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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
  • 1998 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
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  • 1998 April to June

    Discernment on April 1, 1998 - The Mission and Miracles:

    In the discernment prayers of January 14, 1998, Our Lord Jesus said:

    “As to the matter of life and death, this is a grievous burden upon you. In your fight, My little one, I ADDRESS YOU AGAIN AS THE TRIUNE GOD! We DECREE WHEN ONE WILL BE BORN AND WHEN ONE WILL DIE! Yet man in brazen pride, works furiously to alter both these circumstances of humanity! - pause (how can Imake them hear?) My little sister, they do not wish to hear! My little sister, they must open their eyes, their ears, their hearts, their minds. I Myself work a miracle of love in this matter. You have been scooped up, out of the death’s doorway, and restored to life on Earth for Our purposes.* Understand? The sins of mankind, man’s pride or, as you would say, ‘poWer trip’ fill Me with wrath, ad nauseam. Do not be dismayed about anything that happens on the Earth now. IT HAS TO BE! Even so, speak boldly in the Name of Jesus. I Myself will be your voice. I Myself attend upon you in these writings, in the concerns of your heart, for they are My concerns and I place them on your heart.”

    *(On March 25, 1977, feast of the Annunciation - the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus, I called St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and asked for a priest to give my son what, in effect, was a “Baptism of Intention.” On March 26th, My son, diagnosed anencephalic at 38 Weeks, died during labour and was baptized John immediately after birth. That same night, I slipped into coma, first thought to be due to a cerebral haemorrhage but, after surgery, attributed to amniotic fluid embolism. Surgery also revealed a clotting defect due to the amniotic fluid embolism. So, on the 27 th March 1977, the miracle of My recovery took place.

    On March 26, 1998, at Adoration I was praying for various people whom Father had announced during Mass needed prayers for illness. One of them was a lady named D who was very ill; I don’t know the clinical details very well. She is a mother of eight children (three of them adopted) who is in her final year of the UBC teachers’ training program. She is well known in the community because of her active role in the prolife movement.

    Apparently, she has some form of tumour at the base of her neck which is very painful and has caused her to become disoriented and lose her balance. She had had a serious fall on campus about 2-3 weeks ago. There was a fear that she had broken her neck, but this was not so. However, she was totally disoriented after that, not knowing where she was or how to get to her class. Since then, she had been in bed at home, scheduled for surgery on April 7th.

    I was praying the fifth Glorious Mystery, entrusting D to Our Lady’s intercession, when I felt the power Holy Spirit, as on the 21st of February when I was anointed to “heal in the power of the the Precious Blood of Jesus.” Our Lord told me to go and heal D according to My anointing. I had to go to work after Mass so I called a mutual friend and she arranged for just the three of us to meet at D’s home on Friday at 2 p.m. The two of us were to meet at the Church first, so I went early to pray before the Blessed Sacrament because I was not feeling very peaceful. Immediately, as I started to ask for peace, I again felt “the power of the Holy Spirit” within me. Just as I was thinking I needed to ask a priest to bless me - to be sure I had the Holy Spirit - Father P entered the Church and blessed me. The Spirit become much more intense and sharp and clear and I felt an urgency to go and anoint D, which I did immediately. We prayed together until I felt that all the Power of the Spirit had left me and had been transferred to her. It took about half an hour.

    Then Our Lady started to speak and said that D had indeed been healed in all aspects of her being by the one who had been anointed to do so. She also said that Ds whole family were healed from many dark and difficult things now and should not look back. From now on, people who visited the home of D and Ian would feel as if they had entered a portal of light. Then, quite unexpectedly, Our Lady went further:

    “I am the Queen of Angels and all Saints. There is a child in this Family who is afflicted, is there not?” D said that yes, her son C, aged eleven, has had poorly controlled epilepsy, well-documented by Children’s Hospital for 3 or 4 years. Our Lady said that he too was healed (see anointing on February 21st regarding the Gospel on February 23rd about the epileptic boy!).

    We prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and, shortly after, C came in alone ahead of the other children. D held him while we prayed just a short time. I explained to D why I had come and we agreed not to discuss it with any other persons until further discernment. So, on March 27, 1998, 21 years to the day since my own miraculous recovery, Our Lord performed a profound healing for a whole family -”in and through me,” as He keeps saying in the discernment prayers.

    Discernment on April 1, 1998 - at Mercy Gate:

    (with My brother visiting from South Africa and the same friend who was at Ds)

    I was praying to understand how the miracle of healing, which I believed had taken place, should be handled once it is confirmed or revealed.

    MARY: “Mother is present, Mother is present. Precious children, you are our delight. Little ones gathered in the Name of Our Lord Jesus, who are so pleasing to the Father, and to Me, your Heavenly Mother; and in the Power of the Holy Spirit each one of you is anointed in a great anointing of peace.

    “Little children, indeed you recognize the great healing of D and her household, and you have claimed it and given glory to God. There is yet an enemy which would obstruct the release and revelation of this great miracle of healing Love. Let us rebuke it together, little children.

    “In the Name of Jesus and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole Heavenly Court, We command you, all demons of hell, all demons of obstruction in any form; go now before Jesus the just Judge, and answer; great and glorious is the Lord Our God !

    The thing is destroyed; it is the Lord Who speaks.

    Lord We give You all honour, praise, glory; We bless Your Holy Name. We thank You for Your merciful Love.

    Mother attends upon you and upon the family of D. The rebuke of that which assails them was long overdue, and in a great fire of Love the prayers of the faithful here in this parish community have released this family from the torment they have lived in these many years! Oh thank you Mother! A great blessing of healing is upon D surprise is on the face of the physicians!

    The little boy C is precious to the Lord your God. It is the Lord who speaks. That affliction is well removed.Your concerns about the medication and how to announce the Victory : simply share at times when you see D, your heart’s concerns. Remember it is in Love, through Love, by Love, that the miracles occur; by Faith and Love.

    As for your mission ; it is in the Hands of your Jesus, and blest in the great graces from your Heavenly Mother; and all is going according to Heaven’s design. I take away for sure, any slightest traces, any signs of anxiety; for you shall work ever in the peace of My Presence. It is in this your faith and your surrender, that My great anointing of peace is ever upon you. Do you have further questions My little one?

    Dear Jesus, should I directly tell D that she and her son come off medications now;

    to emphasise that they are healed by faith; and should I tell the other physicians and M now?

    Jesus is saying, Mine, Mine, Mine; the healing is total. Of course you may mention to D that there is no longer need for medication. She has prayed her novena of thanksgiving. A great healing anointing spiritually is upon every member of her household. They will see the Victory momentarily. They realise that something profound is happening not only to D but to C. A light of faith, flares most beautifully in the household of I and D at last. Give glory!

    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    It is therefore only to wait for confirmation from D and C and their physicians, and then thereafter, you may use this testimony. Thank you Lord.

    I was thinking that D should ask for a copy of the histories, from the physicians, for before and after the healings, so that the clinical testimony is in the Words of the physicians who don’t know me. Of course ask for this; a favourable response is in My sight!

    Lord, should I send the additional discernments to M without waiting for his letter which I have not received yet ?

    You may forward the additional Words as you desire, and it becomes a great unfolding before M’s eyes. I Myself attend upon him in a profound manner. He realises that I, in Truth, emanate from here. Be at peace in all things.

    Jesus is saying that M is showing it to other priests. He said the quorum of priests who study it with him, are amazed, puzzled; some are a bit disconcerted, confused. I work a great miracle of understanding on each one of them. Thank you Lord. Some are saying “this changes the whole picture.” It is to My delight and approval!

    Now Lord We are praying for a young man called WD, who has been diagnosed with renal failure; it happened suddenly and it is not understood why. He is now on dialysis and the doctors tell him he has to wait for a donor kidney. Lord God, We don’t know if he’s a Christian, or if he’s baptised or anything. He has been of powerful assistance to My friend’s children in their work which you have given to them. He is only 40 years old. He is a marine biologist and is fascinated by your great gifts of life in the sea. Her son just told him that we would pray for him. He is now in hospital in Honolulu. We come before you Lord, seeking the miracle of complete recovery for W. In Your great mercy Lord hear our prayer ; We ask the assistance of all the angels and saints, in Your Holy Name Lord Jesus,in and through Your Sacred Heart, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Mother of Mercy, Mediatrix of all graces, our Advocate before the Throne of Grace.

    Fast and Pray, fast and pray; it is the message of today. It is Mother who speaks.

    [It was the Medjugorje message today]Mother Mary, help us to fast better than we do.

    My little children, the one you name and plead for, is Our own; We attend upon him. Continue a prayerful novena that the many blessings acrue. I bring them thus to the Father magnified by My Immaculate Heart; He proclaims “Let it be;” and the healings occur. Our Lady is saying that she brings our prayers and sacrifices as it were, on a platter before the Father, and sometimes it’s heaping and sometimes its not very full ;to be brought to the altar of sacrifice. We will continue to pray so that it may be very full.

    Forthwith, tell Me that you love Me; it is the Lord Who speaks.

    My Jesus, I love You...(seven times); My Saviour and My God, My Redeemer and My King, I adore You!

    A living flame of Love We place upon W. We bless you little children, We bless you profoundly. You will hear favourable news. Be at peace. I am He who is your God, your God of merciful Love. The works of iniquity, the works of the enemy are doused, the flames of hell are doused by the prayers of the faithful. In recompense to the Lord your God, your fastings, your prayers, your penances, work great victories of Love. Indeed they are magnified through the Heart of Our Mother. Now is a moment of sweet surrender to Love. Little children, the blessings are flowing through you; and yet they flow through you to those whom you carry in your hearts, for whom you pray. He asks us to sing ‘Bless the Lord oh My soul,let all that is, give praise to Him; and not forget He is merciful slow to chide; bless the Lord, oh My soul

    Mighty is the Lord your God; you have found favour with the Lord your God and the man is healed! Thank you so much Lord.

    Faithful Missionary, give testimony to this event also !

    Next we are praying for my brother K, who fell of a scaffold in 1962, and has been paralysed from the waist down ever since. We just claim the Words of Angel Gabriel to you Mother Mary; for nothing is impossible to the Lord your God. We ask in and through your Precious Blood Lord Jesus.

    Jesus asks us to do what I guess is a symbolic act of faith. He says

    put your finger on His Heart (We touch His Heart on the Crucifix). He says take the drop of Blood and place it on yourself, and the healings proceed! You do not know what is happening here little children; you are being drawn closer to the Sacred Heart of love. Encased in My Love, you will go forth as apostles of these times in great works of mercy. The anointing is complete and profound. Give glory!

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it as in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, Amen!

    Mercy is extended to the multitudes on this evening which is Holy to the Lord!

    He’s repeating, by faith are the miracles wrought, by faith are the victories won!

    Thank you Lord.

    Mother Mary says She is donning sackcloth like Esther and going before the Great King to gain the release of Her multitudes of children from the bondages of sin and death.

    Dear Heavenly Mother, We love and thank you.

    Night and day the river of Light flows to dispell the darkness, for now is a time of great Redemption upon the Earth. Believe and be at peace. You may take your ease now My precious little ones. Blessed be the great Mother of God Mary most Holy!

    Angels are singing,’Faith of Our Father’s..... Holy Faith We will be true to thee till death, We will be true to thee till death!.(We sing the verses.)

    Glory be........

    Discernment Prayers April 6th 1998.

    The Mercy Gate of the Immaculate Heart is wide open beloved child of God and child of Mary, ask what you will about your mission, We are attendant upon you to assist you in this mission of Enlightenment to mankind. Please help me to understand about the meeting on Friday with Father.( The voices sound very distant.)

    Therefore little children, be at peace, We work a miracle of Love upon the good priest; it is your Jesus who speaks. Do thou My little one, prevail; I ask you to remain obedient to your Jesus; and Our beloved Mother . You are blest profoundly in this communication from the Lord your God in the power of the Holy Spirit of Love. All that I ask of you comes to pass My little obedient one. Little children, do not be anxious or impatient. Simply wait upon the Lord and the actions of Love take care of themselves since thou art surrendered to your God most profoundly.

    Living Waters; Light, prevails all about you, surrounding you in the Light of Christ Jesus your Lord at all times. The Lord your God has gifted you long ago, for these works of Love to be performed at this time. I assure you, they shall succeed. I take away all the roadblocks now. You will succeed. Let us go forward in faith and hope and trust and love in all patient perseverence My little sister; for you and each one with you are part of My great Family of peace. Enlightenment must come, that many hearts are changed and true conversion occurs in Our Great Design.

    The beloved M has need of more Words therefore I gift thee with more Words. My graces fall upon you little one. When you are speaking to M, the Words will flow from your heart , for your heart is Mine and Mothers, and in this Trinity of Love you will speak the appropriate Words for it will be the Lord God speaking in the Power of the Holy Spirit . Therefore I ask you to just rest in peace and light in My Presence and wait on the Lord yet a little longer. Now is a moment of surrender to Love, as the Spirit of the Living God pours forth from the Immaculate Heart of the Beloved Virgin Mary, a river of Light upon you. Angels keep singing, glory, glory, glory to the Lord.

    A fountain of Light and Life through the merciful Heart of your Jesus is pouring forth upon you; graces, anointings, enlightenments. Stay prayerfully united little children so that these works come to fruition as We desire on Our schedule. Trust your Jesus and be at peace. The Virgin Herself works side by side with you little one, you are never alone. A great Light is ever attendant upon you.

    The priest who is called M has a name in Heaven that is most pleasing to the Lord God and he dwells always in peace, as I have prescribed for each of My Own to dwell always in the peace of My Presence.

    I have taken away all your anxieties and concerns and ask you to remain therefore always in the peace of My Presence. Be not anxious about this Father of your heart’s concern. We bless him with peace and enlightenment as Well. The trial is primarily over. There is the odd small test but your work flows freely now.

    Little one you are blest, for in unity with God and the Beloved Mother of God, you have won the essential Victory over self, so that the Lord God uses you most freely in the works of enlightenment and mercy, at this great hour of ingathering.

    Living Waters flow unceasingly upon you. Rejoice! Again I say rejoice! Glory be......

    Just this morning I had sent another four discernments to M express mail.

    Lord, Should I sent the letters to The Archbishop and to My Pastor before the letter from M arrives?

    Mighty is the Lord your God! I am the Lord who speaks. Do thou My little one, remain at peace. I Myself attend upon M and you will very soon hear from him. It is then that you will approach your Pastor and your Archbishop and I open their hearts and minds to that which you have been given to speak out. It is a time now little children, to enter into the solemnities of this Week of holiness. This communication may be held in abeyance until after Easter Sunday. I bless thee little children in the peace of Christ !

    I would like to pray for Pete, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer,as well as having arthritis, loss of weight. A family full of charity and goodness. He is widowed, with two sons and even little grandchildren. I’m not sure but I think the family is not baptised. I pray for both his spiritual and his physical healing.

    The Mother of God speaks. Let us begin at the beginnings. First of all pray for Pete; then invoking your Heavenly Mother’s Name, invite him here and this is but the beginning of his journey into the community of God. Indeed he is known to God and blessed by God. He feels peace now even as you speak now in your heart’s concern for him and his family. Do thou children see now that you are truly instruments , in Our Lord’s peace in this time of ingathering? Do not worry if they come one by one. It is alright for there are many of you doing similar work all over the Earth. Your Mother is in all delight at your faithfulness. I bless you, I bless your works, I bless your evangelisations. More is happening than you know little children because of your faith and prayers and penances. Again, rejoice in the great Easter period.

    It is a time to be profoundly united with your Redeemer this Week; and to rejoice powerfully on Sunday and all the Weeks to the Pentecost when yet more miraculous events shall occur. Little children there is great warfare on Earth, but in the Name of Jesus, each individual is victorious. Little children pray; do your penances and pray. Mother assists you; Our Lord Jesus assists you. In the power of the Holy Spirit , all goes according to Heavens Design to those who love and serve the Lord, among which you are numbered. My Name is your Merciful Mother. Know that the mercy of God knows no bounds.

    Discernment Prayers. 16th April, 1998.[ Feast of St. Bernadette.]

    [Praying at Mercy Gate Shrine with 2 friends. We are a bit behind in schedule so

    I prayed the Chaplet of Mercy just before.]

    3.00 pm. Mercy Hour. Oh Sacrament most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine !

    I am Jesus and I bid thee peace; My little ones I bless thee profoundly. A vast anointing in the power of the Holy Spirit is upon you!

    Give glory to the Father Who attends !

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit ....

    The vast river of light, the power of the Holy Spirit is upon you little children, blessing you profoundly , filling your hearts and souls and minds to overflowing with Love; with the glory of God! A myriad of blessings is upon you each one. Remember, by faith are the miracles wrought; by faith is the Victory won.

    Little children, working closely with your Mother and Mine, and with your God, you attain a high level of Victory over self. Since I have won the Victory over satan, sin and death, I am at last able to use you as My instruments of Love and peace. Each one of you is profoundly blest and anointed.

    Here in My Presence, at the hour of My Mercy, to which I have called you, great graces flow. I bid thee ask of Me what thou wilt. It is My desire to say yes.

    At the cenacle prayers two nights earlier, one of the members asked us all to remember to pray for a young woman in her thirties, who has cancer of the liver, and is now hospitalised because she had developed pneumonia. The following morning at Adoration as I prayed for her I began to “feel” that our Lord wanted Me to go and heal her according to My anointing. So I answered,

    “Dear Lord we are here to confirm Your Will that I should go and heal A in the hospital.” Our Lord asks one of My friends what she asks. So she says, the same Lord. We wish to discern Your Will. Do You wish Faithful Missionary to go and lay hands on A.

    The foe is wrath and does not wish to release her from that which I wish her to be released from. I bless you profoundly; you will be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice; as you lay hands upon her, My Words will address her in and through you for I have trained you in the manner I desire you to be trained and the great graces flow, My beloved, believe and be at peace. To one of my two friends;

    Thou art anointed equally, and should I choose to bless A and yourselves with Words they too shall flow. To the other friend; We bid thee strive to accompany this little mission of Love upon A in the hospital. We are also meeting a Eucharistic minister who is taking Holy Communion to A. Thank you Lord.

    Mother blesses you.

    I am in attendance upon you. You will come ensconced in the mantle of Love, in the power of the Holy Spirit and bless Our suffering little one, your sister. We give A Words of love, of comfort, of healing. We will claim the healing in the Name of Jesus, in the Blood of the Lamb, and continue to praise God unceasingly over the next nine days. All goes according to Heaven’s Design. A glorious light comes upon A. One of you will see it as the healing takes place. Believe, for nothing is impossible to God ! A is Our little faithful one, and each of you attending upon her, is Our little faithful one; and where two or more are gathered in the all-powerful Name of Jesus, miracles happen ! Doubt not, fear not ! Believe, giving glory to the Father. Glory be to the Father..

    Mother adjures you to simply go there quietly, peacefully, in humble obedience. No scandal shall come upon this prayer group, for each one of you has been trained and have accepted this training, from the Lord your God and from your Heavenly Mother.

    There is a Heavenly Password. We are asked to pray Hail Holy Queen, first .

    When you are gathered together, in the presence of those who may or may not be clean, you will make a phrase including the password, and hold yourselves united no matter what is happening. In this bonding, this binding together, in the Spirit of the Living God , My little ones, you are protected and strengthened. Do not share the word with any other persons at this time. I Myself, in the service of Almighty God, in the service of the Father, will tell you when you may share it, with any other one. Regard it as a sacred password and be at peace. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.

    Forthwith ask of Me what you will. It is the Lord who speaks.

    I’m praying for wisdom and discernment at the meeting and for the physicians.

    The Lord is giving the words- a book called Materia Medica a doctors’ book. -the knowledge of science prevails yet in the mind of that physician. {our Lord named him} Do not be distressed by this. When one has been trained in a specific discipline, in a specific manner, for a long time, it is hard to uproot that which has been instilled in the mind of man.

    My little children, you are coming upon a time, when all that the scientific aspects of medicine can do, will not be enough for the healing of the suffering multitudes. Even so, they shall continue , and I shall bless many of their hands in the healing arts; those with hearts of Love and integrity of soul will be blest to continue; but they will not be sufficient for the afflictions on the Earth, therefore, I am giving healing hands to multitudes of people all over the Earth: little children, you are among those so gifted .

    Continue to be the Heart , the Voice, the Hands of your Jesus. I instill the Voice, the Words, the thoughts in you, since you are surrendered to Me in all Love; and the healings are ongoing in and through each one of you , and the many, many more about the Earth.

    With regard to Saturday’s meeting, be at peace. I Myself attend most profoundly. You will utter Words, indeed I will utter Words in you and through you, which will confound those who are listening, who are yet in opposition to the (He’s showing us *Himself in the Temple). Be not anxious therefore, remain always at peace, holding fast to your Jesus. Great graces will flow upon those who open their hearts and minds at the next meeting and they will be enlightened . All will mind; I call all unto Me, those who are pledged to Me, in all faith, will know the Truth. I the Lord God, am Truth. A number of events will occur in their lives that will cause them to see more clearly, the message you bear; and you are not alone. Others about the world bear similar messages. Continue to go forth, humbly before your God, but boldly in the face of what the world would tell My people.

    St. Paul’s words;

    1 Cor 3; 16,17. Do you not know that you are the Temple of God; and that the Spirit of God lives within that temple. If anybody should destroy God’s temple, God will destroy that person; because the Temple of the Lord is sacred; and you are that temple!

    Right now He is reminding Me that of all the priests in Jerusalem, only John the Baptist would tell Herod, who symbolises the worldly; that he was committing sin. My little one, you are safe in Me. Be not afraid; you do not suffer the fate of the great St. John. But simply speak out the truth in My Name. You are greatly rewarded in this mission of Truth which is assigned to you.

    Thank you Dear Lord, for all the healings which We are beginning to see and hear back about, from the previous anointings. The angels are saying salve, salve, salve Regina. Hail holy Queen....

    Dear Lord, I have many more to pray for but I have to return to work so I’ll have to come back to pray for the others instead of rushing now.

    My blessings are upon you and through you upon the many; indeed return, return to your Jesus and Mary Who will await you in all delight. The peace of Christ is upon you and all three of you, and the many that you carry within your hearts. Indeed many, many more will come seeking Heaven’s help here at the Mercy Gate of Our Love. We do not wish to weary faithful workers, We bless each one of you profoundly. Hosts of angels assist here making things flow freely in the Name of the Lord.

    Little children, you do not know the works of mercy you are performing , nor the great graces which are upon you. Love your Jesus and be at peace. Thank you Lord.

    Describing how it actually feels to be “in the Spirit”, I had been explaining about the feeling of urgency to go , speak out His Words, and the feeling of “Powerful expansion within, as if “blown up like a balloon” with the Holy Spirit , to My finger and toe tips. Again I was inspired to get up and open the Bible to

    Luke 10:I-12. sending of the 72, The commentary described all this exactly- the urgency and concentration and ‘inward’ focus and singleminded’ driven-ness’ of the mission, even the dispensing with customary greetings , social or prolonged chat, feelings of irritability if distracted etc.

    April 17 , 1998.

    Continuing the healing prayers for various people as promised yesterday.

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe,do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    JESUS: The hymn of praise which you shall sing now is” Come Back to Me...”

    Mother is in attendance. My little children, you are blest. The Lord God has seen fit to choose each of you, you among the many peoples of the world, as His instruments in this time of trial, this time of the great ingathering which is occurring upon the Earth now.

    We ask you to never feel fear, for thou art strengthened to do the merciful works of love, to be the instruments, of the Lord Our God; to be the Hearts, the hands, the Voice of the Saviour of mankind. How anointed you are My little ones; to be as it were handpicked for these missions which are upon you. My darling children, though you work together and are bonded together, in the Body and Blood of Christ, in the faith of the Apostles as you pray, you are yet unique, each having a unique mission in the works of Mercy.

    How He will use each one of you now is in a rather intense manner, for time is of the essence, though it be God’s time and not your time. Yet the timing is important to your God. Do not be anxious about time. All goes according to Heaven’s Design, for each one of you have surrendered in all abandonment to the Lord your God, and it is thus that He is using you. My little ones, in this close union with your God, great things happen. My little ones, believe and be at peace. My little ones, ask of your God and of your Heavenly Mother what you will. An anointing of great grace is upon you even as We speak. Thank you heavenly Mother.

    Jesus : Fall on your knees for the Father attends upon thee now. Most importantly is that you recognise your Creator.

    { We are praying prone and We sing Father We adore Thee; Jesus We adore Thee; Spirit, We adore Thee; Mary We hail Thee...

    Forthwith be at peace . The Lord your God is attendant upon you now most profoundly. Little children, a blessing anointing in the power of the Holy Spirit is surely yours ; prostrated before your Father, great blessings flow upon you. My littlest loves, I bless you; ask of Me what you Will. Father, did We do according to Your Will, when we went to pray over A? Was there a better way ?

    (We had been reviewing the anointing of A and wondering about the proper sequence when the patient was also receiving Holy Communion.)

    Tell me that you love Me.

    My God, we adore, we trust and we love Thee, etc.,

    Therefore is your answer ! My little children, you did holy and delightful service in the Name of Jesus through the beloved A, and an all-encompassing Love and charity, embraced the other people in the room ; the elders where given as it were, a n anointing in the Light of Christ, at that time of prayerfulness. Thus you were blest and anointed, and the Lord your God does all the rest.

    Lord We claim a healing from cancer for A and we know that something happened to the two elders in the room. We saw the light on their faces.

    Now is a moment of sweet surrender to Love; the Spirit of the Living God anoints you each one yet again. My little children, the prayers prayed in this room , and the anointing of the Living God upon all who attend here, has made this a Holy Place and that it shall remain; and each one of you is blest as you know, to be an instrument of God’s peace. Rest frequently in Me, for I rest in you.

    Should I explain more about the anointing Lord?

    If you wish a more specific direction you may simply say,” during Adoration the Lord has anointed me to come to you with a healing anointing, and so , in obedience I come to you in the Name of Jesus, and continue from there. All has gone according to Heaven’s Design. Be at peace in these matters. The great graces have fallen not only upon the beloved A, but on the elders and the visitors, and indeed on the whole hospital, in the binding together hymn in the Name of the Lord. Great graces fell upon the people in the whole hospital both workers and patients and visitors . A certain guest does not know what has come over them for they have, as it were, fallen in love with Jesus. Give glory. Glory be to the Father......

    Dear Lord, should I pursue the evidence from previously anointed candidates or wait it to come to me. Right now I just wait for it to come to me.{ D}*

    Be not afraid to give a call simply asking how she is ,and let the conversation unfold freely in My Design. I bless each one here; I bless D and this parish community with understanding hearts . The angels are singing, “Let there be peace on Earth,”

    {so we sing it.} That is how it shall be. I hold My little pockets of faithful all over the Earth and the peace is beginning .

    A great implosion of faith occurs as is designed by your God. My little children, continue to sing Love, sing praise, sing peace all, all the time. My little children, I am telling mankind I love them all the time, I’m telling mankind come back to Me with all your hearts, I’m telling mankind, love your Jesus, trust your Jesus ; and My peace and My Love and My joy, comes to those who surrender.

    My little people, many have trouble in the area of trusting the Lord God in all things. Each one of you has been trained well by your God and by your Heavenly Mother, and this trust is present in you. Little children, it comes at various times to each one.

    {*I is beginning to trust. Give glory.)

    The Mercy Gate of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is bursting with joy to see the little ones here in hearts concern for the suffering little ones all over the Earth. Great graces flow. Thank you Mother Mary.

    21st April, 1998.

    D & Family.

    Praying for the family as they decide about the medication. D has come off all the medication both for the tumour, and for her Narcolepsy; but I hasn’t decided to allow C to come off his antileptic medication yet. It is a great leap of faith.

    By faith in the Word she has received she has stopped taking the medications. Do you have any further Words for her Lord?

    Silver springs of water, flow in the power of the Holy Spirit, as radiant beams of Light. D has found Sanctuary in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The release of the necessary enzymes, chemicals, actions of her body occur now and she is freed up Believe ! Lord we believe ! All-powerful is the Lord our God.

    And thank you for my complete healing too Lord. As of the 1st April I have also stopped taking my anti-epileptic drugs too after 21years I have no sensory seizures!

    I pray that very soon C may also be able to stop taking the medications.

    My beloved, My beloved; My Love is upon you; My peace is upon you. My beloved, the great cures, the great healings will continue. Each of you is anointed in this healing ministry most profoundly. Little children, do not be afraid to pray one at a time whenever necessary, even though united as two or three, the power of the Holy Spirit is profound; and great healings occur. The man who was just here A, has been released from a spiritual and mental affliction. He is totally Mine!

    { A is a first nations young man who had come late to the Shrine to be prayed over, and meanwhile the Lord had arranged that two of my patients cancelled or I would never had met him. I had just spent an hour or so listening to his life story and thought he appeared to have some pressure of speech. I thought he may be a bit hypomanic but wasn’t sure- he had had a difficult chilhood, and been in eight foster homes. So I was present to lay hands on him and three of us prayed over him. He was very concerned about discernment as he was going to visit Wolverine and wanted peace for the young people gathering in Vancouver. He is very focused in his Catholic Faith now. Jesus said he was recognised as a man of peace.

    As for C ; prevail ! I is now under one might say, the full scrutiny of his Creator, and he begins to discern and learn, and yield and in a manner which heretofore has been lacking and in this molding in faith, he comes to respond to the call of God most profoundly, for he has been persevering and seeking Me and now I have let him find Me and We will see the new ,I truly born again in the Light and Love; in the power of the Holy Spirit. Rejoice, it is done ! Glory Be... Thank you Jesus.

    As for the child C, let events take there course now. As you well know , he belongs to I and D, and in Our works of Merciful Love, they do the right thing by the child. Great graces are upon the family, the household. We bless this family in so profound a manner, and in a unique manner that all may know that I am God, supreme among the nations.! Amen .Thank you Jesus.

    Discernment Prayers April 21st, 1998.

    Jesus: Living waters flow upon you in a great anointing of the Holy Spirit, little one. All things that occur now work out to the greater glory of God. Be at peace. It is and shall be so. Great graces come upon you for your patient perseverance, your acts of faith. Your prayer life is pleasing to Almighty God. I am the Prince of Peace and I am anointing you with a vast anointing of My peace. Thank you Jesus ! ( we get that song- softly and tenderly Jesus is calling. )

    Simply address the priest who is your spiritual director cheerfully, positively, openly,requesting to attend upon him yet again. Little child, when you are rebuffed do not be dismayed; it is still part of the testing. Always go moment by moment, step by step, day by day. Simply give him a call, and be sensitive to his response, and continue walking in Faith. We are with you and We are with him. All things occurring in this time frame have to be, little one, thus you are blest with peace, Love and great fortitude . You are already blest with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are imperative, essential, in your faith journey.

    Lord, I still haven’t heard from M . Should I write again.

    There is obstruction, a spirit of confusion between here and there. Rebuke prayers.

    The Sovereign Queen blesses you little child. An anointing is upon the beloved M and his response is at last at hand. Believe and be at peace. A covering article he sends to you in addition to an itemised response. Indeed, he has prayed and pondered with his associates on all of this. Be at peace.

    Prevail upon the Bishop of your diocese to recognise Omen now.

    We cause an enlightenment most profound in the priesthood of this Diocese by the miracles which you shall continue to record, and certainly to a large number of the physicians. You know well that there are those who will not heed. Even so, prevail, little one; what you are doing is a great work of mercy and of Love.

    Jesus is saying henceforth little one, address the Sovereign Queen as “Merciful Mother” as you plead for anyone.


    Dear Jesus, after the meeting I wish to ask if there is something you wish to tell me about?

    Mother and I attend upon you most profoundly little one. In the power of the Holy Spirit of God it is true that what you call homosexuality must be addressed distasteful though it is. Scandalous is the behaviour of mankind upon the Earth today. The demon lust prevails here ,there, in vast pockets of evil throughout the Earth as you well know.

    My people, My people, cries your Creator, what have I done to you, how have I offended you?

    Lord it is not what you have done; but We pray for you to turn us around.

    Ora pro nobis, ora pro nobis, you pray, and Heaven hears and answers. The Virgin Mother of all, who cannot bear to cast Her eyes upon the impurities of the world, attends upon this matter of your heart’s concern.

    Mother consults with the Father and bids thee know, in the power of the Holy Spirit, that demonic lust is the cause of homosexuality, even as it is the cause of sexual abuse, rape and all of the incestuous behaviours that are upon the Earth right now to the abhorrence of your God and of your Heavenly Mother.

    [and they’re showingthe grieving angels of the victims, turning their faces away not to look on horror and yet grieving as they stand by . My Jesus, we weep at your feet for the sins of the world. Claim us once more Lord Jesus and have Mercy. ]

    Healing comes to an individual , whose life is obstructed by homosexuality by prayer, by faith. Pray for each individual you know or shall meet.

    [ My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love thee. I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love thee.]

    Little children, in unity of prayer, as you are given the miracle prayer by the Virgin Mother, the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, prayed with a sincere heart, with a contrite heart, and the healing begins.

    Little children, do not claim the affliction, reject it; you may say I am afflicted with this condition, please take it away Lord. Do not say I am a homosexual; don’t claim it. The ones who are practising homosexuals, have a measure of defiance, a measure of taunting; [ what can you do about it ; I dare you to do anything about it !] .

    This attitude is not helpful to them. For them, the same as an alcoholic, or any other addicted individual; to fall on their knees before Almighty God. Help Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner; meaningfully, totally, with their whole hearts, to plead for the mercy of Almighty God. In this their abandonment to Almighty God, their healing begins. That few struggle to do this is tragic and heartbreaking. Yet pray for them little children, and one by one We bring them into the Sanctuary of Love, where all purity does and must prevail. Because of your prayers and concerns and of those faithful about the world like yourselves, hosts of saints and angels in glory, plead unceasingly for the homosexuals’ release from the bondages of sin and death. I have already defeated satan, sin and death.

    It is for each individual to prevail in defeating the drives prompted by their negative powers, to win their personal Victory ; Since anyone turning to God, in particular through Jesus and the Mother of God, Heaven assists them so profoundly that they cannot fail; but they lack this level of trust, this level of faith.

    But to proclaim, I am a homosexual or , I am an addict, and do nothing further; where they dwell in this state, there is no peace, there is no happiness, there is no comfort, there is no joy. There is an artificial form of professed pleasure and joy, but it is truly non-existant in each person finding themselves in the situation.

    I call to My Church, wherefore do you linger in idleness; the harvest is plenty, the workers are few. Proclaim the Good News of Jesus, until it resounds about the Earth, and the healings begin. Your Good Shepherd awaits the workers in the harvest. Be at peace, thou art beloved instruments of My Love and My peace.

    My small friends rejoice in Our Love. Be not surprised at the miraculous events which occur now. Glory be.....

    Lord who shall I share these beautiful Words with?

    Print them out, and await Divine Inspiration to do further. Pray and ponder.

    Lord should I continue to send all the Words and the healings to M now?

    You may continue that it be recorded there. A response is imminent I assure you, be at peace. Thank you Lord.

    Should I send any more Words to Fr here.

    Make contact, and visiting him carry the papers and await the opportune moment. We are with you every step of the way. Little child, remember you are called to walk by faith; and by faith you shall walk !


    I was praying for the son and daughter of two of my patients whose children are seriously addicted to multiple drugs /alcohol. Serious overdoses have occurred in both cases.


    In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.

    Jesus; My little Children, come up on your knees and pray the rebukes you have been taught in such cases.

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in the Holy Spirit, and in union with the whole Heavenly court, we command you, all demons from hell, go now before Jesus the Just Judge and answer. Great and glorious is the Lord Our God !

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in the Holy Spirit, and in union with the whole Heavenly Court, we command you , all spirits of paganism, of occult practises, new age, witchcraft, satanism, divination, rebellion, affliction, addiction, infirmity, anxiety , depression, fear, anger, hatred, unforgiveness,vengeance, bitter roots, division, confusion, any and all unknown interlocking spirits,assailing ... go now before Jesus the just Judge and ansWer. Great and glorious is the Lord Our God.

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in the Holy Spirit, We rebuke thee satan, We rebuke any and all that has come against your beloved. . In your Holy Name, We sever all bondages of affliction, in Ns Family tree; all hereditary seals, curses, spells, snares, bondages ,illicit relationships, unconsecrated deaths, throughout all the generations by such causes as warfare, murder, suicide , miscarriage, abortion, accidental deaths, drownings, anything unclean in Your eyes Almighty God, that has come against these persons, in their Family trees and in their lifetimes. We claim a release now, by the poWer of the Holy Eucharist , Emmanuel, God- with- us; by the poWer of the Holy sacrifice of the Mass throughout time and throughout the world; and by the poWer of the Holy Name of Jesus, You humbled Yourslf to become true God and true Man, and to free us from evil and sin, and suffering, and to give us life to the fullest. Lord Jesus We claim this Life to the fullest for N. And their Family. Oh Holy Spirit, beloved of our souls, enlighten us ,guide us, strengthen us, console us; let us know and only do your will.

    Lord, cause to bear fruit powerfully in N, all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which they received by their Baptism, and Confirmation. Lord, We praise You and bless You and thank You, for Your creation N, for he/ she is wondrously made, we give to you once again, all their senses, their hearts, their minds, their souls, their free wills, and every cell of their body, for your healing attention upon them; and we ask you Lord Jesus, Mighty God, Great Physician, Wonder-counsellor, to just come now and place Your

    healing Hands upon them, and cure them.

    We ask Mother Mary, to bring them to the foot of the Cross: obtain there a drop of Our Lord Jesus most Precious Blood, From His Most Sacred Heart, and instill it in the heart of N, that the purifying love of Our Lord Jesus, cleanse them, regenerate them, heal them in every aspect of their being, as our Lord Jesus desires, spiritually, mentally, socially physically, sexually, in every aspect of their being, for You are God, supreme among the nations, nothing is impossible to you.

    Father, hold them once again under Your blessing, We bring them to the foot of Your throne. With Mother Mary we pray; In Jesus Name N, be healed!

    JESUS: “Great and glorious is the Lord your God, who bends an ear to heed your cries little children. A great anointing is upon these children of God. The bondages of sin and death, in the family heritage is no more. A great grace is upon them. Little children, it has taken them, a considerable time to get into this sorry state of affairs and it will take a little time for the healing, but believe it is begun.”

    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be ,world without end. Amen.

    The Presence of Almighty God is upon each one, and upon their family, for now is the time when the Spirit of the living God is attendant upon the children of God in so profound a manner, that none of the Lord‘s own, are lost. Be at peace little children, continue to plead for all the suffering children of God. Love is the key little ones, judge not; simply love, and leave all else to your God.

    I also prayed for the whole family. The works of merciful Love, are already begun in this Family; be at peace therefore.

    Omen asks a word from our Lord about the use of cocaine. She was immediately under spiritual attack. We pray rebuke prayers.

    The virtue of Love is that as you direct your thoughts towards these My suffering children addicted to both alcohol and drugs in what you call an addictive personality, know too, like the other addictions, it is of a demonic source.

    There are persons that have been prayed for and yet they stay that way.

    By their blindness it is so; they have not responded to the call of Love.

    Do you will Me to set them free. What will you offer.

    Lord We offer prayers , Adoration, Masses.

    The depth of depravity into which humanity has sunk itself in the matter of drug and alcohol addiction is abominable to the Lord God. Yet We hear the prayers of the faithful. We are, as you know, releasing one here and one there, and yet the overall picture as you know, is very grave for many are addicted, and the fallout of sin and suffering upon their families , especially their children, is immense. My little ones, you ask much of your God. Lord, to whom else can We go- You alone are the Victor.

    That song, “softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, “ and it shall be so. Little ones, prevail in all prayerfulness with regard to the addictive personalities, who are but prisoners of demonic forces; We release them. Am I not greater than any drug , be it prescription or illegal? Yes Lord.

    Be at peace,We work the necessary miracles of healing love, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful, among whom you are numbered. Little ones-peace. Glory Be.......

    Discernment on April 24, 1998:

    On Tuesday, April 21st, my brother brought me a book which he found in the discard/ discount bin of the local community library. He haunts such places habitually, to my good fortune in this case. The book is called “Fundamentals of Mariology: The Study of Our Lady” by Fr. Juniper B. Carol, O.F.M.

    (Published by Benziger Brothers, 1956.

    Imprimi potest: Celsus Wheeler O.F.M., Provincial.

    Nihil Obstat : John A. Goodwine. J.C.D., Censor Librorum.

    Imprimatur: Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York.)

    “ Fr. Carol is/was a native of Cuba, educated in Havana, Catholic University of America, in Washington, D.C., and Rome, where he received his doctorate in Sacred Theology. He did extensive research in Europe and was a member of the commission for the critical edition of Duns Scotus in Quaracchi, Italy. He was the founder and first president of the Mariological Society of America. He was also the editor of “Marian Studies” and a member of The Pontifical Academy of the Mariological Commission. He is internationally known for his book, De Corredemptione B. V. Mariae. (Vatican City, 1950).”

    “Mariology is that part of the science of theology which treats of The Mother of God, and Her Association with Christ.

    Father Carol, who has distinguished himself as a Mariologist, here presents in systematic form the basic theology concerning Our Lady. The book shows not only the conclusions of theologians.but the line of reasoning that has led to these conclusions.

    This book is for all who are devoted to Our Lady, and who want to understand more fully the reasons why Mary holds such a high place in Catholic thought and devotion.

    Father Carol shows the reader how Mary was especially predestined from all eternity to be the Mother of Christ, how she was foretold by the prophets, and why She is our Mother, the Mediatrix of Graces, and the Queen of all Creation.

    The second part of the book considers Mary’s Immaculate Conception, the nature of her Assumption, and the honour paid to Her.

    This book is especially timely since it contains much information about the Queenship of Mary, the most recent Marian Feast.”

    To start with, this was not intended to be a discernment prayer. I was merely phoning a friend to tell her about the book because I was excited about this pre-Vatican II find. Strangely, as I started talking, I suddenly felt that full aching feeling in My throat which is now becoming familiar to me.

    I had been trying to tell her that when I looked at the picture of the author, I saw an aura of light around his head that to me meant he was dead and/or a very holy man. But there was also an uneasy, unrestful, ‘flamelike’ movement around the eyes and I couldn’t define this more specifically. I was saying that I thought maybe we needed to pray more for Cuba (see discernment on January 14th) or the Dayton Catholic Campus (because Father Carol contributed to the Marian Library there).

    However, the “ache“ in my throat became so strong that I had to get off the phone and go to Adoration.

    Dear Jesus, I know You have sent this book for y enlightenment. Thank you very much. Please guide my understanding.

    JESUS: “I sent the book that you might pray for those who fail to recognize the Mother of God, especially throughout the English-speaking world. The enemy satan and his cohort dread the Name of Mary when used prayerfully, for no sin is upon Her and therefore, they have no power to affect her in any way. And when Her children cling to Her they too are protected in a remarkable manner; and so he wreaks havoc, attempting to separate the children of God and Mary from their Heavenly Mother, that he might have more power over them.

    “That is why We ask you who know to pray much and do much penance and privation, in the Name of Jesus, that the children not be separated from their Heavenly Father and Mother, but remain part of the great Unity of Love, that the enemy is thus defeated. The Mother of God herself works profoundly in assisting the little stragglers and wanderers about the Earth, to return to the Lord their God, as the Lord God desires.

    MARY: “The Mother of God Herself is attendant upon you. Little one, the peace of Christ is upon you. Great graces are upon you. Indeed, pray for Cuba as you pray for the Americas. Politically acceptable or not, Cuba is part of the American family and is in need of much prayer and much Providence. Little children, We bless you and entrust to you to pray vigorously for the peoples of Cuba whenever you pray for the peoples of the Americas. Let it be so. (Thank you, Blessed Mother.)

    “A hastily devised dogma is being promulgated, promoted among the peoples of the USA, and indeed Canada, which is not of Us. Do not be deceived, little children. Stay in obedience and humility. You are blest with discernments to assist you. Peace. You will realize what We are saying to you as you go forward in faith.” (Thank you, Blessed Mother.)

    I asked about Heaven’s intentions for a pottery Mass Set that I had made at the request of a private shrine. The motif was inspired by a combination of a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe and a picture of the Immaculate Conception in silhouette, by Sister Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P. The set has already been blest and used. Our Lord refers to the set as a sacramental.

    As soon as we started praying for discernment on this issue, the evil one started hassling: “We kill you for this, we kill you for this!”

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole Heavenly Court, we command you, all demons from hell, go now before Jesus, the just Judge, and answer; great and glorious is the Lord our God!

    At the Name of Jesus, let all of us who can hear, proclaim now: “Jesus Christ is Lord, Jesus Christ is Lord,” etc., until all the evil spirits leave because, of course, they will not proclaim the Lord’s Name with us!

    JESUS: “All that you ask of Me I give to you. It is the Lord Who speaks. They are destroyed. They do not desire that these sacramentals go where you would send them, because that is what We desire. (Amen!) Therefore, in all faith act, sending them, for they are, as you note, blest and already used sacramentally. I bless you and I bless these works of your hands. The life of each priest is so very important to me. I will bless this individual in and through these works of Love. Give glory! (Glory be... Beloved Jesus, may I please ask You to be plain with me. I’m thinking that these are for M. If it is for M, then please just tell me that. If not, then please direct me.)

    “Send it to M. He may not be the one who has it always, but send it to him now! You do not know the meaning of these objects which you have made as I do, for you made them at My desire, and I work miracles of Love in them and through them. Believe and be at peace!” (Thank you, Jesus. I had been hassled all day. In Jesus’ Name is Our Victory !)

    We are praying about the Charismatic Prayer Group members who do not want to hear the Name of Mary, our Merciful Mother.

    “Do not be afraid to proclaim the Name of Mary readily about you. It is Scripturally sound, it is Traditionally sound, and the Name of Mary, Virgin and Mother, is very effective in obtaining many conversions and many other blessings and graces from the Lord God.

    (“God gave you to Me, I gave Him to you” - a hymn in the words of Mother Mary.)

    “Be at peace. All these matters shall be resolved in the very near future in your own time. It is so!” (Thank you, Lord!)

    Discernment. April 29th, 1998.

    I’m not sure if there is more I should be doing for Mrs E’ s anointing. I was” in the Spirit “at the Consecration of the Wine at Mass on Monday 27th April. Does Our Lord wish to add Words to the anointing, or give me any further teaching ?

    [Spirits of confusion- rebuke prayers again].

    Jesus: The virtue of Love is such that I Myself attend upon the beloved Mrs E as she is known to you. I Myself bless her. I am with her in the cross-carrying, I am with her in every aspect of her being for she is Mine. Our Lord is showing her at our Adoration Chapel and saying, There where she attends upon Me I bless her with My Love. It is suffice what Faithful Missionary has done; leave it to Me and be at peace in this matter. The beloved woman is My Own and is in union with Me at all times .Glory be.... [I think I have to trust more].

    Dear little children, many events are occurring on the Earth at this time. My precious little ones, We ask you to pray for the beloved John-Paul’s intentions at this time. We ask you to make novenas and prayer/ petitions from now until Pentecost. You are living in the most remarkable era in the history of mankind. Dear little children, the enemy is wrath and hurls what it can against the faithful children of God. Even so, their Victory in Jesus is assured. My beloved little ones, it is I, your Mother of Good Counsel Who has given you the Hymn of Pentecost, to the Holy Spirit. It holds you fast in the pathway of holiness. It is one more means of assisting you My little ones.

    Use it frequently, My little ones; do not worry about perfection of music. The Words themselves are powerful in prayer. My little ones, when you pray this hymn, the Holy Spirit attends upon many who are cold or lukewarm and they begin to come back to the Lord God. Precious little children, I bless each and every one of you. In the power of the Holy Spirit great graces flow upon you.

    Now is the hour of Redemption; the Redemption of mankind is truly at hand. Multitudes will return to the Faith. Each one of you gathered here has been, as it were conscripted, into the great army, the great workers for the harvest. Believe, trust in your God, stay united with Our Lord Jesus, and all goes according to Heaven’s Design. The time of peace which fast approaches, is most beautiful. The children of God will live in a manner of delight, and ever in the Light of Christ; truly darkness is then no more; as Our Lord God has pledged, so it shall be; Believe little children, I am your Mother, Queen of Peace, Queen of all saints and I bless each one of you profoundly again and again; and the time is quite soon.

    Jesus: The virtue of Love is such , that I your Jesus of Merciful love attend upon you; indeed upon each one of you here. Little precious children of God, little sisters of the Christ I bless you. Tell all to believe in Me for I believe in you. I died that mankind, each one would have Life to the fullest. Life to the fullest means attending upon the glory of God in Heaven one day; and yet it means what one might call a good life here upon the Earth, which is Mine. The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof!

    The issue of not hearing from M yet. Should I be writing again Lord.

    [Obstruction again. We pray the Creed and more prayers of petition].

    You ask Me questions with regard to Our Mission of Life.

    M is himself a bit dismayed for contradictions come to him from others.

    Prevail in your mission.

    Lord should I try a more direct contact with M?

    The virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God make the direct contact with M. I enlighten him profoundly in a great anointing. Continue to pray in this matter. You shall indeed hear from him. Be not dismayed or impatient . The Bishop is is not yet ready to hear from you; is not yet available to you; Our timing is precise and accurate. Mother who is called Sovereign Queen Herself attends upon the M and his associates, and so the Divine Inspirations come also to them and they comprehend My Message in you and through you. Pray for M and his associates. Pray for your own Victory in Jesus, and wait on the Lord.

    Asking about the preparations for the conference and the paperwork while I wait to hear.

    The Lord says make your plans; go forth in Light. All things work out for good for those who love the Lord. Amen. Thank you Jesus.

    Pentecost Song to the Spirit. [Given By Our Lady To Omen]

    Spirit I come to Thee,

    Child of God, I bless thee.

    Spirit I come to Thee,

    What would you ask of Me.

    Wisdom I ask of Thee,

    Wisdom I give to thee.

    Understanding I ask of Thee,

    Understanding I give to thee.

    Counsel I ask of Thee,

    Counsel I give to thee.

    Fortitude I ask of Thee,

    Fortitude I give to thee.

    Knowledge I ask of Thee,

    Knowledge I give to thee.

    Piety I ask of Thee,

    Piety I give to thee.

    Fear of the Lord I ask of Thee,

    Fear of the Lord I give to thee.

    The Victory ’s yours remain with Me,

    For now and all eternity.

    Loving and serving the Lord your God, causes many miracles to happen. You will live to see many, many, miracles... It is happening all about you. Ever thus is the Lord your God, the God of faithfulness. I’m told to pray Salve Regina...

    Make way for the King of Glory , Who returns at an opportune time soon ! Little children, you shall live to see the great era of peace. Your blessings, your talents, your gifts, your graces, your anointings, all come to the fore, to help your brothers and sisters who are yet suffering in confused states upon the Earth. Little one, hold the hand of your Jesus, and hold the hand of Our Mother; let us walk with Our beloved Joseph always in faith and hope and trust and love and patient perseverence; for you are part of My Family, the Family of Bethlehem and Nazareth, the great Family of God which I am building upon the Earth now. Before the very eyes of Our foe it is happening.{ Angels are singing, I think its a Protestant hymn, Victory in Jesus.}

    The Church of God, will soon begin to use priests, and doctors, and nurses and counsellors in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, Eternal Physician. Believe, it is happening, and shall continue to happen, as My graces flow, in the power of the Holy Spirit of Love. Pray, and study, and leave all the rest to your Jesus who loves you most tenderly, and most totally and eternally; for you live in the power of My peace and My Love; in the power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. It is to rejoice in Our Love , awaiting the great day of triumph and of peace. Little children , you shall see that day ! Glory be...

    Healing Anointing May 1st,1998. [ Feast of St Joseph, the Worker.]

    At Mass, during the Consecration of the Wine, I was “in the Spirit “and instructed to give T.F. a healing anointing. He accepted the invitation to accompany me to the Adoration Chapel after the Mass , without questioning the reason, {so far no-one has; I believe Our Lord prepares them. As We entered, so did Mrs E , so the three of us were together as Our Lord gave me Words for him. But when I finished, the fullness in My throat increased again all the while that I was doing the flowers for the Church downstairs near the statue of Our Lady of all Graces, which I discovered had been broken. The Words going though my thoughts over and over were,”proclaim, proclaim, proclaim My Holy Name,” and I couldn’t tell Who was speaking to me; Our Lord or Our Lady. This is when I know I have to sing , but I usually am inspired what hymn to sing. I planned to ask more about My anointing another time.

    Discernment Prayers May 13th, 1998. [Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.]

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your Well-beloved Spouse. O Sacrament most Holy , Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    Jesus is already saying,

    “ I am He Who lives and loves eternally, and I am present to thee, little one of faithfulness. Great graces are upon you this day which is holy to the Lord. Little one, I tell you again that I love thee. My precious little one, I bless thee; I bless thy works. Little one, continue to make reparation to the Father for all that is happening on Earth today, and continue winning the great victory over self, which is imperative for each child of God. I Myself have already won the victory over satan, sin and death. The battle therefore is for each human to win victory over self, assisted by your Jesus, and Our Mother, the ever-virgin Mary, and by a myriad of angels and saints your victory is assured, little children .

    For those who do not heed let us pray; He is saying, “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.”

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    There are many, My little one, many, many, who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust the Living God. My little one, those who pray in unity of Love with the Lord their God, are truly instruments of My Peace and My Love; and it is in and through such as you gathered in My Name that the many convert and ultimately know salvation .

    The vaults of Heaven are wide open. You may ask the questions that are in your heart item by item. Be at peace in this matter; it is the Lord Who speaks.

    Praying for discernment on how to proceed in the absence of any written response from M regarding this mission, at the meetings.

    Your Mother is present. We shall speak in you and through you at the meeting. By your faith and surrender to the Lord your God; in your utter abandonment to the Will of your God, it shall happen. The Words will come to you quickly. Believe. Walk in faith and know that the Lord is with you, and that Heaven’s Words will flow in you and through you; and since Heaven is with you, the hearts and minds of many will be opened at the meeting. Some remain obstinate and of hardened heart. Do not concern yourself with this. Remember ,”there is a time for everything”( She is quoting Ecclesiastes 3 ), even a time for each heart to be opened to the Lord. She’s asking me to Begin by praying an Ave Maria, even in your heart, and then proclaiming in your heart,“here I am Lord, I come to do Your Will”, and the Lord’s Words are given over to you at the meeting.

    Know that this is how it occurs with many , many, of what you call locutionists. In this abandonment to the Lord, the Lord’s Words flow in you and through you and people are amazed at such Words, thinking they come from you; and yet they come in you and through you from the Lord Our God. Peace. Thank you Merciful Mother.

    Dear Lord, could I please ask to understand better the confusion involving M, and whether there are other ways to contact him in order to clarify situation.

    Mighty, mighty is the Lord your God.

    Yes Lord We give You all honour , praise, glory, thanksgiving; We bless Your Holy Name.

    We bless thee. We wish you to be at one with your Lord at this time of trial which is upon you. Remain humble and obedient and in utter abandonment to the Will of God.

    Little children, in the hush of the woods, the forest, a leaf flutters down, and the Lord knows it; and it is not disruptive but good for the forest. Little children, every moment, every movement, every action, about each one of My Own, is known to the Lord your God. Some of it is directly motivated by the Lord God , for I am the God Who is all-seeing, all-knowing. All powerful is the Lord your God. Little children, just rest in My presence, without anxiety or fear. Stress is not of Me, anxiety is not of Me, fear is not of Me. Peace is of Me.

    Therefore, remain ever in My Peace, and let the action of the Holy Spirit flow in you, through you to those whom We place in your presence. Those who attend have been called to the meeting by the Lord God. Those who hear have their ears opened by the Lord God. Do not worry about anything else. I Myself address them for the hour is late, and it is time now for the changes of heart to begin. They do begin in rapid sequence.

    Little children, realise that the Way of Christ, the way of peace, is not of the world. The energy , and the cumbersome Weight of the world is obstructive to the Will of God. As it is flowing through the little faithful ones, you’ll realise , let us say, the intellect of a doctor is at times obstructive to the free flow of the Holy Spirit. Thus there are delays! Even so, pray for each and every person who will be there. Place them on the altar at My feet, and believe. I work My own miracles of conversion in the hearts of the many. All that happens is, as it were step by step, expanding exponentially.

    Remember, I the Lord God elected to be born in a stable, a cave, a place of lowliness; and yet in these humble beginnings , the Church was built in My Name. You do not realise that small efforts you make, though they may seem large to you as you are doing them, are being expanded and multiplied by the Lord your God. You are not alone in these beliefs. There are many with you. It is a matter of opening eyes and ears and hearts and intellect. Trust Me, I know what I am about !

    Dear Lord, what should I say to the physicians with whom I have shared Your Words, who have other priests that they wish to consult with these Words. I’ve been telling them to wait till I have heard from M .

    Mother and I are at one in this matter. An anointing is upon each one who reads the Words, opening their hearts to the Spirit of the Living God.

    One might say M has an abstract way of looking at life. He is ever in My Light , and is frequently unaware of the passage of time. Bless him as you are blessing Me. [ I bless you M, holy priest of God, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. ]

    I am in attendance upon M; We will give you an answer.

    Little one, you have found favour with the Lord your God. Be not afraid to share openly with those about you. I indeed asked you to wait for a response from the beloved M. The delay is not necessarily of My making, yet it occurs. Dealings of the world tend to interfere with My works of mercy, in these trying times in which you are living little children. We will expedite his response now. In the meantime , be not afraid to share and speak out on this matter.

    You may share with Father H. Remember, he is raised in a stern tradition, and the holy priests of God are on guard in a powerful way against any intrusions in the Tradition of the Church, because of the falsehoods which have found a way into My Church . Therefore in patient endurance, pray for him, and let him know, and leave the rest up to Me. I am the melter of hearts, and minds. Glory be...

    So Lord, should I say yes to the other physicians who have other priests they wish to share with?

    It is imperative that you share first with Fr H, and then bid them share with whom so- ever they will. My Words are a blessing upon all who read them. Even though they do not seem moved initially, be not surprised at the outcome, the fruits of your works. They are not in vain. I do not speak idly! Glory be....

    I’ve been waiting for M before getting back to my spiritual director , regarding the editing of the Words send to M. Should I continue to wait, or get in touch with him; and should I continue to send him all the Words you give me Lord?

    My Words are not edited. I speak in the power of the Holy Spirit. My Word is Truth. You may yield the full information to the beloved Father. Do not concern yourself with what he does, or does not do , or with what he believes , or does not believe . My Words remain a blessing to all those who read them. This is a time of great change upon the Earth. My little children, you are part of that great change; and sometimes the journey is rough and difficult, but I am with you through it all.

    Mother Mary is speaking. The Singular Vessel of Devotion bids you peace. My little children, you who have always reverenced your Mother, while worshipping Our Lord and Our God, Jesus the Christ; I Myself, on this day which is Holy to the Lord God, bless you in a great anointing of peace. I am the Queen of Peace! My little children, this anointing is for you and for all believers.

    My little one, in your mission , be not dismayed. I, Queen of Peace, and Our Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, attend upon you continuously. We bid you, little children, at the slightest disruption of your peace, to call on Our Names, restoring yourselves to Our peace. The enemy, and the world, would disrupt the peace of Christ wherever it is found.

    Do not let these inroads take away from your peace. We give you Mother Theresa, We give you John Paul, and We give you your own Father Paul as examples. Peace prevails within such hearts no matter what is occurring around them.

    You are called little children to love and trust Our Lord Jesus no matter what is happening. I reiterate, though the Earth quake beneath your feet, keep your eyes upon Jesus. Thus, thus is your victory won; and I bring your sacrifices of love to the Father , that Love may emanate upon the needy upon Earth. Little children, in the power of the Holy Spirit thou art blest in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy....

    Heavenly Father may I please ask for enlightenment, about being in the Spirit? I know when I am in the Spirit and I have a healing anointing to do, but when it comes at other times I don’t always know exactly how to understand it.

    Our Lady continues:

    When the action of the Holy Spirit is upon you, the Lord Jesus and I your Heavenly Mother, work in conjunction with each of Our Own little ones on Earth. At every moment when one feels the presence of the Holy Spirit, it is good to give praise , and also to listen, and in the quietness of your own heart you are inspired what it is the Lord would have you do. Therefore, simply remain at peace as your heart sings glory, in the Presence of the Almighty. Little child, you are profoundly blest in being empowered to attain this level of faith, which brings sanctity to the children of God.

    Little children, remember the Words in Scripture,” By Faith are the miracles wrought, by faith is your own victory won. “ By faith is the victory of assisting others won. Little one, since you are fully aware of the moment when the Holy Spirit is attendant upon you, it behooves you to be continuously giving glory to the Father each in your own way, as so many little song birds before your God. Thank you Mother Mary.

    Father when should I start sharing with Father John without waiting for M’s letter, which You had instructed me to wait for. I am concerned that the healings and anointings which I have been doing will come to Father’s attention before I am permitted to explain to him. Also, he has told me about a priest who has had a liver transplant , and how will he respond to these Words about that ?

    I The Lord God bless thee. Thus are the trials of the world today. My little one, there are no drawn lines as you see. It is, as it were, a hodge- podge of faith and science, and the superstitions of what you call the “new-age,” intermingled. Thus the spirit of confusion is upon the world.

    My little one, in My great mercy as I have told you, in spite of what is not pleasing to the Lord your God, I am the Lord God who calls sinners, in some instances because of the prayers of the faithful, and the Truth in the hearts, I heal some who have transplants. It is always in My mercy that this occurs. My little one, the fight you are in is greater than you can comprehend, and yet it is important to the Lord your God. I the Lord your God am Perfection. I work for the perfection of each human soul. In all their sufferings and trials, it is imperative that they come to Me. I am the Good Physician. I am the Healer of all. I heal as you well know. I heal spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and in every aspect of the human soul and body, to those who believe.

    Little children, you are indeed apostles of these difficult times and you are bound to meet with opposition here and there. Do not let it discourage you. I have blest you with so great a fortitude, that you shall indeed prevail in spite of all that is coming against you. The winds of change are now. Those who did not believe yesterday, believe today, and this is an ongoing miracle of Our Love. Glory be..

    Should I pursue the medical records or continue to wait Lord?

    A Herculean effort is made to stop the works which I have given unto thee. Be not dismayed. Carry the five stones of the Rosary and trust in the Lord !

    (A reference to David who carried the five stones to meet Goliath, but slayed him with the first one! ) Thank you Jesus.

    Prayer /petition for two patients. RM and WY and for their children.

    Mother Mary is praying; God Our Heavenly Father, through Your Son Jesus Our Victim/ High Priest, True Prophet and Sovereign King, pour forth the power of your Holy Spirit upon us and open our hearts. In Your great mercy, through the Motherly mediation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Queen, forgive our sinfulness, heal our brokenness, and renew our hearts, in the faith and peace, and love, and joy of your Kingdom, that we may be one in You.

    Little children, on this day which is holy to the Lord, your Heavenly Mother takes a hand in these cases, and many, many, more because of the prayers of the faithful. Rejoice in the mercifulLove of Our God... Thank you Blessed Mother.

    Proclaim the Good News of Jesus Name to all who will heed; here, there and everywhere; be not afraid of rebuffals here or there. Persevere, prevail. We are with you little warriors of Christ.

    Jesus is still speaking. “I Myself comfort the afflicted in a profound manner. I bring the Peace of Christ into your workplace. I bring the Good News to your patients. I bless you in a great anointing of My Love. You are called to be My Hands, My Heart, My Voice. Rejoice in My Love and My Peace.

    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always; beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at peace. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings Reigns. Amen!

    May 15 th,1998.

    Note: I still don’t know which meeting is referred to here. Much of it would apply to any meeting, if the Lord so chooses. Heaven doesn’t have to warn me. In fact, today,Our Lord gave me the enlightenment that He often elects not to enlighten because once we know His plans, the evil one immediately becomes aware and can then start interfering in many different ways. [When I was trying to print out the Words of the last discernment to give to the doctors at the last meeting, My printer simply refused to print no matter what I did. So I went without the Words, but when I got back the printer worked immediately. [ See the discernment on Feb. 27th].

    This month by God’s inspiration, I decided that I needed Therese` Little Flower, to play a bigger role in this mission since she is one of My patron saints. This mission was anounced to me by our Lord on her birthday, [Jan 2nd]. So on the usual dates of her novena , 9th to the 17th of every month, I was praying for some specific aspects of the mission, as well as for all others, especially laity like me, who have been given missions. I know of several.

    This morning in Adoration at 6am, I suddenly thought of one friend in particular, who had faxed me yesterday that she was suffering “burnout,’‘ and as I knelt down before the Blessed Sacrament Our Lord told me that she needed me. So I prayed the novena prayers especially for her. My friend knew nothing of this.

    At about 5pm she called me to say that now she was feeling quite a bit better, but try as she might she could not get ready in time to get to Mass that morning; she’d gone back to bed. But then she had a vision of a beautiful hand that just reached out and gave her a bouquet of roses! She had no idea who it was, so I told her it was Therese`. I used to get so many real roses when I prayed that novena that I could even pick the colour. So several years ago I asked her to stop sending me the roses, but to send them to whoever she thought needed them most. This is only the second time she lets me know who the recipient is. My friend is about to go on a very difficult trip on Monday, relating to her mission. I didn’t know about it till she told me on this phonecall !

    Discernment May26th ,1998. Divine Mercy Hour. 3.00pm

    “ My Little one, I am attendant upon you at every God-given moment. Be at peace then, My peace is upon you.. Ask of Me what you will.

    Beloved Lord, We believe that on the 16th April, You did grant a healing anointing for A, and that it is just a matter of how and when You choose, according to Heaven’s

    Design, to manifest this healing. We have come to discern Your Will in this matter now that she is back in hospital.

    “Mother and I are attendant upon the little A of your heart’s love.”

    Lord, We await the miraculous moment of great cure.

    “To whom I will, I have mercy.”

    Lord, let it be Your Will to have mercy on A and her husband and children . Lord We ask at Your hour of mercy.

    “The Blood of the Lamb is upon each one of you even as it is upon the beloved A and her loved ones. What merit would you gain should I choose to leave her here?”

    Her Family would have her and Your Word would be proclaimed; it would be for Your greater glory Almighty God, that You would work such a great miracle on behalf of A, and give testimony on behalf of your mission of life and Love in and through Faithful Missionary. We know and believe that the doctors can do nothing further for her , so if she is healed before their very eyes, right in the hospital, when they have declared their own helplessness, it may, we pray, gain their conversion, and the glory of Your Name Lord. More and more can then turn back to You in Faith for the healings, instead of relying on the doctors who are only capable of healing when and if You allow it Lord.

    “In this your confession of faith in your God more than in the sciences and pseudo- sciences upon the earth now, a great blessing is upon you. Forthwith I name you instruments of My peace. A is also a great instrument of My peace. For that, what you ask of Me at this hour of My mercy, I give unto thee. My little ones, do you believe.”

    Lord, We believe, help all our unbelief. In union with all the angels and saints, Holy souls in purgatory, and on behalf of A, We believe! My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I ask pardon for all those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. Our Lord is silent for a long time so we continue to pray. May all of Christianity return to the faith and trust in You Lord Jesus; Your Wonderworking power; for Your whole Church to return to believing in you.

    Come closer to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

    Our act of Faith, to touch the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and be immersed once more in His Precious Blood through the merciful Heart of Our Heavenly Mother of Mercy; We believe in your advocacy on our behalf Salve Regina...[Our Lord asks us to pray it]

    Most Sacred Heart that We adore, oh make us love thee more and more.

    Lord Jesus, Eternal Physician, We know that our prayers are ansWered through the sacrifice of Love,Your Precious Blood which you have shed for us; We know that you do not abandon us, because of the New Covenant written in Your Blood, and We claim this , the Blood of Jesus, the Lamb without spot or mark, which is in the belovedA by her life of Holy Communion and Faith in You. We ask all the angels and saints, especially those whom You have named to help in this mission ; Our Merciful Mother and St Joseph, the Holy Family of peace, St. Luke, St Therese`, Blessed Faustina, Giana, a blessed one in glory before You whom You have named to assist in this mission of love , and many others whom You have mentioned without naming them, to join our petition so that You may be glorified in the miraculous healing of A in all aspects of her life.

    Lord Jesus, I know from Your precious Gift of Words of Love, in this mission in which You’ do not speak idly”, and which You have asked me to share with all Christians, esp

    -ecially believing priests and physicians, that there is widespread lack of faith and believing among us. Lord we do not ask for a sign for us, since we already believe that You gave the gift of healing to A on April 16th, feast of Saint Bernadette, when You asked us to pray in and through Our Lady of Lourdes, after whom A is also named [Marylou ], and St Bernadette. Now we pray for you to manifest this healing miracle, to strengthen the Faith of Your Church, so that You may be preached and proclaimed for the glory of Your Name.

    Who do you say I am?

    You are God, supreme among the nations! You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. You are our Saviour, our Redeemer, God with us, Who told us that when two or more are gathered in Your Name; You are in the midst of us. We have gathered here on behalf of A; We have gathered around her bed; and others who love and serve You have gathered on her behalf. So we claim the Words of Angel Gabriel in Holy Scripture, “For nothing is impossible to God,” we know we serve an awesome God.

    Our Lord continues to be silent.

    Mother Mary please help us. How else should we pray for this miracle which we believe was pledged to us. Lord, don’t let pride, or lack of faith, or doubt, or anger on our part stand in the way of the miracle cure. Lord have mercy!

    Lord give us the gift of true humility, that not one word be said by us that interferes with Your missions through us, and that we can separate ourselves totally, from the miracles that You have promised to perform through us in these missions, in order to glorify your Name alone, in and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the con- version of Your Church Jesus.

    The angels are singing, “this day God gives me, strength of High we join them but we don’t remember all the words. We look for the words and our Lord waits a very long time in

    silence while we look for them in vain . We ask the guardian angels to help us. We give You all honour, praise, glory Lord but our minds cannot contain all the words.

    Jesus: Angels hold thee fast little ones. Be at peace. Heaven understands. Comprehend little ones that thou art instruments of My peace, and that you must be surrendered to Your God. In all agony lie the many about the world, because of the affliction you name cancer. It is not of Me.

    Lord then we beg You cast it out of Your people.

    All lay hands on the sick and they will be healed is it not written? Yes Lord and we believe and do just that; and we claim the power of the Almighty God. Lord continue to use us as Your instruments of Your peace and Your healing.

    Therefore I bid thee remain always in My peace. Liitle children, when you are in My peace, you are in My Joy. When you falter a bit, know that it is time to come to Me in prayer and be restored in the peace of My Presence. When there is anxiety, fear or anger, or any of the, what you would call negative emotions, it is obstructive. The enemy has a hayday with these individuals. Therefore patiently persevering, you shall remain in the peace of My Presence, and the miracles shall work for you, as you call upon My Name.

    Little children, you must be as lighted candles that others, not Christians, not practising; wanderers; see in you something which draws them to you. They desire to have that which you have. A great wealth; they see that you must have a secret

    wealth. What you have is the Spirit of the Living God; this is your secret wealth; this is the power of God working in and through you. This is the power of the Holy Spirit of Love.he shows that we are like a hand tool, but we are plugged into the power of God and we can be used.

    Prevail in faith little children; have I not told you you would live to see many victories in My Name? Thank You Lord.

    The Sovereign Queen is standing at the bedside, at the foot of A’s bed, even as We speak. Indeed the Mediatrix of all Graces is enfolding A to Her Heart, in the great mantle of Love; and the glory of the Father, in the peace of Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, restores her to wholeness.

    So we don’t need to go back to see A or anything? The Lord says

    “ It would be like Moses having to strike the Rock twice!”

    Thank you Lord.

    Your Awesome God blesses you now in a great anointing of Love and peace. Seek a Hymn of praise and a Hymn to the Queen of Angels, your Mother of Mercy.

    [we sang Father we adore You and Hail Holy Queen at the end.]

    Dear Lord, I am completely at a loss how to proceed. I have now received information about the conference in September. The deadline for all submissions has been extended from 1st to 15th June, but that gives me two weeks to have Our presentation in the hands of the organisers, if we are to have the presentation published as You have requested.

    Our works of mercy, the works of Love must prevail! Teach My people, go forth in My Name! Continue to ensure that M receives My Words, and go forward in faith. I am with you ; proceed.

    Lord I don’t know what to say. I have 70 pages of Words and 10 minutes of presentation. If Your Words are not to be edited, then how do I go about the task?

    “Except to go to the conference and trust Me.”

    He’s showing how Mother Theresa never could be put in a time slot , because she would say she never could say how long the Holy Spirit would want to speak.

    For the Spirit of the Living God is beyond time. Even so I will keep order in the conference. Place it all in the hands of Our Mother, Mediatrix of all Graces. The blessings flow. Things fall into place. Walk in Faith little children, ever in Faith.

    [He gives me Hebrews 11 and 12.] , and there are more evidences of faith in Holy Scripture as you well know.

    I had all these addresses of the doctors from the Toledo conference , and about approaching my pastor and the Archbishop; all of this was waiting upon my first contact with the M. What do I about all this now Lord? [ Terrible spirit of confusion around M]. Angels are singing Tantum Ergo..

    I do now bid thee peace. You will understand well the pathway of holiness which you have chosen in free will. I am with you. I am guiding you, walking beside you, assisting you profoundly in this pathway. The discernment of what to present at the conference I give to you.

    You may choose to ask the assistance now of any priest that may choose to help you.

    And yet I would prefer that you simply pray , asking the assistance of the Holy Spirit in unison with the Mother of God, and We make the appropriate document in brief, to present before the people at the conference. Do not be afraid. Invoke the Holy Spirit and the Mother of God, and We are with you, and all goes according to Heaven’s Design.

    He is telling us that ,”the death of a soldier is before My eyes. It is one that is important to Me. Oh sorrow! The enemy attacks again and again.” [ Lord, You are all-powerful; protect Your Church, protect your warriors. All our trust is in You!

    It is thus that thou art My delight little children. Continue to trust thus. My army is decimated at this time because of the wolves in sheeps clothing and the traitors in Our midst. My faithful ones are called to such heroic actions as thou art called. Little children, be not afraid. Simply remain in obedience for I am with you always. Continue therefore, pray as thou art taught and act accordingly, and I am with you.

    Thank You Lord. We give you all honour, glory, praise, thanksgiving, We bless Your Holy Name.

    June 1st, 1998. [The Summary}

    Yesterday, [Pentecost, 31st May, 1998.] with 32,000 people present at the special diocesan celebration of Confirmation of over 2500 young people, I felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit profoundly from the very beginning.

    This morning after Mass I was studying the Words yet again , and appealing to our Lord to give me the Words for my presentation, because time was really running out. I had opened on the discernment of 2nd January, where Our Lord said if I needed the testimonials I should ask Him . So I asked and He said ;


    I am your Jesus of merciful Love. Now is the needed time. The time is at hand now for the conversions, the necessary conversions to take place. All come unto Me. I call each one by name, for they are Mine.

    I bid you write as I direct you to write, for this mission is part of the great ingathering which is taking place all about the Earth now. The 32,000 at the Pentecost Mass are but, as you would say, a drop in the bucket, of what is being called forth upon the Earth now.

    Those who do not believe, do not adore, do not love the Lord their God, are in great peril to their souls. Emerging upon the Earth as a new evangelisation, Christianity surges forward now, in a great anointing of the Holy Spirit of the Living God, upon all those who live the great Commandments of Love. I reject no one. Let them come unto Me now.

    I have taught you , that the killing of the gift of life, is a grave offence against the Living God, Creator of all life. It is abhorrent to the Lord your God; an abomination in the eyes of the Lord your God.

    I have taught you that what is happening to those at the moment of their death, their bodily death is, in the eyes of your God, a sacrilege. It is not of Me.

    Were My people living the great Commandments of Love, the myriad of accidents causing some of these strange events of science would not be occurring.

    The women would not be sterile, and in need of this peculiar field of medicine to cause them to have a child in spite of their sterility. I give you Sarah, and Anne, and Elizabeth; for nothing is impossible to God ! There appears to be no faith in the Creator of all, present in the medical sciences, and indeed many of the fields of science today.

    Oh sorrow! Oh woe! Great sufferings are caused by this lack of faith.

    The harvesting, the mining, the utilising of human body parts, is foreign to Holy Scripture, and foreign to the Lord your God! Mortal man, what are you thinking of!

    Clandestine acts of harvesting human body parts are occurring round about the Earth. It is so abhorrent to the Lord your God! That money comes into the picture , is even more abhorrent. This people place sin, upon sin, upon sin, in their lives. Whom do they serve? Who is it that they serve!

    At the moment of their own death, when their souls, covered in these transgressions, come to Me in this state themselves, how shall they answer the Lord their God at that judgement, before which every man and woman must stand.

    [The Lord describes the souls appear as with appendages of their sins attached to the souls like great lumpy skin cancer all over]

    There is indeed a time to be borne, and a time to die, as is written. Prideful man, chooses now a time for each infant to be borne;

    chooses which infant shall live, and which shall die.

    He chooses to prolong life when I am calling someone to come home.

    He chooses to exterminate life at the discretion of the physician, without consultation with Me, the Lord your God, the Giver of life; who takes His own home to glory at the opportune moment.

    Indeed, a reign of death, a death culture is upon the Earth! * Up, you small band that can see, and fight! The Lord your God is with you in this battle since you choose to proclaim the truth, My small daughter of obedience.

    [* He is quoting the Mother of God, Our Lady of La Salette].

    My sorrow is complete. The Mother of Sorrows, who has the most loving of Hearts, is pierced by that sword again and again , weeping copious tears for mankind, pleading for more time, that they will at last rethink their ways, their strategies.

    It would appear to be to no avail!

    Those who read the documents you have presented, must from then on answer to Me! It is incumbent upon each one who reads the documents to come before Me prayerfully, and choose whether they wish to live under a blessing or a curse! The physicians of the world themselves, are precipitating the wrath of God, in unisonwith certain other malefactors.

    And yet your merciful God, causes a turn-around in this affair. Little one, the Lord your God is with you. I have given you a few comments. Should you choose to use them in your summary, you may. You have sufficient inspiration and knowledge, and I Myself assist you in this matter. In the power of the Holy Spirit , Mother and I assist you as you prepare your document now.

    Thank you Lord. [ He says I can indicate references to the extensive discernments that He has given me, by page.] after the Mission was linked with TMA in August I understood}

    Little children, the dark days and all the trials have to be; before the dawn of Light is upon the world. It is rapidly approaching, yet you have time to save the souls of those who by their atheist beliefs, their humanist beliefs, are hurling their very souls into eternal darkness.

    This is your mission. I would that they be spared such a fate.!

    It is sad what occurs to the dying, and to those receiving body parts from others. But sadder before the eyes of your God, and your Heavenly Mother, are the state of the souls of these scientists!

    Look now upon Our Mother’s Latest Pieta as far as transplants go! [June 8th]

    [Sorrowful Mother with a mutilated body cut open, with heart, liver , kidneys etc taken out!] This is an almost unbearable experience Lord!

    Love Me!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love thee. I beg pardon for those, who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Move over satan; thou art not the victor !

    Jesus: “You may simply go and present the paper to the conference directly !

    Thank you so much Lord. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    At Adoration, as soon as I knelt down, I experienced an explosion of “joy in the love of the Lord”, and instead of praying for discernment, I end up praying praises , and doing a lot of singing at Mass afterwards. As soon as I get home from Mass I receive a call from My friend saying that she spoke to her son yesterday. He had news from W D [discernment April 1st.] He is feeling much better, [without any renal transplant], He is thanking us for our prayers. He also wishes and prays for a miracle cure. She has his phone number. She is thinking of phoning him and praying with him over the phone. We will continue to pray for him. Praise God !

    Abstract “Gift of Words”given 4th June, 1998.

    “I am He, your Jesus of Merciful Love, the One who holds the Key to Life and Death.

    As I look upon My beloved humanity, I see death and destruction all about. Some think they are doing good, but they do evil; some are just doing evil. Children, as atheism is seemingly controlling the scientific world, many things are occurring which are not pleasing to the Lord your God. Much is anathema and My blessing is not upon much which is occurring now. Many pray for My Kingdom to come upon the Earth now and a period of peace will indeed come shortly. In the interim, there must be a period of cleansing, of purification, of returning to Truth. I the Lord your God, Am Truth!

    Invoke the Holy Spirit, and open Scripture. Many indeed know the New Testament. In the Old Testament there is much that is pleasing, and much that is unclean in the eyes of the Lord your God. As I cast My eyes on My beloved humanity, I behold many who are trying to be gods.

    I hold the keys of life and death. There is a time to be born and a time to die. You play with these very facts of life. You are playing with the very existence of the souls of those you work with, and your own souls.

    I Myself gift many individuals all over the Earth with healing hands. Many whom you designate as incurable, are cured at the hands of My little faithful ones. My Love is no secret; it is for all mankind. It is I who gift each with the needed intellect according to My Will; yet I bid thee pray the Father of merciful Love, the Our Father, before you interact with other humans in these solemn matters of life and death.

    I address you Faithful Missionary in the medical world , and with other of My instruments, I address those whose lifestyles are no longer of Me; who live perilously on the precipice of hell which really exists. At this time I enlighten you Faithful Missionary, a medical professional, that you might be My instrument, to the other medical professionals. I am asking you to light one candle in the darkness, and leave the rest up to Me; in the power of the Holy Spirit I light up all the darkness ! “

    June 6, 1998.

    What a day yesterday was ! I don’t think I can fully comprehend the magnitude of it. I promised our Lord that from the very first moment I offered everything up for A, asking for her to be finally released to her family physically healed if it be His Will.

    At Adoration at 6am the Lord gave me 2 Samuel 9; which is interestimg because it does not have a commentary at least not in the Bible in the chapel. But it was about King David at his most humble and charitable, (Christlike) compensating Saul’s Family for what he had taken from them, He therefore invited the grandson Meribaal to come evermore thereafter and eat at the king’s own table with his own sons. Meribaal was helpless and totally dependent in that he was crippled in both feet !

    I had to go back to Adoration at 11am , and the Lord gave me Deuteronomy 11: 26' I give you a blessing for obeying the commandments; or a curse for following other gods.’] Plus, the Gospel yesterday was so appropriate for the WordsYou gave me for the abstract the previous day “all scripture inspired by God for our teaching, correction” etc; I felt our Lord was giving me a way of answering and explaining if I was asked about the Abstract, because I have not heard back from the organising committee since .

    I was inspired to go to the Mass at St Mary’s hospital again for A, because that is where our Lord called me before the Tabernacle when he gave me the letter to the M during which time He anointed me to heal in the power of His Precious Blood. I got there in time to do a Scripture reading and chaplet before the Mass. It was 2 Maccabees 3:13-40. Anguish of the just, Divine intervention and punishment and conversion [God’s angels mightily involved] of the wicked, all by the prayer of the faithful .

    So finally I got home thinking I’d be able to rest, only to deal with a phone request through M, with whom I had shared something about this mission a while ago. She was on her way to Adoration but she had heard from L in Richmond and someone, a teacher, I, is in hospital with cancer and they were thinking of taking the Images to pray with this lady. M was thinking she should ask me to come and anoint this person in Richmond. So I ask her to pray for A at Adoration, and I went back to Adoration again last night. But my throat started as I got off the phone, only very mildly though so I felt I needed the prayers and discernment through Scripture at Adoration. The Lord gave me 2 Tobit, 4,5, 6; the magnificent intervention of the Archangel Raphael, who was sent to help in all aspects of Tobit’s life when he was blinded after faithfully serving God.


    [off the internet]

    “Archangel Raphael is traditionally known as the patron of Healing, and

    thus he is also the patron of the modern science of Biotechnology.

    The Archangel holds the double helix strand of DNA in his hands, and

    the ornaments on his coat are diagrams of organic molecules, cells,

    and genes. The border features stylized representations of cells,

    proteins, micro organisms, and a dividing cell with genetic material.

    The blue discs on the sides are the Western esoteric symbols for Air,

    the element of Raphael. Air is also signified by Raphael's feathery

    wings and the background of clear sky with floating fairWeather clouds.

    The color scheme of yellow and gold signifies the solar, "sunny" aspects

    of the healing Angel.

    The human images on FuturIkons are multiracial and multicultural. In

    this FuturIkon, Raphael is cast in the image of a fairskinned, blonde,

    blueeyed Northern European. He is dressed in eighteenthcentury

    European garb; it was in Europe, and in that century, the 1700s, when

    many of the first modern biotechnologists did their work. “

    Discernment Prayers. June 8th, 1998.

    Lord I give thanks for the beautiful Wordsof the abstract, and of the summary, both for the conference in September, and for the gift of St Raphael the Archangel, on Friday; and for protecting My daughter from the very close encounter with death on Friday.

    Lord you asked me to put the Words, the Mission, under the seal of St Raphael, and I don’t think I’ve heard of a seal of St Raphael. [Tobias12:7-15.The angel Raphael said to Tobias,’it is good to hide the secret of a king, but honourable to reveal and confess the works of God’]

    The Lord explains.

    JESUS:” it is the seal of the King’s ring, designating Raphael[rapha-heal;-el- God], as the Archangel charged with this Mission of Love in unity with thee and a faithful core group who will always be with you in your profession, and in the priesthood. Act simply by faith. That assistance which you ask of Me is readily given unto thee for your mission must be done!

    [I had been praying that the Wordsof the Abstract be accepted for the conference.]

    Thou art tested, other physicians are tested; the priesthood involved in this area of concern are also tested. It matters not whether certain priests or physicians unite with you. A given number shall indeed; and I Myself deploy them, and My Words in you and through you, about the world; and all those whom I will, are exposed to these concerns of your God. This desire to enlighten My beloved little ones is of Me. Ask of Me what you will now. We are in attendance upon thee. It is your Jesus who speaks. In the unity of the Triune God We address you.

    Lord if Your Will is for me to speak at the conference, please help that the Abstract is accepted by the organisers of the conference. I have yet to speak in general to the physicians, Catholic and Christian, and to priests locally , about this mission.

    Go forth under the banner of the beloved Raphael who is powerful indeed! You will see that they accede to your request to speak, to address this matter at the conference.

    Indeed, seek a time after you return, to speak on what occurs at the conference. All goes to Heaven’s Design to those who have surrendered and are united with Me, in the Will of Our Father. [ the angels are singing a song that says ,’they shall run and not get weary’.] Thank you Jesus.

    Lord I am still asking for discernment about A. I understand that she is in such a beautiful spiritual state, that people are blest who visit her in the hospital. Therefore she glorifies You whether she lives or dies, according to Your Will. However, I had the understanding that she was to be healed physically as well. Does it displease you if we continue to pray for her physical healing as well.

    Demonic interference. The enemy does not want to release A.”Custer’s last stand baby.” In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole Heavenly Court, we command you, all demons from hell, go now before Jesus, the just judge and answer. Great and glorious is the Lord our God. A, like us is bathed in the Blood of the Lamb. We claim the power of the Blood of the Lamb. Mary Mother of Jesus, Mediatrix of all graces, let it be so. Jesus, Mighty God, Great Physician, let it be so.

    Whither thou goest, I am with thee! It is so for each one of My own. Let it be so!

    Lord does that mean that her cure is happening?

    Healing Love pours forth from the two Hearts of Love, in the power of the Holy Spirit, giving yet greater glory to God for this miracle of Love.

    Lord, We claim it joyfully; we give you all honour, praise, glory, thanksgiving; we bless your Holy Name. All power is in You Almighty God. Thank You Mother Mary, our Mother of merciful Love!

    Mighty is the Lord your God. We attend upon A right now.

    [I feel inspired to sing,”Hail Redeemer King Divine, Priest and Lamb the throne is Thine. King Whose reign shall never cease; Prince of everlasting Peace. Angels, saints and nations sing, praised be Jesus Christ our King. Lord of all Earth, sky and sea; King of Love on Calvary. King most Holy, King of Truth; guard our aged, guide our youth. Christ, great King of glory bright, be to us eternal Light. Chorus...”]

    The Lord says, “I am. I am in the hearts of each one of you gathered here, in My Name. Live in My Light and My Love at all times little children, no matter what is happening about you. Little precious ones, great graces fall upon you each one. Little children, Love conquers all. Continue to love as you do, and be at peace.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord please enlighten Father that Pete may soon be baptised, because the arthritis is impairing him even from driving because he can’t turn his head to check. He is fading away, and losing weight. He has surgery soon, but he will not be able to go to his classes with Father for a few weeks after that.

    He comes to Me; He is My own. He has repented in all sincerity of heart. Little children you see how no one invited him to know Me for so long. Therefore, let it be a lesson to you to invite anyone you meet to know Me. Do not worry if you are rebuffed. Proclaim the Name of Jesus readily little children, be not afraid. I am with you. As for Peter, he is beloved of the Lord God, and We are with him through this trial. We ease his pain; We lift it. The degeneration is delayed. You must continue to pray for him. He is in the eternal embrace, and surrounded by the angels and a goodly number of saints.

    Be at peace with regard to his soul. Thank You so much beloved Lord.

    Lord I have had a request to go and anoint someone with cancer in Richmond. What is your Will with regard to this more public way of exercising my gift of healing?

    My beloved, do not be afraid to go and do there likewise. I am blessing many people with healing gifts because it is essential at this time. Little children remember, firstly always anoint them in My healing Love,; I heal them first spiritually, and after that; as I Will . As you bless them, it is so; for I call each one of you to be My Heart and My Hands and My Voice, in the great ingathering. You see well now that the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. As you bless the little one in Richmond, do so in boldness of faith, for I accompany you there for My own purposes. Thank you Lord.

    Lord with regard to the Wedding, what is Your Will for me. Do you wish me to go or not go?.

    Dear child, it is the Lord your God who speaks. Go in My Light and My Love, and attend. How can you teach Love without living love. You will not by swallowed up by the deceits of the enemy, for thou art profoundly anointed and protected in My Name. My little ones, there are so many deceits about the Earth now, and so many of My little lambs, My little sheep, wonder into these deceits, like little lambs to the slaughter, and it is they whom We must protect, by forbidding them. It is My Will, that you attend at all costs, bringing My Presence there, holding Me in your heart and soul and mind.

    Refrain from actual spiritual partaking; We set angels about you to protect you, and even about W who remains bearing the mark of salvation in his soul. Little children, it is thus that your trials are multiplied. Little children, love one another and bless one another. Know that I am Creator of all; all belong to Me; and yet I ask specific things of My Own.Yes Lord, thank you.

    Thank you for my spiritual son and the chance to say goodbye as he leaves to Madonna House in Combermere. And also I’m still praying for M.

    The Lord says’”Do you wish to serve Me?”

    . [Showing one rose.This is the third time the Lord gives me the song, ‘the rose’; Words at the end. He asks me to open the Bible; says one word. Luke. [Opening the Bible , it falls open to Luke 22,23 -following His footsteps.]

    The enemy is holding on to and obstructing M. [We pray rebukes.]

    He comes to Me and I attend upon him now in a great anointing of Love; bless him with the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

    [ The angels are singing, “Alleluia sing to Jesus, His the sceptre, His the crown...”]

    Praying for M my godson whose birthday is today.

    You will remain in My Light and My Love and continue praying for M of your hearts concern and leave all the rest to your Jesus. I know what I am about; I am He Who lives and loves eternally. It is I who enlighten thee to pray for any and all whom I set in your pathway. Bide your time prayerfully as you wait upon the actions of your Father in glory .[thank you Jesus.]

    Lord I am wondering if this is the time to get the beautiful Words together into print now, or are there still Words to come before I get it into final form for the conference.

    I bid thee proceed. Favourable action is taken upon the Abstract, through the assistance of Raphael, yet We bid you know and understand that this mission is given unto thee by thy Heavenly Mother and by Your Jesus of merciful Love and We are with you in these works of mercy every step of the way.

    Look now upon Our Mother’s Latest Pieta!

    [Sorrowful Mother with a mutilated body cut open, with heart, liver , kidneys etc taken out !!!] This is an almost unbearable experience Lord.

    Our St Luke’s prayer group prays before a Pieta every Saturday morning in St Mary’s chapel! Lord please convert all those who are participating in any way in all that displeases our God. Let Your Truth come upon them, to enlighten and convert them!

    My God I believe, I adore, I trust, and I love thee. I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love thee[3X]

    We confess that you are appealing most profoundly for their mercy, but yet there remains such a black cross over the medical field. Lord what more can I do?

    You are doing that which I have requested of you. Be at peace in this matter. We bless many with enlightenment now. It is just to let you know little one, the great mission to which you are assigned. The power of darkness is immense. There is grief in Heaven for the behaviours of many doctors, research scientists and many more; and yet as My Church walks the Via Dolorosa, you must know, as I did, and as Our Mother did, that it had to be.! Little children, it is so for the Body of Christ.

    Little children, you are little and humble and obedient, but your mission in My Name is great. You are My instruments. Your God is a carpenter, a builder, who uses you as a hammer to keep hammering and hammering and hammering the Truth to mankind. I am Truth. Enlightenment will indeed come to many. Do not be dismayed at those who shut themselves away from My Words. I have empowered you, strengthened you for this mission. I Myself am carrying you throughout this mission.

    Walls of flame surround many whom you will be dealing with, for they do that which is highly displeasing to the Lord your God. Be not afraid, you are surrounded in My Light, and great graces accrue and fall upon you throughout this mission of hope.

    Lord, should I continue to send all these Words to the M or should I no longer expect to hear from him? Also when should I make contact with the Archbishop?

    Continue to send the Words, to the M until today’s messages, and then await a word from him.

    With regard to the Archbishop, pray and act, trusting in Me for the beloved Archbishop is My own, and of a compassionate heart, a compassionate bent. He has many forces to deal with in the warfare which is now. Trust him regardless of what is happening about you. Little children, He is My Own. Thank you for that very great grace Lord. We pray for the enlightenment of the priests and physicians because We have our own organ transplantation unit in St Pauls Hospital.

    I give you Mother’s Latest Pieta as far as transplants go!

    We adore Thee oh Christ and We bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou has redeemed the World. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    Lord, Thy Will be done !.

    We pray for the brother of one of the prayer group who is in St Pauls Hospital. He is 64 years old and had cardiac bypass surgery over a week ago but is not doing well.

    Our Lord again tells us that,

    “The foe does not wish to release him; the foe is causing havoc and suffering to many patients exposed to the evil one because the lifestyles and the works of some of the staff are not pleasing to the Lord; therefore their hands are not blest to heal, but to hurt through the actions of the evil one, under whose influence they are falling.”

    We pray for him till the Lord says he is relieved. Thank You Lord. Lord please have mercy on them all and help us to bring about the changes very soon.

    The Rose.

    Some say love, it is a river, that drowns the tender reed,

    Some say love, it is a razor, that leaves your soul to bleed,

    Some say love, it is a feeling, a endless aching need,

    I say love, it is a floWer, and you, its only seed.

    When the night, has been too lonely, and the road, has been too long,

    and you think that love is only ,for the lucky and the strong.

    Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow,

    Lies that seed, that with the Sun’s love, in the spring, becomes the rose.

    June 9th 1998.

    The Draconian measures taken in China to enforce the “one child per Family” rule Were the subject of discussion on ABC Nightline, aired on June 9th; 1998.

    Mrs XIAO DUAN GAO has recently escaped from China flying via the Phillipines, to the USA. She landed in San Fransisco and was met by Mr Harry Wu , also an ex- government official who has been exposing the severe human rights violations in the West, by the Chinese government.

    She was a government employed enforcer , who for severeal Weeks prior to her escape, co-operated with a photographer to video some of the facilities where sterilisations and abortions are performed. She also escaped with thousands of records, files documents to prove her statements of what happens.

    1. Special centres are maintained which keep extremely detailed records of every woman up to age 49.

    2.Every woman must be examined every month to determine presence or absence of pregnancy.

    3.Non-attendance or lateness for the appointment is punishable by immediate and automatic sterilization, enforced by the law.

    4.All pregnancies that contravene the one-child-per-Family law are immediately and automatically terminated at no matter what stage of the pregnancy; by law.

    5.Even women at term are induced and the babies killed by a solution injected into the brain.

    6.Ballot boxes are maintained where informants are encouraged to drop tips allerting authorities to ‘suspicious’ pregnancies.

    7.Mrs Gao had been reported to the authorities by a neighbour, for adopting an abandoned child. This act is vieWed in the same light as having a prohibited pregnancy, since she already had one child. It is punishable by enforced sterilization,

    which is what she fled to avoid.

    8.Besides centres for sterilization they also maintain prisons for non-complying women, as Well as their families who might harbour them.

    Mr Harry Wu.

    Also in late November 1997 , around the time of APEC, I had a ‘chance’ conversation an acquaintance which led me to the following information: The ‘CBC Radio This Morning’ programme carried an interview in two parts, November 27th and 28th. The withinterviewer was Mr. Rowbotham and the guest was Mr. Harry Wu. The Canadian Foreign Affairs Committee - a standing committee of Parliament which regularly discusses foreign affairs/ issues - interviewed him one week before APEC. Mr. Wu had been a politician in the Chinese government, then fell afoul of the government for being too right-wing. He ended up spending 19 years in Laogai prison camp from 1960-1979. I now have the transcript of those interviews. He has written a book called Troublemaker.

    One of the most disturbing aspects of the interview was the information that it is official Chinese government policy to take organs from people who were so-called condemned prisoners.

    To our shame, he informed the committee, the West drove this market for organs because of our brisk demand for this commodity. This industry yielded over 20,000 kidneys in 1996, at $20,000 or more per kidney. Chinese agents come to the United States to arrange for a patient to go to one of the 90 hospitals in China set up to do transplants. So far, it seems to be business as usual on Parliament Hill. Whether this information will make any difference at all, in the long run, to the decisions the Canad- ian government will make remains to be seen.

    The committee advises the government regarding invitations to countries participating in conferences such as APEC, after reviewing human rights issues. We all know China was as large as life at APEC. Obviously, to Canada, money talks. Mr. Wu made zero impression on the Canadian business community. Mr. Wu now lives in San Francisco. Amnesty International indicates that at least 4,000+ condemned prisoners in China last year were executed, the highest number in the world.

    June 17 , 1998.

    All day on 17th I have had Pete in mind because the weight loss been marked lately. After 5pm I suddenly felt some urgency and called My mother. It turned out that Pete was in more pain yesterday and had driven downtown for his RCIA lesson but Father could not come because he was held up at a funeral. We agreed that My mother should call Father to talk about our concern.

    June 18th, 1998.

    Father arranged to Baptise Peter after the noon Mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral on the 18th, June. My daughters were able to attend during their lunch hour . I thought I was fully booked at work but when I got home from Adoration this morning a few morning people had cancelled so with some adjustments I was able to attend after all. The ceremony somehow was the most touching Baptism I have ever attended.

    And when I arrived home there was another unexpected change. The lady I was supposed to go and anoint tomorrow in Richmond together with M, had been hospitalised for some tests and the visit was postponed. But something else had come up. [see further on in discernment prayers]

    Discernment prayers. [evening, 6.30pm; 18th June.

    Here we are Lord, we come to do your Will. We love our Missions, we love you, but we do not know how to proceed because we feel obstructed. We had been praying a long time and gotten a lot of silence from our Lord especially in regard to the mission and the conference. Lord is it just that you want us to wait for a later date to ask about the conference? We prayed a long, long time with Our Lord keeping complete silence. We thanked for so many things today, and we needed to pray an awful lot of rebuke prayers because we were both terribly obstructed and hassled.

    Jesus:” Angels hold thee fast little children; be at peace. The vile enemy continues to attack and obstruct. Do not be puzzled, nor dismayed at anything that happens in these times. Hosts of angels continue to assist My Own little ones always. Love lights the way little children, continue to love one another. Little children, ask of Me what you will.

    Lord could you please shed some light, or make some openings to create the Ecclesiastical approval that is blocking Your Mission, Your Words. Everything awaits some approval, for me to proceed.

    We get negative tauntings. You come to me but you can’t win, you can’t win, you can’t win! In Jesus Name is Our Victory won. We pray rebukes again; we pray the old version of the Confiteor. The wonder- drug will help sweetheart ; it will restore your mind.!

    Lord, you always say that the harvest is plenty but the workers are few; but now we your workers are being bound and gagged and blindfolded. Please help us Lord.

    We need verification of who you are before you can speak. We are someone Jesus loves, we are someone Mary loves, we are safe in the arms of Jesus , we are safe in the arms of Mary; we “are bathed in the Blood of the Lamb without blemish, without spot. Lord You have given us love of the missions, but we cannot begin.

    The Lord reminded us of the Herculean effort being made to stop me from proceeding [ 13th May; it seems that now the very conference itself is in jeopardy.]

    The virtue of Love is such that the vaults of Heaven are wide open. We have allowed you to see what type of attack you are under little children. It continues, it prevails for a time. Indeed, My Victory is already won. This is at this time, what you would call in warfare, a clean sweep, a sweeping up that you are involved in.

    That which you do coincides, is indeed co-ordinated to cause, even as you are My instrument to cause Enlightenment to both the priesthood and the scientific world; other of My faithful little ones are causing Enlightenment in marriages and families and the rearing of children, and many, many aspects of life today. Hosts of angels assist. My precious little one, daughter of faithfulness, prevail. The stonewalling is temporary.

    You shall succeed in your mission, for I am with you. Mother is with you. You are profoundly assisted. Continue to pray and address this matter. “By what authority they ask! By the Authority of the Name of Jesus. By the Blood of the Lamb. This is your Authority.

    Lord, they invoke the Magisterium of the Church , which says I have to have Ecclesiastical approval to authenticate My claim that You do give me Words, that You have anointed me to heal in Your all-powerful Name; or that even if You are speaking to me, that is private and therefore they don’t have to listen to me. What has happened to M who could have helped me with that?

    I am aware of all these concerns of your heart little children. The lessons you are receiving are of importance to Me. The lessons of each priest and each physician whom you contact, and have contacted, are of importance to Me in Our Great Design.

    The angels are singing,” His Name is wonderful, Jesus our Lord.” Yes Lord Your Name is wonderful and powerful. I just don’t know how to prevail. I don’t know how to answer.

    For My time is not your time and My Ways are not your ways!

    Yes Lord, that is all our hope. Omen asks our Lord for His Grace the Archbishop to acknowledge her Mission, the Words and the Works of mercy, of healing.

    A song such as yours cannot be stifled forever!

    So shall we just wait on You Lord. We know its all for Your reasons.

    We’ll try something different Lord. Do You wish me to make different pamphlets for different topics. You have given me Words for every topic on the conference schedule, and long before the schedule came out; or should I just make a pamphlet for the abstract and the summary, and the rest is covered in the booklet with all the Words?

    ”Ideally the individual pamphlets are desired.”

    “ I am trying to master my computer and I am getting help from Heaven.”

    Our Lord is telling us that the the enemy attacking us is in the house now. We sprinkle Holy Water, and more rebukes. Our Lord says,” The oppression is immense !

    Our missions are fraught with evil.

    Mother: “Sanctifying grace is upon thee little ones; be not afraid!

    More prayers and rebukes. During the Divine Mercy chaplet I actually feel a weight on my back and shoulders we had to pray rebukes to get rid of it.

    M’s message[ 18th June; 1.20pm] said,

    ”I don’t know why this is happening, but this morning a lady in church called K said her daughter-in-law is in the Langley hospital and the doctors want to give her an abortion ,because her whole digestive system has shut down; she’s vomiting, she won’t keep anything down. She does not want to have an abortion, and I don’t know , I really think this is happening because we were meant to go there instead. I’ve been praying about it all day; I don’t know how you feel about it but I know that Our Lady of Guadalupe wants us to stop abortions so I just wondered if we could go there tomorrow afternoon instead. Her name is K. God Bless.”

    I told I would pray but our Lord would probably send me to heal them.

    When I prayed for discernment the Lord said to me,

    I bid you lay hands on her. Her healing begins. The child of her womb thrives. Believe little children, it is true; nothing is impossible to the Lord your God. By Faith are the miracles wrought. Thou hast been given Faith, thou hast been strengthened by many, many testings. Proclaim My Name and the healing is done! “Amen. Thank you Lord!

    Jesus tells me that

    “the child cannot eat because the mother is nauseated. The mother is nauseated because of a great stress, a great anxiety. As you lay hands upon her, My peace comes upon her and the anxiety is removed; and in the calmness of My Presence, she is restored to wellbeing. This pregnancy is a gift of your God; a gift of Life, of Light, of Love. Hasten to defeat the foe.

    Lord is tomorrow soon enough?

    It is enough, for the many are praying. Pray likewise for this woman and this child.

    Thank you dear Lord.

    My little ones, thou hast each one fought a great battle with a hideous and unpleasant foe. It is sufficient for this evening. Restore yourselves to the peace of My presence, and continue walking in My Light and My Love.

    Thank you Lord. You know we will be back.

    Healing Love defeats all that mad science has begun. Do you believe?

    Yes Lord, We believe that.

    Beloved, simply prepare your pamphlets and wait on the Lord. Beloved, persevere! It is in this persevering faith, this ardent love of the Lord, this absolute trust; this love of the Mother of God, who is indeed the great intermediary between God and Mankind; thus is each victory won!

    I bid you yet again, do not worry about who appears to believe and who does not appear to believe. Leave it to Me, the reader of hearts. Simply tell them! Your mission is complete in the telling. After that it is up to each individual. I Myself assist many to understand, to begin to comprehend; to begin to turn around, and know Truth as it is.

    In the economy of your God’s Design, of Our Father’s Design, mankind, each individual, has a role to play in the defeating of the foe. Little children, you have each one, been trained, strengthened profoundly and you are My precious, My brave little warriors. I anoint each one of you now in a profound blessing!

    Thank you Lord. Glory be... Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints; blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most Holy, blessed be God forever. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good , and His mercy endures forever ! [Dan 3: 89]

    The Lord is gracious and merciful, long suffering, long suffering, and of great goodness. The Lord is good to every man, and His mercy is over all His works, over all His works.

    June 19th, Feast of Sacred Heart.

    I left a message for M saying I was sure Our Lord would want me to attend but that I would pray for discernment and get back to her the next day after doing the flowers at my Church. But what with a funeral at Church, and lots of flowers and an errand I did not get home till 12.10pm.

    There were two messages from M.

    One at 11.20 pm said that K had called in tears because she had decided to go ahead with the abortion. The parents- in -law wanted M to bring the big image of our Lady of Guadalupe and set it up in the chapel. They wanted to go right away ; they were afraid that she would have the abortion that very afternoon!

    At 12 noon she called again and they wanted to leave right away; they would pray in the Chapel. I arrived there before M and prayed a rosary before she set up the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.. K did not want any visitors, so apparently the nurses wouldn’t let us in. This I found out in the chapel! We decided to go anyway because our Lord had sent us so I was sure He would arrange according to His Will.

    We were given directions by the parents but people who were genuinely trying to help us, misdirected us several times till we had to go back to the parents and get directions again. We could see who was at work and managed to stay in peace.

    M found our way and not a nurse was in sight. She and I just quietly wandered in. It was a four- bed ward but since everyone else looked old, we did guess who she was. She was in distress, pitifully stressed and strained,- exhausted; she was really not happy that we could “ just walk in and take over.”

    Yet she never once tried to push my hand off her arm or shoulder. At one stage I even lay my hand gently on her forehead as I prayed. I tried my best to just say positively that I was bringing a gift of peace from Our Lord but who in their right mind would believe something like that ! But I “proclaimed boldly in all faith” because those were the Words coming out.

    I don’t exactly remember what all I said. She was protesting and crying and I tried to say that our Lord understood and that was why He had sent the gift of peace. Somewhere along the way I got M to lay her hands on her too, {two or three gathered in His Name.) Then we prayed the Miracle prayer ,” Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.”

    I also remember saying that Our Lord wanted her and her daughter well. She demanded to know how I knew that she had a daughter, but I just said, “the Lord Speaks.” I have no idea why I said she had a daughter !

    Then a nurse came in with a phone call from her husband. We were done and we left. I think she was telling the nurse that she did not want our types in there any more but I don’t know for sure. I also told her that the Lord explained her predicament to me [See discernment.] I think in spite of herself, K heard every word.

    At Adoration after the anointing I asked our Lord for a reading and He gave me Isaiah 61. “ The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me.” Thank you Lord.

    M called and among other things told me that Father had been approached for a Mass by the in-laws and had taken the intention to Rosemary Heights where the Archbishop and several priests were concelebrating Mass; so they all prayed for K and her baby. Praise God!

    Midnight Between Feasts of Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary.[19/ 20 June.

    Omen called me back at 11pm and , she was telling me about the wonderful evangelisation of several young men they had prayed for and prayed over on the steps of St Paul in downtown Vancouver. I was telling her about the anointing today when Our Beloved Lord Jesus and Our Heavenly Mother chose to join the conversation to our delight, at midnight.

    Jesus: “sealed in Me she lives and is beautiful”[speaking of the baby.]

    So this confirms that the baby is a girl and that no abortion has happened, praise God!.

    I must pray more for peace for K in order for her to fully heal and recover,

    Our Lord” I anoint both K and her husband with My Love and My peace !.

    “She is sipping on a milkshake”[speaking of K at midnight.]

    Our Lady of Fatima says she has a firm hold on this baby and does not let go easily. [Referring to the struggle over the decision about abortion.]

    Referring to me Our Lady says, “you will live to see many more such miracles.”

    This is really all so amazing. Thank You so much Our beloved Lord.

    Discernment Prayers: June 22nd, 1998.

    Mercy Gate Shrine at 7pm

    Come Holy Spirit; come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your Wellbeloved Spouse. Lord we pray for Wisdom for C, a 37yr old woman with cancer of the brain; and her husband who declares himself an atheist. Place in their hearts a desire to know their Creator God. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth , and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole Heavenly Court, We command you, all demons from hell, go now before Jesus the just Judge and answer; great and glorious is the Lord our God.We envision C brought by our Merciful Mother to the foot of the Cross, and a drop of your Precious Blood entering into her body to heal, and regenerate her.

    Jesus speaks: “Salve Regina”...

    We pray it. Hail Holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our Life, our sweetness and our hope. To Thee do we cry poor banished children of Eve; to Thee do we send up our sighs morning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then most graciousAdvocate, Thine eyes of mercy towards us; and after this our exile show unto us the Blessed Fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. Oh clement, oh loving, oh sweet Virgin Mary. Pray for us oh Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

    “I am He; I am your Jesus of Merciful Love. Dost thou realise what art thou art asking of Me?”

    Lord we ask in Faith because of Thy mercy. We simply respond in faith and love for someone whom you love Lord. Lord keep this family safe in your embrace, for nothing is impossible to You.

    “He is not of the faith and she is united with him”.

    Lord you have created him, you love him also and she was united with You in Baptism, long before she was ever united with him; also because of the faith of her parents.

    “A seemingly small request by you little children, turns into a voluminous stream of healing Light pouring out upon G and all of his loved ones; do you know that?

    Just now that you are telling us Lord. How else could we know that. We are united with so many others now praying for C and this family. Thank you for bringing us together united in You though miles apart. We trust Thee for Thy Words are a blessing.

    “How can I say no to thee?”

    You love her more than we do Lord. That is what we trust.

    Wilt thou trust Me to work My Will, My miracles in and through C and those who surround her with love? Yes Lord!

    Be at peace, a great Light is shining upon C now, a great river of Light. She will begin to know that I am present with her. I am the Good Shepherd; indeed she is Mine. My Mother, Queen of Angels, and all saints is even now attending upon C; for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful! Many pray for the beloved little one of Our Heart’s concern. Oh Mother Mary , Mediatrix of all Grace, You are the Mercy Gate of Love. [ My Jesus, I love Thee x 7],

    My Saviour and My God, My Redeemer and My King, I adore thee.

    The angels are singing, Someone’s crying Lord, Kumbaya....

    Someone’s praying Lord,Kumbaya...We joined them.

    Jesus is saying,

    Wilt thou tell Me a Love song? Yes Lord!

    Hail Redeemer, King Divine, Priest and Lamb the Throne is Thine,

    King Whose reign shall never cease, Prince of everlasting peace.

    Angels, saints and nations sing, praise be Jesus Christ Our King,

    Lord of all earth sky and sea, King of Love on Calvary.

    King most holy, King of Truth, guard our aged, guide our youth,

    Christ great King of glory bright, be to us Eternal Light... Chorus.

    We love You Jesus, We love You and Our Heavenly Mother.

    Jesus is saying, “Little ones, yes; We work Our miracles of Love in this family, which has turned to Me most profoundly in this time of testing. Little children, I bid you know it is indeed the time of the great ingathering. The many come back to Me now with all their hearts. Do you will for Me to spare her husband also? “ Yes Lord !

    He has much need of prayers. We do not know his name.

    He is someone Jesus Loves, he is someone Mary loves!

    Yes We do pray that he will turn to you and love you ardently, and lead all atheists to turn to You and love You too Lord.

    Tell My people, that the lack of hope and trust in the atheist, is grievous to the Lord God, and to Our Mother, Who weeps copious tears in these times, in these circum- stances; whereas those who truly believe in God go forth, even in what you would discribe as terminal illnesses, go forth in faith and hope and trust, and patiently persevere. Because they believe, they are in the embrace of God. In the power of the Holy Spirit it is so! The Mother of God, the Mother of all, is ever attendant upon them.

    The many who are so very ill in the hospitals, are like starlight to the unbelievers who work with them, and see them and visit them, for My Light is upon those who believe in Me; and even when they are desperately ill, nay, more so when they are desperately ill, My Light is upon them, emanating in them and through them, to those who are about them. Set My people free from the bondages of sin and death I call!

    Lord , We come to do Your Will.

    Pray little children. In the economy of Our Father’s great Design, the prayers and the sacrifices of the faithful, are important ! Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. I reiterate! Even so, all must go according to the Father’s Great Design, and conver- sions are always contingent upon the free will of the individuals for whom you pray. Therefore, persevering prayer is so important. Little ones , I send forth many now, as fishers of men, and I do so in many and varied ways, gathering them back into the Sanctuary of My Heart. I await them with overwhelming Love, each and every one. Has it occurred to you that the parents are in need of a blessing?

    Lord, we praise You and bless You and thank You for each one of them, and we ask You Lord Jesus, Mighty God, Great Physician, Wonder Counsellor, to place Your Healing Hands upon them, and bless them in the power of Your Love, in the power of the Holy Spirit ; we ask that the needed graces pour forth upon them, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Mother of Mercy.

    “Light pouring forth as silver springs surrounds them. We bless them; they are surrounded in Our Light, and all the needed graces, blessings, anointings, pro- vidences, for them and their loved ones, are pouring forth upon them to carry them day by day, moment by moment, step by step, throughout their faith journey.

    Little children, hold the Name of Jesus ever sacred on your lips and all goes according to Heaven’s Design. Little children, I call each of My Own by name now. They are Mine! They come back to Me. I am the Good Shepherd, I seek them out.

    None of My own are lost. Little children, teach one another to pray this small act of faith and love;“ I am someone Jesus loves, I am someone Mary loves; I am safe in the arms of Jesus, I am safe in the arms of Mary; because it is true! Since you are safe in Our arms, you are safe in Our Hearts, safe in Our Love; what better place to be?

    My little ones, whenever you take Our Names prayerfully on your lips We attend upon you, resolving the concerns of your heart, in the peace of Our Presence where We wish you always to remain. Little ones, you may also pray; “in Jesus Name is My victory .” This in itself is a powerful prayer. Remember, by virtue of your Baptism, by your faith, you are named children of faithfulness, children of God, and children of Mary. You are beloved of Jesus and Mary; never forget it! Pray much, but always in peace, without anxiety, for anxiety is in itself obstructive. Therefore , bring yourself into the peace of My Presence, and then pray for those of your hearts concern. Love Me and trust Me, and I take care of everything else. Little children, My gift to you is an all-encompassing Love; an overwhelming Love. My little children, you live in the power of My Peace and My Love; in the power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. Great graces are poured forth upon you at this time.”

    Thank You Lord.

    Mother Mary, the Virgin of Fatima is present. Little children, I am Mother of Jesus and Mother of all, for you were given to Me at the foot of the Cross of Calvary and you are My Own dear children. Each one of you, I comfort and console, caress and and bless. I dry your tears.

    My little children, each one of you has a great Guardian Angel, ever attendant upon you. It behooves you to address your Angel prayerfully morning and evening, for each Guardian Angel has a mission; you dear child, are that mission. Your Angel holds you safe in the pathway of holiness, whispering Divine Inspirations into your thoughts that you will know and do the Will of God. My little children, I hold each one of you to My Heart, immersing you in My Love, in the depth of My Heart of Love, in the Wellspring of Love; and the Holy Spirit anoints you each one , surrounding you in the Light pouring forth from glory, surrounding you in the Light of Jesus Our Lord, Who is ever with you.

    Do thou little children, remain faithful to Jesus, that His wondrous plans for you all come to fruition. His Name is Wonder-Counsellor; seek Him, seek Him in all your needs. Come to the Lord little children, Who desires only that which is good for you. Little children, by virtue of your Baptism, even though you are in the world, you are not of the world. Stay prayerfully united with your Jesus!

    I Jesus, bid you take the Hand of your Jesus, in Spirit and Truth; and take the Hand of Our Beloved Mother, and let Us walk together with Joseph, in faith and hope and trust and Love, in all patient perseverence, for this is My Way, and you are My little sisters, My little brothers, part of the Family, the Family of God, of peace , of Bethlehem and Nazareth. Even as We speak, I am building a great army of peace upon the Earth. In the very face of our foe it is happening!

    Little children, as is written in Holy Scripture, each one of you is tested as gold in the fire of purification, and in this testing profoundly, a great fortitude , a great

    courage is given unto you, for you are truly soldiers of Christ in the great spiritual warfare upon Earth now, for it is indeed a militant Church on Earth. By your prayers you are united to God and to all of Glory, and you are profoundly assisted. Remember little children, no matter what is happening, to those who are united prayerfully with their God, all works out for their good and for the greater glory of God. Little children, simply rest in the Presence of Jesus, in the Presence of the Prince of Peace, leaving all up to Him! Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit....

    Jesus, G is charge of the conference. Do You wish to give him any light in that regard please Lord?

    Jesus: “My little one, I bless you and I give you peace. Mother and I attend. The majority of those attending will have been enlightened and become aware of the ingathering which is now in progress. Therefore the many hearts will be opened to the Truth which you bring Faithful Missionary. I Jesus, am Truth. I have given My beloved little one Omen to understand that the number 7, which you call God’s good number, is a symbol of perfection, and she also understands that the number 6, is the number of imperfection- it is lacking something. The number 666 is therefore severely lacking. Little children, what is lacking in the enemy is Love. What is lacking in those who knowingly and willingly serve him is merciful Love; there is no Charity of Love! Little children those who serve not the Lord God, are therefore in essence seeking aid and mercy from the merciless one ; the one incapable of mercy, the one incapable of Love.

    My little children, it behooves you therefore to seek aid from your God who is Love, and indeed is the Author of Love. Those who proclaim themselves atheists or agnostics, seek to win the victory in a purely scientific mode by reasoning and logic alone, and they are entangling themselves in a quagmire of confusion. How can they extricate themselves?

    I have given the world many messengers in these times, for example Mother Theresa, who spoke My Truth, the only Truth. My people, how many ways can I tell you that I love you, that I am Love, that I am Truth , that I want that which is good for you; and I am forced to stand by and watch you follow the liar, the master of illusion, the darkness. Yet in My merciful Love, I go forth and draw you out of the darkness and back into My Light.

    I send many more of My instruments to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice now. Faithful Missionary is but one, and I have given her this singular mission. Heed My Voice in her. Recognise the sanctity of each Godgiven life. I place My wholesome Life in you; do not deny it to another human.

    Seeds of destruction of human life are rampant about the earth , yet in the midst of this remains My Light, My Life, My Love. Now is a moment of Enlightenment. Open your hearts, your minds, and together with your God, you will readily work great miracles of healing. The vaults of Heaven pour forth the needed Enlightenment now. I repeat; now is the opportune time. I am your God of merciful Love.

    A living testimony of My Love is Faithful Missionary. Should she be prevailed upon to speak , she may use these Words. Be not surprised at what is happening. Each one of you who has truly said yes to your God, like unto the Blessed Virgin Mary, their soul becomes like unto a mirror; reflecting My Love, My Truth, upon mankind.

    The Angels keep singing,” His Name is wonderful, Jesus Our Lord!

    I asked Our Lord for discernment about the issue of the Oaths [Hippocratic or Catholic], and our Lord said,

    Do not to make that decision now but to wait until the forthcoming conference, because events will unfold then which would make the decision clear.”

    Further Words regarding the baby.

    The Lord says I may speak to Father, “I shall speak through him and I shall speak through you . There is no difficulty here. Each of you is My own living flame of Love. The Spirit of the Living God attends upon the friends of Gloria. Great graces flow for the Mother of Mercy is ever attendant upon the little mother in her distress. She attends as Queen of Peace and tenderly nurses K. Ongoing prayer is indicated, not only for this little family but for the many. It matters not what earthly name she is given; her name in Heaven is Gloria, for she gives glory to God.”

    Discernment Prayers, June 26th 1998.

    Malachi: ”If I am the Master , where is the reverence due to Me ?”

    It is now a moment of sweet surrender, for I the Lord God am with thee. We are now in a quandary of sorts is it not ? We need to discern Your Will Lord.

    The virtue of Love is such that I the Lord am attendant upon you little ones, most profoundly. In all things give thanks little one. I am here, I reiterate. You are surrounded in a fierce spiritual warfare, the likes of which has not been seen on the Earth up till now. This is now the time of the Chastisement. In My mercy, I shorten it and make it less severe, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. Your faith, your prayers are pleasing to the Lord. What did you do for the Lord today.? Lord, the whole day was lived for you; Adoration, Mass, flowers , prayers, the pamphlets.

    Living waters flow upon you. I am attendant in such a manner that the prevaricator cannot assail you. What about our missions Lord?

    Would you like Me to tell you that I am guiding you moment by moment?

    Thank you Lord.

    Wouldst thou proclaim My Name hither and yon? The song, “ It is no secret, what God can do.” Wilt thou begin to believe that I am indeed opening doors for you. I Myself attend upon A. Were it good for her , she would have been where she requested to be. I hold her safe. She is precious to the Lord God, and where she is to go, an appropriate door opens with little or no effort from her! Your Mighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit bids you rest in My Presence! Thank You Jesus.

    Shunned by the many, do not be distraught. In your humble obedience, you are doing what I ask of you. My little one, you know each person you speak to has there individual free will, and many of them who are professing Christianity, hold in contempt the Word of God. They neither live in My Commandments nor teach My Way. Oh sorrow and Woe, that so many souls of My gifted children are so tarnished.

    Oh sorrow and woe, that that so many minds are so full of conceit and deceit and pride and arrogance. Oh sorrow and woe, that they heed not the example of Myself and My Mother and Saint Joseph and the many faithful.

    They put their own souls in peril. Even so, I am a God of mercy and Love, and I cause Enlightenment to be presented to each and every one. I cause little miracles to happen round and about each one, that they will know I am God. Yet in their blindness, they know Me not! I send many little faithful souls to tell them of My mercy and Love. When will they heed? How long should I the Lord, hold back My wrath?

    The Lord quotes Scripture; “I played them a song, but they did not dance; I played them a dirge, but they did not mourn.”

    They heed rather the din of the world, the cacophony of lies they swallow readily !

    On this day I show My wrath in certain areas of the world. You will hear of it. Be not alarmed; it has to be!

    [later, on the news We heard of the earthquake in Turkey,and the floods in New York State]. Two days later there were the horrible fires in Florida, and the Church burnings in Ireland.

    As to your mission; prevail. You shall attend the conference clothed in a great dignity -the dignity of Truth!

    I reiterate. Those who will come back to Me with all their hearts, are welcomed with open arms of Love! Those who do not, were never Mine!

    I have taught you many things which are clear and coherent and Scripturally sound; and not at variance to Love and charity. Little children, go forth boldly in My Name, for indeed I am your Strength and Security and Providence and you are blest!

    Let Us gather in this manner of prayer perhaps weekly, that you be strengthened little children, ever in the peace of My Presence. We shall speak therefore at the next meeting; a meeting of Love. Thank You Lord Jesus.

    You will sing Faith of our Fathers.....

    Discernment Prayers. June 29th, Feast of Sts Peter and Paul.

    Demonic interference persistents after many rebuke prayers.

    Our Lady of Fatima: When We are in a direct spiritual battle with the devil, We have to persevere till the Peace Victory of Jesus is clearly demonstrated and His Peace and Joy restored to us.

    This domicile has been chosen and prepared for the claiming of the many. [ referring to Omen’s new home.] The blessings flow forth from God.

    The serpent in the A family is now eradicated and destroyed.

    This is the Feast day of My sons who established the Church and I remained with them, teaching them. I am still teaching My children, these 2,000 years , and I delight in My faithful children. Remain always humble and obedient.

    In obscurity was Our Lord borne; in obscurity di d He grow up. Now Saint Joseph, ever holy , obscure and humble remains to most of the world; yet He is of the highest order of saints. These are the Keys; humility and obedience. Especially at the time of Consecration, ask what you will of Our Lord, for this is the moment of Divine Mercy.

    You grieve Father P. He is among the saints. Angels and saints attend upon him. Jesus and I are ever united with him. Because of your love of him, We bless you in and through him, and We bless him yet again in a great anointing of Love.

    In regard to the A’s should we approach them again about the medication and the medical records. We received no response . We cannot claim the healing.

    Jesus : “The burden of truth is upon the A’s to give to you Faithful Missionary at this time.They do not deign to do so. The lack of Faith is apparent in that household. You do well to continue to pray and plead the cause of both D and I . Has not Father informed you that I, the Lord God will hold My Own agenda in abeyance rather than interfere in the free will of a soul. The Sign has been given over to Love . I am Love. Be at peace. You may ask of Me what you will little children. It is agreed that Faithful Missionary is given over to Love and may ask Me what she will.

    My little ones, at this moment in time I ask you to simply pray in your usual profound appeals in this cause, the A family at this time. As you appeal in every other concern and have done so in the past , do so one more time. And He’s telling Omen the secrets He’s writing in her heart will be revealed as need be, at a future time. Thank you Lord.

    Dearest little ones , the fruits of Pentecost have been a great success. You have not heard of it but it is so. You will be delightfully surprised when you hear Words of testimony in the future about events which appeared at Pentecost and subsequently, for now is the time of the great Ingathering. The lukewarm begin to realise where they are, or shall We say, where they are not; and they begin to come close to the Lord their God now. Evidence of this has already been presented to you in the many for whom you have prayed.

    Dear Jesus, we are greatly comforted by your Words for A. Please guide us further for A’s intentions.

    The virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God bid you peace A . Make application to the Catholic institution. Be not afraid. Do so believing that you are accepted, and let Us await what occurs next. My delight is in your Faith. My little one, even as We speak I am blessing you in a great anointing of My peace, and the accompanying joy in the Love of the Lord is yours. My Love is ever upon you. Blessings flow freely upon you. Be at peace in all things. The plans of your Life are before My eyes. What is happening is known to Me and is soon known to you. Believe; by faith are the miracles wrought; by faith is the victory won. Thank You Jesus.

    Dear Jesus, I’d like to take this moment to pray for T.

    The Virgin Herself attends upon T at all times as does the Lord Jesus. We delight in the purity of love in each of your daughters. This child is greatly graced , and indeed knows and does the Will of the Lord. Many blessings accrue and flow forth upon her now. Her light is ever before the people with whom she works and associates. It is the Light of Christ emanating in her and through her. Believe that she is beloved of the Lord God, and of the Mother of God; and that the plans of the Lord God, come to fruition in her and through her because of her astuteness and of her faithfulness. She is named a woman who proclaims the courage of her convictions fearlessly. She is our delight. Thank you beloved Mother, thank You Jesus.

    Dear Lord, since we gave the beautiful Words to G we seem to have frightened him right off. Should I make further contact or should I simply wait upon Your Holy Will for them Lord.”

    Sweetheart, the son of God who is named G, peruses the documents , reading and rereading them, in a puzzlement and yet a wonder. Had it occurred to you that the movement of the Holy Spirit occurs in and through the Words of the Lord your God, which are in and of themselves a blessing.

    And I pray for all the travellers who come to the conference whom You have called for each and every one of them come to take Your Words back to their own countrymen according to your Will. I’m sure that they too are hassled by the evil one as We are, therefore I pray for each and every one of them.

    It is given to each and every one of them. Have I not told you that My Word shall emanate from this point of Light throughout the world. Many believe, many do not believe; many are confused feeling a pull of the world and of human intellect. They reason it cannot be, that the Lord is speaking to some unknown on so profound a subject. Even so the tug of My Words being Truth, shall We say haunt them, causing them to linger in attendance upon these Words, making an opening in the door of their heart, that the Spirit of the Living God may enter. Rejoice; it happens to the many. Do not worry about any hard hearted individuals. Leave them over to the Lord your God. Love conquers all. Continue, no matter what happens, as you are; for your prayers, your love, your obedience, your humility, your patient perseverence are the hallmarks of sanctity, and are pleasing to God.

    Believe little children, We are not giving you Words which might inflate your ego. We are simply blessing you with Our Words. Persevere in faith and hope and trust and love and patient perseverence, relying on your Jesus. Remember, in your weakness is My Strength, and that I am with you always. Thank You Lord.

    Lord , I bring T to You . She has been diagnosed with a lump in the breast . She is very close to You Lord. I pray for your Healing upon her if that is Your Will.

    Place her at the foot of the Cross of Calvary. Teach her to bring herself into the Presence of Jesus at the foot of the Cross, with the beloved Mother of God, and the beloved St. John, and the other Marys, that My Healing Blood pour forth upon her.

    Let her see that there, in My Presence, My Blood is eradicating that which is not healthy in her body. Continue praying in this manner, prevailing in Faith. Trust Me, I have gifted you with healing hands, I have gifted Omen with healing hands; I have gifted many in your group, that My Works of mercy emanate in you and through you, and it shall be so. I am present to you most profoundly at the Adoration Chapel, if she is available; or here if she is willing to come here, or to any place where two or more are gathered in My Name.

    Little children, understand that by the faith demonstrated here this evening Heaven is profoundly united with you and the Church triumphant is in union with this My faithful remnant, among whom you little children are numbered. Herein lies the victory for each believer. My little children, it is known that some are called Home to Heaven promptly, rapidly; some remain in suffering for a time, for the good of their own souls, or the good of those whom they carry in their heart, or for My Own reasons. Yet I am ever a God of mercy and Love. None of My Own will be lost to the glory of My Presence.

    Therefore teach the little ones with afflictions, to persevere in prayer. Teach them that I love them, that the Mother of God loves them; teach them that in the Name of Jesus is their victory. Remind them that I have already defeated Satan, sin and death and that it is only a matter of defeating self; and that with the assistance of your Jesus, and of Our Mother, and a myriad of the angels and saints in the power of the Holy Spirit; they defeat all that comes against them; and in this battle, defeating the foe and self, they give glory to the Father.

    All the children of God will be clothed in the Sun, like unto the transfigured Christ; like unto the Woman clothed with the Sun; on that glorious day of the Lord, for each and every one of My Faithful , it is so.

    Thus are saints able to attend upon those who pray asking that saint to plead their cause; and I in My delight, allow the many miracles to happen. I reiterate! Love conquers all. Little children, you who know Love, who embrace each other in Love; who embrace each other with a holy kiss; you know the Love of the Lord your God; agape Love, an “all-charity of Love”. The world does not know it. The world knows lust, fascinations, and many illusions, confusing that with Love. This only aggravates the misery of the situations in which they find themselves, for they know Me not. Yet I call them by name. Many come unto Me now. Many are the trials upon the earth now. I the Lord God indeed fill your hearts and souls and minds with My Love and My Peace and a concommittant joy in the Love of the Lord, I give to you. Thank you so much Lord.

    Beloved Lord , do You have any Words of comfort and healing for S and for her father P, and a blessing for S who has in faith chosen to search for Your path for her in her profession?

    I am the Lord your God. I bless the beloved S in a profound anointing of My Love. I Myself guide her. Am I not also named Guiding Light? She finds her way for I assist her as does Mother.

    With regard to the beloved P of Our Hearts concern; know [yet you do know], t hat cancer is endemic throughout the world now. Its causes are manmade. Yet the Lord your God , as you well know and understand, turns bad into good, for the good of the souls concerned. Would you tell Me that you love Me for those who do not?

    My Jesus, I love You [x7], My Saviour and My God, My Redeemer and My King, I adore You!

    Love such as this is deserving of My blessing! I bless you each, I bless S, I bless P, and through the Heart of Mary, the blessing is magnified and falls hither and yon about the earth, in a profound anointing from Glory.

    I do not promise you little children to take away all disease; yet many are healed in the Name of Jesus, in and through you and such as you, whom I have poured forth hither and yon about the earth! As long as each and every one of their souls are found in Heaven at the end of their lives please Lord.

    I pray that K and her husband will eventually truly repent from the abortion and know salvation also please Lord. We pray that little Gloria, whom we believe was baptised during the anointing, may intercede for them . Also I are not sure that I should announce boldly that she was baptised during the anointing, since the priests may not believe in the anointing.

    The Lord Himself is attendant upon you. My little ones, of course she is Mine, have I not told you so. Of course I used you and M in a unique fashion, for these times in which you live call for drastic measures and We take them. The parents will ultimately, in a great Enlightenment, know salvation, for they have one might say, an anchor in Heaven. Whether to proclaim this to the priesthood is another matter. Yes Lord we seem to get into trouble with what priests are able to hear and believe.

    I give you Luke. When the Mother of the Lord, bearing the Lord, attended upon the beloved Elizabeth and Zacharias, John the Baptist was indeed baptised in the waters of his mother’s womb. Were you not bearing the Woman clothed with the Sun, in all Faith and Truth, as you attended upon the mother of Gloria?

    Yes Lord, and I touched and took a blessing in Faith from Our Lady of Guadalupe, pregnant with Our Lord, from that special image before I left the chapel to go and anoint K and Gloria. Thank you Lord; so I can say I did the Baptism of Gloria, through our Lady of Guadalupe.

    Yes indeed, for are you not the handmaids of the Handmaid of the Lord!

    Yes We are; Thank you Lord!

    Lord, M has been in anguish because for a while now, Father has been talking about removing the Image of Our Lady Of Guadalupe from the Church. Could You please help with this ? M asked us to pray about and for this issue.

    Let Us together invoke the Mother of God; you may pray the Rosary, many Memorares, any litanies in honour of the Mother of God, many Hail Holy Queens; you can, as you call it, storm Heaven on behalf of the conversion of the priest to know; the Presence of the Mother of God emanates the Love of God through Her Heart of Love, even upon those who do not believe! The Mother of God has a Heart most merciful and Love-filled, and especially for her priest-sons. Invoke therefore, St. John the Apostle; let us continue in faith, awaiting the conversion of this priest. The priesthood is in disarray; what are you doing about it?

    We pray for them; we don’t know what else to do. We give them Your Words to us, they do not believe; they tell others not to read them; which prevents others from receiving Your Blessing through the Words.

    Many rejected Me, many will reject you, yet I have strengthened you to persevere, and that you shall do! Little children, those who heed the Words know a great victory of Love, and begin themselves to evangelise, and to propogate the faith of the apostles, which is in sore disarray upon the Earth at this time. Persevere little children of faith, persevere. Thank you Lord. On the Assumption, I went to Mass with my friend in her parish for the first time . Her pastor celebrated a beautiful Mass and gave a magnificent homily on devotion to Our Lady and Her Holy Rosary, then went on to speak about the Assumption and the Resurrection as occasions to remember the sacredness of the human body which is so often desecrated in these times !

    Lord since I am being prevented from receiving the updated mailing lists, I wanted to know if I should wait, or should I use the old lists and mail the summary and the abstract, to those anyway?

    My little one, do not wait; do it now. My little one, the enemy propogandises in the name of world peace. Dastardly deeds are done in the Name of Charity, by the medical profession.

    Yes Lord then I will mail the old list soon.

    And as you say, let the chips fall where they may.

    I don’t know about that Lord. I’m a little fragile when I’m attacked for Your Words.

    Cling to Me; your Weakness is My strength. United with Me you shall not fail. You may be scorned in the eyes of the world. This is nothing new. This has happened with My sainted Holy Ones and yet they prevailed. You are anointed in so profound a way, that you cannot separate yourself from Me, and My Will any longer. Yet in your abandonment to Love, the Lord your God has accepted your surrender, and thus these great and powerful graces pour forth upon you , and Heaven is at hand to you. Thank you Lord.

    This is a testing of your very soul at those moments; and yet I am with you, and together We do it; and Mother in all delight is also with you; united in the Two Hearts of Love thou shalt not fail!

    At this point I can put out the brochures; I have the authority of My beloved Lord; but I do not have the approval of any priests, I have not been to the Archbishop, I have not been to my Pastor, I have not heard from M. Is it sufficient for me to leave it there Lord?

    Be at peace; look at the prophets; at the warriors in the Name of the Lord in the Old Testament and the New. Follow them. Thank You Lord.

    Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.

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