tenth anniversary of the death of Crysta McCullough and her colleagues during the take-off of the Space Shuttle in 1988. Hmm?

    Today is also the day our Lord has chosen to heal Mother Angelica after forty years, while she was praying the Holy Rosary - On whom I will, I have mercy! Praise God!

    My list of questions regarding the papers. I asked if I should quote Jesus’ Words directly and how I should refer to them; if I should seek spiritual guidance from a priest to help in the preparation of this work; and where and to whom these papers are going.

    JESUS SPEAKS: “Appropriate the Words I have given you as Divine Inspirations, that all goes according to Heaven’s design. Your Virgin of Fatima, your Mother blesses you with a great anointing and in the power of the Holy Spirit, great graces fall upon you and your works of merciful love. My little one, even if the mindset of one person is altered by your message, it is worthwhile; and I assure you that it is not only one person, but many, many who will respond to this enlightenment, for We ensure that it is a profound message. Each life is sacred to the Lord your God, as you well know, yet your God is merciful and forgives mankind individually their transgressions; yes, even murder - for you serve a merciful and loving and forgiving God. There is one who will assist you - a priest of Holy Orders. We shall draw your attention to him, and he will be approachable...You will understand and he will indeed assist you.

    “You are called to walk in faith and hope and trust and therefore that is exactly what you will do. I the Lord Your God bless you. You seek understanding of whether to combine both papers. The bodily death is a product of the action of the merciless one. The Queen of Heaven and of Earth, with the Son, is all-merciful Love and opposes all that the merciless one attempts to do on Earth. As you know, We are presently living in the great time of trial, when the multitudes choose what you call humanism rather than faith. You who belong to Me, are enlightened to know that this is the work of the enemy which appears to be prevailing at this time.

    Therefore, write the discernments as you will; when it is necessary to use one without the other, do so. When it is appropriate to use them combined, do so . There are many works of mercy in the form of enlightenment, that We give over to you. You are an instrument for you are in the area of expertise - in the talents We have given unto you.$ Be not afraid to use them. The Lord your God is with you. The Queen of Heaven and Earth is with you, and many angels and saints assist you. Holy Light is ever upon you. (He’s telling me to sing a new song of mercy. I sang ‘God of mercy and compassion’ at the end.)

    “Give glory to God in the highest for His mercy knows no end. The great and glorious God of all creation is powerfully attendant upon His little creatures - humanity, who are precious to the Lord thy God. It is written that not a hair of your head falls except I know it; therefore, I who proclaim - Let it be; or Let him be; or Let her be; - and they come into creation - do I not care about the moment of your death? I AM GOD, SUPREME AMONG THE NATIONS. I KNOW AND I CARE !

    But certain of mankind is ever proclaiming themselves gods in grave error and transgression of My Laws. They control, and even terminate, the lives of their fellow men. This is known to Me. This is not pleasing to Me. This is bringing upon the Earth, all mankind, My wrath! ‘Are you not afraid to play God,’ I call to them, but they shun Me in their greatness. They do not serve Me. They believe only in their own free will - not knowing it is My gift to them, My gift that they might choose Me, choose Love - but they kill Love.

    “I bid you know that the death of every infant, of every frail, sick person, every elder - kills a measure of Love. Mankind’s hands are now stained with the blood of the innocents and cannot be washed off no matter what they do - except they kneel in penitence, and humbly ask forgiveness of their God. The blood of the Lamb alone washes the sin of murder from a soul. Oh My people, oh My people, oh that you would choose Love. I give you Love, in the ravishing beauty of the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the Mother of God, but you choose not to heed Her call to Love, choose not this Gateway to return to the Lord Your God. You choose rather error, sin, death and destruction. Oh Woe, oh My people, oh My people, what have I done to you? How have I offended you? Answer Me.

    “‘Into Your hands I commend my spirit,’ you pray - and you claim the Name of Jesus, in your prayer - and your Jesus of merciful Love, is ever attendant upon your prayers.

    The great grace which is given you, to work miracles of Love, will cause the many to be released from the bondages of sin and death, for Heaven hears the prayer of the faithful. At this moment, I your Jesus anoint you in a profound anointing.

    Immeasurable are the great graces being poured upon you, and not only you, but the faithful cohort who gather here prayerfully in the Name of Jesus and Mary. A great and Holy Light is upon you, My people. I bid you Peace, I give unto you the Peace Of Christ, the Peace that surpasses all human understanding, the Peace that only I your Jesus, the Prince of Peace, can give, I give to you - that is always accompanied by the joy and the love of the Lord; and I bless you with a profound anointing of Love. Keep your eyes upon Jesus; hold the Names of Jesus and Mary on you lips. Sanctuary is in the Hearts of Love! (Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.)

    Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes Discernment [February 11, 1998]:

    During a Mass on January 31st, I started to feel this was the priest to whom I had to speak. Not only was Father “most approachable,” but within the first few minutes of the meeting he had already advised me that the “priest of Holy Orders“ to whom I needed to speak was M whom Father described as the foremost moral theologian, who would be appropriate to help me with this work. As I continued with the paper, I needed further discernment from our Lord on this and other questions.

    JESUS: “Govern yourself by the Will of your God! I am He who lives and loves eternally. I am your Jesus of merciful love. Profound discernment you speak, My small little one. Ask of me what you will. Dear Lord, are Father and M the priests You have chosen to guide me in this work? The virtue of love is such that I the Lord bless your works. I bless you with the needed Words of wisdom and discernment. I bless also your heart, hand and mind for these works of mercy. I Myself assist you in the writings. The priests you name are holy to the Lord your God and I bless you to work in and through them. Favourable reports are given always by M. In the Light of the Holy Spirit, in My Name, to the glory of God the Father, he works. Therefore do not hesitate to contact him. My blessing is upon you and this contact.” (Thank you Lord. Pause. I wanted to ask if no distinction was to be made between body parts obtained from live donors and those obtained from so-called “cadavers”, but somehow I was too ashamed to voice the word though I had them written on the list of questions I had prepared earlier day.)

    “I am attendant upon this concept of body parts to be taken from one SOUL to another. Do you think it is pleasing to your God? (No I don’t Lord.) It is repugnant to the Lord your God! My children of faith, you have but to ask and I heal those who in all sincerity of heart prayerfully seek it. In union with the Holy Spirit of love I heal it. Few ask for this healing among the millions upon this Earth! They turn to the medical profession, many of whom know Me not. I bless mankind with free will, I bless mankind with human intellect, I bless mankind with seeking, searching minds.

    “My gifts to mankind are always contingent upon the Eternal Laws of your God; and thus, mankind, to your sorrow, they fall under a curse, rather than reaching joy under My Blessing. What will you do when you run out of body parts? It will become expedient simply to kill another for the body parts. You are already aware that this can and does occur in various nations. Walls of flame surround those who are behaving in this manner. The mark of Cain is upon many on Earth. They are Mine yet they elect to kill their brothers, for their own motives. Proceed to your next question.” ( Lord, Your Words are so beautiful and clear. Should I simply write Your Words and nothing more, when I write to M, or should I also include the clinical case histories you have helped me with in the appropriate places?)

    “Write My Words; yet it is perfectly permissable to record those which you have heard about through your practice. An addendum of those cases may be attached. However, I shall leave that up to you. You will be inspired by the Lord your God and assisted by many from Heaven, to write this paper. It is to the glory of God that you are working this paper, little one. It is pleasing to the Lord your God and thus profound spiritual assistance is given over unto thee.

    (Pause. He is just saying:) My love...My Love...My Love...My Love...(as His blood is dropping)...My Love...My Love...My Love ...My Love... I died that you might have life to the fullest. Scientific facts to the contrary, there is ONE body attached to ONE soul. This is the Design of your Father, your Creator. This is the way it is; this is the way it should be!

    Dear Lord, what about blood transfusions then? I know that is the next thing they will ask.

    “I the Lord your God who lives and loves eternally, bless you. Scripturally, it is written: ‘thou shalt not eat blood.’ There are many ways in which this is comprehended by My people. I believe you know Well now, that there are ways of substituting and even ways of using each patient’s own blood or blood products. Yet in dire emergencies, blood transfusions are indeed used. My little children, this whole catastrophe of medical science is because man does not follow God’s Law, the Will of God as taught even unto Moses and even unto this day. The principle of blood transfusion has been accepted by the medical profession and yet it is not without hazard, as you Well know. If you had before you a blessing and a curse, I ask you this - would they stop because of My Word or your word? Even so, speak your Words!

    “They must be aware of what they are doing. There is no blessing upon this generation of mankind, which snatches the infants from their mothers’ wombs, destroying them in a bloodbath of death. It is written, ‘the firstborn belongs to God.’ Where are the firstborn? They are not! A cry greater than Rachel’s is upon the Earth now! The timing of this document which you are writing is important to Me. I will leave to you how to write about the blood transfusions which have been in existence now these many years, but you will be inspired by Heaven.

    “The choice is ever life or death, life or death - but scientists have forgotten about life or death of the soul! Thus they are caught up in this madness; this chaotic situation where babies are being murdered and babies are being ‘created’ as it were, not by the Will of God, but by the desire of the parents united with that of the doctor who seeks to work this form of science. There is compassion,and there is misplaced compassion. Consider why are so many sterile. Is it because of the diseases of promiscuity! Is it because of the wrath of your God? Why, why - when there are so many fertile and their babies are killed. Think of this, My little children. There is a lesson here to be learned by mankind. Would that they would heed the Lord their God, for the answers are all in the Word of God - the Holy Scripture: ‘ There is a time to be born, there is a time to die’ (Ecclesiastes 3). I give life and I take life. I take My own home. Now the doctors would like to decide when this shall be, or when their lives will be snatched away from them. How can this be pleasing to the Lord your God? It is not! What is your next question?

    (Lord, help me to work a little faster because sometimes I feel stuck.) “It is completed on the day We desire. Be at peace in this matter. Thou art powerfully assisted. Anyone, any spirit that would dare to obstruct is immediately eradicated, that My Will be done in and through thee. I am your All Powerful God who speaks. Do you still have any questions to ask? (No Lord, thank You.)

    Humbly you come before me in prayer/petition, seeking Wordsof discernment and understanding to share with the brotherhood of physicians throughout the world, yet thou art assigned to the beloved M, that your Words may be shared with your fellow Christians throughout the world.

    “A haunting sorrow is in the Heart of the Lord your God, because of the tragedies of mankind’s pride in the works of their hands, not consecrated to Me, but to power and to greed . My little sister, I am anointing you and blessing you profoundly - be at peace in all these things. My Voice needs to be heard. These people need to at least revise what they are doing, because it is true that a day comes when they stand before their Judge; and since thou art the one I choose to forewarn a multitude, thou art profoundly blest. Remember you are not alone. There are others of like heart and mind amidst your people and Heaven is with you. The Blood and Water, Living Water I give you from My Own Heart. To all the faithful - a great blessing, a great anointing, at this time, this period of the year in which you are living, is assisting the faithful most profoundly in all that they do. A great ingathering is occurring now. Little children, love one another and be at peace! (Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Blessed be the great Mother of God,Mary most holy; blessed be God forever!)

    MARY: “The virtue of love is such that the Mother of God speaks. Little children, as you blest Me on this day, so I your Heavenly Mother, Mediatrix of all Graces, bless you now. My precious little one, I know well the value of your time and your little expenditures here and there, to mark and reveal the truth to your fellow man; and because of that, you are blest profoundly in a myriad ways - shall We say, tiny miracles flow about you to assist you in unexpected ways. Little daughter of faithfulness, you are My delight! Jesus, the Love of our lives, is pleased with you and asks you to stay as you are - seeing how you are at the foot of the cross gives your Mother Mary a Heart of joy. The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, is surrounding you with a great blanketing of Joy this night which is holy to the Lord!” (Thank you, Blessed Mother! My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee!)

    I must add here that a few days earlier, I phoned a friend (I don’t remember why). She told me she had just been praying and asking our Lord to help her understand about the many ‘senseless’ murders that were taking place; in particular, a young woman who had been abducted from work, raped and murdered a few years ago. Our Lord told her that every time an abortion murder is committed, more devils are released, who gleefully go and attack a vulnerable soul (one not in a state of grace), and incite that soul to commit murder. Just then I rang her and Our Lord instructed her to tell me. We have heard how crimes of murder and war will not cease until abortion ceases, but now our Lord explains how. (Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your Well beloved Spouse!)

    Discernment on February 18, 1998:

    As I entered, before kneeling down to start praying:

    JESUS: “The gift of life is given by God, the gift of life cannot be given otherwise. (a reference to the blood donation slogan - ‘give the gift of life’). I am the Lord your God, All Powerful and, on whom I will, I have mercy ! Indeed, I give the gift of life, I am Life and I am Truth. I am here in a moment of tender and compassionate love for mankind. My gift to thee, child of God, Faithful Missionary - a Word for mankind - some will consider and heed. You are well aware that others will not. Even so, the Word must be given. Ask me now what you will.

    Dear Lord, I would like to have further enlightenment on the subject of blood transfusions.

    I make it known to you that there is no need of blood transfusions, Were mankind using their free will for the love of God and the love of neighbour. Alas, it is not so and, thus, is blood transfusion deemed necessary now for sustaining life. What would you have me do? Because I have given you free will, humanity, you use it to maim and to injure and to wound; and then you use it to attempt to repair that which you have mutilated. (Pause. Please change our hearts, Lord.)

    “I come in Love and mercy in the power of the Holy Spirit; through those who believe, I am able to heal whatever affliction befalls persons of faith, should they approach prayerfully - two or more gathered in My Name, in the Faith which you call the Faith of the Apostles; in total faith - I want to heal that person. I repeat, when they come to Me, as it Were, as dead men - unbaptised, unconsecrated to God, unknowing of God, living outside the Law and the Commandments, do you not see that help is not forthcoming from the Lord your God in these circumstances?

    Thus, they decide in dismay and confusion, to study science and become gods themselves. Little children, it does not work that way. (Dear Lord, if they do not hear You how are they going to hear me?)

    “Those I desire to hear shall indeed hear, because of you. I chose you; and in you and through you, and those believing priests whom I direct you to. A goodly number will heed, who have not considered the many aspects clearly. Do not worry about numbers. I tell you that if even one has a change of heart, it is a worthy effort, a worthy project and I bid you know that more than one will change, more than one will consider, more than one will come closer to Jesus and the Truth.

    “A living embryo is before My eyes - its heart is beating in the womb of its mother -but not for long. It is taken. Woe to mankind, woe to mankind!

    “Blood given from an unknown donor to another conveys with it, as you Well know, many, many, dangers, until recently not fully comprehended by the scientists.

    The resulting ailments do not aid the poor victims but rather harm them. I set before you a blessing and a curse mankind - look what you have chosen. Even so, in My great Mercy, I hold My wrath in abeyance. I bless and I heal, for I hear the prayers of the faithful, little children, with hearts of love pleading with God to spare this life, to spare that life, here, there, everywhere all over the earth; I hear and I heal. In spite of the errors the scientists make, I heal as I will - on whom I will, I have mercy! It is thus with the one you have met in My presence. (Jesus is referring to one who has had a liver transplant, kneeling in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.)

    “I remind you, little children, that your bodily health itself is a gift from your God. Many of the afflictions upon mankind today are manmade, and many are caused by the sins, the dissipations of the various individuals. Little children, I repeat: I am a God not of chaos, but of order. I set the stars on their courses, and the planets and the moons. I set life on the earth in its cycles. Each child I create has a pathway of holiness to walk; even as a star has a pathway in the Heavens. My little children, when you break the Laws of God you are not on that pathway any more, and the fallout is sin and suffering.

    I gift many doctors and scientists with much knowledge and understanding of the workings of the human body; but suddenly they forget about the human soul, not only in themselves but in those upon whom they are working their healing arts.

    “I ask mankind to come back to Me with all your hearts. Hear Me : I bless, I heal, I cure, I regenerate; for those with deep faith united in prayers with their brothers and sisters of deep faith. Even so, little child of God who is injured and gravely ill from whatever cause; I again bless even the unbelieving doctors and scientists to heal My little one. Much of what is happening in the various fields of medicine is not according to My Will; yet My sheep are there. Because of them the blessings flow in spite of the great errors being made. Do you have another question ?

    (Lord, should I be sending the information to M now and what should I say to him?)

    “It is by My Divine Inspiration that I have drawn these grave concerns of Mine to your attention, that in you and through you, not only the Church, but the medical profession should be aware: in your capacity as a doctor, which bears with it a mark of respect. Be not afraid, simply write and tell the priest that indeed by Divine Inspiration these matters came strongly to your attention; that on further deep prayer, more enlightenment has come to you, and that it is My Will that it be shared among believing doctors and believing Church men. The Holy Light is upon your writings of My Words. An angel of light assists you in this matter.

    (Should I send Your Words now and the addendum later, or all together?) “Send it together with a note of explanation of how you are doing it. A doctor helps you - the Italian lady doctor who died to help her baby: Giana. This doctor knew life, knew love, and is now forever in My Presence in glory. She blesses you in a profound assisting way. She is not alone. More come to your assistance. Heaven is attendant upon this work of merciful enlightenment to man. (Lord, should I send this to M and wait to do as he directs me, or should I start sharing this with others of the medical profession before that?) You are under assignment from Me, the Lord your God. Of course you may share with others of the profession.

    “As you send this document to M, as you Well know, that will cause grave concern, even consternation; but My Words in you and through you are irrefutable; though some try to reject them; this is not unexpected. ‘Pour forth Your Spirit and renew the face of the Earth’ you pray, you pray and you pray, My faithful ones; and it is happening. But it is My Will at this time in the history of man, that much enlightenment is through the faithful, among whom thou art numbered. As you are kneeling before the Father of Enlightenment, mercy attends upon you, blessing you. It is to be said that the Lord your God has seen no horrors so great as what is before My eyes today. It is simply a time to warn mankind - those who will heed - that some may escape the wrath that is at hand. Cannibalism - this can be viewed as a form of cannibalism - can you not see that? (My God, I believe, I adore ,I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. We adore Thee, Oh Christ, and We bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world!)

    “A flame of Love is upon you, for you are profoundly anointed in the Spirit of the Living God.

    I the Lord your God, bid you know that I am not unaware that the seven deadly sins are no longer mentioned among Christians. They are not recognised among pagans; but it is the very humans who claim to be Christians who now shun the seven deadly sins. Were there no lust, there would be no abortions; were there no greed, there would be no sale of body parts; If there were not self-seeking, power-seeking scientists, there would be no cloning of humans; no mutilation of precious embryos and all the other desecrations that are occurring upon My Own Creation, with precious human bodies and souls. Ask of Me what you will that you may be clear about what you wish to express. (Lord, do you wish me to continue to come regularly as I have, or come after Msgr.’s response is received?) Come unto Me as you need to know. I am working closely with you, and I am delighted with our conversations of life and love.” (Thank you so much, dear Jesus!)

    MARY: “Mother Mary is present. I, Queen of Heaven and Earth, bless you little one, and in all littleness on Earth, you get great things done for your God. Little one, a great blessing is upon you - I bless you again and again. I am the Mediatrix of All Graces and the blessings flow; be not surprised what happens next in your faith journey, My precious little one. Small instrument of Love and Peace, you are cherished of the Lord God and of your Heavenly Mother.” (Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary Most holy!)

    JESUS: “The Roe vs. Wade case was falsified, as you know. And so you see, with the proponents of these evil machinations in the name of science and progress, there are scandalous lies and occurrences to promote that which is not of God. This is the world in which you are living! It is worse than Egypt ever was. What would you have Me do about these vile occurrences over which My little faithful ones on Earth grieve, even as I grieve? (Lord, please change their hearts, I entrust their souls to Your merciful love.) Triumphant angels assist this woman, for her works are important to Me!” (Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit , as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.)

    Discernment on February 21, 1998:

    This morning, I woke as usual at 4:00 a.m. and started to work on the clinical aspects of the paper. I modified the wording of My own “miraculous healing” and, in the process, became very moved by the profound gifts from God to myself and my unborn son, at the Feast of His Incarnation through the great Fiat of His Immaculate Mother. I wanted a brief paragraph explaining my ‘role.’ At first, the Words were coming, but then I became confused, stuck and quite upset; so I called a friend and asked her to kneel down and pray with me for peace of mind so that I could continue this work.

    Within a short while our Lord told me that the “other forces” did not want this paper written at all, and were attacking me ferociously. Our Lord told me to come to Him before the Tabernacle and He would give me the Words of the letter He wanted me to send.

    It is also important to say that for the past several days I have been meditating on two things:

    1. The Precious Blood of Jesus (I found the meditation by Gerard Manley Hopkins S. J.)

    2. On May 29, 1997, I had left something at the Mercy Gate Shrine and went there to fetch it (or so I thought). The weather was wet and windy and my friend had not been to Mass so we knelt down to pray five decades of the Rosary. Shortly after, another friend arrived. The three of us often pray together. She said she was coming out of Mass when she was inspired to come to the Shrine. We continued to pray the Rosary. Our Lord told me that He was anointing me with the gift of healing hands. It was the feast of Corpus Christi. (A memory of a smiling, wrinkled, old black face floated before me from 1971 when I was in My final year. She was speaking in Zulu, which I had to get a student nurse to interpret: “She says that the Lord is going to bless you for the way that you have touched her!“ I thanked her but I don’t remember ever giving it much thought in all these years. Now I can’t forget her!)

    So, with all the above on My heart and mind, I thought I needed to go to the ‘Tribunal of Mercy’ today before Mass and Adoration because I just had not thanked God enough for all His gifts to me in all these years. Besides, our Lord was going to give me a letter of introduction .

    Discernment Prayer:

    (Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse! Oh Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.)

    Lord, I kneel before You seeking a “Testimony of Faith.”finishes our Lord. (This is what He is calling My introductory letter.)

    JESUS: “As you kneel, dear child, for the love of the Lord a profound anointing is upon you as We address the matter at hand. Do you wish to express yourself first?” Yes, dear Lord. Thank you so much for always being here when I need You. I need Your Words to introduce myself to M and to explain to him what my role or “mission” actually is. I started but became confused and prayed and You called me to come before You at the Tabernacle.

    “Amen. The power of the Almighty God in the Spirit of Love is upon you, little child. The Voice of the Immaculate One speaks through you, My beloved Faithful Missionary, My precious little one. See, thou art anointed in the Power of the Holy Spirit of the living God. Great graces are pouring forth upon you and a great strengthening of your soul, and not only your soul but your entire being, that this work prevail.”

    (During this anointing I felt a pressure on my brain, inside my skull and down my neck, and I sank down onto the floor. This has never happened to me before. In fact, I thought people were faking - always told the Holy Spirit He was welcome to come and rest in me but I did not want to be ‘rested’ in public; obviously; I’m a bit of a control freak so I struggled back onto my knees.)

    “Oh, My little one, there is sorrow in the Heart of your God at what is happening in the field of medicine and all the sciences; both sorrow and grief. The walls which surround the hearts of the many prevent them from knowing merciful love, agape love, compassionate love. In a sterile, loveless way they work their works of iniquity upon My Creation, humanity.

    It is enough what they are doing to the other creatures on Earth, but what they do to My precious gifts of Love brings down My wrath, as you well know. I bid you read Ezekiel, read Jeremiah, read the many messages in Holy Scripture and know that I do not take lightly the attacks on innocent victims such as aborted infants and indeed those whose bodies are so mutilated by, as they call it, the harvesting of their organs. Why would they need a substitute kidney or heart or liver had they or their forebearers been faithful to Me in the first place? Even now, were they simply to be faithful I would cure them.

    “Do you not call Me the Great Physician, the Healer? But you use Me not! Even so, in the mercy of God, I call the medical profession in particular, and their research scientists, once again to come back to Me with all their hearts. At times, you mention God, or even My Name, Jesus, but you neither know Me, nor obey Me, nor honour Me, as I would have you do. Little helpless ones who are yet praying incessantly on the Earth, who do know their God, and the awesome power of the Creator of all that is, do not do surgical operations; they simply pray for one another with all petition,

    seeking healing and I give it to them. See, you have strayed out of the domain of your God’s Love; of the Holy, the immutable Will of the Living God.

    “I repeat; I reiterate; It is the Lord your God, Who set the stars on their courses,

    that gives you the life-bearing planet, at the essential distance from the sun, that there might be life here! Now you toy with all these gifts of Mine, which cause life to be! The seeds of My Love have fallen on bare rock and are bearing no fruit in this community of practitioners of death. Each of My own who believe in Me walk on this Earth as a lighted candle; for the flame of love, the power of the Holy Spirit is

    upon each one, even as it was upon My apostles and disciples at the time of the first Pentecost.

    “This blessing of the great Pentecost is upon the faithful all over the Earth - those where Love yet reigns in their hearts and controls thus their rational thoughts and minds. You believe you have great rational powers, but you do it without My merciful Love. I bid you know that you use your brothers’ and sisters’ blood and you have reaped a harvest of AIDS and Hepatitis and more. I bid you know that when you transplant organs, the drugs necessary to keep the recipient alive, give them but a half-life. Even so, in My great mercy, little ones pray for life, and I give it to them. In My great mercy, I bless My little faithful ones as is written, to be the salt of the Earth. The salt that preserves humanity from the corrupted state in which it finds itself.

    “Therefore, I bid you heed - which is essentially to hear and to act upon My Words, through My little voice, My little Faithful Missionary, whom I have chosen in this fashion to enlighten My people. I, the Lord God, attend upon her, and every other faithful-to-God person on Earth today, most powerfully. I am calling My people not to surrender to what may be termed ‘mad science.’ Little children, it is not different, in a sense, from a gambler who seeks money by gambling; serving Mamon, as is written, and failing to trust the Providence of the Lord your God. It is this failure to trust in the Loving Providence, the blessing of your Lord God, that causes poverty where there should be none; affliction and complicated afflictions through science where there should be none.

    “My Love is a healing Love. The practitioners of faith know full well that the prayer for one another, both friend and stranger - aliens in their land - even then I heal each and every one by the power of faith. I reiterate, faith grows in direct proportion to the individual’s attendance upon the Lord. Shun Me not! Attend upon Me, that I may enlighten your heart and soul and mind also. Deuteronomy will cover all the rest. Read it, little children; We have Words there which you will recognize. (Thank You, Lord.)

    “Little one, you live in trying times, yet I am strengthening you profoundly to do that which I desire of you. These are the talents you have been given, which you are not burying in the sand but are using to the utmost, to the greater glory of our Father in Heaven. Therefore, your Father in Heaven is benevolently watching over each move you make. All-Powerful is the Lord your God. Heaven rejoices in your faithfulness. Do thou, My little one, discern and write. I Myself assist you in the writing. I am your Jesus of merciful love. I make a river of light flow upon the Earth. Do not worry about those who do not heed. Leave them to your God and be at peace!”

    (Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit , as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Thank you, Beloved Lord.)

    Dear Lord, my style of writing is often sarcastic, or flippant and informal. Please tell me if anything offends You or interferes with Your message and help me to change that in the writing. Also, I have given the papers names. Does that offend You?

    “As you re-read it once more, I Myself read it with you and I inspire you should there be necessary alterations in the Words. The message is clear, concise and to the point, and pleasing to the Lord your God. The titles are subject to the prevailing winds of these times and are adequate. Be at peace in this matter. Those who want to understand, understand! Great graces flow upon you and those who read with an open mind that which has been written. Believe and be at peace. Angels carry your message to M in all delight!” (Thank you, Jesus!)

    Dear Lord, if it is not timely for me to ask these questions, please forgive me. I’m getting an enormous amount of work coming at me. Doctors are sending patients even though my waiting list is closed. I’m not sure whether to reduce the work in my office or leave it the same, in order to cope with whatever Your intentions are for me.

    “Continue to work in Faith as thou art taught. In the tape I have inspired your friend to show you, there is a Wonderworking power in the Blood of the Lamb. Claim the Precious Blood of your Jesus to heal the individuals spiritually, mentally, emotionally; and in every aspect of their being as they pray, and it is done; and your patients will be healed most rapidly. Do you believe? (Yes Lord, thank you!)

    I had been wondering how to use the gift of Healing Hands, which our Lord had given me. I have some patients not doing Well. I’ve been praying for their healing and wondering what I could do to help them. Lord, please help me to heal them in Your

    Name and protect me from any sin of pride.

    Lord, could You please say something about Our Lady in our letter to M so that it is clear to all who hear that She is joined with You in Your healings and writings because that is what You have said in all My discernments.

    MARY: “My daughter, it is your Heavenly Mother who speaks, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, which is indeed so at every time I speak. My little one, when the Holy Spirit came upon your Virgin Mother of God, all Graces flowed upon Me, and My mantle is essentially the mantle of the power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. You see, Jesus’ Body and Blood were formed in Me. I gave Him My love. I gave Jesus to mankind. But Jesus, in turn, gave Me to mankind at the foot of the cross of Calvary. The only blood needed is the blood of the Lamb. My little one, you know Well that My life, as Joseph’s, the beloved saint, are as it were, hidden in Scripture. But We are present in both Scripture and Tradition most profoundly.

    “My little children, you are My children. If you read the book of Revelation, you are My other children, for you keep Me and you keep the Name of Jesus ever on your lips. It is these, My other children, in unity with Me, the Woman Clothed in the Sun, who defeat the dragon, in the economy of our Father’s Design, since He has called you to be little brothers and sisters of Jesus. Therefore, you work in unity with Jesus to defeat the enemy.

    “In your own prayers and sacrifices, which are pleasing to God, you cause multitudes to convert. Little one, you wonder why you are tested and tried. It is because you are working works of merciful love, which is angering the dragon; and so you have these testings, these trials, as you claim the Name of Jesus, as you claim the Presence of Jesus, yet on Earth these 2,000 years in the power of the Eucharist.

    “The gift given to My priesthood was to consecrate the Bread and Wine; this was the work Jesus promised that He would cause His apostles to do greater than Him. They bring Jesus to all who yield to the faith of the apostles. My little one, you may feel at times little; a very small light, a dim candle in the darkness. It is not so. The Spirit of the Living God has anointed all followers of Christ as apostles and disciples with a flame of love. Once He has claimed His own by Baptism, Confirmation and

    the anointing by faith - in the Holy Spirit, in the Word of God - you are His great flames, lighting up the darkness as so many candles all over the Earth.

    “Continue, little children, for there are not enough yet that are so enlightened. My little one, I am your Mother; I am the Mother of all. The graces given to Me at the time of the Annunciation, flow through Me still; for it is the Will of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that it be through THIS Vessel, that the graces flow. I come to Earth here, there and everywhere; all over the Earth, beckoning them, calling them to come back to the Lord their God, that the disasters on Earth, the afflictions, the miseries, be at least ameliorated. Some are, and some are defeated all together.

    “But the people of mankind need to read the Scriptures, the journey of the chosen people. As soon as the Good Shepherd got them on safe ground, they wandered off again to false idols. This is not new, except that there are many more false idols and many more temptations that are happening on the Earth; and tragically, there are many, many more people affected by this falsehood, which is taking shape in many forms all over the Earth. Thus, My little ones are called and armed to be brave warriors of their Christ. Know that God is with you even as He said in Holy Scripture. He is ever with you, even unto the end of time.

    “Peace! A great anointing of love, peace, joy and all the accompanying graces and virtues are attendant upon you as you continue your work of love in the Name of Jesus. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. .Amen!”

    Lord, what has just happened here? I see that from the 18th of February, You inspired me to ask the question about blood transfusion because it is mentioned by our beloved John Paul II, in the context of organ transplantation, so that You could lead us back to the healing and redemptive powers of Your Precious Blood. You have perfectly dealt with the issue of blood transfusions; but You have gone one step further and given me the gift of healing by the Power of Your Precious Blood, in Your Name!

    Discernment on February 27, 1998:

    After Adoration, praying the Apostles’ Creed: [Our Lady’s favourite prayer.]

    JESUS: “The virtue of Love is such that the Lord your God is present. The enemy would taint you at every opportunity. Stay always in the Presence of your Jesus. That is why I am giving you lessons in holding your armour secure about you and not opening it up to react to negative emotions but stay always in the joy of the Presence of the Living God - and teaching your brothers and sisters to do likewise.

    It is a self-discipline - all you who have dedicated yourselves to the Living God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, are called to be masters and stewards of your

    own body and mind. It entails much mastery of your thoughts, words and deeds. The enemy loves to trick you. We bless you with the necessary wisdom, understand- ing and forthrightness to train your brothers and sisters in this area of purity. Love conquers all. (Thank you, Lord. I feel His eyes are on my soul and the Lord is giving the Words of a song I don’t know: “Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling---”.)

    “Now is a moment of sweet surrender to Love as the Spirit of the Living God anoints you. Peace! Ask of the Lord your God what you will. It is our desire to say yes and to assist you profoundly, for the works you do are Our works. (Thank you, Lord.)

    I am praying to have a deeper understanding of the gifts You gave me last Saturday, and to use them in the way You wish me to use them. In the gift of

    “ Healing Through the Power of Your Precious Blood,” I listened to the tape You inspired My friend to lend me and understood You were talking about persevering in prayer - as You often say to me: “by faith are the miracles wrought, by faith is the Victory won.” So, during Adoration on Sunday and Monday morning, I understood that I and My patient if possible, should persevere in prayer for healing. I felt that same powerful anointing from Saturday in waves continuously for about two days.

    On Monday, during Mass when the Gospel was being read, at the words

    “Jesus said to Him: ‘If you are able! All things can be done for the one who believes.’ ‘I believe; Help my unbelief!’” (Mark 9: 23-25)

    I experienced another very powerful wave go through me and had to cling to the pew not to sink to the floor again. I therefore believe the words of a Profession of My Faith, are a condition for the healing. I would invoke the power of Your Precious Blood, specified by both You Lord and Our Lady; and in Your Holy Name pray for a healing. [This is leading me back to My devotion to Your Divine Mercy. ]

    Will I know who to do this with or do I do this with all My patients now? What of Our Lady? Will She ‘speak in me’?

    MARY: “The Virgin of Fatima blesses you; a profound anointing is indeed upon you. In the Name of Jesus the enemy is in complete rebuke and is not present!” (Thank you, Mother.)

    JESUS: “The virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, have blest thee, My beloved little sister. I bless thee with Divine Inspirations. Thou hast already attained a great measure of wisdom and I have blest you with an intellect because these works are imperative and important to the Lord your God and they shall indeed be done in you and through you. As you complete them you will see clearly the whole picture of the Message. When you finish, you will see it as clearly as a stained glass picture.

    “My precious little one, your assignments are manifold. Therefore, make the prayer card as you have described and been inspired to do and be at peace. You will also be inspired as to who you should give it to, even as you have been inspired in the past as to whom you should speak My Name to - it shall be so! You will just know because I am working in you and through you. You are My Heart, My Hands, My Voice; believe, little one, and be at peace. (Thank you, Lord.)

    We call all unto Ourselves in this time, which is short now, and We have positioned you that you have access to those who have need of the Name of Jesus; and as I send them unto you, you will proclaim My Name and great blessings will fall upon you. Believe, little one. You know always that the blessings bring you joy; and yet often they bring more work for your hands. We bless you with busy hands and busy voice. We are with you.

    “Furthermore, We call you into the Light of Our Presence more frequently, during Adoration or at times of prayerfulness; and in these moments We inspire you

    more profoundly in what We would have you be doing, for there is a unity here now that is most profound and We are able to work with you in total unity of Love.

    “The message you bring is not only to M but to all those who will heed, will respond. It is a message truly of hope, because you know there is little hope for the terminally ill in these days. Little children, you have been told that the time of death is a time of trial between God and the enemy. Know this: Were the people to come to Me without fear, there would be no trial. I’m just asking you to come unto Me in glory.

    “There is no fear for those who are united with Me - not more fear than any new experience in life. Any great fear should not be there, for I am calling you home at the appointed time, when the mission you have been assigned has been completed.

    Therefore, I bid you know that many, most in the world, have a great but irrational fear of death in the eyes of your God; for united with Jesus there is nothing to fear. I Myself defeated death for you; therefore, fear not little children.”

    Lord, did you mean for me to include the healing anointing to be shared with M? He is quoting St. Paul:when I was in the Spirit.” Jesus is shaking His head because I do not know where to look. “Try Acts 3 :11. Thus, it is readily available to say, “when I was in the Spirit....”

    Lord is it time to send the package off to M? “Yes. We wish it to go now. We hasten to share you. All is in readiness for the one who will receive it. We Ourselves, in the power of the Holy Spirit, open his heart and mind to your Words. The names are pleasing as they are. Mother is also blessing your Words and sending angels and saints of assistance with you. A seal of approval is upon your works. Be at peace in all things. Go forth in the Light of Our Love!” (Amen. Thank you, Jesus!)

    Lord, I’m praying for different things now. I’m praying for a young man called M. You know all about M and his very faithful mother and his family. I’ve only met him once but I’ve had this feeling in my heart for a while now that you’ve been calling him to a religious vocation. I’m praying that he will turn to you and give his heart and soul to you.

    MARY: “The Virgin attends upon him. He is indeed falling in love with Love, which is a call that My priesthood needs to hear.” (Thanks, Heavenly Mother - so much.)

    Discernment on March 18, 1998:

    Divine Mercy Chaplet.

    Oh Holy Spirit, beloved of our souls, We adore you; enlighten us, guide us, strengthen us, console us; make us know and only do Your Will!

    JESUS: “I am He who lives and loves eternally. What would you ask of Me, My beloved Faithful Missionary?” Dear Lord, thank you very much for my contact with the three doctors and also for the enlightenment to study Evangelium Vitae. Please guide my understanding of the Words that appear to be in contradiction of Your Words to me.

    The one and only paragraph where I thought Evangelium Vitae stands out as not being in harmony with what our Lord is telling me is this:

    No. 86 / pp 136: “As part of the spiritual worship acceptable to God (cf.Rom 12:1 ), the Gospel of Life is to be celebrated above all in daily living, which should be filled with self-giving love for others...It is in this context, so humanly rich and filled with love,that heroic actions too are borne...,made up of gestures of sharing, big and small, which build up an authentic culture of life. A particularly praiseworthy example of such gestures is the donation of organs, performed in an ethically acceptable manner, with a view to offering a chance of health and even of life itself to the sick who sometimes have no other hope!

    When I found this line My heart sank. Help Lord - what now? So I’ve been praying for several days for enlightenment.

    JESUS: “I am the one who lives and loves eternally. I bless thee now with a great anointing of My Love. The peace of Christ is upon thee most profoundly. The virtue of Love is such that I choose you as My instrument in these My Words, My mission of Love, to re-educate My people. Many have strayed far from Truth. I am Truth. It is the Will of God to create humans. It is the Will of God to bless them with free will. It is the Will of God to bless them indeed with wisdom and knowledge and understanding.

    “Scientific minds are, as it were, small reflections of the Mind of the Creator of all that is. But you must remain in obeisance before the Lord God. Is it not written that that those to whom much is given, much is expected? It behooves men therefore to remain within the walls of the Commandments of God. Respect life, My faithful

    little ones proclaim, but few heed. The vaunted halls of scientific learning have come to an aberration where they no longer respect God-given Love. This is true in many aspects of science now today. The virtue of Love is such that I wish you to address these intellectuals, these scientists in these matters. They proclaim the Gospel contrary to the Will of God. Yet they proclaim it so loudly, so profoundly that now it is seemingly drowning out the Word of God given forth by Me, that of My faithful little ones. Even so, repeating and repeating it loudly does not make something Truth.

    “My little ones, I call all back to the Faith as profound as that of the great prophets, the great patriarchs; and indeed as profound as that of My apostles. Because of the inroads in certain scientific minds, in certain as you call it ‘new age’ beliefs and attitudes and pronouncements, it is a much more complex time than that of My Apostles. Even so, Truth remains Truth.

    “The priest to whom thou hast written, attends upon these concerns of Ours even as We speak and you shall indeed hear from him shortly.

    “All acts of selfgiving, of compassionate love, are indeed from God. (Even body parts, Lord?) Long pause. Unrestful moment of “inteference.” Rebuke prayers.

    “The virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, adjust the ways of mankind very profoundly, very soon now. In the interim, I yet would address the scientific minds to know that I bless them with many abilities for healing and curing. There are certain things that go beyond My Will in the realm of science and this is not pleasing to the Lord your God.

    All acts of selfgiving, of compassionate love, are indeed from God.(even body parts Lord?). Long pause. Unrestful moment of” inteference”.Rebuke prayers.

    The virtue of love is such that I the Lord God, adjust the ways of mankind very profoundly, very soon now. In the interim, I yet would address the scientific minds to know that I bless them with many abilities for healing and curing. There are certain things that go beyond My Will in the realm of science and this is not pleasing to the Lord your God.

    In My great merciful love, when one shares out of Love ( He shows the kidney transplant of a loved one to a loved one), the living donor risks his life, to give that loved one a portion of himself. In My great mercy I accept this as an act of love. Little children, the quandary is that it should not become necessary , were mankind all living within the walls of the Ten Commandments. These afflictions which are prevailing in the bodies of My people would not be; and in the Name of Jesus, the healing would occur without taking such dire measures to prolong life. Then in all- Charity- of- Love, I bless with certain healings some of these procedures. When it is Love in action I forgive as it were, the invasion of the human body to remove the part so that a loved one might live.

    “Yet the matter of proclaiming an individual has attained bodily death, that many parts may be removed, as it were commercially, for the use of other humans in hopes that they might live, is not pleasing to the Lord your God. A greater peril than body death is soul death. In the medical profession, many place their souls in grave peril by these actions of, as I have said, playing God.

    “You know well that the recipients do not necessarily regain full health, but as I have said, they have a half-life in their bodies. Even so, I have mercy and spare their souls, for in all these trials they must plead with Me for their continual assistance upon Earth.

    “My people have forgotten that eternal life is in Heaven. There is no fountain of youth upon Earth. It is but a temporary journey. You are called in Holy Scripture to keep your eyes turned towards Heaven your true and native land. Therefore, the perfection of soul is always the priority. Choosing, in your eyes, that which is the lesser of evils, does not make anything right in the eyes of the Father.

    “You all know that the Mystery of Love which I have encoded in each human; is individual, is unique, and is for that individual - and try as they may, the scientists run into block after block, in their strange attempts to do that which is unnatural and unseemly to the eyes of God!

    “Little one, ask of Me what you will.”

    Thank you, Lord. I know this is a gift from You. I received a list of all the doctors that enrolled at the Toledo conference. Should I send a copy of the letter to all of them or wait till I hear from M and attach his response. Will You guide me to the ones that should receive it? And what of Canada and other countries?

    Firstly, wait for M’s response. Secondly, yes indeed, send it to all.

    You know well there are some who will accept; others will reject. Do not worry about that. You will have done what I have called you to do in sending out those Words.

    “The message I give to mankind is for all mankind, all Christians to receive. National borders do not count in this My Work. (He’s showing the pamphlets fluttering here and there.) Send them out to be read by the eyes of those whom I choose to read. Do not worry about the others. Simply send it out - it is at the least, thouglt-provoking.

    “It is for the conversion I so desire from the medical profession. It will occur in many instances. I Myself bless the messages. Know this: every Word I speak is a blessing for mankind. Those who accept the blessing are promptly anointed and profoundly assisted in their discernment and in the works of their hands. Those who reject it cannot say they have not known when they too answer to the Lord their God on that great and glorious day of the Lord. You are profoundly blest for it is Faith-in-action, as I so desire it to be lived.”

    (Lord, maybe at the conference in September I can get the other lists because they are international - if I should wait that long?)

    “Address those to whom it is possible, fairly soon after you receive your response from M. Carry with you these Words to the conference. There are means readily available for translation into various languages. Be at peace in this regard. Be at peace in My Love. Know that I have tested you and trained you these many years for this time and this mission which is singularly yours. Be at peace therefore - I am with you always. (Thank You, Lord.)

    I cause rivers of light and enlightenment on those in the profession whom I am calling by name now; and in September, My enlightened ones will be in every nation!

    “ You know very well the burden that humanity is saddled with at present; the legalization of abortion. You know well the so-called scientific experimentation and usages of My small Creations, is grievously wounding the Heart of your God and My beloved Mother.

    Know this: the holy angels, the guardian angels assigned to each infant, which you call a foetus, weep; for their mission to mankind is aborted, that of the child and of the angel! Little does mankind know, in the realm of glory, in the realm of spirituality, in what ways this human behaviour alone is harming humanity!

    Enlightenment comes forthwith from you, in slightly varied and different ways than others who know me and love me and elect to serve me, that they may be My friends forever. Be at peace. You are not alone. Generous loving hearts I set about you to assist you.

    “Little child, the overflowing Love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

    is pouring forth on humanity, who may accept or refuse. Little child, you are now blest in My Love. You are blest by God! A profound anointing is upon you. You are called to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in the enlightenment of your fellow man!

    “Remember, I am building up the Family of God on Earth! Remember, the Earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof! Know that I am the guardian of the rights of My own, among whom you are numbered; little one, you are protected. Be at peace, therefore!”

    I was expressing various concerns about practising within the clinical guidelines for the College, as well as responding to the spiritual needs of my patients, and being faithful to my mission as Jesus has gifted me (mentioning some concerns voiced by a colleague).

    “My darling, My darling, I Myself protect you. There is no need for great, prolonged, elaborate prayers. Quietly and unobtrusively, when you discern that it is an appropriate moment, bring in the Name of your Jesus, and I am with you. I Myself will not risk your Providence, your practice. When you are in humble obedience to the Lord your God, you fall profoundly under His Blessing, His Providence, His protection, bringing success to the works of your hands, both in the healing of the sick and in the works of enlightenment which have been assigned to you. Should you feel that you dare not pray over a certain individual, simply praise the Creator of that individual and ask for healing for that individual - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, physically, united with Jesus, and it will suffice. When you shake hands you may say in your heart : ‘Jesus heals’ or ‘in Jesus’ Name be healed.’ Thus, unobtrusively, a healing will occur, for it is your Faith which causes healing to happen.

    “These wounded ones seek healing most desperately. Your medical profession

    asks you to heal without Me. How can this be?”

    The very next morning, with My first patient, the Lord did exactly what He describes - through me! Glory Be!

    Ezekiel 36: “I shall put My Spirit within you, says the Lord; you will obey My Laws and keep My Decrees!”

    Discernment on March 19, 1998, Feast of St. Joseph:

    After Divine Mercy Chaplet.

    (After receiving E-mail from T regarding modifying (relaxing) criteria for “harvesting of organs.”)

    JESUS: “Fervently you pray to Me about many matters. I Myself attend upon thee now. A mighty river of Light is upon you, little one. The Triune God blesses you in a great anointing on this great feast day. You have many concerns on your heart, Faithful Missionary, My beloved little sister, My small instrument of peace. Turmoil moves upon the Earth.

    “Let us address first the matter of human body parts. The manner in which these parts are, as is described, harvested - is not My Will but the will of the enemy. This affair of body parts has become an instrument of greed and power. It is not in the Father’s Design for human beings. Grotesque results begin to appear now in such operations and procedures, for My blessing is not upon the hands of the doctors who perform these procedures. Do you wish to serve Me more in these matters? (Yes, Lord.)

    “This is a crime - for it is a theft from healthy bodies in an attempt for a scientist to play God and replace, in a debilitated body, a healthy organ. It is not different than putting new wine in old skins: it does not work!

    “Prolonged suffering and sorrow is often the consequence for the recipient of donor organs. It is not so for the doctor who has created this. He luxuriates in more of his enterprise.

    I ask mankind to restore the gift given by God! You are made in the image of God! You are gifted with free will; and should you ask for wisdom and discernment and knowledge it is yours! But you do not in your pride! You wreak havoc on His people!

    “Many of the afflictions are caused by man’s free will and behaviour which is opposing that of God! And then the individuals so afflicted are further mistreated at the hands of the enterprising physician who would play God in the lives of these individuals who become victims of these dastardly deeds!

    I the Lord your God hold each life sacred and precious to Me! Scientific research must always be for the benefit of mankind. Yet things are occurring in scientific research which are repugnant to the Lord your God! I bid you know that it were better to have more restrictions on this human behaviour of obtaining human body parts, rather than more liberal ways of obtaining and using them.

    “There comes a time of shock and dismay upon the scientific community, the medical community. For My Rule does and shall prevail. Scientific leaders, no matter what they think, are not gods and shall not be gods! They may attain or obtain transitory fame in the scientific community, but it is at the expense ot their patients who become their victims frequently.

    There are many gifts of healing graces given to doctors who operate ethically and with love and compassion for their patients. The medical profession is in need of this essential component in the world. My blessings are upon those who in all conscience prevail in a holy belief in the wellbeing of their patients. My blessings are profoundly upon them.

    “The work which I have assigned to you, is to explain My stance - which is opposed to the stance of certain doctors and scientists. Don’t worry about those who do not heed or believe. Enlighten your fellow physicians, that they have this Godgiven opportunity to remain spiritually, morally and ethically pure in their works; that their works be truly that of the healer in every sense of the word. I, Jesus, bless you and assist you in all that you are doing.”

    MARY: “The Virgin herself assures you that the car problem is resolved. Praise God! (Thank you,Heavenly Mother. Is there something I should do to bring that about?) It is already brought about! (Thank you, Heavenly Mother. The little red paddy wagon is back in business, without the anticipated approximately $5,000. expenditure. Praise God!)

    Discernment on March 25, 1998, Feast of the Annunciation:

    JESUS: “Fall on your knees to the FATHER, Who deigns to attend!”

    [we pray prone whenever God the Father “attends.”]

    Father, I adore You, lay My life before You; how I love You!



    Mary, We hail You...

    It is written; I would that none of My own be lost. The Father, in total agreement, attends upon each of My own, among whom you are numbered, little one. Do not be afraid, do not be dismayed; this mission of Love is given to thee for Our own reasons. It shall be completed in and through thee, when those whom the Lord God wills to hear, to read, to heed these Words, do so! Do not worry about others who will not pray or ponder on these Words.

    I Myself attend upon the receipt of the Words, opening and enlightening minds to see this perspective, which I desire you to, as it were, promote in your profession.

    I am the Bread of Life. I have united Myself with you, My precious little sister, in a constant and continuous Communion of Love; and have molded you to be My instrument in the workings of peace and Love. You know well it is a Love-starved Earth, yet I proclaim My Love through many, many precious little hearts and hands and voices. They appear to be drowned out by the action and sound of the worldly; but it is not so. My peace is spreading all over the Earth now.

    “It is a time of great action and yet great sorrow, where mankind elects not to live in the Design of our Father; elects not to be protected by the Ten Commandments of Love. They are not Commandments for the Lord God; they are Commandments for the people of God. Those who live within the walls of the Commandments, rarely have the afflictions which are occurring upon the Earth now, which the scientific members of your community try to correct in many and varying manners, not always successful, and not always pleasing to the Father. Ask of Me what you will, My little one, that I may answer specifically.” (Thank you, Lord.)

    I’m praying for unity in our Catholic Physicians’ Guild - that we could be given the great grace of working all together on this “mission of love,” to bring about the changes that will have to be made to conform with our Father’s Will.

    “The many will unite with you. We ask your associates to continue to pray for your intentions supporting you in this work. For those who do not heed, do not worry; I call them back in due course. As you know, each one is at a different spiritual level.

    This is, you might say, a rather profound and intense separating of the wheat from the chaff. A profound discernment is called for now. The Tree of Life is being shaken now; the bad fruits fall and they are devoured by the birds of prey and by the insects. The good fruits remain securely attached to the Tree of Life. Some day, little children, you will understand all that Holy Scripture teaches you; and that which is being preserved in the Tradition of My Church. Triumphant angels are in attendance now, My little one. The Will of the Father is done in and through such as thee. Therefore, be at peace!” ( I’m praying for discernment in dealing with the priests.)

    “The confusion is abated. I am the Lord your God.

    “You may feel free to address the Archbishop. You may make a copy for your pastor: this is a sign of your obedience. Be not dismayed about anything; I am with you; and I am with My religious, My priests. When you are working as My friends, My works, I am with you; and I am with My beloved bishops and priests as they read and ponder the Words which I have give unto thee; therefore, there is no cause for fear and anxiety here. You might say I have armed and armoured you very well for this mission.

    “You will indeed hear from the beloved M. Be not anxious; it is at hand - his response. A favourable interpretation and understanding is given to him which he discusses at some length with you. There will be ongoing communication in this matter. (Thank you, Lord!)

    MARY: “Mother is present. I bid you peace, My darling. I take care of each and every one of My priest-sons. My obedient priests are pleasing to the Lord God and to their Mother. Simply pray the miracle prayer and do not be afraid to speak out to the priest of your heart’s concern. In this great mission of Love, which is so important to the Lord your God, We open the ears and the hearts and the minds of the priesthood to receive these considerations which have been given directly to you from the Lord God Himself.

    “The priesthood its very self is in disarray, little one. Should you come upon a priest who is in partial or even total disagreement, be not disturbed. It is the Will of God that the Word of God be assigned to them.

    “The Temple of the Living God is just that; the Temple of the Holy Spirit. In the power of the Living God every temple is sacred. Therefore, simply pray for the enlightenment of priests and doctors that the Great Enlightenment come upon them.

    “Remember what happened when people prayed over our beloved Doctor Nathanson; simply pray that none of My Own be lost.

    “My little children, We repeat: do not worry about human esteem; worry about the Will of God. Little children, when you do these works of mercy which emanate from the Mercy Gate of My Immaculate Heart, you are warning the many of the error of the world’s way, of the direction in which they are going. Since you have been trained in that way yourself, you unite with Me in warning the brethren that their decision is upon them. Little children, We gather a few of the faithful physicians round about the Earth, who still hold the correct line in the eyes of God, on what is happening in the medical profession now. Certain actions well known to you are not pleasing to the Lord your God, and are bringing His wrath. Indeed there is certain research that is bringing the wrath of the Lord Our God.

    “And so thus in your fight against this, you are blest and you are assisted profoundly by Heaven in this work; you will not be disrupted in this work. Be without fear; speak out boldly in the Name of our God. My little one, Heaven profoundly assists you in this work of merciful Enlightenment.

    “Every time you attend upon the Lord in His Body and Blood you are anointed. It is the Will of the Lord your God.

    “Little child, the saint who assists you in this work is known as Saint Luke, is he not? (Yes, Mother.) We bless you in and through Saint Luke in this work and We bid you recall that Jesus, the Great Physician Himself, is profoundly assisting you. Little children, the wages of sin is death - death of the soul; so perilously close to some of you. Speak out at any and every given opportunity against this culture of death!

    (Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be; world without end. Amen!)

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