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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
  • 1998 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
  • 1999 Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to Dec
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  • 1999 July to Sept

    Discernment Prayers. July 7th, 1999.

    Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine! Lord we come to do Your Will.

    Be at Peace, I am with thee, each one! Thank You Lord.

    Verily I say unto you, all that you ask of Me I Desire to give to you, but you know well, it must be in the Father’s Great Design, according to the Divine Will, and be for the good of each soul concerned . Therefore persevere in all prayerfulness, and trust your God no matter what is happening, for I tell you again, you live in turbulent times. Ask of Me what you Will.

    Thank you Lord Jesus. Lord we can never thank You enough for opening the door through the Immaculate Heart of Mary for A to go to medical school; and thank You for what she has learned at work this year. Lord help us discern what best to do with their apartment.

    Be at Peace; Heaven hears the prayers of all three of you; just let things fall into place as I Will. All works out for good to those who love the Lord!

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord we thank You for bringing the new-borne baby, Gregory, whom my sister found abandoned in the backyard, into my family’s life. Please guide them to do what is Your Will for all concerned.

    Let them go through the motions as required by the law of the land while prayerfully trusting in the Lord. I am with Gregory; is he not Mine; is he not a soul of perfection? My Plans for Gregory shall come into fruition the Way I, the Lord your God Desire. It is sufficient at this time; We shall speak again on Gregory. I Myself strengthen A and the other loved ones during this time of trial . Rest assured, all works out according to My Design!

    Thank You Lord; give them Peace! Lord we seem to finally have gotten the mechanical problems in the Adoration chapel corrected. Please help us to get many more adorers.

    I send Michael to attend upon the spiritual warfare involved in the Adoration Chapel and I send Joseph to watch over the Christ, for he is ever the Guardian of holiness and purity. Again, the people begin to come back and adore!

    [Our Lord gave us the parable about the ten lepers and only one came back to say thanks.]

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. I love Thee, my beloved Jesus; I love Thee more than Myself; grant that I may love Thee always, and then do with me what Thou wilt!

    My little ones, I take comfort in your love; in your Faith; in your Faith-in-action, and I bless you again and again!

    Thank You Lord. I just pray for the strength to continue. I pray for the seventy attending the “What is a Catholic Hospital” conference in the Vatican; that You give them Your Fortitude to go home and enact the changes that conform to the authentic Magisterium of the Church.

    I attend upon each and every one of those attending the conference. I tell you today, the battle lines are clearly drawn! Any of those who have been watching world affairs from the security of their Christian Faith are aware that the battle lines are clearly drawn, and that they must take a stand in Faith. It shall be so!

    [Its scary because Our Lord shows us St Thomas More; a stand as clear as that!] Oh Lord, I pray for the Holy Father, who takes time for prayer, rest and meditation now, but who has to speak with Your Strength on these matters.

    Jesus many conferences are coming; please help me decide what You wish me to attend. I ask especially to attend “Dignity of the unborn child,” and the world day of the Rosary at Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine on 30th October.

    Do so and I Myself Bless you in this matter.

    Thank You so much Jesus!There is also the one in Scottsdale from 14th to 17th October in my own speciality. Is it in Your Design for me to go there; I don’t remember who but I know there is a group that belong to You Lord in Scottsdale.

    I will attend upon this matter. We shall discuss it further. A great Blessing comes upon all those who attend upon Me and Our Mother in Scottsdale. I Myself have designated a Holy Place there which you will attend when you go to Scottsdale.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. I have not heard back from CMA conference.

    You will write again. Do write an RSVP at the end of the letter.

    Yes Lord. Thank You Mother for directing the Evangelization to Catholic Hospitals.

    They are deserving to hear alternative concepts are they not? Persevere in all that you are doing; it is as I Desire.

    Please strengthen me to keep on for the sake of souls.

    The Virgin Herself attends upon all the matters at hand in your life. Persevere little one, the Lord is with you, Our Mother is with you, angels and saints assist. Indeed, in your weakness is My Strength; thus call on Me and I strengthen you!

    Thank You Lord. I love the way Heaven helps me find people and places I never could on my own.

    We do just that!

    Lord who is the priest that we are supposed to give the Rosa Mystica Mass set to.

    A tremendous upheaval is happening in the Church. Little children, John Paul 11 is truly united with you. In thought, and in prayer and in intent, you are united with him, and there is a faithful portion of My Church, who are truly united with John Paul and the Magisterium; but the others are working wickedly to destroy My Church!

    Lord, we always pray for him and for the Church. What more can we do?

    Comfort your Jesus prayerfully and comfort Our Mother prayerfully. We go on with the battle My little ones and in the end the Victory is assured and the Triumph occurs! Now you are in the perilous times so long predicted. I ask you not to be dismayed at anything you hear, or are told about occurrences in My Church. For one thing much of it will be untrue and exaggerated if there is any truth in it, and for another, My Own are safe in Me. Continue to cling to your Jesus therefore.

    The Mass set will be dispensed to the one most in need of it at an appropriate time. You will be informed of this matter and where to send it.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for many patients who have many bad things happening in their lives.

    I bring them to You for healing in body and soul. Help them find the path to You.

    Your prayers are heard; be at Peace; all goes according to Heavens’ Design.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. I always come with a long list; is there not something You wish to speak about?

    The Virgin of Fatima blesses you children. Continue to pray; you live now the perilous times predicted at Fatima and at La Salette. Warning upon warning has been given to mankind. * Little children, therefore hold fast to the armour of God; hold yourself safe in the Two Sanctuaries, the Hearts of your Jesus and Mary; this will tide you through all that is beginning to occur.

    Be at Peace in all things little children, it is the Lord Who speaks! These times have to be as you know, before My Return in Glory. Always remember, Love conquers all! Remain as you are little children; My Blessings are upon you. Graces and blessings flow upon you and your Missions; little children, rejoice in Our Love’s Union; it is thus that you are always giving Glory to the Father. Glory be ...

    Discernment Prayers. 14th July 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. [spirit of confusion says ,’you are not going to get away with this ‘.] Let all who hear proclaim with us, Jesus Christ is Lord[x7], he is our Saviour and Our God, our Redeemer and our King and we adore Him!

    Angels are singing the Magnificat.

    My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord ,

    My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour,

    for He has looked with favour on His lowly servant.

    From this day all generations will call me blessed,

    for the Almighty has done great things for me

    and Holy is His Name.

    He has Mercy on those who fear Him,

    in every generation He has shown the Strength of His Arm,

    He has scattered the proud in the conceit of their hearts;

    He has cast down the mighty from their thrones and has

    lifted up the lowly; He has filled the hungry with good things

    and the rich He has sent away empty.

    He has come to the help of His servant Israel,

    remembering His promise of Mercy, the promise He made

    to our father Abraham and his seed forever. Glory be...

    Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will.

    Heaven is present, ask what you will.

    Thank You Lord; do You wish to speak to us firstly? We had been speaking of terrible noises in the Church at night during Adoration; I had reported it to Father on Monday morning, and we were praying for our Lord to eradicate the evil; we had each experienced attacks during Mass last night in honour of feast of Rosa Mystica and Our Lady of Fatima.[ 13th July 1917 Our Lady had shown the Fatima children the vision of hell].

    Our Lord said, The Truth is that there is a denizen of evil nearby and their attack upon My Church in the parish where you pray is ongoing. They attempt to destruct all that is holy; I do not permit it! Your prayers, your sensitivity to all that is happening, is useful in the defeat of the enemy. The virtue of Love is such that I, the Living God, attend upon the matter Myself. Be at Peace.

    Lord, will You take away the night noises?

    I cause you to recognize them and I remove them! I wish you to know that My Church is under both surveillance and attack by the foe at all times. Little children, it is part of the lesson in spiritual warfare.

    Lord we need more adorers; do not let people be frightened away.

    Peace; in due course, it will flourish. It is so; Heaven hears the prayers directed in this matter, and the adorers come straggling in, but they come! Some of the ones taking on extra hours surely need some relief. It shall be accomplished ; persevere little ones. Tell Me that you love Me!

    My Jesus I love thee[x7], my Saviour and my God , my Redeemer and my King, I adore Thee. The demons ask us, ‘is it too much to ask you to remove the curious garments around your necks. ‘ [brown scapular—feast the 16th July]

    It is done, they have been exterminated.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord we have so much to thank You for; the month July we thank You for the Precious Blood; the day of ordination of Fr D , the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Praying for the Holy Father; demons say, ‘they throw him out, they throw him out, you had better believe it because we’re the ones that are doing it.’

    We pray Memorare.

    He will regain control for he is never defeated; in My Name he can never be defeated!

    We pray Salve Regina. Lord, I thank You for the Words of Epistle of Love Mission which is not only Enlightenment for us, but strengthening for the Holy Father.

    Jesus is just saying,

    My little ones, My little ones, My little ones, how I Love you. My little ones, persevere in all prayerfulness. You are indeed instruments of My Peace; your weapons remain love and prayer and penance. Continue in all that you are doing, remaining ever prayerfully obedient to the beloved John-Paul and the Church Magisterium.

    Thank You Lord. Lord thank you for the wisdom of our bishop inviting the contemplative nuns to our Archdiocese. Lord we found out about the sale of organs of the partial abortion babies. Lord I pray for our new chaplain will help to promote Your Mission.

    Demonic obstruction again. ‘The circumstances of this love affair between you and your God make me sick! ‘

    We sing Victory song of Pentecost. Omen watches beautiful graceful ballet-like movement of lots of angels behind me as we sing this song. Thank You Lord.

    We pray for the Catholic physicians. Lord we pray for Gregory and the Love of Christ Ministries to rescue abandoned babies. Thank You for the inspiration to contact M who put us in touch with this Mission in Johannesburg to help my sister for Gregory.

    Our Lord sings, ‘does a mother forget her baby, or a woman the child within her womb; yet even if these forget, I will never forget My Own. ‘ Thank You Jesus.

    The Lord your God sorrows at the rejection of these precious Gifts of My Love for mankind; Gifts of new Life, planned to give a unity between a mother and father in each case. Their very existence is denied by those who parented them. Do you see the sorrow of their Creator, your Creator in this matter?

    Yes Lord. Lord we pray for this ministry.

    A seed of Hope is Gregory; Hope that there is yet Love in the world. Gregory is destined shall We say, to be a Cause Celebre, for all the abandoned children. I Myself cause the hearts of men and women to be moved to the children they have been given, as they were intended to love these children. It is not yet but it fast approaches. I cause the fathers to turn their hearts to the children, that no woman need abandon her child or abort her child because she is alone in her pregnancy. Peace, it happens soon.

    I bid A be at Peace. I am your Strength in this time; I am your Gregory’s Strength. I ask you to pray his ‘angel of God’ prayer, morning and night, and send your angel to kiss him with your love frequently and to Trust Me in all that is going on. I am aware One might say, of the great distress of your nation in dealing with these children; so many, so many!

    Each one is a sacred Gift of Life, and must be recognized as such! I Myself attend, I tell you again, upon Gregory, and upon this home established for abandoned children, where My Love reigns. I ask you to continue walking in Faith and Hope and Peace and Love, patiently and prayerfully persevering, and await upon the action of the Lord your God in this matter.

    Thank You Jesus. Our Lord conveyed His great grief over all these babies.

    You will send the papers to A and she will pray and discern and make contact with them. Rest assured she has their support, as she has Mine and Mother’s support. It is a time of great testing for the heart of A over this one infant. This child is important to Me, and I ask that A persevere in all that she is doing.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord strengthen the Evangelization; my work and my Mission.

    I Myself, it is the Lord Who speaks, strengthen you; I take away much of the fatigue. I ask you to simply strive to have a few hours out of each Friday, for this work which you are doing, which is indeed Enlightening people. I wish you to persevere in this matter but without anxiety, and without undue concern*. Just simply persevere in all that you are doing, and that which you accomplish, you accomplish with My Help. Be at Peace; in all things I am with you.

    Thank You Lord.

    Persevere in all that you are doing and My Words fall where I Desire them to fall, and move those whom I Desire to move. Rest assured all is going according to My Design in this matter.

    Lord guide us regarding the apartment. There was obstruction.

    The vaults of Heaven are wide open; We attend upon the girls and upon the apartment. Let them put the ad in; We work Our miracles of Love in an ongoing fashion in the lives of each of Our Own. Thank You Lord Jesus. We need to sing thanksgiving. We sang

    Come and Worship, Royal Priesthood, come and worship Him, holy nation. Worship Jesus, our Redeemer; He is precious, King of Glory.

    While singing, I was telling Our Lady in my heart that I was sad that She had not spoken to us today. When I finished singing Omen told me that Our Lady of Fatima had just told her, That which you ask of Us is given over to you; We spare D until his children are grown.

    He and Omen had been asking this but I didn’t know till now that he had developed cardiac problems. Also on this eve of the feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, I later found out that my Mission had been accepted as a link to CatholiCity at Mary’s Foundation. Thank You Mother thank You Jesus. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. 21st July 1999.

    Oh Sacrament Most Holy Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be very moment Thine! Here we are Lord; we come to do Your Will.

    An eleventh hour Mission is given to the one who is called Faithful Missionary.

    Thank You Lord. Lord are You referring to Epistle of Love Mission, or a different task ?

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God, speak thus! I am with you in all that is happening, even in the moments of quiet, as We await the interaction of the many involved in Our Mission. There is always the foe; watchful, envious, attacking My people as a penetrating evil; those who do not have their armour tightly about them.

    Great angels and archangels surround all the key players in this Mission to a scientific world. My Own are safe in Me! Those who are a bit weak, I begin now to strengthen, for an hour of decision is upon them, to choose the pathway I, the Living God have set out for them in the Ministry of Salvation for Mankind. What would you ask of Me.

    Thank You Lord Jesus for trusting us and helping us with Your Missions; I still don’t understand if Epistle of Love is the eleventh hour Mission or is it something else.

    The eleventh-hour Mission will come upon you suddenly and surprisingly and you shall act according to My Will.

    Thank You Lord; I trust You to be there. Lord, many things appear obstructed but sometimes I don’t understand Your Timing. For instance nothing is happening with the apartment. A doesn’t know whether to apply for residence or stay where she is.

    My little ones shall see the sale of the apartment in due course; be patient yet a little while. Your Mighty God blesses you. A will be inspired rather abruptly to know and act on what exactly she is to do ; be at Peace, it occurs according to Our Will.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we always have so much to thank you for; For instance the link from CatholiCity on the eve of Our Lady of Mt Carmel. The links will help with the Evangelization. Lord do You wish me to tell anybody about these links?

    You may tell any and all freely, because of course, once it is on the web site it is freely available; so it is best little children, to tell those you know personally, before they learn of it otherwise!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. I have been having lots of technical difficulty upgrading the web site; Lord thank You for Your faithful help.

    It shall be thus!

    Thank You Lord. For the last few days it appears I need to make some cards introducing the Mission. We discussed this long ago and the printers just didn’t do it; the timing did not seem right.

    You may do so now.

    Lord, I have not heard a response about getting the Rosary and Adoration on the program.

    Little children, you shall receive an answer; remember it is vacation time and many are darting hither and yond, in the summer sunlight! Soon, you will have a response.

    Thank You Mother, I hope it is a positive one. Lord should I keep the postbox or just use my own home address.

    Be bold and do so! I am with you.

    Lord I received a request that we pray the Rosary every hour on the hour, in the Adoration Chapel as is done at Queen of Peace parish in SF, to encourage more adorers to make the commitment. Is that your Will Lord for me to approach Father?

    Humbly and prayerfully approach Father; I am with him as he speaks little one.

    Mother of Jesus and Mother of us all; please speak through me to Father. We trust You Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, to make this Your special project, to open the hearts of the adorers to make this commitment.

    Beloved daughter, you always have My guidance.

    Thank You Mother. Lord, I am praying for a Moslem friend who has had a serious heart attack; I know the spiritual healing is always the priority, and I have been praying for their conversion, but now I pray for both the spiritual and physical healing if it be your Will Lord.

    My God, My God, he cries in his pain and his anguish; can I, his God, turn away from him?

    No Lord; thank You Most Merciful Jesus; we know that You are the Healer; How do they get to that next step, of recognizing you Jesus.

    Let Me handle it, I have a plan!

    Thank You Lord. We place him under the mantle of Our Lady of Fatima, asking Mother to accept him as her own precious child. Memorare. Lord do You want me to do more than pray for him.

    He has been given the anointing of Love by your prayers.

    Thank You Lord. We both feel now, and I have felt since Friday, 16th July Lady would visit to tend him.

    Mother You have asked us before to pray for Your Moslem children. I don’t know what I can tell them Lord.

    You will be inspired what to say and when to say it. Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord we continue to pray for A and Gregory. We pray for the Love of Christ Ministries but we have not heard further since sending the information.

    We shall not address this matter this day; there is warfare and there are barriers and we ask you to continue to persevere in all prayerfulness Gregory’s behalf.

    Our Lord reminds us of His Love of little children.

    Lord we pray for J the seminarian who has many years still to go in his courses. We pray for his brother and family. A big obstruction. Lord do You wish him to come here?

    John is in need of much prayer. Persevere in praying as you are doing. You may invite him. He will come and see Me when you invite him.

    Yes Lord. Lord we have not heard any more about the conference. Should I confirm the four or six days. Am I permitted to know anything else about that pilgrimage now Lord?

    Blessed Mother bids you confirm the six days quickly now for as you know the year 2000, everyone desires to go to Rome. Just that the Lord your God Desires you to be there and things will unfold according to your God’s Will.

    Thank You Mother. Lord the issue of maintaining my professional standing; finding time to keep up all the reading; and my Mission and My Faith, please help me keep a balance.

    Demonic obstruction immediately.

    Little children, you know well that you are living in a time of great peril and of great change. It is incumbent upon you to pray before reading the journals, and your God, the Power of the Holy Spirit will assist you in absorbing and comprehending the readings, that your existing society deems required reading One might say; therefore call upon the Holy Spirit of the Living God and be at Peace.

    Thank You Mother. Jesus and Our Mother I pray for the new chaplain of our guild, that whoever comes will help promote the Mission. Mother continue to preside over the meetings as You said.

    The one who comes is qualified in his field. We ask you to simply pray and await this turn of events for We Desire no roadblocks, therefore be at Peace. Pray for your priests as you do little children, it is imperative in these times.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for an eleven year old who has been raped. [ Miracle prayer; Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be..]

    Mother blesses you little children, persevere in all prayerfulness for all the Causes at hand in the world today; they are indeed perilous times.

    Lord I pray for L and A that they be quickly drawn back to You.

    The Virgin of Fatima addresses you; praying together with Me, they shall come back safely, for nothing is impossible to the Lord God.

    Thank you Lord; thank You Heavenly Mother.I’m praying for several very sick patients Lord, thank you so much for all your guidance daily. Please help me never to do them any harm, but to have patience and to help them.

    I am with you at all times with them step by step, We guide you through. Bless each prescription that you write before you give it to them.

    Thank You Lord. We sang a hymn to the Sacred Heart.

    Discernment Prayers. 4th August 1999.

    People who were coming from the North to pray and visit have not been heard from and they are over 24 hours late in arriving; so we are praying for them. Police do not declare people missing till after 48 hours. Omen thinks they may be with God in Glory. We pray Memorare.

    Mother says,

    It is enough that you love the Lord your God with your whole hearts and soul and mind and love your neighbour as yourself. Leave everything else up to the Lord your God Who knows what is best.

    Thank You blessed Mother. We accept whatever our Lord chooses to do. Lord we have so many things to thank You for.

    Our Moslem friend E died at 3.45pm in hospital. This was unknown to me, but I received the message at 3.30pm that he had gone into renal failure and was not expected to survive the day, and I was praying for him during Divine Mercy Hour , the chaplet of Divine Mercy and other prayers for him till 3.50pm, before Your Crucifix when he died; it was also the ninth day of my novena in honour of Your Precious Blood. Lord, we could never find the words to thank you enough for your Great Mercy.

    Our Lord showed Omen and told us,

    Hosts of angels are ever going up and down the stairway to Heaven bringing glad tidings of Great news of Salvation to all Mankind.

    Thank so much Our Lord.

    Lord we thanked You for the CatholiCity link and now we have received this letter, and promised to pray for this family in Australia. So beloved Jesus, we bring before You D and M and the little S family; and if it is Your Will I have promised that I will send them Your Holy Words. We pray first whenever we hear demonic interference; “In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole Heavenly Court, we rebuke thee satan, we rebuke any and all which is coming against D and M and their whole family; in Jesus Holy Name is their victory, great and glorious is the Lord Our God!

    “In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit, thou art commanded, all strongholds of satan, all demons of depression, obstruction , or any other related spirits assailing D, especially at his work place, leave now, go now before Jesus the Just Judge and answer Him ; great and glorious is the Lord Our God. In Jesus Holy Name is D’s victory.

    Forthwith I bid thee Peace! I am your Jesus of Merciful Love. I am attendant upon this family. You are precious to the Lord God, and to the Mother of God. Hosts of angels I set about their house hold, angels of Enlightenment; angels of Healing of Love, of Peace, of Joy, a myriad of angels of assistance. I bid D and M, though I am your God and I read your heart and soul and mind, and know all that you are doing and all that is occurring, I ask you to be as a close personal friend, for I am Bridegroom of your souls, and I Love when you share every detail of your existence with Me, even the smallest concern. Talk to Me Your Jesus, about all your hearts concerns; I am with you, I listen, I bless, I heal. Stay as you are, in close unity with Me, but tell Me all that is going through you. Share it with Me and you will find that your burden is lightened.

    Son of God, your workplace is not necessarily a holy place to work, and I ask you to hold your protection snugly around you. I ask you to remain always in the Peace of My Presence, no matter what is occurring or transpiring round about you, in particular in the work place. I Myself am your Strength; call on Me at all times that I may Strengthen you in all these trials and testings. I bid you know that Mother has placed Her Mantle around each one of you, this little family of Love; in the Power of the Holy Spirit it is so! Thus you are ever sheltered in the Shadow of the most High, the Comforter, the Sanctifier, is attendant upon you most profoundly , as well as your Great Guardian Angel. Little children, pray your guardian angel prayer morning and evening . By this means, you leave as it were, a line of communication before your God Who is in Heaven, and your own cons- cience; for the angels, who are ever in the Presence of God, are yet attendant upon you, giving you the Divine Inspirations to assist you in even the smallest of decision makings. Sanctuary is in the Two Hearts of Love. Hide yourself in My Heart and in Mother’s Heart, from your very own frailties. You are safe in Me; you are safe in Our Mother.

    To whom I Will, I have Mercy, and I have Mercy upon you. The closer you come to Me, son of God, the freer you become from that which has depressed you in the past. I am the Lord your God; remember, I died that you might have Life to the fullest; remember, I Love you most tenderly, most totally and eternally; trust Me no matter what is happening, for you live in the Power of My Peace and My Love! Rejoice in this Our Loves Union; in this manner you are ever giving Glory to the Father.

    Glory be...May the Presence of the Sacred H eart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with you always; beloved M and D and family, children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace, Jesus Christ the King of Kings reigns. Amen.

    I also need to thank you for the wording the letter to Father regarding the Adoration; You said You would speak through Your priest who so lovingly told me; anything your little heart desires, regarding the Rosary prayers for more adorers.

    We pray for C &R and their little family who have gone through so much pain with her gastrointestinal cancer and chemotherapy; we pray for their physical and spiritual healing please Lord. I remember that I met them one 1st August, the day that Amy died; may she be there to help them and all the Heavenly Court. Memorare.

    The humble little R is known to Me, and has been sealed with the Seal of Redemption!

    Into Your Hands, I commend my spirit Oh Lord ; into Your Hands, I commend my heart. For I must die to myself in loving you; into Your Hands, I commend my love. Oh God my God, why hast Thou abandoned me, far from my home, and I don’t know why; I call Your Name, and You always answer me, since Jesus came, You don’t pass me by.

    The angels around us are singing,

    Fill my cup, unto the fullest..

    We sometimes experience Our Lord just silently loving us, and filling us with His Peace. Our Lord keeps teaching how much he gives to me when I act in charity. I am praying thanksgiving for two sisters whom I met last week when I gave one a ride in the rain and they turned out to be wanting information in order to make a commitment to Perpetual Adoration. Demons say, you are going to have to go to hell because we are not going to set them free. In Jesus Holy Name is their victory. Rebuke prayers.

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth...

    The Mother of God salutes you precious little children Heaven hears your prayers. A profound anointing comes upon these young women. I Myself attend upon them; the healing is already begun. Be at Peace.

    When you seek Me I will let you find Me! We work now Our Miracles of healing Love in this people for they do indeed persevere in all prayerfulness; and thus I am profoundly attendant upon them as is Mother. Hold fast to the Lord Your God, I call to them, for you live in perilous times. Little children, Sanctuary is in the Two Hearts of Love. Little children, your weapons are prayer and love. I Bless you, strengthening you to always remain in the Peace of My Presence. Let your armour of God be securely always about you.

    Thank you Lord; thank You Mother.

    I am going with M McS and others of Life Foundation to the conference and world day of the Rosary in October. We thank You so much for the recognition of Life Foundation. Some priests of Our Archdio- cese and possibly Our Bishop if his back injury permits it. We pray for the healing of our Bishop’s back. Lord place Your healing Hands upon Him for nothing is impossible to You.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I hear your prayers little children; they are united with the prayers of many others who are aware of his condition. My precious little one, I attend upon this Bishop in a profound manner. The angels are giving us the song, all that I am, all that I have, all that I’ll ever be I offer now to Thee.”

    He is My Own; he is yielded unto Me. Mother and I attend upon him in a great anointing of Healing Love. Be at Peace. Continue to pray for your beloved John Paul, and your Bishop, and your priests; all My priests throughout the world, for they are in dire need of prayers, for the enemy assails then even more than it does the flock. Can you tell Me that you love Me for those who do not?

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Willing hands come to the assistance of this Bishop in a healing anointing. Trust me and be at Peace; all goes according to Heaven’s Design for him.

    Thank You our Lord and our Mother. Lord we pray for John who has asked to come and pray with us but has not made it yet and through our Mother whom he loves, and all Our Guardian an gels and St Michael that he be no longer obstructed but led to arrive here safely. Lord we pray for all the priests who have left, who have married, who no longer believe please have mercy and give them Enlightement and grace to return and be faithful to the Holy Father, and to You in full Communion with Your Church according to the vows they have made. Take up your cross and follow Me, is My Call to these individuals who seemingly have attempted and then rejected My Call. Many are called, few are chosen.

    Lord we know if they are called, then they did not totally yield to you; those who are chosen are those who have endured all for you. We don’t know what else to do beyond praying for him. We pray for John who has been so much obstructed. Demons say,A kick in the face is all you get b... we won’t let him go. Prayer to St Michael. God arises; his enemies flee before Him. [Psalm 67.]

    The Virtue of Love is such that John wills to come but is obstructed at this time. Therefore, upon seeing him, invite him once again, but continue to pray for his wellbeing and all of his intentions; his wellbeing spiritually, emotionally, physically, providentially, mentally. Little children, I have plans for John, which shall come to fruition, but I have assigned you women to be his adoptive family, to love him and pray for him, because if you do not, I ask you , who else?

    Lord Our Heavenly Mother is his and our protector. Lord, is there anything else You wish us to do for John besides pray for him.

    Listen well when he tells you of all his tribulations; they are not his own, but that of many priests. Lord help me to listen; give me Your Wisdom to discern what I am being told, and how to respond.

    I am bridegroom of his soul.

    We sang along with the angels. Oh Lord I am not worthy that Thou should come to me, but speak the Word of comfort, my spirit healed shall be. And humbly I receive Thee, the Bridegroom of my soul, no more by sin to grieve Thee, nor fly Thy sweet control. Oh Sacrament Most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    See little children, this is what the enemy would destroy in My priesthood; My pledge to be with My beloved mankind for all time. The enemy would attempt to stop it by attacking My priesthood, and depriving My little ones of My Presence. Little children, that is why you are enlightened and asked to pray much. To those whom much is given , much is expected. I share My Heart with you little children, and I ask you to continue to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice. In all that is happening, Mother and I are powerfully attendant upon you. Much Heavenly assistance is given you. Persevere little children, in all prayerfulness; yet remain always at Peace.

    Lord, it is the feast of Cure of Ars, the priest of priests; and I so wished for John to come to pray here on this feast day. I ask for him to make John his special protege.

    Lord T has arrived in New York, but one of her suitcases is lost. Please could she still found it.

    It is rather not stolen but mistakenly taken;. It shall come to light shortly.

    Thank you Lord. I thank You for M who gave her shelter for the night; I pray for her conversion and salvation, and for the fathers of both these girls who are seemingly far from You but we know that in the blink of an eye you can turn this all around. Our Lord sings,

    The love , I have for You my Lord, is only a shadow of Your Love for me...

    We pray for the catholic lawyer in New York is going blind because of cancer, and my friend l who is also visually impaired. Lord we entrust them to You for their ongoing healing. Angels are singing, put your hand in the hand... Lord we pray for A , people are coming to see the apartment. I pray for guidance for where A ‘s home will be when she goes to medical school.; her safety.

    A has found favour with the Lord Our God; We provide for her adequate shelter. Providence smiles on A. Be at Peace. Continue little children, to pray, discern and act, for the Lord is with you, as He is with Our Mother, and She is with you. You see little children, you are safe in the Embrace of Love. Be at Peace.

    Omen keeps seeing a bicycle.She must wear her St Joseph’s medal. Thank You Lord. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. .11th August 1999.

    Feast of St Clare.[The Illuminator]

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Great deal of demonic obstruction today.

    Jesus Our Lord instructed us to invoke St Michael the Archangel; we prayed rebukes. We pray urgently because many people have not been keeping Perpetual Adoration commitments, and some of us are becoming burnt out making up these times; our Adoration program feels threatened and we are pleading for our Lord, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary to inspire many to come. Opposition to the Rosary is significant. We don’t know what else we can do. Prolonged silence but we began to feel the Loving Presence of Our Lord, while we prayed many prayers. Then the break through started when we were given the song,

    Constant was the Love He bore Her, though He went forth from Her side[Sing of Mary]

    Then the angels sang, Fill my cup, unto the fullest...

    Michael attends; Michael the great Archangel of Almighty God.

    Please help us!

    You have found favour with God, and the faithful cohort, but there is a bad spirit like a coiled serpent against The Mass and against the Holy Eucharist.

    Jesus Christ is Lord, x7; He is our Saviour and our God, our Redeemer and our King, and we adore Him! Still under oppression; more prayers of rebuke. May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary...

    The Virtue of Love is such that the Lord Your God is attendant upon you; the Virgin Mother of God, is attendant upon you, precious little ones. You live in most turbulent times as you well know. Dear little ones, your surrender to the Living God is well known. Mother delights in you faithful little prayer warriors. Dear little ones, all that you ask in Our Lord Jesus Name We desire to give you, and yet as you see there are many obstructions and many variables in all that is happening with each of the little ones.

    All over the world today there is trouble of one form or another. I, your Heavenly Mother, attend upon My precious children, round and about the Earth in many visits, many appearances, many assistances. Precious children, I call you to persevere. You invoke the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and even Me, your Mother, in this matter of seeking responsible adorers of The Christ. Little children, believe; it is so, it is already so! The Living God is pleased with your hearts and souls and minds. Your desire to love the Lord your God, and love your neighbour as yourself, is so evident.

    Little ones, the Mercy Gate of the Immaculate Heart of your Mother, pours forth now , a myriad of Graces upon you and your loved ones, and upon the many parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish. Enlightenment comes and the little ones begin at last to see the value of coming into the Presence of Jesus frequently, faithfully. Were Jesus truly there, there would not be any means of booking the audiences who would come unto Him there; and yet He IS TRULY THERE, and He is as you have noted, rather shunned and ignored.

    Little children, in His humble appearance, His humble one might even say disguise, He is able to test the many, for their Love of the Word of God, and for their love of Holy Mother Church. Oh My little ones, continue to love Him as you do; continue to seek Him out; continue to share every detail of your lives with your God and with your Mother. Precious, precious little children, continue in all prayerfulness; many are praying with you, and for this intention. Thank you Mother.

    Little ones, since you ever invoke the angels and saints of Glory, Heaven resounds with your prayers, and your God is pleased and comes to your assistance.

    Now is a moment of sweet surrender; an anointing of My Peace and My Love and My Joy is upon you, each little one. Precious children, a great Blessing is upon you.

    Glory be...

    Lord I just ask for unity among the adorers as we pray, invoking our Heavenly Mother through Her Rosary, to obtain the miracle of many more adorers to come.

    Pour forth Your Spirit oh Lord and renew the face of the Earth, you pray: Heaven hears and attends upon all that is happening. The angels are singing, I will pour out My Spirit on the whole mankind, says the Lord, and they will live, for you are My people and I am your God; you belong to Me.

    Thank You Lord, please call all to know that they need You.

    Verily I say unto you, you will know over the next few days, you will see a change of heart evident in your parish. A great blessing is come down on your parish; Mother is in tears of Joy. I, the Lord God, Bless you profoundly.

    Thank You Lord, we could never thank you enough. Angels are singing that song;

    Oh Sacrament Most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Oh Lord I am not worthy that Thou shouldst come to me, but speak the Word of comfort, my spirit healed shall be.

    And humbly I receive Thee, the Bridegroom of my soul, no more by sin to grieve Thee, nor fly Thy sweet control.

    Oh Sacrament Most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Thank You Lord. Lord is this the miracle You promised us?

    The Mother of God salutes you. I bless you little children; precious little ones, be at Peace. What has transpired here this evening is recorded in Glory. Precious children, you do not know the Victory you have won, but you will notice it as you go forward day by day in Faith. Do not be anxious nor frustrated All is falling into place according to Heaven’s Design; your prayers are heard, the Blessings flow, the peoples flock .

    Although you are not fully aware of it little children, many unusual events are occurring round about the world, and all of these events are causing the flock to be shaken out of their lethargy, their sleepiness , causing them to awaken and begin to seek the Light.

    Remember your Jesus is the Light of the world. In the Light of His Love for mankind, present in the Bread and Wine of His Love , this Sacrament; they begin to see and hear and know at last!

    Thank You Mother and our Lord. We have so much to thank You for; for St Joseph of the Holy Family parish for my daughter; and for the healing hands that were laid on our bishop the very next day after we prayed last week. Lord thank You for the Holy Fathers Message on the 6th August; and for the feedback from people who have received the Words from Epistle of Love Mission on transplantation and other topics with gratitude.

    Praying for help registering for the Guadalupan Appeal; I have not succeeded in two days. It is spiritual warfare obstructing -again. Mother please help, whenever it is to do with Our Lady and Her Rosary, obstruction is present, almost inevitably.

    Jesus says the lines of communication are opened! It is done! Glory be...

    Lord we need to pray for Gregory. My sister has written a formal protest about the terrible treatment of Gregory in the foster home; the lack of concern about his prolonged diarrhoea by the social workers and the deterioration of his health.

    More than you know is happening there. Be at Peace in these matters. The Lord is profoundly attendant upon A and her loved ones, and upon Gregory and all that is occurring there. It is not the Will of your God that these little Gifts of Love should suffer the hardships that they indeed do suffer. I Bless all that A is doing on behalf of the helpless little ones. Great Blessings come upon her. Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for the children in the Love of Christ Mission, in the same situation as Gregory.

    I place them in the Sanctuary of the Two Hearts of Love; all the infants and all those who lovingly, tenderly, compassionately, work on behalf of these little infants. Mighty is the Lord your God! We work changes .

    Thank You Lord. Lord, are any of these events the eleventh hour Mission You said You were giving me?

    The eleventh hour Mission is yet to come!

    Thank You Lord. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers. !8th August 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse.

    First and foremost, you have many questions; let us proceed accordingly little children, I am with you.

    Thank You Lord. First of all Lord, we always have so much for which to thank you. Lord I thank You for the continuing and profound Presence of the Holy Spirit in my soul, the great graces of the Feast of the Assumption, and the ongoing Inspirations and deep meditations and prayers of My Mission; and for the beautiful Mass and homily given by our Archbishop. Lord it appears that it is time to confirm with You whether the Inspirations given to me on the Feast of St Stephen during Adoration and Mass at the Consecration, and in the evening during prayer, are the eleventh hour Mission you spoke of a few weeks ago. It appears to be the subject of all the meditations over the past few days.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Living God am profoundly attendant upon you.

    You may discuss any of this that you will. But of course, I the Living God, give My precious little ones, Divine Inspirations, in varying and measured degrees until the formation is ready. This is what is happening with you. Proceed.

    Thank you Lord. Lord I pray that those who are called to participate will be given the graces they need to carry out Your Will. I had already told Life Foundation two weeks ago about this wish of Our Lord and Our Lady and now I am to tell J but he seems unavailable. Lord He is in need of healing, please help me to reach him; I feel intimidated to approach him.

    Michael ,Michael we are told, he needs much, much more prayer. Michael is in attendance upon J now. Mother has decreed it thus, and a myriad of angels are powerfully attendant upon him, and a goodly number of Saints.

    Demonic obstruction.My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love thee: I ask pardon for those who do not love, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. Our Lord shows Omen a vision of the devil walking away defeated.

    Little ones, what you have discerned and believe is true; this man ideally will bring the Message to Central and Eastern Europe. My little ones, rest assured I am powerfully attendant upon J even as I am powerfully attendant on each one of you. Little children, you are living in a fearsome time in the spiritual warfare, but each one of you knows well, as does J, that My Name defeats the enemy readily. Continue in this manner. The enemy assails J with doubts of his worthiness, and yet he knows, I am his worthiness. We shall win the victory; be at Peace in this matter.

    Lord he does not want to hear from me. I also do not want to invade his privacy. The Lord says I am not to be like the recoil of a sea anemone.

    The virtue of Love is such that I Desire you to address J inviting him to be the intermediary in bringing Life Foundation to that area of the world. Ask in a manner that you are not invading his privacy but rather asking his assistance in this work of Mercy and Love. I Myself will speak the Words.

    Lord may I just write him a note; he always prays after Mass and I would rather not bother him anymore.

    You may write him a note; you may leave him your phone number, and also Life Foundation’s phone number , leaving him a wider range of free will, that he may choose to call you or call them directly; but rest assured, you are My instrument in this interconnection.

    Lord, is this the eleventh hour Mission; it is so huge Lord.

    It is! It is important little children; always remember not to worry about human esteem, not to worry about hurt feelings or supersensitivities. I Myself strengthen each one of My Own. Yes, there are people who [the Lord shows people who are as if surrounded by barbed wire].Even so, I ask you to speak. We shall speak above the barbed wire fence on occasion when necessary!

    Little children, it is a time of great spiritual warfare; at the same time, I am training each one who is yielded unto Me- and there are multitudes- by testing them, trying them, and as they win victory over self in these testings, they are strengthened to greater courage, to greater fortitude , their armor is increased; and they begin to work solely for the Will of the Father, and are not so sensitive to other people’s words or to misconceptions of other people’s words or deeds. The ones who are still as you call it, touchy, are still being strengthened and tested. It didn’t matter what other people said or did in the highest ranks of let Us say America, the beloved saint spoke out and acted accordingly. He always shows us Mother Theresa in this context.

    Lord help us to have our eyes only on You; nothing could shake her from that. The day of her death; 5th September, is being designated, the day of the brother. Lord yesterday I read that the relics of the Little Flower, has just returned from a tour throughout Russia, all the little parishes. She is still the Missionary Saint; I hope she was preparing the Way for Your Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe’s special Image.

    Pour forth Your Spirit oh Lord and renew the face of the Earth you pray perseveringly; and it is thus I send wave after wave of missionaries of My Love, throughout those Love-starved areas of the world, until at last the Great Light comes upon them; the Light of Christ and the darkness is no more. I bid you address J in writing, and in word when possible. Rest assured, I shield J even as I shield each one of you; as I shield My little workers in Life Foundation, that My Works of Mercy and Love proceed according to My Schedule.

    Lord we pray for J to have Your Peace and Joy.

    I attend upon him as I Will; you will see changes in him before he returns to Europe.

    Lord we pray that he be a great missionary. You know I have already asked M If I could come and pray before the Image of our Lady of Gaudalupe near the Feast of the Queenship of Mary. Our Lady always blesses me profoundly on that day which is a great anniversary between Our Lady of Guadalupe and I; She has already told me J would be welcome to pray with us during Divine Mercy hour. Lord I know there are a lot more pieces of information You have given me but I don’t quite know how they fit yet. I wonder if my role is just to connect these parties, or is there greater participation.

    In due course, in Faith, all falls into place; there is a pattern here.[ He shows Omen the vision, of weaving the tapestry].

    Lord there are so many pieces, You trust us with so much. I don’t know if You want me to tell J the rest now.

    Hold it to your heart until the opportune moment presents itself. Let Us work together on the Mission of Life Foundation.

    Yes Lord, Thank you. We pray for the people of Turkey, the dead, the missing and the lost. Mother Mary, you always ask us to pray for all the Moslem people; we pray for Mercy for them; as you see best fits their needs. We pray for all the unbaptized; among my patients there are Catholics and Christian parents who have not had their children baptized. Lord we have so many to pray for we don’t even remember them all. Memorare.

    Healing Love descends upon all those who attend upon the Lord God in all sincerity, all genuine-ness of heart, for your God is a God of Mercy.

    Lord we pray for the ones who do not have respect for Faith, or belief in You.

    Our Lord shares the pain in His Heart with us, for those ones. Miracle prayer.

    The enemy says, My, a fine kettle of fish; we are not going to let these people go; how could you think of it! Greater is God who is in Our heart and soul and mind. Lord we have been praying continuously for EKR; whether she is still on Earth, or in Purgatory, please show her Your Mercy. We know she was seeking you and serving You; she believes in serving and giving and receiving unconditional love.

    Our Lord does not say Words but the angels sing Tantum Ergo.

    Bless the Lord! Dear Lord, You told me that there is a prayer group that are of You with whom You wish me to pray in Scottsdale. Would You please direct me.

    I Myself attend upon you; I am with you in this journey to Scottsdale. I bring you into the presence of those with whom I would have you pray and interact. All will fall into place according to My Design. Our Lord gives us the prayer from the Little Flower...

    Thank you Lord. Lord we need to pray for Gregory and all the little children both abandon and abused.

    The Mother of God salutes you, greets you, blesses you. Little children, continue to pray for Gregory and all such children; in South Africa yes, but in all the world. It is not enough that they kill My children in the womb; they abuse them after they are borne. Multitudes suffer neglect and abuse; horror and horror; horror upon horror falls upon these precious little Gifts of Love, designed to be Gifts of Love and Joy and unity; behold how they are discarded by mankind. There very own kind they discard, and appear to worship dogs and cats and even snakes in their homes. What is the matter with this Humanity; what has become of them?

    A portent of evil is this neglect of children, this infanticide, this way of life which the many have chosen!

    The many governments consider the little abandoned ones, the little orphaned ones as something to get out of sight, out of mind for political reasons and do not pay much attention to the care given to the little abandoned ones. Because of Gregory and A and such like, improvement comes to the lot of many of these little children. Do not ever think that your God wills to tolerate such treatment of children as is apparent on Earth today , not only in South Africa but in the wealthy portions of the world as well as the poor ones. Mother is in tears.

    Mother we pray for great success of the world day of the Rosary, and the success of the conference” Dignity of the unborn child,” so that the plight of the disadvantaged children can be improved soon. Glory be... May the Presence of the Sacred Heart ...

    Discernment prayers. 26th August 1999.

    Feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Lord we pray for a little 6year old boy A who is epileptic, developmentally slow and deteriorating. The fax requesting prayer for him arrived now just before we knelt down to pray. Lord you released me and C A and many in Holy Scripture from epilepsy; for your greater honour and glory Lord, since nothing is impossible to You. We ask in and through Your Holy Name and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Mother and I attend upon the child; Heaven hears your plea. Little children, you know not this child A, and yet you pray healing for him in My Name and with Mother’s Assistance. This is pleasing to the Living God. Release from this affliction is given. Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. Little children, bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    Let all come unto Me now. Little children, tell Me that you love Me for those who do not!

    My God, I believe I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee!

    Little children, I set angels of every category in the household of A; I Myself do indeed lay hands upon him. Mother encompasses him in Her great mantle of Love. In the Power of the Holy Spirit this child remains all the days of his life, and indeed to the greater Glory of your God, Our Father Who art in Heaven. Little children, rejoice in this Our Love’s Union and remain always at Peace.

    Glory be... May the Presence... Thank You Lord.

    Thank for the intense and continuous day of prayer on Saturday for the eleventh-hour mission and for those who are involved in carrying Your Will out Lord, to be open and willing.

    Mother blesses us but Jesus speaks.

    The Sovereign Queen blesses you child. The Virtue of Love is such that I your Jesus of Merciful Love attend upon you profoundly. Little children, you often sing ‘Peace is flowing like a river’, a hymn which is especially pleasing to the Mother Of God, and to Myself. Little children, you know well that this Peace flows through you, My little brothers and sisters; this river of Light and Love and Peace, flows from Glory upon the ones who have yielded to the Living God; and then through them, to the others. Just such a Mission, is the Life Foundation Mission, and I would that it were distributed about Europe, especially Central and Eastern Europe, what you used to refer to as the Eastern Block.

    J himself remains unsettled at this time; continue to pray for him. Little children, pray much for him but without anxiety, always in the Peace of My Presence. As is written, the enemy would sift you like wheat. This he attempts to do, especially with My seminarians, and they go through many testings and trials; and he needs prayer support which can only come from such as you little children. Persevere in all prayerfulness in his behalf. There is a little time here before he is called to return to his classes. In this time a movement in his Faith-life occurs. Wait for a moment of openness from him; as you pray for patient perseverence , let it be so with regard to J. I Myself attend upon him; in due course, My Light opens up all things anew for J. Believe and be at Peace! Glory be to the Father...

    Lord, I know that things will happen in Your Own Time. When Life Foundation went to my own home country, there was much work and many helpers involved in arranging the presentations, getting the consents from the various bishops and priests, and scheduling and sequencing the presentations. Besides praying do we leave all this up to Jor is there anything more we should be doing. Omen is given pain in the head twice which always means much more prayer is needed.

    Not at all; give this portion of the Mission over to the Beloved Mother of Us All and doors open in many of those Central European nations of My Hearts Concern.

    Lord we just ask the Archangels and Blessed Juan Diego and all the angels You choose to help this Mission. We know the evil one is active in obstructing. Lord inspire us to know your chosen contacts. Is J the one who is to get the Rosa Mystica set?

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord Your God, attend upon you profoundly. When J is open to speaking to you once again, you may make the offering to him. He may not at this time wish to take it with him because of his unsettled state, but he may choose to take it with him. I Myself Bless him, because of your prayers for him. Little children, I Bless him with certain Discernments and Divine Inspirations. You know that as ever, he remains in free will. While this is a source of delay in Our Plans, We must persevere. All falls into place, according to My Plans in due course. Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord you know he doesn’t readily believe what I tell him. To give him this, may send him back into his shell again and lots of testing for me.

    Lord, about JB, and Bishop C., and the question of meeting him when he comes in Nov. Lord, what is Your Will in this regard?

    The virtue of Love is such that I Bless you little one. Between now and the time of the conference, many events must occur; believe that I am opening doors, making arrangements, arranging for certain individuals to meet other individuals! Little children, trust Me; I tell you, I know what I am about. I make your plans with you and for you, since you have yielded yourself, your free will to Me, the Living God, and I, the Living God, have accepted your free will; and it is thus that you become an instrument of Peace in My Hands.

    “Many are called, few are chosen”. The chosen ones are those who truly yield utterly and complete-ly to the Will of the Father and it is through such as these that the Lord your God works; through out the generations it is so! All that occurs now is in My Design. JB is also a surrendered, a yielded one. Be at Peace in this matter!

    Lord on this special feast day we pray especially for Poland and for Our Holy Father. Our priests have been praying and speaking more about obedience to the Holy Father.

    The beloved Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome is aware of the Epistle of Love and has many working on a paper, a thesis, regarding the grave matters at hand. You know well that he prays and discerns intently, and is thus able to make the great documents of Truth which he does, for he is in Unity with Me.[the Lord shows a great big horn that he is speaking through loudly to the world]and it shall be thus!

    You see, he is a Pope of profound discernments. In this time frame that you delivered the Message to him, he must verify each and every concern, and validate each and every concern, and remain ever in My Truth, while dealing with ever so many complexities. In due course, this changes.

    In the interim, know that your God is working powerfully with many, many individuals involved in these very concerns. They are instruments of My Peace and Healing Love, and together a frame- work of Truth in this field of Medicine is set up. A bulwark of Faith is set up and My Will is done, and all those who are My Own heed! Be at Peace therefore!

    Thank You Lord, this is so huge! Just keep us humble and obedient please Lord. Thank God for Fr J Our Pastor , to guide and protect me when the time comes that all this is becoming public.

    Lord we pray Fr NF, the first ordination in that parish and from their town in South Africa in 110years. So much joy in my hometown; thank you Lord.

    Mother Blesses you little children. Darling children, I Bless your associates, your kinfolk in SA as well!

    My dear little children of South Africa, how I love you precious little ones; you cling to your Faith in spite of what is occurring round about you and in your lives. This is pleasing to the Living God and to Me, Your Heavenly Mother. I am constantly in attendance upon you little children; I ask you , as I ask each one of My Own, to just open your heart to Jesus our Lord; hold His Name ever sacred on your lips. Little children, it denotes that He rules in your heart and soul and mind. Love rules in the hearts of those who are yielded to the Will of the Living God.

    Such a one is NF. My precious, precious son, My Delight is in you; the Lord has wondrous plans for you, for there is much to do. You are called , as a follower of the beloved St Peter, to feed the sheep, feed the lambs, the little needy ones. Remember, wither thou goest that the Lord is with thee; remember that there are periods of testings and trials, but all of these, to My little Faithful ones, are a source of strength, of courage, in the building up, and the perfection of your souls.

    I Jesus, bless you! I am ever with you, walking beside you, carrying your cross, holding you to My Heart, Loving you. I ask you to go forward in Joy never looking back; living each Godgiven moment of your life, in My Light, My Love, My Life; loving all of those whom I set in your presence, in all-Godly Love. Truly, this is My Way.

    I have all your tomorrows in My Hands, for you are yielded to Me, in a matter most beautiful; and indeed I have strengthened you and continue to do so! At every moment of prayer I am infilling your heart and soul and mind, with a vast measure of My Love and My Peace and the accompanying Joy in the Love of the Lord is ever yours.

    Son of God, take and hold the Hand of your Jesus in Spirit and Truth, and the of Our beloved Mother, as We walk beside Joseph guardian of the Holy Family, guardian of the family of God. Together We walk in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love, in all patient perseverence; this is the only way, this is My Way, and you are My Own. Teach My people that I am indeed the Way the Truth and the Life. Remember, I light your way, for you are My brother, part of My Family, the Family of God and Bethlehem and Calvary, and part of the great army of Peace which I am building upon the Earth, into which you have been called. Stay as you are, in Union with Me, Your Jesus, Eternal Victor. Tell My People, Victory is in the Name of Jesus, their Salvation.

    Thou art named son of Faithfulness, son of God and son of Mary, for that you shall be forever; and you are named beloved of Jesus and Mary. Never forget it; at any moment of stress, of anxiety, fear, anger- at that moment, do call on the names of your Jesus and our Mother Mary, that We may hold you ever in the Peace of Our Presence. This way, you avoid many of the small trials and irritations of this life.

    Son of God, your prayers are pleasing to the Lord God, and at every Sacrifice you know that you are united with Me and I am united with you in that great miracle of Love, bringing Light and Life and Love and Peace to My people on Earth. In this miracle of Love, teach My people to come to frequent penance/confession; I want to wash them in My Love. I myself bless you with much Divine Inspiration. You will recognize this as you go forth day by day in Faith .

    The Guardian angel is named ‘Beckoning Love,’ and is powerful to assist you, for he comes from the Choir of the Archangel Gabriel. Son of faithfulness, I am with you always. Rejoice in Our Love’s union and be at Peace!

    Glory be...Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord for C’s pregnancy after asking in Faith and refusing fertility pills. Mother please keep her under Your mantle. Lord at their request, we pray about the husband LG, of L who went to work one day on Holy Thursday over six or seven years ago and never came home and never hasbeen heard of again, and their little children. Memorare. Terrible demonic obstruction; we pray long version of the rebukes and many prayers. Our Lord remains silent. Lord please console L and her children.

    Oh Holy Spirit, beloved of our souls, we adore Thee; enlighten us, guide us, strengthen us, console us; let us know and only do Your Will. Lord cause to bear fruit powerfully in each member of L’s family, all the gifts of the Holy spirit you have given them, by the holy Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, to help them all the days of their lives. Father God, we praise You and Bless You and thank You for L , for she is fearfully and wondrously made in Your Own Image. We ask You Lord Jesus, Mighty God, Great Physician, Wonder Counselor, to just come now, place Your Healing Hands upon her , and heal her in every aspect of her being as You so desire to do. We ask you through the Immaculate Heart Mary, Our Mother of mercy, Mediatrix of all Graces. With Mother Mary we pray, In Jesus Name L, be healed,be cured, be released, be anointed in the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

    Let the Peace of Christ be with you L, I am with you. I , the Living God, am profoundly attendant upon you. My little one, I’m carrying your cross, walking beside you. I take all your woundedness, uniting it in My Wounds; it is no more. The harsh words, any accusatory words directed against you, fall on Me like so many whiplashes; they too are no more.

    Omen receives severe pain in the head again.

    I the Living God am with you always. Believe ; I strengthen you through all this time of trial. I strengthen you to a great Courage and Fortitude, for you live in perilous times and much Courage is indeed needed. Even as We speak, on this day which is holy to the Lord, I am infilling your heart and soul and mind, with a vast measure of My Love, and My Peace and My Joy. Be comforted in My Name; be comforted in the Embrace of Love, and in the mantle of the Virgin Mother of all.

    I tell you again that I am with you. A day will come when you will understand why this great trial came upon you. Now I ask you to simply hold My Hand in Spirit and Truth, and hold Mother’s Hand, as We walk beside the beloved St Joseph, guardian of the Family of God, through all these trials. I ask you to remain Joy-filled as much as possible, and to walk ever in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love, in patient perseverence. In the Eyes of Eternity, these years have been but a brief moment, but in your life, you have had to endure a long suffering. My little one, I strengthen you.

    Little children, there is a grave obstruction here, and I bid you to pray much and return to the subject at our next meeting. I Myself take a hand in the events of L’s life and that of her children. Bless Me!

    We adore Thee Oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    Our Lord asks us to fill L’s heart with the prayer; “May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit; remain with you always; beloved L and children; children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings reigns. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. 1st September 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the Powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Lord, we pray for our Catholic and Christian Hospitals in view of the secular laws changing and offending you more and more. Lord we wish to do whatever is Your Will. Our Lord is silent for a long time but lets us share His pain. The scandal had been in the BC Catholic, of the ordering of foetal tissue for experimentation and research by UBC; also the changes in the Human tissues act, with which the Catholic Hospitals are to comply, but the doctors have not received copies of this new by-law and many are even afraid to ask. Obstruction. We pray act of contrition.

    The Virgin Most Powerful upon thee, blesses thee child.

    Thank You Mother; help us that we do not in obstruct the free flow of Grace from our Glorious God.

    I am come to give Life to the fullest, but mankind kills, kills, kills! This is ever before My Eyes; it is a grave affront to the Living God! Ghastly is the behaviour of many so-called physicians.

    I Myself, it is the Lord Who speaks; am wrath at the many aspects of Human Life on Earth today! The underhanded manner in which physicians are perpetrating evil as medicine, is an abomination to Me. The dictatorial aspects of your governments, perpetrating these foul laws, are an abomina- tion to Me, the Living God!

    Lord tell us how to respond; I have failed to get the document; so that we can have the offensive aspects exposed.

    Be at Peace; I the Lord God, perceive your heavy-heartedness; I Myself am aggrieved beyond measure, and yet the battle must be won by Peace and prayer, by all-persevering prayer and Love. Lord help us to be at Peace.

    I am teaching you little children ; in all your testing and trials you are strengthened to so great a Fortitude, that you are pleasing instruments of Your God.

    Lord how else am I to pursue this, or is it for me to hand to someone else to pursue; the physicians don’t seem to have it and yet it’s a law.

    And what a law! Very well; I Bless thee little children; but of course you are My instruments, and We do not stop the battle now. Perforce you may give it to what you call the BC Report; this team of individuals have means to access this knowledge and to reveal it to the public! But yes; do inform the beloved Fr J of this finding, for he is aware of the fierce warfare against Life! These two; the pastor and the editors of the magazine, B C Report, will be sufficient at this point in time.

    Forbearance in all that is occurring now, for this is but one aspect of the battle, one front.

    Yes Lord, thank You! Lord you spoke confidentially about the Holy Father’s document in preparation. May I make Fr J aware of this now, or should I wait for another time.

    My little children, you may share all with the beloved Fr J; he is your Pastor, your spiritual Director. Heed him, obey him as you are called to do, and trust him . I Myself attend him in a most powerful manner, and I Bless him with much discernment. He is a man of action, but he is a man of discern- ment. Trust him as you trust Me, for he is My Own.

    Lord, I want to tell him this too.

    Do so!

    Thank You Lord. Lord now that I know that some of the contributions to Foster parent plan of Canada

    actually support abortion and contraception what should I do?

    Though hast given the money in the past in good Faith; what others have done with it , they must answer to Me about. Henceforth it is best that you advise them of your reasons why you can no longer support them, and of course there are many true Christian charities in the Church who are in sore need of support and this is easily done.

    That a certain family in a certain country, may know hardship because of this decision , must not concern you; I Myself attend upon this people, for it is not for lack of Love for them that this is occurring, but rather it is because of Love for My New Gifts of Life and Love, that you must do this. Can you understand, My little one?

    Yes Lord, Thank You. I will find a truly Christian Charity. Lord thank You for teaching me more compassion and understanding for J; we pray for him to be healed from his self doubt; Lord please intervene and heal him from this obstruction.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, hear your prayers and I attend personally on J. Little children, I ask you to pray for him, holding him as a family member to your hearts; it is important to Me that you persevere in praying for him. You do not have all the answers; J himself does not have all the answers. All of you I ask to continue to go forward in Faith. Little children, Bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world! A night of darkness is not harmful to anyone; We bring him back quickly into the Light now. Trust Me!

    Thank You Lord, we do trust you.

    Beginning this Month, you see remarkable changes round and about the face of the Earth, for it is like unto an Advent to what must occur. There comes a day of change on Earth; it has long been predicted. Little children, I just ask you to persevere because you are important instruments in My Hands, and there are not so many so yielded to the Living God as you are; and therefore, each such an individual, I use as I will to bear much fruit. Persevere little children, persevere!

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I ask to be clarified whether You wish Life-Foundation Canada or USA to be involved in the eleventh -hour Mission. I have been asked by the Canadian members.

    Life Foundation Canada has My Blessings; Life-Foundation America, they too are doing My Work and have My Blessings. In My Design I choose to make contact through you and J and Life Foundation of Canada: in My weavings together as I have taught you, I Myself cause things to fall into place according to My Design in this matter. Enlightenment comes to J and to M and L and all those associated in this matter, to know what My Will is.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, is it the right time to ask You where else I am to go when You send Me back to Rome in February?

    I Myself, it is the Lord Who speaks, increase your spiritual Gifts, that you know resoundingly and clearly, what I would have you do. I Bless you in a remarkable anointing with the needed Blessings and Graces; in Unity with Mother We attend upon you, that all that We Desire to be worked in you and through you, does indeed occur according to Heaven’s Plan.

    Lord help me to trust and never doubt You. Lord Jesus ,I need to praise and thank you for the fact that my sister has been given two more of the abandoned children to take care of; The Love of Christ

    Mission is now in my hometown through my sister.Our Lord is smiling and saying,

    I know what I am about.

    Thank You Lord. Dear Mother, thank You for the beautiful teaching about the work of the angels.

    Lord, I trust You to heal my daughter who is so sick in New York.

    Continuous Blessings flow on the little faithful ones; even so, as you know, in this time, there are these many testings and trials. It is a time in which you live children, where there is much trial, much testing.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for the baby that was miscarried last week after we prayed for them, we trust that the baby is safe in You; please bless the parents soon with another little Gift of Love through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Lord you asked us to return to pray again for the husband of L who disappeared several years ago.

    The Virtue of Love is that I, the Lord God, Bless L who grieves for her spouse and lives an unsettled life. Therefore I the Lord God, shall speak directly to L in a dream, and she will know what it is that I wish her to know; trust Me, it is a time when I am answering the prayers of the faithful little ones with more direct action,through Myself, or more often, through the Beloved and Blessed Mother of all; and now specific angels and saints attend upon the prayers of the faithful. We busy Ourselves on Earth in the Great Communion of Saints. It is not that I cannot tell Omen, but I choose not to speak through Omen, in this matter, but directly to the suffering little one.

    Lord that is so beautiful; she needs that relationship with You. Lord I still haven’t heard from the conference organizers, regarding the Rosary and Adoration.

    The Virtue of Love is such that We attend Ourselves upon the matter at hand. There is as you know, division and confusion. Simply pray for the success of all that We are endeavouring and Trust Me.

    Thank You. Lord I have so many patients doing so badly, with no Faith in You; I know that I am nothing, and can heal no-one without You. I invite You in Faith, to come and heal them please Lord.

    I make of your home and your office, a Portal of Light, like unto this one, [Mercy Gate] for you heart is in Unity with Mothers and Mine. Just by attending there, they begin to know Peace; and I Myself attend there as does Mother; indeed, there are angels of Healing and Light, and continue invoking the saints. In the Communion of Saints to which we are being called, our friends, the saints are just visiting us, coming and going continually as needed.

    Lord we know they are in free will to refuse you, but through their guardian angels we ask for their Enlightenment and healing; there are so many, with so many problems.

    You are surrounded by angels appropriately for the work that the Lord is giving you to do!

    Lord thank you for so much! Lord I’m praying for Omen to receive the Nihil Obstat to her Mission before she is called Home.

    You [Omen] will have another testing but be at Peace about it!

    Thank You Lord for all Your Love and gentleness in spite of all our sinfulness. Stay with us Lord. It is so hard to leave You. Thank You Lord. Glory Be...

    On Friday, after the flowers and after I had given Father the paperwork for the second time as I was driving home I was complaining to Our Lord that I had no friend right now who really understood the Gifts He has given me, and I needed a friend to share the profound things that were happening, and not doubt my gifts; immediately when I got home M called; wondering about Life Foundation’s role. I was so grateful for her, and we arranged another hour of prayer before the Images for the next day–thank you Lord for a friend, You are always so close to me. [We shared about the eleventh hour Mission and that 21st July is M’s birthday.-the day it was given to me]

    Discernment Prayers. 8th September 1999.

    Mother’s Birthday.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse! We need to pray short rebukes first. Lord we pray first for Your Blessing that we may come before You and do Your Will in Peace.

    Mighty is the Lord your God! But of course I Bless you each one with a vast infilling of My Love and My Peace, and the accompanying Joy in the Love of the Lord is ever yours! Precious little ones, little faithful ones, I am powerfully attendant upon you. You come to Me to love and to serve Me, and you have learnt to know Me and many of My Ways; you are My little sisters and you are My friends, and I delight in your sharing of all your hearts concerns in My Presence, when you are alone with Me and when you are together with Me; I delight in the sharings. \

    My little ones, I know that each one of you has a heart of love for your God and for your fellowman This is living the Great Commandments of My Love, and it is bearing much fruit. See, I have interlocked you with the true faithful round about the globe, in My great fisherman’s net, which I have described to you as a great tapestry, a seamless Garment of Love. This is the Mystical Body of Christ; many and varied are the Missions of each one in this great tapestry; put together, all is accomplished in My Name. You have many concerns of your heart and I bid you ask them one by one to Me now.

    Thank You Lord. We always have so much to thank you for; especially for giving us Mother; and our faithful parish priests who love Her so much. We pray again for D. for him to be released from his addiction. We pray Memorare for him.

    It is the Lord Who speaks; a clean bill of health is given to D this day, in honour of the Mother of God; it is his for the taking. Little children, simply continue to pray for him that he does not weaken again. I have My Hand upon him most powerfully; Mother is attendant most tenderly upon him; watch and see him grow now.

    Thank you Lord. In the same vein we also pray for J who has still not approached us to accept. We are asked to pray a Memorare for him also.

    Peace; We attend upon him; trust Us; for nothing is impossible to the Lord!

    Lord we ask a Blessing on all the Life Foundation members and helpers.

    The Blessing is upon them most profoundly; Heaven is profoundly attendant upon them, for they are doing My Works of Merciful Love and all that they are doing is bearing fruit most profoundly; rest assured it is so little children; be at Peace.

    Lord thank You for the way that the eleventh hour Mission is being clarified for me step by step; I just pray that all who are asked to help will be open to Your Will. This could be world-wide. Lord will J’s role be to take Images from Life Foundation, or whether to help Life Foundation to actually go there?

    We want him to be a courrier of the Images; Life Foundation may, in due course go; but not at this period of time. We open doors, for Europe is as you know, in a sorry state of Faith.

    Yes Lord. I thought of the MMP Cenacles in Europe whose addresses are in the book, who might be able to help J distribute the Images; is that my role Lord, to find and make the connections between Life Foundation and others, to spread the Mission.

    Blessings are falling upon you little children; Blessings are falling upon Life Foundation. Mother has a great desire to rapidly put an end to the culture of death throughout the “civilised world,” even as She put an end to the culture of death in the pagan ways of Mexico. I bring about a great revolution of Faith about the world now; in the next few months you will see this occurring rapidly about you. I will show you step by step what you are called to do, by Divine Inspiration, and even at times locutions, for We have a Unity of Love which is most profound, and shall remain this way. Oh Lord, thank You.

    Lord I pray for the patient who is not doing well; I pray for the consultation and the conversion of the family; even though they do not acknowledge you, they are Yours. I pray for Your Healing hand upon them all.

    Heaven hears your plea; continue to pray for all the patients being sent to you and be at Peace. Thank You Lord. Lord I promised to pray for someone called T, whom I don’t know but if it is Your Will Lord, please may I ask for Your holy Words for him.

    A Living Flame of Love is the Spirit of the Living God. I bid all of My Own to invoke the Living God, praying unceasingly in these difficult times. Hosts of angels and a goodly number of saints I set about T, to assist in all that is occurring. I tell you, people of God, at this time every soul is experi-

    encing testing and trials, and all are called to persevere, patiently enduring all that is occurring, and the more they are yielded to Me, the more they trust in My Love, all-holy Love; the more they are strengthened, and the more rapidly their problems are resolved. In these times you are noticing an increase in physical illnesses especially cancer; you already have AIDS now for some time in the world. You notice an increase in the numbers of depressed ones and an increase in the numbers of marriages breaking up, and break-ups of various groups, various relationships; all these are signs of the times, and yet I am with My people.

    You are living in a world where the Christians, for a generation or two, seemingly have forgotten about their God, the God they are given over to, consecrated to in Baptism and Confirmation; thus you find yourselves in a pagan world, for they have failed to baptize their children, failed to teach their children in the way they should grow, failed in all that they could have done, should have done, and might have done for their children, and now it is unto another generation and this lapse, this opening of their armor of God, for themselves and for their offspring, the enemy has found many areas to send his fiery darts of deceit and lying assailing My beloved Humanity. Therefore I bid you, be not surprised what you hear, what you see, what you experience, what you suffer; these things have to be at this time. I ask My Own to stay prayerfully united.

    Sanctuary is in the Two Hearts, the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Herein is your personal victory. Mother’s Triumph rapidly approaches. I am Jesus, Eternal Victor. I Myself Bless you with a Great Anointing of Peace, filling you with My Love and My Peace, and the accompanying Joy in the Love of the Lord is ever yours.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Mother do You wish to speak to T?

    The virtue of Love is such that I, the Mother of God, and by Our Lord’s Own Decree at Calvary, the Mother of All, Bless you. I hold you to My Heart; I immerse you in My Love, and the Holy Spirit is bathing you in the Light of Christ, which is ever pouring forth from the Throne of Glory. Dear little children of Faith, all of you are bathed in the Light of Christ which surrounds you and goes before you, and in this Light come the needed graces, blessings, healings, anointings, which carry you moment by moment, step by step, day by day, throughout your Faith Journey. The Love of the Lord is profoundly upon you, child of God; hold the Name of Jesus ever sacred on your lips, and all goes according to Heaven’s Design for you.

    Children, when you have decisions to make, spend time in the Peace of the Lord’s Presencepraying; and in that Peace of His Presence, make a decision. Pray and act, and the Lord is with you. Unhampered are the actions of those who are truly abandoned to the Will of the Living God. This does not mean that there is no testing or no trials, but that the Lord is profoundly with you, and all falls into place in due course!

    Children, be not afraid to invoke the Name of Jesus and the Name of Mary for assistance . We attend upon you always and more immediately at moments of stress or distress, that you remain always at Peace.

    Jesus speaks again.

    I hold you in My Embrace T; I heal your heart, I heal your entire being. I ask you this; pray much, trust Me, and I take care of everything else. I tell you again; be not afraid, I am with you.

    The Virgin of Fatima Herself attends upon you. At this time just strive always to rest in the Peace of Our Presence, and wait on the Lord.

    Glory be ... May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with you always. Beloved T, child of God and child of Mary, be at Peace; Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns!

    I asked Omen if, as a result of these prayers, T wishes to come himself and pray further, he could come and the answer is ‘yes.’ Lorna knows nothing about Tony except the words I have said here. Thank You Our Lord and Our Lady.

    Lord Jesus, since I found out about the conference on euthanasia in Rome 5th to the 17th of September, I really wish and pray that one of the things that come out of it, is that “brain death” be recognized for what it is- a form of euthanasia- that a formal statement is made by the Holy Father, so that those that are faithful to You are no longer confused into believing that it is approved by the Holy Father, by the Church and by You Lord.

    The battle lines are drawn. By this conference, all will know My Stance, and the stance of the beloved John -Paul, My Vicar in this matter. This is not pleasing to the mad scientists, who use My Creations human bodies, oblivious to My Truth. He speaks in a manner that none can deny his Truth. That does not mean little children that all will heed Truth and respond in Love! Even so, the battle lines are clearly drawn and Truth comes to the fore in this issue of euthanasia and ‘brain death,’ and in the issue of abortion and what is occurring to the aborted infants. All of this is anathema; all of this is an abomination in the Eyes of the Living God, in Whose Presence you live!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You so much for this conference. Lord I pray that the clarity of Your Message is not obstructed ; all who are faithful will then be acting with the Authority of the Church and the Holy Father.

    Lord on the 23rd of April You told me that the paper by Drs P B and MB against ‘brain death’ which You sent me to take to Kamloops pro-life conference would bear fruit, and now MB is invited to speak on the same topic in Kelowna on the 23rd September. We thank You and we pray for MB. We give him to Mother that he be guided to do exactly Your Will and for his healing since he has felt unwell. Memorare.

    The Virgin of Fatima attends most tenderly on M and all of his loved ones; in all of his attentions, I attend the meetings with him, as does the Lord Our God. Rest assured the Hand of God is profoundly upon M even as it is upon thee, and be at Peace.

    Thank You Mother. Dear Lord I pray that the act can be found so that what is at fault can be addressed.

    The Spirit of the Living God is actively attendant upon this matter. Disgrace and shame are upon this government of deceit. Little children , believe that all will be exposed in this matter, and Truth will come to the fore. As you have requested little children, I increase My Power in and through each of My small brothers and sisters, My small friends, so that My Light, My Life, My Truth shine through all that they are doing, and it is extremely difficult for the foe to take any action against My Own little ones!

    Lord I pray as You have asked me to pray many times in this Mission, that the doctors will be open to your Truth, Your Holy Will; when the Holy Father speaks, that they will all obey him immediately.

    Lord my sister needs some discernment now that the Mission with the abandoned newborns is growing, and she loves and cares for them ; she also has a full-time job and she’s not exactly sure of what her role is to be.

    The one who is called Faithful and True, Blesses A. I Bless all that she is doing in My Name in living the Great Commandments of Love ; I Myself attend upon her in each of the children whom she has in her love, encompassed in her heart. I Bless her profoundly and I ask her to continue walking in Faith knowing full well that I am with her always and I am each of these blessed little children, whom I Love also most tenderly, most totally and most eternally. Rejoice that they are coming into the Light by Baptism; rejoice that they are being touched by hands of Love, hearts of Love, voices of Love; leave all else up to your God.

    Thank You Lord; its so beautiful. Lord we pray for the soul of DT who died tragically in not very happy circumstances, and guide A in what she is to do; and for the conversion of the family.

    Michael attends; Michael attends on the whole household with his legions, because of your Faith and your prayers, a cleansing action of the whole household takes place. Those upstairs are astounded by Peace which they have not previously known, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. A is safe in Me and always under the Mantle of Love; safe in the Two Hearts of Love. This experience is part of her strengthening to a greater Fortitude with which she is already profoundly blest. Be at Peace in this matter. I Myself attend upon A and she knows what to do and what not to do in all circumstances of her life. She has great Gifts of the Holy Spirit to assist her always. Rejoice in the Love of the Lord for yourselves and for your loved ones little children.

    Thank You Lord and Mother. Thank you St Michael and all the angels. I just finished a nine day novena to St Michael, on the seventh of September. Glory be...May the Presence...

    Discernment prayers. 15th September 1999.

    Mother of Sorrows.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Lord we pray for more of Your Power to be given to those who are your own on Earth in these difficult times to help us in this warfare.

    [Our Lord calls them ‘vessels of Love.’]

    Our Lord told us that all mankind, especially the Church, is being tested like Job, and once the enemy is defeated this time, it is forever.

    Ask your questions now.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord we thank You for all Your unfailing Faithful Love, and the Love of Our Immaculate Mother, and the beautiful Masses celebrated in honour of Our Mother. We pray for many to recognize Her as the Mother of all. We pray for all who are suffering actual martyrdom [East Timor] for their Faith; please take away their fear at the time of martyrdom; we pray for the conversion of many as a result.

    The one who is silent in this matter will pay a terrible price for his silence.

    Lord we pray for their conversion. We just get silence, even when we pray for Mother’s intercession. Our Lord shows us the blackness of their souls. You have made us all and love us all. Lord we thank You for hearing our prayers.

    Lord we pray for each participant at the Sunset of Life conference in Rome, that no block will interfere with Your Truth emerging after these 12 days.

    Mother and I attend upon the beloved John Paul constantly; all of Heaven is attendant upon him, united with him in the great Victory battle now ongoing. Rest assured, all that is in My Power and Design, is aligned with this holy man, that My Church, My faithful remnant, knows Victory in Me, Jesus, and the Triumph of the Two Hearts, is upon the world. The time is not yet, but very soon.

    In the interim, ongoing trials and disasters are upon the Earth, for the majority of mankind, is not yet yielded to the Will of the Father, and brings suffering upon themselves and those of My Own who die in these bloodbaths and disasters. All come as martyrs into My Presence, and great is their reward in Glory.

    Lord I pray that as Your Truth emerges from this conference, that also the Oath which You Inspired for Christian physicians, will be recognized and promoted at the same time. Lord give us patient endurance and perseverence on Your Schedule.

    It shall be promoted for there is someone whom I have in mind to take up the Cause, and it shall be thus!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. As You know, I have heard nothing from the conference; so we don’t know if the Rosary and Adoration are part of the schedule. We pray for this and the success of the conference, and the Guadalupe Project.

    Be at Peace; the conference goes according to the Will of God; all that occurs little children, is contingent upon the free will of those involved, and thus there are at times obstructions or delays. Be not distressed, nor look askance at all that occurs; simply cling to Your God; trust Me, no matter what is happening. The word being spread for December 12th, is pleasing to the Living God, and thus Heavenly Assistance is given that it be recognized round and about the Earth.

    Thank You Lord. Please help my daughter and I work out our schedules and meet if it is Your Will, during the conference.

    Tell Me the name of your Heavenly friend, but then Our Lord already says Raphael. [patron of travellers and fortunate meetings.]Our Lord tells me to talk to him directly.

    I have been waiting to see and hear You St Raphael, and my Guardian Angel, Holy Flame of Love; and please help me meet my daughter and not miss anything important that Our Lord wants me to attend.

    Jesus is saying,”

    and We do that in all Delight! “

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord while I’m speaking to St Raphael, may I ask for a profound healing for J, who is so obstructed with self doubt anxiety and depression which interferes with his functioning. Mother we pray for him to respond to Your Call for his participation.

    Amen. Mine is the Victory and it shall be so with J.

    Thank You Lord, Mother and the Archangels, and Holy Power his Guardian Angel. Lord thank You for the patient who was at last able to speak about her need for healing from an abortion; and the spiritual needs of the whole family. I urged her to go to confession as soon as possible. Lord I also pray for spiritual healing of another patient who has had an abortion. Lord have Mercy.

    We are told that the enemy hates all womens’ wombs because of Jesus and Mary.

    We pray Memorare, give these families, these women to Our Mother.

    Do not be afraid little daughter; all that you ask of Heaven is granted, for new and wondrous ways have you used in seeking the Mercy of God for the multitudes , and because of this, the Blessings flow.

    Lord You have told us that depression is caused by a distancing from God. Lord, I pray for my 22year old pt with depression.

    The mother seeks for human repair, by a pill or some such thing she seeks an instant cure for her daughter, but the healing of the daughter needs much tender love, without interference as you have already surmised. Persevere with the little one.

    Lord I pray for the healing , the conversion of this family who do not believe in You.

    It is these times in which you live little children, but generations before the forebearers were Christ- ians, therefore little children, simply pray for the conversion of sinners, the salvation of souls; Heaven powerfully unites with those who pray thus.

    Lord help us to remember those we promised to pray for. Lord so many people become afraid when we say You give us Your Words. Lord since I have little time left to pray with Omen , please enlighten me if there is anything I should be preparing or doing.

    My little one, be at Peace. We shall discuss this at Our next visit together, on that Monday which fast approaches. Rest assured that My Plans for you continue. There is a great abundance of harvesting to do in the world in the Plans of the Living God. Much of it comes in you and through you. Many many are the workers on the Earth, but many many are the barriers to the conversion of the multitudes. Rest assured We work together for as long as I need you, which is indeed all the days of your life. Be at Peace; We are one.

    Lord, that is a continuous contemplation, a beautiful gift. Thank You Lord. Lord, we ask if Omen should make Fr aware of when You will call her Home.

    We are told by St Michael the Archangel to pray much for Fr J and Fr P because the enemy is attacking them fiercely , especially their order[Salesians of St John Bosco.]We pray a St Michael prayer. Fr J has been blocked from finding the changed Tissue and organ donation gift Act. Lord Jesus please help Father to find it.

    Mother Mary is saying, the One Who is called Faithful and True, is sorely aggrieved by this matter. What is occurring is unspeakable. Little ones, simply pray. Fr John and certain believing reporters make the needed expose` soon. Be at Peace; your task is done since you spoke to Fr J giving him the basis for this investigation.

    Bless Me!

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    My little children, when you pray loving your God and blessing your God, you comfort the Heart which is pierced by a sword yes, but pierced again and again, by those who wilfully defy the Laws of the Living God.

    Lord help us to comfort You. We pray for many more to come to Adoration and comfort You, we pray through the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary. A spirit of confusion, division and obstruction which works at keeping adorers away. We pray rebukes. Lord in Your Holy Name, through Your Precious Blood, may all demonic practices against the Adoration Chapel and the Adorers, be rendered harmless.

    I am the Lord Your God. I hear your pleading, I hear your love, I hear your compassion. I have permitted you to discern the division in My Church which is not pleasing to Me. My Church is attacked on every possible front in these times, but there is one staunch shepherd in My Name, John Paul, who as you know is yielded to Our Mother, the Woman clothed with the Sun; the One Who crushes the enemy’s head; and I ask you to stay, like him, united with him, in all surrender, to the Love of God, and in all tender loving abandonment, to the Love of Our Mother. This is My Way; let it be your Way as well. Little children, do not worry about those who have permitted themselves to go astray.

    Those who are My Own come back to Me wholeheartedly. Those who do not come back to Me, were never Mine,to their sorrow and ruin, and to My Sorrow. I ask you little children, to abide with Me as you do, in My Presence in the Mass, in the shrine, and as you go about your days, for truly I am with you. As you know, the Lord your God indwells the hearts of those who are truly abandon- ed unto their God, such as you. Therefore, do not be dismayed at all that is occurring; simply persevere; continue in all-patient perseverence, enduring all things in My Name. Much Heavenly assistance is given to you and the true Body of Christ upon Earth.

    The works of iniquity prevail yet a little longer. I strengthen you, My Power comes profoundly upon each and every one who is truly My Own. You will readily know, you will instantly recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing, for I gift you to recognize them, that you are not be wary of everyone that you meet.

    Lord, how will we recognize them.

    Your very soul, and your guardian angel will allow you to know. You may call it Divine Inspiration, or intuition, or some such thing, but it is the Lord God permitting you to know, that your armor remain always intact; and I teach My little ones, when you come upon such a one who is seemingly one of you, but causes distress and obstruction and destruction, these fruits are not of Me, pray for that one, but do not become overly emotional about it; simply claim your place in Our Hearts. “I am someone Jesus Loves, I am someone Mary Loves; I am safe in the Arms of Jesus, I am safe in the arms of Mary, “ and be at Peace. It is the Peace during these moments that is powerful in the conversion of the many.

    Lord we pray for Life Foundation, they w ere blest by the Holy Father on Mother’s Day, 12th May 1996; and that Our Mother, saved my life on the 16th September 2 years ago. And the answer to the novena to St Michael for J; but Lord he still has not come.

    A night of woe and he comes back to Me with all his heart.

    We prayed Divine Mercy chaplet .

    WORLD [News] 16th September 1999. Bioethics symposium advances respect for life, pope says

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) Pope John Paul II praised a Rome symposium on bioethics as an important step toward creating full respect for human life. The pope said the "Sunset of Life" bioethics meeting would "contribute to increasing everyone's understanding of the inalienable rights of the person and the duty of respect for every human being, so that the 'evening' of existence may be lived out in dignity and love." Pope John Paul greeted conference participants at his Sept. 14 general audience, toward the end of the 12day gathering sponsored by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome.

    I, the Lord God, bid you wait until the Holy Father, the beloved John Paul had spoken, before continuing to print Our Communications to the scientific world and all those who would heed. It will just be a brief few lines, to that effect and I will assist you in writing it, and yes indeed continue to dispense the Good News of Our Messages, Our Words, most especially to the physicians of today, that they become truly a healing ministry , in unity with the Living God, One True Healer.

    Discernment Prayers. September 20th, 1999.

    Oh Most Holy Trinity, undivided Unity, Holy God, Mighty God, God Immortal, be adored! Lord we come to do Your Will. In Jesus Holy Name is our victory; great and glorious is the Lord our God!

    The Lord is with you little children, you may begin to share and discern now.

    Thank You Lord. As I entered, our Lord shared His Sorrow. I had just received the package of registration for organ donation sent to each doctor’s office presumably, from BCMA . We heard on the news also that the Japanese physicians had difficulty believing “brain death is death” and yet they are given many to do quickly so that horror can soon be numbed, and their resistance reduced. Our BCMA chooses to totally ignore” brain death” as if it is not an issue, and asks us to discuss organ donation.

    The spiritual battle lines are now being drawn right in each doctors office. I need My Church officially behind me so we can fight this on Christian ethics.

    On the horns of a dilemma, like Joan of Arc! The definition of death has been altered to suit the perpetrators of criminal activities, against the bodies and souls of My precious little people. You are aware of this. Your weapons are as ever, prayer and love.

    Lord You are already giving me lots of ideas but we need to fight this Your Way.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I must warn you, tell you, that you are now in the long awaited Great Apostasy; the great betrayal of Truth, of Light, of Love! You are feeling the power of evil in your government and in your physicians organization. I deign not to call them physicians, but rather scientists, for they have lost the original goal of physicians, which is truly healing love. These Words of Mine, while they may comfort you, are no assistance in the fight in which you find yourself. I have told you the enemy is insidious, his infiltrations ever deceitful, and it is so.

    Lord, M had an idea after speaking to Mr R, and I pray for his strengthening to go and speak Your Truth; but I feel there are a few steps before that. The issue of informed consent about “brain death”. I also feel we need more signatures to strengthen our voice to the BCMA .

    You may address them in letter about your concerns which are of course, valid concerns. Would one of your associates, who believes Truth as you do, consider making a movement of peoples who wish to expose what is happening; a movement pertaining to the Truth about so -called “brain death?” This might be associated with pro-life movements, and thus give more backing to what you are asking, what you are revealing.

    Maybe if we approached BC Physicians for Life; our own CPG right now appears to be divided, because of what has happened, and because our local Church Authority right now accepts ‘brain death;’so the physicians don’t have to support me. M is retired so he’s not a BCMA member though he’s a powerful support; Lord show us Your Way.

    Living Love is attendant upon you Faithful Missionary , My brave little warrior; remain at Peace despite what is occurring.

    Lord that is only possible because of Your Hand over me at all times.

    The Spirit of the Living God is profoundly attendant upon you!

    Omen receives a vision of Him, all white Light diving really low . He is hovering over all those who belong to Me in a great anointing of Blessings and Graces. Even so, you are in a quandary here, for those who rule the college of physicians are in free will to defy openly the Will of God if they so desire, and the government you work under denies My very existence, yet I have called each of My Own to fight in whatsoever way they are able to fight, and I assist you! Do write to the college; don’t expect too much result from your letter, but consider it a seed planting. In due course some of the readers will be affected.

    With regard to the promotion of organ transplanting, you know well it is at the expense of another life. I do not desire any of My Own to actively promote it. If you must be in obedience to any of the authorities, you may simply hold the pamphlets on a shelf, and should someone ask about it , you might feel free to give your thoughts on the subject while yet, of necessity handing them a pamphlet. I cannot incite My little ones to what you call civil disobedience, yet I cannot abide what this government is thrusting upon the people of God in this matter and in many other matters. They do not know Truth; I am Truth!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Please support Michael, and thank You for helping me to find the quotation from Ezekiel again. Inspire him and keep us united, and help many doctors to want to respond. Please Mother, give us words for Michael.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I bless you, I bless Michael, I bless all those who have permitted themselves to become Enlightened to My Truth with regard to what is being called “brain death.” I Myself Inspire all those who hear him to heed the words well, to become supporters. I would again suggest that a movement proclaiming Truth about so-called “brain death” be established, perhaps it could have its roots where Michael is speaking.

    Remember I always cause My faithful little ones to have humble beginnings like the humble stable of Bethlehem thus do I start My Great Movements. I have need of a movement to release Humanity from the deceit of so-called “brain death,” and subsequent surgeries and abuses of the bodies of those who are defined medically as “brain dead.”

    Be not afraid to speak the Truth whenever and wherever it is possible; I protect My Own. I do not leave you as you might say, out on a limb. I am profoundly united with you, My precious little ones of faithfulness. I Myself will cause many doctors to see that so-called “brain death” is not Death, and this will cause them some anguish until they too must react and act as you and your small group are acting. Therefore, any letters, any speeches, any communications you can make on this subject, I will highly reward! When a doctor has even a niggling doubt, as a scientist he must seek

    truth on that subject; and I Myself will enlighten them, for this Cause is dear to My Heart, for it is not My Will that My beloved little ones, have their bodies treated in the manner which is occurring now.

    Lord I’m getting an idea, I think its an Inspiration from You, that every Catholic physician and all the BC physicians should get a copy of the letter to the college, that gives them the opportunity, to ask for the investigation of “brain-death”so that the college is given many signatures; hard to ignore.

    Our Lord shows us a letter, with a perforation line at the end, with a petition like a coupon size, that the doctors could sign and send in to the college.

    Mother Mary is speaking. As Queen of Angels, I send angels of Inspiration round about those who are Gods Own, to cause them great Enlightenment, to inspire them to what is Truth, to let them know what is the great error being promoted here, and about the world, for indeed, nothing is impossible to the Lord Our God! Glory be...

    Lord may I ask one more question. Do You want us to just speak scientifically, or should we speak as Christian physicians, mentioning our belief about the presence of the soul at all.

    You may have a two-part statement; one scientific, and one , not necessarily limited as a Christian, but proclaim as a believer, that each man has a soul. [Our Lord shows Omen turbaned people who do not believe that t”brain death”is right either. Yes, also the Buddhists.] Lord this is exactly what we need; but I need to take this further. Our parishes have just been provided with fresh supplies of the organ donation forms, to say this is the official Church position. So the other physicians can confront us and , even BC Transplant Society, and the government and BCMA can say that our own Church does not agree with us. So Lord, now I am praying that the Holy Fathers’ statement about “brain death” and organ donation come about at a time that supports what we are saying, please Jesus, we need Our Church to be behind us now.

    Let the world be aware that the Pope himself, the beloved John Paul, will make a statement on “brain death”and organ transplants. This situation lies heavy on the heart of the beloved John Paul, and We call him forth, to speak most eloquently on the matter. It shall be very soon; be at Peace! Thank You so much Jesus; Your timing is always perfect; we thank You so much. Lord so much that You have said in September, is prophetic; do You wish me to place this on the website now, or wait till the

    Holy Father has spoken first.

    You might hold them in abeyance briefly until the opportune moment, because the critics who scan everything delight in the opportunity to negate what We are saying, so hold back these prophetic Words a little bit. You will know when you are free to print them.

    Thank You so much Lord.

    When you have an unconscious person and the government is telling you that you have to report to them, it is in a sense the enemy telling you to kill the one you love the most.

    Now Lord we have Life Foundation ready to do Your request to promote the eleventh hour mission, but they had to go through Fr M who was very negative. We pray for a change of heart, and for many doors to open. Lord please give M Words of guidance and support in this fight against abortion. Memorare.

    The Mighty One is in tears because of your eloquent plea.Long have I awaited such prayer warr- iors. Hosts of angels attend upon you and each one like unto you who is truly yielded to the Will of the Father, and indeed power from on High increases, and you will see signs and wonders and victories in all the skirmishes and battles about the world in My Name-JESUS! Be at Peace. The Life Foundation Cause which M has embraced will have great success.

    Thank You God, Thank You Mother. Lord with regard J, I know I am being obstructed, trying to get other addresses; so I pray to help J with more contacts.

    But Lord it could just be in Your timing.

    Be at Peace, it flows through in due course.

    Thank You Lord. Is two hundred enough, or should he take more.

    Consider that he must carry this in his luggage.

    Lord thank you.

    Lord we prayed last time that we could be clarified about whether Omen should tell Father J when You are calling her Home, and whether there were tasks for me to know about or complete before that.

    The Sovereign Queen attends. The Virtue of Love is such that the Lord Himself will give you elocutions and Divine Inspirations, most especially during Mass and during periods of Adoration in the Chapel, and you shall persevere in all that you are doing. Thou hast been tested and tried and found true and purified; you are in instrument in the hands of the Living God; be at Peace!

    Thank You Mother. My prayer partner was thinking that I am already getting Words [locutions] and visions and Our Lord said,”it shall be enhanced.”

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord I pray never to say any word that does not correspond with Your Will for me, not in Your Mission, nor in my whole life.

    It is done!

    Thank You Lord. Lord when do I see Raphael.

    Raphael wills to be seen in due course; be at Peace A delightful surprise is given you! Thank You Lord. Lord will I pray with Omen, on the 6th October, or will we ever pray together again.

    The Virgin of Fatima blesses you little children; be at Peace. Make your booking times as usual, and then wait on the Lord. All things will come to you clearly in due course. Little children, the Will of God is done and shall continue to be done through each of you.

    Our Lord chides me;

    Do not say that you will be praying alone; where I take My Beloved little one, she will continue to pray with you.

    Thank You Lord; thank you Omen. So should Father J be told or prepared ahead.

    We tell him very soon now; it occurs, the opportune moment to address him arrives.

    Thank You Lord. May the Presence...

    Discernment prayers. 27th September 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved Spouse! We pray first for a Chinese lady suffering terminal cancer for quite a while. Our Lord tells us;

    Mary [the patient] is suffering for the people of China, where millions are Mine and millions are not. How Our Lord distributes suffering to whom and for what remains mystery to us; but none is given “too much”, none is pointless and none is wasted when seen in God’s Economy!

    Oh most Holy Trinity, undivided Unity, Holy God, Mighty God, God Almighty, be adored.

    Lord Jesus, my mother has had locutions since childhood; now her physical strength has increased at age 79, and Our Lord has told her that she is strengthened because she is to outlive me. I am here to confirm this if You wish to tell me what I am permitted to know; I need to deal with this as best I can, so that I can deal with all that You have called me to do, before You call me Home. We need to pray rebukes.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I am attendant upon you. My precious little one, I Bless you in all that you are doing; forthwith be at Peace! As you know, for every human there is a time to be called Home to Glory. The time is not yet for thee; you will remain on Earth a little longer.

    Lord, we don’t know what “a little longer” means.

    My dearest, you shall be here a goodly period of time, for the conviction of many to believe what I have been teaching you, and as yet I do not wish to remove you from your children’s presence physically. Therefore rest assured you have much to do on Earth with Me and for Our Intentions. It is not unforeseeable that your mother will outlive you or some of her children. This happens on Earth. I wish you not to be anxious about the matter. We have much to do together ; continue making good plans . When the time is approaching you I will give you clear indications of it as I have done with Omen. You will know and you will prepare yourself with My Assistance and with Mother’s Assistance. My dear little children, those whom I call Home to Glory, I Myself attend upon, along with the Mother of God, with St Joseph, with St Michael, and a goodly number of angels and saints. Little children, it is not a matter of fearfulness but of trust. I simply ask you to store this away in your memory and persevere in all that you are doing, for the time is not yet to even contemplate this matter.

    Yet it is true; I am strengthening many about the Earth, for all mankind is facing a time of suffering unheard throughout the annals of Man; and so each one is being strengthened; yes some for losses of their loved ones, some for worldly distresses. Many and varied are the reasons, as many as there are humans there are reasons for this strengthening of My beloved little ones. Art thou comfortable with My Response?

    Yes Jesus, mostly I feel joy at the thought of running into the arms of Jesus, but there was some anxiety and maybe their will be from time to time; mostly worried about leaving my children before they graduate, and about martyrdom, because many really hate what You have asked me to say, even among Catholics. I know that You know what death is best for me, so I’m not comfortable even saying this but You already know what’s in my heart so You know that I don’t particularly look forward to a long drawn out illness where I am dependent on others for a long time.

    Be at Peace, all goes according to Heaven’s Design. What I ask of you continues to be amenable to you, and even in this matter of the Transition from this life to Spiritual Life in Glory, I consider you as I consider each of My little ones. You see many suffering children, and it is indeed as you suspect; there is a certain measure of purgatory carried out here on Earth. When you see it, know that your God has a reason why it is occurring; “The Lord has given you this Cross to bear.

    So Lord, I shouldn’t tell my children this at this time but maybe when I am given the signals that it is time to prepare.

    Leave them free of these thoughts at this time for they preoccupied with their studies and trust Me; I shall Inspire you or speak to you directly, at a future date in this matter.

    Lord it is so beautiful that You condescend to speak to us; although I have experienced it so long, it is still the most amazing thing, and yet it hurts that other people think I’m crazy. Yet down through all the ages You have chosen to speak to people for Your Own reasons, as You promised to be with us till the end of time. It was a painful experience saying goodbye to J and experiencing how much he still doubted the Messages You asked me to give to him, and treated me as if I was trying to exert my will upon him.

    Lord I feel exhausted from praying for him yet I saw how much prayer he still needed.

    Accept all the harsh words as falling on Me; and they are no more; they fall on your Jesus like so many whiplashes, and they are no more. It is thus that I strive always to tell My little ones not to sin in word or deed. Little children J remains as you have noticed, rather defensive, using attacks to hide his innermost being. I ask you to simply pray for him as you are doing, and I take care of everything else. Our Lord is gently smiling and saying, If he didn’t behave like this would he stick in your mind so well that you would continue to pray for him?

    The thorn in my flesh; I realize Lord that You are not creating a social relationship here; because it is amazing how totally different we are with nothing in common but Faith. Lord I thank You for the mira- culous way that you have made those connections for him. We know that nothing is impossible to You Lord; we pray for courage for him to proceed by trusting in you through our Mother whom he loves.

    At this time in his Life I chose him to be simply the carrier of the Good News.

    Lord I pray for the Guadalupe Project; its all in Your hands. I am being obstructed, with lack of contacts. I have many Images but not sure whether to take them with me. What is Your Will for me Lord.

    Remain at Peace; I the Lord God attend upon this matter. You shall bring with you a goodly number; perhaps ten to fifteen of each Image and do not be distraught if some reject; simply leave them perhaps on a display table that they may pick them up freely, and you will not be involved excessively in their dispensation. Definitely approach the two physicians firstly, and then cause the remainder to readily be available to others. They will be all gone for nothing is impossible to Your God, and then there will be an outreaching; through those who receive the pictures others will contact Life Foundation.

    Lord You know that M has lent me the beautiful large Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe; but I’m not sure how I’ll be using it.

    Do bring the big Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, My Mother, and you will be given Divine Inspirations and Discernments, to follow. It would be Our Delight, it is The Lord Who Speaks, were the Image to be displayed for all to see.

    Lord, You can make that happen, I know You want that to happen.

    Be at Peace, all falls into place, according to Heaven’s Designs in the matter.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, my sister has not heard back from the pro-life doctor. Lord, my sister needs discernment about the package to the conference, according to Your Will.

    As you have stated, your sister, the precious little one, is doing her utmost to bring the Good News to any and all those who will heed, and I the Living God, Bless her profoundly with a myriad of Blessings and Graces, in her life and in all those whom she loves. You see clearly at this time, the two roads, the one of Life Foundation, and the one of the Epistle of Love; but of course, your all-encompassing God, knows that they are each but facets of the Great Mission of Enlightenment. But alas, the people on Earth remain confused, divided, in disarray; and it is thus that you must walk very discreetly in teaching the general public. There is no harm done if your sister includes your Letter. There may be some puzzled individuals, some questioning individuals, but all works out for good for those who love and serve the Lord.

    Thank You Lord. So my sister is doing by Inspiration, what Our Lord wants her to do.

    Lord I received a beautiful surprise to see a letter in the Catholic to Catholic mail, with Epistle of Love as a reference. The Catholicity link has done a lot to promote this Mission. Lord thank you so much. Lord it seems that M’s presentation seems to be producing some new helpers ready to speak in their parishes against “brain death. “ Also in our own parish our Fr J and GH are speaking out and backing what I have shared with him, even telling them that this is being reviewed in the Vatican. Thank You Lord. Lord I received a distress letter from A because the “pro-choice”Medical students are bombarding the medical students with their plans to disrupt the peaceful pro-life display planned at UBC; complete hate and evil and lack of democracy in this so-called democratic country, Canada.

    With regard to the conference, just attend and be your pleasant self; I open doors, I open communications; rest assured Heaven is with you. With regard to A’s concerns, there in that university is a frontline of spiritual warfare which she is cognizant of at this time. To proclaim Truth, to believe Truth, and yet to succeed in her studies to become a doctor should not be a conflict, but in these days where lies are perceived as truth, there is a certain conflict. But I Myself, it is the Lord Who Speaks, attend upon A and all those who stand their ground for Truth.

    Lord please protect them there and strengthen them.

    I the Lord Bless you both and assure you that A is safe in Me and I most powerfully attend the group of faithful pro-life students. Be assured I am with each and every one of My Own. The Hand of God is upon the meeting, the display , the speaking out of My Truth; Victory is in My Name,

    JESUS! Thank You Lord.

    Lord Jesus, long ago when I first came back from Ottawa, You told us that a Pulitzer prizewinner would write about my Mission, and that someone would draw my attention to this. None of this has been shown to us yet Lord. Is this still to come?

    It is Truth that a Pulitzer prize winner writes out of New York. In due course you will understand. It happens; it happens on My Time. It happens at a time when enough minds are opened to the Truth of Life and Death. Be at Peace in this matter.

    Everything You have said has happened. Its just that we don’t always understand Your Time. I should stop and not tire Omen unless You wish to speak Lord. I miss Mother when She does not speak Lord.

    Mother and I attend! We Bless you in a profound anointing of Blessings and Graces which most assuredly carry you through this conference, and indeed Blessings flow in the River of Light contin- uously upon you so that you are ever in My Light, the Light of Christ all the days of your life; it is so for each little human heart which is truly yielded unto Me, the Living God, and so there is a faithful cohort about the Earth, and We cause you to meet certain of these who are involved in a like Mission as your own. Be at Peace, look forward to many interesting events at the conference and rejoice in Our Loves Union.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. May the Presence...Glory be...

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