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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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    Discernment Prayers. October 5th 1998.

    Here we are Lord; now and always we come to do Your Will.

    Jesus is saying,”Do not be afraid little children, I am with you.”

    Thank You Jesus. When You are with us we cannot be afraid.

    Oh and Mother Mary has her mantle of Love around us.

    Dear Lord. Thank You so much for hearing us so quickly again, thank You for my prayer partner and thank You for Your continued help in everything. The letter has undergone a lot of changes again and I wish to discern whether there is anything further to change or add before sending it. How much of Our Lady and St. Raphael needs to be included.

    Little ones, the letter adequately covers the basis of Our Messages. St Raphael is

    recognised as the healing power of God, as the Medicine of God. He is also recognised as casting out demons; this is also a healing and protector of travellers.

    It is well known that he is recognised thus. There should be no difficulty in claiming the healing power of God as the priority of any Christian physician.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord is there something more that I should add to this letter so that our Bishop really does see the urgent need to act on Your Will when he receives Your Words in this letter?

    Little children it behoves you to find the Scripture I inspired Omen to mention, that it is necessary to tell, to admonish those who are walking in error. We assist you in finding it. [ I prayed before opening Scripture to 2 Timothy Chapter 4:the Apostolic Charge]

    Thank You Lord. There are times I am struggling to chose the words in writing especially in regard to the Church versus the Government , and in regard to peoples lifestyles in the Catholic Hospitals- how pointed or how aggressive to be ?

    The Bishop is fully aware of this controversy that the government would bring the world into the Catholic Hospital. It is an ongoing warfare. Do not sell the Prince of Peace yet again for a few shekels. Lord have mercy on us.

    I Myself will move this holy Bishop’s heart and mind that he will know that all you speak is My Truth. The priests you mention will confirm it. {Fr H and Fr R}

    Even so, in this time in which you live, do not be dismayed if you hear scant news or no news at all; this does not mean that your Bishop is not working. It means that he knows well the way of working of the enemy. He knows well the way of the government agencies he must deal with. He is a man of wisdom and discernment and he will do all in his power, and I Myself assist him for he calls on Me, and he calls on our Mother for Heavenly assistance and it is given to him. I have told you before, do not be dismayed at the things that are happening in the world in this timeframe in which you are living. Certain things just have to be. Know that I the Lord God am with each of My own at all times during this time of great trial.

    Lord, do I send copies to any of the doctors besides the priests mentioned.

    The president of Catholic physicians and await a response. Indeed it is a courtesy to send a copy the one you quoted. [ Dr Brear.] Prevail in all faithfulness and leave what the others are doing up to your God. Thank You Lord.

    Lord, I have provided all three versions of an Oath to the Bishop. If I am asked, which one should we pursue or sign.

    One step at a time little one. I’ll just wait then Lord.

    Lord there were things from the first diagram I left out in the second . Does it please or offend you in I add the triangle which represents the Holy Trinity.

    Be it peace, it is understood by those who behold it and this is what is important. I bless thee, I bless the works of your hands, I have given you Divine Inspiration. We shall find the artist who will bring it to perfection. Of prime importance is the Image of Raphael that it will be ready to imprint as a symbol of Christian physicians.

    Who shall I approach as the artist Lord, I have no idea. Bear with us a little longer and it occurs. Thank You Lord.

    Jesus, I hope and believe this was Your Inspiration on Friday when I approached the young man JC? We get spiritual warfare around that question. We prayed a lot for him.

    Our Lady was very powerfully present as She always is in the matter of her priests and seminarians. We pray Jesus Christ is Lord; seven times; He is our Saviour and Our God, our Redeemer and Our King and we adore Him.

    The Virgin Herself will attend upon him and together We set him on the true path which is mapped out for him by the Father. Thank You Lord.

    Lord we pray for Peter. Marc. Dan . And all the other ones You have brought to my attention, all who appear to have been called to the priesthood, but have not yet found the path for them. Hail Holy Queen...

    Mercy is extended to these individuals according to the decree of our Father. Be at peace in these matters little children. Pray for the priesthood, pray for the seminarians. Continue praying as you do little children, it is pleasing to the Lord your God.

    Thank You Heavenly Mother Mary.

    Discernment prayers October 13th, 1998.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    “Feel Free to hold It to your heart” just as I was doing so with the special Cross with the Relic.

    Holy Angels bless thee little children. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Blessed be the Great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, blessed be God forever.

    Angels hold thee fast because thou art in the Presence of the Great Queen. Beautiful Mother, thank you for being present, on this very special day. We wish all our prayers to come to our God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Mother would have you know that there are yet many who do not believe.

    My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Mercy is extended to the many when you pray this prayer little children. Divine Inspiration comes upon each one of you in a unique manner, it is a Gift on this Holy day and to each one of you and to Fe who came with willing hands yet again to assist.

    Thank You Lord.

    With willing hearts and willing hands little children and with willing voices, you work merciful Love on Our behalf, on behalf of your brothers and sisters, and each one of you who do this all over the globe today are blest in a unique fashion. You will recognise this blessing as you go forward in Faith.

    I Jesus am present. My precious, precious little ones, I am present.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord thank You for all the help to get the packages together and I pray for the recipients that they receive Your Holy Words with open hearts and minds and do Your Holy Will .

    My blessings are in My Words. Those who are open to Me are given Enlightenment. A cause celebre is in My Holy Words. Those who will, will take it up like a great crusade.

    Many questions regarding the printing; the numbers for both the pamphlets and the booklet.

    Simply correct those in glaring need of correction. The amount is restricted because of dollars. There is need of many. I suggest that you make a good sampling of each one, and suggest to the printer that more will be needed in the future.

    Mother is saying seven is God’s good number, three is the number of the Trinity; perhaps little children you might start with ten of each, going on from there as need be. Enlightenment is ongoing.

    Mother we have not yet actually had the vision, and I don’t know yet who the artist is to be. Mother Mary, Queen of angels, we place it all in your hands. Demonic obstruction. Preposterous is it that you would see an angel; you are crazy.

    Blessed be the great Mother of God Mary Most Holy, the Queen of angels and all saints.

    We go, but revenge is yours. In Jesus Holy Name is Our Victory; great and glorious is the Lord Our God.

    The Virgin Herself is in tears for thou art a bold warrior.

    In Jesus is our Strength; and also that You Mother are Mediatrix of all Graces .

    See little children, by such a Faith you do readily defeat the foe. Teach others to do likewise. With regard to the Vision ; be patient, it comes as has been told you, at an opportune moment known only to your God, for the enemy runs around like a wolf around you to keep you cornered off and block you.

    Thank You Mother. We are in the two Sanctuaries, the Two Hearts of Love.

    Mother, since I believe that God our Creator loves all people , and that the Moslem people revere You, therefore I ask You please Mother Mary, to help with S’s request, to know and become closer to Her Guardian Angel by Name, and W’s also, and also to protect her dad from whatever evil is happening in his apartment.

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and in union with the whole Heavenly Court, thou art commanded, all demons from hell assailing Mr K, go now before Jesus, the just Judge and answer. Great and glorious is the Lord our God. In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory. We ask St Raphael, Medicine of God, terror of demons, and St of immigrants,

    St of travellers, to be with Mr K and keep him safe from the foe, and let him draw closer to the Lord our God in all his ways.

    Mother Mary speaks; Dearest, We will give him the necessary protection , the needed protection. At bay, nay even destroyed , is the foe which has taunted him, for Heaven hears your prayers and blesses him in and through you.

    As to the Guardian Angel of the little one who requests the name: let us pray the angels salute on her behalf.

    Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee; blessed are You among women, and blessed is the Fruit of Your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

    Father God, Creator of all the angels, Mother Mary, Queen of all the angels, Jesus Prince of all the angels and all saints; Our Lady of Fatima, we specially ask You today, Your special day to hear our prayer and answer, for their whole family; for nothing is impossible to God.

    The Guardian Angel names himself,” Leading Light.” Omen was given a vision of an angel holding a lantern, and going before you, lighting the way. Thank you Mother Mary.

    Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints, blessed be God Forever.

    Beloved Lord Jesus, may I ask the same for W.

    The angel names himself, ”Encircling Love.” Jesus, thank You. We just praise you and bless you and thank you, most awesome God, for your most Merciful Love, in giving us your angels to hold us safe in your Love. We could never thank you enough. And thank You for giving S the Inspiration to ask. He will open their ears to the Divine Inspirations through the angels. Thank You Lord.

    Heavenly Mother I can’t thank You enough for being there with M and I when we prayed over Gloria’s little mother, K. I heard from M yesterday that she is insistant that there were three women at her bedside and M and I believe that You were with us as Our Lady of Guadalupe, and as such You made it possible for Gloria to be baptised in the womb just as St John the Baptist was. Do You have any Words for this beautiful event Mother?

    The Virgin of Fatima assures you that the day will come. Consider Me the Woman clothed with the Sun, as both Virgin of Fatima and Virgin of Guadalupe, and of Medjugorje, and of the many places where I attend upon My little children, and even here at the Mercy Gate; I am the Woman clothed with the Sun. My little one, I chose to be in attendance for Heaven indeed hears the prayers of the faithful.

    [today is the feast day commemorating the miracle of the sun at Fatima, witnessed by about 70,000 people].

    This trial, this anguish of the parents causes them to know, more deeply the suffering I experience, and the suffering our Almighty God experiences at the snuffing out of a human life. That this occurred in a woman whose frailties one might say , were taken advantage of, is known in Heaven. Therefore be at Peace. Healing Love is upon this people. Love conquers all. I myself hold the beloved, the precious little one to My Heart. Thank You Heavenly Mother for these beautiful Words.

    I pray for the repose of the soul of ‘ I’ who we were sent to anoint before she died; and also the mother-in-law of Z who has just died. Do You have any Words of consolation for the families, and for the parish who all prayed for’ I ‘please Mother?

    I give you Omen’s ‘saint’* prayer which she has for all these people. Little children, in their lingering agonies, they have attained perfection of soul which causes them to be drawn directly into glory without any time of purification, before entering the Presence of the Living God. One might consider these lingering deaths therefore as a great blessing upon the soul and upon all those who pray and love that individual. They too become graced by the entire experience. It is difficult for My little children to understand, but great graces come in and through the lingering illnesses of a soul which is precious to the Living God.

    Thank you Mother. We are carrying so many people with cancer whom we have prayed for. You seem to be taking a great number home now Lord.

    As We gaze upon those whom you carry in your hearts little children, and see their trials and agonies, in Our great Mercy, We lift their suffering, We take away pain, We bless them with the Peace of our Presence. Some return Home quickly now; others remain yet with their loved ones and healing occurs.

    Little children do not be dismayed at anything that happens today. Are you not in the time of chastisement?” Those who are cleansed and purified and brought Home, to glory are ever attendant upon the precious little ones on Earth, with prayers and intercessions ongoing. Their prayers are directed firstly to the Heavenly Queen, and through Her to Almighty God. The route in which I the Lord came to Earth is through the Immaculate Heart of the ever-Virgin Mary. Little children, come back to God through that same Heart, that Heart of Great Merciful Love. Thank You Lord.

    I pray for R and J and the many that we forget and their conversion.

    All are before My eyes; each one is My beloved. Some know Me, some know Me not. I Myself attend upon them; those who know Me not, again and again. The prayers of the faithful break down the barriers of discord. Therefore it behooves you little children, to first persevere in prayer, proclaiming the Name of Jesus to those in suffering relationships, that they have yet an opportunity to come to Me. Leave everything else up to your God. The Lord loves each one of His Creations, most tenderly, most totally and most eternally.

    I pray once again for M, and hope that He will help in Your cause celebre Lord.

    Be at peace ; all works out for good to those who love the Lord, among whom thou art numbered.

    Lord the Regnum Christi visit is a little bit in confusion, I place it in Your Hands.

    As you pray everything falls into place.

    Lord about the meeting on Sunday , You know that I do not feel welcome there. The Lord says one word; Attend!

    Bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross thou hast redeemed the world.

    Be not afraid, I am with you. I speak in You and through you. Should the occasion arise, be there holding My Name on your lips. Be not afraid. I am with you.

    Lord help Me to be with You.

    Our wise supporters come to the fore now, and from unexpected sources.

    Lord I pray for my family who are arriving from South Africa but the plans are not well worked out.

    I Myself call them here. Be at peace, it happens.

    Thank you Lord Jesus.

    * SAINT

    How suddenly the light of life has gone

    from that sparkling crystal lamp of God.

    So pure a being that even now

    without the souls light, the vessel shimmers on.

    On earth, where darkness yet abounds,

    there is a sorrow at so great a loss;

    loved ones feel abandoned, they say

    “Iy feels so heavy a cross”;

    yet the Lord our God, rejoicing at that soul’s victory

    pours out increased blessings on those remaining, you and me.

    Oh, how one such soul doth magnify the Lord !

    Oh, how one such soul has truly earned the

    Heavenly reward ! Discernment/Petition prayers. Otober 22nd 1998.

    Praying that priests who have received Our Lord’s Words would believe and act, especially in regard to October 18th, a new Oath requested by Our Lord for Christian physicians , where the symbol of the serpent is replaced by St Raphael, holding a clear vial in one hand, ”Medicine of God, providing Epiritual Enlightenment, and The Great Commandment as Oath in the other hand; instead of which a lapel pin with the serpent symbol was still promoted at the meeting by the priest.

    Also thanking our Lord because the chosen speaker who knew and loved the Gospel of Luke echoed, and therefore confirmed the Words given to me by our Lord on the five decades of the joyful mysteries, the Benedictus, the powerful Presence of the Holy Spirit and the people speaking under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and then ended by asking the very uncomfortable question of whether we still swore the Hippocratic Oath.

    Prayer: Bless all your priests and make priests forever in the order of Melchisedech like You Lord Jesus; enlighten them and bind them. We ask You to give them a miracle of the Holy Eucharist; we know we are not supposed to ask for a sign Lord but they are already consecrated to You and so we ask You to bless them in a matter that they recognise Your power in the Holy Eucharist, and the powers You have given them as priests. We know You have told us that every Mass is a healing mass but sometimes it seems our priests don’t hear the words they are speaking. We knoew that they are always under attck and often defensive. We pray for them continuously and ask You to bless them as only You can do; we ask healing for those in need of healing.

    Our Lord asks for another song for the priests, Spirit of the Living God.

    Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on them [me] x2

    break them, melt them, mold them, fill them,

    Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on them.

    Little children, I fall afresh upon them at every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I am with them, yet as you know, one can walk away from Me in free will. Little children, pray this hymn often for My priests and watch the miracles take place.

    Lord we specially ask a prayer for the Archbishop, Fr H and all the priests who have been given Your Words Lord. Thy Will be done in and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary Lord especially the Oblates, we give them over to You Mother Mary.

    Now rest in Me and trust in Me; you have fought well for the priesthood.Be at Peace.

    Lord please give me and discernment as to how you wish me to use what the speaker has given me. [ her speech on the Gospel of Luke.]

    It is done; be at Peace. Be at peace, all becomes clear little children. I work in you and through you. I work in and through many of those with whom you are dealing,

    indeed most of those with whom you are dealing. We break down the barriers, the walls , the indifferences and the guardedness.

    Lord we pray for all the doctors who have left , and for enlightenment on the issue of the Oath. The Lord says Omen must rest for now. Jesus wants another Love song.

    In moments like these, I’ll sing out a song, I’ll sing out a Love song to Jesus.

    In moments like these, I’ll sing out a song, I’ll sing out a song to My Lord.

    Singing I love You Lord x3,

    I love You.

    Discernment Prayers. November, 6th, 1998.

    After introductory prayers;

    “I am Jesus. I am ready to address thee now. Thank You Jesus.

    I bless thee Faithful Missionary. I bless each one gathered here in My Name in a profound anointing of My Peace and My Love and My Joy.

    Precious little children, I find thee pleasing for thou hast heeded the call to Love and obedience in all humility before your God, and not worrying about human esteem; about the woundedness which you suffer, for My Name, for My Cause. My Cause is Love. Thus I have given the Great Commandment of Love, that My little ones truly love one another, even as I Love each one.

    Precise details We have given thee in Our Epistle of Love to the scientific world. Many have read it. Some have begun and not completed reading it; those whom you have dispensed it to. Do not worry about it. Your duty is completed in giving them My Words; Words of Enlightenment. What they do with it is between them and their God. I Myself attend upon them, for all Words I give to thee flow as blessings upon thee and upon the readers of My Words.

    Even so, in free will they may be rejected. This is not to say that they are rejected,

    except by certain few, and some only in certain instances. Little children, in the river of darkness upon the Earth in which the physicians are working, these My Messages of Love fall startling upon the many who have not contemplated their God to any great degree, or have not weighed their actions and the consequences of their actions in the Light of Holy Scripture.

    You are now in possession of these Images and Words which are pleasing to the Lord your God. Know that hosts of angels are attendant upon your Mission of Love, that angels attend upon Our Writings and upon Our Pictures. In other Words I have blest

    all these works of your hands that they may come as anointings and blessings upon those physicians and priests who open their hearts to Me, who invoke the Holy Spirit at the time of the readings.

    Some priests are ever attendant upon Me in the power of the Holy Spirit. Even these, though they have read them, have not responded. It is puzzling to you. Do not be puzzled. Some are inhibited with regard to their various obediences; some are inhibited with regard to words of prophecy in these times. Some simply don’t wish to shake up or disturb the status quo. Therefore what shall We do, you ponder?

    Yes Lord.

    You children, as it were , you seem to be defying the establishment as it is called, rather shockingly, rather blatantly in the eyes of certain individuals. Yet you have chosen to say ‘yes Lord,” in obedience under the example of Our Beloved Mother and Our Beloved Joseph. This is so pleasing to the Lord your God that many blessings accrue and flow freely upon you. Despite all these trials you have remained doggedly faithful to the Lord. Believe it or not, such holy obedience is rare on this Earth, for there are billions on the Earth and so few respond to My Call of Love, My Call of conversion.

    Mother attends upon My beloved little Faithful Missionary, small sister of Jesus, small sister of St Luke of whom you inquire.

    Medical healing is good, can be good. There are many acceptable practices in the healing ministry of physicians, and this is pleasing to the Lord God, the Giver of all the gifts, and all the intelligences, and all the arts. These are gifts of the Living God to His sons and daughters, among whom you are numbered. Used within the walls of the Commandments, in obedience to Holy Scripture, most especially in loving ones neighbour as oneself, there is no harm.

    It is when one ceases to see an individual as a unique gift of God, and treats them, one might say, like so much merchandise, that the harm comes into effect. At times, from My view, it is that My people are processed like so much livestock. How can this be pleasing to your God!

    Do not you view in the garden many flowers, and each flower is beautiful in its own right. Each orchid created is in startling beauty; each one! So your Creator God sees each human, each individual. Except you look at them with My eyes, you people of the world, you do not see the beauty of each individual, the preciousness, both strength and fragility present in each human; and yet this is how your Creator has designed each individual.

    I do not will that any of My precious humans be treated experimentally, except should they without coersion, in free will, choose to be treated thus. Beloved Luke is a physician who loved much, who loved in Christ-Love. How could he write in such Love, in the Gospel if it were not so. He lived Love.

    That is what every Christian physician is called to do; to live Love; all- compassion- ate Love; all Love andCharity upon each suffering soul presented to them. I fail to see this in many clinics, in many hospitals. Yes, there is derision for the Christian physician in many circles. The angels are singing, “Lift High the Cross[ We join] the Love of God proclaim, till all the world adore, His sacred Name.

    Little ones, that is what it is all about!

    Many people on the Earth today, who know Me not, are caught up in a crucible of suffering appalling for your God to behold. I give free will to My beloved little ones that they might be Godlike, and look what they have done !

    In My great Mercy, We turn this whole thing around. I ask each one of you to say, “Let it begin with me. Lord, let it begin with me.

    Thus far you have handled the rejection most beautifully. Know that I have moulded you and fashioned you to be My instrument in this matter. It is to rejoice

    that your God, Who so loved the world, so loves you that He has strengthened you to do this task in My Name. Many blessings accrue and flow freely upon you for what you are doing in My Name, on My behalf so to speak, and on behalf of Humanity, My precious Mankind. Little one, ask of Me what you will.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I ask if there are any further alterations to be done to the Oath picture. I thought the rays should be red and white if You approve.

    It is pleasing to the Lord your God. A day will come when the scroll will be widened to include Raphael on the left, and the rays flowing through the vows and the words on the right. My delight is upon you, and a blessing is upon you. The artist is uniquely blest as well.

    Thank You Jesus; Lord would You prefer if we made that alteration now, to put Raphael and all the detail right on the scroll?

    Do you love Me? Yes Lord, I love you enough to do that if that is Your Will.

    My Delight is that you do it yet you remain in free will.

    Thank You Lord, I will do it.

    Our Lord says He is very pleased with the scroll because it is like the teaching of the Hebrew.

    Yes, Lord we prayed Divine Mercy at 3 o’clock for Your help with the work and You put us right in the path of the scroll.

    My vision is of such a scroll in every physicians office, and even in hospital entrances.

    Lord, will it come to pass rapidly?

    Tears, there are delays. Little children prevail.

    With Your help Lord, we will prevail. Lord do You wish to have the red and white rays?

    Indeed !

    Thank You Lord. J esus, these beautiful Words You have been giving me, are these the ones You want me to use for Your explanation of why the change of th Oath. They are an extension of the reflection that You gave me on the 30th July. I would like to share the Words because they are the spirit of the Great Commandment.

    Dearly beloved, you may use them in this fashion. Little children, I bless you with many discernments, and in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit you are, as it were empowered to use My Words freely for We are friends; we are friends. We share together in Love. In Love’s Union, My Enlightenments are continuously flowing upon you. Little children, you live in a time of great trial, but yet a time of Great Love. There is Peace in the heart of those who truly know Me that surpasses all understanding; and in this Unity of Love, in such hearts, We work freely in friendship and Love. Lord thank You for giving us the Love with which to Love you.

    Lord You know that I have the names and addresses of many physicians now who could receive this picture and message about the oath , but I still don’t know how to get the executive of FIAMC , the leaders, the priests etc., who make these decisions to officially accept this new Oath.

    Miracles of change are upon the Earth; in the power of the Holy Spirit it is so. Continue communicating with each one in whatsoever manner you deem possible, and when you come to Me at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, ask for a blessing upon them, and that their eyes, their hearts, their minds be opened, to Love. I am Love! And when you come to the shrine, as we share a Communion of Love there, ask for a releasing blessing upon these individuals. Let us pray often, invoking Our Mothers’ Love to come upon these individuals.

    Lord I especially pray right now for George and Gianluigi ; that they be attracted to this beautiful Gift of an Oath, as key people on the committee.

    Let us therefore pray together with the whole Heavenly Court, and in unity with those yet in their purifications, the miraculous prayer, the Memorare, that Mother begin to work on these two , Her children as well as Mine, and the miracles begin; the miracles of conversion and Enlightenment.

    Remember oh most gracious Virgin Mary that never was it known ...Thank You Jesus.

    Do thou little children each one I ask, know how many voices have pleaded before the Throne of Godhead, on this issue? When you pray in this manner, they resound in Heaven, and the Mother is moved to tears of Joy. Little ones, an opening is made unsolicited, for nothing is impossible with God. Give glory to the Father !

    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit...Thank You Jesus.

    I pray for Dr Peters in South Africa . If it be Your Will, I will send her a package of everything through my sister, and ask her to distribute to all the Christian doctors in South Africa. She is also in touch with a lot of Catholic doctors in India.

    Indeed! “The angels are singing Let there be peace on Earth.” ....So we sang it.

    So Lord that is our next step. I still feel that Your Words on The Rosary and Luke should be added because otherwise our Mother is left out too much.

    Indeed let it be so . Little children, as Mother loved Luke, so she loves Her physician children. Mother weeps copious tears of sorrow at some of the events that are happening in the medical field, and yet glorious tears of joy at the many beautiful successes in healing Love, for the use of the Godgiven intellect and capabilities on behalf of the suffering brother or sister is so pleasing to God. Many, many physicians are precious and blest of the Lord God, yet the grave error of this humanist wave of atrocious medical actions is grievous to both Our God and to the Mother of God.

    Little children, I am Jesus, Eternal Victor! My Victory is before My eyes. Small instruments, blessings accrue, for each one of you who partakes in this Mission of Enlightenment. Thank You Lord.

    Lord, should we repeat Our Lady’s request for white Velum?.

    You may use the white velum or whatsoever you discern. One must consider the quantities and the costs. Yet as long as the Message is clear and attractive as it is now, it is more than adequate. Thank You Lord, thank You Heavenly Mother.

    The background is a beautiful blue , Our Lady’s blue.

    Is it not like unto a cutting of Our Mother’s mantle? Thank You Lord, I will make that known. We prayed for the artist to be helped with the adjustment.

    Peace, We shall inspire him to do it beautifully for nothing is impossible to God.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord You know that “out of a clear blue sky” I received an e-mail from my sister who has received a ticket to go to Israel from 17th to 26th January, but she asks that I pray to know Your Divine Will before accepting it, and also is inviting me to join her. Thy Will be done Lord.

    The child shall indeed go to Jerusalem; it is a holy time there. Great graces come upon her that she will experience. Do you not know that I present Myself there to each individual who attends upon Me there, yet in a unique fashion, that some know that I have attended upon them. Others are not really aware of it, but it is so. It is recognised as a solemn pilgrimage. Wouldst thou like to go sweetheart?

    I would love to see my sister, but I’m a bit afraid Lord; and I can’t really afford to go.

    Yes I’d love to go Lord; but I think theres a lot more to it.*

    Little one, do We not provide for our Own; those who believe; you believe in Me, I believe in you? Yes Lord I’m sorry, I didn’t want to ask if it is not Your Will.

    Love Me . I love You My beloved Jesus. I love You more than Myself. Would that I may love You always and then do with me what You Will.

    Lord You know that I have seen several traumatised, abused women this week and I pray for all their needs spiritual and physical , and I pray in Faith on their behalf Lord.

    Take the St Dymphna card, for all victims of abuse to plead through her. These words on the card are not precise; use your own prayer.

    The card says she should be a patron of all those with nervous and mental illnesses.

    Little children, I would have My people honour the saints in the Great Communion of saints; they are ever attendant upon the pleadings and causes of the precious little ones. Many, many are the people walking on the Earth who have been tormented, abused, debased in many ways by those who should be parenting them; whether physical parents or foster parents. They have been harmed, and in their own little minds, irreparably harmed.

    Little children, just periodically pray this little prayer, and yet for each of those whom I set in your pathway of life , just invoke her by name, “St Dymphna, pray and intercede for this child of God”, and in this matter, I allow the healings to begin. Remember, these little ones’ souls are beautiful and precious to me; but in what they have experienced, they do not believe in their own worthiness; in what they have experienced, they cannot accept a Christian embrace, Christian Love, for they only see abuse, both physical and sexual. They distrust every hand of love, for they have been debased by the demons of power and of lust, of hatred; in such manners that their very psyche as you say, is wounded. How to heal them? Here again, I the Lord God, am naming St Dymphna as the patron saint of abuse victims. Call upon her and teach the little abused ones to call upon her frequently, and by her intercession I, the Lord God come powerfully to their aid. Thank you Lord Jesus. Glory be to the Father..

    At the close of these prayers my eyes were caught by the fact that our Lord, in the statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague was smiling broadly at me, and His eyes, as well as the signet ring (seal of the King) on the upheld fingers, (which signify True God and True Man), of the right hand were shining brilliantly.

    As I was gazing at Him, Omen who knew nothing of what I was seeing said, “for some reason He is giving me Numbers 12,21. I don’t know what that is about.”But I knew that was for me and opened to these two chapters in Adoration next morning, [6th Nov.] after invoking the Holy Spirit. First, our Lord reminded me that we are friends:

    Numbers 12: 6-8. Now hearken to the Words of the Lord;

    Should there be a prophet among you,

    in visions will I reveal Myself to him

    in dreams will I speak to him.

    Not so with My servant Moses

    Throughout My House he bears My Trust,

    Face to face I speak to him

    plainly, not in riddles.

    The Presence of the Lord, he beholds.

    Numbers 21:9. John 3:14footnote.

    And as Moses lifted up the serpent,

    even so must the Son of Man be lifted up

    that those who believe in Him might not perish,

    but may have life everlasting.

    Commentary. In Numbers 21: 9, Moses merely mounts the serpent(the healing occurs through obedience to, and Faith in GOD, not in the serpent).

    But John substitutes the verb, and “ Lifted up” implies exaltation ov glorification. [New American Bible: St Josephs edition.]

    Jesus Christ Himself, is exalted to Glory at His Cross and Resurrection.Therefore He Himself gives healing to all.

    Therefore a Christian physicians’ Oath must Honour Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, and His symbols. [Raphael]

    The serpent is at best a pre-Christian symbol ; at worst a symbol of satan.

    On June 5th Our Lord gave me Raphael, and on June 8th I prayed for discernment:

    [See Massah! The original discernment prayers: June 5th & 8th.]

    Lord you asked me to put the Words, the Mission, under the seal of St Raphael, and I don’t think I’ve heard of a seal of St Raphael. [Tobias12:7-15. *The angel Raphael said to Tobias,’it is good to hide the secret of a king, but honourable to reveal and confess the works of God’] The Lord explains.

    JESUS:” it is the seal of the King’s ring, designating Raphael[rapha-heal;el- God],

    as the Archangel charged with this Mission of Love in unity with thee and a faithful core group who will always be with you in your profession, and in the priesthood. Act simply by faith. That assistance which you ask of Me is readily given unto thee for your mission must be done!

    Thank You so much Lord, this is so amazing to me!

    November 11th 1998.

    Omen and I had arranged to pray together in Church after Mass. One other friend came to speak to us briefly, but she was followed by a woman who appeared mentally ill, but she perched in front of us and very soon began a steady stream of “demonic “ talk, accusing us of being evil. She was not interested in praying with us, or leaving. After praying for a while, I called Father and her manner changed and she allowed him to walk her out of the Church. We were kneeling before the statue of Our Lady.

    Mother spoke: “ Mother is with you now precious little children and an anointing is upon you. The foe obstructs yet again Our Design. The Lord is with you little children. The vision comes to you Faithful Missionary at an opportune time.

    Omen saw Our Lady kiss each one of us on the forehead. Our Lady asked me to return later in the day. I returned at Mercy hour and prayed first in the Adoration Chapel, then before Our Lady’s statue; but to me Our Lady was in tears, which were running down Her cheeks with black blotches in the tears for all the time that I was there. This was unsettling, but fortunately Omen and I had decided to pray five decades of the Rosary at 8pm. We prayed the sorrowful Mysteries to “ live up to your name[ which means faithful or compassionate friend,] and console your God and your Heavenly Mother ; ” a mission that was given to me before the Blessed Sacrament in the early 1980's. After the Rosary, we had to pray lots of rebukes because of persistent demonic obstruction. “I am Jesus and I’m not going to speak to you today.”etc...

    Jesus: I am He who lives and loves eternally. In the prayers following Mass little children, you have effected a great victory over satan, sin and death. Believe, little children, you do not know the fruits of your labours. Little children, your Faith in the face of the coldblooded foe is pleasing to the Lord your God and profound blessings accrue and fall upon you and all those who attend Good Counsel Parish.

    Yes Mother weeps for all the sorrows upon the earth today, and yet amidst the sorrowing tears are tears of joy at the stamina in battle which you have shown today little children. You are blest and blest again.

    My God, but why didn’t we have an opportunity to pray about Raphael and the vision.

    Should we schedule to be before You again to pray for the vision.

    Do not be disheartened little ones, the Lord is with you. Yes indeed, you will schedule a time when you may be together in My Presence, that We may carry through with all that We have begun.

    Lord, we seek a blessing because there hasn’t been that much of a response.

    The blessing is in the very Words. Prevail little children, prevail! Continue in all Faith. All falls into place for those who believe as you do. I remind you, you are handpicked each one of you for this Mission of Love which is important to the Living God, and you shall prevail. Consider the events of today as merely further testing and strengthening.

    We felt that today had been like“a day from hell.” Lord does it get much worse?

    Small one, it cannot get worse because I am always with each one of you; Mother is with each one of you. Hosts of angels are attendant upon each one of you. You are safe in the Lord and secure from all the attacks of the foe.

    Amen kept seeing the cold eyes of the woman in Church so we prayed again for her soul, and for healing in all aspects of her being. We pray for the release from the demonic powers, in and through Your Sacred Heart, in and through the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary. We sang “Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on her.. ”

    November 13th.

    Again, we got together to pray at this Divine Mercy Hour as Our Lord had asked us to do and again we found ourselves solidly obstructed by demonic interference. I had much to discern and some things were time -limited. When we were about to leave our Lord spoke to us briefly.

    JESUS: I Jesus confess that I am here. Again you find yourself sorely tested and concerned about time. Do not be little children. Come back to Me in unity of prayer like unto this and We shall pray again. That which has been tormenting you is no more.

    All-powerful is the Lord Our God!

    Thank you Lord.

    Discernment Prayers. Feast of St Gertrude. November 16th 1998.

    In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...

    Come Lord Jesus, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    JESUS: I am Jesus, your Jesus, and I am attendant upon you now, little children. My Peace be upon you.

    Thank you Lord Jesus. We love you Prince of Peace. Lord, you know what is happening to us in terms of the many obstructions to Your Missions.

    Will you tell Me that you love Me for those who do not?

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not Love Thee. X3

    Mercy is extended to the many little children, when this pardon prayer is prayed, for in unity with the whole Heavenly Court, and the prayers of the faithful departed yet in their purifications, and in union as thou hast requested , with all the angels , most specifically Guardian Angels of all on earth, your prayers resound in the ears of your God. Little children, the blessings flow.

    They do not believe do they?

    Lord, they don’t know this beautiful experience of receiving these Words from You in prayer; and also they are following the rules of the Church as they understand it about Ecclesiastical Approval. Please help with that Lord.

    The Virgin of Fatima blesses you child. The One Who is called faithful and true attends upon you.

    Do you wish a nihil obstat? Yes Lord, it would be a wonderful blessing.

    Mother blesses you and bids you be patient with the Lord Your God.

    Forgive us Lord. Thank You Lord Jesus, please never let us say or write any word that will harm Your Missions in any way, or your priests, in pride or in ignorance.

    A great saint, Theresa of Avila, ensures that this is so!

    Praying for V; whose husband W, has recently died.

    My little one, many are taken Home now; My frail ones, most especially those who are frail in spirit. They are My own but they have not attained the fortitude for the times that are before My Eyes. Those, all those, I hold in My Embrace, bringing them through the barrier of time into the Presence of Glory for all Eternity. W is safe in Me. Be not aggrieved. Indeed comfort his spouse. Even as We speak I am anointing her with a profound anointing of My Peace. Thank You Lord. Dear Lord, will the Ecclesiastic approval be long in coming. There is a pressure of time because the website is now being rejected by some of the priests.

    All of Us are in Delight at your spirit of boldness in the Name of Your Jesus; little brave warriors, you are Our Delight. When My Words are attacked, nothing phases you, you continue; despite all the attacks.

    Thank You for giving us courage and fortitude. Yes Lord we know that Your priests are being faithful when they don’t want to listen to unknown locutionists, but it is truly You that they are rejecting.

    Thou hast touched and moved the Lord Your God’s Heart. A great anointing of graces falls upon each one of you, a profound anointing of the Holy Spirit.

    [ Its like Mother Mary is shaking Her mantle and all the graces are falling upon us, its beautiful. Omen sees this]. Thank You Lord Jesus and Our Lady.

    Jesus, I hope my boldness does not become foolhardiness because I went ahead and sent Your beautiful Epistle for Nov 6th to G and G , and I pray that they will quickly spread Your request that Raphael become the new symbol of the Christian Physicians’ Oath to the rest of the FIAMC executive. Are there others You wish me to send the letter to now or should I wait for their response?

    The Virgin of Fatima sighs with relief for at last certain of those reads, believes, heeds the Words in The Epistle of Love, and certain of those who have received all the documentation you have presented to them cannot set it aside. It comes back to their mind again and again and they repeatedly read and read further. Dearest little children, forbearance is the Word for this day and for the next short period of time.

    Dearest little children, the Lord God’s Will is done, is done, is done ! Nothing can stop It! Various means are used to deflect It, even distort It; but the Lord God, His Will is done in and through His faithful little ones among whom you are numbered. Little children great Peace is upon you in this your service to the Living God.

    Thank you beautiful Mother. Mother I feel strongly again that the Words, the one for the 6th Nov should go to M, at least to keep him informed about our Lord’s request about the Oath. Is this Your Will Lord and do You have others You wish me to send it to now ?

    JESUS: Do so. Because they have not responded to thee does not mean that they are in non-compliance . The Message is as it were, overwhelming to the many. They see Truth at last; I am Truth- and must ponder and pray ; and comprehend and pray, seeking gifts and graces to cope with it in their own minds before they take action.

    There is yet a little time dear children, be at Peace, be not anxious. All falls into place according to Our Father’s Schedule.

    Dear Lord, back in June or July You asked me not to delay with the mailing out, and so I feel this pressure because I still haven’t mailed out to the many doctors, but I feel I should also get the copy of the new Oath Proposal to them when it is ready. Could You please help me discern Your Will.

    There was a certain urgency that it fall into the hands of the Bishop and clergy of this Archdiocese in time for the great study they are undertaking now, [Synod] and it is indeed in their hands . Thou hast worked well. What they do with it, it is between them and Me! Simply pray. When you pray, pray for all who have received My Words in you and through you.

    Continue working diligently to send the Information to the various physicians as you understand it, and do not be distraught, as you would say, if you don’t get any feedback at this time.

    [ Our Lord is reminding Omen that one person converted after having her “Book one” on their bookshelf for a whole year before they read it, and then they immediately took action, called her, and went to the priest and got back into the Church, and that is only one of many.]

    Thus it will be with this My Love Letter to My scientific friends.

    Lord, I’m still marvelling at how beautiful and complete an Epistle the discernment prayers of Nov 6th are. We were just kneeling down to pray over some issues, but the total “package” is such complete Church Doctrine, which I only realised when I read it again on the 14th and was inspired by Our Lady to send it to G and G. We had broken into this conversation between us; Lord sorry we did not mean to leave you out, we are just filled with joy and wonder and love thinking about how You work in us, especially because Omen has no way of remembering all that we pray; we have been doing this for 11 months and she has no record of The Words. Sorry Lord we are speaking out of joy, and love and wonder. We don’t mean to exclude You.

    I am not excluded, I am in your hearts, can you not feel that? So is Our Mother!

    Yes Lord thank you!

    Rejoice, little children, rejoice! We rejoice in Your wondrous Love Lord.

    Lord we know and trust in Your Holy Will. I totally trust. What should I tell my sister; Pray; there is indeed turmoil and tumult in the region called the Middle East. Be not afraid. I the Lord God, am your Shield and Protector.

    Lord I love You so much.

    At the time of your attendance all are safe in Me.

    Thank You Jesus, what a wonderful gift; Lord when do You want me to go?

    Dearest, dearest, it is good to consult the travel agency and make the bookings so they fall into place.

    I feel totally surrounded in You. Its that Jesus and Mary are both going to be with me, and the whole entourage of the King of Kings and the Queen of the Universe surrounds them and protects me- like the 3rd August when our Lord surrounded us with angels and sent us to be the spiritual cleaning ladies of the park in Mission, we travelled like a flotilla, surrounded by angels. Lord, I am so overwhelmed.

    I will show unto thee many delights in the Faith of the Fathers; in the Faith of the Apostles. Thou wilt see and comprehend so very, very much! I need you to know all that you will be learning because We have much to do together, My small sister, and it shall be so.

    I’m so blest; I was just praying today about how little I truly know my Bible. Now our Lord is giving me a walking tour of the Bible ; a crash course! Lord You are giving me much, so You are going to have to strengthen me for the much You will expect when I get back.

    It shall be so!

    Lord I have several people not doing well whom I have promised to pray for and especially I promised I would ask for the names of their Guardian Angels; through the intercession of Our Lady, Queen of Angels. I pray Father God Creator of all, and Jesus, King of all angels, please hear our prayer.

    For J, the Angel names himself , Victory of Light !

    Blessed be God, in His angels and in His saints; Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy; Blessed be God forever.

    Lord I pray for the conversion of Dr CF from South Africa, who could be a powerful instrument of the Faith Lord but he has left the Church. Thy Will be done Lord.

    The Holy Spirit: Let us give him over to the Mother of God. Let us pray the Memorare.

    Remember oh most gracious Virgin Mary... Mother please let him be released from that which separates him from the one true Vine.

    You ask much of your Mother. But he’s Baptised. Only You and Our Lord can bring him back, Mother Mediatrix of Graces, please help him, when he converts let it be like St Paul.

    Jesus is saying; would you invoke St Peter; so few people invoke St Peter.

    Yes Lord, St Peter, please pray for C; you are the Rock.

    Healing Love pours forth in a great anointing. Understanding and the many gifts come to him. Would you sing the Hymn of Pentecost on behalf of C?

    Spirit I come to Thee...

    Little children, it is done; you shall see this change, you shall hear of this change.

    Beloved little ones, it is already begun, for Heaven hears the prayers of the Faithful, among whom you are numbered. Thank You so much Lord.

    Dear Lord, you know that I have only taken five of the pamphlets to give to T for the printing because though I would like to do them all, I can’t afford to now. Please give me discernment if there are others you would like me to do now.

    I Jesus bless you. I bless T, I bless the works of his hands as well. The numbers you are doing now are adequate; are pleasing to the Lord God. Others will be printed in due course. Be at Peace; be not anxious about these matters. The many who wish, are able to obtain desired information now on the Internet. Even so. There are many who do not attend upon Our Messages on the Internet. Some of these it will be necessary to send the printed Words. Continue to pray for him.

    Lord should I send Your Words to Dr CF. Lord thank you so much for D. He has been so helpful and patient with the website. Should I provide him with a picture for Our website.

    Do so.

    Lord, I had thought it was the full Vision that was to go on the website.

    The murderer of souls [devil] has a way of causing disruption in Our plans.

    Well Lord, You are God; rebuke him!

    Sweetheart your Faith is such that We shall do just that.

    Thank You Lord, for nothing is impossible to You Lord God, especially when we ask Our Mother Mary as well. Mother Mary, Queen of Angels please let the vision flow through.

    Little children, yet again make plans to attend upon Our Lord Jesus at the Shrine. It will be clear of the attacks of the foe.

    Lord We pray for P who are very ill, and close to despair. We have prayed about her before and You promised to heal her. Lord I know that You sometimes mean spiritual and not physical healing, but she is close to despair and she fears that she is dying.

    At the Name of Jesus it is done. Thou art in the Presence of the Living God. The healing is beginning for Heaven hears and blesses and anoints you. Such Faith as this is pleasing to your God. Beloved, as you greet P, manage to lay your hand on her, proclaiming, in Jesus Name be healed.

    Lord, may I please ask You also to let P know her Guardian Angel’s name if it pleases you to give her his name Lord.

    The Angel names himself “Enthroned Love,” and Archangel St Raphael will be attendant upon P with you as you lay your hand upon her.

    Lord please help us to thank you enough. Lord, I pray for a young man called J who is Your Creation and a beautiful soul Lord, but not yet baptised.

    The Lord Your God is working miracles of Love on the Earth now. All those who carry Love of neighbour in their heart, obtain this Love from the Living God, and thus the Living God calls them His Own and brings them to Himself. Such is the Mercy of your God! Thank You God.Lord could J also know the name of his guardian angel? Overwhelm him with your Love Lord so that he runs into Your arms. Mediatrix of all Graces please pray for this intention.

    J’s angel’s name is Reckless Love, which means that God will risk all to Love him; and not only will I risk all, but I have already risked all for Love of him. [by dying on the Cross]. Thank You so much Lord. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy. Blessed be God forever.

    Discernment/petition prayers. November 18th 1998.

    Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your Well-beloved Spouse.

    Lord we come before you in prayer for our suffering sister P. Lord, You are the Higher Power. We ask You to be present during these interviews, with Our Heavenly Mother to protect our little sister and to strengthen her, and that Your Justice and Mercy may prevail. We pray also for the interviewers.

    Angels are singing’ Fill me up...’ Lord we ask all the angels and saints in Heaven, with Our Heavenly Mother Mary, to pray with us. We pray the Memorare. Amen .

    Jesus says; “ Pray thus- Word of God, Have Mercy on us .” x3

    Our Lord will help me find a way to give this to her. And thank You for giving me the prayers for St Dymphna last night.

    I am the Lord Your God; I gaze upon you in tender and merciful Love. My precious little ones, you are My Delight, and I am blessing you in a profound anointing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy, as ever, for I am yours and you are Mine; and I bless the little one with a measure of fortitude, that she will withstand courageously all that is being done. Indeed, We open a door that you may be encouraged to ask her to read Holy Scripture. The Psalms are ever- powerful in helping and consoling in the Power of the Holy Spirit, My suffering little ones; even those who know Me not, find Peace in the words of the Psalms. Yet, I would have her go further to read at the minimal, the Gospel of St John the beloved, that she too may be freed up from the bonds of satan, sin and death, and soar like an eagle on the wings of Love.

    Thank You Lord. I ask You this a lot but Lord, please could she be told the name of her Guardian Angel?

    The Angels name is “Embracing Light.” We ask you to have her read, or read with her, Psalm 91. Tell her it is written in Holy Scripture, “to those who know Me, lo I am with you always, until the end of time. Tell her, I go before her, I stand beside her, carrying her cross. Should she not wish to hear these comforting Words at this time, it is perhaps better to simply give her the Little New Testament Book, also containing the Psalms. It contains keys as to which of My Words to read in times of distress.

    And when I was at work two hours later I glanced up to a shelf and there was the very book , New Testament and Psalms, that our Lord referred to. I had not seen it in so long that I did not even remember that I had it.

    Oh that all knew Me, but alas, at this time it is not so; yet I am the Good Shepherd.

    Her too I call by name. She is Mine!

    He is asking us to work a miracle of Love by praying Mother’s miracle prayer on behalf of this individual. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be...

    I am Jesus, and I bid you know that Mother and I attend upon this precious soul, and an accompaniment of a goodly number of angels and saints. You are asking in your heart ’what about the man, the perpetrator.’ Yes Lord.

    Wilt thou tell Me that you love Me for those who do not.

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee x3. Like St Mary Magdalen we pray; My Jesus, I weep at Your feet for my sins; My Jesus, I weep at Your feet for the sins of mankind.

    Little children, Thou art blest; continue.

    Lord, I pray also for D who has gone through many years of suffering, lack of justice, lack of mercy, and also is to be dragged into court unjustly. Lord please let this be turned around.

    Little children, with all these suffering souls who are coming before each one of you, be not afraid to invoke the beloved Dymphna of Our Hearts Love. She has a great assignment in the healing of Our suffering little ones.

    And thank You for putting her prayer card into my hand last night .

    For nothing is impossible to your God!

    Lord may I ask you for D’s angel’s name.

    The Angels name is Praise; you may call him Holy Praise.

    Thank you Jesus. Blessed be God in His angels and in his saints. Blessed be the Great Mother of God Mary Most Holy. Blessed be God forever.

    Lord if I do not have any response from G or G I’m concerned about putting the promise on the website without their co-operation or an agreement between us.

    It is well to remember this courtesy to these individuals and their specific positions. One might contact them yet again asking if they have any objections to your using the image you have made which is pleasing to your God, on your website. They should readily agree that it does no harm to say the least; it promotes the very concepts so desired.

    Yes Jesus, but if they do not reply as they have already not, am I to continue?

    Simply write the request to them in a certain tone of urgency that you are ready now to place it on your website and would like, one might say, their blessings upon this. You know that in free will you can do this, but in the Peace of Christ they are owed the courtesy . Lord, what if they didn’t agree?

    Do you believe in Me?

    Yes Lord; they may object to the website without the Ecclesiastical approval.

    Simply write to this effect; It is by Divine Inspiration, My desire to place this image on the website. I would dearly appreciate your, agreement, blessing, acknowledge- ment, etc that this is not undesirable to you, and may indeed be helpful to Our Cause. This is not a decree to write, but simply a suggestion, to pray and write your own individual letter in your own fashion. Ask that it may be acknowledged early, that you may continue in what you are doing in My Name. Then trust Me little children, pray and trust Me.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord, I love You; thank You for always being so close and so available when I need You. Lord bless T and bless D, as they complete this picture and load it onto the website. Glory be... In Jesus Name is our Victory. Thy Will be done.

    I love You my beloved Jesus; I love You more than myself. Would that I may love You always and then do with me what You will, though the Immaculate Heart of Mary Our beautiful Mother.

    Jesus sings : Somewhere, over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that we dare to dream really do come true. Wow! Thank You Lord.

    Lord, it is time for us to pray for Your Providence upon us because I have to pay for the printing and the website etc. Lord, Thy Will be done.

    My little ones, busy as the proverbial bees, be at Peace. I am your God Who Loves you. I Jesus attend upon the matters of providing as you do My Work, for the workman is worthy of his hire is it not written? Yes Jesus. Be not anxious therefore. I continue to remind My little ones that anxiety obstructs the free flow of graces. My little children, therefore be at Peace, I take care of you each one, in a magnificent manner . You are precious. I remind you, since that you are surrendered in like manner to all the saints, you are as small princesses; small sisters of your Jesus, and worthy to be attired as royal princesses. This does not mean your physical clothing and material objects, but with a hallowed anointing of graces and blessings from your God. Here, in these blessings, come the needed financial assistances that will see you through all that I call you to experience, and I bless you profoundly, showering you with Gifts of Love as well. Therefore, walk ever in Faith as thou art taught little ones; trusting your Jesus, and be not surprised at all that occurs over the next short period of time. Rejoice in Love and be at Peace.

    Before Our Lord called us princesses I had a visualisation of Solomon and the lilies of the field. We are the children of the King and have been feeling our Lord’s Love most intensively over the last few days.

    Prayers for M in response to his letter, received on November 17th 1998.

    November 18th. Feast of dedication of Sts Peter and Paul Churches.

    M’s Birthday/ Christmas present for the 19th November.

    Lord, I pray for Your Words for M, and I thank you so much for the opportunity, that he wrote to ask.

    The Mother of God is in attendance. Son of faithfulness, I am your Heavenly Mother, the Queen of angels and all saints, and in the Power of the Holy Spirit I bless you. Son of faithfulness, My mantle is ever about you. In the Power of the Holy Spirit it is so. You were given to Me by Our Lord Jesus at the foot of the Cross of Calvary, and so I am your Mother, for I am Mother of all! Thus I am ever attendant upon you precious child, caressing you, blessing you, consoling you, drying your tears, teaching you.

    The Fountain of Life, the power of the Holy Spirit is yours, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are yours, and are well utilised prayerfully by you My precious son, and the blessings flow. Your great Guardian Angel is ever attendant upon you. His name is Passion; you may call him Holy Passion. Yes indeed, there is a double message here which you will understand in time for angels are messengers of God.

    Now I hold you to My Heart immersing you in the depth of My Heart of Love, in the Wellspring of Love, and as I am depicted holding the Christ child, so I hold thee, and the river of Light flows forth from Glory in the Power of the Holy Spirit, surrounding you, as ever, in the Light of Christ Jesus, our Lord, Who is ever attendant upon you; indeed goes before you; and in the river of Light flow the necessary blessings, graces, Heavenly assistance, which will carry you moment by moment, step by step, day by day, throughout your Faith journey. Little children, it is just that-a Faith journey, for each one of you is called to walk always in Faith and hope and trust and Love, in patient perseverance. It is the only way.

    I Jesus remind you that I AM the Way, and thou art My brother, part of the Family, the Family of God, of Bethlehem, of Nazareth, the great Family of Peace which I am building upon the Earth now and you are called to be a part of it. I Jesus, your Jesus of Merciful Love, walk ever beside you carrying your cross, holding you to My Heart -loving you.

    All the testings and trials you experience are united with My Passion, and I take any and all sufferings upon Myself, uniting with them in My Wounds and they are no more.

    Go joyfully forward in My Light, My Love, My Peace each God given moment . Continue making good plans for your tomorrows, they are in the Hands of your God Who Loves you most tenderly, most totally and most eternally, and desires only that for your good. Thou art strengthened now to a yet greater fortitude, for We have much to do together. As We speak I am infilling you with My Love, My Peace, My Joy.

    Thou art named son of faithfulness, son of God and son of Mary. With each naming is a blessing; and thou art named someone Jesus Loves, and someone Mary Loves; never forget it. Pray this small act of Faith and Love, until it is memorised and becomes like unto a song in your heart; “I am someone Jesus loves, I am someone Mary Loves. I am safe in the arms of Jesus, I am safe in the arms of Mary. For son of faithfulness it is true; whenever you call on Our Names prayerfully, We attend upon thee, resolving the concerns of your heart in the Peace of Our Presence, where We wish each of Our Own to always remain. Therefore, at moments of stress, or distress, or temptation, at the onset of angers; all these are not of us. Peace is of us. At those moments take Our Names prayerfully on your lips that you remain always at Peace. Thus We make up the army of Peace on Earth. Peace in the individual heart, Peace in the home, Peace in the small community, peace in the parish. I am weaving together, a seamless garment of Love, out of all the true faithful souls on Earth; a seamless garment encompassing the entire world like unto a great fisher- man’s net. Thus I ask you to be part of this great ministry of healing the Earth unto Our Father in Heaven.

    Son of God, love your Jesus, trust your Jesus and be at Peace, and in your yes to God, I take care of everything else, for you live in the Power of My Peace and My Love, in the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. Do not be afraid to come unto Me prayerfully at the Mass, or Tabernacle, or before the Monstrance in My Presence. Ask of Me what you will, and by Divine Inspiration, I respond to you; besides which, in this one- on -one relationship, My healing Light is radiating out upon you; and in you and through you, to the many. Little children, this is the Way, the key of holiness.

    Mother and I are attendant upon you at each moment of prayerfulness . It is My Desire that on Earth today, the Mother of God be honoured as My Mother, as Queen of Angels and All Saints, as The Woman Clothed with the Sun, the Queen of Peace, the Mediatrix of All Graces. These are not just idle titles little children. They show you the relationship of this Woman with God and with Man. Yes it is said that it is I, am the Intercessor before the Father, but I tell you, My Mother intercedes before Me; My beloved Mother pleads the cause of each child on Earth before Me, and in this Her Immaculate Heart, which is filled with so much Love, there can be no refusal from your God.

    Little children, love My Mother as I Love Her ! She loves you in like manner!

    Peace! I am Jesus, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Thank You Lord.

    May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with you always, beloved M, child of God and child of Mary, be at Peace. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings reigns. Amen.

    Discernment prayers. November 26th 1998.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your Well-beloved Spouse. Lord, we come to discern Your Holy Will regarding the final details of this printing of the Oath Picture.

    Mother blesses you little children in a great anointing of graces in the Power of the Holy Spirit. We bless everyone in your household Faithful Missionary, and We bless T and his people and the works of his hands. Heaven delights in the picture. It is agreed with your discernment to remove much of the green to make it as you desire for We have blest you with an artist’s eye to know clearly how it should be. Is the Cross not rather like the Star of Bethlehem as it is, with the Alpha and the Omega upon it?

    A Blessing is upon this work. It is pleasing to the Living God. Therefore, it is the Lord Who speaks, leave it as it is, rather a symbol not only of the Cross, but of the Star of Bethlehem, for Enlightenment, for Light coming into the world of darkness, that the darkness be no more! Thank You Lord.

    Lord You know that I have not heard from G , this feels like obstruction ; help me to understand my task. Is there something more I should do. All the tasks I cannot pursue are stopped by the lack of recognition by authentic Church Authority. It seems that putting Your Words forward exposes them to ridicule. Lord only You can turn this around. Our Lord reminds us that ,

    Joseph was going door to door looking for accommodation, but We at last gave them the stable of Bethlehem.[Our Lord is very silent with us for a while then He continues].

    They come to Me and they say,“how can this be, how can we turn the world back on its axis. How can these sort of changes be made. Human beings have come this far in the advancement of science, these Messages call us to turn back,whereas this is not the Truth; this is what they are proclaiming. They are as horses, chomping at the bit, ready to run, but in what direction do they will to run? Dear children, you ponder about waiting on the Lord. I bid you, what else can you do? Enticing is the scientific world, leading My people into errors of darkness. Thus I have given you this Message for them. Now you find yourself boxed in as it were. Yes Lord. What would You have me do?

    Even as Joseph went to Bethlehem in obedience, so thou shalt go*! You come to Me.* All that you ask of Me in this matter I give to thee. The Woman Clothed with the Sun shall address you in this matter.

    The virtue of Love is such that I the Virgin Mother of God, bless you child. Each one of you is secure under My great Mantle of Love, in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Many questions little one. My little one, the timing of your arrival * is important. You must conjugate with your arrival in Jerusalem. Therefore make the travel arrangements. They will fall on the dates that Heaven Decrees and I Myself shall attend upon you*. It is not that you would see Me, but that I will direct you in Divine Inspirations as to where to stay and where to seek contact. It is not specific, for you know the enemy has a watchful eye on this Mission and We, the Lord God and your Heavenly Mother, in the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God, shall direct you every step of the journey.

    Mother shall I leave it with P. I want this to be a true pilgrimage every step of the way not just in* Jerusalem.

    Put yourself securely in the Hands of your God and all falls into place. We inspire P as well as yourself. Thank You Lord. Mother wherever You have me stay please help me find a chapel for Adoration.

    How delightful. It shall be so. I bid you recognise your Mother as a doting Mother, who is making all the preparations for you, precious child of God. Little children, each one of you is so surrendered to the Lord God, that you are cherished of the Lord God and your Heavenly Mother, and all that you do is in the Hands of your God. As your Mother I am designated to assist you in this delightful, yet powerful pilgrimage in the Name of Our Lord God.

    Thank You our beautiful Heavenly Mother. Mother should I try one more time with G or should I just leave it now.

    Once you have the specific dates contact him to the effect that you will be there on those dates; in the interim pray for him that he will be open to all that is occurring.

    Does Our Lord wish me to write away for my medical records. Its never occurred to me before.

    It is not essential that you carry it with you, but it is wise to obtain the records as verification to certain aspects of your life, that may come to the fore in the future.

    Is there anything else I should have with me on this pilgrimage.

    As ever, proof of your doctorate.

    Yes Mother. Heavenly Mother as you know I’ve got a letter prepared to the new president proposing this new oath; should I also mention this scroll at this point.

    Indeed send him a letter and a copy of the Scroll for it is our Desire that none of those in key positions can say, “I did not know”. Therefore do so: it is the Lord Who speaks. Those who are open to My Words, should be motivated to say to you, “tell me more, what is this about”and when they do that their learning is enhanced, because you have at your disposal much, much more to give to them. Soon this will be happening with specific individuals. Little one do not be distressed at the slow response. There is an immense store of knowledge in the Information you have been given by your God, which takes man a little time to absorb, and to ponder upon and decide upon. Patience dearest children; patience.

    Little children you are My Own, and you will be buffeted about even as I have been, and even as I am to this very day! Little children, it is part of being part of My Family. My little ones, you are privileged to be as it were, key witnesses to the sorrowing concerns of the Heart of Jesus. Persevere, I am with you, I go before you; I Am your Strength.

    Do you wish me to be there on Sunday Lord.

    Trial by fire; Go! Even as the three men in the fiery furnace, go proclaiming glory to God through it all.

    Lord we shall be there, and the Fire will be the Fire of the Holy Spirit.


    Lord the thought has come back many times that there was a physical healing for M.

    Little children the vaults of Heaven are wide open as We are gathered together here in My Name and Blessings flow upon you and upon all those of your hearts concern. Little children, you ultimately hear of the healings which have occurred as you have prayed with or for other individuals. Be at Peace as you continue walking in Faith. Healings occurred at each time that you prayed for others. Great graces flow as you pray for others.

    [She writes, she speaks as if God Himself were decreeing these things through her. This woman asks us to believe that she is in direct communication with God]--- Our Lord is referring to the disbelieving thoughts of some of the recipients of His Words.

    Lord, I have no answer for them, we don’t know why You have chosen us to speak your Words in and through us, therefore how shall we answer their disbelief Lord?

    Answer them by St Michael, “who is Like unto the Lord; the Lord does as He Wills.”

    Lord, they don’t even ask me; so I don’t have the opportunity to say that.

    I want you to have a letterhead with the three Archangels: Raphael, Gabriel and Michael; just a small one as long as you can tell which one is which.

    Mother holds you to Her Heart; P will do it.

    Glory be.. Thank You Holy Mother. Lord, we get the impression that the healing for C goes step by step with the yes from G to the requests on behalf of this Mission. We pray for G and for the spiritual as well as physical healing for C. I was hoping that for Christmas she goes to confession, and her husband.

    Syntax is restored.[ like clamps came and drew two edges together] Closed is the wound in her soul, closed is the wound in her brain. Do you believe, do you believe!

    Lord we believe; Lord you are so merciful.

    Mother Mary says, ”for nothing is impossible to the Lord.”

    I know we ask a lot Mother but we trust a lot too. May this be one of the miracles that finally gets the FIAMC to believe. Shall we tell this to G and P now Lord?

    Wait on the Lord and let the little ones experience it in the fullness of its unfolding out in their lives. Pray much little children. We do not like to open the Christmas gift before Christmas.

    But it is a Christmas gift; thank you Mother. They are going to be over the moon! It will be wonderful.

    Lord my daughter went to Birmingham on Tuesday. I pray she finds You there in a specific way according to Your Design Jesus.

    The beloved A is in Our Hearts, in Our Love, in Our Light. Things are falling into place according to the Heavenly Design for the little one. It is part of her strengthen -ing and training to walk in patient perseverance, enduring all things as is written in Holy Scripture , so it is for My precious little ones. [Omen is shown a huge white sheet.]

    She is part of the great seamless garment of true faithful souls that I am making, and My plans for her are intended for her, directly for her, clearly known to her, and she steps out in Faith knowing full well it is the Plan of the Living God, for the precious little one. Thank You Lord. Lord, so far we have not seen our visions, and we do not understand. Mother Mary to Omen,

    My daughter you will see Me in Light and splendour as is pledged.

    To me,

    Faithful Missionary, you shall most assuredly see the great Archangel Raphael in an awesome display of the beauty and splendour of your God. The time is not to be revealed to you because of the obvious reason; the spiritual warfare to which you have become accustomed, and of which you are well aware.

    Nov28th Prayer for the people/ priests in South Africa who asked us to pray for them.

    I the Lord your God bless the peoples of Africa, all of Africa; because you have come forth from the area so named South Africa, We address the precious little ones who pray seeking unity with their God. We bless you each and every one, in a profound anointing of Our Love.

    I Jesus am walking beside each one of you little children, carrying your crosses. You feel your crosses at times, but I carry the brunt of your crosses. I Love you; I hold you in My Embrace through all these trials which bring the fruit of perfection to your souls precious, precious children of a merciful and loving God. You are My Army of faithful; My frontline soldiers in these times. I remind you little children, that My Own will be wounded, will be battle-scarred and wearied, but ever-victorious in the Name of Jesus.

    My beloved little ones, I address thee generally in a great anointing of Love; With these Words you receive blessings and graces from your God through the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother, the ever-Virgin Mary, the Mother of all. Even as We speak little children, I am taking the woundedness of each one of you , uniting it in My wounds and it is no more. Little children, the harsh words hurled at you throughout your lifetime will fall on your Jesus like so many whiplashes; they too are no more. Little children, I ask you; do not look back on the sorrows of yesterday, for I have erased them. When you dwell on the sorrows of yesterday you become immobilised spiritually, or mentally or emotionally in some ways you become limited. This is not of Me. I ask you to live each God given moment united with Me, living in My Life, My Light, My Peace, loving those Whom I set about you in Christ-Love. Time is a gift of your God, a healing Gift. Use it well My precious ones.

    Little children, continue to make good plans for your tomorrows; all your tomorrows are in the Hands of your God. God Who loves you most tenderly, most totally and eternally, wants only that which is good for your souls. Be strengthened people of God, I command, and thou art strengthened to a yet greater fortitude, each one; a greater courage, for you live in perilous times as you are well aware. In the Power of the Holy Spirit great strengthenings, great anointings are flowing upon you precious, precious little ones.

    Now is a moment of sweet surrender to Love, as I infill you once again with a profound anointing of My Love and My Peace. It is the Peace of Christ I give to you; the Peace the world cannot give or even comprehend. I am the Prince of Peace. With this My Peace comes also your certain and quiet Joy in the Love of the Lord which is yours My little children, each one of you. Dearest children of a merciful and loving God, I remind you that you are My Own by virtue of your Baptisms. You are in the world, but not of the world for you belong to Me, you are My Own. Therefore do not concern yourselves unduly with all that is happening in the world, at this time of Chastisement it has to be; but since you are My Own , you are safe in Me. Little children I remind you that My own are safe in Me whether they are yet in the battle on Earth or in their purifications in Purgatory, or have attained the Glory of Heaven; they are My Own and I take care of My Own, I am the Good Shepherd. Therefore little children, take and hold the Hand of your Jesus in Spirit and Truth, and take and hold the Hand of Our Beloved Mother as We walk beside Saint Joseph, Guardian of the Holy Family of God, through all the hills and valleys of this life journey, through all the trials, walking always in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love, in patient perseverance, enduring all things little children, this is the only way. This is My Way; indeed I am the Way, the Truth, the Life and I light your Way, for you are My Own little brothers and sisters and precious to My Heart. You are part of My Family; the great Family of God, of Bethlehem and of Nazareth; the great Family of Peace, which I weave as an army upon the Earth. Indeed I weave the souls of the true faithful together as a great seamless garment covering the whole Earth, as a vast Fishermans net that indeed none of My Own be lost.

    Little children you are beseeched by many lies being disseminated by our foe the liar, the master of illusion. Be not deceived, I am with you. I am with you in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity; in the Blessed Sacrament the Holy Eucharist, in the written Word. When you are beseeched, come to Me. Seek healing at the Mass; seek healing in My Presence in the Tabernacle, in the Monstrance. Seek healing by prayerfully invoking My Spirit as you read Holy Scripture; by pondering on My Life and Mother’s Life on Earth in the Rosary. All these means are given to you that you stay secure in My Presence. I am Jesus, Eternal Victor; I remind you I have already won the Victory over satan, sin and death. Little children, you have only to win the victory over self. Little children, since I am with you always, and Mother is with you, as well as a vast entourage of angels and saints, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, you cannot fail, you are My Own.

    The angels are singing Come and worship, Royal Priesthood, Come and worship ,Holy Nation. Worship Jesus, our Redeemer, He is Risen, King of Glory.

    My daughters, My daughters, all that you ask is being heard in Heaven. Little children, united with your brothers and sisters of South Africa, so long a distance in Earth miles from you, and yet united as one in the Hearts of Our Lord Jesus, and Myself, your Mother , your prayers ascend into the Presence of the Father Who is pleased with such Love that knows no boundaries, and Blessings are flowing upon My suffering children of South Africa, and because of their Faith and your own Faith, fall on many other areas of the Earth as well.

    She is saying, My soul magnifies the Lord.. Little children your prayers offered through My Heart are presented to the Father and in great Joy His Blessings come upon you. The enemy , the accuser of man, is always attempting to make you seem unworthy of Our God and of His Love, and yet when you Love such as this little children, living the Great Commandments of Love to the utmost, your worthiness is known, recognised and cherished by the Living God, and by Me your Mother of all. Little children , it is to rejoice in this wonderful, wondrous Love of the Living God upon his beloved Humanity, the Works of His Hands.

    Little children, precious children, I learned My Motherhood then as I was rearing the Christ child, and in that Motherhood I embrace each one of you. I am always with each one of you. It is I Who weep with you at times, and I dry your tears, I comfort you, I console you, caressing you, blessing you as a doting Mother; that’s Who I am. My darling children, all of you are safe under My Mantle of Love; in the Power of the Holy Spirit it is so; and I remind you , that each and every one of you is gifted, by Our Merciful and Loving God, with a magnificent Guardian Angel for you alone dear child. This angel attends upon you while yet attending upon the living God; such is the power of angels and his attendance upon you is too hold you safe on the pathway of holiness designated to you by Our God . The Guardian Angel is ever promptly in obedience to the Father and is ever whispering Divine Inspirations to your conscience, to your mind.

    Recognise your Guardian angel morning and evening prayerfully, and invoke your guardian angel for his assistance at any time of night or day. Little children he is there for you alone. I address each one of you thus. Now, in My great Maternity, I hold each one of you to My Heart, as I am depicted holding the Christ child, so I hold thee dear child each one. As I hold you, I immerse you in the Wellspring, in the depth of My Heart of Love; and the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Living God, is anointing you now in that great river of Light which ever pours forth from the Throne of Godhead, and this Light surrounds you. It is the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is ever with you and going before you little children; as is told to you in Holy Scripture, so it is; and in this river of Light pours forth the necessary graces, blessings, anointings which will carry you each dear child, day by day, moment by moment , step by step throughout your Faith Journey. The Love of the Lord is profoundly upon you dear little ones, I bid you continue to hold the Name of Our Jesus ever sacred on your Lips. It denotes His very Presence, indwelling your heart and soul and mind, thus you stay always in His sheltering Love and all goes according to Heavens plans for you.

    Jesus is speaking.

    The priests of this great nation of South Africa, I bless to be priests forever in the order of Melchizedek, like unto Me, Jesus; sons of God, sons of Mary, sons of faithfulness, My brother priests, I bless you in so profound a Blessing that you cannot fail to experience My very Presence, and most particularly during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Know that I am with you as is written in Holy Scripture. I bid you remember that each Mass is for the healing of My people. Recognise each Mass as a healing Mass. I am Jesus your Physician, your Counsellor, your Redeemer, and I am ever present to you. I continue to call,”feed My lambs, feed My sheep.” Sons of God, you know well that you are living at this time in a Love-starved world, yet I call you as well as all the truly faithful flock, to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in outreaching healing Love for My suffering little ones. Do not be dismayed that some may still be resentful or defiant, or in any way obstructed; Love them, Love them anyway with My Healing Love and you will see them grow like a small budding plant that comes at last into sunlight. They grow and flourish and bloom and bear fruit and Heaven rejoices . Bless any and all therefore in My Merciful Love and wait

    on the Lord.

    Yes little children today you are both the seedplanters, and the harvesters, for there are so few of you, and so many to tend. Yet I am with you more powerfully than ever, for the Holy Spirit is upon the Earth now, in a profound anointing of Love as the Mother, My Mother, your Mother, remains visiting the Earth yet a time, calling all the children of God back to repentance and Salvation.

    I Will to hold each of My Own in My Embrace of Love and it shall be so; and yet it shall be so through you, My faithful priesthood on whom I am bestowing blessings and graces in the River of Light. I name each one of you who receive this Message responding to My call of Love with an open heart, child of faithfulness, child of God and child of Mary, beloved of Jesus, beloved of Mary. I give to My little ones every one, this small act of Love. Pray it until it is a song in your Heart; until it becomes like a passport to walk anywhere on the Earth, for the Earth is the Lords, and the fulness thereof, and you are My Own, and to bring you ultimately into the Glory of My Presence in Heaven. It is easy enough for the youngest child to learn, and powerful enough to bring you into the Sanctuary of the Hearts that Love you so!

    I am someone Jesus Loves, I am someone Mary Loves. I am safe in the Arms of Jesus, I am safe in the Arms of Mary.”

    When you invoke Our Names prayerfully we attend upon you, resolving the concerns of your heart, in the Peace of Our Presence where We wish you always to remain. Therefore little children, at moments of stress or distress, when fear, hatred, anger, anxiety; any of these emotions, temptations rise up in your hearts; before you speak out words you may regret, or take any action which is not prudent, firstly pray this prayer, calling on Us, that you remain always in Our Peace. There must be Peace in each human heart and in each home and in each parish, then the Peace of Christ will spread like wild fire, throughout the world. In the Power of the Holy Spirit it is so; and it shall be so!

    Little children, pray much; your prayers are pleasing to the Lord your God. Remember little children, that Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. It is always Our Desire to say yes to Our precious little ones. Even so it must be according to the Fathers great Design, and be for the good of the souls concerned, and it is always contingent upon the free will of those for whom you pray. Therefore persevering prayer is so essential.

    Little children, Love your Jesus and trust your Jesus in all things, and in this your ‘yes’ to Love, I the Lord God AM Love; I take care of everything else, for you live in the Power of My Peace and My Love; in the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. I remind you My people: this is the greatest Power in all Creation, for all Creation is Mine, it is the Works of My Hands. When you pray uniting with your Jesus, Who is both God and Man, this My Power comes upon you as the needed blessings, graces, providences, to carry you every moment of your life. I reiterate, be not afraid, I am with you always!

    Our Lord requested that we sing what He calls a strengthening Hymn for his precious children of South Africa. “This day God gives me strength of high Heaven...”Glory be to the Father... May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always; beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace, Jesus Christ the King of Kings reigns. Amen.

    Discernment/Petition Prayers. 3rd December 1998.

    Act of contrition. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse.

    Peace! I am with you little children. I am the Living God come down from Heaven. I am your Jesus of Merciful Love. Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Jesus, we come first of all to pray for Fr H, that he be enlightened and converted to read and believe your Holy Words, and for all priests to be “priests like You in the order of Melchisedek.” We plead urgently that he and others around him stop opposing Your Holy Mission by words written and spoken and by deeds of opposition , preventing the Catholic physicians of this Archdiocese from becoming aware of Your Holy Words, for the good of all souls concerned Lord.

    The Mother sa lutes you precious children, be at Peace. You are living in the time of great trial, of great chastisement which is upon the earth, for the works of iniquity flowing through many people who profess to be serving Almighty God but “au contre, ` they are doing the opposite, is known to God, is very evident to the Lord God. No deceit occurs before Him Who reads the hearts and souls and minds of men.

    Thank You Mother for speaking to us and we ask a blessing on all Your priests. In and through Your Immaculate Heart , we plead for recognition for these Holy Words that they no longer be put in doubt Mother.

    Mother holds you fast. We wish to commend you little children for your patient perseverence in spite of all the odds which as you say in your language, are stacked against you.

    Thank You Mother Mary we know that the strength and perseverence and fortitude is a gift from Heaven.

    Healing Love is upon you little children.

    Thank you Jesus we can feel that ! [ Our Lord shows that They see us bruised and upbraided by these un-Christian attacks and They are comforting us.] Lord tell us how best to pray for Father.

    Divine Mercy!

    Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have Mercy on him and on the whole world. Jesus, we trust in You. X3. Still an obstruction, so we pray rebukes.

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and in union with the whole Heavenly Court, we command you all demons from hell, go now before Jesus the Just Judge and answer; great and glorious is the Lord our God.

    At once begin to praise God! We sing” Holy God we praise Thy Name.”

    Lord we praise you and bless You and thank You for casting out this obstruction.

    The vaults of Heaven are wide open as the blessings flow upon you little children, and graces to carry you through these trying times. Little children, you are called to persevere, enduring all things in the Name of your Jesus. Remember little children, I am with you My precious little ones, and it shall be ever thus. You are protected and armed with circumscribing angels about each one of you and about your loved ones. With regard to the priesthood which is called to be holy; those who are My Own shall remain ever faithful to Me throughout these times of trial and testing; those who are lukewarm shall suddenly have a change of heart and come unto Me at last, or they shall be lost forever from Me.

    Lord You said “You would that none of Your own be lost.” We claim this for Father and for all other priests in similar situation, that he recognise Your Hand in the Words and in the Oath. Lord I know I have to persevere and get Your Words to the other physicians in spite of this opposition. Please show me the way to write to them all in the Spirit of Love. Please help me with discernment about what to say to each of the doctors so that they want this Christian Oath and want to join the FIAMC and be part of the international community of Catholic doctors. We cannot bring about unity with the Christian physicians who must get the Words next, if there is no union and action from us, the Catholic physicians. They must become aware of Your Mission Lord.

    Little children, I the Lord bless you each one. In each of your Missions you are blest in a profound manner. Even as We speak a profound anointing in the Power of the Holy Spirit is being poured forth upon you and upon your works. These Missions shall not fail for each one of them is the Desire of the Heart of your Jesus and it shall be so. Conjoined, united with your Jesus, all goes according to Heaven’s Design. Peace! It is unfolding as I Desire. My little ones, prevail, endure. Precious little ones, I strengthen your endurance and your patience.

    Lord, is it your Will that I write to each physician with the picture of the Oath and the Promises in the context of the Holy Father’s Tertio Millennio Adveniente?

    Indeed, do just that! Brevity is one key for you know as a physician yourself that there is no end of reading materials for the physician, and in today’s world of proliferation of reading materials there is no end even for the lay person. The Oath as it is drawn up will captivate their eyes and they shall read it indeed with the brief accompanying letter with reference to the internet; it shall be so. I Myself will assist you in writing the covering letter; be at Peace, it is done!

    Thank You Lord; the timing of that mailing, should it be now or early January.

    Prepare it now and mail it in the first week of January. Since you are surrendered to Me I inspire you to all these thoughts in you.

    I know Jesus and Your thoughts are so beautiful ! The committee will hear of the Oath through the new president whom I have written, so I won’t send them letters individually.

    It is agreed then to do it in this manner.

    Thank You Lord. I pray most sincerely that all the physicians who read this letter will come to the meeting and vote that this is the Oath they want so that the committee cannot refuse them when they choose You Lord.

    Then write such inspirational words in the letter.

    Oh... yes Lord, it will be in the letter. Stand up for Jesus; lift high the Cross.

    Lord since I will be away at the time of the meeting please inspire me to know who to ask to propose and to second the motion proposing this Oath.

    J is ideal. Thank You Lord. Maybe M if he is willing to come.

    Invoke the Name of the Lord and call M and attend upon his response.

    The song of Archangel Michael’s sword is attendant upon this meeting.

    [Clashing of swords in the spiritual warfare.]

    Thank You Lord for introducing the other two archangels into this Mission.

    The angels denote the power of God’s Presence [Gabriel], the Medicine of God Raphael], and the Heavenly assistance at this Mission of Love to mankind [Michael].

    St Michael will down the serpent at the meeting and the Lord’s Oath will be victorious?


    I will give J the big beautiful Oath picture to show at the meeting. Lord Your guidance is very much needed for the placement of the Angels.

    Mother blesses you. The one who attends at the meeting is Archangel Michael, for he is ever waging war upon the serpent on behalf of Almighty God, proclaiming, “ who is like unto God, and of what purpose is the serpentine image in the healing of God’s people?

    Thank You Heavenly Mother, Queen of all Angels. Mother you know the tentative plans for my itinerary. Please help confirm that all is according to Our Lord’s Design.

    Beloved be at Peace, thou art accompanied by the great Archangel Raphael himself and a powerful cohort are round about you, and all goes according to Heaven’s Design. [Raphael is patron of travellers and fortunate meetings.]

    Mother holds you fast; would you pray for C?

    Yes Mother. Lord God most high we praise you and thank you and bless you for G and P and C, and also for MB, one of Jesus’ Own faithful teachers Lord, for they are wondrously made by God Our Creator. We pray for healing both spiritual and physical and in all aspects of their being Lord. Thank You Holy Mother for reminding me to pray for them.

    Jesus says: “Let it be so; I attend upon these two individuals Myself. I am Your Jesus of Merciful Love. Do you believe, do you believe?

    Yes Lord we believe. Please give us more Faith. Lord we believe that you are there with each one of them and that these afflictions are cast out by Your Holy Presence.

    Lord we pray for J in her prolonged and very difficult situation. Lord come quickly to her aid, hold her securely in Your Providence for she belongs to You Lord and give success to the works of her hands. Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces and Queen of Peace we pray, in Jesus’ Name J be healed, be anointed in the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

    We are given Revelation. Is it something she is to read in Revelation, or is this a revelation to J?

    Now we are given,” Hear Oh Lord the sound of my cry, hear oh Lord and have Mercy.”

    Little children, your prayers are pleasing to your God, and therefore, in conjunction with J’s own prayers We attend upon her. A resolution is at hand even as We speak. We are consoling her in an anointing of Our Peace. Both I your Jesus and Our Mother, are attendant upon her. Turbulent is the world in which you are living little children, yet I take care of My Own. It is so for J. Be comforted, I am with you always. Little children, even when things look very dark or bleak I am with you, and a sudden Enlightenment is yours and release is yours. Little children continue in all Faith. By Faith is the Victory won, by Faith are the miracles wrought.

    Thank You Jesus. May I please ask you to give J her Guardian Angel’s name.

    The name is Holy Key.

    Thank You Lord. This has to do with the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus and Our Heavenly Mother we pray now in thanksgiving for Fr H’s speech. I hope I am not reading more into it than was intended. But how can it be that two priests receiving exactly the same Words come out with such opposite reactions?

    Mother is blessing you child. The beloved Fr H is a delight to Almighty God and to your Heavenly Mother. He is anointed by God in a unique and unusual fashion in His relationship with the Living God, and the Graces flow. Would that it were so for his brother priests. It is not so for each one. They need come before the Lord on bended knee and surrender in all abandonment to Love and to the Will of the Living God; therefore little children, persevere in praying for the priesthood. Little children, all your prayers are heard and those for the priesthood, acclaim the Faith of the Apostles to this very day! Many true faithful are praying for the holy priesthood.

    I remind you little children, that when you are praying for the holy priesthood, you are praying for the continued Presence of the Holy Eucharist on Earth which the enemy is busily attempting to stop. Woe to the earth were that to happen, but you have Our Lord and Saviour’s Pledge; He is with us to the end of time and the gates of hell shall not prevail. The enemy busies himself as he is running out of time, to no avail. Indeed the Victory is already won in the Name of Jesus Our Lord.

    Thank You Blessed Mother.

    Mother blesses you child. Father H knows Truth, and understands that it is just as you have noted, even as it is with Omen. In obedience to superiors, visionaries are kept at arms length. Those, even those who believe.

    Those physicians who are willing to promote the new Oath, will need a priest to work with us, to unite with the Christian Physicians Lord.

    Raphael will guide me through the path in Rome and I will come back with something.

    Did not Raphael come back with the funds that were owed, he healed and he disposed of the demons. But he came back with the money, the Providence.

    I trust You Lord for all I need.

    As you walk the Via Dolorosa on My behalf, I will work the needed releases here in this our Mission of Love.

    Lord You will be with me and with them. We will never fathom the depth of You.

    Jesus, I would like to place the “Reflections” summary of the Mission in the front of the booklet because it explains both the Oath picture and the Mission and it will help with the understanding of the individual discernment prayers. Does that please you Lord?

    It is pleasing to the Lord Your God.

    And of the Oath Picture?

    It is indeed delightful.

    I am now ready to bless these works profoundly. Immediately after the Christmas celebration begin to mail them out. We are with you. The virtue of Love is such that thou art called to a great Mission on behalf of your God. I remind you again, indeed I have moulded you and fashioned you and strengthened you for this Mission. Even as St Paul was trained in all the Holy Scriptures and well educated in the Faith before he became one of My Own, he was thus prepared for his Mission with a sound basis, each one of you have been prepared to become the individuals that you are now in these works of Love. It is I the Lord God Who does it. You are profoundly blest in all that you do in My Name.

    Thank You Lord. Thank You Mother. Macula non est in te...

    Discernment Prayers. [Feast of St Ambrose.] December 7th 1998.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse.

    I am Jesus and I am attendant upon you little children.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will. Oh Holy Spirit, beloved of our souls, we adore Thee; enlighten us, guide us, strengthen us, console us; make us know and only do Your Will in this matter with Ken.

    Mercy Gate Mission, the Mercy Gate of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is wide open, pouring forth blessings on you little children, and not only on you but on all those whom you carry in your heart on this eve of the great Feastday, blessings are flowing. They have accrued through the prayers of you and such as you little ones and pour forth now magnified before the Lord by your Mother. Thus multiplied as they come back down. Seek solace in the two Hearts little children, when you are under oppression as thou Omen has been this day. [Mother says she is holding Omen to her Heart and an angel is stroking her head because of her headache.] Thank You Mother.

    Dear little ones, it is I thy Jesus Who speaks. In the matter of the healing of Ken, let it be ongoing. Healing Love is ever flowing upon him.

    Lord we pray for an increase in Faith, for all of us around Ken and praying for him. Forgive us our doubt, and may he be healed for the glory of Your Name and the conversion of many; we ask You in and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Mother blesses you child, Mother blesses you child.

    Thank You our beautiful Heavenly Mother.

    Beautiful children, beautiful little souls, ever kneeling and praying before the Lord our God, blessings flow in you and through you.

    Ken is named, it is the Lord Who speaks, Ken is named “the one who knows a miraculous healing”, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. The healing is begun.

    Lord should someone lay hands on him?

    Indeed little children, lay hands on one another unhesitatingly in My Name, for a headache, for anything; just bless your brothers and sisters, for each one who knows Me with a sincere heart is gifted with a measure of healing Love, for I dwell in that heart and from that heart of Love the healing blessings flow, spiritually, and as you well know, mentally, emotionally, and physically and providentially, in every aspect of their being ; yes sexually, for these matters that come to the fore now in these times, they are not of Me; for you know well that sexuality is a clean gift from God. Were it used thus there would not be so many problems on earth. I assist you little children in the blessing, the cleansing, the purifying of the many. Hosts of angels attend upon you and a goodly number of saints. Saint Ambrose is indeed attendant here at this Shrine of the Mercy Gate of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Precious little ones prevail; you know well that you are all, each and every one called, to walk in Faith and to step out with a spiritual boldness in Faith, that the healings occur.

    We prayed for Mr H and for many other people that we have or have not prayed for before and for the lack of a priest for their parish please Lord.

    I Myself shall give testimony to Ken, and to the people of that community. I Myself attend upon Ken. Our Lord shows us that He puts His Hand out to Ken to steady him as he takes his first steps. I remind you little children once again of the Japanese Faithful who remained faithful for generations until My priests were permitted to return to them and they recognised them. Continue little children, when there are no priests available to study Holy Scripture, to pray the prayers, to live the Traditions of the people of God, to proclaim Faith of our Fathers and persevere; this is what Faith is about, and prayerfully heeding the Divine Inspirations ever flowing round about you.

    Little children, when you pray with Omen and she captures the Words of Love flowing freely upon you in the Light of Christ, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, through the Love of the Blessed Virgin Mary, these Words do not stop when Omen leaves you or you leave her; they are ongoing ; flowing upon you, and thus you absorb then as Divine Inspirations and are just having thoughts to do the Will of the Father. In your surrender to the Will of the Living God it is so. Your ‘yes’ is accepted like unto the Mother of God’s yes; like unto Joseph’s holy and humble yes, and the blessings flow, the graces flow.

    Little children, do not be fearful of poverty. Many of the great saints willingly chose poverty over riches that they might be closer to the Living God. Fear not poverty, embrace any and all that is given to you by your God. Little ones you know well that My Heart is with My poor little ones. The rich maintain themselves in a pampered array of riches not sharing with the needy and yet as you pray giving Glory to God, I bless you little ones with anointings, blessings, providences which

    carry you moment by moment throughout your Faith journey. In this abandonment to Love, I the Lord God Am Love, the blessings flow.

    This is the Faith walk each one of you is called to. Little children live joyfully and peacefully, all that comes upon you each moment of each day. Little children, in your rejoicing in Our Love despite the needed sacrifices, great blessings and healings and graces, come upon My people, the people of God. Little children, do you love Me?

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those, who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Thanksgiving for the healing gifts in advance of their receipt is delightfully pleasing to the Lord Your God Who indeed has said, ask believing it is done and it is already done, for when you ask it is done in Heaven and it is already before Our Eyes in Heaven once the Lord has acceded to Your prayer requests. Thus , as you praise Him in advance these prayers are magnified, and fall back as graces upon the needy upon Earth. It is a reciprocal Love between God and Man, and Man and God; which is accomplished in Jesus Our Lord.

    Our Lord in Your Mercy through our Mother of Graces, Queen of all angels, many need to ask the Name of the Guardian Angels. We are asked to pray Hail Holy Queen[ Salve Regina]

    The Virgin Queen of Angels bids thee know that the Guardian Angels Name, is

    Ken; “Redemptive Love.

    Les; His angel is from the Archangel Gabriel’s choir and simply names himself “Announcement” {Holy Announcement}

    Marcia; The angel names himself ‘Sweet Solace”

    Candy ; The angel is “Loves Lilies.”

    Connie; “Gift, Gift of Roses” [Our Lady of Guadalupe’s roses?]

    Sun; His angels name is Consoling Word.

    (It was like Omen saw Scripture being written) Thank You Jesus and thank You Our Heavenly Mother. [We are to pray Psalm 51 three times during the noon hour Dec 8th-hour of grace, we are reminded.]

    Dear Lord I ask discernment of Your Holy Will for me in regard to M’s request that I write on the matter of organ transplantation and ‘brain death’ in response to the politicians request. Jesus says:

    We comply with the request My dearest one for We are at war. It is also a word battle in this warfare for the minds, the scientific minds involved in this. Ultimately the common people, those who are sufficiently literate and aware, will become involved in this fray as well . The enemy is using as you know, every means at its disposal to defeat all that is holy on this Earth; therefore persevere little children.

    ( He is showing us St Michael all around me with his sword destroying the enemy). Thank You Lord.

    As you know Lord, M cannot be there for the meeting . I feel I should just pray for J and let him decide who to ask to second the motion.

    J is anointed, by Your God, on a mission in unison with yours now. Hold him always in your heart and in your prayers for of course the enemy is there; the resistance is there. Man is not ready, not

    accepting change readily as you well have noticed, and yet in persevering prayer , the change occurs.

    Little children the Blessing is on all who partake in this great Mission for the correction of the pathway of the scientific world. (Omen sees a vision of the pathway veering back where it should be.) Thank You Jesus, may Thy Holy Will be done; may we all find Your path really quickly. Lord are You pleased with the two letters now ready regarding the Oath, or should I change them in any way.

    That which you have written is pleasing to the Lord your God for it is indeed by direct Divine Inspiration and I am with you every step of the way My little one, My precious little one.

    Thank You My Saviour ; I pray for all at the executive meeting on the 9th that all will be open to this Oath because of the words of our Holy Father and the Archbishop, even if they are resistant to the Words of the Mission Lord.

    Be at Peace, all is in the Hands of your Saviour Who desires the conversion of the physicians, a profound conversion like unto a U-turn in their thinking. You know well this is not readily acceded to by the many. It is a slow process, an ongoing process; it is in the time-frame which I the Lord God Desire. Be at Peace.

    Lord I pray that all the physicians involved directly in “brain death” and organ harvesting that at least they have enough concern for Your Will and Your Holy Words, before they declare anybody brain dead and take their organs out.

    All Life is sacred, human Life; a Gift from the Living God. The Faith journey is given to each life as it enters earth and that soul is so precious to the Lord your God, it is given time on earth in the journey of Salvation, to find Me the Living God. As you well know many do not find Me except in suffering and trial, whether the affliction is spiritual or physical or providential, in some manner in their testing, in their formation, in their coming back to Me with all their hearts, a specific frame of time is essential. Sometimes it is brief, but sometimes it is prolonged; for each individual created is unique and each one is given a time to die!

    That I know well what each scientific mind which shuns Me is doing; does not excuse them. That I see My Plans for individuals altered, refuted, denied, and yet in patient perseverence with My beloved Humanity, I am yet continuing, that they come at last to Enlightenment. It is not different than the pagan rituals of throwing individuals off the cliffs to their deaths, or into volcanos or mutilated on altars; it is the fruit of healing will gone awry. Persevere little children in all faithfulness.

    We love them and we pray for their souls Lord; we pray for the strengthening of the priesthood to guide us in these times.

    Some are reluctant at this point in time to deal with the grave consideration at hand in Our Letters. Forbearance daughter. Yes Lord, please give us strength to persevere.

    Lord this is a bold request but since You have already read my heart, I will put it in words. Lord, if it be Your Will, I pray that these Words become known and accepted, in the Vatican even by the Holy Father, that an approval and acceptance take place even before I get there.

    You are accompanied by an entourage of Heavenly beings; the beloved St Therese` of the Child Jesus, by the great Archangels Gabriel, Raphael and Michael, by Mother, and by Myself, for this is a Mission of great import to the Lord your God. I open the doors! You might make one further attempt to write to your contact in the Vatican; ask him, if he is unable to see you, if he would give you over to another. Do that child of God.

    Thank You Jesus, I will write to him one more time. If I still do not hear from him, do I just go with the Oath and the Holy Words.

    Go carrying it with you and in the unlikely event that you do not access the beloved John Paul you may send it to him while you are there.

    Thank You Jesus.

    Lord I pray again for direction for my daughters and Your Providence. Do You want me to sell my home.

    A Love such as this is little known on Earth. I bless you. Great graces come upon you little one. Enlightenment is given directly to thee and directly to each child. Pray as you do and act. You are thus inspired by the Power of Holy Spirit and through your Guardian Angels to be doing the Will of God. Because of your abandonment to God it is so. You are ever in the Hands of the Living God who wants only that which is good for you, for your souls little ones. You live in perilous times, yet you are safe in Me. Sanctuary is in the Two Hearts of Love. You will know exactly what to do and how to do it. Therefore you are called once again to walk in Faith, Hope, Trust, Love, patient perseverence; sweethearts it is the only Way.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord You know I’m trying to get the booklet arranged according to your Holy Will. I’m still struggling with the final details. I can’t make a separate booklet with the pamphlets because I can’t afford to do it.

    I am your Sponsor and I give you the Providence. Your benevolent Father Who knows all your needs is profoundly attendant upon you little ones. Such Faith as has been demonstrated by each one of you, is so pleasing. Your Lord bends His Head and His Ear and listens to all your pleas and the blessings flow.

    Mother holds you safe under the great mantle. Make the booklets according to your thoughts having prayed well before hand. Of course they are according to God’s Will therefore. Mother reminds you that the great artists who did all the art in the Vatican prayed and acted and made objects of magnificent beauty; and you do it little children in Word- pictures for the people of today. Continue in this manner little blessed ones. A day will come when you will understand what you have done in the Name of Our Lord. A magnificent task has been assigned to you little children from a disparate world, brought together in the Name of Our Lord Jesus to work a unique Mission of Divine Love, on behalf of the beloved Humanity. Trust little children, trust in Him Who Loves you so tenderly.

    The angels around us are singing, “ Put your hand in the Hand of the Man Who calmed the waters”... Salve Regina .When we started singing, it was like a pitcher of graces pouring forth upon us, and as the song progressed it became a great watering can of graces pouring forth.

    Discernment Prayers. 14th December 1998.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your Well -beloved Spouse. Lord we come to pray for discernment of Your Holy Will in relation to Your priests in carrying out Your Missions. Demonic Interference. Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be... Still obstructed so we pray rebukes. In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory and the Victory of our Missions. Lord hear our prayer.

    Sorrow and pain are the lot of those who do not believe you little children. It is the Lord Your God Who speaks! Little children, you live in a time great of peril for all mankind. Dear children you, each one of you is aware of this; but few on Earth are aware of the imminent danger which is upon them. Their understanding is darkened in these times, for insidious inroads by the evil one have occurred in their minds and hearts.

    There are so many I would call back to My Heart ; There are so many I would bathe in My Love. They know Me not! Even as you are being shut out little children, so have I been shut out. Mother calls and pleads to no avail. And yet as all seems darkened, suddenly a swift sure action of your God and Light comes upon these minds so befuddled by the lies of this age. Enlightenment comes, and thus you are called to patient perseverence.

    And our Lord reminds Omen that on Saturday 12th Dec, feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, when the priest spoke of Blessed Juan Diego , Mother Mary told Omen that he was our example of humility and patient perseverence.

    The Bishop did not believe him. What could this lowly converted Indian know about God and about the Mother of God; but yet the Lord Your God chose him, and the fruits of his Faith, his humility and his patient perseverence are well known today. Therefore little children, you are called to behave in like manner in your Missions.

    To Omen;

    Wilt thou prepare a writing of this prayer so that others may understand Love.

    My Jesus, I love You, I adore you; ever and always I need you, ever and always I belong to You; ever and always I am satiated in Your Love Lord and yet ever and always I am hungry for Your Love. Oh come in Your Love now, come to our assistance , Lord God of Heaven and Earth.

    Thank You Lord. Lord why does it seem that its hard for You to speak to us today.

    We are breaking through a dark cloud of oppression. My little ones,$the Lord Your God hears your prayers and blesses you. My little ones, Infinite Love is upon you. Little ones you are cherished of the Lord God and of your Heavenly Mother. Little ones you always are small instruments in the Hand of the Lord your God, so be not afraid. I hold you fast. I Am your Strength.

    Lord why can your priests not see the beauty of Your Words themselves and believe. They are not Words we are capable of producing on our own.

    The elephant in the Church (which means the freemasonry in the Church) is causing grave disruption, grave disorder, great division in My Church.

    Lord, You are the One Who can turn all this around. Lord we love and respect all the priests around us here and we do not think any of them are involved in that.

    Peace; these ones are My Own, but there is a hand in the Church, you might say a black hand, which is a word for a sinister movement of Italy and Sicily it is true; it describes this let us say, underhanded movement in the Church. When Words of Truth go up the Ladder in the Church they meet with obstruction. That is why I am sending Faithful Missionary to Rome, so that this ladder of obstruction does not occur between her and the beloved John Paul. About the Vatican the very walls have eyes.

    Lord, please give success to the Works of our hands. Lord give me discernment of Your Holy Will; do You wish me to speak to any new priest for spiritual direction?

    Our Lord does not wish to speak on this issue at this time.

    We pray for Thong at this time of great problems with his computer. We invoke St Paul, and Saint Raphael & Therese`; St John of the Cross whose feast day it is today.

    Your budget, you income is adequate for that which we have to do. Providence is ongoing in your Life. Trust Me! Be at Peace therefore, thou shalt be protected and provided for.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for T, one of your beloved, abused , for all her needs according to Your Holy Will , and also her guardian Angel’s Name if you Will it our Lord.

    The Angel names herself “Mystery of Love.” Thank You so much Lord. Lord I pray for two more abused women , both suffering illnesses, both being persecuted unjustly in court. Lord I pray for the conversion of their persecutors if it be Your Will, and if not then please strengthen them Lord and help them to go through these trials successfully. St Dymphna and St Maria Gorretti, we invoke your aid. Also the one who was injured in a motor vehicle accident, not her fault , and now the insurance wants seventeen years of psychiatric records, in order to escape paying her .

    The Lord showed us pictures of the young woman Susanna in the Bible unjustly accused by the two old men who had tried unsuccessfully to seduce her and then accused her falsely to cover up their crimes. We prayed the Memorare.

    Living Love is upon you little children; give these suffering souls over to the Lord your God and be at Peace. I Myself carry their crosses; be uplifted little one, great Blessings come upon you for your pleas on behalf of these suffering individuals.

    Thank You Lord, Thy Will be done. Lord Jesus, on behalf of My sister A, I thank You for the wonderful, wonderful things You are doing for Kenny and Mr H, and B. And I pray for discernment and Peace for my sister and C. Lord Thy Will be done.

    The Victory is in Jesus Name; be at Peace, it is done. A healing anointing is upon C, a healing anointing is upon the many whom A carries in her heart. Love conquers all. My Love I pour forth in and through C upon the many . Little children, you are united in prayer with A and other faithful ones in that other continent, for you are bound together in the great, great seamless garment of Love, and the blessings flow.

    Lord we pray for the conversion of all the doctors, and scientists, that they respond and choose the Oath of Your Choice Lord. I pray for this Archdiocese, that the Christian Unity desired by Our Holy Father and Our Archbishop take place. Lord be Present in the Power of Your Holy Spirit at that meeting, so that unified, the Christian physicians deal with the organ transplant unit as You Desire Lord.

    That which is going on with regard to organ transplants, all over the” civilised world”, is ghastly in the Eyes of the Living God! Little one persevere prayerfully. We are with you. Many begin to recognise the horror of what they are doing, and they themselves cease. My little ones, if you have noticed the Church so infiltrated by the smoke of satan, it is as nothing, compared to the infiltration of the medical profession throughout the world at this time. Little children, bless Me!

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross, Thou hast redeemed the world.

    Lord please bless Thy Words and Works on the web site, so that all is exactly as You wish it to be, when the many physicians become aware of it and start to read the Words of the Mission.

    We attend upon thee in these matters little one, be at Peace.

    Lord thank You for everything, You so patiently hear all our needs. Thank You for Omen ,and we pray for our continued unity. Lord give us patient endurance for all these times when we are misunderstood, help us to know when not to speak, not to defend ourselves, only our Missions when You wish it.

    Have good walking shoes for Jerusalem.

    Lord, is it just me; am I to be separated from my sister.

    Little child, you shall meet, it is My Will. She must have sturdy walking shoes also.

    Thank You Lord I’ll tell her. Anything else I should bring Lord.

    I bless thee in a great anointing of My Love little one.

    Thank You Lord. Lord what is the best Christmas gift I can give this year, besides the prayers; you know I have no desire to give material things, yet I don’t want to offend.

    Mother and I do now bless you each one; beloved Faithful Missionary, you shall have an Inspiration as to what to give, and quickly now for time is moving onward. Great blessings come upon You each one.

    Lord, you know that the picture shows Raphael holding the vial with two hands yet Your Words said one hand and I noticed the discrepancy. Is it acceptable to You if I say hands instead of hand?

    Simply write one or two hands as is necessary.

    Thank You Lord, I never want to change Your Words without checking with You.

    The vortex of the storm in which you have been is now moved from you, and recognition is beginning to occur in the minds of several who have read Our Commission to you. Be at Peace therefore.

    You were in the eye of the storm because of the Messages you sent out. But there is now some belief and they no longer focus on you, that the Word of God has been given unto thee, but Your Mission itself becomes the focus of attention rather than you per se.

    Thank You Lord, that is as it should be. Lord is this in our own Archdiocese or is this higher up?

    Wait on the Lord sweetheart !

    [Omen] Should she be sending the Words to Fr PM. Why is his name coming to me?

    He condemns you from the start but then has a conversion. He becomes an instrument in the implosion in the medical world with regard to the issues at hand.

    Do I have to send it to him Lord?

    Indeed. Again, do not be dismayed at any initial response or any apparent lack of initial response. There is much food for thought in these Missals, and therefore these busy men take their time in discerning these documents. My time schedule leaves room for these discernments. Be not be anxious therefore little one.

    I prefer the silence to the attacks Lord. Hail Queen of Heaven...

    Discernment Prayers. December 21, 1998.

    Introductory Invocation. We pray for a family who lost a son in a MVA this day some years ago, and for the repose of his soul. Demonic interference so we pray rebukes.

    Holy Angels bid thee Peace. The Queen Herself attends upon this people, for Heaven hears your prayers. Little children, I tell you that the Lord, as it were, has fallen in Love with your souls which are love and compassion and all-charity of love, and how, HOW, can He refuse you. Little children be at Peace. At this time of the fast approaching Feast day, your Merciful God attends upon this people and the healing is already begun, for nothing is impossible to God.

    Tell Me that you love Me for those who do not!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Forthwith be at Peace in this matter. The Blessings flow. Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord I have had absolute silence from G but we know from our previous prayers according to Your Great Mercy, that at this season, C and her husband; as well as MB would be spiritually healed and go to the Sacraments, as well as physical healing, therefore we continue to pray trusting in You.

    The Lord your God attends upon each of these individuals in tender and merciful Love. Mother also attends. A great healing saint attends; Padre Pio. Thank You God.

    Little children, remain walking in Faith. Do not ask in advance, simply believe. By Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won! Little children, with your Faith, your love, your compassion, it is as it were, compensation for certain individuals themselves, and certain ones round about them, and since you unite your prayers always with those who have attained the Victory in Heaven, the healings flow. Be at Peace.

    Lord by these great miracles may many come to believe and be converted. We pray for many at this time.

    They give Me lip-service at this time of year; they claim the Light is for all time, and the Love is for all men, but they do not go further than that. What would you have Me do?

    Lord please change their hearts, change our hearts, to be like Yours. Mother Mary, we know by the miracle of Cana, that Jesus can refuse You nothing; we pray that He will knock at the door of their hearts and they will come to Him.

    Peace; all who are to come unto Me, come unto Me. Pray as you do, it is pleasing to your God.

    Omen sees someone holding bell. I know its the bell calling all for the Ingathering. The spiritual song,” Mary and Martha just come along to ring those golden bells; They’re crying, free grace undying Love; free grace undying Love Oh hear the Word of the Lord.” Jesus, do you have any Words of understanding for J.

    That which obstructs Jenny, is being removed, and she will know Me as never before, for Heaven hears your prayer and answers. Thank You Lord.

    Lord I pray for J’s Moslem friend A who is going to Midnight mass at the Abbey with J. We pray a special blessing upon him and upon the Moslem People. May Your Holy Will be done.

    Pray therefore for the completeness of Faith, the Fullness of Faith to come upon all the Moslem peoples, for this is a great sorrow of division. This is a people who honour the Father, who honour the Mother of us all , and yet are separated by a grave error of the past. I am your Jesus of Merciful Love; I anoint those for whom you pray in a unique manner. Peace.

    Lord, I have not found the file with the 17 year psychiatric record. Our Lord is silent for quite a while.

    Simply write that is not available, that it seems to be misplaced, you will be inspired with the wording and await their response. They will not be pleased. Thank You Lord.

    Lord on the 2nd January is the first anniversary of the birth of Mission. Lord how would You like us to celebrate this anniversary. I would like to bring Omen with me and we will go to St Mary’s chapel and pray before You in thanksgiving for these Missions; on Therese’s birthday.

    It is as you have planned. I will attend upon you, Mother will attend upon you. More saints than Therese `will attend upon you. Little children, a great blessing comes upon you at that time.

    Thank You Lord. We will record it. Our lives are so beautiful in You.

    Lord, with regard to the things we could not record at this time, I’m not sure if those things should never be recorded; or only withheld till after they have occurred and then recorded. I’m not sure what to tell the printer when we meet about the booklet .

    Continue to hold them in reserve at this time. We shall speak further in the future.

    Lord please protect me from including any events, examples that should not be included.

    Thou art safe in Me.

    Thank You Lord, Thy Will be done. Spirit of the Living God...

    Discernment Prayers. 29th December 1998.

    Introductory Prayers. Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will. Lord we are working at putting together the booklet and wish to confirm things of a confidential nature to be left out of the booklet according to Your Holy Will.

    The virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God address thee in this matter. It is and remains Our Will , to heal this child. As you well know, by Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won; a Faith that leaves no room for doubt, not even a shadow of doubt. The Faith that is present in each of you, is in others not always evidenced. It is at times seemingly even worked against. This is not Our Will.

    Lord, please give them the needed Faith , we pray for the spiritual healing so that the physical healing can be accomplished to glorify Your holy Name.

    Little children, the many yet operate as it were, on an intellectual , and emotional level, and this creates a barrier of obstruction in the Works of Mercy. It is thus that I call all to come into the Peace of My Presence, and then ask for the blessings. That you have learnt this lesson well and pleasingly is known to your God. That it is not so to many others is also known to the Lord your God, Who reads all hearts and souls and minds. It would therefore be best to remove the information pertaining to D lest it be construed as misinformation. Even though this works a hardship upon you there will be various enemies ready to pounce on anything they can perceive as error; do you see that little sweetheart?

    Yes Lord Jesus. You have taught us well how to answer that; that it has to be according to the Will of our Father , that there must be total Faith, and not be against the free will of the recipient. We know that in some cases these conditions have not been met, if that is pleasing to You Lord.

    It is entirely pleasing to Me; I remind you that by Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won! In every instance it is so!

    Lord with regard to Kenny, we know by Faith in Holy Scripture, that you healed paralytics. Lord we believe in Kenny’s healing.

    Kenny walks, Kenny walks, Kenny walks.

    Lord we claim it again, joyfully. Thank You Lord .Lord should we phone R to ask about W.

    Mother and I are attendant upon W in a profound anointing of Our Love. You will be surprised what you hear. Go forth and call and rejoice in the Love of the Lord.

    Thank You Jesus. Thank You Heavenly Mother. Lord are there still pieces of information that You would wish me to remove from the booklet.

    We bless you with discernment and all your decisions are pleasing to the Lord God. Be at Peace in all of this.

    Thank You Lord God. Lord You know that I have Words that seem to need to be capitalised at all times, when I didn’t feel that way before, and also sometimes the context is a bit different. I have changed over the time that I am working with the Words of the Mission. Thank You so much for T the

    printer who is so patient and also has a great sense of God even though he is not Christian.

    It is as you know, used in one or other context; I bless you with the needed discernment in all of this. The beauty of Love does such things. T has been anointed in the Holy Spirit because of his work in this Mission of Love.

    I was telling him today that he had been given insight, a great sense of God. He couldn’t stay away from decorating the M in Massah but I thought the angel was beautiful. Is that alright Lord?

    Yes indeed!

    Lord if there are changes to the pamphlets that are being updated that are also going to the website, please guide us.

    The virtue of Love is that all is according to Our Will in these documents.

    The pamphlets on healings and Jesus Eternal Physician seemed to take some unexpected inclusions and I needed discernment that all is as you wish Lord.

    Mother Mary speaks. That which you are doing is pleasing to your God. Heaven is ever guiding you every moment that you are doing these Works of Merciful Enlightenment. Be not anxious . As ever, pray and act. Little one, you are always doing just that and thus all is falling into place rather well rapidly and it is pleasing to your God. I your Mother, am ever with you assisting you, as are angels and saints carefully selected for their specific tasks in this Mission. Thank You Mother.

    Lord the reading You gave me [Revelation 3] in Adoration; “to the Church at Laodicea” it became shockingly clear to me that in the scientific world the majority of us fit the description. So now it

    appears more relevant that the pamphlets be in a separate booklet. Lord I dare not use it without coming before You to discern. I wondered if You want me to include it in my letter to Fr PM and His Grace the Archbishop?

    I the Lord God bless you with the discernment and the initiative to act in My Name. You may use the Holy Scripture given over to thee fearlessly little one.

    Lord, this is such a profound discernment; is this letter to go anywhere else.

    Begin as it is now assigned and designated and wait on the Lord little one.

    Thank You Lord. Should I wait till I return to start the second booklet Lord; it would be good to leave the work with T .

    Therefore be comfortable and wait. Indeed you are in the Lord’s Providence. I the Lord swear that you shall have sufficient funds.

    Lord, I totally trust You for that ; I know I have no other way of doing it all on my own.

    Graces and blessings flow. Remain ever humble and faithful before the Father of all as you are doing. This way you are ever pleasing to the Living God.

    Lord, as You know I have L in my practice now. You have shown me how the Faith and Your Sacraments have been watered down; I saw it clearly today in how the new Bibles language waters down

    Your Message; the Sacraments of Marriage and Reconciliation in regard to abortions and infidelity ; the scientific world. I am overwhelmed by it all Lord. L says that she seems to be waiting for “a Mission Lord;” I know You sent her to me for a reason. Are there any Words of discernment and guidance at this time. I found myself proclaiming Your Laws and the need for Your Priests to speak out against the seven deadly sins a lot more clearly, specifically and loudly. Some of the hurt is due to priestly intervention , or the lack of it.

    At this time ongoing healing is primary. We shall speak next time.

    Please guide and strengthen her Lord and all her family and all concerned. There is so much tragedy there Lord.

    Mother and I attend upon this people for Heaven hears the prayers of the Faithful!

    Lord, please enlighten me if there is something I have forgotten to pray about today.

    Come soon back little sweetheart.

    We have a meeting on Saturday Lord. I’m kidnapping Omen. Lord I pray for Peace and no demonic interference in that chapel. I pray for forgiveness and conversion for all those who come before You especially in the Blessed Sacrament without showing You reverence. We pray, My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. Lord is it Your Will that I /we continue with the prayer group even though sometimes its a prayer group of one on Earth and many in Heaven?

    For the nonse, continue!

    Thank You Lord. Lord please call someone to be present and continue while I am in Israel. We praise, bless You and thank You for all you have done for us. Thank Lord for reminding me that today is the day of death of Sr Josepha Menendes ; “Way of Divine Love” a very early stepping stone in My spiritual formation. Glory Be...

    Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.

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