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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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    Discernment Prayers. 6th October 1999.

    Come holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well Beloved Spouse. We prayed first for my healing because of a dental emergency. Demonic obstruction and we pray a rebuke and it is gone quickly.

    Beloved you have much to tell Us.

    Lord thank You for the opportunity to pray again with Omen. Thank for everything unfolding at the conference so beautifully according to Your Design; the half day of recollection at the Basilica of Our Lady of Victory, and the start of the Victory novena on behalf of Omen and J and Life Foundation and Our Missions and those of my children, and my family; the opportunity to set up Adoration and the big Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Rosary, the chance of meeting and working with Guadalupe Project , the healing meeting with TM, and TM and Mel, the pro-life director at St Joseph’s Cathedral, the visit with G and P and the several old contacts who have become friends from previous conferences, and the many other Graces which I am not even remembering at this time. Lord I always have so much to thank You for. Lord, I saw that MS was looking very healthy this year. Dare I ask if the handshake of last year had anything to do with his healing. I saw that he recognized me but did not speak and I did not feel called to initiate contact this time Lord.

    Simply rejoice in the miracles of the Lord and be at Peace.

    Our Lady assures that the Guadalupe Images do indeed encompass and encircle the entire Earth.

    Thank You Mother, thank You Jesus.

    Lord you know that my reaction to the contact with H was not a pleasant one for me. I continue to feel instant menace and mistrust ; if this is of my making, hanging onto resentment and he has truly converted then please heal me Lord; but if this is Truth and You are warning me that he is up to no good, then guide me to know if I should speak to him or to others or to say nothing to warn others.

    We get demonic obstruction, and evil for a while and then Our Lord says;

    Death [ the devil] surrounds him and I the Lord am not pleased with H.

    I knew it. Lord we pray for him and give him to Mother for his conversion. I was praying with my head down coming to Communion, when suddenly my head jerked up and looked to the left at another line just as he was receiving Our Lord, and our Lord allowed me to experience His pain at this time. Lord now he has joined the CMA. What am I to do?

    These are truly the times of Fatima and of La Salette which I have warned you about. The Lords Will is done! H is in free will but he can only go so far and no further. Be at Peace in this matter.

    I was meeting with G and P and two other couples on the first night of the conference, and I heard him give thanks to God that in all the fifty years of the CMA, he had never heard, nor in his time had he allowed any statement to be made that was not in obedience to the Teaching of the Holy Father.

    Simply continue to pray for G and such like, and trust in the Lord. Those who are truly yielded to the Lord carry out His Design.

    Thank You Mother. You said a while back that You would preside over the guild meetings from then on, personally.

    Pray for the members of your guild and elsewhere, who come forward profoundly in agreement with what you have been teaching now.

    Thank You so much beautiful Mother. We pray for Our Holy Father, that he will soon speak officially against “brain death”as he spoke so eloquently to the gynaecologists about patients with terminal cancer, about Evangelium Vitae, about assisted suicide, and euthanasia with so much depth of teaching.

    Letters like the Epistle of Love Mission, the beloved John Paul does not and cannot ignore, but studies them. He believes as you do and he is with you in these matters. He has many faithful researchers busying themselves looking deeply into the subjects which We have caused you to discuss. Rest assured, Our son John Paul will indeed speak profoundly on these matters. It is soon but it is not tomorrow, wait on the Lord little one.

    Thank You Mother. We thank Our Lord on this eve of Her beautiful Memorial of the Holy Rosary, for the privilege of praying together weekly for almost two years. Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. October 20th, 1999.

    Lord, here we are, we come to do Your Will, we pray for discernment, wisdom, understanding of Your Will in Epistle of Love Mission and all that has been happening.

    Be at ease, I am attendant upon you little children. My Peace is upon you.

    Thank You Jesus. Lord, I cannot even find the words to thank You for so many graces and blessings. Thank You for the opportunity to pray with Omen again, and frequent opportunities for Adoration and Mass when I travel.

    I am the Lord Your God; I Bless you in all that you are doing. You are indeed being My Heart, My Hands, My Voice in the works of Merciful Love which are so essential in the world today. My Peace is upon you.

    Thank You Lord; we ask a Blessing on Life Foundation and especially the confusion being created about the supply of Images.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I assure you that I ,The Living God, as well as the Mother of God, am attendant upon the Guadalupe Project , and in all that is occurring in Life Foundation. In Canada a well organized, concerted effort is being made, and these works are falling into place, also in places outside of Canada.

    In America you have come upon the state of confusion; the enemy would disrupt the works of Life Foundation. It shall not be; I the Lord God attend upon J and the works he is doing, I attend upon him profoundly as does Mother. There is sufficient time for things to be clarified and organized and successful and it shall be so.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for success for the contacts that we have sent Images and letters. We pray for Enlightenment for more names and contacts. Omen is given the name of Fr M who goes back and forth to Russia, and works with seminarians.

    Be not afraid to approach this holy man. The Virtue of Love is such that it would be best to have you contact Fr M so that all is direct and clear.

    Thank You Lord. Are there other contacts I have not thought of?

    Names will be presented to you and to the others working at Life Foundation, that this Mission of Love take wings, take flight all over the Earth!

    Omen thinks of their mailing list for Star of Bethlehem, with a nun in Japan and a friend in Hong Kong. She is proofreading the letter now, and could add our letter to the mailing. The people who organize Life Chain could be contacted, because they assign the parishes to the abortuaries, to make sure all are covered. G H.

    Lord do You wish Omen and I to continue these weekly meetings or what is Your Will?

    We shall continue these meetings ; it is important in these times.

    Thank you Lord, we love it, if Omen is well enough to continue. Lord I thank You for linking me with Fr JS; and I know that You protected us by not telling me the purpose before so that the enemy would not read me and obstruct.

    The Virtue of Love is such that Fr JS is attendant upon the Epistle of Love and in due course will contact you and speak to you. Be at Peace; the Lord is with you, each one of you, even as he is with the beloved Fr JS. All is going according to Heaven’s Design. Did I not tell you I was weaving together the souls of the true faithful in a seamless Garment of Love? Is it not happening?

    Yes Lord, thank You. Fr recommended that I meet regularly with my spiritual director. Should I ask Fr J for that ?

    Beloved, approach Fr J and ask his advice as to how often and when you should meet him, and be at Peace; all goes according to Heaven’s Design for you.

    Lord strengthen me under the circumstances of the guild. In my Life I need to be silent and contemplate Your Presence in my soul more and more, it becomes harder and harder to attend where people don’t believe in the Mission You have given me.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I The Lord bless you again and again My beloved one. I ask you to attend, praying before hand, as you do, and shall We say, test the waters. Remain clinging prayer- fully to your Jesus and Our Mother. The Lord is with you. Nothing stands before My Divine Will. All that I Desire to happen, happens. Those who are seemingly standing in the way, I will call them to Enlightenment on the subject matter or I will remove them. Simply persevere little children; at this time I bid you persevere.

    Thank You Lord.

    Mother blesses you daughter, be at Peace. Simply stay as you are, prayerfully united with the Lord God, and wait on the Lord. Children, I remind you, all works out for good, for those who love the Lord. All the trials have to be; all the testings all the purifications. Children, they are not only for yourselves, but for all those who are affected by your lives in the work places and among the other members of your society; so I just ask you to persevere in all prayerfulness and wait on the Lord.

    Thank You Mother; I ask you to continue to preside over those guild meetings as You had previously said You would earlier this year. Lord we pray for The Holy Father for Our Bishop and for our Missions*.

    Little children, be at Peace. Great things happen when God mixes with Man; you sing this to your God. Believe; it is true. I am with you. Many and varied miracles are happening not only in the realm of healing but of Enlightenment of many. Dear little children, the Bishop is cognizant of what happens in St Paul’s on Cordova Street and what happens among the First Nations Peoples. He is aware of the Epistle of Love most fully, and is aware of the Truths enclosed in this My Letter to the doctors. I ask you to just be patient a little longer; endure a little longer in all prayerfulness and trust Me, for most assuredly, good news comes to you in the many aspects of the works that are emanating from each of you because of your ‘yes’ to the Living God, through the Immaculate Heart of the Beloved Queen of Angels and All Saints. Dear little children, trust a little longer.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, we love and trust You forever. Lord I pray for a Hindu friend who graduated with me and is now terminally ill; I pray through the Immaculate Heart of Mary for her spiritual healing, and if it be Your Will then also for her physical healing. Mother please claim her for Your Own, for the Salvation of her soul.

    The Virtue of Love is such that the Lord God is profoundly attendant upon the little suffering one, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. Dear little children, believe that your God is a God of Mercy and Love and be at Peace. Trust Me; again I bid you Trust Me. Much prayer for the suffering, the terminally ill, all those who are sorely afflicted is so essential, for there are so few who truly pray for their suffering brothers and sisters and so those who have said ‘yes’ to Me, are called to do much in the way of prayer and sacrifice for the healing of the multitudes. It seems a persistent call to you; ‘pray much, pray more;’ but it is that of the 6 billion upon the Earth, so few pray at all.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for all the hurt in FC’s extended family, and I bring all to Mother Mary in prayer/petition for their healing and conversion.

    Be at Peace; it is well known by you, little children, that it is in suffering and sorrow that the many come back to Me with all their hearts, for it is only then, that so many little ones fall on their knees seeking assistance from God, and I Your God, do not refuse. I attend upon them most profoundly in their hours of need and it is thus that they become safe in My Love, safe in My Embrace. It is happening to multitudes upon the Earth even as We speak, and it continues to happen.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord we pray for little Jade, and for her father who wants her back and Gregory.

    The Mission your sister finds herself in continues to grow, and so there will be many Gregory’s and many Jade’s; yet Gregory is profoundly anointed in the Peace of My Presence as is Jade. I Myself assist Jade and her father in a unique fashion. I give hearts and hands of Love to help in the raising of the child. Heaven delights in such Love-in-action as is evidenced in your sister.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for help in the demands of my professional life. Lord there are many demands, the issue going to court and other extra demands, that Thy Will be done.

    Heaven hears your prayers. Little one, continue to pray; it is usually the tactics of this ICBC to attempt to make a settlement and avoid court, and this may occur. Dear little children, do not worry about the monetary aspects, but just know that the important thing in these times in which you love, is the state of the soul of each individual. Yes, you must work for their mental and emotional well being. Yes, there is always this matter of the insurances in the lives of the people of today, but do not be apprehensive; trust Me. I can make a sudden turn of events occur, and there is no need for the trial, there is no need for you to go to court. I Myself work such miracles of Love. Believe and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, this new MVA patient who has been misdiagnosed, and all the unethical demands being made, so much unnecessary paperwork. Lord, I forget to pray for Your Peace enough when I am overwhelmed; please stay close to me and remind me all the time that You want to Work through me, and help me to see Your Path for me through it all, specially now that many psychiatrists prescribe more than listen.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, am profoundly attendant upon you. But of course I anoint you with the needed Fortitude, and I assist you profoundly; in the Unity of Angels and saints you are assisted remarkably, and you are able to be self sufficient in all that you are doing. We Ourselves assist you by Blessing you with an increased Gift of healing so that your patients will be shown statistically to be healed in a rapid fashion, for nothing is impossible to God. We wish you to stay in this position in which you work and We Bless you with words of healing and hands of healing which will come to the fore more profoundly now. Do you believe?

    Yes Lord we praise You we bless You, we thank You, we give You all Glory. Lord I am being Inspired right now to pray for KvK who is deteriorating and Lord in all trust I ask You for a total healing for her, both spiritually and physically, if it be Your Will.

    Dear little one, find a way to lay hands on this individual and pray,”in Jesus Name be healed;” remarkable strides in her healing begin to occur, for nothing is impossible to the Lord Your God! Thou hast worked much for Me in My Name; I assure you, I cannot be outgiven and I Bless you profoundly in the healing Gifts.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, and since we are so close to the feasts of St Luke and St Raphael, and so many saints and angels whom You have called to help in my Mission, I ask that through St Joseph and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, they all participate in the praying for the healing of this and my other patients please Lord, for the Glory of Your Name.

    It is agreed, it is done!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers. 3rd November 1999.

    Feast of St Martin de Porres.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. We pray for B and A who are afraid of her deteriorating condition and what the future holds for each of them; they have asked me to help them, but Lord we pray to You for Words of comfort for them; we know the anxiety is not of you. We get silence and pray the Miracle prayer.

    Little children, be at Peace; I, the Lord God am profoundly attendant upon you. Dear little children, all your works and efforts are pleasing to Me and as you say, they pay off tremendously. Rest assured, though you do not see the whole picture now, on a glorious day in Heaven, you will see and know, the part you played and all that has been accomplished by your acts of Faith and love and obedience. Many graces and blessings yet flow upon you to carry you day by day, through all that is occurring.

    Beloved B is pleasing to the Lord God. She prays for the conversion of many loved ones, and so does A; and they pray intensely for Mother Church and for the priesthood. All these prayers of theirs are pleasing to the Lord God. Howsoever, great fear has come upon them which is not of Me; I do not frighten My flock, and yet B’s affliction is frightening the little ones.

    I have taught My people, ‘be not afraid’, I am with you always even at that moment of helplessness, or that moment of death-I am there! And My Own are My Own, whether here, or in Heaven, or yet in their purifications; and so, for My Own there is nothing to fear!

    A lives in My Presence, persevering despite his afflictions, he remains in unity with Me. Dearest have I not told you that it is a time for the victim-souls on Earth to suffer in Me. The ones that are totally yielded to Me, many of them I choose to suffer in them, that indeed none of My Own are lost; and this is what you call the victim souls and this is what the beloved St Paul spoke of as,” I make up for what is lacking in the Sacrifice of Christ,’ though indeed nothing was lacking.

    In each generation there are a number of holy souls in whom I elect to suffer, yet I give them a great Joy in Unity with Me, which takes away their fears. B herself endures well, but A is the fearful one, the anxiety-laden one. Therefore, be at Peace; We ease their anxieties.

    Lord may I give them these Words; I cannot ethically see her this way.

    It must be recognized, the ethical procedures of the physician; tell the little ones, I am the Great Physician. Am I not Wonder-Counsellor, and am I not with you always little children.

    Thank You Lord. Please help them by removing the anxiety.

    I lift his anxiety to a great deal and I ease B’s affliction to a great deal. Let Us say, they shall coast along in Love’s Embrace; I carry them in My Arms, My precious little ones.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord I need to ask You to help me clear the obstruction with the two lawyers , each contacting me for my testimony, and taking up much of my time; if it is necessary for me to go to court let it be decided soon, and if not then let them settle it so that I know what time is mine to schedule my work. It is hard to stay in Peace with all these calls.

    Beloved, I the Lord God Bless you again and again! You will find that after all this, there is a final meeting of discovery and that a settlement which precludes your having to go to court takes place; there will be a settlement yielded to by both parties.

    Thank You Lord, I feel overwhelmed and tired of their demands; I know I’ve got a lot to do and that You work in and through me; but heal me now and remove all this evil from my path so that I can be joyful and peaceful again.

    My little one, I your Jesus of Merciful Love, Bless you profoundly; I’m carrying your cross, holding you to My Heart, Loving You. Little one, I have already taken all your woundedness, uniting it in Mine; it is no more. My little one, I assist you profoundly, I Bless you with a great anointing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy. I restore you to a rested state; I Bless you with a peaceful night this night, that you wake up once again in the Joy of My Presence.

    My littler one, you have been extremely busy with the many activities you have undertaken in My Name and I Bless you profoundly in all that you are doing. I set a great saint to assist you in your work.

    Omen sees a golden halo but I know that it is St Martin de Porres. Its his feastday today; he is also the patron saint of social justice and the parish where my family lives in South Africa. Thank You Lord.

    Lord we ask You to bless Z with the Divine Mercy devotion in she is promoting in Zulu, and we pray for K and thank You so much for St Martin. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.

    Thank You so much for the opportunity to pray before the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the promotion of Life Foundation Mission and the Guadalupe Appeal conference and the Guadalupe Project, the eleventh hour Mission.

    The Woman Clothed with the Sun addresses you.

    Thank you Mother.

    Children, be at Peace. Dear little children, you are called to be, each one a small instrument in Our God’s Hand, even as I am an Instrument of God!

    Little children, I tell you again, the Life Foundation, the beloved little ones are accomplishing much in the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls, the Enlightenment of mankind to the error of the deadly sin of abortion. Dear little children, never cease praising and blessing and thanking Our God, for having called you to be His instruments of Enlightenment in this sin-darkened world.

    Little children, you are accomplishing far more than that which you recognize. I tell you again, you are storing treasures in Heaven and on a Great Day of the Lord , far in the future for you, you will know what has been accomplished in Our Lord’s Name by you and all those who assist you.

    The Salvation is told again and again by those who fight abortion . Little children, you cause many to come back to Me; you are My instruments in bringing the many back to Me with all their hearts and they in turn enlist in the great spiritual battle which is now ongoing. Little children, you fight as it were, a conspiracy of death, propagated as it were by those who are servants of Our enemy, and yet We must always recollect, that greater is God Who dwells within you, than that enemy which is in the world. Believe, all the Victory is in My Name, Jesus. I am your Strength, your Fortitude. Let Us go joyfully together on this Great Mission of Loves Victory. Peace!

    Thank You Lord; we thank for all those who responded, and for all the ones we did not reach that it be truly world-wide.

    Be at Peace; the Message spreads on angels wings throughout the globe; believe!

    Thank You Lord. Thank you for the few people who I could give the Epistle of Love. But I cannot spread it except to English speaking doctors now.

    Heaven attends upon all these concerns; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord since it is the month we pray specially for the dead, we pray again about the issue of ‘brain death’, and for all the souls who have died in these ways that are not pleasing to you. Lord strengthen M who is working in this area, we pray that the Holy Father will speak.

    Little children, be at Peace; the Holy Father is profoundly attendant upon the concerns with regard to the so-called ‘brain death’, and indeed upon all the subjects touched on in My Epistle of Love; wait and trust yet a little longer children; all falls into place according to Heaven’s Design. In due course you will hear from many who are in agreement in these matters.

    Lord, when that day comes, I pray that we be much closer to You and to not have to speak much because by then , the Church will be speaking. We will need Your Protection more than ever to stay humble and silent.

    You shall always remain humble small instruments each one of you, for you have abandoned yourselves to the Will of the Living God, most pleasingly and you are ever held in the Hand of Your God and you are safe in Me. Little children, but of course, you have your own frailties, each one, and yet I, I hold you secure, in every aspect of your beings, for you are precious to Me. Beloved of God, and of the Mother of God, chosen by your God, each for your own Mission of Love; your Missions are proceeding most successfully little children. Be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord . Lord, sometimes I just don’t know what to do when I see people You have asked me to send Messages to, and they have not responded, when I meet them at conferences etc. I don’t know whether to acknowledge them or initiate contact especially if they do not acknowledge me.

    Little one, remember each day you offer your day unto Me, and all goes according to My Design for each day. All went beautifully according to My Design; be at Peace. Though you may not always be recognized, I assure you that all those in key positions in the Church and in the Christian medical profession, are aware of My Letter of Love.

    Lord thank You; as long as they all know Your Will. We Receive the hymn, ‘Sweet Heart and Jesus...”

    Lord I pray for many patients not doing well, and for our guild and priests; You know that my first instincts are to avoid going, but I know in my heart that You want me to attend because of the rejection of this Mission.

    Be not afraid; a great Enlightenment comes upon certain of those who have been in opposition to Our Mission. Enlightenment comes to them. Indeed the Holy Father will be an instrument in causing Enlightenment to come to the many physicians. Be not surprised what happens next in this spiritual battle. Whensoever it is feasible for you to attend, do attend. I am with you.

    Thank You Lord. I am too fragile to do it on my own.

    Dear little one, I shield you from the assaults of the foe; I assure you that the beloved Michael is attendant upon Mercy Gate Mission and upon your Mission as well. Angelic Legions attend upon all My Missions on Earth.

    Thank You Lord. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers. November 10th, 1999.

    St Leo the Great.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Oh Lord we come to You again seeking words of comfort, discernment and Wisdom, since we have read the letter of our beloved Bishop to the Federal Government Minister of Health; we are happy that the “brain death” and informed consent are being questioned, but we know that You do not approve of this “wide open” acceptance of organ donation; Lord, the promised educational package mentioned will create much confusion if the Holy Father has not yet spoken.

    We are obedient and therefore we must be silent until the Holy Father speaks , even though we know that Your Epistle of Love says otherwise. Lord is there something more You would have us do besides pray and wait on you Lord in the person of the Holy Father? Please speak to us and Enlighten us, We thank You for our Missions, and we pray for Humanity to respond.

    My prayer partner is given the word” Bedlam” repeatedly for the past while ,with no explanation.

    Little children, be at Peace; I am with you.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Be not anxious or distraught about what is occurring; I ask you to simply persevere, quietly as you do, in all that you are doing. My Delight is in your immediate response of obedience to the Bishop.

    For the average individual who is not in the medical field, all the subjects addressed in My Epistle of Love become as it were, complex; portions of it difficult to understand, excepting those in the medical profession. This too, is an obstruction of sorts, and yet most individuals have a natural repugnance with regard to organ transplant, lacking a desire to commit themselves to such a program. We do not discuss the Bishop’s thought or motivations in writing this letter.

    The beloved John Paul is as ever, on top of this situation, as he very capably is on top of all that is happening in the many facets of Human Life today. There are grave consequences to those who are persevering in this “brain death” and body transplant mode. These ones are reluctant to change their practices. In the sterility, the calm, calculated procedures necessary in the operating room, spirituality, compassion, love, are often left out, and the strictly so-called scientific approach is used. Over the years the people have trusted and accepted the decisions of the physicians, and at this time many are yet not questioning certain actions of the medical profession and individual doctors.

    My Gift of Life, is just that; a Gift of Life, from beginning to end. Your Bishop has given you the beautiful prayer which you pray on Sundays with regard to Life; and thus there seems to be a conflict with that prayer and the Bishops letter. [referring to “new life” by organ transplant.]

    There appears to be, among the public, a misplaced compassion, a maudlin compassion, when one is faced with a dying loved one, because of the dysfunction of a specific organ, and the physicians are expected to somehow, even magically, make the individual live and be well.

    We know this doesn’t happen by organ transplant; yes, there is life, but at what cost to the indivi- dual; this is without considering the taking of a vital organ from the one who is called “donor.”

    As you know, My precious little ones, the individual remains in free will; thus you find yourselves in this quagmire of confusion, of deceit , of manipulation, with regard to organ transplant and

    “ brain death.”

    With regard to the beloved John Paul, believe that he is on top of this circumstance of “brain death” and that he has capable advisors in this matter, and that as ever, he recognizes the Truth in this situation. You await, even anticipate a word from the beloved Pope with regard to “brain death.” It is forthcoming, therefore in the interim I ask you, little faithful ones, to pray much for the beloved John Paul, pray much for your own Mission, pray much for the Enlightenment of the priesthood and the physicians.

    Physicians find themselves trafficking in death and body parts; something no young person anticipating to become a doctor, has previously considered part of the medical profession, but now it is a large part and many physicians and surgeons, see themselves as having power over life and death. They do not see the error in their thinking.

    Your God is cognizant of all of this, and We ask you yet again, to simply persevere in all prayerful- ness and await the Action of your God, in and through the beloved John -Paul. It is forthcoming. We ask you little children, to remain humbly, quietly obedient at this time. Be comforted all you who are exposing in My Name, the scandal of “brain death.”

    I am with you, and it is as you know, always those who are with Me, suffer in a manner not unlike My Suffering when I walked on the Earth. But again I assure you, Truth always wins out and My Victory in this matter, is at hand!

    Our Lord is quoting;” Be not afraid, I go before you.”

    We ask you to continue to pray for the priests, bishops and the beloved John- Paul as well as all in the medical profession for it is a perilous time for all of you.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord it seems that organ transplantation has become a cultural “norm” by people and the government, and some priests who see the error of “brain death” speak, but the doctors take no notice of them. The people would have to change their whole attitude about the widespread expectation of receiving new organs.

    It is a Sorrow of these times. It is at best, a symptom of the Great Apostasy which is upon the Earth, that Mankind has gone so far away from their God; that Mankind disregards the Laws of God; that Mankind has brought itself to this state of ill-health that causes them to believe that body parts are warranted.

    Even so, nothing is impossible to your God. When you look at it today, you do not see how this can be changed, but I assure you, your God has a plan, and most assuredly, these evil practices, in due course, come to an end. Believe that the Epistle of Love bears an important role in this change of heart, this turning things around once more.

    He is showing that it is a big fight, like how long they have been fighting to put an end to the use of landmines that are maiming people.

    Once the horror has been exposed , revealed for what it is, backers come to the fore. Little children you are never alone. I send reinforcements to fight on the side of Love.

    Lord you know that I have started retyping M’s beautiful paper against“brain death” but I don’t really know why I am doing it, and M is experiencing that silence of sending the article but never hearing back.

    Little children, sometimes you feel fenced in by the opposition. Don’t be; I am with you. Truth needs no defense. Simply persevere in speaking out the Truth. Gradually the minds of others are opened to recognize this Truth. Look at the anti-abortion battle. The pro-life movement has been fighting these many years and is only now beginning to bear fruit, and yet the battle prevails.

    Therefore believe that the fight against euthanasia and the fight against the “so-called brain death” and the fight against the so-called “harvesting” of body parts must prevail. Is it not written, when you see a brother doing wrong you must speak out? Yes Lord.

    Then remember, I have strengthened you for the battle, and I continue to strengthen you, for you do not fight the battle yourself; you are, each one, an instrument in the Hands of your God, to bring Light and Truth to Mankind. The darkness at this time on Earth, is immense and there are few lighting the way. You are being called to be such lights but remember, you are a light in the Hand of your God, and you are safe in Me. All harsh words hurled against you little children, in this My Cause, fall on Me as whiplashes and they are no more. I strengthen you; hold your armour -of - God, fast about you.

    Know that My Church is protected by Me, the Living God, and that legions of angels under the banner of St Michael, protect My little warriors in a shield, an invincible Shield of Protection, so that those who are united with Me, living in My Truth, need not fear. Nothing occurs in your lives, little ones, except by My Design. Do not be dismayed little ones, when you are under attack; let it be for your increasing courage, your increase of Fortitude, and this is always little children, purifying for your souls. Fear not, I am with you and going before you!

    Lord Jesus, no Life Foundation members are available to attend the “family as a sanctuary of Love” conference. I was wondering about taking the Images and letters for Guadalupe Mission project. I am not sure if I should make contact with Bishop C.

    At this point in time little one, I ask you to simply attend walking in Faith. Any opportunities which I open up to you, you will recognize and act upon them. Be at Peace, it is as you surmise; their will be no shall We say, welcoming committee put out for Life Foundation among many who are there at this conference, and yet We Ourselves spread the Word, round about the world. Anyone you know, in any community, anywhere in the world, send them the Message.

    Mercy Gate is sending out seven hundred pieces of mail soon with the letter enclosed.

    Little children, I the Lord Bless all the works of your hands. I recognize little children, that you are often out of pocket financially, working in My many Causes. But I re-emburse you; I am a God of many Providences . You do not lose by sharing what you have. I have My Ways of re-embursing you and besides which you are storing treasures in Heaven.

    Lord I just pray for the openness of those we approach to take the message. Lord I thank You for the profound experiences being drawn so powerfully to the Crucifix and Maria de los Angeles and of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which I brought to my home, though I do not understand why.

    Simply rejoice that you are doing My Will at those moments when I give you the Inspirations; the day will come little children, when you will understand all these things; but when you give Me your life, when you give Me back each new day, all falls in accordance with My Design for you, and blessed events occur.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You for picking these especially for me.

    Lord I pray again for KK whom we prayed for last visit, who is feeling much better. Lord I now ask for healing totally for her so that by Faith, without the need for medication, since she is ready to ask for this in Faith, and also for Faith for her mother, who has had cancer diagnosed and does not totally believe. For answer we receive the hymn,

    ,’Awake from your slumber, arise from your sleep. A new day is dawning, for all those who weep; a people in darkness has seen a great light.The Lord of All Loving, has conquered the night.

    Let us build the City of God, may our tears be turned into dancing,

    for the Lord Our Light and Our Love, has turned the night into day!!

    What a beautiful ‘yes’ for someone who has suffered a long time with Narcolepsy and depression! Lord, how do we ever thank You.

    Glory be... May the Presence..

    Discernment Prayers. November 17th 1999.

    Oh Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! In Jesus Holy Name is our victory; great and glorious is the Lord Our God!

    Lord, through these very difficult times we put our trust in You through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Tell Me that you love Me!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love you!

    Therefore be at Peace little children, I am with you. There are so many at this time in the history of Man, who choose to know Me not, and you are recognizing this. There are also those in the body of My Church, My beloved Church, so many individuals with so many and varied agendas. Rather than knowing and loving and serving the Lord God, they are each seeking attention of one sort or another in many and varied ways. This cannot be all pleasing to your God, and indeed it is not! Yet My Church shall endure, shall prevail. Stay with Me little ones; stay as you are; united prayerfully with your God and with Our Mother.

    Thank You Lord. We cling to You Lord, we trust You.

    My little children, I am your All-Powerful God; I address you as The Triune God! I am Blessing you each one, in a Great Anointing of Blessings and Graces which flow freely upon you. You shall prevail in the Name of your God, in the Name of your Lord, little children, for as you know, these are My Missions and you My instruments, to bring them to the attention of those who must know! Therefore, I strengthen you each one to prevail in all that you are doing in My Name.

    Thank You Lord. Lord You know that I am seemingly totally obstructed, with the collapse of my computer, lost files, services paid for but not given, illness for both my children and myself, and the legal hassles; I am overwhelmed with problems this week; and my Mission is not progressing; at least help me to retrieve the work I have done please Lord.

    The virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God am profoundly attendant upon this matter. A profound anointing of My Love and Peace is upon you, My dear little one. All these testings and trials are known to your God. Believe Me, I am strengthening you and believe Me, the enemy does not desire these Communications.

    Lord we know that You are greater.

    Peace, It shall be thus. We restore all things to you; be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord. Lord I have not been able to read what the Holy Father is saying; we pray for his strengthening, to complete his Mission in Your Name. Lord my Mission cannot proceed till he speaks. Please bless P B and all your failing soldiers.

    Peace! We attend upon all your hearts concerns little children; We are with you, little front line warriors. I have told you before and I tell you again, you are hand picked for your Missions, each one of you, and all that you do comes to fruition in due course.

    Of course the Holy Father the Beloved John Paul shall speak in favour of Life for I Myself attend upon him, I Myself address him in the concerns of his heart. His heart also is heavy burdened, even more than yours in all that he sees and hears and has become aware of in all of these Life issues.

    Dear little children, I have strengthened you for these times even as I have strengthened him for these times, and I strengthen all of My true faithful for these times. The enemy yet sows seeds of division and confusion, and I ask you little ones to persevere in all prayerfulness. Stay faithful to your God, to your Jesus, stay faithful to the beloved John Paul and the Magisterium and your Bishop, stay faithful to your Pastor, this is what I ask of you even if you must maintain silence at this moment of time in regard to the issue of “brain death.”

    Persevere in all that you are doing, quietly and confidently, for most assuredly I am with you; I am united with you profoundly. I do not deny you for I have caused you to be doing what you are doing, and to deny you now would be to deny Myself, for all that you do is in Me and of Me because of Me, and by Me. Therefore trust; know that We shall see this through for indeed nothing is impossible to Me the Living God!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord thank You so much for J W and such strong friends. They believe in the Mission, but they look at me for the timing. Are we permitted to know how long till the Holy Father speaks. May we ask You that question Lord?

    Very soon, for the beloved John Paul studies the issues and prays in this regard even as We speak. I have a time frame in place Myself. Little children, it remains contingent on the prayers of the faithful, for the enemy assails with all that he has, yet he is doomed to fail, for when God is for you, nothing stands against! The priest of holy orders, who is called John -Paul, comes forth with an edict rapidly now; wait a little longer, little ones and be not anxious.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord wonderful things are happening with the eleventh hour Mission. Mother, our Lady of Lourdes, please help that the Mission does include participation from Your Shrine and everywhere; that Fr H not be offended by my request.

    The Mission is so vast that it overrides all such concerns; be at Peace. It is well anchored at Our Lady of Guadalupe, now our Lady of Lourdes.

    I was able to give a few people Epistle of Love. Thank You for M. O’ B and the lady whose son was lost by “brain death” and she has not recovered from the loss, and also the deacon B Mc D. I’m not sure how to use these opportunities, these new contacts. How am I to proceed Lord.

    Wait on the Lord in these matters. Things become gradually clearer. Contacts are made for My Reasons and in due course are strengthened for My Reasons.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    We wait on the beloved Holy Father to speak; in the interim, be at Peace, as you have admitted, you have so much to do. I Bless you. Things begin to work out again; you have sustained and defeated this round of attack by Our mutual foe. Dear little one, your daughters begin to heal rapidly now.

    Dear Lord, towards the end of last year, You mentioned that You would give someone in America, a Mission similar to mine, which would strengthen My Mission. I’m not aware of this coming about yet.

    It is yet to come to the fore publicly; be at Peace, you are not alone.

    Our Lord shows Omen His Tapestry with the threads being woven together.

    Thank You Lord! That is so exciting; we look forward to hearing of this related Mission.

    I pray for the family who has lost the second son tragically, and still haven’t found him. I know I need to ask You to help me with each and every patient; there are so many, sometimes it just feels too much Lord. [It seems the boy is dead; we just pray for them to find the body soon, so they can bury him.]

    Dearest just sit and listen and I will speak Words of consolation through you!

    Lord why don’t I just remember that You always want to work through me, I always forget and take it on, and complain and make the same mistake over and over again. But You are always so patient and gentle with me. Lord I pray for the patient who has been coming for a while but not doing well; she is not Baptized and a non-believer, but I pray for you to show her the Path to You. Our Lord is showing some new Testaments which He wishes me to put in my waiting room for patients to take. Lord please help me to find the ones you wish me to place there. Thank You Lord.

    Mother, you have not spoken for a long time and I really miss hearing from You.

    The Mother of God salutes you, greets you, blesses you little children. I am ever tenderly attendant upon each one of you . Precious little children, My Delight is that you love My Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, so tenderly, so sweetly. Rest assured, the Triune God is attendant upon each one of your Missions, and I, your Heavenly Mother am attendant; a myriad of angels and saints assist. Rest assured, nothing happens by chance. Since you are surrendered to the Living God all is according to the Lord God’s Design. A day will come when you will understand the many and varied sufferings in your Faith Journey. It is most assuredly spiritual warfare which is around you precious little ones who are consecrated to the Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart, thus you live consecrated to the Divine Will of Our Father in Heaven, and all goes according to Heaven’s Design. You are counted among the true faithful upon the Earth today and you must know that the numbers are not so great as they might be, and it is thus that much comes upon the faithful ones even including the moments of sufferings in the many and varied ways. Cling to your Jesus and to your Mother and be at Peace, the Spirit of the Living God is ever upon you, and the Graces and Blessings are ever flowing .

    Thank You Mother. Blessed be the Great Mother of God, Mary most Holy, Blessed be God forever!

    May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers. 24th November 1999.

    In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will; we ask for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment of Your Holy Will for us in Epistle of Love Mission, through the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother. We pray for Your protection from all obstruction for all those who are working in Your Holy Name to promote the Gospel of Life. In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory; Great and Glorious is the Lord our God! Bless us with Your Holy Attendance upon us now, Lord Jesus.

    The Living Waters flow! Little darlings, what would you seek?

    Thank you Lord Jesus, for Your willingness to be with us always, whenever we call upon You. We pray especially for M and J speaking today, and we pray for the openness of the doctors and all who hear them, that they would heed Your instruments in Your Cause of Life.

    I attend upon each one of them. I attend upon the meeting this evening. My Own are never alone; I am with them. I stand beside each one of My Own, holding them safe in My Embrace. Brave warriors of Christ, persevere; have I not told you that you will be wounded, battle-scarred , wearied, but ever victorious in My Name-JESUS! Little children, ultimately Life and Love conquers all! Rest assured, I am with you.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. We thank You also for A’s spiritual growth, and the Christian companions you have given her that she is not alone; thank you for T’s recovery, she is so thankful for her healing Lord.

    The Blessings continue to flow upon your children; the graces as well, be at Peace!

    Thank you Lord. I thank you for Fr C whose birthday is today and who was my first spiritual director, for all the special feast days this week.

    Omen will be at the Chiwathall on the 12th praying with the native people at Sacred Heart Church; and will pray with us in spirit, at the abortuaries all over the world during the Divine Mercy Hour. Our Lord says to Omen.

    A long time ago you attended upon Me at that Church when you were a small child. Believe that the Blessings flow; that seeds were planted then, which continue to grow. Persevere in Faith in all that you are doing for the Sto:lo Nations, for I am with you in this matter.

    The eleventh-hour Mission proceeds according to Plan; persevere in all that you are doing. Heaven delights in the success of this Mission! Little children, a Unity of Love encompasses the world on that day most profoundly, and graces flow! Many people come into the Church simply because of the pro-life stance, and more is happening than what you realise little children.

    Thank You Lord, Mighty God.

    We just pray that because of this a movement away from “brain death” also takes place.

    Forthwith I assure you that it is so! The concept is appalling to the people once their eyes are open to the facts. Be assured that the physicians involved have been most discreet in ensuring that few knew what was occurring, and are shall We say, not pleased that it is being exposed today. Persevere little warriors, persevere!

    Thank You Lord. May all eyes soon be opened, especially the ones at the meeting today.

    Just as Dr Nathanson’s eyes were opened to see Life in the womb, so it shall be in this matter as well. Believe and be at Peace!

    Lord we hold those who are at JF Strong speaking against this stronghold of the devil, in prayer.

    Lord we thank You that J has done what you have asked him to do in taking the Images to Roumania; please bless him .

    Lord I have been praying for M, who has gone to San Jose; I pray that he be led to the path You have marked out for him, though St Joseph and our Mother.

    A long time ago this man was given to Me in Baptism. I do not disclaim him; he is My Own. In all the testing and trials which he is going through, he shall be strengthened to the needed Fortitude. See how We carried J through his weak times; so we shall carry M through the weak times, and he shall be strengthened and purified, and no longer be uncertain about his calling. Persevere in praying for him and trust Me. I am with him in a remarkable manner. Our Lord shows Himself with the Shepherds crook, reclaiming His sheep.

    Lord please heal him from all his pain and let him find You soon. We pray for his parents.

    Some try to run away from My Call, My Challenge; like Jonah. Just as it didn’t do Jonah any good to run, it won’t do M any good!

    Our Lord reminds us of a priest who knew he was called and wouldn’t hear it. He was in the woods and fell down a cliff and lay there helpless on a ledge , and only then did he say “yes” to our Lord [ if You rescue me from this I will be a priest]. Only then did he stop running from our Lord.

    Lord, thank you; we pray again for C’s physical healing of the brain tumour and for the spiritual healing for herself and her husband.

    She has an ongoing healing; do not believe otherwise!

    Lord thank You ; You are Our Jesus of miracles. Lord G and P believe you have granted much healing to their daughter. Our Lord says

    “a changed man !”

    Lord my sister has a breast lump which may be malignant, she has not had the biopsy and she is alone.

    You will lay hands on her and she will be healed. Believe and be at Peace, it is the Lord who speaks! Do not be afraid little sister. I am a God of Merciful Love; on whom I will I have Mercy. I hear your prayers. I have Mercy on your sister. Again I bid you fear not; I am with you always. Little children, when you love Me and stay united with Me as you do, you are like other small Christs! No, you are not priests, but you are My Heart, My Hands, My Voice. Indeed, I do not say My Mind, for you have surrendered your will to Me, and My Will is done in you and through you.

    Continue to love your Jesus and Our Beloved Mother, ever giving Glory to Our Father and be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord; I was hoping to see the relics of My Patron, beloved Therese on my way back from visiting my sister.

    You will see the beloved Missionary of Love; her relics. You will have a holy experience at that place and time. Rest assured I am with you even as I am with every one of My saints. It is most practical to do it in the manner you have described.

    Lord its been so long that I’ve been wanting my sister to come back to Your Fold with her daughter.

    Persevere in love and prayers and be not surprised what happens next in your Faith journey and their Faith journey.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I wonder if it is time to ask what else besides the six days in Rome you require me to attend in February.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God Bless you. You may indeed, I desire you to attend the conference. You might simply choose to book at least another three days to attend in that area of the world. For the plans I have for you at that time, allow yourself three additional days there. We will speak further on this subject on future Wednesdays. It is imperative to book early; is it not the Year 2,000 when everybody strives to go to Rome. Attempt to stay two days longer if it is avail- able to you, but be not distressed, if it is not. We make do if it is not.

    Thy will be done Lord.

    You will be pleasantly surprised.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord we will not ask but we simply continue to pray for the Holy Father, and Our Bishop and the authentic Magisterium of the Church, that Your Holy Will be done and that the doctors and all in health care may be obedient.

    Little children persevere, it is the Message for these times. Simply persevere, walking always as you do, in Faith and hope and trust and love!

    Thank You Lord; Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. December 2nd 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved Spouse. Lord many unexpected things are happening. Lord we praise you and bless you and thank you for Sophia and the baby in her womb; we pray for their healing and well being, for the Glory of Your Name, and for John, your instrument, going into a very atheistic environment, to carry out Your Will. We experience major demonic obstruction surrounding Sophia and her baby; we pray the long rebuke prayers invoking St Michael and the angels on their behalf. We received no Words at this point.

    In Adoration this morning, meditating upon the Immaculate Conception, I opened the book, “The Life of the Virgin Mary,” by Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich, an Augustinian nun, mystic and stigmatist who lived in Germany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, on the novena to the Immaculate Conception for pregnant women with difficult and even dangerous situations, for a safe and healthy delivery . The nine days are in Honour of the nine months that Our Lady spent in her mother’s womb. I had been praying intensely for Sophia and wondering which novena to pray for her and her baby. Thank You Lord Jesus and Our Mother.

    Lord Jesus, we are dealing so much with people in the world; we always need to come before You to know Your Holy Will. I bring this request from the journalist L P at the Toronto Star for an interview if that is Your Will; she refers to my testimony in Ottawa in March and asks to revisit it.

    No, do not speak to this woman; the guiles she uses are false; she will treat you even worse than DT. Do not worry if you seem to mistrust the various media; there is good reason to mistrust them, for their motives are not Our Motives.

    Thank You Lord. Lord should this be a general rule that I do not agree to any interviews for journalists now, or come for discernment for each request individually. Thank You for protecting me from being deceived. Our Lord gave us the song, from our childhood“ won’t you come into my parlour said the spider to the fly....”

    The virtue of Love is such that I would prefer that We discuss each one individually. Continue to do as you have done in this case.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord we pray for the strengthening of J; thank God for J, Your instrument.

    Lord I pray for Your protection in dealing with the referral by Dr OBB which seems like the setting of a trap for me, for mentioning Your Name in my work. Through Our Mother we pray for his conversion.

    Our Lord, gives us the pain of His Heart about this doctor.

    We pray Memorare.

    Lord we pray for nineteen year old S, who fell asleep at the wheel and rammed into a tree; he is now in coma. Memorare.

    Lord we pray for KK who has narcolepsy and depression, that she be given the Faith to claim the total healing which You have given to her. We pray for her total trust in You.

    The devil says to me“dealing with narcolepsy is one thing but dealing with me is another babe.”

    Greater is God , and Our Mother Who live in our hearts and souls and minds. We pray again the rebukes of St Michael and the holy angels.

    K is to be commended for she is still striving to do what you have advised. She is weak and I hear your plea on her behalf. Therefore, a profound anointing is upon her, and graces and blessings flow. Heaven hears your prayers little ones.

    Have I not told you that, beginning at the beginning of Advent, the Spirit of the Living God would be profoundly anointing Mankind. All those who open themselves to Me, the Lord God, shall be anointed in My Spirit...I ask that you periodically pray the rebuke prayer in your office.

    Yes Lord, thank You. I pray for the strengthening in Faith of the whole family.

    God the Father said that He recognises the Jubilee year that Pope John Paul has asked for and He reminds us of what Jesus said to St Peter, the first Pope,” what you hold bound on Earth, is bound in Heaven, what you release on Earth, is released in Heaven.” So it will be with what the Holy Father asks for the jubilee.

    Thank You Lord; we pray that with all the special graces of the jubilee many doctors will be converted.. I am profoundly aware of how easily mislead we, Your instruments can be. Lord may we carry Your Words back to J and Sophia, and for S.

    Sweetheart, Sophia has My full attendance upon her, and Mother’s as well. Heaven hears your prayers. Heaven delights in the Faith-in -action, of JY. Little children, at this time in which you live, I just ask you to persevere; I give you sufficient enduring powers to continue all of you in the battle which is now waging. With regard to both Sophia and S, I ask you to simply pray and trust in the Lord Your God.

    Children I tell you again; I am God, Supreme among the nations; I know what I am about! Little children, you are fearful that the enemy will take vital organs from many people; this is a well founded fear as is evidenced in many hospitals throughout the world. {He doesn’t even like to call them hospitals.}

    Do not be anxious, you hear of the frailty of the beloved John Paul, but he is not so frail that he will not speak out. Wait and see. Trust Me yet a little longer, and be at Peace.

    Lord as You know I have not put anything more on the website since September, withholding everything till the Holy Father speaks, if this is still Your Will.

    My beloved, I bid you wait just a little longer, and the Pope gives an utterance for all the world to heed. As you know, a serious percentage of them will not heed. Even so, the Words are given.

    Our Lord asks us to pray for the Pope as we pray over others, for some are trying to stop him from speaking [like a black cord around his neck.] We pray the long version of the rebukes.

    Our Lord mentions abominable spirits coming against the Holy Father.

    Miraculous events occur in the life of the beloved John Paul. Little children, be at Peace; this prayer is exceedingly pleasing to the Lord your God, and Blessings flow.

    Lord, did it take that stricture away from around his neck?

    It is no more; a great Blessing comes upon him. A holy priest will speak of the wellbeing of the beloved Pope. Trust Me, We carry him in Our Embrace, every step of his journey. Astounding blessings flow from this holy man of God, upon all Mankind. He rests in Our Embrace; Mother is ever lovingly attendant upon the beloved Pope John Paul. Peace little ones; Blessings upon you both for your love of this holy man of God.

    Thank You Lord. We feel a great Peace comes to us, since praying the rebukes. Lord, I thank you for the letter from LC. I pray for a blessing upon him, and please Enlighten me if there is any Words You have for L.

    The Sovereign Queen blesses you child. I am tenderly attendant upon thee; even so am I attendant upon the beloved Leo. Dear little one, just leave the lines open for the present. It is sufficient. The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness is no more. Soon, darling children, you will know this. Right now, you sense and experience the turmoil which is upon the Earth. Again We bid you, be not afraid; Sanctuary is in the Two Hearts of Love!

    Thank You Mother, I know that I needed the lesson of being shocked into seeing how easily I could be deceived, so I just ask for strengthening...

    But My dear, you were not deceived. You have been forewarned now. These are learning experiences little children. The enemy loves to come as an angel of Light. It is only illusion. Little children, I hold you safe yet a little longer to be somewhat hidden from the world. It shall remain this way a little longer. Children, as long as it is possible or reasonable, you shall remain hidden from the glaring harsh light of the world. You remain safe in the Light of the Living God.

    Thank You Blessed Mother. We entrust every word to You so that when we are no longer hidden, not a word from us will in any way detract from the Missions given us by Our Lord. I had often thought and prayed about how my life would change when the Mission becomes public and how to cope with it.

    Tell L that I am ever tenderly upon him as is the Living God. The Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God is upon all those true believers. Little children of Faith, graces are ever flowing upon you; blessings are flowing upon you. There is a preponderance of small miracles round about the Earth now, as gentle reminders and indications of the Power of God ever present to Mankind. Should they desire to accept His loving Attendance upon them, the Power comes increasingly upon them, and they become united as it were, with Heaven while yet on Earth. This is occurring in you two little children; you know that you are in the Communion of Saints often at your moments of prayerfulness. It is this way now for many upon Earth. Dear little children, the Blessings flow!

    Thank You Mother. May the Blessings flow very soon to K and all who need the strengthening. Thank You for the extension of my stay in Casa Tra Noi, Rome even though I don’t know why.

    Lord, I pray for A, please enlighten us as to Your wish for her work in summer.

    To whom I will, I have Mercy; I have Mercy on A. I have a plan for A. I shield her from the foe, and I give her a Blessing of what she will be doing in the summer. But We shall speak further on this next week.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I pray thanksgiving for Omen, and for how much You Bless us when you ask us to pray together. I know that she carries what You will her to carry. I just ask for some relief to the pain in her neck so that she prays over people with a little more comfort.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I attend upon Omen in all tender compassionate Love. I ease her sufferings as need be, yet she has agreed to suffer with Me, the Christ, for the sake of her children, and spiritual offspring. My Delight is in both of your Missions; I am profoundly attendant upon each of these Missions, and I the Living God bless each one of you and your Missions. Do not be aggrieved about the many obstructions, [He shows Omen my computer problem just as I am silently praying for resolution of this problem] Some things just have to be in these times. As you know the enemy believes himself in charge of the material things of this world, and he takes vengeance upon you and delight in attacking your electronic and material objects. Even so, I bless each one of you; I bless the works of your hands. Your God prevails!

    He gives us the song,”when God is for us, who can be against.”

    Thank you Lord Jesus. Glory be... May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always ;beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace; Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns. Amen!

    Discernment Prayers. 16th December,1999.

    Lord we come before you in union with the whole Communion of saints and through the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother, we pray for the grace to persevere in very difficult times and circumstances. [Both of us shared several extraordinarily severe attacks from the past week]. Demonic interference so we pray the short rebuke prayers and Our Lord says,

    Death [the devil] has not been eradicated.

    So we pray the long rebuke prayers, as I had also done in my home and office this morning.

    My Peace is upon you little children. Mother comes to the fore most powerfully now. Rest assured that the many popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, religious; multitudes of saints of Glory, unite when you pray this prayer, assisting you profoundly. This prayer has been given to you through a most holy pope, by means of Divine Assistance. Use it therefore in this time of battle.

    Thank You Lord.

    Dear little ones, you are feeling the action of the foe more strongly now. I am strengthening you little children, to an even greater Courage. These are the times for which you have been prepared. It is the Holy days, encompassing Christmas, New Years Day, the Epiphany, all in this time. The enemy is working diligently against all that is holy, for his time is at an end. He sees the line of demarcation, for his time in assailing the beloved children of God. Thus you feel the attacks little children, yet I protect My Own.

    Since each attack and each suffering you endure, only strengthens you and causes you to stay more closely united with your God, the fruit of these testings causes others to come back to God, for I am with you. It is I Jesus, suffering in you at each one of these affronts, each one of these attacks. You shall remain ever victorious in My Name, for it is My Battle little children, precious children of God.

    Lord, sometimes we feel very weak in this battle.

    But you know well, in your weakness is My Strength, and I am profoundly attendant upon you. I am with you, and within you, and around you; you shall not fail! Do not worry, you recognise that the enemy can go only so far, before he is stopped in his tracks by your God. Little children, ask of Me what you will.

    Lord, the worse it gets the more we believe that only You can save us all; evil pervades everything and we have to deal with ; it is just far beyond anything we ourselves can achieve. Thank You for keeping us safe during the eleventh hour Mission. It seems to have been quite hidden, and only small groups. We don’t know how successful it was .

    It is a delightful concept, to do this prayer monthly. Believe that since this prayer was occurring all around the globe, Your Father in Heaven, who sees and knows all, recognises you prayer warriors, all around the Earth for who you are and what you are accomplishing. The Wrath of God falls rampantly about the Earth because of the sin of abortion, the sin of murder. “Am I My brother’s keeper” He is saying to us.

    At this time of darkness upon Mankind, Mother weeps copious tears of Sorrow for the children of God, for there can be no turning back from the fate that awaits those who have allowed themselves in free will, to be ensnared in this culture of death. Those who promote it are already in bondage to satan. Rest assured your God is aggrieved over each and every soul who in free will, elects to serve Our enemy. An end of this evil reign is in site!

    I Myself, it is the Lord Who speaks, make haste to help you now. Counted on Earth, is every soul which is yielded unto Me, and those who are yet to come unto Me.

    I have called again and again to Mankind; come back to Me with all your hearts. A goodly number have, but there are those who do not, and are fast running out of time, the necessary time, the Great hour of Mercy which is yet upon the Earth briefly. It is assuredly that time of darkness covering the Earth, and the thick clouds, the people. The Light of Christ prevails in the Faithful Church, and in the souls of the true Faithful.

    Your Mighty God, blesses you, nodding in your direction little children, giving to you who believe, the Peace of Christ. It is Peace on Earth to men of good will! For those who do not believe, who do not love, who do not show mercy, it is as ever for them, a bitter day, for their lives are thus; bitter day following upon bitter day, as they remain unyielded to the Call of Love.

    Lord have Mercy, Christ have Mercy.

    Lord, we seek the opportunity for Epistle of Love, to reach these doctors for their conversion. We know that Our Holy Father has much to attend; but we pray that he is given an early opportunity, to address the ‘culture of death’ in health. My daughter experienced one of her teachers blatantly committing euthanasia this weak, and with the crisis of hospital beds, the chronically ill are even more at risk.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God, bid you know that I am cognizant of what is occurring with each soul, and the beloved John Paul, is cognizant of this great crisis, of so-called “brain death” and the extermination of many souls, without consideration of your God. Consider well little children, that even as your activities and plans are frequently thwarted by the enemy, or those pawns of the enemy, this does indeed occur in what the beloved John Paul is doing.

    Lord you are greater.

    My little ones, your Faith is pleasing to your God. But of course We attend on John Paul who speaks to this Cause. The Virtue of Love is such that your God speaks through John Paul, most clearly on this subject, very soon in your time. Be patient, bear with us yet a little longer; it does occur. Know that even though he speaks, there are delays and obstructions in the follow up to his holy words. Continue to pray intensely for his wellbeing and his intentions, for the enemy is wrath and assails him intensely even as he does you, little ones.

    Yes Lord; In union with the Communion of saints, we pray a Memorare on his behalf.

    Beloved little ones continue to pray in all the ways you pray that are so delightful and pleasing to The Lord Your God. Mother remains weeping for Mankind; She has called again and again that none of My children be lost to Me. Few there are, who are responding, yet Mercy prevails a little longer.

    Lord the more You change us, the harder it is for us to endure the world the way it is.

    Little children it is because you are in the world but not of the world, nor shall you ever be of the world or the worldly, for you are My Own.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Dear Little ones, all of this falls into place according to My Design. An opportune moment approaches, and the beloved John Paul clarifies Death; what Death is and what it is not.

    Thank You Lord. On this very subject is the issue of Sophia. We did not hear an actual announcement of her death. I thank You for the anointing of the sick on her behalf. I feel very confused and apprehensive about the truth regarding her death.

    We do not speak today on this painful subject but later.

    Thank You Lord.

    Mother Mary is weeping but not speaking.

    We wonder what was done to that patient.

    Lord I seek Your Wisdom in dealing with Dr OB; his request that I contribute to a situation I do not trust, I do not discern Your Presence in it at all. We get the spirit of confusion. The only thought I have is how psychiatrists no longer listen to patients but prescribe and get rid of them, which no one wants to hear, because its all controlled by how much the government is prepared to pay. The college is controlled by atheists.

    We give him to Mother again as last time. We pray a Memorare for him. Lord I feel totally oppressed and drained. Lord, do You wish me to be involved?

    I the Lord am completely shut out, and the field is totally black---a great Sorrow to Our Mother and your God.

    Our Lord told us at the beginning of this Mission that He gave many healing hands because the health provisions would not suffice. There are groups who are proposing healing by prayer, but they are not exclusively Catholic nor even Christian, so I can’t join them.

    Lord it seems You are opening doors for T that I am not clear about, but if she is to work from home there is office room for her; if that is Your Plan.

    The One Who is called Faithful and True, bids you remain at Peace. At this time your daughter is not yet settled into a specific enough goal or location to say yes, do this now. Even so, should you wish to redo the room as an office, do so.

    Thank You Lord. I want to pray for M B who I’m told is living in very unsatisfactory conditions, and I pray for more Charity towards retired priests to give them more dignity. Mother Mary, please help as Mother of priests, Mother of Mercy and Jesus, Divine Mercy.

    We get the song,”what a Friend we have in Jesus...”

    we leave it in God’s hands. Lord, you know that I have many suffering patients in my practice. I pray for H who is suffering so much. She needs a place to speak, and to weep; and she is in so much pain. She has been seeking You. Lord please let her find You as You have promised, and find Your spiritual and physical healing.

    It is true; when you seek Me, I let you know Me. [Jeremiah Ch 29] Together, Faithful Missionary, you and Me and Mother, we work Our Miracles of healing Love. Continue to pray for the suffering little one, and My Light continues to fall upon her. I ease her suffering, I break a bondage that has held her, as it were imprisoned for some time. Be at Peace, it is done!

    Thank You Jesus. Glory be...Lord we continue to pray for KK, who is back on all the medications, but I continue to pray for her Faith to grow in Faith that she can trust You more than the medications. Lord, the time is becoming short to book for Rome, but I’m not clear what You wish me to do Lord; should I continue to wait or book.

    Go Forth in My Light and My Love and book the flight according to the days we have arranged. It is agreed. He is showing us a Cross of white Light shining in the darkness. Lumen Christi will lead me?

    You shall most assuredly know why you are there when you are there. Trust Me!

    I will fill your heart and soul even unto your throat so that you will know what We are about.

    Thanks for this explanation of the sensation in my throat; I finally have the Words to describe the sensation in my throat.

    Lord, you know I have been continually seeing the serpent since I called the police for this woman who has been harassing me on my phones daily. Lord I pray to break any curses that have come my way, and that she be released also.

    Thus have We prayed the big rebukes. The virtue of Love is such that the Lord your God is profoundly attendant upon thee. Children, do not fear the devil, he is a defeated foe. I Myself, [immediatedly the Lighted Cross with the circle of Light in the centre is seen by Omen on my forehead], I the Lord God, am all powerful indeed! Little children, always remember, I have defeated satan, sin and death for you. Little ones, you live in My Light and My Peace and My Love. The enemy rears its ugly head periodically, here and there. Be not afraid; in the Name of Jesus it must flee! Dear little ones, at the Name of Mary, this thing must flee! Since you are persevering in all prayerfulness, invoking the Names of Jesus and Our Mother Mary, Who love you most tenderly, most totally and most eternally, and Whom you love in return, there is nothing to fear. I assure you that a shield of angels circumscribes you and you are safe in the Lord.

    Dear little children, I remind you, you are front line soldiers in the Great War; greater than any war recorded in the history books is the war which We are in. You have seen the foe face to face, and he is defeated and routed. Dear little ones, he detests what you do in My Name, but he cannot harm you, for I assure you that I dwell within your heart and soul and mind.

    Is it not written that We make Our Home in you when you have said ‘yes’ to Us? And so, that is why We speak today of individuals being other Christs. You are the temple of the Living God, and your light is shining. This annoys Our mutual enemy, who attempts to attack to no avail, for he is rendered harmless by Me, the Living God. Do not be afraid, I am with you, I am always with you. You are My beloved one, you are never alone!

    Thank you Lord Jesus. As I was planning a song of praise, Omen received a Charismatic song “His Name is wonderful, Jesus our Lord,” silently ,and said we should sing a song of praise. I had been singing in my heart, “Christ Jesus Victor, Christ Jesus Ruler, Christ Jesus Lord and Redeemer.”

    As I arrived home from these prayers, I saw in a cloud near my home about five to seven angels moving rapidly back and forth within the cloud, becoming very bright when they came to the fore; but they never came right out of the cloud. I watched for 10 to fifteen minutes in awe, but they showed no sign of leaving and it was very cold so I had to go in. The next morning I saw the grey serpent back again though not as clearly, in my right peripheral vision. At Adoration fortunately I was alone, and I spoke out loud asking our Lord to help me. Immediately, Our Lady of Guadalupe stood exactly where the serpent had reared himself to the right of the Tabernacle. She did not even look at him but he seemed to know immediately his place and he shrank down and wriggled under Her foot. From then on every time he tried to appear I saw Our Lady of Guadalupe again and he went under Her foot, till over the course of that day he gave up.

    Thank You Jesus and Mother. Amazing!

    Discernment Prayers. December 22nd 1999.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Here we are Lord, come to do your Will, and seek Your Words of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding once again. Immediately we are told;

    Your Jesus is here!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. We adore You as our King and Our Lord. We know that You give us everything, therefore its even hard to ask, except that You have told us to ask in order to receive; and also for those who do not ask. In this time of novena before Christmas I offer all up for the Holy Father. Since the MMP Cenacle yesterday You have given me a share in the suffering of the Holy Father continuously up till now so we pray for him and all his needs. Now we experience the obstructions, and pray the rebukes first.

    The One Who is called Faithful and True is attendant upon you. Little children, My Peace is upon you. Dear little ones, your love for the beloved John Paul 2 is known to your God. He yet reigns in the Chair of Peter. He is more precious to the Living God than you can begin to comprehend. He is Our chosen one for these times. Mark well that his suffering is intense and that all your prayers cause a balm of relief, even release upon the beloved John Paul.

    Lord every time we pray the Rosary and our other prayers especially in Adoration are for him.

    And many other additional prayers are being prayed for him.

    Lord we pray for all the obstructions against him to be removed. Our Lord lets us feel more pain in our hearts; we pray the Memorare and prayer of St Michael for him, and even remission of some of his afflictions if this is Your Will Lord.

    A solemn moment of respite is given the pope when you pray thus!

    Thank You Lord.

    Little children, all goes according to Heaven’s Design. You know well that what must be, must be, and you are asked to simply persevere. When you are praying perseveringly, an infilling of Hope comes upon you, as you persevere no matter what, and with that Hope, great things are accomplished. It is the Way of the saints! It is thus that I am calling all of you to remain in prayerful perseverance in all that you are doing in My Name in this period of time in man’s history.

    Thank You Lord. I am hearing that some try to take advantage of his frailty and age to intimidate him, or obstruct him from doing what he is inspired to do and say. Lord the Angelus of the 15th Dec, seemed that the Holy Father was beginning to revisit Evangelium Vitae, which he mentioned.

    Traitors and Betrayers. All shall account to Me! Dear little ones, rest assured your prayers accomplish much! Little children, at this time I ask you to just Trust. All is falling into place according to Your God’s Design. Little children, at this time I remind you, you are front line soldiers; foot-soldiers like infantrymen, and your major Call is obedience without question. This is where you find yourselves in these very grave issues at this time; these grave issues in which you are playing active parts according to My Design. My little children, persevere. You are instruments in the Hand of Your God Who loves you so; and in you and through you, ongoing Blessings flow upon My needy Humanity.

    Lord we pray that when the Holy Father does speak, all the doctors, all who are Christian and Catholic, will immediately be open in heart and soul and mind and will, and will immediately be obedient. We pray for unity in the Magisterium of the Church in support of the Holy Father.

    The dissensions, the disruptions in My Body, the Church, are well known to you little ones. Even so, you only see as it were, the tip of the iceberg! There is great turmoil within My Church, for it is assailed from within and without, and the beloved John Paul, because of the circumstances in which he finds himself, is expected one might say, to walk a tightrope in all that he is saying and doing. Yet he is blest with a spirit of boldness in speaking the Truth of Salvation!

    I Myself attend upon him; I speak in and through him, for nothing is impossible to the Lord Your God. This is a man compared to other men, one might say, of tenfold Faith, who is yielded unto the Living God most beautifully, and what flows from his pen and from his voice, is of Me. It is always of Me!

    Little children he shall speak on the subjects of your hearts concern clearly in due course. I do not allow the obstructors to stop him from implementing all that I desire in My Design; it is accomplished. Trust Me!

    Thank You Lord Jesus; we trust you.

    Lord we come before you not in a spirit of doubt but needing to be taught and given understand ing about the 50,000 or so, who drowned in mud in Venezuela. My daughter asked why those who were already poor and needy, where the ones who suffered the most in disasters. Lord, please help us to see as You see in these circumstances; we and many others, need to be taught Your Will.

    The One Who is called Faithful and True addresses you this Way little children. As you know, most nations today are a mixture of Christian, atheist and pagan. Vile dictators are placed in positions of power to rule the nations. When you study Holy Scripture you realize that I at times find it necessary, to pour out My Wrath upon a nation, because of the open defiance to Me of the leadership.

    Thus all those that have been taken are recognized as martyrs in this nation at least, for I am a God of Merciful Love. Sometimes little children, you must see it as Mercy, when I call someone Home.

    My little children, in north, south and central America, there is much paganism, there is much atheism, there is even in some areas, a pseudo-Christianity which is not pleasing to Me. Little children, I have told you, I have warned you, you live in turbulent times; and it is so! It prevails a little longer, and you are asked My people of Faith, to endure to the end, and to rejoice in the Victory, the Triumph with Your God, with The Mother of God, and with the Communion of angels and saints!

    Lord thank You for condescending to teach us so beautifully.

    He’s reminding Omen that He told her long ago that the dawn of the new age, comes like labour pains, increasing and intensifying, and that is what we are experiencing right now.

    Our responses are so inadequate; we pray that Our Mother magnifies them before they come before You Lord. We pray Memorare for the suffering and the conversion of those who cause it.

    Lord, we forgot to thank You for so many miraculous healings in Your Responses to our prayers,

    those we know and those we don’t know. Lord we are hearing of so many, who have been told they would die and have lived and been healed. Lord even the great gift You gave to me this last week; the Gift of the angels, and our Lady of Guadalupe, crushing the serpent. Lord, was I deceiving myself in all that I saw?

    My lovely one, you see what you see; but I must remind you, a word to the wise; that there are those who will not understand. Little children, continue to be cautious who you tell.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord I pray for Mons L B who received the Mission a year ago, and now is the one who is leading the conference in Rome in Feb.,2000. We pray for many to participate in the Millennium Rosary for the Holy Father in the 24 hours before the first of January 2000.

    Lord we continue to pray for S; we don’t know what has happened, but we pray for much Enlighten -ment to come to this country from what has happened to her.

    Sophia is a treasury of My Love. Little children, at this time I just ask you to have considered this mother and child, as a living textbook, a teaching lesson for those who will heed the Enlightenment of Your God. Little children, I tell you again and again, My Own are safe in Me. Sophia is safe in Me. My precious little ones, do not feel that it is a disappointment for your movement when things do not appear to go as you had imagined they might. Your Faith in action is ever beautiful.

    My little ones, are you not all My front line soldiers; and in a war, many soldiers fall, but the victorious army, is yet the victorious army, and this is how it is! My Victorious army does not meet with defeat. I simply take Home those whom I will to take Home, and great is their Victory in Glory! It is sufficient for tonight on this subject.

    Thank You Lord. Glory be... May the Presence...we sang “Shine Jesus.”..

    Discernment Prayers. 29th December,1999.

    Day of Death for Josepha Menendes; “Way of Divine Love.”

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Lord we pray for more people and more reverence attending Perpetual Adoration.

    I am Jesus and I am attendant upon you little children. My Peace is upon you; be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus for always being so available to us. Thank You for speaking to us for two years, in order to teach us, and many others through these beautiful Missions, the Great Mercy of conversion and Salvation. Thank You for Our Holy Father, and for answering His prayers for conversion through Tertio Millennio Adveniente with these and many other magnificent Missions.

    We know this is a extra special occasion because it is our last meeting this century. We thank You and Our Mother, the Immaculate Heart of Mary; and we ask first if You wish to give us Your Words to meditate upon at this time.

    Darling, the One Who is called Faithful and True is attendant upon you. Indeed I am attendant upon each one of you in a profound manner. Little children, as you know there is yet much to be done, and I have strengthened you to the Fortitude, the courage to do what needs doing upon My Requests, and I am delighted in your faithfulness, in your obedience

    in remaining humbled creatures before Our Father, Who is Creator of All.

    It is thus that you permit Me to use you, in your ‘yes’ to Me, echoing the “Yes” of Our Mother; I am thus using you as instruments of My Healing Love, instruments of My Peace, instruments of My Light, that Enlightenment come upon this world. As is written, ‘darkness covers the Earth, and the thick clouds the people.’ We must yet bring Light to the world. My faithful ones are sprinkled all over the Earth, like countless candles, great candelabras; a myriad of lights about the Earth, but the darkness is yet immense!

    Dear little children, in a moment of wonder I shall light up the entire world with My Presence! It is not yet, but in the Eyes of the Lord it is soon!

    Dear little children, you are called to persevere, and you are strengthened; yes I have given you each one, a Spirit of Boldness in the Lord, to do that which I desire done, and you remain not being afraid, but carrying out these actions in My Name. Blessings fall upon you, graces fall upon you little children.

    Each one of you is yielded unto Me in and through the Immaculate Heart of Our Mother.

    As you cling to the Two Hearts of Love, Divine Life, Divine Light flows in you and through you, to the many needy little ones.[Omen is seeing our Immaculate Mother with a Crown-we think its because the Feast of Theotokos is soon. Thank You Mother.]

    Little children, you have many concerns about the Adoration Chapel?

    Yes Lord, not enough adorers and not enough reverence. Lord it is better than it was in the summer, but You had promised us a miracle which would cause multitudes to flock and so we ask again for this to come about Lord. It is good to see many people come back to Church for Christmas, and we hope they stay, but we pray for the miracle of conversion for all of us please Lord. Very few people genuflect or kneel before You any more Lord; it is disturbing and painful.

    Dear little children, persevere in all prayerfulness and be at Peace. Attendant upon this conversation, is your God; your Triune God, and the Mother of God, and a myriad of angels and saints. Attendance at Adoration shall indeed increase, and do so rapidly now, for Heaven hears the prayers of you precious little ones. Your request is answered with a resounding YES!

    Thank You Lord. We give You all honour, glory, praise, thanksgiving; we bless Your Holy Name!

    Lord some are behaving very strangely and sometimes because we do not have a lot of committed adorers, they are there alone. We pray for their conversion but if not, that they would leave Lord please. Lord we know in the Bible that the devils always knew who You were, and You were able to make them leave at Your command. So we simply ask for the same for our Adoration Chapel .

    Lord, You know the hearts and souls and minds of everyone; we are instructed to love everyone You set in our pathway and not to judge. But we are also trying to ensure that the Eucharist is treated with respect; many true adorers at all times.

    Dear little ones, simply pray much and continue to adore, and Trust Me in these matters. We shall succeed in this enterprise. Multitudes will begin to adore at last.

    Thank You Lord. Lord may we ask You about the miraculous event that will turn this around.

    Our Lord shows Omen a bag, like a Mystery Gift; we have to wait and see what He is giving us! Thank You Lord. Your Gifts are always beautiful.

    Lord You know how hard it has been to wait and pray ant trust in Peace; it takes a lot of prayer to remain in Peace and patient perseverence. In reviewing the tasks for the Mission, several have to wait till the Holy Father speaks on these subjects, and we can write under his authority about these ethical issues.

    The tasks held in abeyance yet a little come to the fore rapidly now. Trust Me! In due course Mankind once again recognizes and admits correctly , the moment of Death for each human. The beloved John -Paul as you know, is harassed and oppressed and heavily burdened.

    Lord please lift his burden. He has so much to do in Your Name.

    Little children, wait yet a little longer on Your Lord. The pronouncement comes soon, in a talk by the beloved John Paul. As you know, each one of his speeches is recorded and analyzed heeded by some but not by all.

    Lord we watch and broadcast his words happily.

    Little ones, it is not for long now, in your own time. A clarification is given, on the subject of Death. Vehement are the arguments pro and con the statement, the concepts of the beloved John-Paul. In these discussions, even arguments, it will cause many to heed and discern, and the Spirit of the Living God actively assists Man to discern correctly the Will of your God, the death, the bodily death of an individual!

    Lord once He speaks it is no longer an issue of intellect but obedience. We need that so much right now, because of the amount of confusion even in the Church, let alone the government and the Health personnel. Lay people who just want to be faithful need to hear from him Lord.

    Do not be afraid I am with you; You are like Jonah sitting outside the gates waiting on the Lord. The pronouncement comes rapidly now; be at Peace! Simply wait on the Lord. I Myself wait on each soul, that is, each yielded soul, for many scientists as you know, are not yielded unto the Living God’s Will. Yet the Clarion Call, the Call loud and clear, is given to Mankind on this subject.

    Lord we pray for all the doctors and scientists to hear and obey, and sincerely convert. Lord, when I think of how Great a Gift of Mercy this Epistle of Love Mission is to us, it’s a bit frightening to think of people ignoring it deliberately. I pray for their openness .

    Little children, you are not alone, many are on your side in the Cause of Love. Children, even in the Vatican, your cause, which is My Cause indeed, is assisted and promoted! Believe; Heaven hears the prayers of the Faithful; and believe also, that My Will shall be done with regard to bodily death.

    Little children, cling to your Jesus, and cling to Our Mother. These issues are before Your God; thus have I given them over to you; and these issues are before the beloved John -Paul.

    Lord, all is in Your Design and in Your Time; but if the Holy Father speaks, will he acknowledge Epistle of Love Mission? Even if he speaks against “brain death” how can we promote the Mission, if the Church Authorities do not approve it?

    My Delight is that this occurs. In due course, there shall be recognition. Little children, patience, forbearance, endurance; these are the Words for this Mission at this time.

    Lord many are saying that You are coming quickly now. One is led to believe that there are deadlines on these issues.

    My little ones, I am with you always! It is sufficient for you to know. My little ones be at Peace.

    Lord, we love it that You call us, Your “little ones.” We understand also that that means we understand very little of what You give us; the deep theological understanding will come much higher up in the official Church. We don’t have to understand it all. But I know that You do not use a single Word idly. In the last three discernments You have referred to Yourself as “the One Who is Faithful and True.”I know that those titles are in the very last few chapters of Revelation. But You always have been “Faithful and True.” so dare I ask if we are supposed to understand it in the context of Revelation when You use this title now?

    Little children, you may well believe that you are living in the times so long forewarned. Many are the signs that have already been fulfilled for these times. And yet there is a little longer time in which to work, not frantically, not feverishly, but perseveringly, in your Missions.

    There is time yet, for many to come back to the One True Fold. God indeed, is like the Shepherd at the Sheepfold, blessing and counting all those who come back to Me; back to the Sanctuary of Love.

    I make Clarion Calls round and about the Earth. The Epistle of Love to the scientific world, is one such Call. There are others; and though hell works feverishly to disrupt, to obstruct, to delay, to diffuse the Messages of Your Christ, hell is doomed to fail. My Victory is now, little children; pray often “In Jesus Name is my Victory,” for it is truly so.

    Little children, those who profess to be atheists, and those who profess to serve satan, are in dire trouble, for every human soul as you know, is eternal. Our Call, Our Mission little children, is that Mankind come into Eternal Light for all Time and Eternity. Dear little children, there is a fierce struggle for every soul.

    I Call each into the Light of My Presence. Many have not yet responded. Tirades of abuse are hurled against those who speak out in My Name. Thus the world treated Me; thus the world treats My Own, and yet, what wondrous treasures My Own are storing in Heaven. I hold these treasures in Glory for each of My Own.

    Do not be afraid of this turning of the new year, of the new century. I am with My Own. I shelter My Own, I shield My Own. You are safe in My Providence.

    Thank You Lord, we trust Your Providence. When You spoke of my daughter last time, You said You have a safe place for her for summer. Opportunities have come but it is not clear which one, or if its time to know.

    Hosts of angels attend upon the girls. Doors are opened; actions are taken. I assist each one of them profoundly, as I do each one of My Own children of Faith. I tell you again, “by Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won,” and I assure you that your Faith and the Faith of your daughters, each one has a profound Faith which is pleasing to the Lord your God.

    Thank you for Your Gift of Faith to us Lord. Lord we pray for the chaplain you Inspire the Archbishop to lead our guild, and for the Archbishop Himself in these difficult times. Lord You know that we are overwhelmed. Thy Will be done. Have Mercy on us all. We haven’t heard from Our beloved Mother today. Lord one has asked me to pray for his father and two brothers who have assisted their girlfriends, and all men who coerce woman into having abortions.

    My little children, be at Peace; Heaven hears your prayers. I know all your hearts concerns little children. Even as the light increases, for you have passed the darkest date [21st Dec]

    and sunlight is increasing daily, so the Light of Christ is increasing in the hearts of human beings. Those hardened hearts begin to soften, and Enlightenment comes as My beloved little ones persevere in praying, the Plea of Our Mother, the conversion of sinners, the salvation of souls, dear little children, for nothing is impossible to the Lord your God!

    Thank You Lord. Thank You for our second anniversary, with Therese and on her birthday.

    Mother says, ‘your missionary zeal remains with each of you.” Thank You Mother.

    Dear little children, be at Peace, Mother is ever attendant upon you. Dear little children, horrendous events are occurring all over the Earth in these trying times in which you are living,

    and your Mother is often in tears of Sorrow, and yet frequently in tears of Joy when there is a

    conversion, when there is a Victory in Jesus Name.

    When the little ones are so devout and pleasing to the Lord, your Mother weeps tears of Joy. Dear little ones, Blessings and graces are falling upon you. Persevere little children, in your works of Merciful Love, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus, whose Victory is at hand, as is the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart! Darling children!

    Thank You Mother , and thank You for eradicating the serpent and restoring my peace.

    Glory be... May the Presence...

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