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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
  • 1998 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
  • 1999 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
  • 2000 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
  • 2001 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
  • 2002 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
  • 1999 Jan to March

    Discernment Prayers. 2nd January 1999

    Birthday of the Little Flower. First Anniversary of the Birth of the Mission.

    Lord we are here in the Chapel of St Mary’s hospital, to thank, praise , love and adore You for the Great Mercy with which You have given us these Words of understanding knowledge and Enlightenment for the conversion of the scientific world . We pray that many will heed and know Salvation. We pray in union with all Your angels and saints in Heaven especially the Little Flower and all the specially selected angels and saints for this Mission, all the souls in purgatory, all guardian angels and prayer warriors on Earth. We ask through Saint Joseph and Our Mother, Mary Mediatrix of all Graces, for the cleansing and protection of all Your Christian Institutions and physicians, and the conversion of all poor sinners, especially those who will die today, the repose of the souls in purgatory, all those living and dead who have no one else to pray for them.

    Benedictus Tuus. Thank You Jesus.

    Little children, many who have gone before you have suffered in like manner. The ones that remained united with your Jesus despite the attacks, and their voices speak out with you now, for they are great saints now. Little children, persevere; a great Blessing, a great anointing is upon you.

    Lord be our strength. Lord, we thank You for the great blessing of our holy parish priests and our faithful and obedient Bishop. We pray for Your Church to be faithful. How shall I address the Bishop further Lord?

    Simply tell him you are sending him this information to keep him aware of the ongoing Word you are receiving from the Lord your God, that it is simply for his information; that you remain in obedience to Him; such a note would suffice at this time.

    Beloved Lord Jesus, You know that in the past week I have been inundated with patients, doctors, priests; all bringing information showing how extensively Your Laws are being broken, Your Sacraments watered down; the many who are dying under these circumstances. I am overwhelmed by it, and not to clear what Your Will and Intention is for me in all this besides prayer.

    All that you mention is a sign of the times in which you are living. Little children, thus your Mother weeps and pleads for all those to convert. Pray, pray for the conversion of sinners! Do not be dismayed at the many who are taken Home now. Pray that they be ready to stand before the Lord God, that they know Salvation!

    Lord please teach again about the healing hands of priests. You have taught us that through the Sacraments they are healers; that every Mass is a healing Mass.

    Indeed every Mass is a healing Mass. Indeed, My priests are healing in the confessional, and in the Mass in the Eucharist, and in the anointing of the sick. There are many ways in which they are doing it. This is other than the great dramatic ways which are being evidenced round about the Earth in this time.

    Lord help us discern about some of the great dramatic healings also; sometimes they seem strange.

    The devil is ever present as you well know, but by Faith is the Victory won, by Faith are the miracles wrought! Little children, remain faithful as you are. My priests are called to a great Faith, to a sanctity, to a sanctifying Faith, that they may be My instruments in drawing others back to Me; and they are gifted and talented in many and varied ways. As you know each individual is a unique Creation of your God; and thus each priest is gifted in one manner or another. I bid you remember the beloved St John Vianney who was not recognised as having any great talents and yet he accomplished more than many, many other priests, who might have been observed by Humanity as being greater gifted! Little children, pray for your priests and always believe; nothing is impossible to the Lord!

    Thank you Lord. We pray for the Christian doctors and for Your Christian institutions such as St Marys. Lord, we are sorry that more of us do not pray together for our institutions; we pray for them

    not to be destroyed or taken away from us, but to be purified and blest to continue to serve the sick in all Charity of Love.

    The inroads of satan and your government is well known to the Lord your God! Heaven hears your prayers and Blesses you. We bid you know that We are attendant upon all those who are praying for this hospital and the many hospitals which are under a similar threat.

    (And Our Lord showed Omen the French Revolution.)

    Even though all the Churches and Church Institutions of France were destroyed, yet My Faithful Remnant was there. It is advisable calling upon the countless martyrs of the Faith who died in the French Revolution; busying themselves now to assist thee in the matter in this perilous time; insidious mankind are ensnared in hating all that is holy. Remember, certain things have to be,

    but My Own are safe in Me. Little children, in all that you see and do, which is appalling to you, give it over to Me! Do not carry this cross, simply give it over to your God. So it should be.

    The Queen of Angels and All Saints anoints you now little children, in Graces which will cause you to endure, all that you must endure in this Mission. Do not be dismayed; I am ever the Mediatrix; the Lord God has a shield of protection round you. You are clothed in the armour of a faithful Christian warrior, each one of you. You are safe in the Lord and I am with you. The mantle of your Heavenly Mother is around you. In the Power of the Holy Spirit it is so!

    Omen sees soldiers like the Crusaders carry banners and flags written, FAITH, HOPE, TRUST, LOVE, PATIENCE, PERSEVERENCE, ENDURANCE, PEACE , JOY, again and again, are carried into the fray; the Word of God, the Two-edged Sword; thou art the vanguard of the Lord little children use it; read Holy Scripture prayer fully; use it at any given time. When there is any discomfort, or distress, proclaim the Name of Jesus alone and in company little children!

    Glory be to the Father...May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, remain with us always. Beloved children of God, and children of Mary, be at Peace; Jesus Christ, the King of Kings reigns. Amen!

    Discernment Prayers. January 4th, 1999.

    Mother is present, Mother is present.

    Thank You Heavenly Mother. Do we need to pray first?.

    There is always need to pray.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Many rebukes for the A family and for D. Much demonic interference. With Mother Mary we pray, in Jesus Name, D be cured, be healed, be anointed in the power of the Holy Spirit. Salve Regina. Lord we claim Your Words in Holy Scripture, Psalm 67, “God arises, His enemies flee before Him.”

    Lord place Your Healing Hands upon D and heal Him, we ask in Faith on behalf of his and his family’s Faith, and for the A family. We ask You to hear our prayer and heal him from his very conception and through every stage of his growth up till this very moment. I come to You Lord now as one of your faithful prayer-warriors, and promise to join my Faith and Omen’s in continuous prayer for him until he is healed for we know that the world and the enemy continue to tempt him; therefore we pray for all his friends to be converted as well. We ask in union with all the angels and saints in Heaven, the souls in purgatory, all the guardian angels on Earth, and all your faithful prayer warriors, through St Raphael terror of demons and Medicine of God, Saint Joseph Patron of families, and our Merciful Mother, Mediatrix of All Graces. In Jesus Holy Name is D’s and the A family’s Victory, great and glorious is the Lord our God!

    We are given the Words of the hymn, “If God is for us, who can be against, if the Spirit of God is at our side..” Praying the Memorare.

    The Visionary has found favour with God, and a great and ghastly wrong has righted at last. An anointing is coming upon you now, My beloved Faithful Missionary, it is the Lord Who speaks, for the healing of D. Do not be afraid to believe little children.

    Lord we believe! Strengthen our Faith and his. Thy Will be done. Thank You Jesus!

    The Father of Mercy Himself attends upon the matter!

    Thank God Our Father , thank You Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit, thank You Mother.

    Come forth into the Light, the Lord your God calls, and he comes hastening into the Light. It is not yet, little children, prevail in all Love and understanding of his tragedy, blessing him with Healing Blessings at any and every opportunity. Pray for him; continue to pray in union with the Mother of God, and St Joseph, who is powerfully involved today, as foster father to the many young people in need of a fathers’ love and understanding. Little children, do not be afraid to invoke St Joseph frequently in the matter of family affairs.

    Thank You Jesus, Lord, let it be done , and let all the glory be given to You, let them not be hesitant in giving You all praise, honour, glory and thanksgiving.

    Death is coming upon many souls in this quagmire of sin which is upon the Earth. Little children, even as you pray for D, pray for all caught in this snare of satan, for it is to pray for the many caught in the deadly sins of lust; in the promiscuity, the cheating of spouses as it were, called today the disruption of family life, all these the enemy conspires to use; lust and pride and ego and revenge; all these and a myriad of other, you may call them attitudes, you may call them unclean spirits. This is what the enemy uses in the breaking up of family life, in the denying of a young man, his very manhood. My little ones, pray much and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Jesus please help us to pray further for DA. Demonic interference again. Rebukes again. Greater is God Who lives in our hearts and souls and minds. In Jesus Name is our Victory. In Jesus Name is D’s Victory. Lord we pray first for the gift of spiritual healing to them so they may rightly understand, realise and appreciate all other healing that You Lord may give to them. We pray for an infilling by the Holy Spirit of their hearts and souls and minds through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces. We pray for their healing from their conception through all the stages of growth, till the present moment.

    Your prayers and penances, your times of Adoration, all that you do in your ‘yes’ to God, is pleasing to God. The Most High God bends an ear and heeds your prayers and pleas little children. That which you ask for the A family for so long, occurs at last. Do not be dismayed or surprised at anything you hear. Simply persevere as you have done in all these months when you heard nothing, and yet My Miracles of Love where working in this family.

    [ Omen met the mother at Mass today and learned that the epileptic boy, 12 years old, whom we had anointed on the 27th March 1998, had started in summer to insist that he no longer wanted medication and on October 18th, Feast of St Luke, he had gone off all medication completely and was cured of the epilepsy, and Omen called me at work. On the day of his anointing Mother had spoken and told us that he was cured also and that St Luke would speak in me. At the time, I had no idea what that meant. Praise God. Lord may we proclaim this healing in Your Name now?]

    Continue little children, I Myself Bless each one of you; I Bless you with a connective cord with D so you will know what is happening. Light of Living Love for others to perceive, to understand, to comprehend, I give to him indeed. Print this cure!

    Thank You Lord. And what about D?

    You have found favour with God. As you laid hands on D this day, unknown to those gathered about, together We were working the needed healing. She is amazed that her headache is lifted; is no more. A stronghold has been removed now, in this unity of Loving Prayer.

    Thank You for this unity Lord. Even when we are apart, we are united in these Missions.

    My little ones, Bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ, and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross, Thou hast redeemed the world.

    The Redemption was for all! The Healing is for all ! ‘Nay not so,’ say the unbelievers! They go to soothsayers. They do not seek Healing at the Mass; they do not seek Healing in My gifted ones. They go hither and yond to everyone or anyone except the Lord God! I wish to be present to mankind, through the Mercy Gate Mission. Many and varied are the Healings that I have chosen to give through your hands little children; countless are the cures, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, which have occurred specifically in these past five years and more specifically in this last year; but with Omen, even before that, the healings came even though part of her life she was not aware of it, yet it continues. In fact little children, as you use these specific gifts, let us call them talents, the more you use, the more you believe; the more you lay hands, the greater the strength of healing becomes! Little children, you are as lighted candles shining in the darkness. When there are enough lighted candles, the darkness is no more! Bless Me!

    We adore Thee oh Christ, and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world! Thank You Jesus.

    Jesus, there is something in my heart that has just come now in this last few minutes; I think it may be Your Gift. It appears to me that when the Oath picture is recognised, is accepted; either it is a special gift You have already given, or I am to ask for it now, but a special Blessing in this picture both for the

    physicians and for their patients; for those physicians, or hospitals who choose to hang it; a special Blessing from You Lord because every part of that picture, every element was prayed for and prayed over and discerned before it was included, and is therefore according to Your Design, Jesus.

    The Blessing is indeed already upon it. Be at Peace! Those who cast their eyes prayerfully upon it, or just simply cast their eyes upon it, reading the Words, absorbing the Words, are indeed blest. Where it hangs it will cause others to come along and read it, admiring it, being impressed by it you might say, not knowing the great Blessing that comes to them as they rejoice in the Words written upon it.

    Thank You so much Lord. So that means even those who see it on the web site , those who read it are blest both in Your Words and in Your Holy Picture now.

    It is so.

    Thank You so much Lord. What should I tell John? Am I to tell them the picture is blest, or if they want to have it blest by a priest Lord, like other Sacramentals, what should I say?

    The Blessing emanates! Howsoever, should they wish to have a priest bless it, it is good.

    [when I said what shall I tell John, our Lord quoted from Scripture; when the people went to see St John the Baptist ,] tell them that the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk!

    We praise you Jesus. I need to remember to call upon St Raphael a lot more, and to tell people that too. Lord thank you, you have been so merciful.

    Raphael’s Light is upon all who read the document. Is he not the opener of blind eyes!

    Yes thank you Lord; reflecting Your beautiful radiant Cross too Lord.

    It is truly a miraculous picture. We take Our Light and Our Life and Our Love to the vanguards of war, to the hospitals where I am not well known , and yet where the many are suffering and dying. This is where I belong, in the Healing Ministry of mankind, I belong in the front lines of the battle of Life and Death!

    Lord how can I send the picture to Our Bishop and not send him these Words , that our Lord says these Blessings come with this picture. I know he cannot publicly acknowledge them but how can I not proclaim them.

    Proclaim them, share them; he may not publicly acknowledge them, others may not do so publicly, or even to you as you have noticed; and yet once they read them and take them to heart they receive a Blessing. At the opportune moment all, ALL is recognised and proclaimed, and open for the multitudes to believe and know little children.

    Little children, the beloved Faustina of Divine Mercy is rejoicing at action being taken on behalf of My Merciful Love for mankind. You do not understand little children, how linked you are, to Holy Mother Church, and to the great saints throughout time. Little children, sometimes you realise it briefly. Know that the Tree of Life is for all time. Little branches outreaching become, let us consider, like a great banyan tree, all over the Earth. My Tree of Life grows and flourishes, on the Earth. Little children, do you understand what I am telling you?

    Lord, we dimly understand; we know that we can never fathom the depth of all that You are telling us. We glimpse it Lord, and we also feel it. I feel that you live in my heart and that I am linked with all of Your Creation; part of the whole universe and You have it in Your Hands. I could never manufacture Words like this. I Hope I don’t obstruct Your Mission by giving Our Bishop the picture and the Words Lord. He is Your Creation, I am merely the instrument.

    Prevail as you are doing. My Blessings are upon you. It is well and good to keep the beloved Bishop of Our Hearts Delight informed; whether he responds to any degree whatsoever, it is good to keep him informed with regard to all that transpires.

    Lord, as you have told me many times, my responsibility is in giving Your Words over, not in how he or others respond. He has to be the first to know of this Lord.

    It is so. He is gifted with great wisdom and discernments and many aptitudes, for I the Lord God have chosen him to be who he is and where he is at this time.

    And Our Holy Father too. We praise You and Bless You and thank You .

    Lord I have R in my heart, and her son B. Jesus please heal them in spirit, and if it is Your Will, heal them physically. Jesus if You will give me beautiful Words for R; she has suffered so much in this world.

    Salve Regina..

    We pray it. Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our Life , our Sweetness and our Hope; to Thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve, to Thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then most gracious Advocate, Thine Eyes of Mercy towards us, and after this our exile, show unto us the Blessed Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus. Oh clement, oh Loving, oh Sweet Virgin Mary. Pray for us oh Holy Mother Of God, that we may be made worthy of the Promises of Christ. Amen.

    We pray for R and B, who have hearts like yours Lord. We seek there release from the enemy now, through the Power of Your Precious Blood, we seek healings, Blessings and anointings for Rand B, and for their consolation, strength and support may they know the names of their guardian angels also. And I ask St Raphael’s help to cast out the demons of obstruction and addiction. In Jesus Holy name is their Victory.

    R’s angels name is “Enduring Light”

    B’s angel names himselfValour of God”

    Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, blessed be God forever. Lord I pray for healing and growth for N and Y, in every way; spiritually and physically also for him , because he is seeing a cardiologist and has not been doing well physically.

    Forthwith be at Peace, the Mother of God attends upon this couple in a great anointing of Peace. Graces Flow. Be not anxious little children about all the dire news you hear. Simply do as you are doing now, give it over to the Lord your God, and to the Mother of God. Their is much suffering on the Earth little children, yet your God is merciful and kind, and hears the prayers of the faithful.

    The Sovereign Queen blesses you child for they are indeed in need of spiritual healing and We attend upon them now, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. Be at Peace. Be not surprised beloved Faithful Missionary what you hear next in this matter.

    Thank You Heavenly Mother. In light of their spiritual needs, may we ask You for the names of their Guardian Angels for their spiritual protection and Enlightenment.

    Y. A cincture around his heart is being cut so his guardian angel names himself “ Release; Holy Release.” Thank you Mother. Does that mean a physical Healing as well Mother?

    Wait and see. N’s Angel is named “Flowering Light” Oh Mother. Thank You.

    Lord I promised to pray for S, Lord could you help and guide her, with beautiful Words of discernment. Thy Will be done Lord. Make her an instrument of Your Peace Lord, as she so desires to be.

    Living Waters flow upon her as she herself receives Divine Inspirations; as she attends upon the Living God prayerfully the Blessings flow. Little children, all who come before the Lord God prayerfully, receive the needed Divine Inspirations to hold them safe in the pathway of holiness decreed by their Creator, the One who Loves them unconditionally, eternally and most tenderly. Remind her that Love reigns and Love conquers all; and be at Peace.

    Lord thank you so much. Lord, even though we have not heard from these people since November, we trust totally that what You have promised is what You will do in Your Own Way and time Lord. We pray for G and P and C and H and MB, and G. Have Mercy on them, have Mercy on us, and may Thy Holy Will be done Lord.

    Continue to pray for each one of these individuals and trust Me. Little children, I remind you, I know what I am about. Little children, all that I Gift unto you, all that I tell unto you, is not only for your own good, but for the good of the many. Multitudes are blest even as you are being blest. Little children; G has a need of much prayer. He has a heart of Love, and a love for Truth. I the Lord God AM Truth. Bless Me, and in blessing Me you are blessing all those whom you have been contacting ; and what seems to be of no avail, suddenly flames out in great growth. Do you believe?

    Yes Lord, we believe. Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar. Blessed the Great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy. Blessed be God Forever. Jesus, we love You so much; make us Love You more and more. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. 6th January 1999.

    This discernment came about so quickly because I received an e-mail from my sister saying that the South Africans would be arriving on the 19th instead of the 16th and that many had dropped out bec- ause they were fearful of the violence in the Holy Land even though our Lord had said all would be safe. So I had to discern how our Lord wants me to change my schedule. Here we are Lord; we come to do Your Will. We praise You and Bless You and thank You for Your wonderful Love. We needed to pray some rebukes for demonic obstructions. We pray the “old Confiteor.”

    Forthwith be at Peace. I am the Lord Your God; I am attendant upon thee. Little one, try to understand the complications. Children of God must not be fearful, and thus I send only those who walk in the true Spirit of Faith from South Africa on this journey. I am with My Own at all times. Angels of Light protect My Own at all times. Each one joining this pilgrimage is truly safe in the Lord, and has nothing to fear. Whatsoever they experience in this pilgrimage is My Will for them, for they have said “yes” to Me.

    The change of date for Jerusalem gives you as it were, ample time to carry out all that needs to be carried out, which includes much prayer and visits to beautiful and holy places of prayer. I recognise this journey of yours as a great pilgrimage, and at every holy place where you kneel I Myself am Blessing you and Mother is attendant upon you. The Blessings and graces flow.

    Three extra days with Me, with Peter, with Paul, with Mother , with My beloved early apostles. Do you not always pray little children, for the Faith of the Apostles and in the Faith of the Apostles? Therefore you shall attend as it were upon the Early Church, which might be conceived as like unto a replica of what is happening now. My blessed little ones, My true faithful ones; this holy remnant must evangelize!

    Even in these many and varied journeys, for in each pilgrimage, you know there are sacrifices of inconveniences, of wrong foods; many inconveniences occur on this type of journey. Yet since you have thanked Me for the day and given Me all that happens to you in that day, you accomplish much in the matter of conversions, of Enlightenments to the many. As you have learned little children, saying “yes” to the Lord is only a beginning step. It is then that intense training begins, and that, what you refer to as “boot camp” becomes an immense war for all the days of your life; and the fruit of what you accomplish is eternally written, and you shall see one day what it is you accomplished. But now on Earth, as you know, you are called always to walk in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love, in patient perseverence, and doing all things in My Name.

    I carry the brunt of the Cross. You feel it at times. When you weep little children, it is Mother who weeps with you and dries your tears. I too attend upon you in like fashion.

    Little sweethearts, you see now, when one person in the Body of Christ hurts, all of Us hurt; when healing comes, it comes to the whole Body of Christ. The Great Day of Healing to the whole Body of Christ, is before My Eyes! The little separations, which are occurring and causing you distress, do not worry so about them. Remember, My nation, the Chosen People have been separated as it were for the last two thousand years; and alas, the Arab peoples have been separated for many years also ; and so it goes. But there comes, very rapidly now, a great Com-union, a Union of the peoples of God all over the Earth, therefore, give over your little separations, for they are indeed little in the Eyes of the Father, howsoever painful they are for you. Give them over, in union with your Jesus, for unity in the people of God, that truly none of Mine are lost! Little children, each one of you has been given much, and you know from Holy Scripture, much shall be expected. Little children, is it worth the Price?

    Lord, You know it is our greatest Joy, serving You, the Holy Trinity, Our Heavenly Mother, and knowing that whatever happens we can always come back to You; nothing changes, You are always there Loving us. Lord, our life is to love and serve You with all our hearts and minds, and souls and wills.

    Signal Graces are falling upon you little children, for these words of Love. I too have a Heart for Love. When My little ones address Me in total Love as you are doing, I am moved to Bless you further.

    Thank You Lord; we give You all honour, praise, glory, thanksgiving; we bless Your Holy Name.

    The journey, the itinerary is written for thee Faithful Missionary, and is in My Hands. The additional three days you will spend, and you will know My Presence, Mother’s Presence, and the presence of great saints. Take delight in every day of your journey for We have many Blessings and graces to come upon you. In Jerusalem, those you unite with, will be also profoundly blest. See little children, there is nothing to fear except God; hold your God always in awe as it is written in Holy Scripture; and then, since the Earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof, tread securely upon the Earth little children and fear not! Fear is not of Me; Faith is of Me! What would you ask Me further?

    Thank You Jesus. Lord I wondered if You wished me to make any further attempts to contact G or anyone else.

    Attend upon his address and speak to whomsoever you come in contact explaining discreetly your Mission and your needs , and I Myself take a profound hand in all that is occurring in each of these transactions. Do you Love Me?

    My Jesus I Love Thee x7; My Saviour and My God, my Redeemer and my King, I adore Thee.

    Attempt to contact him from here, but go anyway, go to this office which is called to proclaim the Truth in medicine. You will be directed to different persons; You will be travelling like unto a modern day St Paul. Yes you are woman, and I can name you some great saintly women that you will be walking like; but I know little children, that you love the Gospels and the Holy Scripture, what you refer to as the New Testament, the Testament written in My Blood, and so I bid you little children, at this time of warfare; you are indeed like the early Apostles. Whether male or female, at this time I choose those who are of pure heart and soul and mind; those who have all-charity of Love in their hearts, those who yet remain, despite the talents, gifts, intellect they are given, ever humble before Our Father, Who art in Heaven.

    Our Lord shows that in Scripture doing His work, I am like a sword, and yet a broom and a mop at the same time. I have arranged with Thong to try and get Volume Two done before I go. Is that Your Will Lord.

    Indeed, do so: Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for a clear pathway.

    Peace, its already done!

    Lord earlier at prayer You advised me to bring two sets. Who is to receive the second set Lord?

    This is already arranged also and you will realise who is to receive the second set.

    Thank You Lord. I put all under the Mantle of our Lady. Lord you know that You have closely linked Mercy Gate Mission and Epistle of Mission. When I write to the Bishop about the Oath do I include or leave out Mercy Gate Mission?

    You may include it. He already knows who Omen is and what is occurring. There are many naysayers regarding Omen as you know; and yet a development of your Mission and hers are as it were twinned together. The weightiness of the materials in your documents and all that Omen has been given, shall We say, it is meaty work for the beloved Bishop to absorb and digest; and therefore he studies, ponders, prays and is not one to act or react impulsively, but always in the Peace of Our Presence; and seeking always Discernment from Heaven. I Myself assist him. Little children, holy ones like him, who read the Godgiven Words and the words from the Mother of God, their heart surges for they know Truth; and yet often, the ones in authority in My Church, their hands are tied for a time. Accept in all peaceful resignation and patient perseverence all of this. Despair is not a part of either one of you. I have chosen you as valiant warriors, brave fighters for Our Cause. You simply inform, and leave all else to the Lord your God.

    Lord, I am getting a bit better at it. I’m remembering two years ago when You chided me that when I know what it is You would have me do, I am to step forward boldly.

    Now is the Hour!

    Lord, for the website, should I remove the Abstract and insert the Words of the Blessing for the Oath now.

    Persevere in publicising My Words. Inundated with Truth, I AM Truth, others will simply have to believe, and suitable action shall be taken. Do you trust Me?

    Yes Lord. Lord I am still not complete with the “Healings” pamphlet and “Jesus, Eternal Physician,” and some of the healings I don’t have confirmation from medical records yet.

    And as a physician you know that they will ask for shall We say backup documents to your claims? Go back to the documents, and I will give you a closing. And as for the recording of those who have not, as it were, conformed with My Will in responding to you that My Truth of Healing be made known, put a note in that C is well; We await an appropriate response from his mother. Thank you Lord. Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    Discernment Prayers. 13th January 1999.

    (The morning I left). Lord I need to ask You to restore my Peace because I am about to leave and ran into unexpected problems. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. We pray for protection from any and all that may come against us. Many prayers of Rebuke and of en- treaty. St Michael’s prayer. In the Name of Jesus, be healed, be anointed, be sealed in the Holy Spirit.

    Oh Mystery of Love; I am the Living God and I Myself Bless you My little one, profoundly. A great anointing comes upon you even as We speak. Hosts of angels attend you upon this pilgrimage of love which you undertake in My Name. I am the Christ, the Son of the Living God. All Power and Authority rests in Me for My beloved Mankind!

    My little one, be not anxious ; I take away your anxiety; I bless you with a profound anointing of My Peace, My Love, My Joy. Thou art My Delight and I assure you of a busy and active and yet delightful journey. This pilgrimage is triply blest by the Father and Son and Spirit and thou art accompanied by the beloved Virgin Mary as well as Myself throughout this journey.

    Consider the moon and the stars and your sun and your planet Earth; I take care of them! All these great luminaries are in My Hands! My Little one, thou art in My Hands! Thine own entire journey is in My Hands, and your shelter and your Providence and your protection, is all in My Hands !

    My little one always you notice, every increase of Faith and Unity with Your Jesus is accompanied by certain small testings. This is but one of them little one, and your Faith is increased immensely as you journey forth now.

    Continue holding the Hand of your Jesus in Spirit and Truth, and the Hand of Our beloved Mother as We walk with our Beloved Joseph through these trials. Darling child, its the only way; I Am the Way and I am with you, walking beside you step by step through it all. Do you have further questions?

    Expressing certain financial concerns about taking time off work. Our Lord asks us to pray, “all that I am, all that I have, all that ever I shall be, I offer now to Thee; oh my Lord, for all time and all eternity.”

    Little children, since each one of you is yielded to Me, it is thus in your yielding that you are precious tools in My “carpenters case” let Us say, and you are valuable to your Jesus; and I hold you safe; and I use you in My Creating Love most profoundly.

    Our Lord is showing us,(Omen sees the vision) that we are the cross, but the is no corpus, there’s just a circle of diamond light in the centre like a host.

    Thus you are; true temples of the Living God, by the manner in which you live in Union with your Christ; and so it is this instrument, which I the Lord God hold in My Hands; you on this your Faith Journey through Life; therefore little children, fear not! When you have anxieties regarding self, and such concerns, hide yourself in My Heart, even from these concerns of self.

    I am your Hiding Place. Hide often in the Heart of Love and be at Peace. My Peace I leave with you; since I am with you always, the Peace of My Presence ever accompanies you. What Delights We shall have together, in some of these churches and shrines which We shall visit. Art thou willing to hold My Hand and Mother’s Hand and walk with Joseph in all of this? Yes Jesus.

    Such is the Faith of the Apostles that you pray and attain towards little children. This is how We Christians walk together. Believe! Countless Blessings flow upon you and all that you hold in your heart because of this Mission of Love and the Blessings that accrue, and fall upon you and all whom you love and pray for. Be at Peace in all things. Firstly I Bless thee little one on this journey; It is a wee Blessing, a Triune Blessing in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

    Amen. Thank you Lord. The angels are singing “ I the Lord of wind and rain... ”I started that hymn at Mass this morning and we sang all the verses. Beautiful confirmation. ”

    Watch and see on your journey; it is Our Delight, the people who approach you in friendship; We are sending them to you and as you speak sharing with one another, many delightful events unfold. We will leave it like that little one.

    Thank You so much Jesus . Glory be... May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus...

    Discernment Prayers. Feast of the Presentation. February 2nd 1999.

    (Return from the Pilgrimage.) Lord we praise You and bless you and thank You for all that You are and all that You do. Lord we come to You for discernment and understanding for much that has occurred. In Jesus’ Holy Name is our Victory, and the Victory of these Missions. Omen tells me that during Mass today the Little Flower spoke and told her that she had obtained special Blessings for our Missions.

    Little children, be at Peace. It is I, your Jesus of Merciful Love. Dearest, what would you ask of Me?

    Lord I need to have a better understanding of how You wished me to be and how You wished me to understand what I was going through. Many times I was not very Christ like in my reactions to things and people; overwhelmed emotionally , or confused.

    Little one, thou hast done well. Remember; in the reading of Holy Scripture in both the Old Testament, and the New Testament, those whom I called were not always as they desired to be. It was part of Humanity; the weaknesses inherent to Humanity are known to your God. Do not chastise yourself; you have done well, you have accomplished what We desired.

    My little one, each place you visited, each Holy Place there, I anointed you not only for you, but for those whom you carry in your heart. My little one, all the testings and trials and obstructions and afflictions which you suffered, shall We put it this way, clear the pathway for the Epistle of

    Love to the Scientific World. You have hurdled the obstructions throughout this journey in a manner which has caused release to the Works We desire to be released, and given over for the Enlightenment of the many. Do believe that priests are studying the Words even though you don’t receive acknowledgement of any sort for My Words to you. Believe you Me they are being read and pondered and discussed at various levels in the Church and among doctors. Dear little one, you have placed the Messages strategically and this is pleasing to your God. Believe little one, thou hast accomplished much. Believe also, that you have been tested as gold in the fire as you are well experienced in these testings and purifications, as you climb the ladder We so desire you to climb successfully; and at the same time, the enemy, suspicious of any and all who work in My Name, has been assailing you viciously as is his wont.

    Lord it gets rough sometimes.

    Little children, I the Lord bless you each one, and all your loved ones, with a profound anointing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy. In all that you are doing, each one of you, I am with you, for this is what occurs when you surrender in all abandonment to Me. I remain with you in every Godgiven moment .

    Lord there were many things that before I left we kept confidential. Should these things remain so now.

    It is best at this time to let it remain confidential. In due course all is aired , but now a certain prudence, a certain wisdom is desired as we wait on the evolution of all that is occurring, in the minds of both the priesthood and the doctors. Little children, be not surprised what happens next in your Faith journeys.

    Thank You Lord... The silence is hard.

    I am also disappointed that Your Oath was silenced locally Lord. I thought when I came back I would write to the Christian physicians. What is You Will in this regard now Lord?

    Thou art the one who knows well that My Works get obstructed in many and varied ways before They come to the fullness of understanding, and indeed to fruition. Little one, be not dismayed. Continue in all Faith as you have always done. You and your Faith are precious to your God. You have accomplished more than you know.

    Thank You Lord for bearing with me so kindly. I have in mind to write a letter of introduction, at least to the Christian Physicians whose addresses I know, just introducing them to Epistle of Love web site, where they will also see the Christian Oath.

    The Christian physicians may indeed be informed of the Epistle of Love on the website. I Myself assign two or three worthy physicians to carry the banner which will cause this Oath to be ultimately accepted. Believe Me, little one, thou art not alone; others come to your assistance now. Bear with Me a little bit My dearest, and you will see the Hand of God vigorously at work in this matter.

    Do so little one, I Myself assist you, I attend upon you as you are doing this My little one, holding you always in My Embrace; because once they have prayed and pondered upon the Oath, once they have considered the many subjects at hand to them now, you will find a formidable force behind you. You are not alone, I am with you, and once these Words are pondered deeply by those who willingly take the time, they are convinced; they know Truth. My little one, prevail, persist, continue; I am with You.

    Lord thank You for the little obscure ones who came forward and helped like little lights, little guardians, whose names I did not know. Forgive and convert the ones who robbed, exploited, hurt, etc. Lord You gave me many of both. Lord Rome and Jerusalem were often not pleasant, because Your Presence was often so lacking; how much conversion is needed. I pray for Your Kingdom to come soon.

    Thus you see how precious you little children, you and such as you who truly love the Lord, and remember it day and night, how precious you are to the Lord your God; how much you mean to the Lord your God! Little children you see in those great cities and there are other great cities about the world, the absence of the Presence of the Living God, in the hearts of the multitudes. What sorrow this is to the Hearts of your God and of your Loving Mother, Who pleads unceasingly on their behalf, and to them, that they may know Salvation. In this manner you see the immense battle which is occurring in this time; and why each little effort, each little prayer, each little penance which you perform dear children, is so precious, is so important to the Lord your God. That is why I the Lord God ask you so often, to Love Me for those who do not!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. I thank Our Lady for my beautiful rosary commemorating the Millennium, which I received so extraordinarily, and the Masses in Rue de Bac, Miraculous Medal Chapel, and the medal that came to me in such a special way; and at Our Lady of all Nations and Aylesford Carmelite Friary, the beautiful opportunities for Adoration and Holy Hours which Our Lady so faithfully arranged for me to fulfil as I had requested and She had promised. Thank You for my sister and the plans which we able to discuss for her to carry out in South Africa. Lord did we miss anything; have we accomplished Your Will?

    That which you have accomplished little one, is recorded in Heaven in your name. You have done more than you can imagine. Be at Peace.

    Thank for Your Peace in my home while I was away. I had no anxiety about leaving everything with my daughters. Lord I pray to You for their needs as they both prepare to return to school. Lord guide and protect them, give success to the work of their hands.

    More than you know is happening over the next few months. Many and varied changes occur all over the Earth. Little children, you are in a time of unrest, of change ; yet I protect My Own, I guide My Own; I provide for My Own; I train and teach My Own. Am I not Teacher?

    Yes Lord. Thank You Lord.

    The little ones are safe in Me. Trust Me; I am the Lord your God; I know what I am about.

    Each of My Own is cherished to My Heart. Thus you are cherished to My Heart as is each of your daughters. Little children, prevail. Remember, Love conquers all. Love therefore, in My kind of Love; unconditional Love.

    Lord is it Your Will for me to give up my home for reasons we have discussed before, and for the Mission? Demonic interference. We pray rebuke prayers.

    The virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, attend upon you. I bid thee delay any thought of selling this house at this time. I wish you to remain where you are at this time. I Myself shall Bless you and inspire you with what and when and how to do any transactions concerning your home and your business practice. My little one, be at Peace. Dear little one, be at Peace. Together We work things out. You are under the Power of the Holy Spirit, under the Mantle of Love. Heaven has many Ways to assist you. Remember it is written, “The Lord your God shall not be out given.” What thou hast done in My Name, causes Me to give thee sevenfold, or I the Lord God to be indebted to you, a mere human, the works of My Hands! Do you see My dear, I take care of you.

    Thank you Lord, but You could never be indebted to me; I feel so inadequate in what I have done. You know I love my home which was given to Me by praying to the Holy Family. I used to think I wanted to die there one day. But now I am not so attached; I would move if You sent me Lord. Thank You Lord.

    I Myself attend upon you, it is the Lord Who speaks, in a profound healing anointing for this affliction which has beset thee. Little one, as I heal thee, I heal also thine own sister of your hearts concern and many more as well; an end to this affliction!

    (My sister and I and many others had flu, which for the two of us became pneumonia in Jerusalem, and we spent many days there and back home in bed). Thank You Lord. Lord, may I ask for a blessing from Our Lady also today please if it is according Your Will.

    The virtue of Love is such that the Queen of Angels and All saints blesses thee with Her Presence little children. I, the Lord God anoint you most profoundly dear little ones in My Peace.

    Thank You so much dear Lord Jesus.

    Mother blesses you child. My darling, it is so; I was with you every step of the journey, as was the Lord Our God. The testings and trials were severe and yet in Jesus’ Name is indeed your Victory through all that you endured. My darling, you went as a small crusader, with a small weapon in your hand but, as it were, a flotilla of angels and saints were about you, in all that you were doing. Dearest child, crusaders do not usually go but one; but in this instance you were sent by the Living God on this Mission of Love for His Own Purposes. My daughter, all that Heaven desired has been accomplished. I your Heavenly Mother, fill you with graces to carry you, each one of you, through what is now tranpiring on the Earth. It is a difficult time little ones, but you are safe in the Lord. Dearest, just continue as you are doing, and without any anxiety, know that the Lord is with you, that your Heavenly Mother is also with you, and that We work the necessary conversion of many, many physicians because of the effort started through the Mercy Gate and by the Faith of each one of you.

    Little children, your Awesome God is in all delight at two small faithful ones far, far from the busy centres of Rome and Jerusalem, who have yielded in such a whole- hearted manner to the Call of Love . This is pleasing to your God; more pleasing than you can imagine, and thus great graces and Blessings are ever upon you. Prevail, dear little children, the Lord is beside you, great angels are beside you. I tell you again, I Love you most tenderly, most totally and eternally and My Peace is upon you! Thank You so much dear Lord Jesus.

    Our Lady is saying She is letting drop roses one at a time and they come down, spaced apart; a shower of roses. Thank You so much Mother.

    Our Lord says its time for a little rest. Glory be to the Father ...

    Discernment Prayers. February 15th, 1999.

    Lord we come before You in prayer/petition. We praise You and bless You and thank You for all that You are doing in and through us, Your instruments. Help us to remain ever yielded unto Thee so that all continues to go according to Your Design. Interference. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole Heavenly Court, all the guardian angels on Earth, all the souls in Purgatory, and in union with all Your prayer warriors on Earth, the Lord rebuke thee satan, the Lord rebuke any and all that has come against us or our Missions. We pray an act of contrition. In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory. Great and glorious is the Lord Our God. Praying for Peace in conflict. Demonic interference so we pray more rebukes.

    Jesus is here. Humanity is in need of these Messages and they shall be given as they are now, for many to read and discern. All that you are doing is because you are a small instrument in My Hand, and it shall continue for thou art truly yielded unto the Living God. This Mission comes to fulfilment when a goodly number of physicians take the Words, even portions of the entire Message, to heart and begin to turn their life’s work around in favour of Life. Do not be dismayed at anything that happens for We are in a time of serious war with the foe. Little children, the obstructions are many. Dastardly deeds are done in the Name of medical science in these times. It is My Will and Desire that it cease!

    Lord help us to accomplish Your Will in spite of the obstructions.

    Abruptly it stops! But in the interim one must address the many who perpetrate these crimes against Humanity, proclaiming them to be scientific feats. So We shall continue to inundate the many with these Words! Little children, don’t worry about the obstructions; they are temporary. Lord, please strengthen us against them.

    Mother and I attend.

    Mother blesses you little children; you are doing just fine My daughter, do not be anxious; you are doing just fine. The Lord Himself is ever attendant upon you. Things grow and blossom in due course, My small daughter.

    Lord it is difficult to understand the silence from D; s it an obstruction or is it your Design to hold back what is confidential for a specific time. Demonic obstruction. We pray rebukes . Heaven is letting Omen hear how bad is the demonic attack. Many obscenities are hurled at us. We pray Memorare for D. Jesus Christ is Lord; x7; He is our Saviour and our God, our Redeemer and our King and we adore Him!

    Lord please help me to know if you wish me to attend the meeting on the 2nd March or not. I was called and asked to participate in this parliamentary committee studying brain death and organ donation, but now they’re not sure and want to review it again. We are again attacked and obstructed. St Michael the Archangel, defend us in this day ...

    The Virtue of Love is such that the Mother of God is in attendance upon you. Heaven hears your prayers little one. We delight in your patient perseverance. Little children, thou art shown the lengths, the depth of depravity to which the enemy goes to attempt to stop up the minds of those who are reading these Messages on the Internet. The free witches of the world would hurl curses against you.

    Lord, by the Power of the Holy Name of Jesus, by the Power of The Precious Blood of Jesus, by the Power of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, our Mother of all graces , we ask You to render them harmless.

    Little poochin {?sp} darkness is in defeat when you pray this way.

    Lord we thank You for the ones who are reading them. There are some sites that I’m not sure about connecting to the Words. I pray for the others who are Your friends and are speaking at the meeting. Lord be with them and Enlighten them by Your Holy Spirit.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God am attendant upon you. I bid thee attend the meeting. I bid thee, be not afraid. I have strengthened you; I AM your Strength! I am with you. My Shield is around you. Do not allow these adversaries to cause you to appear defeated or rejected. IT SHALL NOT BE ! ALL-POWERFUL IS THE LORD YOUR GOD!

    Thank You Lord, then please help me with the written and the verbal preparation. You know the people on these committees, You read their hearts, therefore You know exactly what I should say. Lord please speak in me. Help me on the phone tomorrow.

    We do just that; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Mother please help me to speed up the medical records. More obstruction. Memorare.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God do indeed help you with the phone tomorrow. Mother attends upon you most profoundly, holding you in Her Embrace, and beneath the great Mantle, that you are in the Embrace of the Comforter, the Living God. Little one, with regard to the medical records, there are, as you know, obstructions.

    Lord, I’m sorry I did not get them sooner, but I didn’t have a deadline before. But if You help me with

    the Words it will be alright whether the medical records are there or not. Lord help M to be at Peace so that your Holy Will flows through him, that he is not alone.

    We attend upon him most profoundly that he does understand and acts according to Our Will.

    We also pray for J, that he speaks and does only as You desire Lord.

    My dearly beloved ones, it shall be so; We attend upon J in a profound anointing of Enlightenment. As he prepares for the meeting he is suddenly Enlightened in the Way We Desire. Be at Peace. Thank You Jesus.[ the confirmation for the meeting, the medical records, and the ticket all arrived two mornings later, first thing.] Praise Jesus. We also have the problems of the last prayer meeting. Thank You for keeping me in Peace; but I did not feel safe. Do You wish me to be at this meeting Lord.

    Strive to be there. You are never alone; the Lord is with you. Continue to pray for the doctors for they are deceived little children and they must come into the fulness of My Light. Deep reverential thoughts and discernments are necessary; many find themselves, as it were, too busy to take the time for prayer and reverential thought on these matters, that the Spirit of Enlightenment might come upon them. Therefore little children, pray for the many physicians not only here, but throughout the world. Persevere little one; I am with You.

    Lord I thank you for the meeting coming up about brain death; I dare to hope that Your Holy Words have at least contributed to bringing this about. I pray that this time the issue be settled once and for all according to Your Holy Will please Lord.

    Continue little children, as you do; pray, discern and act; it has been ever thus for My warriors. Graces and blessings flow upon you as you pray here and in the Presence of your Heavenly Mother. Be comforted little children, the Lord is ever with you. I am bolstering you for what you have to do.

    Lord, thank You for Your little breakthroughs that keep us hopeful. Lord thank You for the Holy Father raising Our Lady of Guadalupe from a memorial to a feast day; we pray for all his spiritual and physical needs. Lord please enlighten us as to further evangelisation of your Holy Words.

    The one called D will begin to contact Faithful Missionary again. Tell him of your desire for these Words to go further afield for it is My Desire not your desire; ask him if he has any suggestions, then heed them well, pray and ponder, and We shall speak again on these matters.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord when I go to the meeting in March, I will have time before I come home. Do you wish me to use that time in any particular way Lord.

    You will find yourself busy in a unique manner, evangelising in My Name and in My Works. It falls into place according to My Design. There are many yet who need to hear and read these Words that they may take it to heart. I am causing it to happen in many and varied ways Myself.

    Thank You Lord; do I take something with me to distribute or do I just speak and hand out the website address.

    Great graces come upon you little one; you will simply speak; I Myself prepare you for the speaking, and indeed give out the address.

    Lord, what about providence.

    I the Lord God assist you together ; the funds are paid, the printer is paid in due course. Little one, it happens, it happens, be at Peace, be not anxious over this.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, You know that in spreading this devotion of our Lady of All Nations, I received a harsh attack, therefore I bring this before You and I ask You , first to confirm that this is Your Will Lord, and I pray for the discernment of the one who attacked so that she be enlightened.

    Continue to promote this devotion and be at Peace. Little children who are surrendered to your God, it is like you wear your hearts on your sleeves, as the expression goes, and so you are vulnerable to these woundednesses but they fall on your Jesus. Do not carry a burden over any such words, give them over to your Jesus and prevail. Yes indeed, pray for Enlightenment for those who do not understand. I do not cause My Mother to attend idly upon My little ones on Earth. There are fruits from every one of Her Appearances. From every one of Her Messages there are good fruit. Little children, persevere in proclaiming the good news in every manner possible even as you are doing. This is pleasing to your God. Little children, you realise that there are scant rewards on Earth, but a great reward awaits you in Glory.

    Thank You Lord.

    Little children, this one asking your God for the healing of all nations, this is a constant prayer of Humanity; it has not yet occurred. Thou art like Vis-a-vis what is happening all over the Earth; and realise there is a need for constant persevering prayer.

    Yes Lord, thank You for the opportunity to visit this shrine. Should we promote a visit there on the world day of prayer, by contacting G.

    You may ask G and yet it is a difficult time.

    Thank You Lord, we will continue to promote the daily prayer. Lord help us with the evangelisations further.

    Mystically and surprising to themselves, the priests begin to read and discern what thou hast given them, ALL OF THEM, not one here or there, but all of them, each and every one, I elect to Enlighten, as they read My Words which are in and of themselves a Blessing.

    [Our Lord is reminding us that Louis de Montfort’s words were written and he was gone a long time before they came into active use.]

    It shall not be that long with My Words now for time is important, and there is an urgency indeed, in getting My Words read and comprehended, understood fully and disseminated to the many.

    Lord, should I make this contact through the bishops link then; I may be bringing down a hornets nest about my ears.

    Mother prefers that it be sent to EWTN. There are certain discerners there whom We would wish to study the document.

    Thank you Lord, and our Merciful Mother of all; please keep giving the ideas every day; I do a few evangelizations each day, but I am dependent on the ideas coming.

    We will do so.

    Lord, I know that much more happened on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes than I could comprehend; I thank You; and I pray for D and M Lord.

    Sweetheart, the confessional is the best thing for the multitudes who need healing.

    Lord, how can we get them there.

    It shall be so. My priests will find themselves busier, in their actual commission as priests, and not having time to spend on other activities, but totally active in their priesthood, for the multitudes come unto them quickly now; very rapidly; and great healings occur.

    Thank You Lord; and to Adoration too Lord, let the multitudes flock there too. Lord I thank You for the woman who in great Faith, brought about a healthy delivery in spite of the doctors who recommen- ded she have an abortion; now we ask for her to be healed from this disease without an organtransplant.

    Continue to pray for her and trust in Me. A level of Faith is required here.

    Lord please give her this gift of Faith.

    Bless Me!

    We adoreThee oh Christ and we bless Thee because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world. Little children be at Peace. Take note of this date and compare it with a future date, with the fruits of your labours, the fruits of your prayers, and see that We are making steady progress. Little children, Blessings flow, graces flow; be not surprised what you see and hear. For indeed all-powerful is the Lord Your God! Thank You Lord.

    Thank you for E who visited me with a brilliant smile from Glory on our anniversary, the 11th February with Our Lady of Lourdes, all day long and thank You beloved Jesus.

    Lord, you have given me a beautiful spiritual gift; repeatedly since the evening of the 10th February, I have been seeing that every time Your Holy Words reach someone, as from the foundation or the ground, I see a spring of living water, sparkling clear like Baptismal water, springing up from the ground, and gradually this living spring water mixes with, dilutes and purifies the old murky water, from the bottom gradually up to the surface, so that nothing is seen to change from the surface, until a considerable amount of the new water has mixed in, and the purifying effect continues until all the impurities are replaced by the new living water. This is the spiritual grace coming from Your Words Lord, akin to the healing waters of Lourdes; it seems to be the answer to our prayers for the spring to start flowing from the Lourdes Grotto in Mission which we prayed for from August 3rd till the feast of the Assumption. Lord, I hope I am not deluding myself.

    Little one, you are not deluding yourself. Stay as you are, close to your Jesus and Our Mother, trusting Us in all things. The Blessings flow.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I have J the seminarian, who comes powerfully to mind all the time. Lord are we to do more beyond praying for him.

    The son of faithfulness whom you call J is well known to the Lord your God and to the Mother of all. Pray for him, but without anxiety. The Lord your God attends. The enemy would drive him from his studies. It shall NOT be so. Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful! We Ourselves assist J in an unusual manner. Believe and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; thank You Heavenly Mother. We continue to pray for all those whom we have prayed for before; we trust that all will be healed in Your Own time Lord. Hail Holy Queen...

    Discernment Prayers. 24th February 1999.

    Here we are Lord, we come to seek your Will and discernment on several issues.

    The Mother of God is present.

    Dear Mother, in sending the Holy Words to EWTN as You requested I discovered that Fr H was visiting there at this time. I ask if it is God’s Will to connect Fr further with this Mission. Also before I left for the Holy Land I asked if our Lord wished me to have another spiritual director and our Lord said He did not wish to deal with that issue at that time but later; this seems to be the time. Demonic interference. We pray rebukes. In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory.

    Mercy is extended little children; the Lord your God is present. Thank You Jesus.

    I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally. The one who is called Fr H, is powerful in his priesthood, powerful in his Faith. He wills to assist you should you come to Me through him.

    More demonic obstruction. Let all who hear proclaim with us; Jesus Christ is Lord X7. He is our Saviour and our God, our Redeemer and our King, and we adore Him. We claim Psalm 67; God arises, His enemies flee before His Face; before the Face of the Living God.

    I am Present little children. I am the Living God. I am attendant upon you most profoundly. The obstructions are destroyed.

    Thank You Lord. Can it be so for my computer as well please Lord.

    We attend upon that matter as well. Thank You Lord.

    The beloved Father H is approachable. You may approach him. I shall speak in you and through you. I shall speak in him and through him. Little one, be not apprehensive; We do it! Little children, you realise the Mission assigned to you is presented, as it were, against great odds of success. Yet it shall be successful in due course. Yes, you are very small before the formidable enemy; but I am with you even as I was with David; believe and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. I don’t even know how to start. I am so careful about offending Your priests Lord. Should I write to him and tell him about the Mission first, or go and see him first. Talking about the Mission seems to create a wall.

    He is a rather “direct approach” type of man. He is open in his discernments and opinions; and yet he is a just and holy man. You may write or telephone seeking an appointment, but initially mention that is concerning Epistle of Love to the scientific world, so that he is immediately aware of what it is about. It is not essential that their be an official spiritual director as you say, but there is need of mentors, who genuinely with whole hearts assist you in all that you are undertaking.

    Lord please help me to succeed with Fr H. Lord, does he know all about this Mission beyond the copy of the Bishops letter; do I have to bring him more information?

    When you speak to him, offer to bring him all and he will inform you whether that is necessary or not.

    Lord I hope he loves Your Holy Words and doesn’t oppose Them. Dear Lord, it seems that I haven’t done enough to promote Your Oath, and its been suppressed at this CPG. How can I proceed without the co-operation of a priest?

    Mother Mary is asking Omen to ask me to wear the Matrix medal from Ireland, from Christine Gallagher who has the stigmata , because it is powerful protection. Matrix medal holds thee fast.

    I don’t think I’ve heard of that before. Omen will give me one later.

    Be open and honest with Fr H in every way. The Oath has not died! It is obstructed, it is delayed, but it has not died. Trust in Me. Thank You Jesus.

    Thank You Our Lord and Our Lady for helping me to receive my records. Please help me to complete the written report; so that what you wish to be heard is written; It has to go tomorrow.

    I Bless thee now, and in the Power of the Holy Spirit, it shall fall into place this evening readily and clearly. All, ALL that you do in My Name is blest little one. Persevere little one; I am with you.

    Thank You Lord. That is all I trust in Lord. Every time I ask You answer . Thank You so much dear Lord. Lord it is becoming clear that Mr V is truly Yours . He seems to have deep Faith and conviction; thank You for creating this link Lord. Please Bless him. I wanted to give him the web site address but I thought I should wait till after the talk.

    The Virgin of Fatima blesses you child. Be not afraid to give him any and all information; he is indeed beloved of the Lord God and is also assisted in many ways with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    Thank You Mother.

    Little children , great changes are upon the Earth now, and the Lord God is bringing together all those who believe in and on the Name of Jesus, and you will begin to see the One Body of Christ forming at last upon the Earth despite all the rebellious spirits it shall be so!

    Thank You so much Mother, that is so beautiful. When I received my records so quickly, I felt that so powerfully, that our Lord is coming to claim His World, His Own back very soon now.

    It is so, My little one, it is so! It is the Lord Who speaks.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord how do you wish me to respond to CAFHRI.

    The vaults of Heaven are wide open upon My precious little faithful ones are among whom you are numbered . Dear little children, it is a time of many strange and varied events upon the Earth. Be not afraid; I am with My Own. The things that are occurring now, HAVE to be! I call all of you; all of you who know Truth to walk now, in the footsteps of the Apostles. I do not say it is easy; it was not easy for them and yet they won the crown of Victory, to which each of My Own attains. I hold your crowns ready little children. I Bless you each most tenderly in My Love. I take a moment to anoint you Faithful Missionary, in your own physical conditions.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, I am in need of healing.

    I bid you respond positively to these people and you will hear what is asked of you; indeed of each faithful individual very soon with regard to the next conference.(the one in March). As it stands, the last conference might be called a death conference. (the one in the Hague). Little children remember however bad it gets, trust Me; a swift sure act of your God, and My Victory is upon the Earth!

    Thank you Lord. I will make contact and see what they need.

    I the Lord God assist you in every detail of your Works on My Behalf; you are My small instru-ment in one of My major battles upon the Earth. You are assisted most profoundly by Heaven. Just remain as you are; surrendered, abandoned, yielded to the Living God; and I do all the rest!

    Thank you Our Lord.

    Dear Lord, suddenly I find myself involved in this silent retreat for young women by Regnum Christi; I never expected to be involved. How do You wish to use me; how did I get to be in the middle of this Lord?

    Continue to give all your enterprises and Missions over in obedience to the Mother of God, and all falls into place readily. Heavenly hands; angels and saints assist in all the details that it be not too strenuous on My little ones. Mother is in Joy, as I the Lord God am in Joy, over this turn of events.

    Yes Mother, they are beautiful people so needed in these times.

    My children, My children, My children; they are all My children; they are all in need of healing hands, of healing hearts, of healing voices. Come unto Me I call; and yet, in the Design of the Father of all, it is essential that they come unto Me through word and example of My faithful little ones. There are many great Missions of Love, yet to be performed on this Earth, that none of My Own be lost.

    Thank you Lord. Lord I seem to be slow, not making enough progress with my waiting lists. Lord, I book a full day, but then You send me snow and they all cancel !

    In all these testings and trials I am with thee. I am your Strength.

    Then Lord please bless them with healing while they wait for me.

    Firstly We heal thee. Thou hast been unwell physically little one. Your healing is begun. Rest in Me often. Come unto Me; just BE with Me. Many words are not essential. Rest in My Love; rest in My Heart. I restore thee to fullness of well being for We have much to do together. Indeed, I assist the little ones on the waiting list. I am a Merciful God.

    You are the Great Physician Lord; those who come to me only come to You through me. So sometimes they need You to reach them first if I’m making them wait too long. Then dear Lord I need to ask You to help take care of my computer which is giving lots of trouble at this point. Also we have not heard anything from A and T’s applications. Should we hold on to their apartment as well or let it go Lord.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I thy Christ attend upon thee.

    Thank You Lord.

    Once the girls vacate or plan to vacate you may elect to sell; actually in Our View it is preferable to

    renting out; but you may opt for either. There are certain expenses involved in renting which would diminish any income from renting.

    Lord please could you arrange for my daughter to go to UBC and not go away from home; but Thy Will be done Lord, not ours.

    Trust Me; I make all things fall into place as I Will. We do not speak about all the potential occurrences at this point in time. Just trust Me. You will be delighted in all, as it falls into place according to Our Will. Thou art blest more than you realise My little one, thus your children are at the same time blest as well. Again I bid you trust Me! I know what I am about in each of your lives.

    Lord help me to thank You enough. Lord I pray for the repose of the souls of Drs H and N and P; for they are all Your Creation Lord even though some are not Christian. Lord be Merciful to them.

    Little children, Heaven hears your prayers, your pleadings work miracles of Merciful Love. I am the God, Creator of all peoples on the Earth. Mercy knows no bounds. Little children, pray much, give all over to Me, and be at Peace.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord how far in time should I expect to hear back from those You have sent me to* ?

    The month of May will bring many surprises to you; each one of you dear little children ; I ask you to simply prevail trusting Me till then. Responses to My Message of Love to the scientific world become openly discussed, and Faithful Missionary you will be sought out for as it were, more detailed answering. Be not afraid, I am with you; I speak in you and through you.

    Thank You Jesus; hide me in the Shadow of Your Wings Lord and help me deal with it. You know I am not good at this sort of thing. Thank you for Fr J; I will need him then. Lord we pray again for healing.

    Mother blesses you; the Lord Blesses you; the healing is already begun as the Lord has spoken. I your Heavenly Mother, hold you in My Embrace, I dry your tears, I comfort you, I console you. I am your Mother of All Consolation. Little one, you are safe in the Embrace of the Lord God, safe in the Embrace of Love. A profound healing anointing is upon you. Love conquers all. Little children, love one another in Godly Love and be at Peace. It is sufficient for this time. Glory be to the Father...

    Discernment Prayers. 3rd March 1999.

    Return from testifying before the parliamentary committee on health investigating the state of organ and tissue transplantation on the 2nd March 1999. Lord we have many things to thank You for; mostly I thank You for J and M and their faithful testimony in Your Name Lord. Lord keep us always humble and obedient in Your service. Here we are Lord we come to do Your Will. Rebukes.

    The river of darkness is upon the Earth at this time. Be not afraid; I am with you. Diatribe against our Mission comes to the fore now, and yet all who have heard you recognise the undeniable Truths, exposed to their attention.

    Little one, it does not mean that those with a different agenda will heed or will respond to My Call; and yet once My little ones have presented Truth in their presence , they are in free will to choose or reject Me, the Living God, the Giver of Life. Thou hast done your part and the Lord your God blesses you, because of this.

    Thank You Lord. I ask You to bless J and M also.

    Indeed We bless each one of you, all who assist any one of you, and the one who called you to Ottawa in My Name, [Mr V ] and all his people We Bless. This is a time of great warfare between the forces of good and evil, and so at this point in time , you have become as it were, a frontline soldier, in My Behalf in Mother’s Army which is of course, My Own Army.

    Thou hast fought valiantly and pleasingly and those who heed and respond become blest for responding to My Words through you, for thou art the one I have called to be My Heart, My Hand and Voice, in this specific battle. I have many such as you stationed about the globe fighting in the many different fronts. Little children, bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ, and We bless Thee, because by The Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world. Lord we pray therefore for the ones who are not doing what is pleasing to Thee, that they may also be converted, that all may know Your Salvation.

    Little ones pray therefore: My God, I believe, I adore I trust and I love Thee: I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Little Children, the battle continues; what would you ask of Me, My little one.

    Dear Jesus, You are the One who reads all the hearts and minds of the many who are calling now from the media; You know that on my own, I would shrink away and not respond at all; yet because you have called me to be Your instrument I come to ask who, which and how to respond, according to Your Will.

    The Voice of your God pours forth through your lips at this time on behalf of My beloved Man- kind. I say do not hesitate to proclaim the Good News and all the variations of the warfare which is now ongoing against the ruthless foe; yet one must use discretion for certain interviewers indeed are not of Me. They would present a very biased Message; distorted.

    Lord, how am I to know which ones would be objective and fair, or even one of Yours?

    The Virtue of Love is such that I attend upon you. You may, at a convenient time to Yourself, attend upon each call; and yet you will question them as to why they wish to interview you and whether they would present an unbiased and objective report. You will immediately discern those who are working for the foe; you will immediately say it is not a convenient time to take part in what they are doing. One or two you will recognise as valid and objective reporters. Marshall MacLuwan will assist. I do not know who that is Lord.

    I am the Lord your God! I set about you someone who has wisdom; a saint who has wisdom about matters of media, and you will be powerfully assisted. A great Canadian saint, yet unrecognised, is this man of letters. You do not realise how powerfully you are assisted little children, for these Enlightenments, I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD; which I have assigned to you dear little children, are so important to Me that great Heavenly assistance is attendant upon you in these times when your Words come to the fore. The Illuminator, the great St Clare also assists you. Little children, many saints assist besides My Own powerful angels who surround you. Do you believe now little children, that this is a Work assigned to you by the Lord your God?

    Yes Lord we believe; we just sometimes feel too little as instruments. We couldn’t see the magnitude which grows greater daily. Lord I know that I become more dependant upon You each day because I am entering into deep and unfamiliar territory ; I could not survive without You; I totally count on You to act in me for every move I make.

    Continue to pray this prayer; without You Lord, I can do nothing at all; without You Lord, I am nothing at all. Thank You Jesus.

    Our Lord wants me to know that Marshall McLuwan was a University Professor who became Catholic and understood the forces of spiritual warfare and he is the originator of the famous slogan ; “the medium is the message” and nobody could understand but now we see that he who controls the media or the medium ; his message gets through. He[MM] saw it all his life. Lord are You pitting me against the media?

    With Marshall McLuwan and St Clare there is no battle.

    Thank You Lord. I trust in You to protect me from those who hate Your Will. Thank You for helping me to be at Peace when I am among Your enemies. As Mother Mary reminds us, we are but a small instrument in the mighty Hand of God.

    Our Lord reminds us that David was but a shepherd boy.

    Yes Lord. There were so many things unsaid; I know this is just a beginning. How do I deal with all the disapproval of the local physicians; my own CPG.

    Do I not tell you little ones that I AM your Strength; I AM your Dignity; I AM the One Who is with you always; walk always with Me.

    Again our Lord show us He and Our Heavenly Mother walking on each side of me holding my hands, and St Joseph walking on the side slightly ahead. Lord help me to guard my tongue so that not one word that is not of You escapes from me. Lots of evangelising but I feel so vulnerable with no ecclesiastical approval for My Mission. I do not wish to have confrontation with priests.

    In the laxity of the post Vatican 2 era, you are safe little one. While much of it has worked against Holy Mother Church, much of it works for My Church. In this instance it is for My Church. They may have cause to consider it as medical Words, rather than as Church Words and yet in essence they are both. Little children you feel and rightly so, rather shunned by the priesthood, My priest- hood, but that does not mean they are against you, or all are against you. In the manner of your beloved bishop; he ponders everything in his heart, long and prayerfully before he speaks out, and he seeks that his priests do likewise. Sometimes you feel distanced from your priests. It is in the bishop’s view, for the protection of Holy Mother Church to whom he is loyal even as you are loyal; and so My little ones, accept it.

    Thank You dear Lord . Now if the Archbishop hears my name on the media, does this put pressure on him; or affect him negatively?

    You have been open and honest with the Bishop giving him the information you have at hand and

    it is only to be expected that you would be seen as a pro-life activist, and be called upon by those

    who need trustworthy speakers on the side of Life; I the Lord God AM Life. I cherish Life. You are blest to be who you are at this time in the history of man.

    Thank you Lord, I was responding with anxiety. But both Omen and I are being told by our Lord that we are not going to be hidden any more. Lord I really understood that You used J and M and I to show the committee that” brain death” is not an open and shut case that is the equivalent of being guillotined. I thank you Lord.

    There is as it were, a generation of evil men who would lead My little ones like sheep to the slaughter, unknowing and totally accepting as My little lambs are. This must be prevented and thus I have called you to be one of My instruments in this great battle.

    Thank You for trusting me with this Mission Lord. I do not feel adequate.

    Have I not tested you well before hand My beloved one. Did I not create you for this Mission of My Love. Yes You did Lord. Thy Will be done Lord. Lord could I please ask You to remove My speech impediment, if it is Your Will, Especially now that You are asking me to speak in public, it is very frustrating to grope for the words, when my thoughts are going so much faster than my speech.

    Our Lord tells Omen to lay her hands on me and proclaim,

    In Jesus Holy Name thou art healed, accept, believe and it is done. By Faith are the miracles wrought; by Faith is the Victory won! Great Faith is demonstrated here little children who walk trustingly in the Hand of your God not knowing your next step, but continuously proclaiming “here I am Lord, I come to do Your Will, and so I Bless you with all the needed graces that My Mission be fulfilled in you and through you. The healing is now and ongoing; believe and be at Peace!

    Lord, thank You so much! Glory be...May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus... Lord, I am sorry I have not asked you to heal my speech before; I have never thought of it. Thank You the opportunity to proclaim that You had healed my epilepsy by Faith, by prayer, as well Lord. I’m sorry I did not do so as confidently as one of Your Great Apostles might have done but I was very glad when it was “out there.”

    I call you to continue to speak in a rather calm even dispassionate manner as doctors are wont to do; and this is a manner in which the physicians will be objective in accepting your Message. Do you understand what am saying little one?

    Yes Jesus; was I that way though Jesus, I thought I was a little bit overexcited and emotional?

    You performed exactly as I desired; a little bit of excitement and emotionalism is fine especially when you are under the duress of the many questioning reporters, notwithstanding agreeing and disagreeing with the group in which you find yourself. Bravo! Thou hast done well little one.

    Lord thank you, especially for the opportunity to proclaim Your Will where it had not been there before. Now Lord I still have to call all these reporters back and discern which ones are of You and which to refuse.

    Come into the Peace of Presence before each phone call.

    Yes Lord, thank you. Glory be to the Father and to the son an to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Whole of one side of the tape did not record.

    Discernment Prayer. 4th March 1999

    Mother is present, Mother is present.

    [Mother is usually warning us that the enemy is close and She is protecting us when She says this.] We pray rebukes. In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory. Hear we are Lord we come to do Your Will. Lord I have heard from G. Last night we prayed from G and our Lord said;

    That which is happening to G is known to your God.

    Lord we praise you and bless You and thank You for the miracles which You promised and he recognises them. He has heard of the testimony in Ottawa through e-mail. Lord it is all in Your Design. Is there a specific way you wish me to use the opportunity that he is going to Rome. Demonic interference. We pray rebukes.

    Peace, I am with you. Dear little children, the Living God is attendant upon you most profoundly. Dear little children, simply communicate with G freely and openly; any and all of your concerns. I will inspire you; and leave it in his capable hands. My little ones, know that I will be with him, and Mother will be with him and the entourage of angels and saints on his journey into Rome. You recognise the fierce warfare which is occurring in the world, and in certain fringe groups in My Church, yet I am eternally victorious.

    I choose those who will be My instruments very carefully; I choose them in a unique manner; you do not know the lengths your God has gone to, to choose each one of you for what you are doing, and for all those who serve Me in Spirit and in Truth, in every aspect of their Faith journey. Each one, I have handpicked for these times, and for these Missions. Your hearts and souls and yes indeed your minds, as it were, interlocking one with another, to make the great victory invincible, like people become an invincible army.

    The battle is fierce. Those who interfere,those who interlope into these Missions I Myself readily remove. All shall indeed go according to Heaven’s Design. You have a demonstration for example last Tuesday, of how your God works in and through His beloved instruments of Peace nd Love. In My Hand, you do what I call you to do; it is the same for G and the many others. Little children, continue to cling to your Jesus and Our Mother, in this time of change which is upon the Earth.

    Thank You Lord. At this time is it appropriate to tell G the message we have known since December about the healing of C or should we continue to wait.

    Love Me.

    We love You Lord.

    She (C) will be opened to receive the Message shortly, therefore feel free to send it to George. I Myself assist him in the revelation to his daughter, who has been teetering on the brink in the decision to choose Life, to choose Love as you know. Her decision is made! Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful! Cherished little ones of God, continue to pray for there is more than one C on this Earth, is it not so! Yes Lord. Our Lord gave me a great Flame of Love while He was speaking. Lord what about her partner and MB S; You promised to heal them too.

    Know that We make a pocket of Light there, a well of Light there, beginning with G, and in and through the faithful round about him, the conversions are ongoing. In your praying so intently for G and the Mission, and praying for the healing of C and the other little one, Heaven has heard and Heaven blesses them as another pocket of Light on this Earth.

    So I may tell G all that You have told us tonight Lord.

    Indeed; he is open to it now.

    Thank You Lord. G has helped me with a lot of information about other Canadians to getting the National group of guilds going, but I have no co-operation from the local CPG. Please help me to get things started locally.

    Some will begin to hear you now; don’t doubt. It shall be so. I the Living God attend upon them. Little one I read the hearts the souls and minds of each of My Own. I set Light where was darkness in certain minds on this grave subject. I Myself bid you contact those whom you are given to contact. Continue praying as you do, and trust Me. I do not stop in the middle of one of My actions. It goes swiftly and most assuredly forward, encompassing all those in the appropriate state of heart and soul and mind, in particular in these matters of Life and Death. You have learned throughout your lifetime to trust Me no matter what. At the last possible moment at times occurs the needed miracle; and it shall be so! I work to defeat all that stands in My Way.

    Thank You Jesus; these are G’s own words- miracles can happen.

    By Faith are the miracles won. Believe little children. By Faith is the Victory won. Step by step most assuredly I lead My true faithful followers, My true Christians, those in the healing fields into a unity of Life and for Life, and the preservation of Godgiven Life.

    Little one, Heaven resounds with pleas on behalf of unborn infants, on behalf of the frail, the sick, the elderly; and I am a God of Merciful Love; I work miracles of Love against this dastardly action which is assailing Mankind. The works of iniquity SHALL not prevail; I Am the Giver of Life. I call Home whom I will WHEN I WILL!

    Thank You Lord, Thy will be done. Lord, should I write to the names given by G and give them our presidents name and address. Maybe if they write inviting this group to join they might be more willing to join than if I write to them yet again.

    Yes indeed begin there; We work together with those who are on Our side, for the conversion of the others. Is a prophet heard in her own community?

    No Lord. Should I introduce the new ones to the web site at the same time or wait for another time.

    Do not hesitate to proclaim the web site to any and all! You might simply include it in your address as many do today.

    Thank You Jesus. G has invited me to go to Human Life international meet ing in Toronto in April.

    It is My Desire and Delight that you would go there on My Behalf!

    Lord, on Your Behalf I will Go.

    I Myself shall speak in you and through you at every occasion.

    Thy Will be one Lord. Lord is it appropriate to tell G who has the Words*

    You may do so. Little children, open honesty is always best. The Truth will set you free. Little children, always speak Truth; I Am Truth. I speak Truth in you and through you. My Truth is as arrows; as flames of Love, striking upon the hearts and souls and minds of those to whom you speak when you speak Truth. That is why I choose to dwell in your heart and soul and mind. You may tell G. G is My instrument. My Truth is safe in him.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Glory be ...

    Discernment Prayers. 10th March 1999.

    Lord I am intimidated and overwhelmed about the consequences of all the media reaction to our

    Words at the hearing for the health committee.

    In your weakness is My Strength!

    Thank You Jesus, I need Your Strength all the times. Rebukes. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit, we command thee all demons from hell, go now before Jesus the just Judge and answer; great and glorious is the Lord our God.

    Wilt thou bless Me before We go on.

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world. Lord we praise You and bless You and thank You for all that You have accomplished in and through us Your instruments to this very moment. Lord strengthen our Faith. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.

    Militant angels surround you lttle children in this time of serious spiritual warfare. I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally. I am your Jesus of Merciful Love. Our Lord is giving us that hymn,’ all that I am, all that I do, all that I’ll ever be I offer now to You.’

    I have accepted your offers little children, each one of you, and that of the many true faithful; and thus We are engaged now in a fierce warfare, for the souls of the many others. What you have accomplished today each one of you has been under My Blessing in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Be at Peace. Ask of Me what You will now My little ones.

    Lord, thank You for making it clear to me during prayer which ones of the media requests to respond to by agreeing to the interviews. I hope I have not turned down any that you wished me to speak to, and also for Your Words coming through me. Help me avoid being intimidated by consequences from either the public or even ministers of my Church.

    Little children you are yet in a nation which professes free will and freedom of speech. Be not intimidated; I am with you. I speak in you and through you. I bid you remain united with Me; thus you are speaking in Spirit and in Truth on behalf of My little ones whose bodies are increasingly being mutilated at a time when one should be considering that all Life is holy. Little children, I am the Giver of Life; I choose the hour of Death; I hold the Keys! Little children, I have never given these Keys over to sinful man; they remain with Me!

    Thank You Lord: Please help me to continue putting Your Words out for the doctors and the public. Lord we come to pray for discernment and direction regarding the question that was put to M by the chairman of the committee; “ why have you doctors not written to your college asking that something be done about the controversy surrounding brain death?” Lord, we wish to respond according to Your Will.

    The virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God bid you draft a letter and obtain as many signatures as are readily available so that they cannot cast it aside. If there are only one or two signatures it is more readily cast aside. Again I remind you of the shepherd boy David and the giant; they were but small weapons he had in his hand ; weapons considered ineffective, and yet he accomplished with Me, all that was needed for his people. Thus little children remember, the pen is mightier than the sword!

    Continue in all that you are doing on behalf of My little ones. My people suffer as you know, untold illnesses, because of the errors of the world today, and then when they fall into the hands of certain physicians, suffer degradation of their bodies while they are perceived to be terminally ill. No one calls on Me but a scant few to ask for their cures, their healings. Without My attendance upon them, no one can live!

    And as for those seeking to purchase better organs than I have given them, I have given them the best organs, the organs suited to their unique body makeup. If a vital organ is defective therefore, it is My Desire that hands be laid on that individual, the hands of the true faithful, and that a physical healing occur, SHOULD I DESIRE IT!

    I tell you again, I send My little ones to Earth to accomplish a specific Mission of Merciful Love! Some finish it after only a few days, a few weeks, a few months. For others its a few years, and for others its many, many years! IT IS I, THE LORD YOUR GOD WHO CHOOSE THE TIME! Defer unto ME all those who are ill and trust ME. Pray for them. Little children it is a time now to pray for all those who are terminally ill. For one We need be concerned about the state of their soul as they approach Me, and secondly We need to be concerned about the state of their bodies while they are yet in the hospitals. Hospitals are intended for loving, healing care and sustenance; now it is a fearful place to enter!

    Lord, many tell horror stories and are afraid to die in hospital. Our Lord reminds Omen that when she was in VGH there was a bad germ there, which is rampant and the surgeries are more perilous than they should be, and this is part of the spiritual warfare that is going on today. Lord, may I M could draw up the letter.

    It is more blessed to give than to receive.

    [Our Lord is reminding the doctors of why they became doctors when they were young and idealistic]

    Little ones, ask M to write the letter and be but one of the signatories. Attempt to get a goodly number. Indeed write both the provincial and the federal governments, for this is a gravely serious matter to your God, and is indeed for the protection of those who are helpless and vulnerable at the hands of the physicians. Physicians heal thyself, I call to each one of them, because many are in dire need of spiritual healing; a reminder perhaps of why they chose to be a doctor; where is that love and zeal for their fellow man now? Have they become cold and callous and do not see a living soul as just that; A LIVING SOUL!

    Do they see it because it is afflicted, as something to utilise as a commodity? My little one, into whom I have breathed Life; each one has a soul which is precious to Me; and that soul is an integral part of each individual, and MUST be regarded in the context of healing ANY individual. Thank You Lord.

    The National Catholic Health Board in Ottawa has reiterated that Brain Death is Death and I was thinking that they should receive a copy of the letter that we are drafting, that they be made aware that we who are concerned physicians are questioning its validity and asking for it to be reviewed. Its a way of asking them to be aware and review their stand.

    Indeed send copies to them and to any group that is in need of hearing these Words of which you are aware, because all are in need of Enlightenment. This brain death ruling has just been foisted upon the people without their comprehension of what it means and what is entailed in the so-called harvesting of body parts.

    Lord we became very aware of this in Ottawa. We used the term informed consent; it is not a particularly Faith-filled approach Lord, but as a beginning it does get most peoples attention, and makes them think more. Help us to introduce more and more of the Faith oriented focus as people start getting interested in the topic of “brain death”. Lord thank You for Dr W who has written and spoken against brain death to the priests. I pray that many more will now decide in favour of Your Will Lord. Please inspire Your priests to help us Lord.

    I am the Lord your God. I ask you, how has man existed these many generations, without these body parts being taken from one to another; how is it that this has never been necessary until these recent years?

    Lord its not even necessary now; its a lack of Faith in Your Healing Power, and the result of our own sinfulness or social or national sinfulness, that has harmed and polluted our bodies, our environment, our world. Lord please forgive us and convert all to return to the Faith of our Fathers.

    Ensure that persons in key positions in pro-life movements obtain copies of the letter as well, that they may start their own campaigns.

    Yes Lord Jesus. Thank You Lord. Lord help us to have the stamina to get a ground swell against this humanist drive for people to sign up to donate organs. Send us helpful people so it cannot be silenced.

    In the minds of what is called the secular humanist, the atheist, finite wisdom, finite reasoning prevails; they fail to come unto the Living God, and seek the flow of Blessings and graces which would cause them to attain to Eternal Wisdom; thus they are filled with the deceits of their own thoughts, and this is not of God and is not for the good of My beloved Humanity.

    Thank You Jesus. Now people who have had similar experiences or their loved ones, who have heard of me, have written; I was praying about how to respond; and I think if I send copies of the letter, she might be willing to help collect signatures, and send or fax these lists to the college and to the government health committees; to get the“brain death diagnosis” stopped.

    Indeed have many copies and give them to any one who contacts you with regard to this grave concern of “brain death.”

    Yes Jesus; Thank You Lord. Even the media could promote this campaign.

    These times in which you are living are truly the threshold of the dawning of the new era in which ALL THINGS ON EARTH WILL BE CHANGED. We ask you to simply persevere, moment by moment, step by step, day by day, We provide sufficient for the needs of each day.

    Lord You are sending me to Toronto on Your Behalf but I really can’t afford to go; I have so many other expenses to take care of at this time.

    Someone will give this woman shelter in Toronto.

    I have friends in Toronto. I have the anaesthetist friend who wrote in support of brain death being reviewed; I have my friend with a vision problem that I need to pray for Lord. Is this who You mean?

    Therefore little one, pray and be not surprised what happens. I have your whole itinerary before My Eyes. I want you to address a travel agent about trying to get special rates as soon as possible. Call two or three and trust Me; it falls into place. Simply let your friends know you will be in Toronto at that time and behold, all things are arranged! Remember You know you do not go simply to a conference; you will go to someone who will need your attendance upon them. You will attend upon them with My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in Love.

    Thank You Lord, You are so beautiful; Thy Will be done Lord.

    This time you will not become ill My little one!

    Thank You Lord. I’m still trying to understand some things that happened on the pilgrimage. For instance, You were still so abandoned at the Gardens of Gethsemani; only one person was praying there when my sister and I went; I wanted to go back but I became so ill. It reminds me of the abandonment in the Adoration Chapel here Lord. I Pray for more adorers Lord.

    As you have noticed the desolation is in the Places in the world which should be the most holy. It is but the beginning. My little ones, continue to pray for the conversion of the many. Mother magnifies your prayers, presenting them to the Father, and more and more My people come back to Me. You are witness to the great need of conversion in the cities of Europe; in Jerusalem. I call these people. My people, I call to them; My people, My people; what is it that fascinates you in the world to the forgetfulness of your Creator? A Day of Reckoning comes upon the Earth as is written in Holy Scripture; and indeed a Day of Reckoning comes for each individual soul when it comes before Me at that crucial moment; therefore little children, persevere in all prayerfulness.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord please help me to delegate to someone reliable, to help. Our Lord is silent. Mother do You wish to speak on this issue. There is just heavy sadness and silence; then Our Lord says;

    Broken promises, broken pledges, broken hearts!

    Lord how much more can I help. More people will leave for summer. Angel Guardian of Our Church, St Joseph; dear Lord guide us to approach the right people. Thank You Lord.

    Lord please help me as I pray on behalf of B and J and there request to pray for their children especially S. Dear Lord, in Your great Mercy, please guide and inspire them.

    Do you wish to release this woman S whom you don’t know? Yes Lord.

    Then tell Me that you love Me for those who do not.

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe , do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee.

    Mercy is extended to the children of J and B, because a tremendous vessel of Faith is B. and J is endowed with great Faith as well. The children have suffered the inroads of the enemy in the world; but I am faithful to MY Word, to MY Pledge, and these children are safe in Me. They come back to Me with all their hearts. I Bless them now with Enlightenment as the days go by. One by one is enlightened in the pathway of holiness; is called to recognise the state, often the sorry state, of their souls and return at last to the One Who is calling them.

    Omen asks, do they have a nice house? I seem to be seeing baskets and ribbons and dainty towel hangers and I don’t know what that all means. I don’t know because I’ve never been to their home. Lord thank You for the great Faith of the parents, and the Peace that your Mercy will bring to the family. May it be soon. Lord we pray for the Words that were lost on the tape .

    They will be given back to you but not precisely the same Words, for all is flowing, flowing, flowing, from the Throne of Glory, but not on this evening for Our visionary wearies.

    Yes Lord, thank You; just a little more prayers needed.

    Thank You very much for the article I received from the woman in Adoration whose name I don’t know; about the souls in Purgatory, and the words about the time given between “apparent” death and actual death and the Mercy our Lord extends to each and every soul; to finally chose You before they come before you in judgment of their souls; Lord I ask for Your Word on this vital subject relating again to “brain death.”

    Tell Me little children, countless individuals who go into shock, or what they call ‘little deaths,’ and they begin to come towards Me, ‘The Light’; but they are unready. Were I to take them then, grave would be the consequences for those souls; and yet I cause them to return to their bodies, and they are changed because of their, what they call their near-death experience, and they begin to realise how precious life is, and how fleeting, and how readily it may be taken from them; - bodily death little children! And they begin to change their souls, their hearts and minds, to the Way, the Truth and the Life, that they may come cleansed and purified and abandoned to their Lord God, at the time I next call them into Eternal Light, into Eternal Joy. This is one means of Enlightening the people. Countless books have been written, but without understanding that I am the God of Merciful Love; I do not wish a soul to come unready before Me their Judge.

    Lord, thank you for these beautiful Words; even those who have Faith have not believed patients who speak of these “near death” or “out of body” experiences. I have had a patient who told me of this experience after attempting to commit suicide by an overdose; and there are many books on the subject.

    And yet the, what you call the new-agers, the witchcrafters proclaim these things, and proclaim, ‘is there life after death?’ Have I not told My people, that I came to give LIFE TO THE FULLEST! TO THE FULLEST MEANS ETERNALLY IN MY PRESENCE IN GLORY AND LIGHT. This has been a means of deceiving My people into seeking to follow the witches who proclaim to have secret knowledge of Life after death. IT IS NO SECRET! I AM GOD! I AM ETERNAL! I GIVE ETERNAL LIFE ! I DO NOT TAKE IT BACK! ETERNALLY WITH ME IN GLORY, OR ETERNALLY IN SUFFERING. I CALL ALL TO CHOOSE NOW, BY RE-EXAMINATION OF THEIR, SHALL WE SAY LIFESTYLES, THEIR PRIORITIES, THEIR VERY CHARAC- TERS, THEIR FAITH OR LACK THEREOF.

    Thank You Lord. Please help us to spread Your Words far and wide but protect my daily private prayer life Lord.

    The tentmaker was yet a tentmaker in his daily life.

    That’s Saint Paul! Lord, thank You; I feel very close to him; please pray for us. Glory be... May the blessing of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, etc.

    Discernment Prayers. March 17th 1999.

    Lord we thank You, bless You praise and adore You for all You are doing in and through us and all Your instruments to accomplish Your Holy Will in these Missions. We thank you especially for the assistance of St Clare the Illuminator and Marshall MacLuhan, whom You have named to help me powerfully in dealing with the media. Thank You for fulfilling your Promise that I would be evangelising in a unique way in Ottawa; which has come to pass in that the media have continued to quote and carry the Words You spoke in and through us for the past two weeks. Lord help us now to continue to do Your Will in this next step as we try to complete the letters You have asked that we write in Your Name, by the Power of Your Holy Spirit, and according to Your Holy Will. Lord I have brought the rough draft for discernment that we may complete it as You Desire.

    My daughter, of this you may be assured; I am with you through all that is occurring now. I am Your God, You are My People, My precious little ones. Forthwith be at Peace and proceed with your specific questions. I am well aware of them but I choose to converse in this manner.

    Thank You Lord for being so merciful and patient with us. Dear Jesus, I ask now specifically for Your Guidance in completing the letters which MB and I are putting together for the colleges and the public with regard to “brain death” and organ transplantation.

    The gist of the matter is already well written. Persevere as you are doing; it is forming according to the Way I Desire. There is little to be added for it is, one might say, an introductory letter. Most assuredly, there will be correspondence back and forth. I am with You; I speak in you and through you as you well know.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, in reading this letter I am aware that it is not particularly Faith-filled; but I think its because the colleges would probably not hear such a letter right now; I hope we can send it to doctors across the country and for each College to receive a copy of all the signatures. We haven’t discussed or agreed on that idea Lord; its just come to me. Could You please help me with how to get more signatures.

    And again forthwith I bid you Peace; I am with you.

    Thank You Lord.

    It is true that more signatures would be desirable to give a more formidable approach to the matter in the College. It would become necessary for you three to approach others, those whom each one of you believe would be agreeable to signing. Indeed every Christian physician should be involved. That is not to say that every Christian physician shall be involved; and yet with your perseverence and prayer many things are happening for this work which you are doing, IS MY WORK, IS MY PLAN, IS MY DESIRE ! I Myself will move a goodly number of physicians to agree to sign, for it is apparent, it is obvious to those working in the very fields of medicine where this is taking place, that what is happening is not entirely as it should be, as you well know. This could delay or even threaten the so-called business of harvesting body parts, and so there is a large element of opposition; yet this Cause is espoused and MUST go forward according to My Will. Remember, Victory is in MY NAME : JESUS!

    Yes Lord always; without You we are nothing, we can do nothing. Lord, please help us with the letter to go to the lay public. We will have to modify this letter somewhat.

    Our Lord shows Omen the paper with the 30 items which can be used in “diagnosing brain death;” I think that is Paul Byrne’s Paper?

    There is information there which lay people can grasp.

    Thank You Lord. When people understand better, fewer may sign consent.

    And this is exactly what certain practitioners fear!

    Lord, I have a sense of urgency about getting these letters out. Do You wish me to get them out before, or when I go to the conference where there’d be more signatures.

    Beloved, it is as you sense, a matter of urgent concern. Even so, proceed in Peace; I make all things fall into place.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I know that it was Your Inspiration that, this very evening, I received the names of all the Catholic physicians, from a doctor in Winnipeg. I will sent the letter to them soon, to sign and forward to the colleges. Lord we need a strong ending to that letter, we’re not too sure what we are asking of the colleges yet besides correcting” brain death” to proper legal definition of death.

    It is essential that the pro-life movement become active in this issue and that the general public recognise what is happening. At this point in time the best means is indeed through the pro-life movement, who already have widespread activities and information pouring forth to the public to those who would heed. At the meeting which you shall attend, you will meet others who know and believe as you do in the truth of what is occurring. The concept of wrongful deaths, is one means of the physicians re-examining their positions now that this knowledge has been spread throughout the continent. Thank You Lord; I will share this with M.

    Lord I ask for a special blessing for M because he has been a “frontline soldier” in these concerns on Your Behalf for much longer than I have been. I realise that he has been hurt a lot for Your Cause because he has not been appreciated for what he has done; and has been very alone both in the physicians guild, and among the Christian physicians, especially when he spoke against” brain death”.

    It is not a popular position, to prod the consciences of your fellow-man is it little children. Indeed We pour forth Blessings upon the beloved M who prevails ; endures all things in the Name of God, and in love for his fellow man. He is, We shall say, an exceptional human being, and pleasing to the Living God. Remember little children, when you take these unpopular stands in My Name, in the Cause of My beloved little ones, My helpless ones, the treasures you are storing are in Heaven, and not readily apparent on Earth. Even so, profound Blessings come upon M, a man of God!

    Thank you Lord, please bless his wife E and their family.

    Amen; it is done!

    Thank You Lord. Lord should we inform the Archbishop that we are sending these letters.

    It is always advisable to send this information to the Archbishop who strives always to have his hand on the pulse of what is happening in his Diocese.

    Yes Lord. Would it be appropriate to ask for the letters to be signed in the parishes or is it better to just approach individuals one by one informally.

    You may well ask the Archbishop to address those parishes but as you know this is a delicate matter, in view of the approval of Rome to give in Love to one another, as opposed to that which is occurring in the advanced nations now. They are called advanced nations, but what they are doing is not an indication of an advancement of Love for one’s fellow man; it is a deceit!

    And so it is, as you well know, a delicate subject which My Church must handle most tactfully; for when the door was first opened, it seemed to be a loving and charitable thing to give your brother or sister one of your kidneys. Now it is not often a loving and charitable gift that is occurring, but an idea of buying or selling or an idea of power over Life and Death and a drive of pride to proclaim what certain physicians have done in their believing themselves all-powerful! Even they will learn one day what it is they have been about! But We must open their eyes, and this is what you My little ones, are assigned to do. Thus address the Archbishop in this matter, and pray that the Vatican discerns on the difference between acts of Love, and this corrupt, power-hungry action of these people. Evil and dismay is upon My Heart at what My physicians are doing today, as you well know!

    Thank You Lord. Dear Jesus, thank you for helping me get my application completed. Lord I pray for the safety of everyone at the conference since there are threats of trouble. Lord, You have asked me to send the Words to Fr M in January, but I have never heard from him, and he will be at the conference. How shall I deal with that.

    My sweetheart, simply when you see who he is, introduce yourself; be not afraid, I am with you. He has heard from you and of you.

    Thank You Lord; do you wish me to promote the Scroll [Christian Physicians oath ] as well or not yet?

    The virtue of Love is such that you may address the subject of the Oath in your speaking, and have it there should any one wish to study it, to read it over. The media would of course regard it as a drastic change to what exists today, and yet, what exists today; is anyone loyal to any Oath today?

    Oh My people, what confusion is upon this field of works which was intended to be works of Merciful Love. Rest assured I am with you evey moment of your life, for in your yes to Me, in all abandonment, all yieldedness to Love, you live in the Power of My Peace and My Love; never forget it. Rejoice in this our Loves union; Trust Me!

    Jesus, I trust in You. I’m very aware that the conference ends on the Feast of Divine Mercy. I know that is going to be a very special day. Its also My father’s birthday. Thank You Lord. Thy Will be done Lord. I received a call from a reporter in Toronto asking for a physician for her talk show about organ transplants. I need to discern if You wish a positive response Lord; M suggested Dr Byrnes if that is Your Will Lord.

    You may answer mentioning Paul and leaving it over to Me. Thank You dear Lord.

    We must keep the controversial aspect going in the news media so that many, many people become aware that there is such an issue.

    Paul has been a very good soldier for Your point of view for a very long time Lord. He would be excellent on that type of show. Dear Lord, You inspired me to read thoroughly Dr Shewmon’s paper in which he describes his double conversion, over the past three days; I discovered that several things You said through me in Ottawa were exactly what he had said in that paper; e.g. the self-fulfilling prophecy in saying that nobody ever recovered from brain death. I felt very strongly that You wished me to write to him introducing him to the Mission.

    Do so!

    Our Lord quotes that Scripture ;

    I charge you now to fan into flame... [2 Tim 6...

    Lord, I pray that he will love Your Words. Our Lord, I have not heard from Fr J yet wth regard to a mentor for Epistle of Love Mission. Our Lord gave me an arrow of Love. Thank You Lord.

    I Will to address this matter in due course but not yet.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray about the retreat. Lots of obstruction has happened. Guide me to the people that will help, please Lord. I pray for both my daughters, through St Joseph whose novena we three are all praying, that they will have a deep experience of You. Lord please inspire them both. A spirit of obstruction assails Omen, so we pray rebukes.

    The virtue of Love is that the beloved Joseph attends upon your daughters and the Divine Inspira- tions the motivations occur for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful.Honour given to My saints, is honour given to Me the Living God. The beloved Joseph is of key importance in this time of trial which is upon the Earth as he continues to guard the Church to guard the Family of God, to father it even as he did the Christ. Reverence this holy saint little children often, and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Bless and protect the young women who are coming, bless our Church. Lord now I am also invited to the pro-life conference in Kamloops. I come to discern if You are sending me there too Lord.

    This conference is again a means of gathering together these who truly believe that all life is sacred, all life is holy and therefore We measure the time of your work and We fit in this conference which will be scholarly and serious and yet joy-filled; for it is My Desire, My Design, that all those who would call themselves physicians honour all Godgiven Life, and these people do. Therefore speak, My small sweet heart, I shall speak in you and through you. Rejoice in Our Love and be at Peace.

    Lord You know that I am chicken; and I am the one with dysphasia!

    But you know Truth; I Am Truth!

    Our Lord gave Omen a beautiful prayer during Adoration;

    My Way, My Truth, My Life, My Light, My Peace, My Joy. My Jesus!

    Lord why can’t people understand what this gift is that You give to me; I know that they seem to see something but the physicians and some of the priests are incredulous; I know that some think I am insane; some even laugh in my face thinking I can’t see. What words can I use to explain that they would understand better.

    Little one, as Scripture says, Wisdom and Enlightenment come from the Lord. One can have great intellect but without Wisdom can go awry, and often does. Therefore, it is written in Scripture, to ask for Wisdom, and it is also written that Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. Since you have sought Me prayerfully and fear your God, I have blest you with wisdoms, and enlightenments and insights. This is given to you on behalf of My beloved Humanity. I have also blest you with perseverence and have indeed taught you to endure all things My Name. Therefore take from these My Words when they ask you such questions!

    Thank You Lord. You have said this repeatedly in the Epistle of Love Mission, that if anyone does not understand the Words, they should come before You prayerfully with an open mind and pray for under- standing and it will be given to them to understand the Words of the Mission. So others could also receive the Gift I have been given, and therefore to “speak in your Name” [”As Your Voice”.] Mother may I please ask a blessing from You before we end today. We get demonic obstruction and have to pray rebukes first.

    Militant angels surround you little children. Powerful Light is profoundly upon you. The Mother of God is present. The enemy is wrath and sends obstructions to attempt to stop that which he cannot stop. You are surrounded always with attacking avenging angels protecting you as a flotilla around you, because this Work must and shall be done! Remain as you are, ever close to your Jesus, your heart’s Love.

    Thank You Mother. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints; blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most Holy; blessed be God forever! May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always; beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace; Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns. Amen.

    Discernment Prayer. 24th March. 1999. Eve of the Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord.

    Oh Maria, Oh Maria, Oh Immaculate One, I am Your handmaid. I keep My eyes upon Your Face,

    Your Hands; I keep My ears atuned to Your Voice. I am the handmaid of the Handmaid of the Lord! [prayer given to Omen by Our Lady, in her Mercy Gate Mission.] Beautiful Mother Mary; Mother of Jesus and Our Mother too. With Thee we are surrendered to Our Lord Jesus; in You and through You. Continue to watch over us holding us safe under Your Mantle; You know these are difficult times and that attacks come to anyone who is publicised and proclaiming the Words of Life from our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is Truth! Give us Your protection for the Epistle of Love Mission.

    Heaven hears your plea little children and blesses you; it is so! Thank You Lord.

    A Solemn Oath I give to you; I am the Lord your God! I am profoundly attendant upon you for I have assigned you this Mission of Love that none of My Own be lost for want of guidance in the pathway of holiness. Guidance is amply present in My Church, and in Holy Scripture and yet My little ones have wondered far from Truth. I, the Lord God, I AM TRUTH! I address you on the matter of Death and dying.

    My little ones, “there is a time to be born and a time to die!” [Ecclesiastes 3]. Now, is a time of spiritual warfare; a warfare for the hearts and souls and minds of mankind who are, as it were, embroiled in a great battle for Spiritual Life.

    Little children, if a halt is not caused to occur with regard to the mining of organs from those deemed “brain dead, ” much more calamities will come upon the Earth, for the doctors as you see, are choosing who shall be born, who shall die, when they shall die, thus proclaiming that they are god or at least equal to God. Oh woe! Oh sorrow!

    There has been traditionally in every tribe of the Earth, means of recognising death. But this is not adequate today; it must be assessed by technological means in order that living tissue from one human may be transplanted to another! The virtue of Love is such that I the Living God, Bless you for your Fortitude in going forth and speaking before the world on this matter. Those who have died are truly physically dead and this is recognised by the traditional signs of death; but of course by then, the body parts are also dead and no longer useful for the doctors designs. Those who are named” brain dead’‘ and yet have a spark of Life in them, a spark of Life which could bring them back to fullness of Life, are now often, never permitted to be restored to fullness of Life, by the hasty action of the physicians involved!

    This subject is of great sorrow to the Living God Who is Life Eternal! They crucify Me again and again in certain barbarous acts which are now occurring in hospitals which were meant for mend- ing repairing, healing, restoring and generating Life.

    I the Lord Your God, do not condone that which is occurring with increased frequency, in hospi- tals! Its is true some would have gone ultimately on to die; were they not declared “brain dead, ”

    nd placed on equipment to maintain them until their parts could be removed. It is equally true that some others would have been restored to life. They are not restored once their heart is removed, or their kidneys both removed, or many other such events taking place now with human beings when they will be at the point of death, BUT ARE NOT DEAD!

    Many have gone to the point of Death, and by the Mercy of God, have been restored to Fullness of Life. Often in the action of Your God, when one is deathly ill, others are called to pray for that individual , who becomes well, and the others become more Faith filled in the Action of God! This is denied the many now!

    [God is showing Omen the picture of the little child who had received a liver but he looked extremely ill; and beside that He is showing the picture of the little child whose organs they wanted to take, but because of his parents he yet lives although he is yet ill.]

    Little children, the one who is intact of body organs, with prayer, can and shall be restored to Fullness of Life. Alas for the many who have received organ transplants; a goodly percentage live as it were, a half-life!

    People, don’t you know that I, the Giver of Life, Am the One Who takes all those I choose, at whatsoever hour I choose! I tell you again; when I send a new soul to this Earth, it is for My Reasons! Let them be Baptised at birth, and should I choose to take them Home promptly, they have caused a healing effect in their family and their loved ones in a manner chosen by Your God! They have completed their act of Love and Mercy in My Name, and they reign with Me in Glory.

    This can happen immediately after birth, shortly after birth or even in the womb! Was not the beloved John Baptised in the womb? This can happen through any stage of Life; at any age! Some I permit to live to ninety or a hundred; this is the exception.

    Therefore I ask you; do not believe that because your heart is failing, or because your liver is failing, that you have a right to expect to be given another person’s heart or liver or any such organ. It may well be that I am calling you Home!

    You live in a society which does not want to think of death or speak of death, but yet death is ever present in the world in the state it is in today. Until I return in Glory, death is not fully defeated! Those who are yielded to Me, have nothing to fear in My Embrace. They cross the barrier of time into Eternal Light; and so the basis for desiring to give a set of organs to the other, is not well thought out by the physicians!

    There is as it were, a movement to think that for the many afflictions organ transplanting can be sort of panacea for all that is happening; this is not true. If I had wanted this to be occurring I could have made all of you with identical blood types, identical genetic codes, identical beings , interchangeable as toy blocks. Did I do this? No! I made each one of you unique for My Own Reasons.

    I am Healer , I am Physician, I am Counsellor; consult Me before you make any such decisions. Pray, meditate, discern and act. This has been the Way for the Faithful throughout the generations. Now there is always an urgency to make snap decisions about matters of Life and Death. Children, you have to live with those decisions! You have to answer to Me, Your Judge, on the Day of Judgement which is never far off for any individual! What would you ask Me?

    Dear Jesus, most of all first I thank you for the great grace of speaking to us and teaching us again, on the eve of the great feast of Your Incarnation; Your Fiat to Our Father, for our Redemption and the great Fiat of Our Lady through whom You came into the world . The chain of events started on this date, that gave me 22 more years of life ;the miracle of my healing on the 27thMarch,1977 when in Your Great Mercy you called me back “from the doorway of death” as You called it. I believe that my son John-Jude, like St John , was given Baptism in the womb, because on the 25th I called the Cathedral of St Mary of the Immaculate Conception and asked for the Baptism of son who was going to be born dead. The Sacrament was given as soon as he was born because Father came, but I believe my son was Baptised before he died. I also believe that the Baptism of my son, has much to do with my own miraculous healing Lord. Thank you Jesus.

    Little one; do you see the Hand of God now, that your son was sent as part of what is occurring now? Yes Lord, thank You so much.

    Most assuredly as much as Gianna’s child was sent in her life, that the Hand of God be shown clearly and truly to mankind; that in this Sacrifice of Love, for Love, to Love, which occurred to you and your child, he completed his Mission, his role most rapidly as I have been telling you little children, can and does occur!

    And now, your part of it is yet ongoing. Yes, you have suffered an immolation for love of God and love of mankind, and it is not yet completed; but in your ‘yes’ to Your God, your abandonment to Love, your yieldedness to Love, you are My instrument not only of Peace, but of Enlightenment which is so important. Without Enlightenment, man goes on in its errors, until they are not seen as sinful or tragic or as errors at all! It is for this reason that you are now as it were ‘going public’ in My Name, that My people may be Enlightened for they have lost there sense of right and wrong .

    Lord help us for Your Words to be heard; I have no authority to speak because these are private Messages and I annoy Your priests when I sent Your Words to them.

    Mother blesses you little one. Remember I am always with you comforting you My darling child. You have been selected and taught through your whole life journey for this Journey, for this Mission which is of grave importance to mankind!

    The juxtaposition, by human intellect is the concept of Life and Death! It is inverted to what the Lord your God Desires; indeed Decreed! We have before Us, those who would make clone babies;

    those who would in essence, kill for body parts for money, for power, or for pride; We have those who choose whether a child shall live or die;those who choose whether an elder shall live or die;

    and whensoever one is injured, they go like indiscriminate scavengers looking for body parts to remove.[ Our Lord shows Omen the crows at a road kill.]

    Do you think this is pleasing to the Living God?

    Lord I don’t know what else to do to make the doctors hear Your Words.

    Children; know that the world learned well the lessons of Hitler and the Nazis; learned well the cruelty of communism and atheism; it is now humanism. The many look dispassionately upon medical patients, not regarding them as equal in the Eyes of God to their pride-filled selves. It is simply shall We say something to experiment on; to use, to abuse, to refuse! I could speak further on this subject, but I wish to portray to you, that this is not pleasing to the Lord Your God.

    Lord, please give the doctors Enlightenment. Many still reject Your Words.

    Let each of them who read this consider well, that they may one day be brought to a hospital, never to know what treatment they shall receive at the hands of the medical scientists; consider well what this means and speak and act now, because it is already happening to unknown numbers of your brothers and sisters on this Earth!

    Lord have Mercy; help us not become too despondent. Your workers are all attacked.

    I the Lord God Bless you little one. You realise that I must thin out My Army of faithful for this attack, like unto that which occurred with Gideon’s army so that there are few of you, but you are powerful by Faith; in Faith you are victorious. My little one, you are a key part of what is occur- ring. J M and M remain faithful, unchanged and true to character in what they believe. Dr J be- lieves, but is being as it were, pulled in different directions. It is imperative that you continue to pray for him, for this is a source of torment, when one knows what is Truth but is reluctant to continue speaking out because of the attacks! It is painful for that individual. Therefore it is imperative that you continue praying for him little children. Yes J is young , and has many commitments, and runs the risk of being ostracised; so you see, I know well the delicate position he finds himself in.

    As you know in your own specialty that certain individuals will disagree with you vehemently on this subject, yet I ask you to trust Me and continue; We are ever victorious little one, for you have a Union with Your God which is powerful. Also, this Union with Your God is incomprehensible to the atheists, the agnostics, the humanists, who cannot conceive of such a relationship with the Living God, for the eyes and ears are not opened; the skins are yet on their eyes! My little ones, they do not see the magnificence of Your God’s Design for Creation; for Humanity. They are actually working to thwart the Great Design, and thus it is that We are speaking out on behalf of Life. Therefore, pray for those; there are many who desire to support you knowing that it is Truth and yet are feeling vulnerable and are weak to take up the banner. Yet there will be sufficient of you who do, that the Cause of Life prevails. You shall live to see a different measure of what is Life and what is Death; trust Me!

    Thank You Lord, you know I have been afraid about physical martyrdom; I know that my death is in Your hands; I know that carrying out Your Mission is also a living martyrdom of sorts; and that I should not be afraid; forgive and strengthen me please Jesus.

    I Myself protect you in this siege against you. I do not permit anything to happen to you. You have a Work to complete; united with Me it shall be so!


    hank you Lord; I have the letter ready for the pro-lifers; should I make any changes before it goes.

    Militant angels attend upon this letter and each copy of this letter, for it is of the essence that it be rapidly distributed, that the people of God at least know what is happening, for the people of God are the giving, the loving, the charitable ones, who can be at times deceived by the manipulations of those who have another agenda. Thus it is My Desire that your letter, as it is, go forth, that the many be Enlightened as to the perils of signing these donor card without full comprehension of what could occur.

    Yes thank You; Thy Will be done. Please let there be Peace among Your workers. J has asked me to pray for his daughter H; because she is in some form of crisis. Please may she be given all the graces to find Your Path quickly. Lord, hear our prayer for the Glory of Your Name.

    Mother attends upon H for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. The dark spirits which are attacking her are assailed and defeated by the army of St Michael, who is extremely busy on the Earth, in the great warfare, which is present. Little ones, trust the Lord! Pray for your children, but always trusting in the Lord God’s actions on their behalf.

    They too must learn the lessons of Life. They too must be tested and strengthened, tried as gold in the fire and they do come back to Me with humble contrite hearts and their healing is readily begun.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; Thy Will be done. Dear Jesus, thank You for the phone call from my friend L who seems to be the one I will be visiting in Toronto. I pray for the spiritual and physical healing of her family and her health for the Glory of Your Name please Lord.

    My little ones it is suffice. As you attend upon them My beloved Faithful Missionary and as you pray there, you will lay hands of Love upon them , and a great cleansing, a healing is begun. They belong to Me; many belong to Me who do not fully know it, and who most assuredly do not comp- rehend the great spiritual battle which is upon the Earth in these times. Therefore love them, love them, love them, and leave all the rest to your Jesus!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, may I ask You specifically for the healing of her vision. She can’t do her work with children which she loves; if You want to, You can heal her sight Lord. You have cured so many. We ask in Your Holy Name, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    We Bless thee children. Confess the Name of Jesus at all times and persevere in prayer. With this little one when you go there, as you shake her hands or embrace her or touch her in any way pray, “in Jesus Name be healed,” and seek this restoration of her vision. I am with you. Little one, in a dramatic healing such as this; you move converts to the Cause of Almighty God. It all redounds to the greater Glory of Our Father in Heaven. Persevere in all Faith little children. I am with you, each one, at all times.

    Lord thank You; I am Inspired to ask You also to give her the gift of healing hands because she has a heart of love and her hands are Yours Lord.

    Continue to pray in this direction and trust Me, and be not surprised what occurs!

    Thank you Lord; Thy Will be done.

    There are many doctors who work in there own cause dispassionately in dealing with their patients and these are not pleasing to the Lord. Continue to pray for their conversions that Love may enter into their work.

    Lord we have another request for a phone-in talk show. I was “in the Spirit “ all day today Lord somehow as soon as I hear the request my first impulse tells me; I did not get good feelings about this one Lord. But I pray for discernment of Your Will, so that if You wish me to do it then I will; and if not me; then help me to find someone else competent to speak in Your Name for this occasion. Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will. We get fierce demonic obstruction here.

    My little one; go by that impulse. You have the Spirit indwelling your soul; you have the assistance not only of your great guardian angel, but a myriad of angels, and not a few saints assisting you. Thus your reaction is on the basis of an intuitive wisdom one might call it; in a worldly term.

    There is also a request from a neurologist who is in the centre of the“death dealing diagnosis” “brain death” Lord; you know his heart and I don’t; if this is coming to me as an opportunity for he and his friends to be converted Lord, then please guide me in responding to him.

    Mother and I are in attendance upon you little one. These physicians are in need of clarification of brain death, more so than you. You see, I have chosen you, one who is not involved directly in this crisis of Life and Death to impress upon such as this physician who writes to you and has accepted the status quo, which has been around these past number of years, in deciding what is death and what is not. One may consider your records would be taken that you are not clinically dead, but in a coma as is suggested here. One must write to this physician giving as much inform- ation as you gave to the committee in Ottawa. Indeed, you may give a copy of the article you just read this evening, regarding this child; he is but one of the many. Is it not that slippery slope you talk about when you say, “he may as well be dead, ”and then you begin the treacherous path of choosing who shall die so that another may be given a faint hope of life, or life for a little while longer.

    I bless you and Inspire you with the right Words with which to address this fellow physician on this subject which is of grave importance. Thank You Lord. Should I ask Michael if I may send his paper so that all the scientific references are available.

    Indeed do so.

    Lord, I pray for his conversion and of his colleagues. Thank You Lord.

    Lord I pray for all the victims of the Kosovo, that the innocent ones who die all come straight to You; for the conversion of all the evil doers. I pray for Dr S to believe and love Your Holy Words.

    Heavenly Mother, I have lost the two rosaries most precious to me, both gifts from You to me; my Fatima Rosary, and the one commemorating the millennium and the Holy Father, from Rome. May I please find them again, merciful Mother of all graces.

    Omen said, St Anthony will know where to find them.

    Mother says,’We do.’ Will she find them? She will!

    Thank You Mother, you love me so much. Lord the worldly things like maintaining my garden, my house in and out, sap all my energy; I’m busy working in Your Garden Lord; please help me to deal with it all. I know its not a very big thing Lord when I’m praying with You, but out there in the world it gets to be a bit much with all the obstructions; attacks and adversities. I know that you bless me for everything Jesus...

    I Bless you profoundly; you begin to see changes in your life; I the Lord, provide for My Own. Rest assured, you are safe in Me; all your affairs are safe in Me. Indeed the enemy taunts to no avail; in My Name is your Victory; you shall recognise this readily. Prevail in all that you are doing. It is a work of grave importance to the souls of mankind; of grave importance to Almighty God. Little children, one day you will realise the immensity of your prayers and your works of Merciful Love; of your abandonment to Love, giving of yourself with what Providence you have in the Name of the Lord. Great blessings come upon you little children. Persevere My precious little ones, I am with you always.

    Thank You beloved Lord; thank you Heavenly Mother. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. 26th March 1999.

    Lord I need permission to speak out .

    Omen is permitted to know; she has learned discretion. She is open to the expressions of the Holy Spirit. Little children, there is nothing We say here that can not be exposed to the Light.

    Lord, thats true about Your Words; sometimes I’m not sure of mine.

    Are You not My Own; are they not Divinely inspired?

    Yes Lord. In 1987 just around Sept 14/15 You made a request of me; very promptly thereafter I shared in Your Sufferings, but I don’t understand why this is coming up so strongly today.

    The virtue of Love is such that I am attendant upon you little one. In these times each soul is being purified profoundly so that each one of My Own precious instruments receive clearly the Messages I desire them to receive, but also at this time the readings are with regard to how I the Lord was treated by My people and I am still being treated in this manner. In My little precious ones I tell you, little children, all harsh words fall on your Jesus like so many whiplashes and it is so. Little ones, such as you are , genuine Christians at heart, living Love as I have called you to, attacks come upon you just as they come upon Me, yet I carry the brunt of all that is happening. Should you receive verbal attacks over your Messages or your actions, give them to Me; don’t be distressed, just give them to Me.]

    He reminds Omen when in Mass the Readings about the people wanting to stone Him and accusing Him of slander; all those words still hurt His Sacred Heart today; He just told Omen; ‘Love Me’]

    All those Words still hurt when they are read out.

    Lord You seem to be preparing me for painful times, by reminding me of Your Passion.

    In these times, each true faithful child of God and child of Mary, is called upon to give their utmost for the Cause; the Cause is Peace on Earth, conversion of sinners, Salvation of souls. It remains the Cause; for this I died, that mankind might know Life to the fullest. Do not delay in these actions which are given to you to do today.

    Yes Lord; it is ready and it will be done today.

    Lord, I pray for Mr S. who has written to me. He has had a liver transplant. Our Lord is silent for a long time and we are given heavy feelings of our Lord’s sadness. Lord we know You have already given him a great gift of healing in allowing him to live; we ask for his spiritual healing. Now that You have given him Life, we ask You to help him to serve you. Lord we know You have been sorely offended but I know that it was Your Design that he was at the meeting and has written to me now. Our Lord remains silent and sad. We appeal to Our Lady and pray Memorare. Mother of Mercy, Advocate before the Throne of Our Lord; please I dare not respond to him now without our Lord’s help. I do not want to offend our Lord by saying the wrong thing. Lord please speak to me.

    The virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God address you. The one you call Mr S is indeed known to Me. Many prayers have been given over on his behalf throughout the time of his affliction. He wills to be My servant, to give himself over to Me. It shall be so. I bid you tell him that every man and woman carries a cross; that he is doing just fine as he is, even as thou art doing just fine as thou art. I Myself, ease his distress, lifting the affliction, but traces shall remain. The great Day of Glory comes and he will understand fully what has transpired. Now I ask this son of God, to walk ever in Faith, in unity with the Living God. The Queen of Angels and All Saints has responded to your plea, and a healing Grace has come upon Mr S even as We speak. Just tell him that all that happens is in God’s Great Design. There are certain sufferings for every individual on Earth, because mankind is not yet freed up from the attacks of the foe. I tell My little ones always, they will be battlescarred, wearied, but ever victorious in the Name of Jesus. When one has to speak with such an affliction, invoke the Holy Spirit and trust and be at Peace.

    Our Lord showed Fr Hamsch[? Sp] who has a stuttering problem, but makes Rosary tapes and all kinds of prayer tapes in spite of it and apparently God has taken the worst of it away!

    Thank You Lord; I am inspired to ask You if there is a specific task that you would like him to help with.

    Send him a copy of that which you are distributing at this time and ask him if he wishes to assist. Yes Lord, thank You. Omen prays for a lady called BP who is dying in Langley hospital, who told no one of her illness but wants to be prayed over. Our Lord told us to ‘pray over every one I sendso here we are Lord. We ask a blessing for Omen before she goes. Omen is told that the lady has kidney failure.

    The virtue of Love is such that it is in My Design; go therefore and be at Peace; it is My Will that

    you pray with B for My Own Reasons which will become apparent in due course. Trust Me.

    Jesus, I trust You. My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I Love You; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love You. Lord, I’m not sure if I am I involved so this is on record; or am I involved more than that.

    Place your hand upon Omen’s brow, and bless her, thus you are linked with Omen in this work of Salvific Love; which I am calling you to; little children, have I not woven you together in My Seamless Garment? Thank You Lord Thy Will be done. Lord, if You want to You can heal BP. We walk in Faith now. We give You all honour praise, glory. We Bless Your Holy Name.

    Discernment Prayer .March 27th.

    Praying together over the phone to discern if obedience to the Episcopal Vicar’s letter may mean not being able to continue spreading our Lord’s Message any further.

    Sorrow and pain are the lot of who seek fame at the lot of their brothers and sisters. Nothing escapes My Eyes; I read the hearts and souls of your brothers. This trial is immense but I have strengthened you to endure for all the souls who are in peril for this issue alone. This issue, since you were in Ottawa, has become extremely controversial as you are well aware, but I protect you profoundly. I hold you safe in the Bosom of Myself and of My Church.

    **My little one, it is such a volatile subject; as soon as one experiences conversion, one suffers recriminating torment. This is often the way one perceives the error of their way but chooses to cover it up. [further explanation below**]

    Priests have power in the priesthood but they are yet men, and can be misinformed. The whole issue will ultimately be resolved by the Holy Father who is powerfully assisted by Me! The Holy Father has not chosen to heal the problem in his brain. Holy Integrity he speaks!

    But what you have here is experimentation on the helpless. It is not in the Design of My Father! In this time of technology, deceits have been hidden, not only from My Church, the priesthood, but even from the doctors not specifically engaged in this area. Much is done in darkness of deceit. Yet the question remains, how shall you deal with what is happening. Remain humbly obedient to John-Paul; remain humbly obedient to A E and to your pastor. Keep your eyes and your lips on your Jesus; you know well that I have picked you for both your weaknesses and your strengths.

    In this crisis Mother is holding you in Her Mantle tucking it in all around you. You are safe in the Holy Spirit Who protects you. Together, we withstand this storm too.

    The angels are singing, ‘put your hand in the hand...’ Thank You so much Our Lord; thank You Heavenly Mother of Mercy. Glory be... May the Presence ...

    Discernment Prayers. 28th March , 1999.

    On the previous day we had discussed our Lord calling to mind the carrying of His Wounds of rejection and abandonment. Omen continued by remembering that once our Lord had told her that she was not to look at a picture of Judas Iscariot; He Loves each person so much that He cannot abide looking on someone who is lost to Him. It breaks His Heart because even the words heard two thousand years ago at His Passion still hurt Him today.

    Our Lord was sad and silent for a long time when we prayed for the one who had received a transplant; because He grieves the death of the donor. As I was telling Omen this our Lord intervened and said;

    By what right hast thou maintained thy life son of God?

    Lord, we do not have the right to any body else’s organs. I don’t know what will make doctors understand Our Lord’s Way of seeing Life and Death. Lord we pray for all who receive Evangelisation of Epistle of Love through the internet.

    The virtue of Love is such that I AM the Lord your God and I AM attendant upon you little children; graces flow on this day which is holy to the Lord. Great Blessings flow. Little children, I am with you; it is MY Mission. It is imperative that every physician be given occasion to contem- plate the state of their soul now and open their mind to Truth. My little one, wither thou goest, I am with thee. I set thee on this Mission, to address other people in My Name and it shall be so.

    Thank You Lord; and thank You for giving me Your Holy Words .

    Children of obedience, remain just that, remain in obedience. Many of My obedient little ones are tested and tried, even by the Church as you well know. Consider the lives of the saints. How many testings and trials they endured and yet they remained united with Me, the Living God. This is what I call each one of you to do.

    Those who heed the Epistle of Love or similar Words from your fellow medical practitioners who see and believe as you do; should their eyes be opened to Truth, then they must choose to justify what they have been doing, or choose ME totally in all abandonment to Love, and become one with Me on the side of Truth. This is a dilemma each one of them faces. Therefore I ask you little children to include in your prayers most especially all physicians who read My Words with an open mind because it is at that point, as their minds are opened to what I am speaking, that I desire them to surrender unto Me, and the enemy desires them to take a firm stand in opposition; and it is thus that some will do just that, and so I ask you little children who know, to pray for their conversions, that My Words will strike their hearts and minds, and the necessary Enlightenment does indeed come unto them.

    All of a sudden the angel gave Omen the name of Dr Kevorkian. Lord we pray for him.

    Ghastly Nauseous silence. This is most distressful to Our Lord. WE are only permitted to pray the pardon prayer that he might be converted. I love you My beloved Jesus, I love You more than myself; I repent of ever having offended You. Would that I may love You always and then do with me what You Will. My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, adore, trust and do not love Thee.

    This prayer is suffice for him.

    Lord I faxed the letter to several pro-life places; but after the letter from the Episcopal Vicar are we permitted to continue sending them out?

    Mother Mary asks us to be obedient no matter what.

    Until you receive word to stop sending them out; that is if you receive word to stop sending them out, then you will stop sending them out.

    [The Lord reminds us about Ida Peerdeman who persevered in Faith a long time without having her Words accepted, but she remained obedient.] Lord please strengthen us and keep us safe in Thy Church.

    A Pulitzer prize- winner will assist you now!

    Lord this is exciting, may we know who?

    You will find out in due course. At Ottawa little children, you opened to the public a door that had been closed to them previously, and this has brought controversy, yes it has; but it is also causing many well known people to consider the implications, the pros and cons of what is happening now. Little children, trust Me.

    We trust You Lord.

    The article will appear in a magazine and will be drawn to your attention.

    Our Lord asks me,

    Do not allow any doctors to attack you personally but respect your stand, your position in the matter, and you respect their position.

    Yes Lord. Lord should I provide the Archbishop with the information I gave at Ottawa.

    The Bishop is already aware of it.

    Thank you Lord. I pray for his reception of the Words Lord; that he is not antagonised.

    My darling daughters, rest assured you are safe in the bosom of the Church. Little children, the Enlightenments given by the Living God, are such that the Church must consider and review all that is occurring; that you[ Omen] are inspired to recall the Faith in the Old Testament describing that which is unclean, comes to the fore for priests of Holy Orders who know Theology well, are involved in this study of what consists of Life and what consists of Death; see little children, you are not alone. I do not say that it is an easy journey, but I remind you Omen about the little donkey, the sure footed little one who alone can tread the rocky road where there is no trail cut ahead for it; it is like thus that your journey carrying the Word of God is, and yet your God assists you profoundly.

    Little children, you do not do it yourselves. You do it in the Hand of Almighty God. You are but a small instrument in His Hand. Always remember that little children, this is the Faith which will carry you through this Work of Merciful Love, which will be the Cause of the conversion of many, and the Salvation of many souls who are at present in grave peril of hell. Persevere ; your God is with you; your Heavenly Mother is with you; hosts of angels and saints are with you, for now is the

    great hour of battle in which the enemy knows total defeat. Rejoice in the Great Victory which is before Our Eyes and is soon little children, compared to Eternity this time of your work, of your cross- bearing is very brief. Live in the Light and Love of your God, and be at Peace.

    We pray for Peace, Strength and protection for all those who are working in this Cause.

    The sound of music, the angels pray in unison with thee before the Throne of the Father, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Angels and all Saints.

    I am profoundly attendant upon this Cause and upon each small instrument of this Cause. Rest assured it is so!

    Lord I pray for Ken whose birthday is tomorrow; who still awaits in Faith the glorious day that he will walk; and all the prayer warriors around him.

    I am your Jesus of Merciful Love; I attend upon Kenny even as I attend upon you. Trust Me.

    Thank you Lord. Glory be..

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