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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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    Discernment July 1st, 1998.

    Your Jesus Of Merciful Love is present immediately.

    “I bless you both with a profound anointing of MyLove and My peace, and of course the concommittant joy in the Love of the Lord, are yours.

    My little ones, Mercy Gate Mission shall proclaim the Good News of salvation far and wide. Many will come to Me in and through all that transpires here. My beloved little ones, do not be afraid to trust the beloved Father Francis of Our Hearts’ delight. I have indeed woven you together that My Word go hither and yon about the Earth. I brook no obstructions to My Word.

    The walls of resistance shall indeed ultimately tumble down like the Berlin wall, yet in the interim it is imperative that My Word be heard. Therefore prevail in all Faith. There is indeed a great apostasy about the Earth. My Church is assaulted from every direction, in many and varied ways, for the enemy is insidious and so deceitful that many do not even recognise what is happening to them.

    Little ones you are chosen for a Mission of grave import to your God, and are blest accordingly. Continue always turning your other cheek, praying for those who assail you. [The hymn, ‘The Cross before me, the world behind me; I have decided to follow Jesus.]

    In this your surrender to Love, in this Our unity of Love, you follow Me each one, in a unique manner, and the end results are a great victory, in the Name of Jesus, for many are released from the deceits of the world.

    You shall be speaking frequently to Father Francis by telephone and by fax , and in these communications the end result will be that peoples about the Earth, hear My Word and many heed , and return to Me with all their hearts, rejecting the philo- sophies of the world, which turn people away from God and into error and sin.

    Jesus shows us My beloved Therese` again and He is saying, ”How appropriate is she not, the Patroness of Missionaries; and is this not a house with a great mission; and are not your Words , as a missionary of “ the Epistle of Love to the scientific world.

    Our Lord showed us how St Paul converted the Greeks in the great’ Logic of their minds, they too surrendered to Truth and Love. Little ones, prevail fearlessly for I am with you, and I am with Father Francis, and I am with a myriad of people who will come to your assistance.

    A great Light of faith pours forth upon you and emanates from you. Never concede any defeat little children in My Name; continue always in Faith and hope and trust and Love and patient perseverence; for this is My Way; I am the Way; it is the only Way, for those who would know Me. My little sisters, you are profoundly blest and anointed this day.

    Pagan thought have assailed the minds of many. The priesthood is in disarray because of this. Even the convents, the sisters and nuns who have always been a symbol of Our Mother’s Virginity and purity; they too are being assailed by what you call “new age.” They swallow the deceits of the foe.

    Thus I come to you My little humble ones who have fought the good fight against

    the assaults of the enemy, and stand in the courage of your convictions despite what is occurring about you. The Lord shows how He opened the door to the prison for St Paul. My blessings are upon you now . Those who serve Me are never prisoners of the world. Doors open at the hand of your God, your Almighty God. I am Jesus, your Eternal Victor; what would you ask of Me ?

    Thank you Jesus for this beautiful opening in Father Francis. In what form should we send it to Father. I have the orginal discernments by date, and I am working on dividing it by chapter/ topic.

    You may send him the originals; and at the appropriate moment when the divisions under various topics are completed, send those too. He too is a man of discernment, and of great faith. He has found favour with Almighty God and with the Mother of God, and is profoundly attended upon. He uses the technology of today in a wisdom to give Truth to the multitudes of people who would only otherwise receive mostly deceits. His name is given over to you. I do indeed weave together My faithful remnant!

    Little children, you are as lighted candles in the darkness of the world today. Prevail little ones, for the darkness is so dark that My people walk in confusion, unknowing which way to turn, for the hireling shepherds have not only abandoned My flock, but they have debased My Church , and harmed My flock!

    Do not concern yourselves about these matters; just know that My faithful remnant, is like unto the small faithful remnant in the Old Testament. [like the army leader that chose his men when they went to drink water] . This remnant I strengthen, I protect, I train them in the way of spiritual warfare, and I hold them strongly united to Me; and under the great mantle of Love, in the power of the Holy Spirit, it is so. Little children, you are included in this army.

    Jesus is showing the Body of Christ, but its like a long loaf of bread, but it is comercially sliced. He is saying One Bread, One Body; how, how will you make it

    one Bread, one Body when you have done this to it? How ? Will you answer to Me?

    Division upon division has occurred; confusion upon confusion. St Paul has advised you people of God not to follow one person or another, but to follow the Lord your God, and none other. Those who know the Lord their God, keep their eyes on Me; keep their heart and soul and mind filled with this Our Love’s union.

    You have now entered a time of world diplomacy, which will wreak further havoc

    on humanity. Therefore persevere little children. [Clinton is in China ?]Peace; We bid you rest.

    Lord what should I do about the names of the priests in the originals?

    You may speak freely with Father Francis, for he has an open mind and I have prepared him well for this time. You may choose to delete the full names and use initials; thus on the day when they recognise Truth, they will know that I called them then by name to heed My Word! Oh My little ones, many things are happening now throughout the world. The crusade is about the world to stop legalised abortions. The people of God know the sorrow of this malady of death but of Me do not hear, they cannot comprehend the Words of merciful Love .

    Oh Woe, suffer oh Earth, for your deliverance is at hand, but not without a great battle, a great route of the foe. It holds the many with great impact about the world and those who think they have great impact, in the embrace of eternal death !

    Mother and I attend upon all the faithful, all the lukewarm as We bring them closer to Truth. I am Truth, and upon the humble little innocents who carry Love in their hearts. We bring them to Ourselves. Thus, the mission to the street people, begun by Omen and Frances, is pleasing to God, and many who are considered derelicts in society are now given the occasion to restore themselves to the dignity of sons of God and sons of Mary. Know that I the Lord and the Mother of God, and a multitude of angels assist, in this street mission which is Our Will. All come unto Me. I am Your Jesus of Divine Mercy. Thank you Lord.

    Do I continue with the mailings to the physicians that I can find in the old Lists in addition Lord?

    Do so indeed for My Words are a blessing to those who will heed. Do not worry about those who reject My Words or even reject you. Prevail little one, in patient perseverence. You are blest profoundly with the necessary fortitude to do the Will of your God. Lord what do you wish me to include in this first mailing?

    Send the two documents. You may mention the extensive information, with your chosen address. Include such words as, “for further information... Little children always leave the doors open for further contacts.

    Lord can I talk about Father Francis freely in this archdiocese, or would You prefer that I not mention Him?

    First things first. Contact Fr Francis giving the information unto him, and finding out the times, dates, it will be accessible on the Web page; then you may share with those who will heed. Anticipate much traffic and conversation with regard to the messages, for it shall happen. Translations shall indeed occur, though many about the Earth comprehend the English tongue. Some translations are yet necessary . Believe Me it shall happen for your works are important to Me. Persevere in Faith little children, for your works are important to Me!

    Lord, I hate to raise this but it will be very expensive, especially to distribute the comprehensive Words.

    The people on the Website will arrange their own copies. There may be a few that you have to give the documents to. We shall arrange reasonable printing means. Believe and be at peace, it is already before Our eyes!

    Lord, may and I speak freely about this mission on the Website, or not?

    It is no secret what God can do; although it is not in Holy Scripture, it is My Word, therefore proclaim it, to all who will heed. Give him the time to establish it on the Web. Whomsoever heeds the Words shall be profoundly blest. Those of irrational thought will reject it. They may even taunt. It matters little. Remain close to your Jesus and Our Mother, and My Peace, My Providence, My protection, is upon each of My own.

    Thank You so much Lord. We praise You, We bless You, We thank You, We give You all glory. I love You My Jesus, I love you more than Myself. Would that I may love you always, and then do with me what You Will.

    Where is My song? Right her e beloved Lord. Do You want the same one or different than the other day?

    As you will. So I sang’, Hail Redeemer King Divine.... We love You Jesus.

    Discernment Prayers. July 7th, 1998.

    On Saturday evening July 4th, the news broke about the group of physicians who had written in the Lancet that people should be encouraged to sell one kidney because, “you only need one”, to cope with the increasing demand. Immediately thereafter, the Lord gave me “ A haunting sorrow is in the Heart of your God” to carry over the next day or so. When I was describing this experience to Omen, she told me that she had been given similar sorrow to carry and Our Lord had given us Words.

    Jesus: “My wounded ones, thy wounds are indelibly marked upon thy soul, yet through these wounds radiate My Healing Light upon the many. Persevere in the mission-My Mission-Our Mission; for it is in embracing thy cross, for love of Me, that the healing miracles of Our Love occur. Smallest instrument, I bless thee.”

    Praying in distress over several issues. Praying for peace. Many frustrations about the doors all closed because all the priests who hear or read the Words ask for validation from priests, bishops etc, yet they are the ones who must eventually decide. One priest advising other physicians not to read or receive the Words from me. They ask if M has responded, and dismiss everything because he has not.

    Jesus: “My precious, precious little one, I love thee. You are cherished of the Lord God and of your Heavenly Mother.

    “Love Me.

    My God, I believe, I adore , Itrust and I love thee; I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    My Jesus, I love Thee x7; My Saviour and My God, My Redeemer and My King, I adore Thee!

    The ghouls of death are waiting around the wall. Headstrong they run and bang their heads against the walls.

    {Lately the Lord has been saying that none of them will be able to say they did not know.]

    “ I ask you to contact the M, bidding him know you have additional information, for him. Ask him if he wishes to receive it.

    Lord is it sufficient to fax him or should I send a sealed letter.

    “Indeed you may fax.

    The Lord is showing us that I carry a banner of Mother Mary Blue, like a cape or mantle...Thanks Lord, thats beautiful.

    Father Francis asked me to pray about a name . The Lord asked me what I had thought of a name, but I want whatever our Lord chooses.

    Our Lord chooses “Faithful Missionary of Love”. He says I may abbreviate it to “Faithful Missionary.” Thank You Lord.

    The Lord speaks of storing great treasures in Heaven.

    “Saint Therese`is in all delight. This woman is a pearl of great price to Me. “

    Father also asked me to pray about whether to attend conferences, workshops etc. It didn’t feel like that suits me but if the Lord sends me I will go. And what of My practice?

    And should I choose to send you to speak My Words to My people would you in free will go. Yes Lord.

    First of all come before Me here in the Adoration Chapel, and pray for discernment and you will surely know before you leave, which times to say yes and which ones to decline. Thank You so much Lord.

    He also asked me to pray about whether I should be involved in some way in the healing of a friend who has an affliction for a long while. Demonic interference. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole Heavenly Court, We command you, all demons from hell, go now before Jesus the Just Judge and answer; great and glorious is the Lord our God.

    “ I bless all that pray for him. We work a miracle of Love. You are a formidable pair. You have stolen My Heart.” And we mean to keep it Lord, for You have stolen ours ! “Remember always that I heal first spiritually, and then as I Will.

    I suddenly have this urgent inspiration to pray for the Holy Father.

    We pray Our miracle prayer; Our Father, hail Mary, Glory be.. , Hail Holy Queen.

    Referring to the brochure and the” Chapters” Lord is there anything You wish to change.

    “ The little one is doing just fine. You are powerfully assisted by Heavenly beings and all is going nicely, like unto a free flow of Words and Works. Be at peace, it is Our delight. Lord should I find different logos for the different pamphlets or one for them all?

    You are My delight. Just continue as you are in Divine Inspirations; all that you have done in these printings is pleasing to the Lord your God.

    Lord are the prayers You have taught us to take people with afflictions to the foot of the Cross and pray for healing; the ones you would wish us to use also for people with afflictions such as AIDS and Hepatitis, or are there additional or different Words You wish us to use?

    With every affliction firstly We heal spiritually, then as the Lord your God Wills;

    mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, sexually; in every aspect of their beings. I am the Creator of each one of them. I know their weaknesses, I know their strengths, their vulnerabilities, their utter helplessness when they have been entrapped and ensnared by the enemy. I am the Good Shepherd. I work My healing Love upon them as I will. You know well that faith is imperative, and that in their frailty, I send by beloved ones of great faith, like unto the faith of the apostles, to release them from their fears, their anxieties and then their afflictions. Prevail little ones, prevail. Thank you Lord.

    Should I contact G, or simply continue to pray for them.

    Be not afraid to contact anyone who has not contacted you. Sometimes they are heavily burdened , and do not, and they may need a cheery voice...Such conversations open the door to deeper things. It is not banter but polite concern.

    Marsha for her exams.

    Mother blesses you. I bless M. I ask M to simply invoke the Holy Spirit the day before and immediately and immediately beginning the exams, or the studies or any such things. In the power of the Holy Spirit, the mind is freed from any anxieties, or even fears or tensions, a great peace comes upon the individual, and all that has been taught and retained, is opened up again to answer the testings. It is usually, a certain tension, fear and anxiety that obstructs. Thank you Lord.

    Lord what should I say to Father about the expense of the conference.

    If in free will, Fr Francis truly desires to attend, he will be there. I will make sure that he is there. I Myself find the source of the providence.

    I was thanking God for everything, especially Omen , and the Holy Spirit, as a great white Dove with wings outspread was upon us in a great anointing of Love. [Omen was given the vision.]

    Lord is there anything further I should be doing for John besides continuing to pray for him.

    Be at peace, continue to pray for John and his family here that they too convert. We make good things happen, you will see.

    Thank You Lord for all your wonderful patience with me and all my many requests.

    And thank you Lord for the wonderful news that A has gone home, discharged from the hospital. For those of Faith get through; We open doors for Our Own. Even though they may appear closed they become open at the opportune moment. He showing His timing is precise like the rolling back of the Red Sea.

    July 15th. 1998.

    Discernment Prayers.

    Before the two of us knelt down to pray we were discussing the severity of the continued problem of stonewalling so that the Words of the mission could not be shared locally and our Lord said,

    JESUS: “You are the women at the tomb; at the dying of the Body of Christ, which will arise again in glory !

    I am your Jesus of merciful Love and I am attendant upon thee, precious little children of God. My small sisters, I bless you each one in a profound anointing of My peace and My Love. My joy is ever with you My beloved little sisters.”

    Thank You Lord Jesus. We come again before you Lord for some Words of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, discernment, in this mission which you have assigned to Faithful Missionary, with the help of Omen, Fr Francis and probably several others.

    “Peace! Ask of Me what you will.

    Lord thank you for all the help and the helpers you have provided. Things were going very fast this week. I’m concerned about having rushed to meet a deadline, and perhaps making mistakes. Please would You guide me in any corrections that I need to make.

    “Their is scant need of alterations of the Words. Be at peace. I have assisted thee; I continue to assist thee in these discernments. “

    Thank You our Lord.

    Lord is it Your will that John W assist me in the artwork for the Webpage, the pamphlets, the brochure.

    Be at peace. I have called John to assist each one of you two with his talents which I have given to him. In the event he is unable to assist you, of course Father Francis has access to others who will . Even so, I ask you to work with John, for he too falls under My blessing; for he too has yielded unto the Lord God and he is also My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in his own unique manner. It is so. I bless John in all that he is doing for he is Mine also.

    Thank you Jesus, I feel good about working with John and being able to see and choose the pictures before they go on.

    Lord I don’t understand why the letter I wrote to Fr Francis this morning on internet would not go. Was that an obstruction or was it because I had omitted something .

    The attempts at obstruction continue but are weakened by the Faith of thee and such as thee; those who work with thee, and those who pray in and for and with thee. And so, be not surprised when these annoying obstructions occur. Continue , in Faith. Prevail, endurance is given thee in great measure. Each one is gifted with additional endurance for you are entered into a great race with the enemy, and with time. Yet all occurs according to My Design for I am with you. Together nothing is impossible for I am God, supreme among the nations !

    You will begin to see , as you might put it, a light at the end of the tunnel, for I am profoundly united with you, in this great mission of Love. Clarification may be asked of you in some of our Words. Believe, I shall inspire you, even speak in you and through you, addressing anyones concerns about My Words.

    Thank you My beloved Lord.

    Dear Jesus, I was explaining to J about the artwork for the mission, and I told him that our Beloved Lord had told me that when I can see the whole picture it will be as a stain glass window. J was very excited and thought that that is the picture that we should have on the Web page; and we should have a small version of the picture go on the pamphlets . I told J that I haven’t seen the picture yet. Is it Your Will Lord that we should strive to see the picture and and put it on everything we print about this Mission?

    Beloved, a picture comes before you in a clear vision; not a dream but a clear vision. Then you are able to create it . In it is emphasised that I am the Lord God, the Giver of Life, Creator of new life, the Creator of all ; and J is able to pick up from your drawings and your words, the appropriate stain glass window effect ,which will have eye appeal; which will invite other individuals on seeing it, to look further into the pamphlets.

    I call all unto Myself now as you know it has been ongoing for some time in your realm, your kingdom of time. It is like unto a great , one might even say a prolonged hour of mercy to your God; and at the end of that time of Mercy all of My Own will know that I am God, that I am indeed the Way, the Truth, the Light, the Life, and all of My Own will come back to Me with all their hearts.

    Thank you Lord; that is so beautiful.

    Faithful Missionary comes to Me for a consultation of My Love and I give it to her readily.

    [Thank you Jesus. My Jesus I love you, x7. My Saviour and My God, My Redeemer and My King, I adore You].

    And thank You for John; such a beautiful gift.

    Lord, Father Francis asked me to pray about this piece of advice which I have received from both Father and J , the only one who, with his wife, still comes to pray with me for the Catholic Physicians; namely that I should mail out the the brochure to the distant addresses and wait a while to deal with the ones of our diocese, because those who know about the mission locally have distanced themselves. What is Your Will in that matter Lord?

    Be at peace, no matter what is happening, remain at peace in all things. Indeed send the messages afar. You have bespoken to the several about you with no positive response. They must therefore wait in turn [like in a long lineup] before they begin to receive My Words of Truth once again. Should one seek you out asking for this information, be pleased to give it to them. But as you say the many appear to be stonewalling your efforts. Leave them there. Pray to the God of mercy that they too be enlightened.

    At this time verbal coersion or any such means are to no avail. Remain therefore in the Spirit in prayer for the many.

    If I am asked to withdraw from the presentation after the conference, should I withdraw, or should I refuse to withdraw from the schedule?

    Should a door open for you to speak, remembering all things are possible with God, do speak. And should it be necessary to speak only to this individual or that one, or perhaps two or three, do so. It would of course be in a very limited way; but accompanied with the brochures it will be adequate; food for thought and discernment for those individuals.

    Our Lord reminded Omen to tell me that Fr Francis listened to some talk show on the CBC where they were talking about selling the kidneys. Father wanted me to discern whether I should be on such a talk show. The Lord God says:

    “no because it would be biased your responses would be limited by the goals of the programme itself .

    One must therefore discern the entire vehicle, before one is free to strive to enlighten the listeners. On a Christian programme where thou art not necessarily the one in control, but the sole speaker, My Words are safe in thee. In the public programmes they can be chopped and altered randomly to destroy Our Word, for that is the way of the world.

    Little one, you are blest in your mission and assisted profoundly by Heaven. The glory of the Lord surrounds the true faithful ones in a unique manner not visible to their fellow man. Thank you Lord.

    Again, there was a lot of obstruction trying to get the little message through to M. for about four days but on Monday it succeeded. I’m still praying that finally he does respond to me; but more importantly I’m praying that he does “heed and act “according to Your Will Lord, even if he does not respond to me.

    The ultimate goal is enlightenment to physicians and associated scientific minds throughout the world. It shall occur! I call each of own to assist and I call them while yet leaving them in free will and in their own discernment. Unique events occur in M’s life and in the lives of those about him also. And so he has a time of as it were, bathing in My Love, immersing himself in My Love; and subsequently he is open to understand My Words to you, which have come to him through you.

    Little children, do not wonder why you are chosen for these various missions. Just remain surrendered to your God as you are and let My merciful Love and My Words flow through you. They truly will fall upon the ears or eyes of those who need to know them. It is always not necessarily so, that those who read or hear them will respond in the desired fashion, for they too remain in free will; and yet many shall; and the others may well move their positions at a later date. And those who in all stoneheartedness reject My Words, are in essence rejecting Me; and they are themselves to blame for the consequences of their acts and of their attitudes. Leave them over unto your God. Little children, always remember that I am a God of merciful Love; I change hearts.

    Lord I need the help to change my heart too, because I find it hard to stay open to them if I feel hurt or rejected by their attitude towards the Words, or the mission.

    My beloved one, do not be hurt, personally hurt. The rejection is falling upon your Jesus. Do not be hurt on My behalf. Simply continue as you do to make recompense to the Two Hearts, which is most pleasing to your God. Remember, all harsh words hurled against you fall upon your Jesus as so many whiplashes. The people pouring forth these harsh words do not seem to comprehend what they are doing to Me their God.

    My beloved Saviour, maybe sometimes they don’t realise because of the way that I present it , that it is really You they are rejecting. Help me to present the Words in a way that they understand that it is really You they are rejecting, in rejecting these Words coming through me.

    Eyes that see and see not; ears that hear and hear not! This is what We are dealing with! Pour forth Your Spirit oh Lord, and renew the face of the earth you pray; the multitudes pray; and yet multitudes resist ! Oh My little ones, persevere in prayerfulness; remain humbly obedient; remain children of God and children of Mary no matter what is happening about you.

    Oh My little ones, when they are wrath, when they are attacking you in any way, verbally or by obstructive tactics, creep into Our Arms, creep into the Sanctuary of the Two Hearts and leave it to your Jesus. I take care of all things, and you belong to Me and you are safe in Me. Thank You Lord.

    Sorrow and pain are the lot of those who seek financial gain in this business of body parts, for it is a business and not a charity and woe is the lot of those who perceive it as merely an enterprise.

    Lord, thank you. You inspired me to say that months ago but maybe this time they will hear it. It has becoming so prevalent.

    Lord, is it time for me to contact Fr T again and send him the further Words.

    Bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ, and We bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    He is My priest- brother. You may contact him, perhaps even asking him if he would like to receive the further Words you have been given. Do not simply expect a rebuff, but should a rebuff occur, again remember; they rejected Me first; and be at peace. Use this throughout this mission of Love; it falls on your God and not on thee ! Always keep this perspective before you, that you do not react emotionally. Simply remain abandoned in the Love of your God. Thank You Jesus.

    I have never approached Fr J and told him anything yet. Is it Your Will that I do this or should I just leave things as they are Lord? [ Interference.]

    My God, I believe, I adore , I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    I am He, and I bid thee peace yet again. My little ones, the beloved Father is a most practical man as you know. You may approach him for is actively, as you call it, pro-life. And yet you will be caused to go through all the discernments you have already gone through with Father Francis, regarding the messages in light of the Vatican’s approval of certain aspects of this form of health care. It will be tedious.

    Bide your time a bit and We work to open the hearts of priests and doctors as the scandal of organ transplants, of organ sales, becomes more in the public eye; and they cannot fail to have heard of it, and they begin in themselves a soul -searching as to the right and wrong of it. It is then that they would be open to peruse, to study, to contemplate and pray discernment with regard to your messages. I Myself shall motivate you at the opportune moment to share this with Father J. It shall be soon but not quite yet. Thank You My beloved Saviour. It appears to me that the same would apply to the Archbishop. Would You guide me to the right time please Lord?

    With the Archbishop also, Our beloved Archbishop. It too will be a painstaking, and even tedious undertaking , for there is much to study in the Words thou art given, and the time element is always there for My priesthood, and even for the doctors. Yet on that day when he takes the time to read your presentation, I will be with him in the Divine Inspirations that he be open to your words, My Words, because he is a patient man and open to all the voices which come to him in the varying causes of these times. I bless him even as I bless thee and I bless Father J; all are beloved of the Lord.

    Each one is used as an instrument as I choose; those who will assist you in proclaiming; those who receive molding and give molding in the process. For the molding of each soul is ongoing , as long as they are upon the earth. Therefore I ask you; never be dismayed nor disgruntled, nor in a despair. All goes according to My Design. Your assignment is precious to the Lord God !

    Thank you My Saviour. Lord, I am about to work on the other pamphlets ; but it also appears as if it could be a booklet and the topics contained in a more condensed form ; especially if the time element must be considered. Your Words in the original form are much more beautiful, but I feel the need to do the booklet in both forms, if the topics get them to understand sooner. What is your Will Lord.

    Do so for some shall surely desire to read the entire manuscript. Be open to these requests.

    Thank You Lord. Is John the printer You Were going to find me with reasonable rates?

    He feels like a safe person to trust this work to.

    Sweetheart discuss how much of the work is donation and how much it will cost.

    I know providence is such a big issue. I know I am getting Myself exhausted with My mission and not doing enough in My job.

    We work miracles of love in you and through you each one gathered together in My Name. Each one of you is blest with adequate but not luxurious providence at this time.

    Little children, succint is the message you are to give to the world. Do so trusting in Me. My blessing is upon you each and upon John. Thank you Lord.

    When John asks me how many of each pamphlet to print out what should I say ?

    Since he shall be able to print more later you might start with about half of the many you expect at the conference, and a goodly number of extras to disseminate hither and yon. It will come to you to know what to do. Thank You so much Lord.

    Lord, You know that on the weekend I suddenly found Myself inspired to send my brothers and sisters the prayers; how to pray for healing according to Your Will in the Power of Your Precious Blood. I faxed them the Words You gave me. Would You please correct or add to that, so I may give them Your Words on the beautiful mission they are starting, visiting the sick with Your Image and that of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    Simply claiming the Blood of your Jesus is suffice. You may ask that it be instilled in the heart; you may ask that the individual see himself at the foot of the Cross and the Blood of the Lamb bathing away the affliction. By Faith are the miracles wrought,

    and this month consecrated to the Divine Mercy of My healing Blood and Water pouring forth, it is a good time to instigate this type of prayer hither and yon about the earth to all those who will listen !

    I am He Who lives and loves eternally. I too seek the spiritual healing of My People.

    I bless them with additional healing as I Will. Thank You Lord.

    Fr Francis thought we should hold back on the Blood Chapter, because of his concern that the Jehovah Witness people would misinterpret the Words for their own purposes. Should I tell Fr not to hold those Words back but to let all be entered into the Web page now Lord.

    Simply give all My Words over. Indeed, the cult which you mention took the Word of Holy Scripture, but to use it as a bone of contention, and not as should be from a truly spiritual position . They are, as is every cult, unstable even in this issue, which shall be clear to My faithful, for it is already recognised in the media and in the Jehovah Witness cult, that this ruling varies from country to country, and from nation to nation, and is not a tenet of true faith as they are using it.

    What I am telling you is that Were man to return to the Covenant of Love written in My Blood, there would not be this additional spilling of blood, this continuous spilling of blood, this continuous need for blood transfusions and the like, for I, by Myself, am the Healer of all. Little children, I heal many in spite of the use of human blood; and I heal many who the doctors would say require blood and yet do not receive it. I heal them Myself, restoring them to fullness of health.

    In this month of Your Precious Blood, I pray that any Jehovah Witnesses may read Your Words and be converted Lord.

    Little children, prevail in all prayerfulness, for those who do not know Truth. I the Lord God am Truth. Many do not see Me in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They do not see Me in the Blessed Sacrament, the Thanksgiving which you give to the Father, in Me and through Me. A time comes when all on Earth will recognise this Truth. Little children since it is not yet, prevail, pray for the conversion of sinners, the salvation of souls, prevail and trust in My Mercy.

    Thank You Lord.

    Dear Lord so far We have not received the forms for A, and We have not heard from Mrs A.

    A letter arrives, be at peace. It is soon, very soon. Mother and I attend upon the matter of A. Trust us a little longer My beloved.

    Lord last year You inspired me to know that you did not approve of cremation. Please give me Your Words to spread Your message.

    Was I cremated! Was Mother cremated! Was Lazarus cremated! Were the saints cremated. The saints who remain incorrupt; are they not a great testimony! Yes Lord. Were they to be cremated at the moment of death, where would this testimonials be?

    I Will you to know that I am God and nothing is impossible to Me.

    And yet there is a sorrow in the Heart of Your God, when the ashes of a human are scattered far and wide, or just sat there in a corner somewhere, neither honoured nor recognised, for all creation is sacred to the Lord. There is no exception to the rule!

    I speak in a manner to cause man to contemplate on these issues himself , each individual , and make each of these decisions in the Godgiven free will which they possess. Sacrifices of human beings to pagan gods Were often by means of hurling that individual into the fire. Ask those who cremate what god are they honouring!

    It is suffice for this conversation.

    Glory Be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

    Father We adore Thee; Jesus We adore Thee; Spirit We adore Thee. Mary We hail Thee!

    Discernment Prayers. July 21st, 1998.

    Opening Prayers with some rebukes.

    Jesus: ”In this testing by fire in which every soul must participate, these many trials come upon you. Little children prevail in faith. Little children, all your actions must also be encompassed in My Charity, in My Charity, in My Mercy.

    Lord sometimes the more we try to be merciful the more people push their will to be done by us.

    Peace. I am He Who lives and loves eternally. I Myself take a hand in this household, for I have made it a household of God. A household of Nazareth. Thus thou hast been inspired by your God to name the chair Joseph’s chair; to name the workshop Joseph’s workshop. Little children it shall be so, for is he not “ the shadow of the Father, Foster father of the Christ; or as you would say, the stand-in for Your God?

    Yes Lord, thank you for your holy and humble and wonderful St Joseph.

    Those who appear to have an indomitable will despite all the prayers and petitions, suffer further consequences of testing and trying as gold in the fire, for though they do not comprehend what their yes to the Lord God meant, they have surrendered themselves to the Lord God; and thus the continuous trying until, as you would say, they get it right. Little children, I ask you to remain in patient perseverence.

    The one precipitating this distress and confusion, give her over to Me every time her name comes to your mind, and let the Lord Your God do all the rest. Haven’t I always told you this is My Way.

    Praying about the Herculean obstruction in the matter of the mission. I am disappointed in Father’s monetary concerns when Our Lord has already said He would provide the providence. Lots of technical problems with the computer to load the Webpage. No clarity with A schooling. Demonic interference. Rebuke prayers.

    Our Lord is silent. Lord please speak to us. Omen starts to speak in tongues.


    For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion you pray, and Heaven hears and answers. Oh dear little ones, I am He who lives and loves eternally. I am your God; I address you as the Triune God. Holy Angels of Light surround you in this place which I have claimed as a Sanctuary, a sacred place, yet the enemy taunts you hither and yon in all your endeavours. Yes you find it frustrating . Don’t wonder where I am; I am with you. In this the time of times it has to be. The fight is great, yet My Victory is before My eyes; and in My Victory is your own victory. Little ones, believe!

    Little ones, your faith and obedience are delightful to your God. Little ones, the encumbrances are but temporary and the release is now! Healing Love is upon you Faithful missionary. Healing Love is upon you Omen. Thank you Jesus.

    Little children, be not distraught, come now into the Peace of My Presence. My little ones, when you come to Me as the Holy Infant of Prague, as the Holy Infant in Bethlehem, it is pleasing to Me. When you come to Me at the foot of the Cross, it is pleasing to Me. My little ones, Mother is in tears of joy at your faith, your persevering faith despite all the obstacles.

    Little ones, your prayers are pleasing to God; your times in Adoration; all that you do in the Light of My Love brings blessings upon many upon Earth. This is something My little ones are not aware of, but will only become aware of on that great day.

    Father Francis has a need for your attendance upon him despite his seeming irritability at this time. He too is feeling the attacks of the foe who desires to stop you as you would say, dead in the water, still in your tracks. In any of these expressions the enemy is attempting to stop you totally, to shut you down. I shall not permit this to happen, yet the foe persists.

    Lord you know I started the letter to Father but decided to come and pray first.

    The Lord gave me, “I the Lord of wind and rain, I have born My people’s pain...

    I have wept for love of them, they turn away. I will break their hearts of stone, give them hearts for Love alone; I will give My Love to them; Whom shall I send? Here I am Lord, is it I Lord,” and the Lord said,

    See, you have hearts of Love, you little ones, but many, while they are partially of Love, they are still partially of the world; and some are yet stony cold hearts, in the world. Little children they are Mine.

    You are My instruments in all that you have done in connection with your fellow physicians and with the priests, it is launching My arrows of Love at their hearts, to change them from stony cold hearts, or from fearful hearts,or from disinterested hearts. I wish to take all this away from them. I wish them to know that indeed I am God, supreme among the nations; that My Laws are immutable!

    Were all the stars in Heaven to disobey, as My beloved mankind has, all the constellations, what would happen to creation ! Man is in a chaotic state on Earth; like so many shooting stars out of control. I must act must I not?

    Therefore I must first warn My beloved mankind, for I do not cease to Love them! Even when they walk in error, I Love them. Little children, think about the Words you are placing on your typewritten pages, as each one being as an arrow of My Love, to reach the heart of someone somewhere on the earth , and do not cease pouring forth these Words which are the Way, the Truth, theLife, the Light for My poor confused Humanity.

    Even as We speak, all these things which We have discussed are occurring all over the Earth. My people are being denied their Godgiven rights all over the earth and the hearts of so many remain unmoved. Be like a little child , be like a little child I’m calling to all My own, because then your heart is not cinctured by the cares of the world. Little children, in each of you here, I have removed any obstruction in your hearts and minds. Yet the enemy attempts to put obstruction in your thoughts. This is ongoing; as he pours forth his arrows of hate, We in unity of Love pour forth Our arrows of Love.

    I am victorious. Hearts as cold as ice melt in the warmth of Our Love. You shall see many changes in many people. You will realise that the process appears slow to you and the conversions, but I ask you to prevail. I Myself will fill your heart with love for My priesthood, My suffering priesthood, as you write to Father Francis and give him Words held in My blessing for him , for He too is My instrument in the unique way I have chosen for him. Understanding comes.

    Little children, sing often the song of Pentecost. It is not only for yourselves, but for the multitudes on earth. Little children, believe; the action of My Love is never limited to one or two persons but is universal.

    The need for money for every activity on earth is quite abhorrent to the Lord your God. The great need for so much money in these times. He’s giving us the quote about so much money for so many bushels referring to inflation .

    Money is not easy for either of us.

    It is a sign of the times. It is forewarned to you in Holy Scripture and it is so. The year 1999 fast approaches . Little children, proclaim the Good News now while you have the opportunity for it is not always with you. My delight is in all those whom you have touched.

    Our Lord is reminding Omen that He inspired her to give My mother those little,”love Me just as you are” Sacred Heart pictures to the “down- and - out” people in the St Pauls area whom they are praying over and they are turning back to the Church now . My mother has been directing some to the confessional, the priests etc.

    I am the Lord your God.

    Lord We trust in you more because We cannot afford those fees for A.

    I Myself make the plans for A as I Will. Remain abandoned to My Will little A, and continue to make application. You will find a way . Their is always a way in unity with your Jesus who is the Way. Spiritual obstruction for A. We pray rebukes. Lord hear our prayer and answer, and are we dealing with 1998 and 1999.

    Jesus quotes the prayer: ”Hear oh Lord, the sound of My cry; hear Oh Lord and have mercy, “ you pray . Indeed I hear; I do bless the little one; and as you ask My little ones, doors are opened. Jesus tells us ‘The door is open’ is the Name of Omen’s street mission, and as you pray for the suffering souls in the street mission under that name , I open doors little children , I open doors for you and your loved ones. My little faithful ones. That which you ask of Me is done. [Omen is given September 8th].

    Praying to Our Lord for discernment regarding the Web page. There are many helpers but what does our Lord choose; We place all in Your Hands under the providential guidance of St Raphael. Lord We praise and bless your Holy Name and pray Your blessing upon this Mission which is now obstructed in many ways.

    Jesus: “ Stay with JW. The Almighty God holds you in the crook of His Arm. All goes according to Heaven’s Design for thee. Each one of you little children, each one of you has a mission of Love to complete, to perform and to complete as an instrument of Our Peace. Mother holds you fast, I hold you fast. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, one God-given moment at a time, and be not impatient.

    Just a little confused Lord. Right now I’ve put the brochure on hold awaiting the picture from the vision. I’m a little bit afraid about the vision. How do I prepare for such a great event, such a wonderful gift.

    It will be through the great Archangel St Raphael that these things will come to pass. Is he not a better symbol of the physician that the one you use?

    Yes he is Lord. I can’t find a picture that I was looking for, a picture of St Raphael moving the healing waters of Bethsaida pool, where our Lord healed the crippled man. I wanted to put him on the brochure.

    Jesus: He will appear to you in a vision. All is Well . You shall have the vision. My little one, he is most magnificent to behold. My little one, believe; in believing is your victory.

    Oh Lord We do believe, help us to believe, adore, love and trust more and more. Lord, strengthen me with the fortitude to live through a vision!

    Jesus: “It will be a gentle vision. There will be no fear; just a sense of awe. Glorious is the Lord your God. “ Amen. Thank you My beloved Saviour.

    Lord I know the vision will help me to stay in your peace through the hard times.

    Lord, I promised your T, I would pray for her intention to go back to school next year, Sept 1999; If you wish any Words for her Lord?

    T is in the hands of her loving God, Who wants only that which is good for her. Indeed, make good and positive plans little one. Remember that I am with you. My little one, make the plans and proceed forward forthwith, trusting your God every step of the journey. Be at peace. Even providence works out for those who love and serve the Lord. Little children, you are in a time of testing and a time of change. My Victory is close at hand. Thank you Lord for all Your Providence.

    The great lighted Cross in the sky will indeed appear at a date in the future. The time is not yet, and yet it is not far. In the interim little children, work and believe, that all your tomorrows are blest, for indeed they are. Do not be fearful of the future. I love you little children, I want only always that which is good for you. My Own have nothing to fear.

    My little children, it is written; blessed are those who do not see but believe! Such are you My little ones. But there comes a day, when I must make a sign in the sky , that those who don’t, will at last believe that I am your all-powerful God! It is not a time of fear for My Faithful little ones, who have already embraced the Cross of Eternal Life.

    I feel inspired to pray for the souls of those three thousand, mostly children who have drowned in Papua, New Guinea because of the tidal wave. [We met the priest that came to our Church once], and all who will die today, and all at the wedding. Lord I felt Your Love for all of them, Your creation. We pray with Our Lady, and all the saints and angels and holy souls in purgatory. Memorare, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be... My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love thee. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love thee. Lord have Mercy!

    Lord is it important for me to pursue the issue of medical records from those you have healed through us?

    Jesus; “Not at this moment but they are accessible when need be. My little ones, continue to pray for A and give glory to God, for herein is a great sign in and of itself, the healing of A. “

    Yes thank you for A and her persevering faith Lord.

    Dear Lord, please help me to succeed a bit with loading the Webpage. I spent two hours and all fell down; I did not succeed in loading a single one. Please help Lord.

    Jesus: ” Salve Regina and act!”

    Hail Holy Queen Mother of Mercy, our Life our sweetness and our hope.....

    She is teaching us prayer warriors , to be more keenly aware of body language of people. Oh Maria, Oh Maria, oh Immaculate One; I am your handmaid. I keep My eyes upon your face, your hands; I keep My ears atuned to your voice. I am Your handmaid of the handmaid of the Lord! [taught to Omen by Our Lady]. We sang,”Gentle Woman.“

    Discernment Prayers. July 27th, 1998.

    In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your Well beloved Spouse!

    Lord We come before You in prayer/petition, for further direction as the obstructions of every kind continue to block the distribution of Your Words. Demonic Obstruction.

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole Heavenly Court, thou art commanded, go now before Jesus and answer; great and glorious is the Lord Our God.

    Jesus: “All that I am thou hast prayed little children, and I the Lord God heed your prayer. I am with you. I am blessing each of you with a profound anointing of My Peace and My Love. Little ones, prevail. You may ask Me specifically what you will, beloved child of God and child of Mary.

    Dear Lord, thank You for hearing us again. Thank You for Omen, and for all the people yesterday at the prayer day. Before I address the mission, I would like to pray for I and C , both with brain tumours, both not doing very well, and for the people close to them who are praying for them, also for little Kelly. Is it Your Will to give me any Words of healing or comfort to give to them Lord?

    “Would you tell Me that you love Me for those who do not?”

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Forthwith I bid thee peace. The things which assail these peoples with brain tumours do you know what they are?

    No Lord, we believe they are of manmade origin; but we trust in Your infinite mercy upon them and we call upon Your Holy Name, we claim Your Precious Blood, and we pray for and by the faith of the apostles. Lord strengthen our faith to glorify Your Name

    The lesions are a direct consequence of sinful man in this time frame in which you live. Would you like to tell Me who you grieve for so tenderly?

    All those afflicted and those who love them Lord. I, C, K ,M be healed; for great and glorious is the Lord Our God; for nothing is impossible to our God.

    In all things give thanks.

    All honour, glory, praise and thanksgiving are yours Lord!

    The Love of the Lord is most profoundly upon you little ones. As you ask, so I give unto thee as I decree. Be at peace!

    In the testing of one soul, the surrounding souls who love that individual, they too are tested. A great value is upon the suffering of the little one who is My Own, for it causes others conversions and healings, and it brings to the fore, the power of faith in Jesus. Little children, you will live to see many miraculous events; curings of cancer and many other diseases said to be incurable, for indeed nothing is impossible to the Lord your God.

    Thank You Lord.

    Each of those named is resting in Our embrace; Mother’s and Mine. Leave them there little children and continue to pray for them in all faith as you do.

    Lord I was wondering if I should try and obtain the pastors permission to put a notice in the bulletin or in the Adoration chapel, asking people to pick a prayer they are willing to pray regularly , specifically for all the sick and suffering, so that the sick and suffering are regularly prayed for ; because we find that we don’t remember all those we have been asked to pray for each day, and all of them need regular prayers.

    Ask your pastor and abide by his will, his decision on the matter. Be at peace, Heaven hears your prayers little ones.

    Thank You Lord. And thank You again for healing A Lord.

    Lord, I pray for healing and peace for the grandparents of Gloria.

    K and H are profoundly blest and anointed. They come to a realization one day as to why this had to be at this time of change which is upon the Earth. They are My instruments in the ingathering. By their works of merciful Love, and by K’s art, they are causing others to come closer to Jesus. The little one Gloria is a little martyr for the cause of Truth. I the Lord God am Truth.

    My darling children, their is going to be a great change upon the earth now. The venom of the enemy is obstructed by the Lord God! Great angels work miraculous events in this matter, for My time is at hand ! Thank You Lord.

    Lord may I please pray further for J and his family. He was speaking from the heart when he appealed for his wife and fourteen year old son , who are both baptised in the Catholic Faith, but have not yet received the other sacraments.

    I bring them to Myself. Am I not the Good Shepherd?

    Thank you Lord. I would like to thank our merciful Mother too because I felt Her intervention and Her presence very close to me as Queen of Peace ; She inspired the words I said as I prayed with and for them, on 25th July, feast of St James.

    We work the miracles of Love together for the people of God, Mother and I, and you My little faithful ones gathered about the world. Thank you Lord.

    Lord, please help me a little with where things are standing with the Webpage because of technical problems. I am very overwhelmed because of My lack of skill.

    Persevere in faith, We make it happen at an opportune moment. Prevail little one, prevail, in this our mission of Enlightenment.

    Lord, J helped me to get the pamphlets at a reasonable rate for printing but it appears We will not be able to get the picture on when its ready because its too expensive; also using other colours would cost a lot.

    Pray and act and I am with you. It is not essential to have the picture little one. Proceed in all faith for We are with you. Believe and be at peace.

    Thank You dear Lord.

    Lord please help us to know if A is to do more applications than she has done. We were not able to get through to Kansas . I didn’t find out which the other two are.

    The obstructions are being removed . Persevere. Our plans for A flow along smoothly despite what you are feeling. We work miracles of Love in her behalf.

    Continue eagerly going forward with a great zest for Life. I am Life. Working vigorously and yet in peace and joy and love. Trials are of the essence in the formulation, the molding and fashioning of each individual. Therefore do not shrink from these trials and tribulations. Prevail in faith. Herein lies your victory little ones.

    Thank you Lord.

    Feeling heaviness which feels like I am carrying the weight of the mission though I know that Our Lord is doing the carrying; we are just instruments.

    Healing Love is upon you. Believe and be not afraid. Trust Me your Jesus. Trust Our Mother, Trust your Guardian Angels. Trust those whom you discern are speaking truly in the Lord. There are many about you who speak well but do not know Me. Oh sorrow; enmeshed in the world they cannot seem to find Me, and yet I am knocking at the doors of their heart.

    Feeling burdened by the amount of misinformation; how few people seem to have any problem with donor organs and just how much work is involved in speaking on this subject for people to reconsider.

    Be not burdened. Remember I carry the brunt of the Cross. I simply let you feel it periodically. My Will in this matter shall prevail. It is part of the great conversion of humanity. It must be exposed that all may read and pray and ponder on this subject matter.

    What you are teaching with regard to organs, is with regard to all life being sacred; and thus We touch upon the subject of abortion, as well as the dying of the terminally ill ; all these are interlocked subjects. They are united with family and with the breakdown of family; and with the number of children born into a family; the number being obstructed from coming into existence, as well as the number being aborted, in the budding of this new life.

    And furthermore We touch upon child abuse, which is extensive throughout the world; a world where My Laws and Holy Scripture are neither known nor desired to be known.

    Thus the multitudes operate in the realm of free will, at the mercy of the foe. And thus your teachings are pouring forth right now as upon a narrow road. It shall not always be like that. Very soon they begin to heed and come to Me; and I bless them with understanding and wisdom and knowledge. Persevere little ones, persevere. Persevere !

    All angels and saints please pray for us. The heaviness increases. Jesus showed us a window with a lantern which goes out. It appears to be a Church window, all

    blackened inside. Lord what are you telling us?

    That thou art in a time of rapidly approaching darkness in the Church and in the scientific world; and in the world all about you; all about the earth. The visionary has done well in enlightening many, but many remain in darkness. Faithful Missionary is assigned to enlighten the peoples of great intellect; Omen is assigned to the peoples of the first nations, many of whom have great intellect but lack true spirituality, and to assist the street people as you call them, for they too are My Own, and many intellectuals find themselves there in the streets at rock bottom, despite their wisdom and knowledge and understanding ; for they have taken a wrong turn, and need to come back to Me with all their hearts. Indeed I seek them out, I am the Good Shepherd. I seek them out in you and through you, and all those who work in similar manner on My behalf.

    Little children, great angels fight a great battle, that these Words be given over first for the doctors, then even to the priests involved, but ultimately for the general public, those that can and will read . Do not be dismayed at the obstructions little one, or any of the strange events that will attempt to slow you down or even stop you all together. It shall not be. I Myself cause the victory to happen. Thou hast worked well; thou art well advised from glory. Things are going according to Heaven’s Design. Be at peace.

    The virtue of Love is such that I am present to you. A severe testing, a severe attack is upon your works little children; prevail, We are with you. Believe , We are with You. Be at peace therefore!

    Dear Lord could You please help me ; I am a bit confused as to how I am to approach AE when he does not want to hear words from visionaries etc.

    Be at peace. What the Bishop believes in his heart, and his official stance as Bishop, may well be two different things. Little children there is a certain officialdom to those in authority which belies the Truth in their hearts. Do you comprehend?

    Yes Lord, we comprehend.

    Little ones, bless the Bishop.

    Lord We love him. We ask you to bless him at all times. Also thank you for creating an opening an opportunity to continue to send Your Words to Fr T; thank you for Fr Francis and the opportunity to continue sending the Words to him also.

    We bless you. We bless each one of the priests named for they are Our own and are precious to us. Fr Francis’ concern dealt largely with what he perceives as a difference between My Words and that which the beloved John_Paul has uttered. Little children, the door opening came as acts of love one for another, which in My great mercy, My great Love, I accepted and condoned. Yet it was only the opening of a small door, and now a greater darker door is there which is not of Me.

    The buying and selling of human organs, some at the absolute expense of human life some at the moment of bodily death; some who die because of the acts of doctors- many such reasons have occurred for what is called organ harvesting. You see little children it has now become a new industry, a big business. It can never be of Me.

    In the short span of time since the Pope’s announcement, the error of dealing with the human body has increased, one might say sevenfold and in the darkest of ways.

    Failure to comply with the thoughts and designs of the physicians who have propogandists available in the media, cause you to be as it were, pulled out of the inner circle. Do not be afraid, you are in a circle of the Triune God, of Mother Mary, and multitudes of angels and saints.

    Little children, there is no time to waste, it is time now to busy yourselves getting these messages out.

    Lord we have all kinds of problems with obstructions with the computer.

    That too will be ironed out shortly, through the hands of My knowledgeable sons, I will cause it to happen, despite the attacks of the enemy.

    Lord, is it alright to wait to the end of the week and give it to J then; or must I give it to somebody else sooner?

    Omen starts to speak in tongues. Our Lord says pray and act, pray and act.

    I don’t know how long J takes to do it but he is not available to receive it until the end of this week.

    I Myself bless all that you are doing and I bid thee peace.

    Yes Lord I will do all as soon as I can get it done. Thank You.

    Omen says Our Lord is showing the pictures as on a tv screen changing and changing and changing;[ This must be about the vision] *.

    Little children, the Faith of the Fathers, the Faith which has carried My Church through these generations, bid thee pray and act in all faith and hope and trust as thou hast been taught, and just watch things fall into place, at an opportune moment in time all flows freely. You do not know the reasons for the obstructions, the delays. Do not worry about it. Simply continue rejoicing in Our Love’s union and be at peace.

    We have plans for A, We repeat, We have plans for her that shall just suddenly flow free and doors will open. Events will occur, and it is done! Thank You Lord. I’m just trying to be sure that I am not obstructing Your plans taking her to New York. Thank You Lord.

    The Virgin Herself will converge upon you Faithful Missionary and the vision will become clear to you. Oh, thank you Lord!

    I am Queen of Angels and Raphael as it were, is beholden to his Queen in a unique way, and he comes to you in Light, and you know the artwork you desire vividly and suddenly and most assuredly. Thank You beautiful Mother. I’ve missed You .

    The solemnity of the case at hand which the Lord Our God, has given over to thee, behooves Me His Mother to, as it were, take a back seat in the operations which are happening now . All-powerful is the Lord Our God Whom We serve joyfully and lovingly as little children of the True Faith. Mother , please teach us true humility.

    Little children, children of God and of your Mother Mary, I Mediatrix of all Graces, pour forth many Graces upon you in the power of the Holy Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit of Love it is done!

    *Its Like God wants to show mankind all the errors of their ways . Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    Discernment Prayers. August 3rd, 1998.

    The annual Mass and procession of the celebration at Mission is at the Feast of the Assumption.

    On the 1st August I heard that A was back in hospital, and so I thought maybe we should pray for a final healing for her at the grotto, but then later on the 2nd I heard that she had died. I feared that my imagination had run away with me so I called Omen and we got together for discernment prayer after Mass on 3rd August.

    When I got there she told me that Our Lady had told her last night to go to Mission to the Grotto site today. {3 rd}

    Lord We thank You for everything but most especially for each Godgiven moment, and the wonder of all that You do in and around us God Our Creator.

    One angel sings,” His Name is Wonderful, Jesus Our God, and a choir of angels sing Salve, Salve, Salve Regina”.

    “ I am Jesus and I am attendant upon thee as is Our Mother. As per Our usual procedure, you may speak now; ask of Me what you will. What you carry in your hearts little children is known to Me, and yet I desire that you ask of Me.

    Thank you dear Lord especially for being so patient with me. Omen asked for confirmation that Mother asked her to go to Mission today.

    Jesus: It is I, Jesus Who Speaks . It is I the Spouse Who speaks. Am I not the Spouse of the Church? Yes Lord.

    Thou art the one who is called to attend at the Grotto site at Mission. [to Omen who says , yes Lord.] Demonic Obstruction. Our Lord showed the traffic, coming home today would be busy.

    I am the Living God. That which you ask of Me I give to thee. You will go up to Mission this week; go to Mass and then go forth. Yes Lord I will. More demonic obstruction. We pray the Memorare.

    We bless thee child. Thou art the one who will know which morning to go. Be at peace in this matter. Mother is in all delight. We will attend upon thee there. Major events occur in your life now sweetheart . You are beginning to understand what your fate is. { Our Lord is still speaking to Omen} A native woman will come to you bearing a message of Love and a great gift she gives to you. Thank You Lord. This is usually a spiritual gift but we’ll wait and see.

    Our Lady:” A Name comes to mind; and She starts the first line of Jesus, Name above all Names... We join “ beautiful Saviour, glorious Lord. Emmanuel, God is with us, Blessed Redeemer, Living Word.”

    Lord right now we are thanking you for having met and prayed with the beautiful A whom You have seen fit to take Home. We do not comprehend Your Ways in this matter.

    “Anticipation of My Salvation for mankind is written in the hearts of each one who attended upon A during her illness. The family is anointed and blest, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. All who have known A have learned a lesson in patient perseverence no matter what is happening. Her frail body knows no suffering now. A new light is in glory; a great new light.

    Lord we rejoice for her soul but we have concern for her young family.

    A great anointing of Our Love is upon all the loved ones of her family. Be at peace. Our Design is for their good. A is now in a position to help all their intercessions most powerfully. Problems with the taping again.

    I am the Living God; I anoint you little children in a great anointing of My peace for thou hast found favour with God, and gathered in My Name, I bless thee in a profound blessing. A is safe in Me, a great light in glory which has come to Us. The soul of the beloved A works miracles of Love in her family and in all those who have known her. We bless again and again all those who have attended prayerfully on A, the beloved of the Lord. [The Lord showed AK and the Legion of Mary. }

    My little ones, remember that Heaven is your true native land. My little ones it is but a brief separation. The Lord reminds us of John Vanier’s words that love and pain are united in the Mystery of God.

    Dear Lord thank You for the opportunity, to run back to You for clarification of my thoughts at Adoration yesterday, especially in light of A’s passing, I cannot trust my thoughts now.

    Do not be dismayed that you did not see A experience physical healing. All those who laid hands upon A seeking physical healing for her, have been My instruments. I had a great desire for her to come directly into Glory without passing through the purification times between Earth and Heaven. My little ones, each one of you was a small instrument; not necessary, but in a training lesson for each of you including A and her loved ones. Do you understand?, Yes Lord. Thank you.

    She has, in her suffering and in her faith, so persevered, assisted by the loving hands and hearts and prayers of the faithful, that she has escaped the times of purification. Miracles of Love occur in and through the intercession of A. Thank you Lord, for such a beautiful lesson for all of us.

    Have I not told you little children, that healing is always first and foremost spiritual? Yes, thank you Lord. We have A in Heaven to help us now.

    And now let Us attend upon the other matters.

    Lord what is Truth in all that I thought yesterday. Please help me.

    I am the Lord Your God. At a moment’s notice you will understand My Design over the next few days. Wouldst thou go to Mission sweetheart? [with Omen}

    With delight Lord; you’ve been singing to me about sending me all week, though You did not say where. {Not a chance, demons say-}

    Let us begin again then little sweethearts therefore; We bless thee and We send thee on this mission of Love. Each one of you is individually blest, and in combination,

    all goes according to Heaven’s Design. Forthwith be at peace! Mother is in all delight.

    Many living angels, great angels of Light surround you, and they { Those here and in your home Faithful Missionary}, are in all delight to honour their Queen.

    Oh thank You God that you are sending us to honour Our Lady, the Queen of angels and all saints.

    JESUS: We are in a moment of indwelling Love.

    Thank You Lord for being Love and for Our Lady, and the angels and saints. Lord thank Your for not allowing My imagination to lead me too far astray.

    JESUS: We shall proceed step by step. Continue to proclaim Down Hercules’. It is

    My delight.

    Jesus, I need to thank You for the miracle that You’ve done to my computer; I’ve been thinking its a technical problem, but nobody can eliminate it;” Epistle of Love to the Scientific World”, is indelibly fixed on My Word Perfect document one, it appears permanently, and its like a seal of protection. Its a miracle.

    Am I not Lord of all the Resurrection, all Creation, Eternal Victor. There are many, little children, occurring about the Earth. As you can see many find difficulty in recognising the little miracles of Love. Continue little children, to proclaim the Good News as you are doing.

    The Lord tells Omen again to,” accept the anointing of Love which is given unto you by the native woman coming to you from a native band”. Thank You Lord.

    Yes indeed let matters unfold one moment at a time . We shall attend upon you further. Jesus asks us to sing “ Gentle Woman.Angels hold thee fast on the journey.

    Lord You know I’ve been working on the Oath Speech.

    Enhance, elaborate, detail under My Inspiration it continues to be of Me! Do not be afraid little children to continue as you are doing; praying and acting in faith for you are Mine; for in your surrender, in your yes to your God, I have accepted this. Thus you are truly children of God and children of Mary, and partakers of great grace. Littlest children, believe. Trust Me. Believe! You are walking in My Light at all times. Little children, My peace is profoundly upon you.

    Even though we are walking on the Earth, He’s showing how we have like little crowns, because He’s reminding us that though many are called, people don’t always respond. Once we respond in the right manner, then we become chosen.

    Lord , even though we are chosen we still have to come and check with our Lord that we are on His Path for us.

    Now the Lord shows us how like little children we keep coming back for Our Fathers blessing.

    I am the Living God, I address thee little children each one as the Triune God. Yes I am a doting Father to those who love Me and keep My Commandments. I address thee each one as thy Saviour, a Victim of Love. Have I not told you, you have stolen My Heart ? I address you as the Spirit of the Living God, My Great Life Force, which is as essential to your wellbeing as the oxygen you breathe, it is so essential to you, both body and soul. Therefore be at peace. You dwell now and always, in this, Love’s Union. Thank You Jesus. Glory be ...

    On the grounds of Heritage Park in Mission. We prayed joyful Mysteries on the way; and we have just finished praying sorrowful Mysteries sitting near the grotto.

    Our Lord tells us that St Peter Julian Eymard is with us.

    [great Saint of the Holy Eucharist but we don’t immediately understand the significance of his presence with us now. Also St Francis, a Spanish Saint.

    We don’t know that one.

    We walked up to and around the grotto site, where we ate and sang some hymns.

    The Lord tells us a vile demon has been cast out.

    [ That is what we are sent here for; the handmaids of the Handmaid of the Lord came to do the spiritual cleanup before the great Mass on the 15th]

    Raging waters surge around you. The heel of the Mother of God must trample the head of the serpent. Do not be afraid little children, the dusk is falling and the darkness rapidly approaches. Remember, the faithful remained fast in the Faith during the three days Our Lord was in the tomb. Though there is darkness here and there, Faith prevails.

    Little children, blessings are upon you. You do not know what you are doing here, but it is immensely important to your God and your Queen. My little ones, a great blessing is upon you for your faith journey here. Indeed, thou hast not had the Words nor seen the visions; it shall happen.

    The cleansing is essential prior to the Great Mass fast approaching here. This park is used for dark and dire purposes in a spirit of rebellion all, all about this grotto which honours the Mother of God, the Mother of all, and causes tears of sorrow to fall from the eyes of your Jesus and Our beloved Mother.

    Reagent has worked a miracle of Love here cleansing what needed cleansing. It is ready now for the blessing of the bishop and the priests. Sojourn by the stream of water as you desire, all is cleansed.

    I am your all- powerful God Who speaks. Indeed, the beloved saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and legions of angels; a cohort of holy beings is attendant here for the great feast day in honour of the Mother of God which fast approaches. He quotes St Theresa of Avila;” love Love, and live to love again.” Glory be....

    On Our way back we met F , who does the mission to the ” street people “ with Omen, and her son A. Nobody had planned to be here today let alone meet one another. I was meeting them for the first time. F asked for her son to be prayed for and as we prayed standing in the hot sun in the middle of the park our Lord gave Words to them.

    Little children gathered hear in My Name, beneath the grotto, created in honour of the Mother of God, the Mother of the Healing Waters of Life; as I hold all four of you to My Heart now, the Spirit of the Living God is pouring forth from the Glory of God a river of Light surrounding each one of you with the Light of Jesus our Lord Who is ever with you, the needed graces, anointings, providences, to carry you moment by moment, step by step, day by day, throughout your Faith Journey. You are united now in the family of God, thus you are the brothers and sisters of your King.

    Again, proclaim the Name of Jesus fearlessly as you do. Pray much, love your Jesus, And trust your Jesus, no matter what is happening and I your Jesus, Who loves you each, most tenderly, most totally and eternally, take care of everything else, for you live in the power of My Peace and My Love, in the power of the Holy Spirit of Love. Rejoice therefore in My Love. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers I0th August, 1998.

    After some rebuke prayers for demonic obstruction we are told;


    Fall on your knees to the Father and let the angels themselves anoint you little ones.

    [Praying prone]

    Living Waters flow upon you little ones. I am the Living God come down from Heaven. I address you as the Triune God. The mission of Love given over unto thee Omen and thee Faithful Missionary, are important to the Lord your God. A day will come when these Words of Mine shall indeed be recognised by all believers. Rest in My Love a moment as My great anointing continues upon you.

    Angels are singing, His Love is more precious than silver and gold.

    You recognise I am Owner of the assets; in you comes the essence of a poverty, to promote Our Words as We desire you to do. My little ones, bless Me.

    We adore thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross, Thou hast redeemed the world.

    Our Mother is anointing the little ones with a myriad of graces for She is indeed, Mediatrix of all Graces, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate before the Throne of Godhead.

    Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most Holy; Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints; blessed be God forever.

    The Mercy Gate of the Immaculate Heart is wide open. All these little ones who appear to be tormenting you and instruments of the foe, will indeed be given an oportunity in the very near future, to examine their souls in My Light, and choose Me. Yet again this opportunity is given to every person living on the earth.

    Thank you Lord.

    Mother wishes you little children to remain in this position [ praying prone] throughout these prayers, for little children you are instruments of the Living God, and you must teach humility before the Creator of all that is; that humility before the Creator, the Father of all, is so lacking upon the Earth in these times.

    Lord we continue to pray for A regarding her schooling .

    While you are resting in Our Presence many actions of the Holy Spirit are occurring in your lives and the lives of those whom you carry in your heart . The enemy busies

    himself in obstructing all the plans of My faithful little one. Piecemeal is the response you have received to Our Messages to the scientific world!

    The merciful One bids thee prevail yet a little longer A. Remain trusting Me. Many things happen. You shall see. Together with Me, your Jesus, all goes according to Heaven’s Design for you. The plan is opening up clearly. A letter arrives in the nick of time. Thank you Jesus; but what of the finances? Be not anxious about the financing. All falls into place as you further abandon yourselves to My Will.

    Lord We ask You through the Virgin Mother of God to help us to be further abandoned.

    This is because of the deadly disease in the minds of the physicians, who are teaching the future physicians; therefore We must handpick the physicians who will be teaching this child of God. My little ones, bear with your Lord. Trust Me, I know what I am about. My plans for the little A are good, for I want only that which is good for her . Even so, when she is in such a community she will have to protect herself from an invasion of those who know Me not. Perilous is the journey of each student of intellectual pursuits in these times, but I protect My Own. Remember, nothing happens by chance. Everything that happens is in God’s Design.

    Lord, learning patient perseverence is not easy. Thank You.

    Lord, as You know I have not yet heard from J, he is more than a week late getting back to me. Should I still wait for him to do the printing or get someone else. The conference is only a month away.

    As you know, the enemy is throwing out road blocks as it were, at every step of this mission. Since you have not heard from him, and you are running out of time, be not afraid to use the alternative printer, whom you have already spoken to; and be not afraid with computer problems to address J S who is ever given to assist his brothers and sisters of Faith and has a powerful blessing upon him from the Lord your God. Believe! I have many instruments of My Peace and My Love about the world.

    Lord , so I can go to alternative printers?


    Thank You Lord. But with regard to the picture from the Vision, you have chosen J to help with that?

    Should J be available to assist you at that time, he has My blessings, but he as you well know, is in free will. They remain in free will to do as they will. Little children, humans have a way of making certain priorities, which do not always include My Design. Even so, I wait upon them and wait upon them and wait upon them. I attend calling with Divine Inspiration; I call them by name. And yet, I have always another individual who will go forward willingly, in My merciful Love.

    Expound upon mankind little children, that I am God! There is no other; none other!

    Lord help us to get Your Words heard. We are thought of as fanatics.

    Little children, consider that the very Holy Father John Paul, is considered to be erred and oldfashioned and fit to be rejected from his position. Would you be treated better; was I treated better?

    No Lord.

    It is so! When the Bishop denied Omen, it includes all that is spoken. Little children, My Own, [He mentions St Francis, and Brother Andre ] wore their hearts on their sleeve as it were, and they are known as instruments of My Peace and My Love at this level . [ St Maximillian Kolbe; He shows a Heart on a sleeve, with Jesus written in fancy letters beautifully across that Heart. ]

    It is the Way of My Own little children. I am with you. I am with you in your weakness, I am your Strength. I am with you in a profound manner.

    Those who will believe are known to Me already. Those who will not believe at this time are known to Me already. Those who will never believe are known to Me already. They reject the blessings of My Messages. But for those who believe now, and who shall believe, proceed little children without doubt, knowing that this is the Desire, the Will of your God It shall come to pass!

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord thank You for guiding me to study Tertio Millennio Adveniente, by the Holy Father, though I am not exactly sure how You intend me to use it yet. Do You wish to enlighten me further at this time ?

    Since you have read it and studied it well, as you write your letter, you will be enlightened to the portions that you may quote; or you may simply quote the title at the beginning, or as footnotes at the end. I Myself will inspire you with Divine Inspirations. See little one, you do conform to the Will of your God, and to the obedience of the Holy Father, the beloved of God, and of the faithful. Do not be afraid . I am with you in all of this.

    Lord to whom is this letter going ? Is this for the conference or the meeting on the 18th October?

    Beloved let us make one step at a time. Have him [ the printer] make a copy; make a booklet of all these things. You may of a courtesy give a copy to the Bishop, and to any priests to whom you believe it is warranted to reveal these messages, including your pastor. Even though Fr H appears alarmed and concerned and even antagonis- tic to your message, are you not duty-bound to reveal all to him?

    Yes Lord.

    Therefore be at peace. Do so. I am with you. Little one, Enlightenment comes to the many priests as well as the many physicians; would that I could say all priests and all physicians, but you and I both know that is not a likelihood at this time.

    Lord I am feeling conflicted to continue to provide Your Words to the physicians when they are being told not to read them, and none of them ask or mention the Words or the mission at all.

    Provide the pamphlets as you shall do at the conference. I reiterate; don’t worry about those who choose not to read or heed My Words. Those who read them are blest. They are indeed My Words, not yours; not yours, but Mine!

    Lord should I contact G about the table at the conference now?

    Contact him in a positive and joyful way, asking him if the table is arranged because the pamphlets are prepared. Always little children, do so in the joy of the Lord. I Myself set angels of assistance about every move you make in My behalf.

    Thank You so much My Jesus.

    Lord I pray again for healing and conversion for C and her husband.

    My little one, be at peace in this matter. I reiterate, none of My Own are lost to Me.

    Thank you Lord.

    Lord I pray again for all to believe in your Words especially all the physicians.

    Little ones, have you noticed that the poor people, the humble , the lowly, who come seeking help for their personal distresses, have no problem believing?

    No they don’t Lord, but they appear to have no power to be heard.

    Therefore, do not worry about the powerful ones. It is simply that they must be told, that I have elected to use you in this manner, in the telling. That which occurs subsequently is known to Me! My little ones, each one of you is profoundly blest both here on Earth, and in the Glory of God subsequently, for your yes to your God! Thank you Lord.

    Lord could I please be with Omen, and could she see the vision with me?

    My little children, the long awaited vision comes to pass soon. I Myself, your Jesus,

    give it over to you, in the power of the Holy Spirit. In My Light you shall see what has been promised. In My Light Omen shall see what has been promised to her.

    It shall be according to My Plan. Little children, that which you see is unique to you; that which Omen sees is unique to her. I am the Living Word. What I have spoken to you comes to pass at the opportune moment and yet in time for your printings.

    Will it be at the Adoration Chapel Lord?

    Living Waters flow continuously upon you little inquisitive ones. You will see it when I bless you to see it. It is imminent little ones. Love Me, trust Me and be at peace. [Omen will see Mother Mary and I will see the vision promised].

    Your prayers, your petitions, your praises to the Father; all are delightful to Mother and Me , your Jesus of Merciful Love. Salve Regina to Our Queen and you may arise. Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy... Thank you dear Lord.

    Lord please inspire me further on the issue of the Oath. I have to provide a title for the topic on the 18th October.

    I do not say use this title, but consider that it might be called, “A Reflection upon God and science in relationship to the Oath of the physician”. One may alter this according to ones Inspirations. It is but an Inspiration itself.

    [He is just showing us that we are still in free will]. Lord Your Inspirations are perfection. My free will has long been given to You. Thank You Lord for being my Saviour.

    Lord we pray for J to help with the printing.

    There is an obstruction around J, preventing him from getting in touch with me we are told.

    I Myself attend upon that which is taunting and odstructing the beloved J, for We hear your plea; We heed and act. Note that you will hear from J very soon now. Be most attentive and act quickly while he is at hand. Thank You again Lord.

    [We are given to the Revelations 2:12. The angel to the Church in Pergamum. Not the angel of Light coming at us. The Lord says He destroyed it as it was coming at us saying negative things. ] Is that the one that has been obstructing our connection with J?

    Indeed; it is destroyed; it is done.

    Lord, M asked us to pray over whether to send Divine Mercy and Our Lady Of Guadalupe Images to Australia with T.

    The Virgin Herself will attend upon T. Indeed let T be united prayerfully to the beloved M and things fall into place. By Divine Inspiration , by a certain cause and effect movement, {I the Lord God am the cause}, things fall into place little children, believe and be at peace.

    Thank you Jesus; what would happen if we didn’t come to pray for direction?

    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be...

    We sang, “There is a green hill far away.”..

    Discernment Prayers 14th August, 1998.

    We are asked to pray: My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee, I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    The mercy of God pours forth upon the many when this prayer is prayed, little children. It was given at Fatima, for most important reasons, and the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls. Pray this prayer little children at every opportunity; at every opportunity. Thank you Lord.

    Now Our Lord asks us to pray Salve Regina.

    Mine, Mine, Mine every moment of your life is a sharing with your God. My Peace is upon you. Beloved little children I bless thee both. Precious children of God My Peace is upon you. Thank you Lord. We are asked to pray prone.

    My little ones, now is a moment of sweet surrender to Love as the blessings, the graces flow in gay profusion upon you both, on this great saints day and on the eve of the great feast day in honour of the Mother of God, and of all. We bless thee. Spectacular lighting in the sky are seen this evening. Little children take time to cast your eyes to the Heavens after dark, for I wish to bless all of humanity in a greater fire works display than man can make. Love Me and see. What I will do is as a blessing to all mankind. For the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and it shall be so.

    Henceforth all shall know that I am God, supreme among the nations. It is but a short time frame now. Linger, tarry always in the Light of My Love litttle ones; ever in My Peace where I would have each of My Own remain.

    Lord A is still waiting with nothing in the mail. Should she write again or should we just continue to wait. We are under awful spiritual attack. We prayed for a long time.

    My little one, A is My own. My little one, a panel of Light goes on where darkness had been. The obstruction is removed. Hosts of angels work to clear a pathway of Light for the little one. You see dear children, you live in a time perilous to human souls; there is much spiritual warfare round about which a scant handful of people upon the Earth even recognise. It is like unto a virus attack . The souls of humanity are unaware of it attacking until the affliction to the soul is far advanced. My little ones, many things come to the fore now. These Words are not pertaining to A but to the multitudes of persons round about the globe who are interwoven with My faithful ones, as is shown you in the parable of the sowers of the good seed and the enemy sowing the weeds. Little children thus it is war for My faithful ones in these times. The reason for the delay is thus encompassed in all these affairs of the world. I, the Lord God, do have a classroom for this child of faith.

    Spirit of confusion again. We discontinued discernment prayers and went to pray five sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. After this Our Lord said that this was so that we could teach others about spiritual warfare because many people do not believe in the existence of the devil. He said that He would call us together at another time to continue discernment.


    TO THE


    Discernment Prayers. 31st August/ 1st September 1998.

    Lord we praise You, we bless You, we thank You, for all your Creation humanity, especially the Blessed Virgin Mary. We ask You to come to us now and bless us again with Your Holy Words especially in this mission to the scientific world, for their conversion and salvation. Here We are Lord, We come to do Your Will.

    Jesus:”And if today you hear My Voice, harden not your hearts. “

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those, who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. [X3]

    We are under spiritual attack again. Rebuke prayers.

    Jesus: I am He; I am the Lord your God. Do not be afraid little children; the Lord is with thee, each one. [Thank you Lord. In our weakness we claim your strength].

    Night after night you plead for My Mercy for humanity, and I come to you now as your Jesus of merciful Love. Faithful Missionary what wouldst thou ask of Me?”

    Everything Lord; so many things. We have heard nothing for A yet.

    At this point we were obstructed solidly by demonic voices no matter what we prayed. We decided to come back during the Divine Mercy Hour and ask Our Lord to grant us the Words for discernment because no progress was being made with the printing and time was running out. When I got home there were two phonecalls , to do with the missions of each of my daughters.

    September 1st.

    After praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3.00pm we were told to pray prone to beg our Lord to clear the demonic obstruction, and grant us His Words to do His Holy Will in these Missions, as well as several other issues which require discernment.

    The Queen of Peace , the Mother of all, Mediatrix of grace anoints you now and holds you safe under the great mantle of the power of the Holy Spirit. My little children remain as you are, ever humble before your God, and go forth in Faith and hope and trust and love and peace to carry out the great Missions which the Lord Our God has given over to thee.

    Thank you Heavenly Mother. Thank You Jesus for hearing us again.

    Lord we await Your Will for A, especially with regard to the phone call from Regnum Christi . Is it Your Will that we proceed with that? [A woman by the name of RB called; said she had gotten my name from Brother C S ; that they were coming to BC in October, and that they would like to meet my daughter to explain more about the co-workers and medical missions programme to her. They are stationed on Rhode Island, and when I told them we would be in New York in September, they wanted to come and meet us there as well. Looking at the conference schedule I told her that Friday afternoon would be best . Two of the young women would be able to come, R would be on retreat at that time.

    Jesus: A holds My Name sacred, and I hold her precious to My Heart. Sweetheart I know you have a busy schedule but hold her in prayer close to Me frequently; morning and night in this time. A is consecrated to Me in a special way. Let her meet with those people on the Friday afternoon as you have suggested, and after that by My Divine Inspiration all goes according to My Design and she at last knows what path to take. Trust Me in this My little one. Thank you so much Jesus.

    Peace! I am the Lord your God and I am with you. I bless you little children profoundly this day which is Holy to the Lord. A great anointing of My Love is felt by you now is it not? Yes, thank you Lord.

    We release now an obstruction that had been hurled against this Mission.

    Thank you Lord.

    Thou art the ones chosen for this work of merciful Love and Enlightenment to My people; to the intellectuals; to the scientific mind. These people do indeed recognise the beauty of Creation and specialise in certain aspects of My created beings. Often times, as they limit themselves to one area, one specialty, they see only as it were, blood cells, or heart valves, or specific tissues; and they intensely devote their studies and works and healing arts to that small area to the point where they cease to see the entire being, or the entire complexity of humanity and of Creation. Yet I bless them; I bless them with the necessary skills and intellect to do research, to do healing works on behalf of My suffering humanity. The blessing is there. The fact that it is not freely flowing on each individual physician is because of certain barriers they themselves in free will, have placed between us. I believe you are familiar with these sort of barriers.

    My little children, now is a moment of sweet surrender to Love in the Peace of My Presence which is upon you. Ask of Me what you will.

    Thank you Lord, I pray for Your Guidance and intervention to help J so that this printing is done in time. Clearly without great intervention it cannot be accomplished in time. Please Lord help us.

    Therefore We bless J most profoundly with the needed virtues and graces to accomplish that which is asked by Me. He is now able to concentrate on these Words in a fastidious and accurate manner, that the end product is pleasing to the reader and carries the Words We desire. Thank You dear Lord.

    Lord as you know I need to confirm with You that it is Your Will that the documents acknowledge that this Mission is in response to the Apostolic Letter. The Summary, Abstract and Oath can be identified item by item with the fifty nine articles of TMA.

    Do You wish me to do that, or to simply refer to the Apostolic Letter.

    I am the Lord your God. That which We have put together; handed it to you as it were, ascertains that the works We have assigned to you are in unity with the beloved John Paul. Therefore find time to do that, for you are being most explicit to those readers whom I wish to read these papers. Do not be dismayed at any rejections little children. Even as they rejected Me the Lord your God, when I walked on Earth, My own true followers, among whom you are numbered little children, will suffer a measure of rejection. Remember little children, as is written; do not worry about human esteem. Concern yourselves only with what Your God thinks of you, and stay as you are; My beautiful little sisters; My beautiful children, picked from the flower bed of the Mother of God.

    Dear Lord in order to do the corrections properly, may I obtain a list from this conference , and then mail the document only to those from the old list who did not attend this time.

    Indeed My beloved, do just that. My little one, I am causing, as you would say, things to fall into place for you now.

    Thank You Lord. I feel very anxious about the time left with so much still to do.

    Even as you are My instrument J has become My instrument and I Myself hold him to his task.

    Thank you dear Lord I’ve asked J to make five hundred of the summary because half are to be mailed; and 200 of each of everything else so we could make one big booklet of everything or Volume 1, Volume 2 and summary so that people have a choice. I’m not sure how You would like to put it together.

    Should you keep it separate the individuals may pick up one article, and having read it will come back for the others, and those of closed mind and heart will read the first article and choose not to come back. This is the wise and economical way of doing it, little one. Thank You our Lord.

    Dear Jesus, you know that I have been trying to discern how to go about writing to the Archbishop since he announced the Synod. You know that I wrote to ask for help from M especially in light of the issue of an organ transplant unit in the Catholic hospital. Also you are aware that I have to deal with Father H in order to communicate with His Grace. Please help me to discern the appropriate way according to Your Will.

    Peace. Do not be afraid to speak boldly in My Name, to Fr H. Always firstly pray for him and for the priesthood, and asking Me to be your Voice when you speak to him, and it is done.

    Our Lord is reminding me how important this mission is. Omen is reminded that she saw on TV that the government of Hawaii is not getting enough transplant organs so they too are considering paying people to give their organs; this movement is going rapidly to the people who do not have enough providence. My sister in South Africa says they are seeing many more items on the news on the same issue also.

    Misericordia little children I bless you both. My little one, speak fearlessly to Fr H ; address your communications, My Words; speak fearlessly to Father H. Attempt to work in this manner to address yourself to the beloved A E. My little ones, do not be afraid to tell Fr J M at this time as well, for he too attends upon the beloved Bishop with all his concerns. Do not be afraid.

    [ He showed us the little boy David standing before the giant.]

    Lord you know that the problem starts with the fact that what was said by the M at the conference was not accurately reported when we got back here. The record has to be set straight. It has grave consequences to the issue at hand. We have the tapes of the transcripts.

    Therefore little one print what is recorded and include that with your letter to A E and Fr H.

    As we speak Lord You know that an attempt is being made to replace me with someone else on the 18th October. I don’t know whether I should be confrontational or just walk away and leave.

    You might contact them, it is the Lord Who speaks; and ask when is your time for speaking since this time had previously been given over to thee. They may attempt to delay it to a future meeting, or they may chose to allow you to speak at the 18th meeting. Do not be dismayed. I Myself open doors for you now. My little one, believe, it is so. Thank You dear Lord.

    Lord, this question may not be appropriate to ask but , I don’t understand the silence I am receiving from the M. Am I doing it the wrong way. Is there a correct format for contacting him .

    More prayer, more prayer.

    [It appears he is ensnared like as in vines, cords binding him and he is not free to acknowledge or respond.] Lord , you could release him. We pray that he be released to help in this issue with the organ transplants in our Catholic Hospital.

    I am the Lord your God. Thou art in My Hand as a small instrument of My Works of Mercy. I Myself begin an action of My Love which causes the M to see Truth; I Am Truth. He will see and at last understand and comprehend for, shall We say he is haunted by the Words you have sent to him, and yet is bound and immobilised to act at this time.

    My little children, you realise the degree of faith that you have been called to. It is so for anyone who truly says yes to Me.

    Lord bless him; We ask for him to be released from any shadow of doubt because he is already a holy priest as you have told us. Mother, our Advocate , Mediatrix of all Graces, please release him. Lord, what am I to do if nobody wants to know anything about this Mission, yet several have been given the Words?

    Little children, My Words to you, are they not, if implemented now, turning the medical world as it were upside down, causing a great turn around? Many, many, many physicians have themselves lodged in a comfortable position and have no desire to be moved from that position. Yes Lord and some priests too I am sorry to say.

    It is so.

    [our Lord shows us like the oysters attached to rocks which cannot be moved]

    This is how certain people are; little children not only not open to change but reluctant to change. Yet little children, in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth,


    Down on your knees before Me little ones, I have anointed you as My brave warriors. I know your frailties, I know your weaknesses, your strengths and I Myself am your Strength now.

    He shows us a strong man’s arm[Our Lord’s] holding a little chisel, chiselling away.

    My little ones persevere; I am with you; Mother is with you; great saints and great angels; powerful angels assist you in this Mission.

    Dear Jesus, how will You use me at the conference. Should I prepare anything else to speak besides the beautiful Words of the summary, the Oath and the abstract?

    My little one, it is this way; anticipate to speak but do not work excessively in preparation, except to pray in close proximity and unity with your Jesus, and at the time when you may be asked to speak or asked a question, it is I who will speak in you and through you, even as it is with Omen, so it shall be at those moments; the thought will come into your mind and pour forth through your lips, and people will be astounded; and those who are to believe shall surely believe. We do not concern ourselves about those who will not. Oh, thank you Lord!

    Dear Jesus, as You know in Australia a woman called Maria came up to speak to my daughter T who has been going to St Raphael’s Church daily and it seems that is the person she feels she has to give the Images to; but the packages are directed to priests.

    Do you have more Words or directions You wish me to give T or Maria?

    More than you know is happening sweetheart. Simply continue to pray. T will know what to do . Maria met her by no accident but by My Design. Thank You Lord.

    I bless Maria, I bless T, I bless you; I bless you little children. My delight is in your acts of faith. I bless this great mission, Life Foundation, in and through the hands of the beloved John-Paul, whom I do not permit to be disregarded by My faithful priests.

    At this point I discovered that our tape had been irreparably tangled and we had lost a lot of Words. We will have to go and pray again for Our Lord in His great Mercy to repeat them.

    September 2nd.

    Our Father ; Hail Mary; Glory be. Lord we come before You again praying for the beautiful Words we lost when the tape failed.

    Dear Heavenly Father, you know how few doctors like to pray the Holy Rosary. Please give me Your Words so that it may be prayed according to Your Holy Will.

    As soon as I started the above prayer, Our Jesus started the Benedictus, Song of Zacharias, which Omen heard and told me when I stopped praying. Then Our Lord continued when I stopped praying.

    When you present the Rosary, you may suggest that each individual contemplate for a brief moment, that Mystery and all that it endows; all that it portends to mankind. For each Mystery of the Rosary of the Life of Christ and the Virgin Mother of God upon earth, carries a message; an instruction to those who meditate.

    Let us consider the First Joyful Mystery. Behold, the Virgin in prayer; the Virgin who knows well the promise of her people to send a Messiah. Let us consider the

    perfection with which the Creator of Creation created this woman; sinless, without stain of original sin. Consider the angel of the Lord. What is the meaning of the angel of the Lord? Consider the Words of the great Archangel Gabriel. Hail full of grace, the Lord is with Thee; and in the power of the Holy Spirit, I the Lord God am ever with the ever-Virgin Mother of God.

    Consider The Visitation; that the Power of My Holy Spirit, remaining with Mary, anointed Elizabeth and John and Zacharias, all speaking in the Holy Spirit, as does the Mother of God.

    Consider the Presentation. Coming into the presence of the One filled with grace, and the Lord God, Jesus; True God and True Man. Then Anna and Simeon recognise Truth, recognise Salvation in the Christ Child, then Simeon speaks in the Spirit.

    Know that there are many more facets of each Mystery. I just bless you with a sampling. As you consider each Mystery many, many inspirations come to you in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Teach one another to pray as you contemplate the Mystery and the Inspirations given over to you then the recurrent words of the angelic salute {Hail Mary] become background music to the scene which you are contemplating, even beholding in your mind, and the Peace of Christ comes upon you, for where two or more are gathered in My Name, it is written, it is so.

    Forthwith I bless you Faithful Missionary, to carry this meditative prayer of the Rosary, howsoever briefly, to the people with whom you will be praying on that day. Remember, whensoever you call upon the Name of Jesus, and the Name of Mary, We attend upon you, assisting you, resolving the concerns of your Heart in the Peace of Our Presence. This is for everyone who believes. Do not distress yourselves about those who do not chose to believe at this time. Do not concern yourselves about those who choose to state, I will not serve the Lord God, or I do not believe. Simply pray little children for all mankind. Thank you Lord Jesus.

    My little one what you ask?

    Lord, J has asked for prayers for him as he works on this printing and other matters which have been prolonged for him.

    I Myself set angels and powerful saints about him, to assist him in his works. He is blest and beloved of the Lord God.

    Lord please bless his assistant also. I Myself attend upon him. Continue to work diligently as they are doing and you are doing and trust Me. All things fall into place. The enemies that would obstruct are resoundingly defeated at this time.

    Thank you Lord.

    Dear Lord, We prayed about the fact that we did not have a place to stay on the 9th. During that time Omen had a vision of me in a rectory speaking to a priest. [ Demonic interference.]

    Rebuke prayers. Let all who hear proclaim with us now, Jesus Christ is Lord.

    Victory song.

    Lord, all the beautiful Words explaining my vision were lost on that damaged tape . Please speak to us and tell me about St Raphael again.

    The Words flow now but you must be ever watchful the vengeful one lurks about seeking an opening in your armour little children. Be not anxious therefore. Remain always in My Peace.

    Behold the Lamb of God. Behold it is I who take away the sins of the world. There are fierce battles over each and every soul on Earth. I am enamoured of you little ones gathered in My Name. Each one of you is precious to Me. I have called you to do that which very few would choose to do, therefore you are profoundly blest and assisted, but I will that you know how fierce the enemy prowls about.

    My little one, a great Archangel Raphael has, and continues to play a key role, in the affairs of man. By the decree of your Lord God it is so. The one who is named Medicine of God, therefore is depicted holding the vial which will give sight to the

    eyes; spiritual sight to those who are in darkness. Great Enlightenment thus as he holds the vial in his hands it radiates Light on behalf of the Lord your God Who is True Light of the World.

    It is I your God Who opens eyes, opens ears, opens hearts. It is I who am the Great Physician, Wonder Counsellor, Shepherd of My People, My chosen ones.

    Raphael holds a crystal clear liquid in one hand. He is a magnificent Angel of Light.

    Since he is Medicine-of-God, he destroys the disease-causing demons; causing conflict, poison and venom upon My suffering people.

    I Myself will give you Faithful Missionary, the complete vision of the great Raphael.

    Now is a moment of sweet surrender to Love. I embue you Faithful Missionary now with what you will see at a moment of Adoration. I set about you great angels of Light circumscribing you and I embue you now with that which you will see in My Presence.Thank you My Saviour.

    What you shall see will be sufficient to make the picture which will have certain details but need not be an elaborate picture. Be at Peace in this issue.

    Thank you My Saviour.

    I reiterate, I remind you, that the eyes of the scientists who elect to practise in small specialties; one looking only at blood, one looking only at the workings of the heart, or the brain- they do not always- or even seldom see, the whole picture of a human life; a life which is both body and soul, and important to Me the Lord your God, Creator of all. As they hold fast to the practices, the traditions of the medical arts, the medical discipline, they become rigid and immovable about anything that is at a variance to their preconceived ideas . It takes much to move one from a rigid position.

    [and again He is showing the oyster stuck solidly to that one spot on the rock.]

    Our Lord just says one word; Altruism.

    The Enlightenment which Raphael carries will open eyes and ears and hearts of some but not of all. This is not your concern. We will simply proceed as We have discussed. Yes Jesus.

    Lord when I have the picture I was thinking of simply having it on a front page of the booklets, and on the Webpage, and possibly a poster, in order to draw peoples’ attention to the pamphlets. Is this Your Will or do You have a different wish.

    Simply do as you have just described . Things fall into place remarkably well now.

    Dear Jesus, after Omen was given this vision of me speaking to a priest in a rectory, I had this moment, I wonder, do you wish me to make contact with M when I am in New York? He may not wish to write, but he may speak to me. I have no idea what that vision was about.

    Do So.

    As soon as I started speaking about this Our Lord said.

    Don’t be surprised, We’re going to do great things in New York; it is the Lord Who speaks.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord , is there anything in particular I should say; I will fax him a.s.a.p.

    Write him couched in the Love of Jesus and Mary, inviting open dialogue and then Salve Regina, then bless Me and I take care of everything else.

    Thank You Jesus. You are so powerful. Hail Holy Queen....

    We sang “Yahweh, Faithful One.”

    Lord, have You found a room for us on the 9th yet?

    When you trust Me, your room is available. Thank you Jesus, We trust You with finding us a room now and leave it in Your hands, Your Providence for us.

    Our Lord also said I could ask a blessing from My spiritual adviser before leaving for New York.

    Last night Our Lord sang, and also asked that before the conference starts, just privately in my room I sing “Open Our eyes for the committee,” and the conference. I didn’t know it, but today after Mass My friend Salve was in front of me and I asked her. She told me it is the Jubilee song, she has the music so she will bring it and teach me tomorrow. It seems totally appropriate for the Mission, the conference and the Vision!

    Discernment Prayers. September 14th,1998.

    Thank you beloved Lord Jesus for all the Love and protection for myself and my

    daughters. Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will.

    “I Jesus bid you peace. I the Living Lord come down from Heaven. All that you ask of Me I give to you. As you well know, it is always in accordance with the Our Father’s Great Design; it is for the good of the souls concerned; and it is contingent upon the free will of the many.”

    Thank You dear Lord. So much has happened. Do You wish to speak to me first Lord?

    Our Lady of Fatima bids you peace. There are many things We need to go over, little children, for you live in a perilous hour of time.

    Forthwith I the Lord God bless you bidding you peace. I am bidding you ask Me what you will.

    Thank You Lord. Lord You placed me in situations to understand not only the mortal fear, but the mortal danger that Your priests and other faithful are in, as I have never understood before; it is terrifying.

    Therefore know that each of those faithful priests are precious to Me, the Lord God. They shall live on this Earth in their mortal bodies as long as I desire and at a moments notice they are taken home to Glory where great crowns and a place of Perfection awaits each and every one of My faithful little ones. You both are numbered in this.

    Thank You dear Lord, and for the many connections which You alone arranged for me. Even though I didn’t always understand how You intended to use me, you did anyway.

    My beloved little children, have I not told you that I am weaving together the souls of My true faithful in a seamless garment of Love spanning the entire earth; and it is so! My little children, do not be distressed that there are puzzles in your life. You know well that you are called to walk in faith and hope and trust and Love; in patient perseverence, for as instruments of My Peace, you carry the secrets of My Love on your journey with you. It is so for every faithful priest, for every faithful individual upon this Earth. They are emmissaries of the Great Secret of Love

    and thus you will prevail in simply loving one another and trusting your God. Do you comprehend little children?

    Yes, to some extent Lord, but may I understand what it was You were giving through the handshake?

    A gift that in due course he will recognise himself. My little children, as Omen knows well, when she prays laying hands with a priest specifically, I anoint that priest profoundly, and she always asks him to bless her in her works, and through that priest I anoint her profoundly. It is something like that that transpired between you and that priest. Each one of you will grow in Faith in the manner I decree. This is withheld from any foes. It is a silent action of My Love, not outspoken that he may hear and apprehend the actions I devise. Believe little children, this warfare is great!

    You are instruments of My Peace, instruments for conversion; and yet I bid you always remember that you carry within yourselves the Secret of God, the Great Secret of Love. You are [it might seem farfetched to the logical mind], as small secret agents of the Loving God. * Ever be open should any of My faithful choose to contact you.

    Jesus thank You for the priest who helped me to understand.

    Bless that priest always in My Name and be at Peace. He is counted among My true and faithful.

    He told me he experienced the presence of St Catherine of Sienna very close as he spoke to me. He thought I should study moral theology, but I realised that You Yourself have been teaching me here and before the Blessed Sacrament.

    Am I not your Teacher? Yes Jesus You are!

    Thank you for Your teaching about brain death and for P, and especially for all the young medical students and young doctors, who I hope learned Your Will Lord.

    Many of them will be in My Era of Peace, where none of this is even relevant because in My Hour of Peace there will be no such things to deal with; but that time is not yet little children; so prevail, prevail, prevail; believe, believe; pray, pray; fight; speak out! My blessings are upon you. I seal your lips both of you, that you speak only that which is Truth. I AM Truth.

    Thank You dear Jesus, I saw that. I pray for all who heard especially the silent ones who may have been struggling with belief.

    I am, and I was present. I presented Myself to each one of them.

    Dear Lord, thank You for P and J who also helped me understand. I know there’s more to come because You put us together in a very unexpected way.

    That which you ask transpires at a later date.

    Lord ,help me to know if I should stay or leave my own guild.

    I bid thee peace in this matter. Remember, a prophet is not recognised in his own locale. It has been ever thus. Therefore accept the humblings even the humiliations, giving them over to Me, that I may present them to the Father proclaiming, behold My small sister in her faithfulness, carrying that cross which has been given her.

    Know little children, remember well, that cross which you carry with joy and faith, trusting always in your God, becomes your stairway to Glory; and in Glory, the Lord your God forms it into a glorious crown, and all your tears are converted into gems in that crown. Believe little children, you serve a God of merciful Love. Were I not merciful, I might simply destroy all these non-believers; but in My mercy, I choose to send them many small voices to enlighten them, to call them to heed the Word of the Lord. [Like a farmer casting out seed.]. Time changes everything. Continue, watching the fruits, even unto the words coming out of their mouths. I Myself work the miracles of Love I choose to work, upon each of those who have heard My Words on the sanctity of Godgiven life. You have gained supporters, but there are of course those who come against you. This is the usual pattern for mankind . This is not different for you and for Omen, than it was for many of the saints and the prophets. It continues this way for you. Know that our foe uses pride of intellect to darken minds against Truth. Therefore prevail little children, I am with you always.

    Thank You Lord. One of the things that didn’t happen was the opportunity to take the physician’s Oath; both at the conference and at the Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, we ran out of time before we could say it together. I feel that the Oath You gave me somehow is the one You wish the physicians to make.

    Therefore focus on it, prepare and then wait on the Lord. I am the One Who opens doors. Thank You Lord.

    Lord, please help me to get the computer fixed. I cannot meet the deadline in October to write to the Bishop. There seem to be so many things to include, and who to send copies.

    Never mind about the deadline. Just work on the document for the Bishop. I Myself will assist you with Divine Inspirations, and occasionally Words. My little one, when you work for your God and you speak Truth, I Am Truth. All is going according to Heaven’s Design. Your Bishop is able to recognise these Words as genuine and sincere, and of the Lord God. We continue to work Our miracles of Love in you and through you and such as you.

    Lord You know how disappointed I am about my printing. How do I approach J now.

    Little one, it is apparent that you are not his priority. Prevail upon him again once more and give him the opportunity.

    Do I trust him and continue to work with him for the vision, or find someone else.

    Raphael holds the key. Pray the angels prayer from the Pieta prayer book and trust Me. Pray for J.

    Regarding the patient referral Lord, do You wish me to see this person, or just to help find someone else.

    To whom I Will, I have mercy! I choose to have mercy on this individual. Should you wish to see them, so be it; I bless thee. Should you wish to refer them to someone else you see as more appropriate, I bless them both in these circumstances. My little one, the gift of free will I never usurp. You are in free will My darling, always in free will.

    Lord, I’ve got the feeling You would prefer me to see them.

    Amen. Your gift of healing comes to the fore in this individual.

    Thy Will be done Lord. I remember now that You told me to discern and wait for the Lord, and pray for each individual with this affliction with whom I come in contact.

    Lord, You put many doctors in my path from the various Catholic medical schools. I hope I am not being too judgemental but, to my disappointment it appears that none of them totally follow Your Wishes, Your Laws, Your Teaching in their programmes or if so, then not entirely in the training hospitals.

    One who pursues a medical career in the United States must have the Faith like tempered steel, to withstand the assaults to the human intellect, to bear the lack of compassion for the human psyche, which is evident now, in all the medical schools in the United States. I Myself hold back My wrath yet a little while because of My overriding mercy for the many who are yet in the throes of confusion , and need assistance to come back to Me with all their hearts. I speak of the general public and not specifically of the doctors.

    So with regard to A what is Your Will Lord? Spirit of confusion.

    Withhold all attempts at this particular time. Our Lord requests that A come with me to be prayed for next time.

    Thank You Lord. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit......

    Discernment Prayers. Sept 21st,1998. [Feast of St Matthew.]

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your Well-beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will, Rebuke prayers with A present. [ Spirit of obstruction.]

    Lord, hold her always under Your Blessing and Providence and Protection, and give success to the works of her hands Lord, give success to the works of her hands, we ask in Your Holy Name, in and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mediatrix of all graces. Hail Holy Queen...

    Jesus: Do not be dismayed little children, it is not of you; it is the foe harrassing as ever. Deign to bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ, and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross thou hast redeemed the world. We prayed the Creed .

    If today you hear My Voice, harden not your heart.

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Therefore be at peace little ones, it is the Lord Your God Who speaks. Thou hast worked a miracle of Love in removing this obstruction.

    Lord we don’t know where it came from or why it was present.

    You know well where it came from little ones; why it was present is another matter. Be at peace, it is no more. All powerful is the Lord your God.

    Forthwith I bless thee A in a great anointing of My Love and My Peace and the accompanying joy in the Love of the Lord I give to thee now and always. Thou hast found favour with Me the Lord your God. I am always holding you to My Heart.

    Lord, we pray for discernment for her Medical School. Is it Your Will.

    It is always My Desire to say yes to My little ones in all that they ask of Me, provided it is in the Father’s Great Design, is for the good of the souls concerned, and as you know it is contingent upon the free will not only of yourselves but of others. What is it You would have A do Lord. We are trying to walk in faith as you wish us to. Obstruction again. Praying to St Michael .

    Major events are occurring upon the earth now. I want My little A close to home, close here at this time. Do not be dismayed at any of these happenings. I have plans for you for your good. Indeed, contact the UBC and discuss with them what is expected of you, not only by them, but by other schools.

    There are many things you do not know that are happening round about the globe.

    Underhandedly, deceitfully round about the globe that the people of God do not know, because this is the time of the great spiritual warfare, which I have been forewarning My own about from time immemorial and more so in this recent period of time. Come Lord Jesus and do not delay.

    My little ones, I the Lord bless you for your faith and your love. Peace, the vaults of Heaven open wide the Mercy Gate of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, pouring forth the needed graces, to smooth the transition, the journey for A, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. Give Glory. Glory be... Blessed is the great Mother Of God, Mary Most Holy.

    My little ones, an anointing of Love most profound is upon you. My little ones, the obstructions are removed. My delight is in blessing you now with a great anointing of fortitude. You have a Spirit of fortitude, of courage. You are infilled with My Love, My Peace, My joy; you are embraced by the Mother of God, surrounded in the Light of God, the Light of Glory. Doors closed begin to open at last. The Lord is with you, pouring forth the necessary graces, blessings, anointings, Providence to carry you moment by moment throughout your Faith journey. Trust me.

    What action should she take Lord?

    Attend at UBC. Begin again to make application; if studies are suggested pray, contemplate, study, work little child of God, I am with you. As the doors open you will in all delight go forward in your plans for I am the Lord your God Who loves you so, and wants that which is good for you. It shall be so. More than you know has happened here this evening. Remember, you are beloved of Jesus and Mary; safe in Our Embrace. Pray often, “ In Jesus’ Name is My Victory.

    Mother repeats,” In Jesus Holy Name is My Victory.”

    And be at Peace, for you live in the power of My Peace and My Love; in the power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. Rejoice the breakthrough is now.

    Thank You Lord. Glory be. May the Presence of the Sacred Heart....

    Asking the Lord about the two medical schools in Ireland and Rome. Lord would You want A to investigate any of them at all.

    My delight is in the medical schools in Ireland which you mention. Opus Dei is most assuredly Mine. Sacred Heart, does the Name not speak for Itself? Yes Lord.

    The openings are ready for you now; the options are there. I would simply for your own confidence and for your own discernments, bid you discuss this report which you have received and then go forward in faith; I open the doors now. Holy angels of Light and great saints attend upon you, surround you in My Lifegiving Love. I bid you again go forth in My Light and My Love. It is already done. Surprises and delight and yet much, much work await you little one. Glory be.......

    Faithful Missionary and Omen. Demonic obstruction . Rebuke Prayers.

    Lord we strive to do Your Will but the obstructions at all levels continue worse than ever, the printers, the computer, the CPG etc.

    Singing Angels attend giving praise to the Lord God. Little children of God, it is your Heavenly Mother who speaks. Merciful Love is attendant upon all in this house at this time, and upon all those whom you carry in your hearts precious little ones. Many and varied are the concerns of your hearts. Know that the Lord is with you, and in your surrender to the Lord, all Heavenly assistance is given unto you. The problem of the computer the beloved JS works out in due course with scant delay . We bless him even as We bless you. [and when We got home from these prayers he had called and the computer was fixed.] The wondering booklets, the wondering pamphlets, do not be dismayed; they too shall be returned to you.

    A sorrow is that the many will not to heed. But there is rejoicing for those who do indeed heed, discern, begin to believe in the true sanctity of each Godgiven life. Your work is immense, greater than you can comprehend little children, therefore be not dismayed at any obstructions; the enemy is wrath.

    Through this Portal of Light, the Heart of your Beloved Mother, the Mercy Gate, blessings flow upon each of My own among whom you are numbered little children.

    As to the meetings of the Catholic physicians in unity with the priest, it is a tragedy, a sorrow , that they do not choose to believe, but seek a burden of scientific truth before they would believe. Though you present this to them very clearly, they are reluctant in their great intellect to accede to these Truths. Be not dismayed ; it has been ever thus.

    Thou hast asked that We rebuke in the Name of Jesus, it is the Lord Who speaks, the spirit of pride which assails many intellectuals. This has been an ongoing war throughout the course of the centuries, and continues to now; yet some will yield.

    A certain yieldedness- in- Faith to the Living God is essential, before the thoughts of this people, the minds and thoughts, are opened to Truth. I the Lord God AM Truth.

    Another Gateway of Truth is opened elsewhere in the Americas, in agreement with what you are given, converging as it were with what you are given; and this assists you. Little children, those who serve the Lord do not work alone. Much help is given you. Thank You Jesus.

    My little one, rest as you do often in the Peace of My Presence, giving over all your hearts concerns to Me, for it is in this total abandonment to Love; I the Lord God Am Love; that you begin to work the many miracles of Love, the conversions of hearts and souls and minds, that I desire you to work. Stay as you are; never disappointed, never discouraged, but ever going forward; plodding on, in Faith and hope and trust and Love and patient perseverence. This is the very story of the saints is it not? Yes Lord.

    It is your story too little one. Do you have further questions My beloved? Thank You My beloved Saviour. I know that You have asked me to be present as much as possible, to the CPG; but when I am given invitations to some things I often don’t know whether to mention My Mission, when I know they don’t want to hear about it at all.

    I Myself will inspire you when and where to speak, even as you spoke a second time at the conference. It shall be more clearly given to you to know when and where to speak, by Divine Inspiration; by even a few Words; and you shall know it is that moment to speak; and do not worry about those who close their ears, or their minds and hearts, to what you are saying. When you are called to speak in My Name little children, I address you all; it is because there is someone there even though it be only one, but usually there is more than one; whom I wish to hear My Words. And they shall respond to My Words wholeheartedly, and it is for them that you speak little ones. Do not worry about those who do not heed, or who shrug you off; or even more so make negative comments. They are the deceived; they are the ones with the stony hearts which are not opened, and they are so in need of merciful prayer. Truly, they are the poorest of the poor. Thank You so much Lord.

    Lord, may I ask You more about the letter to the Archbishop. I have a draft ready; are there any changes You wish me to make?

    Include more of the Holy Father’s words from the Apostolic Letter, Tertio Millennio Adveniente; the ones that are in union with what I am asking you to do.

    Oh , yes Lord especially 34, 36 as the main focus and a few others.

    Therefore you are doing all that I ask of you. Do not worry about what the Bishop, or any priest or any physician does with My Words. Once you have done what I have called you to do, thou art blest tremendously. What they do with it, is between them and your God. Those who heed and act accordingly, also receive vast blessings. I do not say that all heed. It has never been that way. I wish you to always remain at peace, never worrying or being anxious about any responses to Our Words.

    Dear Lord, would You like me to send the whole booklet of discernment prayers or just My letter with the quotes from TMA.

    I Myself shall inspire you. Why not include the whole booklet ?

    I would love to include the whole booklet. Its just that if I do so do I need to explain about praying here with Omen?

    Leave it to his discernment; I take care of all of this. Thank You dear Lord.

    Do I need to restrict My letter to the issue of the organ transplant unit Lord, or shall it be more general to include that all Catholic hospitals need to look at anything they may be doing not in keeping with the Magisterium, in the Spirit of the Holy Father’s requests in TMA?

    Simply write as I inspire thee, and be at peace. Should the Bishop elect to consult with you for deeper discernment , then all, all of it comes unto his attention for his better discernment. Little children, you live in the most trying of times, and your Bishop, and the beloved John Paul, are sorely tested from all the avenues of Life. You present to the Bishop, one very grave, one very serious aspect of what is happening. It is only a fraction of all that is happening. Therefore We ask you to pray much for the beloved John Paul and the beloved A E, and remain always in humble obedience and at peace with all that thy say or do.

    I the Lord God, know what I am about. Things seem topsy-turvy at this time, and yet in the Fathers Great Design, ALL continues to go according to His Will. Rejoice, for you live in the Sanctuary of His Love.

    Lord, I know You will inspire me if there is someone besides His Grace and Fr H I am to send this letter to; any other priests; like Fr H because he is the Hospital chaplain, and Fr S, because he is a physician and can help in the discernments.

    The holy and intellectual Fr Ho would do well to read these documents, because he has a great gift from Me in his priesthood. Much comes to Light to him, and when it hits his mind, it explodes in his heart, and he is in a position to speak and to be heard My daughter. Yes, thank God! What about Fr S Lord, as a physician, he could help with the understanding and explaining, in a discussion of priests.

    Indeed, anything that opens any of their minds, to the Way of Holiness; to fully comprehend the sanctity of Life; to fully comprehend the awesome Gift of Life to its fullest. Give glory to the Father, pray and send copies to those to whom you are inspired to send them. Glory be.....

    Jesus, what about the powerful gift of St Raphael. Do I wait for the full picture or do I send the booklets as they are now as soon as I receive them?

    Begin to sketch, however haphazardly, what you imagine while in My Presence , and We cause you to be inspired to know what it is We call you to. Therefore bring the sketchpad and be prepared. I Myself assist you profoundly in this matter. Beloved Raphael, powerful Archangel of God, Angel of Might, is pleased at this turn of events.

    Thank you Lord. You know Lord that when I was asked to read at the cenacle on 15th September, I turned the page to 29th Sept, 1994; Our Lady speaks to Her beloved priests; and there were Our Lady’s words to Fr Gobbi, about the archangels, and her words about Raphael are almost identical to Your Words to me. I was wondering if You would permit me to quote them?

    Therefore do so.

    Thank you Lord. Lord, do you still wish me to give the art work to John.

    Let us bide Our time a little bit and go along one step at a time little one. Let us obtain the Image and then We shall pray what to do with it.

    Thank You Jesus; thank you Our Lady. Lord we pray for all our priests, many have been coming and going; we pray for them all.

    Do not be dismayed with My priesthood; My faithful holy ones remain always with Me. Those who are tormented and scattered willy-nilly by the foe; by your prayers little children the vast majority come back to Me with all their hearts. Remember, I am a God of merciful Love; I give to them all they need to have to return to the fullness of Truth. Many are the deceits and errors being fed, not only to My priesthood, but to the whole Church. My people, My sheep, My lambs become scattered in confusion. None of this is of Me. Yet it is that time when the enemy would sift My Own as wheat. I Myself take swift, sure action now. Believe. I am Jesus, Eternal Victor!

    Glory be to the Father... we sang Faith of our Fathers...

    Discernment Prayers. 29th September, 1998.

    Oh Sacrament most holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Lord, we ask the special assistance of Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael on this special feast day. Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will.

    Lord the letter to the Archbishop is mostly done now. We pray for discernment as to whether You wish any changes Lord.

    Dost thou begin to comprehend the mission that I have assigned to you two small faithful children of a Mighty God? Do you realise that you are being handpicked for your personal characteristics; for that which you might call in medical terms, the genetic code which make you, each one that person that you are; that you have been molded through all the trials of your lives each one of you further, to be fashioned into that individual which each one of you is; and it is these two small instruments of My Peace and My Love that I chose now to use in this most specific manner?

    Little children, the enemy is riled, the enemy is fiercely angry, and would obstruct every move you make as you have noted. Do not be afraid, I am with you. Fierce as the dragon may chose to display himself, he is nothing before the power of your Almighty God. Little children each one of you is fiercely powerfully protected by your God. Angels and saints indeed surround you. In the power of the Holy Spirit you are safe in Me, each in My Embrace and the Embrace of the Mother of God.

    We have much work to do together little children and in a specific time frame which I have decreed. Ask Me what you will little ones. Lord we were asking about the Letter.

    Peruse it once more with Me and We will make some little alterations which you will perceive readily as We work though it together . Invoke My Name in the power of the Holy Spirit and it shall be so. Thank You Jesus. Dear Lord, should I come to pray over it again; Especially all the inserts.

    Prepare the inserts carefully. You may choose to come and pray; if you have any anxiety about anything do so.

    Lord should I sent the letter to the Archbishop and then wait for his response ; or should I sent all the copies at the same time.

    Have the copies ready. Give the Archbishop the courtesy of seven days, and then mail the others out, so that none appear to have received their information before this Holy Bishop.

    Should I mention that to the Archishop Lord?

    Simply note the names of those to whom you are sending copies as in a normal business letter.

    Lord I guess I should not refer to the booklet, just the pamphlets, because of the unsatisfactory state of the printing. What should I do about J Lord?

    I will do about John. You, as My instrument, have given him an occasion to come as it were full circle to know and love and serve Me, as he is called to do; as he professes to do. Alas, as you can see, it has not been thus. There is no need to be anxious about this money he is asking. [He is quoting that no-one buys a pig in a poke} therefore feel free to refuse to pay for that which you did not request. And furthermore as you have noted, it is impossible now to get these Words readily available to the peoples all over the nations therefore it becomes most essential to use the other form of transmission [the internet].

    So Lord should I start again with the booklets and find a new printer, because if the Bishop asks I have no booklets, or could I just rent a good copier.

    Would you like Me to assign you to the printer which Omen uses for the Star of Bethlehem? I’m open to anyone that You trust please Jesus. These little ones are willing and eager to assist any one such as thee, and know not to charge exorbitantly. I Myself bless them, for they make scant, indeed at times no profit in printing the Star of Bethlehem. Such is their will to serve their God as they understand Him. They are blest by Me for their charity.

    Thank You Jesus, if they are blest by You then I wouldn’t want anybody else. Would You like me to go and buy velum again and starting again with them.

    Let us begin by speaking to these people, showing them the documents which displease Us, and openly discussing the details. Then pray again and We proceed. Yes Lord. Thank You so much. If J wishes to get in touch again to discuss his bill how should I deal with him.

    Simply tell him again that he offered you a product which you did not commission him to do, and that it is, as it were, too little too late. Do not be distressed about this. He too must be tested and tested again, since he professes to love Me. All of My own as you know are tested like gold in the fire, that all the impurities be removed, for it is only in the perfection of the soul that the individual comes to the sanctity I desire before he can be an instrument, a true instrument of My Peace. Many there are, who believe they are working in My Name. Oh sorrowful lot; they barely know Me.

    My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Dear Lord, may I freely say that I pray with Omen, even if His Grace does not get in touch with me, for instance any other priests or doctors who may want to ask about the Words?

    Answer in Truth. I AM Truth, and I am with you. I dwell in your heart, I speak with your lips. Do not be worried about anyone attempting to scandalise you or Omen. You belong to Me now and forever, and your obedience to this commission, which might I say, no one else operating by intellect alone, by human intellect, by human reason, would attempt to do; yet, by Faith, My little ones you are doing it, a task which would be fearful to those who are not closely united with Me, you do. Thank you Jesus.

    Little trembling infants. {He is calling us}. We are. I see a huge mountain before me Lord but You did promise to flatten the hills and mountains so I trust in You.

    Dear Jesus, I still hope to see but I have not seen; my beautiful Raphael. Is there an obstruction on my part or is it just not Your time yet?

    The Angel Raphael heeds this call of Love and attends upon you this very day. As you pray before going to bed, this night you will be given such a vision.

    Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy, Queen of angels and all saints. Blessed be God forever. Amen.

    Dear Lord, since computer has been repaired, I have lost my beautiful miracle, [the sign ] . May I ask why I have lost it since I did not loose anything else.

    Be at peace; it was part of the ongoing spiritual warfare in the computer world. Thank you for protecting all the Words of my mission,- but I do miss it. Thank You for blessing JS to fix my computer while we were praying here last Monday.

    Lord You know that I am invited to the Mass on the 1st October, 70th anniversary of Opus Dei. Do you wish me to be there or not.

    Do thou please yourself in this My little one. It is beautiful, it is Holy. [ He shows us the Monstrance all lighted up.] I am with you, wither thou goest I bless you. I bless you here, I bless you in your prayer times, I bless you in the Mass, I bless you in Adoration, I bless you in this warfare in which We are, and which We undertake; whither thou goest I am with you. Lord that is so beautiful; thank you.

    Dear Jesus, do you wish me to redo the pamphlets or just the booklets with the original discernment prayers.

    Simply find a way to portray all My Words. Since you will use the ones I have anointed for you to use, these documents become clear to the reader. You may take one of each the pamphlet, correct it, then gaze at it once its corrected and discern which one must be redone.

    Thank You Jesus. I thank and adore you. Do You have someone else to do the art?

    Lord, I pray for Z and P. I’m sure that in all their suffering You have a purpose for them in coming.

    They come at My call. We shall pray together here. It is so. I am calling many to come here and attend upon Me here. These ones are two of them. My little one, obtain your impression of the beloved Raphael and then we shall work together on the actual drawings.

    Would it be appropriate to try to give the Bishop the letter on Thursday instead of mailing it?

    Were it possible to give it to him, otherwise should you find it necessary to mail it, it will be delivered to him on angels wings. Thank You Jesus. You are so gentle with us. We sang Yahweh, Faithful One...

    Discernment prayers. 30th September 1998.

    I did not receive the vision last night. At first I was puzzled and disappointed, but soon it was clear that I was flooded with new thoughts about the letter, that our Lord was actually extending the letter to the Bishop, so the vision is delayed to give my full attention to the letter. After Mass and Adoration I got home and phoned Omen to ask to pray together at 3pm after working on the letter. Before I could get through saying this , Our Lord said that the Angel Raphael would visit me during the Mercy hour.


    We prayed through almost the whole holy hour of Divine Mercy with no breakthrough from the demonic obstruction. We prayed everything we could think of praying. We have not had anything like this.

    Jesus: You are in the realm of Glory now little children what would you ask of Me?

    We ask for understanding of the obstruction, and get more obstruction again. We pray prone.

    You are now in the presence of Christ; the thing is eradicated by God Himself.

    Thank You Lord, we give You all honour, praise, glory, thanksgiving. We sang the Victory song.

    Mother Mary:

    I am with you now little children in a great anointing of Peace. I am your Mother, Queen of Peace, and indeed Queen of angels and all saints. Little children, you have fought a fierce battle and attained a great Victory in the Name of our Lord. A day will come when you will comprehend what this warfare was about. Remember in our Father’s Great Design, in the economy of our Father’s great Design the prayers of the faithful play a key role.

    In this hour of mercy We are breaking down barriers of resistance to this your mission little children, that eyes may read and minds may comprehend, that hearts be opened to the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ the Word, the Living Word. Little ones, soon the many will begin to believe in this great mission of Love. [Mother Mary says she is holding us, one on each side of Her } saying Your Mother is delighted in you precious little ones; you did not despair, or fear, but you carried on as you had been told, continuing in patient perseverence in all Faith in your Lord and in the intercessions of your Mother and the angels and the saints. Thus it brings you both favour with our Father and the blessings flow. Gates are opened, doors are opened , and Enlightenment comes. Thank you beautiful Mother. But I was supposed to see St Raphael.

    Wilt thou begin again to confess the Name of Jesus? Jesus , Name above all Names, beautiful Saviour, Glorious Lord; Emmanuel, God is with us, blessed Redeemer, Living Word.


    Angels hold thee fast My little ones, each one of you stands secure as has been pledged. It is so. The great force which was permitted to confront you has been defeated and certain barriers have been removed now. All the saints you have invoked attended upon you, for My little ones in such Faith as yours, you are always close to the whole Heavenly Host. My little ones, the great Archangel Raphael bids thee Peace. Thou shalt make the drawing now and I shall guide your hands.

    So I have the drawing pad with me and my partner is asked to pray in tongues while I draw. Three separate times during this discernment I distinctly heard clear crystal bells ringing- I thought that angels were present though I couldn’t see them.

    The singing angels hold thee fast. Were there to be another picture we would have given it to you. This picture is pleasing and acceptable to the Lord your God. Hold fast to your Faith little children. Mercy, merciful Love, is what I wish for every human soul on earth. I do not wish My little ones to be mutilated and dissected when they yet live.

    I do not wish My physicians, named to do good, to be committing murder, day in and day out.

    It is My Will that My Christian physicians no longer use a serpent regardless of

    what it symbolises, but use Raphael, Medicine of God, since he is protector of travellers, he is protector of every Christian during their journey, their faith pilgrimage upon earth, and since he is terror of demons, when he is recognised those afflictions which are not of Me, are cast out by invoking his name.

    Do you not know that A was cured on the eve of the Angel’s saints day , an ongoing healing throughout the day, and that the child is well . Such is the power of faith in your God. Have I not told you, ask of Me what you will. I want to say yes!

    Yesterday, little seven year old A Omen’s granddaughter was admitted to hospital witha very sudden and acute infection to both kidneys, but the doctors were astounded that she recovered so suddenly that they told the family she had recovered before the antibiotics could have had a chance to take effect. Omen had started praying for her as soon as she heard on the 28th, and we both prayed on the 29th, and at the cenacle later that evening.

    Little children, today by your faith and perseverence, you have released many from a darkness of sin and death covering their faces, that they have come into My Light, the Light of My Presence; that they will read your Words Faithful Missionary, and

    will recognise Truth. I am Truth and I am with you. Thank you Jesus.

    [In this paragraph these are the words and thoughts that came to mind as I was drawing during this time; I’m not an artist. I don’t quite know how to get the rays of Light to go through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Jesus, this is You, Jesus, as the Sun but also in the Monstrance; the Light, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of angels, and from there through the clear liquid in the vial that Raphael is pouring on humanity. So there is Your Crown of Thorns, Lord so that we never forget the Sacrifice You made in order for us to be redeemed. I’m writing Lumen Christi, so that we acknowledge the Light is coming from the One and only Source. Our Lady’s twelve stars; the Woman clothed with the Sun. I want to put the Holy Father and St Peters here some how; well his Cross , the Papal Cross. All Creation Lord- the stars and moon is that enough? The Great Commandment should be our Oath. You shall love your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and all your strength; and love your neighbour as yourself. A scroll with the Oath is in Raphael’s other hand!]

    The Virgin Herself attends upon thee child. Sorrow and pain are the lot of those who do not believe. Let them believe.

    Jesus: Bread of Life, Bread of Life I give to you. Do you want me to write Bread of Life somewhere Mother- Oh thats the Bread of Life [the Sacred Host; which is also the Sun]

    The angel of death is defeated today. Omen asks if that was who she argued with. Little children, I argued with it through your thoughts and words. Indeed I bless thee. I shall arrange for someone to make the picture in more perfected manner, and the portion with just Raphael and the scroll and vial must be the symbol that replaces the serpent on an Oath but the whole picture must be made, for the website and whatever else our Lord intends. Do you love Me little children?

    Yes Lord we Love you always.

    Dear Lord I am going to ask because You can read my mind anyway. I haven’t actually seen Raphael yet. I thought You meant I would see an actual vision, not just a visualisation of him.

    The vision will come to you at a great moment of peace. Recognise little children that you are fiercely attacked, but I protect My Own.

    Lord we had undestood it would come yesterday. Even so, it did not occur because of the warfare. There is another angels day coming up.

    Yes Lord, 2nd October, guardian angels; Holy Flame of Love, Jesus ; am I going to see him too?

    Be at peace, we bless you in an astounding and remarkable manner, each one of you little children. Thank you Jesus.

    Lord please help me with the letter. I thought it was too long yesterday and now its longer.

    You will return home and scan it through My eyes, or I will use your eyes and We may see fit to excerpt some of the Words in the interest of brevity at this time. A great anointing of My Peace is upon you now.

    Thank you Jesus. And Thank You for the clarity which has come for A in speaking to the Dean. It appears she could stay here and go to UBC next year. She meets with Regnum Christi on the 16th. Do You wish her still to stay close to home or go with them

    The Virgin Herself attends upon A. That which We ask of her comes to pass.

    Simply pray, walk in faith, attend upon these people. She will be moved to go and it shall be so. She is attaining greater perfection of soul doing this and getting valuable experience as well. Yes indeed medical experience as well as a general experience with regard to humanity. She will return and attend classes for even next year there will be changes in curriculum and in staff. This is as it should be and we will hold her safe in her journey. All learning is good, all learning that is pertaining to Almighty God, and to loving your neighbour as yourself, which is the field that A chooses in a specific manner, and we bless her and the works of her hands. Glory be...

    Mother we pray for guidance for T too as she makes decisions to go back to school as well. Guidance for T comes through her personal prayers. She is precious to the Lord God. Heavenly hosts attend upon her and upon all the members of your family. Be at peace. Glory be...

    Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.

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