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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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    Discernment Prayers. 5th April 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Your well-beloved Spouse. Rebuke prayers... In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory!

    Speak little children, your God is attendant upon you. I am your Jesus of Merciful Love.

    Dear Lord, thank You for Your Presence and gifts of Easter, to the whole of mankind; especially for those who do not thank You. Lord we thank You for Peter, who received First Communion and Confirmation. I pray for L’s health; for spiritual healing; if it is Your Will also physical healing; and for her daughter. Mother Mary, take them as Your own. Memorare.

    I am Jesus; I bless you little children. Use this prayer often in the matter of conversion; it is a powerful weapon to release My little ones from the enemy, the illusionist, the deceiver. Prevail in all prayerfulness for each of your kinfolk, each of your loved ones, each of those you carry in your heart. Now is the time of the great Ingathering which I have long discussed with you. It comes to the fore now.

    Little children , you are all living in perilous times. I tell you again, My Own are safe in Me. It behooves the others, the lukewarm and the cold to become My Own also, that they may dwell in the Sanctuary of Love. We shall pray for L yet again at the next meeting together; Mother attends with Her Merciful Love, there where she is and where her daughter is. The Peace of Christ comes upon them and they at last realise it is because of your prayers for them, because little children when your prayers go up as incense in this manner, and yours are magnified by the many voices invoked to pray with you, and they are magnified yet again by the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother, Heaven hears, your pleas resound in Heaven, and action is taken. By Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won.

    Thank You Lord. I pray for the many sins causing separation in families, to be eradicated.

    Little children, this is what the enemy is doing, or striving to do to the entire Body of Christ. He wreaks havoc in homes and in families. It is therefore imperative that each one of My Own, hold the armour of God, tightly about you; thus you can endure all things in My Name. Little ones, never cease to love. It is the key to all that is.

    My little prayer warriors all have as it were, a badge on their sleeve; wear your heart on your sleeve and don’t be afraid of the rebuffs, the rejections. It happened to Me, it happens to My Own. Persevere in loving; you are indeed vulnerable in loving those who have barriers and walls about them; but it is Love little children which breaks down the barriers . I bless you with an understand -ing and discernment in dealing with each member of your family; those whom you a re concerned about; that the bonds of blood are strengthened, and you are truly bound together in love.

    Praying for aging parents. Please protect them and help us meet their needs.

    The Sovereign Queen shall address your concerns.

    I your Heavenly Mother bless you, My precious daughter; I take your own mother to My Heart, holding her under the Mantle of Love and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Dear little children, remember those who have aged fathers and mothers, that they were once the ones who blest and sheltered and protected and nurtured you; and now they are elderly and frail, and these frailties are often emotional and mental, not only physical, we ask you to simply love them unconditionally little children and do not take the word of some one who is becoming frail and becoming as it were, unstable, to heart; do not allow them to wound your heart. Just say words such as ‘oh, that’s mother;’ and do not be wounded, for perhaps mother or father is not in a position to state clearly what is in their heart or mind as they once were. Little one, always honour your mother and father in their old age; remember the good that they have done throughout their life; and this overshadows that which is happening. Dear little ones, rest assured that the Lord is with the elders; with the aged ones in a special way, and remember that their suffering is their purification. Little ones, do not allow any words or outbursts to cause you to react emotionally, but hold firmly the armour of God about you and love in spite of what is occurring. Little children, do you understand?

    Yes Mother, thank You. That is beautiful. Lord, please help M and I to get this fact sheet for the doctors clarified today, which is my last day to work on it.

    The Spirit of the Living God, shall attend upon each of you; M and you, and the Words flow freely and fall into place readily, for the Lord is with you; never forget it; the Lord IS with you! Once you have yielded to Me, ever and always I am with you, and My Light is upon you, and My Gifts are upon you and Blessings and Graces are upon you, for it is thus that I use you as My instruments of Enlightenment.

    Thank You Lord. Likewise I ask you to help me choose the correct references to have them readily available for the doctors who ask for them.

    Indeed I bless thee thus, continue to pray as you do, without anxiety, resting most assuredly in My

    Love and all, all your needs are taken care of by Heaven! My Love knows no bounds . Even the tiniest action is in the Hands of God once you are yielded to Him.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord I promised M that I would pray about Kamloops; I know that You are sending me. What is Your Will for him Lord?

    I draw him to go; it is My Will that he go; it shall be so! Little children, pray for the army of God upon the Earth now; I know all the frailties in each one of My Own; and I ask you to prayerfully remain united with all those who fight for My Cause.

    Lord we praise You bless and thank You for M please help him .

    Indeed, let him go forth quickly and actively now; have I not told you a journalist would come, powerful to the assistance of this Cause! Let him go forth, as you say, united with you but perform ing his own action on My Behalf. I am with both of you, and yet I am with each one of you indivi- dually , for there is much to do in a limited period of time. Persevere little loved ones in the Cause.

    Thank You Lord. Lord should I spend the last two nights in the hotel, or with L.

    It is best that you go to the hotel for the last two nights for time is of the essence, for details must be given and you must have a room a sanctuary of Peace in which to do whatsoever paper works are essential; time for prayer, a time for discerning and writing. Therefore I Bless you to remain in the hotel closely united to all that is occurring at the conference. Dear little ones, in the interests both of protection and expedience, I ask you to remain in the hotel for those two days.

    Thank You Lord. Dear Lord, I pray for help with the letter for the lay people to distribute and sign.

    Well, little children, the contents are, shall we say a shocking Enlightenment to the many who have gone on oblivious to what has been occurring in the realm of organ harvesting and transplanting. Even the terminology is shocking to the ones coming into an understanding of what is truly happen -ing. Therefore don’t expect quick responses for it is something one must, one might say, digest for a time, and consider and contemplate until the minds are opened to what is truly occurring; a heart -felt response shall occur! Little children persevere. I open doors for this Mission alone quite readily now. Our Lord shows Omen a groundswell response.

    Thank You Beloved Saviour. May many helpers come. Lord we pray that You comfort and enlighten the family whose son was killed and daughter seriously injured in the MVA in Holy Week. Lord please Bless them to reach Your understanding of these events in their lives, and have Mercy on them.

    It is thus that thou art My beloved; remain little children loving your God and loving your neighbour as yourself. This is My Way. Little children, Heaven attends upon this family in their hour of grief, for Heaven hears the prayers emanating from the Earth on their behalf.

    Our Lord shows Omen a book opening; she can’t see what it is. He says; Its a book of Life in which the child’s name is written. Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray that your Holy Words have reached their destination.

    The beloved one* has busied himself for the Easter Experience, for all the works that he is entail- ed to do at this time. He bears much fruit in the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls, in all that he is doing. It is only now that he can take the needed time to study the document. Wait on the Lord in all these matters.

    Thank You Lord. Our Lord is reminding Omen that PM had to wait on the Lord two years before he found his place; he had to pray and wait and stay faithful. Heavenly Mother, I still haven’t found my rosaries and I was hoping to find them before I went to the conference. Please help me Mother, they were my gifts from You.

    We shall give you a special gift of a beautiful rosary at this your Mission of Love in Toronto. Be at Peace, the others reappear in due course.

    Thank You Lord for the beautiful Words and Blessings attached to the Oath for physicians; especially at this time in the week of Your Divine Mercy novena, because Blessed Faustina is mentioned in those prayers[3rd December].Omen shows me the Words she was given by Blessed Faustina who spoke to her after she had prayed the chaplet 33x Oh Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a Fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!

    This happened on Good Friday. The Words are the exact same Words as on the Scroll; the Great Commandment; so I asked our Lord if I may be permitted to repeat the Words in this discernment.

    You may do so; Read therefore the Words. Love the Lord your God, with all your heart and soul and mind and all your strength; then leave everything up to Him, for in your abandonment to Love, He takes care of everything.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank you Blessed Faustina; Lord she takes a very active role now in promoting Your Oath the day before Your Divine Mercy Feast...

    For His Mercy endures forever; interjects our Lord.

    Lord we ask again for healing of As ear and deafness. Omen has been receiving many prayer requests for people who are going deaf and going blind. We ask You who are the One Who answer prayers; please heal them as You did in Scripture.

    Mother Mary is saying,’My daughter, you ask much of your God.’

    Mother Mary that is what Scripture tells us. Lord, we are told to pray in Peace and trust the Lord. So we leave all these people in Your Healing Hands. Jesus, I am inspired to bring St Raphael into this prayer request for the blind and deaf; these are the Words of the blessing on the Oath; He is Medicine of God, bringing Your Enlightenment into the World; we pray for the doctors when they see Your Words , that through St Raphael You heal first their spiritual blindness; then if You Will, their physical blindness and deafness. First Omen receives some prayer in tongues, one word repeated three times.

    Correction in the vision of multitudes occurs because of these prayers, Heaven delights in your persevering Faith little children! Rest assured, ‘His Eye is on the sparrow, His Eye is on me!” Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord for Father J.* Is it not like Joseph in Bethlehem.

    Thank You Lord. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be for safety on this trip. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we love You; save souls.

    Discernment Prayer April 9th,1999.

    [By telephone from Toronto. re: Sudden request for radio and TV interviews.]

    I address you in the matter of public speaking. I Bless you My beloved one. It is My Desire these Words be heard far and wide. Be not afraid to speak on the one out of Detroit. Even though you may have some concern about the St Joseph’s one, it is yet a vehicle that would get My Word out. California is in need of Enlightenment. You may ask that the Words be produced in their entirety. I speak in you and through you. I Myself attend upon the entire conference. This is precisely what I Desire. I bless you in My Name.

    Thank You Lord, how should I answer if they ask about how I receive these Messages.

    You may say by Divine Inspiration; should they probe further you may say that you receive locutions; this is not uncommon in the Charismatic Movement.

    Thank You Lord. Lord how would You like me to use this opportunity with PB.

    Here I am , as attendant upon him as upon you. I eagerly attend the meeting with P B.

    Thank You Lord.

    Discernment Prayers. April 12th, 1999.

    Lord strengthen each one of us for what we are called to do. Lord without You we are nothing and can do nothing at all. Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will.

    Mother and I attend upon you most profoundly little ones. Ask of Me what you will.

    Lord thank You so much for Your sustaining Presence whenever I need You. Thank You for the Masses and Adoration at St Raphael’s Parish. Please help me to understand the things You wished me to do that did not happen.

    I Jesus hold You to My Heart My little one. The oppression was real, the oppressive forces were there. They felt themselves indomitable, but I am God. Nothing is impossible to Me. Do not fret that you were as it were, shut out by those two forces of the media, for reasons unknown to you. Forces of evil prevail briefly yet I tell you, the Message seems dormant at this point, but it is not, for it is by your voice and M’s and all the others, that the seeds are planted in the minds of the many and Enlightenment is budding, is growing now and comes into full flower very rapidly.

    Those who do not want to hear your voice, indeed those who have tried to suppress you here in this area; they will come to know that I AM TRUTH, and that I speak My Own Truth through you by My Own Desire. It is My Will that I have chosen you for this Mission. It is successful to a degree now and will be successful to a far greater degree as time passes. Do not think that there were failures; perhaps they were disappointments to you, but in all things remember, you are walking with the Lord on this love-starved Earth, as through shall We say, a briar patch.

    My little ones, you are My Delight; you persevere in spite of all the doors being shut in your face by the others shunning you. They believe they are righteous, and yet they are not open to the free flow of the Holy Spirit. Dear little children, stay as you are surrendered to your God, through the Immaculate Heart of Our Beloved Mother; all goes according to Heaven’s Design. What you did in Toronto in My Name is successful in My Eyes. You will realise this in the future. It is not readily apparent, but this is often the way with the affairs on Earth.

    Lord thank You for comforting Presence at all times. The angels are singing; Yahweh I know you are near...

    Thank You Lord; we pray about for the conflict with the local CPG.

    I am going to ask you something which may be unpleasant, even difficult for you. My little one, it is your Jesus who speaks. I would ask you and M to pay your dues and to remain part of the organisation. Do not mind being shunned when you attend any activity or meeting. Know that your own personal Victory is in the Name of Your Jesus. Know that you are beloved of Jesus and Mary; you are My instruments proclaiming Truth in place of darkness. They are in the dark now, but Enlightenment comes gradually on the day that you would attend. Most assuredly thank Me for that day, and offer your day back unto Me. And I Myself will attend, and I Myself speak in you and through you. I am strengthening your sensitivities; I make it like leather in the face of the foe.

    Thank You dear Lord; we were hoping for the hostilities to be drawing to an end. We ask for the help of Our Mother.

    Do I not tell you little children that all harsh words fall on Me, your Jesus as so many whiplashes ? You do not carry these cruel words alone little one.[ Our Lord quotes from Scripture] I set My Face as flint before My foes. You see children, the enemy, the merciless one, is emotionless, and in the world, the ones who would be in power, in control over others, demonstrate no emotion in their arguments for their causes, although they do prompt as it were in a manner of mind control, the lesser intellects, to do all the emotional actions, such as was demonstrated outside the hotel.[HLI]

    But I tell you those that show no emotions, but are cold and calculated in all that they do and say, are not of Me and thus they judge you when you react emotionally. And thus I strengthen you with so great a Fortitude, that though your heart is crying out with love and pain for your fellow man, you do not reveal these emotions, but stay strengthened in the Lord and even unto remaining at Peace in the face of the foe; thus do I strengthen you! I Myself Bless M again and again.

    Thank You Lord, I need it. I will talk to M. Lord we hope and pray that you Bless our priest with under- standing; that he become open to what You Desire; to heal the divisions due to unbelief in this Mission and the issue of “brain death.”

    I Myself attend upon the good priest for I cannot resist at this week of Mercy the plea of My little ones; and I strengthen My little prayer-warriors yet again, yes M and J included, and the many more! You have met many more who are adamant in the Cause of Life at this past conference, and I Bless all of them who work for My Cause with all sincerity of heart.

    Since the matter of “brain death” and the meaning of it and the discernment of it, is now in the hands of the beloved John Paul too, and a Papal Committee; with the meeting come forth, there

    shall indeed be discernments and changes and documents to cause people to understand the differ- ence between gifts of loving Charity and shall We say false scientific bravado, that is undaunted by all the Causes of Life and Love, but dares to test the Living God, and to create these grey areas, to leave the people of God in confusion. I Myself attend upon that conference; I am ever-attendant upon the beloved John-Paul, as is Mother.

    Mother has decided to convene all meetings of the physicians guild Herself, for I give this matter over to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Thank You Lord. Thank You beautiful Mother; that all the Latin-American countries have declared abortion illegal; and for the feast of the Unborn Child, and the official feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe [12th Dec ]. Mother please reclaim the souls and wills against the cannabalism of ‘brain-death’ and the commercialisation of organ transplantation; please bless and protect the doctors who are afraid but believe; and bless our little prayer group. Jesus is saying,’

    what is the Name of the hospital in which the prayer group prays?’

    Saint Mary’s! Thank You Our Lord and Our Lady. Lord what is Father TL’s role to be?

    One step at a time My darling; Fr TL is in the process; he too is contemplating how to contact you and how things should go.

    I was afraid to tell Father immediately about the Mission since all the priests turn away immediately when I tell them. Maybe he already knows. Our Lord says

    “how much easier it is to bring in the St Raphael Oath since most physicians have taken no oath at all! You do not have an old oath to cast out; you simply have to present this Oath.

    Yes Lord, it was good to introduce Your Oath from the microphone but not one person took up my offer to show it to them.

    In due course it occurs; We are in a time of great change little children.

    Lord, do You mean that the very Oath that has been rejected and suppressed locally is to become the national or even international Christian Oath?

    Little children You delight Me in your persevering Faith and love, you are precious to Me. My Plan is at hand and it falls into place. You will be remembered* for your works become well known and accepted. None can refute or deny what you are saying, and thus they are silent at this moment but not for long! In due course it happens and thou art recognised jointly with other physicians as bringing Truth back into this grey area of medicine.

    Lord all we did was say ‘yes’ to you, and sometimes very reluctantly be Your instruments. Lord I thank you for the great evangelization with L and T; I pray for that to continue and for them to find a CPG.

    I Myself attend upon them; I attended upon them profoundly during your visit and continue to do so. I do indeed guide them in the pathway of holiness, which in free will they have chosen, for I have called them by name; they are My Own even as you are My little ones.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord You know very few people took the pro-life lists ;what more should we do?

    Mother Mary is saying; the enemy is wrath with regard to these letters and has put up obstructions hither and yond. Since you have done your utmost, leave it to others to, as it were, pass it on. Enlightenment as to what is happening comes slowly to the general public; yet the Lord Your God causes the multitudes to hear and begin to question. Not too many letters to Ottawa are needed to cause reconsideration in this matter. Therefore be at Peace. God always calls you to do your best and then He takes care of everything else.

    Thank You Mother; thank You for G M; may she achieve the translation of the letter very soon; and may it spread rapidly and be the means for a great conversion in Quebec.

    She is a woman of action, be at Peace in this matter.

    Thank You Mother. I pray for R M as well; I know that was an evangelisation too.

    Just pray for him that the Enlightenment he has received is truly fanned into a great flame; an action begins.

    I pray for the Holy Father and the Archbishops*.

    Little children be at Peace; it is a time of great Mercy on Earth yet; and the Holy Father, the beloved one of God, is fully aware of the documentations*. He has many loyal followers in the Vatican, and he has as it were, an ear to the pulse of the world, on all that is happening. He has been handpicked to be the Pope of these times. His task is not easy and We ask you to continue always praying for his wellbeing and his intentions. Thou art blest in this man, and discussions will be occurring ongoing until the meeting in July. Continue to pray therefore, that there is no interference by the foe in all the infiltration of all the Causes of God.

    Lord we pray for the protection of all your great angels and saints upon them. Lord we pray for M N who shows great compassion for the victims of abortion.

    Because of your plea We attend upon M in a profound anointing of Our Love and Our Peace and Our Joy. Every time you pray for this woman when I give you her name to memory, My Peace comes upon her and I strengthen her to the needed Fortitude. Love her as your own dear sister and continue to hold her in your prayers. Many great long prayers are not essential; just recommend her to Me, your Jesus of Merciful Love, and Bless her.

    Thank You Lord. Dear Lord, M asked me to pray for him; thank you for his Faith, we know that he is truly Your instrument; please strengthen him. In Jesus Holy Name is M and E and their family’s victory. Great and glorious is the Lord our God. Demonic obstruction. We pray the rebukes.

    Mother and I attend upon M; a great anointing comes upon him. The barrier of deceit and disi- llusion has been eradicated. Holy angels and saints attend in the household. Love conquers all.

    I Myself attend upon M in a great act of consoling Love. I fill him now with My Love and My Peace and My Joy; I strengthen him to a great Fortitude for We have much to do together still. I Myself Bless his spouse and all those who are yielded unto Me in the Faith of this family which is pleasing to God.

    Mother attends holding them, each and every one to Her Heart , immersing them in the depth of Her Heart of Love, in the wellspring of Love and the Spirit of the Living God, the Holy Spirit, is bathing them in the Light of Christ which flows ever forth from the Throne of Glory. Thus, they remain surrounded in the Light of Christ. Be not afraid, I go before you, I proclaim; ‘Lo , I am with you always My precious sons and daughters, the Lord is with you! You are never alone; Mother is with you. We set angels and saints about you, each and every one to assist you in all that you are doing and to hold you fast in the pathway of holiness.

    Now is a moment of sweet surrender to Love as the Holy Spirit anoints as He Wills. Remember, He is Sanctifier, and He is Comforter; be comforted in the Lord. And I tell you again, the battle belongs to the Lord; you are but instruments in the Hands of the Lord. Stay as you are, prayerfully united to the Living God and all goes according to Heaven’s Design for you and for Our Cause. Thank you Lord.

    I am My Love’s and he is Mine! [from Song of Songs ]

    Lord T that she has been accepted ;we pray for A to be accepted and we pray for Your Providence that we will succeed. Thank You Lord for everything.

    Tell the children, believe in Me, I believe in you. I have plans for you My little ones. All falls into place now according to My Design. Heaven delights in your Faithfulness little ones, in your persev- erence in all that has been ongoing. A is accepted and is called to attend.

    Omen is being shown a wristwatch but its not buckled on anyone, so it must mean time. May we know where Lord?

    Love Me.

    We love and trust You Lord.

    T is blest and goes forth in My Light and My Love. Again trust Me with regard to Providence; all falls into place as need be. I do provide for those who are My Own such as thee.

    Thank You Lord. May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always, beloved children of God, and children of Mary, be at Peace, Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns!

    Discernment Prayers.18th April 1999.

    Omen unexpectedly went to Adoration on Sunday night without planning to. As she prayed there for my Mission, our Lord Jesus said:

    The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness is no more. I choose to use Faithful Missionary as a flashlight in My Hand. In My Hands she shall continue to work in My Intent, that many at last see clearly the nightmare turn which medical science has taken. Rest assured she is safe in Me. The vaults of Heaven pour forth graces and Blessings upon her. She shall prevail in all-persevering prayer. In Unity with Me is her Victory. “ The Truth will out,” you say and it is so! Be at Peace; Mother and I attend most tenderly and consolingly upon her .

    Thank you Lord.

    Discernment Prayers. 21st April 1999.

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in Union with the whole Heavenly Court, we pray; be healed , be cured, be anointed in the Holy Spirit.[Praying for a chronic back affliction]

    Miraculous healings occur now daughter, be at Peace. Let the healing begin.

    Omen gets part of the litany; Servants of the Earth, bless the Lord, all ye saints bless the Lord ...

    Thank You Lord. Omen gets other Words.

    This is the means of Salvation for the Hebrews and the Moslems, all peoples; the Blood of the Lamb without spot. The Call goes out to all the nations of the Earth to come to the Baptismal Waters; the Call like unto that of the beloved John the Baptist. Indeed, greater is He Who is in your hearts and souls and minds little children, than that which is in the world. Radiating, healing Love is upon all those through this Peace of the True Cross. It is done.

    Thank You Jesus. Jesus I pray for discernment on how to proceed with Father J.

    The realm of Glory is attendant upon this holy priest of God and upon yourselves. Therefore in any concern do not hesitate to address Fr J; We shall speak in you and through you to him, each of you, and he shall attend upon your Words. He will not always tell you what he is thinking about these matters for he is a prudent man, but I assure you he has not only the Church’s best interests at heart but each of your own best interests at heart. Such is this priest that has been assigned here, at the same time that each of you are attending here at Good Counsel parish. It is the Hand of God which has placed you in these circumstances.

    Do not doubt that it is a heavy burden for both Father and the beloved Archbishop. This is true wherever My Words are given over to mankind through My precious little ones.

    He shows us that Medjugorje is still not approved.

    Do not doubt that I am with you even as I am with him. Do not be alarmed at the behaviours of the other priests pertaining to your Mission. A day will come when you will understand all that is occurring ; why it had to be this way. I just ask you My little ones, each one of you to persevere in all prayerfulness enduring all that occurs in My Name. Remember, all the harsh words fall on Me. All woundedness I take into My Wounds, thus you shall most assuredly persevere, for this Mission is serious, the consequences of the actions of the unChristian doctors, I cannot permit to occur. Therefore it is essential that you prevail in My Name. Already, many eyes have been opened to Truth, as you have noticed , as you spoke to Fr J he did react to your comments.

    You see, I have told you that the enemy has an insidious way of infiltrating everything with a dupli- city of words so that one is never quite aware of what is occurring according to the writings of those who do not work for Me. This deceit is evident not only in the medical field but the political, the educational and We could go on. Rest assured that the Living God is aware of all the deceit that is poured forth upon all the unwary children of God in these days.

    Thank You Lord. Lord You inspired me to read Your Words on the other moral issues relating to organ transplantation; and then another reporter called me and all these issues came up. Thank you for preparing me; I pray that you would guide him to write exactly as You wish it to be.

    The virtue of Love is such that We assist him. Remember little children that all individuals remain in free will, and yet the Lord your God, once one is surrendered to Me, I am able to use this gift of your love, for Works of Merciful Love upon Earth. This reporter shall do justice to the Truth. [demonic instruction.] Be at Peace therefore. It will cause the readers to think.

    Lord I pray for openness to these Words by the readers. Lord I need Wisdom about how to arrange many things occurring now.

    My little one, you must believe that I am attendant upon your every concern, and yet you shall prevail, I ensure that you prevail, and thus I ensure that you are under My Providential Care as are your daughters. I do not say it is easy but I assist you profoundly.

    I know that my future is in Your Hands Lord.

    My little one at this point in time I bid you simply pray, discern and act. My little one be not afraid with regard to My Caring for you all the days of your life. Compare your options and then in unity with Me you will ascertain which action to take. I tell you do not hesitate to approve the funds for your computers and for your works of Mercy, and for the care of your children; each of their goals is pleasing to the Lord your God, and I Myself assist them in their studies, and so again I tell you, pray, discern, act! Mother is with you and thus you are under the great Mantle of Love in the Power of the Holy Spirit. My Peace is upon you.

    Thank you Lord. Lord because I am in free will I know that You are being as direct with me as You can, but what I really hear You telling me is ‘ why do I need the RRSP’s for my future if I trust that it is in Your Hands. Our Lord showed Omen the man with the filled granaries

    Our Lord has asked me not to sell my house; should we sell the girls apartment Lord.

    You will sell the apartment because it is My Desire that you sell the apartment.

    The angels are singing all that I am, all that I have.

    Thank You Lord again for the Blessings to M. and the successful communication with Father. I pray for the acceptance of Your Mission Lord so that I may return without jeopardising Your Messages of Truth.

    I open the door; simply come back and be at Peace. Due respect is given to you. Because by your testimony in Ottawa you opened up a Cause which had been hidden away in darkness. As the media has picked up on your Words Enlightenment has come not only to lay persons but to doctors and priests and there has been talking as you say, brainstorming about most particularly the nations of Canada and the United States. There are strong agreements now on the need to define death more accurately under the circumstances of today’s scientific measurements and there are those of course who are furious about the expose` of what has been occurring in these nations and about the world. You may attend the meetings in comfort. I tell you this; both priests and doctors can only respect you for your stand in your beliefs, for you stand for Truth. Even those who have difficulty believing that I yet speak to mankind, will respect you for your stand and there -fore you have a dignity that is about you as you go to any meetings; it is My Will that you prevail.

    Thank you Lord and for the many coming forward to help with the lists. Do I speak of the Oath now especially to JP.

    Do not be afraid to approach JP bringing the Oath. It is a time when I wish all My Intentions to be known to as many as possible and do not worry if and when you get shut down by any given one; I keep on opening doors. My Will IS done !

    Lord what title shall we place on top of the Oath.

    I am the Lord Your God. A Christ -centred physicians Oath at the top is pleasing to your God. St Raphael by his image is self-evident.

    Thank You Lord. I hope Father loves this Oath. I haven’t heard from Fr TL.

    Fr TL is a busy man and in due course gets in touch with you. Bear with him a little longer.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I thank You for the confirmation of L’s visual healing; I pray that it continue ; I also pray for the names of their guardian angels if it be Your Will Lord.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God, in unison with the Mother of God, Queen of all angels and all saints attend upon you in the matter of the names of the angels. The one who is called L has a magnificent guardian angel , all radiant Light attendant upon her; the angel names himself Blessing Cup.

    The one who is named A has also a magnificent guardian angel ever attendant upon him. The angel names himself Healing Love. These angels are powerful in attending upon their human charges. It is good to address these angels reverentially morning and evening little children.

    Mother Mary may we please hear the name of C ’s angel so we may give it to her.

    The angel names himself Treasury of Love, for he carries a treasury of graces and Blessings for this child of God.

    And for P. The angels name is Tiara; it is a beautiful angel, a coronet of pearly white Light which symbolises a halo of purity and a budding crown for that great day in Glory is ever with this child.

    Thank You Heavenly Mother. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints; blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy; blessed be God forever. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. 24th April 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Praying in severe distress over some wicked untruthful and distorted media reporting. At 4.15 after I had called Omen to come and pray she received a vision of a white-coated doctor who asked her to pray for me; she was told it was Gianna. It is the day of her beatification today and I had prayed a nine -day novena asking for her help. Lord I find it unbearable to deal with the media.

    Mother is present darling; tle Love of the Lord is profoundly upon you, precious little one, precious little one. [Omen sees a gold ring like the nuns vowed to serve Christ]. He reminds me that in 1996 He told me that He is the Bridegroom of my soul.

    I am the Lord your God, all-powerful indeed! Do not be dismayed about all that is happening now. I am with you; I am powerfully with you! Thou art in the Embrace of Love My precious little one. I tell you again, do not worry about the words and the lies hurled against you; all of it falls on your Jesus like so many whiplashes.

    Before the world began, the Lord your God was aware of all that had to occur for the Salvation of mankind. Know that the sacrifice you, Omen and all those who pray for you are making, is the Cause of physicians themselves being converted and spared hellfire eternally, and indeed for some of the victims of organ harvesting, it is as thou hast said, that I the Lord God choose the moment of death, and yet in free will, the men of science choose, not only who is to be borne and who is to be destroyed in the womb, but when a man or woman will die. This is not of Me. At this moment in time those who are called humanists or atheists seem to have the seat of power. Believe Me, it is not yet fully theirs and their moment of power is extremely brief. To this end I ask each one of My Own to prevail prayerfully, persevering in all prayer. I assure you I am with you. My beloved one, Mother and I attend upon you non-stop.

    My little one, indeed We make good come out of this bad press, because goodness is ever- victorious. You will hear from many people because of this; but do not be disarmed, do not be dismayed. I am with you. There are many who are with you and yet there are the other kind who would attack your stance. My little one, it is My Stance. Ask of Me what you will My little one.

    Lord I am distressed about the disgraceful appearance of a fight between us and the Church.

    That communication from you and the other doctors who are working with you, is not primarily for the Church’s concern, but for the hospitals, the governments, the nations, the many nations, as well as of course, for My beloved Church. I assure you that the beloved John Paul himself is already attending upon the matter of what the physicians are actually doing in all the nations of the world with regard to “brain death” and organ transplants . I Myself have given John Paul great Wisdom. Rest assured you have shone a Light on all the darkness of what has been occurring, and which as you know could potentially grow much worse.

    My dearest, in your ‘yes’ to Me, I have accepted, and use you for this My instrument of healing Love . The people in darkness must see the Light; they must be Enlightened. It is for you, and such as you, to keep speaking the Truth. It is the Truth which sets mankind free. I Am the Truth; I did not say it is easy, but it is, shall We say, the cross given over to you in your surrender to Me, the Living God. Dear little one, in this assignment you store up treasure in Heaven. This is hardly comfort for you at this moment in time, but in due course you will understand the magni- ficent Blessings which await you because you have persevered in all faithfulness; enduring all in My Name, for Godly Love.

    As to speaking to additional reporters, I Bless you with a discernment. There are those who have a bias as you see clearly and there are those who are objective, and fewer yet who have a true Christian basis to what they are doing. Even so this deceitfulness in today’s newspaper, draws attention to the quandary of “brain death.” I ask you to persevere in all faithfulness; I am with you; Heaven is with you.

    My little one, I tell you again, in your weakness is My Strength! I strengthen you profoundly to persevere in this fight. It cannot be fought by you in the public media, but it is now in the public’s eye as never before. And so you have done this service to My people, that those who believe will seek informed consent. Omen keeps seeing a vision of many little golden flowers. The saints are with you little children, the saints are with you.

    Thank You Lord. Lord the worst part is appearing not to be obedient to the Archbishop and the Pope.

    My little one, I ask that tomorrow when you are rested, you address a letter to him, pledging your obedience as We have discussed, to your pastor, your bishop and the beloved John Paul, and that you may inform your Bishop that what you said and what was written in the Sun, are two different things. He has experience with this paper and knows well that this occurs constantly with regard to any news about Christianity. My beloved, as you invoke the Holy Spirit, I indeed assist you in the writing of the letter. I suggest that you give a letter to both your Pastor and Mgr R; that they know that you are obedient to the Holy Father, and to the beloved A E. Do not be dismayed; The Lord is with you.

    Omen asks if I should write to the editor refuting what the journalist said.

    It is to no avail; they are people of deceit! I assure you their attempts to indicate there is division and confusion in this Diocese is untrue, and as I have told you, they are caught up in their own evil snare for they are not intentionally, but incidentally because of their writing, causing multitudes to contemplate on the meaning of being donors; and what it means, the harvesting of organs. This comes to a people that has not even contemplated on the meaning of what is occurring, and what could or might occur in their own families, their very own lives!

    Lord I pray that when the Holy Father speaks, his words will be a total beacon of Light on all the darkness of these Life and Death issues.

    It is to this end that We are working My little one, that an Enlightened people; Enlightened by My Church, will at last understand what this controversy is about, and that all details of the action of

    donating organs are clearly enunciated, that none can misunderstand the words of the beloved John Paul.

    Thank You Lord. I pray for the vindication of Your Mission as well Lord.

    We, the Living God are attendant upon all that We have given you, and upon the many that have received the Documentation.* Little children, persevere, persevere, persevere! Endure all the blows that come your way in My Name. I accept them, I take them. I Bless you again and again. Down on your knees before Me you have won favour with your God.

    Lord You Bless me when I am at my weakest as Your instrument. Thank You so much. Lord I pray for M; that he did not say what the newspapers report.

    Out of context, out of context, out of context!

    Lord just please turn bad into good; I have so many people to deal with.

    It is simple to tell them that you believe all life is sacred, as you pray, from the moment of concep- tion until natural death. Little children, prevail in this belief.

    Thank You Lord; I was too distressed to speak; I silently put the papers on a prominent table, gave the Oath with a note to the officials for Dr JP, and left. I pray for the Holy Spirit to take over from there, that many people will be inspired to write and spread the word.

    It is My Will. Believe that much good will come of it. You are, as it were, freedom fighters for the freeing of souls from the darkness of evil. My little children, continue to believe in yourselves, because I believe in each one of you. I have taught you, trained you, moulded you, fashioned you, strengthened you to be that individual which each one of you is today, and I am with each one of you constantly, that My Works of Merciful Love be done in and through each one of you.

    Lord I can’t trust in me much except in knowing that You are with me constantly.

    I am the Builder of a world of Peace and Love and Order, where all will be joyful. My little ones, to this end you are, as construction workers.

    The angels are singing, Faith of Our Fathers.

    Lord I feel so much sadness about the great pain of the Holy Father and all Your faithful priests, when they realise that science has deceived both the doctors who did it in good will and the Church that trusted in good will, into believing that “brain death”is death; and that many people may have been killed prematurely by organ harvesting after being declared ‘brain dead;” Very rapidly the world went far beyond the intentions of the Holy Father. This will cause so much grief for our shepherds.

    And then those who are My Own priests, doctors , general population, will come back to Me with all their hearts and My Earth would be aflame with the Holy Spirit.

    Lord, let it be very soon.

    Can these words of yours not be part of your letter to the Bishop.

    Lord I am afraid of being seen to be “teaching” the Church again; I already have derogatory labels for the passing on of Your Words to Your priesthood.

    Do they not say that about My followers?

    Mother is saying, One step at a time little ones.

    Yes Mother. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. 28th April 1999.

    [Feast of St Louis de Montfort.] Oh Sacrament most holy oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine.

    I am Jesus and I am attendant upon you dear little ones.

    Lord thank You for healing me from the media. I pray that the letter will create healing.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, attended upon you in the writing of the letter, that Peace remain, that Peace reign in each heart and in this community of the faithful. The works of Mercy which are occurring because of your actions and that of your associate doctors is pleasing to God. Children, someone had to reveal the Truths and in a rather dramatic way, both in Ottawa and here in this Diocese. It has been revealed and so it is a matter of consideration and much conversation throughout the Church world and throughout the public world. Be at Peace, the Lord is with you.

    Lord we prayer for the conversion of all who have power over life and death and who misuse it. Our Lord reminds us that the Holy Father has Parkinsons and he refused the treatment.[Use of foetal brains .]

    Lord we pray for Santa Teresita hospital and Sr M who has asked me to keep them in prayers because they are still hoping for a Catholic obstetrician in order to remain faithful to You and resist merging with a non-Christian Hospital.

    We experience demonic obstruction and pray many rebukes. Prayer to St Michael...

    Mother attends little children, your prayers are heard blessed little ones. Sure works of Mercy from here from each of you and from the beloved sisters of St Teresita Hospital; My little ones, rest assured that Heaven hears this plea, united in Love though distant in miles, and a Blessing comes upon the beloved faithful little ones in California. Beloved children, persevere in all prayerfulness; Heaven delights in your prayers. Rest assured that a doctor shall indeed attend and work with the beloved sisters very soon. Thank You beautiful Mother for such a beautiful contact coming to fruition now.

    Michael wills to tell you that the deadly demons which had surrounded them in a spiritual bondage are no more. Continue to pray for the release of My children in the various nations and cities, churches, schools, hospitals throughout the Earth. The enemy wreaks havoc on the people of God. Little children, love one another, continue to pray for one another. Consider each attack and each victory as a great feat in honour of the Glory of God. Little children you have no idea what you are doing , for you do not see the entire picture as the Lord your God does. Just know well that you are giving Glory to God by your Faith in action.

    Thank You St Michael. Mother we haven’t heard a word for A yet; we pray that no obstruction occurs at UBC. Omen hears the words , the votive candle. We hadn’t lit one but we were praying to St Joseph.

    Little ones, it is Our Delight when you honour the beloved Joseph and his day is now.[May 1st] Little children, he is St Joseph the worker, for the assistance of My suffering little ones. The obstruction which has come upon A is removed, it is no more. We prayed Rebukes.

    Mother attends. That which has been obstructing A [Mother shows Omen in an office], is no more. The release is now. Virtually all of us are in tears of Joy; the little one is free at last to continue her studies in Medicine.

    Heaven delights in the patient perseverence in prayer of each one of you. Even so, continue praying in this matter for the enemy lurks in that area of academia, and therefore cover the beloved child in your prayers.

    Mother we give her to You.

    Mother attends upon the dear child continually yet you know, in the economy of the Father’s Great Design the prayers of the faithful play an integral role. Little children, continue in all prayerfulness.

    I am He who lives and Loves eternally; I Bless each one of you and all of your issue and all of your loved ones, all your kinfolk; for it is said, the Lord your God shall not be outgiven. Each one of you has given your utmost each day unto Me, for a long , long time and the Blessings flow upon you and in you and through you to the many. Now is a moment of sweet surrender to Love, as the infilling of the Holy Spirit , the Blessings and graces, pour forth upon you. Precious little friends of Jesus.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Omen is shown a wide open door, open for A now. Thank You Lord. She waited a whole year.

    Since she accepted in a sort of resignation and yet in all patient perseverence and love, she is profoundly Blest.

    Omen is given the childrens’ song, “God our Father looks on us with Love all the time, He tells me I love you all the time...

    Thank You Lord. We pray for C again Lord. Please help with the obstruction of the doctor Lord. Thank You for G and P. Thank You that she went to confession Lord.

    Mother and I attend upon C and all the loved ones as you requested. Little children of Faith, We can refuse you nothing at this time of prayer. Little ones C does indeed have a clearing of the mind, and a discernment of what is happening therefore believe that she is released from these bondages; bless her now with an infilling of Love.

    For C we pray,’ May the Glorious Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with you always beloved C and loved ones, children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace; Jesus Christ the King of Kings reigns. Amen!”

    The Mother of God is powerfully attendant upon the little one, and Divine Inspirations come into her consciousness, her thoughts, and action is taken! Your prayers are united with those of her parents for her release from these circumstances and it is done in the Name of Jesus, the Christ.

    Thank You Jesus; thank you Holy Mother. Lord what is Your Holy Will with regard to the printing of Your Holy Words Lord.

    Let Us wait a little longer until you finances are stabilised and this crisis which has come upon the Bishop is rendered peaceful and harmless to all. There is only so much stress that I will allow you little one. Be at Peace therefore.

    Thank You Lord. Dear Lord did You say that the deeper questioning of your Holy Words would start in May; I am terrified.

    Be not afraid. I speak in you and through you, I speak in and through the ones who would question you. Trust Me; I tell you again, I know what I am about.

    Thank You Lord. I keep finding out how frail my Faith is. Please strengthen me.

    I hold you by the hand. The Blessings of the Lord your God, and the graces ever flowing through the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother, pour forth upon you, each one of you and all your loved ones. My little children, We are building a Family of Peace on Earth; you are part of it; but in order to do that, one must reveal to the world, and to Mother Church, all the dark corners, all the cobwebby dark corners of this world of darkness. All must be exposed, and thus you have been called out to expose a specific area in My Name; know that you are always a small instrument in the Hand of the Living God, to do these works of Merciful Love, for that is what it is when you expose sin and error to your brothers and sisters who are not aware of it. Remember that you are safe in the all-powerful Hand of your God at every given moment.

    Thank You Lord. Lord D has stopped coming I pray for him.

    Child, you have but to pray for him because he is in free will as is everyone.

    Dear Lord coming off the internet is World congress of Catholic media. I wondered if You intended for T to see this and attend in June.

    I am Your Jesus, all-powerful indeed. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will be there throughout the time, thus I will be truly there, Your Jesus in Person, and the Holy Spirit, and thus the Father is with us, thus the Ever-Virgin Mother Mary is with us, and a myriad of angels and saints. Little one, it would be a delightful and powerfully helpful excursion into the field of work which she has chosen, and should she desire to go , it shall be so! You may discuss it with her. She will, being T, consider all the pros and cons of the matter. Be at Peace therefore, We may pray yet again on this matter.

    Lord, I hope she comes to pray here about it herself. Thank you Jesus. Lord we wish to pray again for Warren Domini in Hawaii, who is still waiting for a kidney transplant to replace his polycystic kidneys. Lord we know all is in Your time. Mother Mediatrix of all Graces, we pray today for the miracle of healing without transplantation. We pray through Padre Pio. We give Warren and C and A to you through him.

    My little ones, I cannot resist you. Be not surprised what you hear next. Little ones, bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    See little children, I have redeemed the world; each little one must only win victory over self; for I have already defeated all, and it is thus as each one unites with Me, and is secure in Me, that their personal victory is won, and My era of Peace comes upon the Earth which is as yet, Love-starved and lacking in Peace and Joy. Little children, Blessings come upon Warren in a miraculous manner, for Heaven hears the prayers of the Faithful, among whom you are numbered, among whom he too is numbered.

    Thank You Lord. 0Lord should these healings be attributed to Padre Pio documented toward the cause of his sainthood; or even Blessed Gianna.

    Blessed Gianna busies herself assisting you and like-minded physicians. Believe little children, the knowledge of all Life is well known to the beloved Gianna, and she is attendant upon all those working that the Gift of Life be recognised as it truly is in each human being.

    We are told, Mother Theresa of Calcutta wishes to speak .

    Little ones, your works of merciful Love, are powerfully assisted by the Communion of Saints; for the saints of Heaven are powerfully united in all the spiritual warfare that is going on on the Earth at this time. I myself attend upon many on Earth, including you my small ones, my small sisters. I unite with you in your pleas for the many, as do the myriad of saints. Heaven is in all delight when little ones on Earth comprehend this way of humble holiness before the Lord and develop an attitude of prayer which is pleasing to the Living God. Mother is ever rejoicing in her precious faithful children on Earth. You are counted among them. You have no idea what you are accomplishing small sisters of Jesus, small children of the most wondrous Mother in all Creation. Continue as you are doing. Holy angels of Light also profoundly assist. The one who is called Warren is attended upon now by healing angels and saints in the accompaniment of the Mother of God. Let the healing begin. C is profoundly attended upon likewise. Be not surprised what you hear next. Little children, rest assured that it is good to repeat the Words of Our Saviour,” by Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won.” In every instance it is so!

    Thank You Lord. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. 5th May 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. Dear Jesus for the healing of Chris from demonic possession through Omen and your other workers, before a priest and others.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God, am profoundly attendant upon you. My precious little ones you have been chosen, each one handpicked, for the works I have in mind for you. Rest assured therefore, that you are instruments in My Hand and all is going according to My Design. Continue to remain as you are; surrendered to the Will of the Lord your God, emulating the Mother of God and the beloved Joseph and the saints, and all goes according to Heaven’s Design.

    Thank You Lord. Dear Jesus, for the past two days You have asked me to pray for the approval of Omen’s Mission by the Authorities of our Church before You call her Home. Only You know the time and the place and the way; You are the Way.

    The Virtue of Love is such that the Lord your God is attendant upon these matters; be at Peace. Things unfold according to My Design.

    Thank You Lord. Dear Jesus, thank You for arranging A’s interviews ; please may all involved serve You.

    The Virgin of Fatima blesses you little children. Continue to pray for A; little children, together We shall keep her covered in prayers and in the Power of the Holy Spirit, she is shielded, blest, protected, anointed; and all goes according to Heaven’s Design with the interviews; Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. Rest assured that the Lord your God has a delightful Design for the little one, and then pray and trust!

    Thank You Mother. Lord we have started the Novena to our Lady of Fatima; also the feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament. We pray the miracle prayer. Dear Lord on the 1st May as I arrived for Ador ation; I experienced Your Voice telling me to write to Mr JV. I had no idea what to say so I waited in silence. I experienced a heavy sad feeling about the organ transplant report which I received on the 4th.

    My little ones, it is with great sorrow We attend upon this report which is not of Us. Little children prevail in all prayerfulness; persevere in all prayerfulness at this time. You know how battles tend to go in a round, and then a pause, and then another round of battle. It is thus that it is! Continue in all prayerfulness.

    You consider writing letters. The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord am attendant upon you. I should say it is pointless to write to P P [provincial health minister] considering her stance in all the matters of Life at this time. To write to Mr V, is to speak My Truth to him, and it is good to speak the Truth.

    The God Who tolerates this, is no God at all and My Wrath is ready to strike in these matters. There is a darkness over this people who consider themselves gods. Thus there are always warring factions; one of these “would-be gods” disagreeing with another “would-be god,” usually in the matter of money and power. It is not pleasing to the Eyes of your God.

    The Queen of Angels and all saints bids thee Peace. I am your Mother. Little ones at this time continue in persevering prayer. Pray for both friend and foe. These are difficult days in the spiritual warfare which is upon the Earth. The enemy considers that it controls the media and that Truth cannot be discovered except for a very few, but these very few are warriors in the Cause of Life and they shall be heard; nothing is impossible to the Lord your God. You may write; you will be inspired as to the Words. Write; he may condescend to read your Words. In his free will, he does what he does. Even so, write the letter, calmly enunciating Truth, and then pray for him.

    We are given the image of Moses challenging the Egyptian Pharaoh. Thank You Mother. Others who under- stand the issue of“ brain death” have written and not been printed; but I wonder if they should write too.

    Little one, you may write the letter; then send copies to these key individuals asking them to write a letter in their own words on the subject; similar to your letter, and then just trust that they do so, for they are beloved children of God and children of Mary as well as you are. They work for Our Cause diligently.

    Thank you Mother. Should this letter be written just to Mr V or copies to the committee.

    Copies to the committee is ideal. Marshall Mac Luhan has told you that’ the media is the message’; and so work in all these media little children to get the Word of God out, for this people of today have lost all sense of the Commandments of God; have lost all thought of fear of the Lord; have lost all consider- ation of the Lord’s Gift of Life. To value it is not in their thought process. Little children, there is much to do in the matter of enlightening them.

    Mother, I have just written to the Archbishop; should I send him a copy or who ?

    It would be adequate to simply give a copy to the beloved Fr J M and should it need bringing to the beloved bishop, he will most assuredly do so.

    Thank You Mother.

    I Myself address the matter to Mr V, I shall inspire you in all the necessary Words in the letter. This time pray and write! Thank You Lord.

    Dear Jesus I promised to pray for two things; the man who worked with N and asked if he could go to confession as a non-Catholic and shortly after the request had an MVA; now he is unconscious in hospital. Then her nephew was killed in a motorcycle accident on or about the day Y had his bypass surgery. Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary I pray for the salvation of both these people.

    The Mercy of God knows no bounds. Be at Peace in these matters. Little children, you are continually praying for those in their final agony and those who are taken Home, and Heaven hears the prayers, and it is through such prayers that a soul, coming into Our Presence, is able to know Unity with the Living God. Believe it! Trust in the Mercy of the Living God little children!

    Jesus we trust in You.

    With regard to the unconscious man, ‘a humbled, contrite heart I will not spurn’ Believe in the Love and Mercy of Your God little children.

    Jesus how is it that many Christians don’t know You like this Lord.

    That is another entire subject little one.

    But it is related Lord; they trust in another organ and the doctors; yet You offer us Your merciful healing all the time. I feel how huge the weight of this problem of lack of Faith. How will Humanity hear you till you act in wrath.

    Our Lord is silent and sad many times today because of the health committee report which enshrined “brain death.” Thank You Jesus. Glory be...

    Song of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Oh come to the Throne of Grace,

    Oh come to the Heart most pure,

    Of Mary our Hope and Joy,

    in Whom salvation is sure.

    Oh Lady of Fatima hail,

    Immaculate Mother of Grace,

    Oh pray for us help us today,

    Thou help of the human race.

    Immaculate Heart we kneel,

    to consecrate all to Thee,

    our present its Hope and Joy,

    our future all it may be; chorus.

    Discernment Prayers. 12th May 1999.

    [Eve of the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.]

    Come Holy Spirit come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Many prayers especially for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Holy Father in union with the College of bishops requested by Our Lady 82 years ago, for world Peace and the conversion of Russia.

    The Virgin of Fatima, attendant upon you , bids you Peace little children. The Lord is with us. I your Heavenly Mother am attendant upon you precious, precious little ones. Your prayers, your penances are all pleasing to the Living God. Do not be dismayed at slights or pains or any sufferings whatsoever; they become, united with your prayers, most powerful for the needed intercessions of these times. War is threatened upon the Earth; gravely threatened.

    Little children, persevere in speaking to Your Mother also as Queen of Peace. Little children, you do indeed live in perilous times, but the Lord is with you. I your Heavenly Mother bless you now little children in a myriad of graces coming down upon you to assist you throughout your lifetime and throughout your works of mercy. Little children, do you love your Mother?

    Yes Mother we love You, the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother dearly, You are our Queen; help us to love you with the Heart of Your Jesus. We wish all Humanity to love you so that Your wishes at Fatima would be carried out. Blessed be God in his angels and in His saints; blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy; blessed be God forever.

    Lord I am very aware that today, Canada Health day is a day of great sorrow for You because of all the sins against You in matters of Life and Death and many other aspects of Human Life. Lord please forgive and have Mercy; through Immaculate Heart of Mary please enlighten us as to how to proceed to bring about the changes You desire.

    We are attendant upon you little children. It is a time of great sorrow upon the Earth. Death and destruction of Human Life is rampant upon the Earth. Many voices are now raised in unison with yours, by every means of communication; but mankind shuns any Word to conscience!

    Lord, please set mankind free from the bondages of sin and death.

    Make way for the King of Glory, I do not delay! It is a time of great change and you are much aware of this little children. The change is ongoing for a little while. The total change from the worldly ways that are upon the Earth to a time of purity and holiness is at hand.

    Our Lord is showing us the Words of Scripture in which they will be laughing and dancing and suddenly all will change .

    Lord what should we pray to lift this great Sorrow which You are sharing with us. We pray and sing prayers of Adoration but Our Lord is silent. I imagine our Lord is sometimes trapped between His Justice and His Mercy [my naive thinking]; Our Mother pleads for more time. Lord how can we help further; please speak to us; we don’t know what more to do.

    What I am going to ask of you little children is perhaps publicly perilous but is not spiritually because you are safe in Me; you are held safe in a great shield of protection each one of you. You are precious to Me. I do ask you to persevere in your prayer life, and in all that you are doing in your correspondences. You have a missionary zeal which is pleasing to the Lord your God.

    My little ones, do not take lightly the Mission which you have been given with regard to My Letter to the scientific world. It is of grave importance and believe that the Church Authorities are fully aware of it and of its gravity of My Words. These, as you know, have already been corroborated scientifically, and though it is not what you would call a conundrum, the Church must speak on these” Life and Death” issues, in a manner which will open the eyes of the disbelievers and cause those who were formerly pro-death to become actively pro-life, and it shall be so, for none of My Words are wasted or lost upon mankind. Works of Mercy flow in and through My Words of healing Love.

    You are aware that I deny My Mother nothing little children, and She yet pleads for the multitudes on Earth; and it is true, the dastardly deeds of man are an abomination before your God and before the Mother of God, but in other areas of the world there are so many precious little souls in need of Enlightenment, and so there is a war between good and evil actively occurring on this Earth. I ask you to stand firm and to stand tall in all that has been uttered little ones through your voices, no matter what the questioning.

    Our Lord reminds us what the little children of Fatima had to experience because they heeded the words of the Virgin Mary.

    You have not been thus treated for you live in one sense in a gentler time; in another sense in a far crueler time. My little ones, the Peace of Christ is profoundly upon you, and on this feast day of Our Lady of Fatima you are blest with Blessings and Graces from your God. Each one of you is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and each one of you is handpicked for the works you are doing.

    I tell you, I do not create individuals in a pointless manner. It is not happenstance! Mankind is now aware of what is called genetic coding. Then they must become aware that even for the creation of each human being, this coding is relevant to make the person I Desire; for that person is given over to mankind for a good purpose, a unique purpose. This Life cannot be tampered with lightly, cannot be destroyed because of the whim of some man or woman on Earth! I tell you, Justice SHALL prevail. Know that in a certain aspect, My Justice IS Mercy for mankind and an end comes to ALL that is evil. Do not doubt little children, that I am a God of Merciful Love and I shall ALWAYS BE, for My Love knows no bounds. It is a Father of Mercy and Love Who must chastise an errant child, grievous as it is to the Heart of the Father. Do you understand little children?

    Yes dear Lord.

    I ask you little children at this time to just persevere in all prayerfulness, as you are doing. I Myself choose the time in all the activities that you are doing, and it is in your continuous response to Me, your acceptance of each new day,your giving over to Me of each new day in all loving abandon- ment to your God, that you become the instruments of My Peace, for thus you are surrendered into the Hand of your God; I take you into My Hand, to do that which is so needed on Earth. Little children, rejoice in this Our Love’s Union and be at Peace. I am with you always; fear not. By Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord help me with Father.

    Recognise little ones that your priests are in obedience to their superiors and to the Church Magisterium, where all prophecy, all recent revelation is looked askance upon, and with a degree of disbelief even, for you live in an era where there have never been so many prophecies or alleged prophecies; and so accept that your priests, your Bishop take a guarded view of all these things; be pleased that they neither hinder you or stop you; they simply remain silent on the subject of My speaking to you. Yes Lord; should I not be so intimidated then? I’m afraid to go.

    Do not be afraid to speak to Father about what is occurring; he is a man of discernment; he may not speak approvingly, but little children, he absorbs all that you tell him and he ponders upon it prayerfully.

    Thank You Lord. Help me to spread the Mission more.

    Dear Little one, be at Peace. I ask you to remain in sweet surrender to your God. Graces and Blessing are coming upon you. I ask you to take this week and just rejoice in the Joy of the Love of the Lord and of the Mother of God, and just BE with Us for this week; and We shall discuss action next week. It is a time in which the Authorities of the Church themselves are praying and ponder- ing themselves upon what action to take ; what statement to make, that would cover all the many details which the Epistle of Love has brought forward. As you have noticed there are several stalwart supporters of My Cause which you have presented to them and these ones will not be silenced either. This is not precisely a week off either.

    Lord I’m still working at the internet, but lots of things are still confidential and cannot be put on the website yet.

    You are blest with discretionary abilities little children. Continue to use them as you are doing. Little children, don’t be afraid; I hung naked before the world; the beloved Francis stood naked before his bishop and his people. It is necessary at times for one who is My Own, to be spiritually naked before the world. I do not say it is easy, but each one of you have done very well in this matter, and you are Blest more than you know!

    Thank You Lord ;may we pray for the reception of Your Words by the government.

    Peace, there are those who are receptive to My Words and there are those who yet have a cruel agenda at hand and so there, there is much vocal warfare and much spiritual warfare. At this point in time little children, you are asked to simply pray and trust your God.

    Lord thank you for L who is evangelising after hearing Your Mission Lord; spreading little seeds of Your Love.

    See, you have been planting seeds and see, you are still active in the fight!

    Thank You Lord. Lord so many are contacting because of blindness and kidney failure; told they must wait for kidney transplants; people with cancers as well. I am given the inspiration that we could start a national prayer group to pray for healing by Faith that has been what’s lacking.

    “I sent My Word to heal your disease; I am the Lord your Healer...” You begin to outreach to like-minded individuals and it will fall into place, for it is dear to My Heart.

    A huge gift on Health Canada Day, eve of Our Lady of Fatima; through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Lord who and how should we do this; who should I approach to start. We will spend the week praying on this and not act till we know exactly what You wish.

    Be at Peace! Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers . 19th May 1999.

    We were discussing how even opposition inadvertently serves the Lord.

    “The Lord works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.”

    Thank You Lord Jesus. The angels are singing, Faith of our Fathers...”

    My little ones, I am with you now; I am always with you. It is true, when you are yielded to Me, My little ones, you are truly part of the Body of Christ; part of the Communion of Saints. You are My Own, whether on Earth , in purification, or in Glory; you are My Own; part of My Body. I am with you, and the Communion of Saints is with you, and the angels are assisting you. You are safe in Me. I tell you again and again; rest assured you are safe in the Lord!

    I did not say that you would be safe from verbal abuse; did I not suffer it also? My little ones, Mother still suffers it and I still suffer it, from those who know Me not. My little ones, I strengthen you each one as I strengthen My true faithful cohort of Christians, that faithful remnant all over the Earth. I have told you and I reiterate; My Own will be battle-scarred and wearied, but ever victorious in My Name, for I am Jesus, Eternal Victor. My little ones, in Jesus Name is your victory. Prevail in all that I have assigned to you fearlessly, for fear is not of Me; Faith is of Me. In your weakness is My Strength; I strengthen you little ones. I hold you fast. Rest assured the Lord is with you!

    Thank you Jesus! We love you. Our Lord addresses some Words to Omens Mission first.[omitted ]

    Now shall We proceed with the other Mission?

    Yes Lord thank you for restoring me. Our Lord quoted Psalm 23;

    He restoreth my soul...

    Lord I thank You also for this week of restoring my soul by the work of the Holy Spirit; I pray and thank You for the Holy Father and Our beloved Archbishop also. Lord I don’t know the next step in Epistle of Love Mission; please guide us. We need to pray rebukes first.

    Virtually all of Heaven is attendant upon you little children for your Missions have become complex and intertwined with the other Missions; as I have told you, I am weaving the souls of the faithful together in a seamless garment of Love encompassing the whole Earth as a vast fisherman’s net, and so it is taking shape dear little children. The enemy”s sneers are as nothingness in comparison to this vast garment of Love. My little children, bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ, and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world!

    Little children, it is happening; you will see Redemption occurring rapidly now. Have I told you that I Love you?

    Lord You always tell us in many ways. We love You .

    I pour out Blessings upon you and graces. Our, shall We say Intermediary, the Immaculate Heart of the beloved Mother of God, is ever attendant upon you little children as Mediatrix of All Graces, and Intercessor before the Throne of Godhead on behalf of mankind. In this month which is given over to the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Mother of God, the Mother of all, increased graces come upon all the faithful ones who honour and recognize My Mother; you are numbered among them little children, and as the Great Feast of Pentecost approaches, graces and blessings flow upon the faithful children of God. The Holy Spirit hovers close over the Earth now in a great anointing of Love upon mankind; and indeed all come unto Me, the Living God; all of My Own come unto Me!

    Dear little children, the Letter, the Epistle of Love to the scientific world, is an instrument to cause many, in particular in medical practice, to re-examine their consciences, to rethink certain aspects in the field of medicine; to do what is called soul-searching, to consider what is ethical in relation- ship to each human soul. My little ones are not to be treated as a commodity . This is an affront to your God!

    Each new life given over to mankind is a precious Gift of Life, of Love, for a purpose; one of binding together the parents, but also for My Design in what that individual shall accomplish on Earth for love of mankind and for love of the Living God; and as each individual’s work in My Intent is completed on the day I, the Lord God choose to call them Home to Me. I am the Giver of Life and I call Home each of My Own at a time I have chosen.

    This My Design for humanity has not changed over all the generations of Man, for My Laws are constant. The Laws for all that occurs upon the Earth are not different than the Laws by which the stars stay on their courses; they are constant in My Name! I the Creator of Creation have so Decreed, and so it shall be! When Man recognizes that I am the Giver of human intellect, there will be a great change in each individual as they recognize this, and finite reason will no longer prevail.

    I am your Jesus of Merciful Love. Little children, you serve a God of All-Merciful Love, and on the purified Earth little children, there will be a Body of Christ which encompasses this Law of Merci- ful Love and none other . On that day, all mankind, each and every one on this Earth, will live the Great Commandments of Love. To this end We work, to this end We prevail in the face of a militant foe, a foe who uses insidious and underhanded methods in this great battle for Truth.

    I am Truth! The enemy would block Truth in all aspects of human life. There are no half -truths little children; there is only total Truth! The liar and his cohort would ensnare My little ones with cumbersome “wordage” and intricacies of speech and what you call double-talk , so that the spirit of confusion is upon My faithful little ones; but it shall not be! I speak through you and such as you, clearly. All Truth resides in Me, the Living God and My Own know Me and they know Truth and they shall not be deceived!

    I am yet the Way, the Truth, the Life, and I Light the Way for My Own. I bring all of My Own out of darkness into the Light of My Truth in a great Victory, a great Triumph for mankind! I am Jesus, Eternal Victor ! Do you have questions little children?

    Yes dear Lord. Lord thank You for the new computer; please bless it and protect it to work in Your service only; what should I be doing at this point in the Mission?

    My little one, I Bless you, I bless the works of your hands , I Bless your family, I bless your house- hold. The computer begins to function in a fully adequate fashion now. Be at Peace. Thank You Lord.

    You may continue to spread My Epistle of Love as you are doing. Other hands are picking up the Messages and spreading them more than you are aware of ! The Words are being disseminated and discussed.

    Thank You Jesus, especially the priest from Erie and for the evangelization of the people who are Anglicans and Orthodox believers, and the Messianic Jewish people who have received the Mission.

    Little children, the Epistle of Love is reaching those primarily who are of an intellectual bent, who are in sore need of Evangelization. Again I tell you little children, in your humble obedience , all that you do so well in My Name is bearing fruit far greater than you can comprehend.

    Little children, you realize there are many levels of Evangelization. That which Omen is doing with the Sto:lo Nation, is at a different level than that which you are doing Faithful Missionary for the scientific world. You see little children, each human is unique, and each approach to each individual is unique in My Calling them Home to Love, and I have many more such as you little groupings of faithful, bringing all of them back to Me the Living God. Rest assured the Lord your God has a time schedule in relation to the Ingathering of all people into the One Body, and that, as is written, ‘ the harvest is plenty, the workers are few.’

    I Bless you and ask you to persevere in all that you are doing. Do not be dismayed if there is not something immediately to do, in an exciting and dramatic fashion; just rest in My Love in those periods of time, as I build you up for the next shall We say, round of battle. Little children We are at war for the souls of Mankind ; My precious Creation, Mankind!

    Thank You Lord.

    Little children, rest in Me persevering in all prayerfulness; then when something is brought to your attention, a concern arises, something I direct you to, come together in all prayerfulness as now, and We discuss the matter and what action to take.

    Lord we pray for A to succeed by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God, and Our Beloved Mother attend upon A and We attend upon these decisionmakers at this school of higher learning as it is called. Little one, at this moment in time, I simply say trust Me. Saint its going to be a great Victory . For A Lord?

    Indeed. Mother is attending so strongly upon the heart of A, how can I refuse?

    Thank You Lord. Thank you also for giving her the opportunity to write about the misuse of science, to keep before Your people what needs to change.

    See, I have had a plan for her.

    [He needed her to be there at this time.] Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for the patients especially those tormented and harassed by demonic influences; we pray through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We pray the Memorare.

    The angels are singing, ‘ constant was the Love He bore Her, as He went forth from Her side...’Mother wants us to recognize that He died to give them also Life to the fullest.

    My little children it is My Joy to hear you unite in prayer for these suffering little strangers ; I Bless you and in turn I Bless them in a remarkable manner which you shall become aware of Faithful Missionary. Their release is imminent.

    Thank You Lord; it seems to me that since I have hung the St Raphael Oath in my office, my patients are being much more blest. I pray for their spiritual healing Lord.

    ” When I am lifted up from the Earth, I will draw all people to Me.”. Jn 12, 32-33.

    In suffering and sorrow they come unto Me.

    Thank You Lord.

    The angels are singing, ‘ The Love I have for you my Lord, is only a shadow ...’

    We get the elation of A that she is victorious. Thank You Lord, can I share that with her.

    You may share it with her to take away her apprehension. It will not take away her elation when she gets the news.

    Thank You Lord. Our Lord still does not give us any response about the apartment. We just pray and leave it in Your hands. I pray for the Cenacle in my home town especially at Pentecost; and for Ken. We pray for the strengthening of many of Your disciples; and for the conversion of the government and all who are afraid to be Your witnesses.

    I am the Lord your Healer...

    Thank You Lord. We sang Victory song for Pentecost.

    Discernment Prayers. 26th May 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse! We pray for Perpetual Adoration; “When I am lifted up I will draw everyone to Me” Lord draw them to come and adore Thee please.

    The Virgin of Fatima Herself attends upon thee, each child. Dear children , tonight I your Heavenly Mother bless you dear little children of faithfulness . My precious little ones, you see the error- certain members of the Church have taken a turn to the worldly liberalism which is not of Us; is not of the Living God; is not of Our Church!

    My precious little ones, there is a faithful remnant among whom you are numbered, who continue to persevere in all faithfulness prayerfully, as the Lord God has decreed and has asked. You know, as does your Mother, the Power of the very Presence of the Living God in the Blessed Sacrament, the Bread and Wine of your God’s Love ever attendant upon you. Dear little children, those who adore, are profoundly anointed , blest and assisted, more so than many , because of this Faith-in-action, this love-in-action.

    Treasure the hours that you spend in Adoration little children; you have no idea what blessings are coming upon you and in you and through you , to multitudes of others. Also, you are emulating your Mother. It is true indeed; wheresoever My Son is I am there with Him; in the power of the Holy Spirit, it is so! The sorrow that such a scant few in number of the flock attend, is grievously wounding to both your God and your Heavenly Mother. Blackness covers the Earth and the thick clouds, the people. Little children, even those who seemingly walk in the Light , even think they are walking in the Light; they are yet in darkness; they haven’t responded fully to the Call of Love!

    Mother please help us to draw many back so that our Perpetual Adoration program at OLGC may not fail. We do not want You ever to be left alone Jesus.

    I attend you most tenderly little children; your love, your Unity with Me is known. Mother is in tears of Joy at your pleadings here, and now together We work the necessary formula , to cause others to come into the Light and attend upon Love, that they all may know the reciprocal Love which awaits them. Be at Peace; trust Me!

    Thank You Jesus, thank You Blessed Mother. The angels sing Alleluia sing to Jesus...

    At Adoration my first two prayers are reparation for the sins committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Yesterday Mother gave me very profoundly the sorrows of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to carry; more so than I have ever had before ; Mother could You please put Your sorrow in words?

    There is a trilogy of evil: abortion, war and disbelief in Almighty God , most especially in the Redeemer, the Saviour of all mankind. These are expanded into ever-vaster areas of corruption and evil , and yet it is known that this great apostasy had to come. The betrayal by many consecrated to the Lord Our God, is also a great source of grief and sorrow. Little children, I call to them, your minds are filled with deceit from the liar, the father of lies; the master of illusion. Why do you follow him and not the Living God! Enshrouded in the darkness of death and deceit, how can they find their way back into the Light! I Myself attend upon them pleadingly. They stoke the fires of hell with their iniquities. When you pray the prayers you are praying and I take them to the Father, then indeed many are released, but Oh My daughters, there are so many, many more, yet in the darkness. Continue in all that you are doing; your works, your very lives are blest in the Providence of the Living God. Persevere in all faithfulness, in all holiness . You , with the faithful remnant, remain as lighted candles, spread about the world, casting Light into the darkness, and giving Glory to the Father.

    Down on your knees before Me the Living God, I have blest you each one in a profound anointing of Blessings and graces. I tell you the Pentecost celebrated this past Sunday, is a continuous one, now until the time when Mercy and Justice meet! Little children it is a time for the opening of hearts and souls and minds. Continue praying and loving as you do and multitudes come back to Me. Do not be aggrieved about what you hear, that is occurring in My Church; it is a cause of great Sorrow to Our God and to Our Mother. It is not unexpected , but that does not make it less painful! Jesus quotes, “et tu Brute`,

    From Julius Caesar on the Ides of March, but in the old Church calendar it is also the Feast of the Five Wounds of Jesus” [15th March]. Lord what are You telling us ?

    My Sorrow is complete!

    Lord we do not comprehend specifically this Message today; [we had read about the conference of married priests today?]; what do we do?

    Fall on your knees to the Father of Jesus, the Lord, the Giver of Life! My little ones, you are My comfort and My consolation. Alas there are so few of you! [We pray prone]

    We pray for the Holy Father and the Magisterium , the priesthood, to remain faithful and strong.

    I give to you My Five Wounds; console Me there!

    Eternal Father, we offer You the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ, to heal those of our souls.

    My Jesus pardon and Mercy through the merits of Your Holy Wounds. [These two lines form a chaplet]

    We pray many other reparation prayers. Angels are singing , “Sing of Mary.” Praying about evangelising; we need the continuous strengthening from Pentecost.

    Also we are praying about the sale of the apartment which is being shown as we pray .

    The Virgin of Fatima blesses you child; be at Peace, trust in the Lord in all things.

    I the Lord God, am attendant upon these very matters; all is going according to Heaven’s Design! Thank You Lord Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

    Dear Lord the pro-life marchers prayed at the CMA for the return of the Hippocratic Oath on the 14th; Likewise Bishop Sgreccia of the Pontifical Academy of Life, appealed for the doctors to return to that Oath. Lord this is the opportunity for him to promote Your Christ-centred Oath instead. Should I be approaching him about that?

    What seems impossible to man is possible to God! Behold, I make all things new; a new beginning is established on Earth, a stronghold of Faith and Truth. That I Jesus, AM TRUTH; is self-evident now on Earth! The enemy is wrath, there are obstructions hither and yon about the Earth, but My Victory is most assuredly at hand! Thank You Jesus.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord your God bless you and bid you receive all that I Gift unto you, and proceed to spread it and continue to spread it as you are doing. Indeed send it to this Pontificate; are they not all Mine, or at least allegedly My Own? I Myself cause them to open their minds and hearts with regard to what is occurring in institutions of learning and so-called institutions of healing.

    Battle lines are drawn in this matter as well as many other serious considerations about the world, and despite man believing himself to be God or many gods, I am yet the Lord Your God, and My Will IS and shall be done in these regards and indeed throughout all the Earth in all aspects of Life and Love .

    Lord please guide my writing .

    I Myself Bless you in all your words, in all your writings; We work together.

    Thank You Lord. Angels are singing ‘Eagles Wings.’ Praying for patients; the ones waiting for organs with no Faith in Jesus, Eternal Physician. We ask the whole Communion of Saints to pray with us for them and for Mother Mary to accept them and keep them under her mantle. We pray the Memorare.

    Mother is saying; Faithful One, I attend upon thee and all thy heart’s concerns, but the Little Voice [Omen] is wearied and We will leave these matters till next week .

    Thank You Lord. I pray for Omen’s healing. Omen sees Him giving a great Blessing to us both; He is in an all -white robe, the Light of the world . Lord, I feel a little envious that Omen sees You and I do not.

    Gifts of the Holy Spirit come upon you over the next short period of time as the Pentecost anointing continues; be not surprised what happens next in your Faith Journey. Little children, I reiterate, persevere in all prayerfulness.!

    Lord, thank You! Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. June 2nd 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit...Prayer for healing of our various ailments that obstruct us in performing our Missions.

    Silver Springs of water flows upon you sweetheart; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord; we have so many things to thank You for ; the beautiful Cenacle with Rosary, Mass and Adoration; and the beautiful readings and meditations, by Fr Geremiah of the Marian Movement of Priests; thank you for my father, dead 32 years today; and my first spiritual director who was ordained yesterday many years ago and is in Heaven. Also on 5th June is the 1st anniversary for the gift of Archangel Raphael, Medicine of God, assigned by God to help in this Mission. Lord we could never thank You enough.

    Our Lord reminds us that , “seven is God’s good number, and so when Raphael defeated the seven demons , he was defeating all of the demons and gave sight to the blind in God’s Name.

    At Mass today the first reading was of Raphael destroying the seven demons that possessed Sarah in Tobit; the Gospel speaks of the demon possessed woman who had married seven husbands all of whom were killed. Lord I intended to ask for your guidance in completing the letter about the Oath to Bishop S. In speaking about Raphael, are You responding to that request or is this for some other issue?

    I Myself give you the Divine Inspirations little one; you shall write it according to My Design, My Desire. It shall be so! I inspire the recipient to be of open mind as he reads it, and knows that it is truly of Me!

    Thank You Lord. Is Bishop S the only one who should receive it; many are aware of it.

    For this instant in time simply write the Bishop; they readily copy as do you little children and refer to associates as they will. At a future date you may be asked to give copies to others; but the time is not yet. One step at a time little children.

    Lord I pray for the Holy Father and the success of Your Epistle of Love Mission.

    Lord, you have brought this little child Laura Santo, to my attention twice in this last week in the media; I saw that both your priests and the media have not been able to discern any evidence of deception in the extraordinary, even miraculous events happening around her and through her. She is being called a ‘victim soul’; people with grave and even incurable illness, are interceding through her to You and obtaining healing. I am inspired to know that this is of You; You have asked me to wait for a few weeks for Your Enlightenment on how to pray for those waiting for organ transplants, and those diagnosed ‘brain dead;’ this seems related Lord.

    We received the obstructive spirits of confusion first and while we were praying rebuke prayers our Lord said ‘spirit of atheismwas there too. .’ In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory, Amen, Alleluia, Amen.

    Militant angels surround you little children, be at Peace! You are safe in the Lord.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    You live in a time of turbulent warfare, spiritual warfare upon the Earth little children; yet MyOwn are safe in Me. My Own are those who are continuing to cling to Me and My Name, Jesus Your Salvation; to proclaim the Good News to the ends of the Earth My little ones!

    [lately He keeps telling us to re-read the last chapter of the Apocalypse; Rv22.]

    Little children, all that befalls mankind is written in this Book of Revelation given over to My beloved one! All is there.

    Little children, I choose to use pure souls and purified souls, in My Works of revealing My Healing Love, My Truth. It is thus for the one you call Audrey, who has ever been pure and innocent; and remember that she has been Baptized unto Me. There are others in similar circum- stances who have never known Baptism and this is to Our Great Sorrow!

    Little ones, you who have lived in the fullness of Life, are held as it were, as a people set apart and purified in the fire of My Love and I use you also, each one in a unique fashion, for My Works of Merciful Love. In My Great Mercy, I give time for all to come back to Me with all their hearts; yet in My Great Mercy, there is suffering and sorrow. You have well noted that it is often only in this suffering and sorrow, that various individuals at last fall on their knees before the Living God, seeking My Mercy, which is ever attendant upon them.

    My little prodigals are in so great a need of Divine Solace, yet it takes some sorrowful event, even tragic event, before they come back to Me with all their hearts. Little children, those of you who know, such as you, I ask to continue in all persevering prayer for the conversion of the many! Thank You Lord.

    My Love, what would you ask of Me further.

    Lord I pray right now that little Audrey, lying there in her innocence, is never exploited in any way, especially now that the media has become interested in her Cause for You, but to proclaim Your Glory in her and her family and all who come in Faith to be healed. I thank You for the involvement and the openness of Your beloved priests Lord. We pray for the conversion of many, including the media.

    Even in coma, even in ‘brain death,’ My precious little ones, My precious, precious souls are useful to Me, in the Healing Love of God, in the Healing Love for mankind as evidenced in this child!

    Little children, every God-given moment of Life has meaning. Little children, when you say there is no life in a person who is yet alive, you might as well say there is no life-giving oxygen in the air you are breathing, for all is a Gift from Me, the Living God! Little children, Man is in a sorry state of confusion at this time with regard to Human Life, and the value of Human Life. Thank You Lord.

    When Peter walked on Earth people tried to get in his shadow for healing; and the saints, though they are ascended into Glory; prayers to them, and touching the essence of what had been their Life on Earth, individuals too are healed!

    Little children, Life is a continuum; it does not stop at the moment of bodily death, but is ongoing; and as long as there is Life in that body, the soul is present there! This seems a puzzlement to modern man; it is very simple and has always been known to My beloved Humanity, until the spirit of confusion has come in this century. Thank You Lord.

    Lord I am praying for L who is in great distress today [severe attack of pain in my back and leg as I am praying for her.] In severe depression she had decided to give her life to the devil by seeking a satanic cult; a lesbian, thinking of going back to drinking after 20years of sobriety, wants to die; We thank You for inspiring her Christian neighbour to come and pray for her. We pray for her and many others in similar circumstances through their Guardian Angels , through the Queen of all Angels. Memorare...

    The Sovereign Queen is in tears of Joy that the little ones are praying for the many caught in this snare of satan, by the demons of lust. Little children, the world judges, and condescends to endure these people snared in these circumstances, but it is prayer that they need and more prayer, for the release of the traps of the enemy. Little children, rest assured that your prayers are heard ; indeed they resound in Heaven . When you make this prayer in union with the angels and saints as you do, none can resist in these circumstances. Healings are already begun, for indeed nothing is impossible to the Lord your God! Remember Our Lord’s Words; don’t judge them, just love them!

    Glory be...May the Presence... Mother we pray through Saint Anthony, the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, for all these souls to find their Way to God. Also praying for a lady who had an abortion many years ago who has demonic depression for many years; praying for abused women through St Dymphna; Even one whose husband is going to the Shrine of St Dymphna in Europe having himself become very devoted.

    For nothing is impossible to God, says Our Lord.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for L to find the rosary given by her mother.

    Mother is in tears because you are so precious!

    Mother we pray for everybody to become precious because of their devotion to You.

    A living Flame of Love is upon L because of your prayers little children, because of the prayers of the Faithful. He is showing Omen L’s shattered Life being put together.

    Be at Peace; all falls into place according to Heaven’s Design, for nothing is impossible to the Lord Your God.

    Thank you Lord. Lord we pray specially for Fr A who seems to have a special gift that draws people with these problems to him and now he is linking them to me.

    Because they must be released!

    Mother I have not yet found my special rosaries, please help me.

    The Queen of Angels and All Saints blesses you little children. Be at Peace; they reappear, they are not lost but misplaced.

    Thank You Mother. Lord we continue to pray for A who will not hear till July about medical school.

    For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, the plans for your good! Little one, you shall find that which you seek. I Bless you, I give success to the works of your hands. Anointed in Me thou shalt become the physician of My Heart’s Delight. Persevere in all prayerfulness; I Myself open the doors; I Work some Miracles of Love. Little one, believe and be at Peace. Ask believing it is done, and it is already done.

    Thank you Lord. Lord we thank You for the prayers between us. We wish to know if you want us to continue to pray weekly; or whatever is Your Will, we need Your Guidance.

    As Saint Paul says, not I live, but Christ Lives in me. Omen feels Our Lord’s anointing Love but He doesn’t speak at first.

    Be not afraid to call on the Name of your Jesus at any hour of the night or day. I Myself attend upon you little children. You do communicate by telephone, should there be a reason for you not to be able to attend upon her on a Wednesday evening, you may call her; should there be a reason that she needs to unite in prayer with you she may call you and make an appropriate appointment. Even so little children, stay in this close contact which I Desire.

    Yes Lord we will. I will pray more for Omen’s health and her needs also. Thank You Lord. God bless all who pray for Our Missions.

    Triumphant angels attend; be at Peace little children! All goes according to Heavens’ Design for the Queen of Angels and All Saints is ever attendant on each one of You , and the graces flow. Enlighten- ment is given to each one of you each day. As you surrender each day to the Will of God, each day falls into place according to the Will of the Living God! This is the pathway of sanctity, the Way of the saints ; the narrow Way! Remain as you are little children, and be at Peace! Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. June 9th 1999.

    We were discussing some current affairs on the news before we prayed.

    I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally; I am attendant upon you now little ones. There is a reason for everything that is happening in these times. The news is frequently biased as you have noticed. I ask you not to be anxious but to remain always in the Peace of My Presence. Little children, have I not been teaching you how to practice being in the Peace of My Presence no matter what is happening throughout these past years? Yes Lord.

    I have trained you to be valiant warriors in this great battle which is happening now. All My Words are available to anyone who wishes to access them as you know ; you have done your duty in promoting and promulgating this Message as you have done. This is pleasing to your God.

    Thank You Lord.

    t is a time of tumult, of division, of confusion; disastrous events upon the Earth. Many are seeking the Lord, and you will be called as I have told you and I re-iterate, to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in the Ingathering of the many, of the multitudes.

    Now is yet a time, an hour of My Mercy, prolonged on behalf of Love. When My Justice is upon the Earth, it is at this time that My Justice becomes Mercy, for no longer can the abominations and desecrations, the Death of souls continue on the Earth!I am anointing you little children, in a profound anointing which you will recognize as you go forward in Faith.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    What would you ask of Me ?

    Lord I ask for the strengthening for Omen to continue her Mission and our prayers.

    I am Omen’s Strength and shall continue to be her Strength; be at Peace in this matter.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for Your Guidance in finding more Adorers so that Perpetual Adoration can be maintained. Our Lord says nothing for a long time; communicating feelings of consternation and sorrow. We are inspired to pray through Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament; we pray for all those who are suffering, that in suffering or fear more people would turn to you in Adoration to receive You’re healing. We pray Memorare.

    Militant angels surround you. The One Who is Faithful and True is in attendance. There is one who is not of Me that is in attendance at Adoration, sowing seeds of division , obstruction and confusion, to disrupt.

    Lord what can we do?

    St Michael and the whole heavenly host, St Gabriel with Mother Mary, St Joseph with the Child Jesus, St Raphael with Tobias, and all our Guardian Angels and the Guardian Angel of our Church, OLGC be with us at all times ; for the Earth is the Lords’ and the fullness thereof; in Jesus Holy Name is our Victory!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. X3 Mother Mediatrix of all Graces, we pray for the conversion of this individual or that they would leave; we cannot read hearts, we do not know who, how or what to do.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God cause the individual to be found out and to leave; Heaven hears your prayers and delights in saying ‘yes’ to you precious little ones as you appeal.

    Lord we ask that the true flock come to adore You in great numbers; Lord please move their hearts.

    That which you ask I give to you in a unique and unusual fashion ; there will be Cause for the many to come to Adoration ; trust Me a little longer children!

    Lord we trust You forever; thank You Lord; thank You Mother.

    Lord the letter regarding the Christian Physicians Oath should have reached the Bishop; we pray for openness in its reception. Thank You for all Your Inspiration in the writing Lord, I pray that His Grace sees that it is truly of You.

    Dearly beloved, simply wait on the Authorities of the Church at this time in regard to the Oath. My Blessings are upon you in all that you are doing . Be not anxious .Walk ever in patient , prayerful perseverence. This is the Way, as you well know.

    Thank You my beloved Saviour. Lord M is praying discernment of Your Will for his next step. Mother we come through Your Immaculate Heart.

    Mother and I attend upon M and his loved ones in a great anointing of Our Peace and Our Love and Our Joy. M’s commitment, his abandonment to Our Love, his yieldedness to the Will of the Living God , is well known to Me the Lord God, and I Bless him in many and profound ways throughout his life. I Bless him in and through his loved ones as well.

    I tell you little children, you are living in a turbulent time. A Living Flame of Love, in the Power of the Holy Spirit is ever attendant upon M and each one of his loved ones, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful.

    Pour forth Your Spirit Oh Lord and renew the face of the earth,” you pray My people, and I the Lord your God, respond in All- merciful Love . I ask you, son of faithfulness, to prevail , to persevere in all prayerfulness at this time.

    Little children, those who pray, discern and act, have an Enlightenment come upon them, each step of the journey . I tell you, as I have said before, that were I to spell out each detail of your life, the enemy would then put roadblocks in the way. Therefore, continue to walk in Faith, Hope , Trust and Love, in all patient perseverence; in all prayerfulness. Truly, this is the Way. I am with you; I Light your Way.

    Each one of you who is in true faithfulness to the Living God, is indeed My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in the Enlightenment , the healing and the Ingathering of the multitudes. You do not always know what you have accomplished in My Name, in behalf of the conversion of the multitudes; but I tell you , you are storing Treasure in Heaven, and at a Glorious Day, you will realize just what has been accomplished by your prayers, your penances, your trials, your testings. All rise up as pleasing incense to the Father. Thus you are, in all of your trials, giving Glory to the Father. Would that all mankind were so yielded to the Will of the Father. Be at Peace; Divine Inspirations come to you, to your thoughts, to your conscience.

    I am training each of My Own to be spiritual warriors, and also in dealing with the unbelievers, training you [Jesus shows Omen a vision as of sword fighting ]; thus you will continue in this warfare of words, that many will at last comprehend and believe in Life; I am Life! Peace; I am your Jesus of Merciful Love and Eternal Victor!

    Lord today You inspired me to see this patient K who is in dire need of Your healing, in all aspects of her life, and in despair; and now her family is suffering. We pray for family tree healing first; all the rebukes. In Jesus Holy Name is their Victory. Jesus, Mighty God, Wonder Counselor, Great Physician we seek this cure with all the Faith of the Apostles, in and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Advocate, Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix , for the Glory of Your Name Lord; In Jesus Name K be healed, be cured, be released, be anointed in the Holy Spirit of the Living God! Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will.

    To whom I Will, I have Mercy! Each one of you has touched My Heart little children praying for this people in My Name, you live the Great Commandments of Love, and the Blessings flow! Tell Me you believe for those who do not!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee!

    Little ones, therefore be at Peace; We attend upon this family , Mother and I.

    Thank You Lord.

    Dear Jesus, if the response from the member of the health committee is an opportunity to re-contact the health committee please direct my response.

    Politicians invariably write political letters. You may elect to send him the documents with regard to Czechoslovakia; denoting that this is the sort of concern for Christians and believers in Life; then he is amply told what is occurring and which is and can further occur in Canada! Then your duty to him and his political party is complete!

    Our Lord shows us Dr Nathanson, and how long it took for his conversion, and we are not to give up;

    Though time is short in this hour of My Mercy, yet many shall convert, and your words, or shall We say My Words through you, will be recalled at an opportune moment. Do not discontinue this Work of Enlightenment. Your Words are falling as Seeds of Enlightenment hither and yon about the Earth. Persevere!

    Thank You Lord. I know that Your actions seem random to some, but they take place where Your Words have been heard to authenticate Your Words, that others may believe and be converted.

    Little children, it is Mother’s persevering prayer, and that of all the followers who pray for the conversion of sinners, the salvation of souls; continue as you are doing. One day you will recognize, for I shall permit you to see the fruits of your labours.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, its hard to end; it seems as if there is more I should be praying about; do You wish to speak further Lord? Our Lord’s Presence is very close and we receive the hymn’ Constant was the Love He bore Her, as He went forth from Her side’[ Sing of Mary, pure and lowly...] for the third consecutive week. The closeness of the Two Hearts: feasts of Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary side by side. Lord how should I approach G about the Mission, that he be inspired to want to be involved; if it is Your Will Jesus, then please show me how.

    The Virtue of Love is such that this man by himself will approach thee , and thus thou shalt be given an opportunity to address these matters to Him.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I pray for You to protect T when she goes to New York.

    My Love, sent St Joseph!

    Thank You Lord; she has a great devotion to St Joseph.

    May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always, beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace; Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns!

    Discernment Prayers. 16th June 1999.

    Introductory Prayer.

    I am present . Therefore I bid thee ask of Me what thou wilt.

    Lord I thank our Heavenly Mother for Her powerful Presence and assistance in the continuing Evangelization; and the opportunity to introduce the Mission to the people right at the centre of the scientific issues that offend You Lord; I thank You and I pray for my prayer partner and her loved ones, for all their spiritual and physical needs.

    Sign, I am present to thee always. Be at Peace, no matter what is happening. I , the Lord God am with you and with your loved ones. Heaven delights in this small pocket of Faith here, in this area of the world so distant from the Holy Land. In this far corner of the Earth, I found Faith . It is pleasing to Me, Your Jesus.

    Thank You Lord; we pray continually for more people to come to Perpetual Adoration.

    My darling, tell My people that it is the Will of God, that each soul unite with Me in a total union of Love, that I may flood them with My Love and My Peace and My Joy! Tell them again, ‘seek Me where I am!” I am most profoundly present to My people the children of God, in the Bread and Wine of My Love, in the Holy Eucharist; for My Flesh is real flesh, and My Blood is real blood, in the Consecration of the Mass.

    Little children, countless saints know this fact; countless members of the priesthood, most indeed know this! Many, many of the faithful on the Earth today indeed know this, and yet there are those who close themselves, separate themselves from Me! It is true; I am present to each of you in the Power of My Spirit, the Holy Spirit, but I am more powerfully, shall We say most assuredly present; to be molded, molded and fashioned like Me, take and eat the Food and Drink that I give to you! It is thus that you become truly like Me.

    Thank You Lord. Please inspire our priests to invite people more often to Adoration. It is more powerful coming for your priests.

    Lord I pray for openness for all who hear your Words, that they be inspired to change as you wish. Thank You for the contact with Al who has received Your Words on Audrey Santo In Adoration I was inspired to approach the organizers of the CMA conference to invite the doctors and priests investigating Audrey to come and present her story to the doctors; to strengthen and inspire us all to believe and promote Healing by Faith in Jesus. Is it Your Will that I write this request Lord?

    Believe , and ask in all Belief, and then accept what occurs. Indeed, make the suggestion, continue to pray and trust Me!

    Thank You Lord; should I go through G or through Dr A or both. Our Lord actually shows us a letter to one with a copy to the other, with a blue seal on it. So we ask Our Immaculate Heart of Mother to send Her angels. Our Lord has connected G and C with Audrey, a very big door. Lord we have so much to thank You for. Lord, the questioning of ‘brain death,” is in the Canadian medical journals now in June. You told me on the 15th February to mark the date and see further on the progress we will make and it is so Lord. I have sent M these papers.

    Simply keep him informed; he keeps himself informed as well, and he by Divine Inspiration, will be motivated to write, whenever it is considered necessary. By Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is Victory won!

    Again our Lord is showing the clashing of swords in spiritual warfare. Thank You Lord, for Your Angels.

    Lord, I received the call from FC; I need to pray for discernment of which of the many conferences You would wish me to attend. The geriatric one starts on the 15thAugust which is always committed to Mission Mass with our Archbishop.

    The virtue of Love is such that in all Christian hospitality, you may extend a welcome to her. You may also advise her that you will be attending, what shall We say- a Christian function in Mission on the 15th, to which she is cordially invited, if she is not already otherwise occupied with the conference. My little one, since you state you are not that interested in geriatrics, perhaps you can simply host her without attending the conference. I Myself Bless you whatsoever decision you elect to make; and I assist you with Divine Inspirations in making your decisions as ever!

    Thank You Lord. Would You like me to attend that conference Lord;I hear You asking me to attend?

    “Pour forth Your Spirit, oh Lord and renew the face of the Earth” you pray; I pour forth My Spirit through thee, each one of you here in My Name, and all such individuals; and so whither thou goest, I am with you ! And so, whether you attend the conference to inflame other hearts there, to begin to know Me, or whatsoever you are doing in that time frame, you remain My instrument of Peace and Love, touching other hearts to know and love Me! My little one, I ask You to pray and heed the Divine Inspirations I give you.

    Lord, You are so beautiful, thank You and please help us to continue to cling to you. Lord thank You for Your increasing Healing Presence for my patients, so many of whom are starting to speak of searching for God; I know it is the Call of the Ingathering; they describe how it is aroused from within; You are calling Your Own, that none of Your Own be lost Lord.

    The angels are singing, ‘let all who thirst, come to the waters,’ Thank You Lord.

    For all the suffering of Kosovo, who are returning we pray, “God Our Heavenly Father, through Your Son Jesus, Our Victim, High Priest, True Prophet and Sovereign King, pour forth the Power of Your Holy Spirit upon us and open our hearts. In Your great Mercy, through the Motherly mediation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Queen, forgive our sinfulness, heal our brackens, and renew our hearts, in the Faith and Peace and Love and Joy of Your Kingdom, that we may be one in You! Jesus You are the Just Judge convert them. There is a river of blood; you are in the throes of a fierce foment of evil upon the Earth. Oh My little ones, you who know, continue to pray as you do, and more so whensoever it is possible. My little ones, you have many distresses in your lives, but you are, as you well know, in the Sanctuary of the Two Hearts. In this Diocese alone you are in a Sanctuary.

    He shows us a big Rosary encircling us! Thank You Lord.

    My little children, even so you feel some blows and some distresses and some afflictions, but the major part of the Earth is in fierce battle. Little children, bless Me!

    We adore Thee Oh Christ and we bless Thee because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    Little children, rest assured, I have redeemed the world and it will become evident in due course, but it is not yet, therefore the persevering prayer are essential.

    Lord we pray for the suffering; little Christopher in Australia; I pray for greater Faith in the family , so that he can be healed, through the intercession of St Raphael. I also pray for more conversions in South Africa, and for work for the unemployed.

    Little ones, I Myself attend upon the matter. I ask you little ones to address St Joseph as St Joseph the Worker, in a prayerful novena and the work comes.

    Thank You Lord. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints; blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, Blessed be St Joseph her most chaste Spouse; Blessed be God forever. May the Presence... We pray for all the many that ask us for prayers.

    Hide yourself in My Heart from your frailties.

    And teach us to love you more while we are hiding there Lord.

    We pray for the Holy Father who has fever; give him strength to continue his Mission. Please heal him.

    * It is the Lord Who speaks. John-Paul is ever safe in Me; that does not negate his sufferings in My Name. All that I ask of him, he does in My Name. I am with him every moment of his journey. Be not anxious therefore; simply praise your Father in Heaven for this holy pope, and pray always for his wellbeing and his intentions. Leave all the rest to the Living God. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers.23rd June 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse! In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory; Great and glorious is the Lord our God. Lord we pray in union with Our Mother Mary for a man called R with a severe heart attack. We pray Memorare.

    Salve Regina and it is done.

    Thank You Lord. Hail Holy Queen... Lord we thank you for the healing of the man with the head injury from MVA and we pray that now he will seek You himself; and for the mother of the boy who was killed in a motorcycle accident, who has blood clots and gallstones and is in hospital. We pray for spiritual and also physical healing for her and her family according to Your Will Lord.

    The virtue of Love is such that I Your Jesus, bless you little children. I Myself attend upon this L of your hearts concern, of your prayers; for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. Mother attends as well. Be at Peace; all is going according to Heaven’s Design. Little children you live in the time you have long been forewarned about; and so you see, trial and trouble and the works of the enemy round about you! So few can see the bondages they are in.

    My little ones, continue to pray as you do. Those who are truly faithful in their abandonment to the Living God as you are; pledged to Love as you love, are solace to the Two Hearts of Love. Little children persevere; there are so few who live the great Commandments of Love today and there is so much need upon the Earth.

    Thank You Lord. Please guide how these Words can be given without giving offense to their pastor.

    Little children, it were best that you simply tell them that you have prayed and that the Lord is merciful. Little children, it is a time One might say, of intrigue *, with what is occurring in the matter of Life and Death, and so there has to be a certain delicacy in the Works that you are doing. Our Lord shows how the sheep of the flock are always chattering among themselves and it does come to the attention of the pastor.

    Lord we simply pray for our Missions in the hands of our Bishop, and Holy Father. Lord, I share Your Words openly with M who strongly believes; is that Your Will?

    I the Lord God bless you; I Bless you again and again little daughter of faithfulness. I ask you not to withdraw from M; I ask you to be supportive of one another. Little children, are We not reminded at this time , of some of the great saints who were martyred for Truth. What you are experiencing is not martyrdom, but a severe testing. I have strengthened you; I have strengthened M; I have strengthened all My little prayer warriors to the necessary Fortitude, the necessary courage to continue in this battle for Truth.

    The war is on the side of Truth. I am Truth! My Church is Truth; but My Church is in the world while not of the world; [Our Lord is showing the roots entangled like the good seed and bad.] and the Church of necessity must deal with these most distressing subjects, which are not only painful for you and for Me, but painful for your Bishop and those priests who must deal with this most unpleasant subject; and therefore I ask you to remain as you are, obedient and prayerful . This is pleasing to the Lord Your God . I Myself am instructing each one of you. I am, by Divine Inspiration, assisting M more than he knows! By Divine Inspiration I assist the beloved Archbishop and the priests involved.

    As you know, free will reigns in each one of you. You are yielded unto Me; there are many who are not so yielded, and yet are involved in this issue. The many Christians concur with what you and M are expressing but there are those who are not believers, who work avidly to defeat any such expressions of Truth; and this is the dilemma which is in your Bishop’s hands; and not only your beloved Bishop, but the beloved John- Paul. And thus little one, continue walking in Faith as you do, praying always for Church and the priesthood. Never have My priests been tested as they are in these times. Thus, Our Mother is ever calling for more prayers for the priesthood!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord then we beg You to keep on sending more adorers to Perpetual Adoration so that more and more can come and pray for the strengthening of the priesthood; we ask through Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.

    My little ones, continue as you are doing in your prayers and in your Adorations, in your constant attendance upon Your Jesus and you beloved Mother; this is pleasing to the Lord Your God. But of course We send more, because you have acted in Faith little ones, and I do not deny you the fruits of your labour, the fruits of your prayers. Continue as you are doing and trust Me! ALL COME UNTO ME!

    Thank You Lord ; I do not know if it is Your Will that I go to the Bishop’s dinner as well, or just the

    Mass, because of the difficult situation right now.

    The Virgin of Fatima, attendant upon thee , blesses thee child. But of course you may go to the Mass and to the dinner. There are those who do not see eye to eye with you on these matters; and it is not so much a matter of not seeing eye to eye, but because of the negative publicity which was brought into play; the works of the enemy to divide as ever. Be at Peace; your Cause is recognized as valid; it cannot be denied. You may go in full confidence. You need not be seated by those who have taken a slight or offense because of what the publicity did. But be not afraid to attend the dinner; it is valuable to attend there.

    Thank You Mother. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. June 30th 1999.

    Oh Sacrament most holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine! Lord we pray for all the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be upon the Holy Father , the Bishops and the priesthood; that on issues of Life and all the teaching of the Church, they will remain faithful and strong standing against the hate of the atheistic world, for the Gospel of Life. Demonic obstruction. St Michael the Archangel...

    The Virgin of Fatima will stand firmly beside you.

    Thank You beautiful Mother.

    The Virgin herself attests to the veracity of all that is given you; little children, prevail in all that you are doing. I have called My children of Light to fight for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls. It is imperative in these times that much prayer is given over to this, for many are impelling their very souls into hell by their actions on Earth today. It is a grievous Sorrow to the Lord Your God, and to Me, your Heavenly Mother.

    I Jesus am in attendance; ask of Me what you will My little one.

    Thank You Lord. Mother leads me in spreading the Evangelization; and I am dealing with the devil himself, sending Your Abstract to those who are doing genetic manipulation; but I am getting horrible abuse back; I have exposed Your Holy Words to this. What should I do?

    Embroiled in this battle for Truth, I Am Truth; you are under fierce attack. Be not distressed or dismayed. Remember, these words fall on Me like whiplashes. Little ones, even for those “would- be -gods,” I died that they too might know Life to the fullest. Alas, they reject Me; they do not believe! Little one, persevere as you are doing; disregard the rude and crude assaults. Persevere in My Name; in My Name is your Victory.

    I tell you little ones, both of you, you are storing great Treasure in Heaven. Those who do not believe, scorn even this concept that you are doing works of Merciful Love by telling them that I am yet God, and I am yet Truth; indeed they are in grave peril of their very souls! Since they do not believe in Me, why should they seek an apology from you, with regard to My Words; it is an exercise in absurdity!

    I pray especially for the ones that are initially angry, that Your Words get through and they are all eventually converted.

    Continue as you are doing; in your service to Love, you are pleasing to the Lord Your God. I remain your Strength through it all.

    Lord, thank You for the powerful Presence of Our Lady; without Her Presence I do not have the courage to write especially to those hostile, distant ones. Our Lord reminds us of Dr Nathanson, for nothing is impossible God. Lord send Your powerful angels to defeat all the demons. Lord, we pray for A’s

    t rial of Faith; that it be shortened.

    In due course the door is opened for her to begin her studies. Be at Peace in these matters. The right one for the apartment arrives, desiring that location. Be at Peace, it occurs according to Heaven’s Design! Little children, you are learning well the lesson of patient perseverence and endur- ance in all things and My Blessings come upon you, each and every one!

    Thank You Lord. Dear Jesus, F cannot come to the conference now; please guide us.

    The One who is called Faithful and True, Blesses you My little one; I will leave you in free will to make this decision. My dearest, do that which you discern is best for you. Pray, discern and act, and I am with you. Withersoever thy goest, I am with you!

    Thank You Lord; that makes me love You so much.

    Lord, am I to go to Rome and come back, or are You sending me elsewhere too.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God, am attendant upon you most tenderly with regard to this journey to Rome. At this time, just consider the four days, and indeed We shall address this matter again. Little one, be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I need to pray for N’s sister, who is thought to have cancer. Lord, I know that spiritual healing is always the priority; if it is Your Will, we pray also for the physical healing. Through Our Lady we pray for the whole family. Memorare...

    The Virgin Herself begs Mercy in behalf of this people, before the Father of all. Little children believe; trust and be at Peace. You know well, that when all the signs of all the miseries which are epidemic upon the Earth are present, that it is truly the time of the Chastisement! None escapes the great testing which is essential to the purification of the soul . Therefore thou hast prayed well on behalf of this people. Leave it in the Hands of Our God and of your beloved Mother, and be at Peace.

    Thank You Mother.

    Dear Lord; You know things are not going well with L because she does not agree that teaching of the Church against homosexuality. Please forgive her and help her to find Your path for her, and all the others who are gay or lesbian.

    I the Lord God, Bless you for your patient perseverence and I ask you to recall the promises for those who pray the Rosary, and continue to Trust the Merciful Love of Our Mother and of Your God. Thank You Lord.

    Lord I pray for the married priests and bishops that are no longer faithful or obedient. Lord we pray for the Mass on the 13thJuly, requested for the MMP cenacle, Feast of Rosa Mystica; I pray for unity and obedience among the priests.

    The Virgin of Fatima herself will attend upon the priests. Little children, stay humbly in acceptance of all that is decreed and be at Peace.

    We pray for a bishop in union with all the Heavenly hosts we pray Memorare.

    The Sovereign Queen holds you fast. You don’t know what you are asking little children.

    Mother send all you holy angels to strengthen and purify your Church.

    Lord I have written as You instructed me to several people but no-one answers me.

    My little one It is the Lord who speaks! You have spoken well to all these individuals At this time simply leave your Words with them. Some of them are duly considering them, and as you know some of them reject them. Persevering in Faith and Hope and Trust, leave all else to your God. Continue to pray for the success of the conference. There are those who do not desire to have the matter of Audrey brought up, feeling it mixes science with religion. Continue in all prayerfulness; Trust Me.

    Thank You Lord. I don’t know why the mixing of Faith and science has to be an issue for Catholic doctors.

    I simply Bless you in a great anointing of Love and Peace and Joy. Stay as you are; you are precious to the Lord, your God. Little children, you have no concept, no full concept of what you are actually accomplishing in My Name. Believe that it is a massive Mission and that We are victorious; in due course of time you will know that. Bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ, and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast Redeemed the world.

    Believe, I have Redeemed the world; I have already won the Victory. Continue to persevere in all Faithfulness. You are a staunch warrior. Thank You Lord. Glory Be...

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