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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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  • 2000 Jan to March

    Discernment Prayers. 5th January, 2000.

    Oh Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment

    Thine. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Lord we pray for the one called David, who seems to have lost most functioning, lost his family, and with no diagnosis; Lord You are Eternal Physician, only You can heal him, and enlighten the doctors treating him. Thy Will be done Lord. Mother of Mercy, Mediatrix of all Graces, pray for us.

    Persevere in all prayerfulness little children, and be at Peace!

    Thank you Lord. Lord we ask a blessing a Peace upon his mother and family as well please Lord.

    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, Memorare...

    Lord we forgot to start by thanking you... for the grace of absolution, especially at this time, and for inspiring me to rededicate my life, both professional and personal, to You to be more fully Your Hands, Your Heart, Your Voice. We pray for our priests who seem to be suffering more at this time, as the thousands return to You. Even when Our Lord does not respond we know he keeps loving us.

    Lord yet again, this time from Zenit news, this erroneous idea of “artificial life” in a mother who brought an infant to birth, Lord may this confusion soon be clarified. There appears to be a barrier and we pray rebukes.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord Bless you; little children, be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord.

    There are many things occurring rampantly about the Earth now, of which I, the Lord God, am fully aware. This instance of this woman, given life support, until the infant is born, is known to Me. Our Lord gives us, “His Eye is on the sparrow, His Eye is on me.”

    Little children, many are the strange events which occur at this time in the history of Man, for you live in a time of great change. There is a resonance about the world right now; the sound of the faithful clammering for Life to be respected. Your God heeds!

    Little children, at last the many come to comprehend the issues which are at stake here.

    I remain a God of Light and Life and Love.

    Lord give us Your Words of Enlightenment; we come to do Your Will.

    Living waters flow upon you little children, the Peace of Christ is upon you. Be not aggrieved when someone is taken Home. The circumstances are serious and unusual, yet I continue to have a plan and I do, as you know, make good come out of bad.

    Little children, My Heart too is heavy, for much of what is occurring on the Earth is not of Me, and yet you are approaching a time of great change. Little children, in spite of all that is occurring, you have a Joy within you in the Peace of My Presence, which has come to the fore, for the true faithful, in this Christmas season, this holy season, and is ongoing.

    The enemy and his agents on Earth, have been resoundingly defeated at this time of the New Year. Great changes are upon the Earth, and yet battle lines are drawn up, for those who are for Me, the Living God, and those who are not; for they have , shall We say swallowed the lies as satan, as surely as did Adam and Eve, the first parents.

    Lord we still pray for the conversion of sinners, the salvation of souls.

    Continue to do so; little children, your prayers are effective in causing others to come back to Me with all their hearts. My true faithful remnant, spread around the world, work miracles of conversion. Great evangelization is present this year in particular. Persevere little children, and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord may we ask You; in the Holy Fathers’ clarification, is it that he has not spoken because Your time has not come yet, or is it that he is being obstructed from speaking out.

    This month and next bring meetings between the beloved John Paul, and those who have studied and have detailed knowledge of all that is occurring in the hospitals in this matter of “brain death.” wait yet a little longer children; the Pope is cognizant of all that is occurring. Continue walking in Faith.

    Thank You Lord. Lord Jesus, You know that I am having a difficult time getting the flight to Rome booked. I pray for all the help of Our Mother, and all the angels and saints in Heaven, that the path You choose for me be found.

    Let us therefore ask the beloved Raphael.

    [patron of travellers]‘ Angel of God’ prayer. Dear St Raphael, on behalf of Epistle of Love Mission take all into your hands and under your protection according to the Holy Will of God.]

    A Cause Celebre; we book the flight!

    Thank You. Blessed be God in His angels and in his saints...

    Lord, I prayed for J on the 29th Sept and and he was called to the priesthood, on St Raphael’s day. [24thOctober.] We hope he is given the gift of Joy; as the Archangel’s salutation to Tobit; “Joy be to thee. “ We thank you so much that he has accepted Our Lady of Guadalupe’s invitation to be her ambassador, bringing Her Rosary and Her Image to his countrymen, and finding them open, receptive and with great spiritual hunger, and asking us to send more rosaries and Images. I decided before mailing this package to pray; Lord we thank You so much for all good that has happened to J and we pray for Words You may wish to say to him.

    I am Jesus, and I am ever attendant upon each of My Own. J, beloved of the Lord, son of God and son of Mary, My Peace is upon you, and indeed, My Peace is always accompanied by Joy, and I bless you in a great anointing of Love and Peace and Joy. I have strengthened you to a great courage, a great Fortitude, that you persevere in all that you are doing in My Name.

    Son of God, I have strengthened you for We have much to do together. “ I have plans for yousays the Lord; it is so. Remember, I am with you always; My Love is ever attendant upon you. When you are in need, remember, I am only a prayer away. The lines of communication, keep them open between you and Me, and between these beloved little prayer warriors who have adopted you as family, and rejoice in this Our Love’s Union! Glory be...

    Lord thank You for the great Grace that so many people were in contact with me, to let me know the many healings in body and in spirit, that those we have prayed for, have had. Lord the printer and I are redoing the web site; Lord help us to do as You wish, and protect us from all obstruction, and keep me in Peace, when I am feeling so overwhelmed. .

    Oh Holy Spirit, beloved of Our Souls, we adore Thee. Enlighten us, guide us, strengthen us, console us; let us know and only do Your Will.

    That which you ask of Me is given. Be at Peace, all things fall into place. Little children, remember to pray at moments of frustration, the small prayers you have been given, “I am someone Jesus Loves, I am someone Mary loves; I am safe in the Arms of Jesus, and I am safe in the arms of Mary.” I assure you, when you pray this prayer, or any prayer invoking Our Names in all sincerity of heart, We attend upon you, We resolve the concerns of your heart in the Peace of Our Presence. Little children, when you are frustrated it is good to pray,”Be still oh my heart, and know that thou art in the Presence of the Living God; “and then persevere, for most assuredly, My Own are ever in My Presence. Thank You Lord.

    Lord, a while ago when we prayed, You said we should pray again for A’s work in summer.

    The Mother of God salutes you, greets you, blesses you; remember, I am tenderly caring for each of my children, as a doting Mother, a loving Mother. A position of work comes to the fore, for A. It just occurs shall We say. Heaven delights in the faithfulness of mother and daughter, and the blessings flow.

    Thank You Mother, so much. Lord You know that I am juggling which psychiatric conferences to attend; with this one in Chicago from the 13th to th 18th , with T graduating on the 15th and 16th. ,but I don’t know if you wish me to go; I can’t afford to go to everything yet I would attend my daughter’s grad anyway, this way costs me less. I know its presumptuous to even ask so soon Lord but I have so much to plan.

    Begin now to plan to attend that conference and all falls into place!

    Thank You Lord. I trust Your Providence to help me arrange everything, and not even question it.

    All goes according to the Divine Will for those who know and love and serve the Lord, such as thee, little one. Rejoice in Our Love’ Union and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Finally today, once again Lord, I just want to put into Your Hands through the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Our Mother, all those patients of mine ,so many of whom are not doing well, or who seem to have their sorrows intensified at this time, many of them lapsed Catholics, that through their suffering they will turn to You Lord, that none of Your Own be lost.

    It is as you say, in suffering and sorrow they come back to Me; I would they would come by other means, in Joy, and yet I ask you to persevere; I assist you profoundly; I cast out the foe at every instance in his attack on My Own. Remember, you are profoundly assisted by your God in all that you are doing.

    I pray for an abused patient and her family. I see that You inspired me to plant a seed of Faith in her, by shaking hands. I thank You for speaking to her through me, Jesus, Eternal Physician . My God I believe, I adore I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. Glory be... May the Presence ...

    And Mother is still saying,” Mother Blesses thee, Mother bids thee be at Peace My little ones; remember, stay always in the Presence of My Son, loving Him as you do. Perseverence is the keyword for this year!” Thank You Mother.

    Discernment Prayers. 10th January,2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament Most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Demonic interference.

    In the Name O f Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole heavenly court we pray; the Lord rebuke thee satan, the Lord rebuke any and all that is coming against us, and our Missions. In Jesus Holy Name is our victory, great and glorious is the Lord , Our God!

    Therefore little children be at Peace, I am with you. I am Your Jesus, Prince of Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Do not be aggrieved at words of scorn, or words against the Holy Father, the beloved John Paul; I am the Lord Your God. All does and will continue to go according to My Design.

    We had heard about the secular press saying that a German bishop was calling for the Holy Father’s resignation, just before starting to pray. Thank You Lord God, we continue to pray for him and for obedience and unity under his authority.

    Believe little children that it comes to pass, that My Church authority recognizes, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Truth about bodily death!

    Children, you know this does not mean that immediately the scientific world will accept it but they will go on, persevering in their ways and debating and arguing the points. And yet the stand for Truth is taken by the beloved John Paul, and must be adhered to by all true believers. Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord, I am so grateful that it will take place, because Epistle of Love cannot be accepted without this. Lord I pray for my own situation, feeling separated from my guild and the chaplain by this Mission, and in not being available to attend meetings at the new time because of my time of Adoration. Lord, I need to pray for healing, understanding and reconciliation in this situation.

    My little one, thou art beloved of the Lord, My small instrument of healing love. My small instrument, I bless you! My little one, I permit you to pick and choose which meetings you shall attend according to the topics; and I am with you and I assist you, that you be not too wearied on those days. My little one, I do not say you must attend each meeting, but attend on occasions where the subject matter is important to Us.

    My little one, do not worry about how the other doctors regard you, for I am with you, and I shield you. I assure you that in this time, all true faithful members of My Church, each one is shielded in a magnificent shield of protection.

    In the army of the Great Archangel Michael, all the angels who work with him, work to shield each precious human, as you recognize each little temple of the Living God, very powerfully in these times. Be at Peace therefore ; in all that you are doing, the Lord is with you, Our Mother is with you, great saints and mighty angels are with you! Thank You Lord.

    Little children, do not be apprehensive about the Bishop or Fr R. As you recognize, they are, as you say, Faith filled priests; they love their flock, they know little children, that what you are doing, each one of you, is in acts of genuine Faith on your part, that the activities of either one of you are not fully comprehended in the light of Church views of today, is not something to be afraid or embarrassed about. When one is called for a Mission, one is called for a Mission! You have been called for a Mission, therefore you may expect opposition here or there but, as you are taught, you keep your eyes on the goal, you keep your eyes upon your Jesus, for I am with you! Our Lord shows us Peter walking on the water keeping his eyes on Jesus and not looking down. Little children, for you it is easier than what it was for Peter. Persevere therefore little ones, I am with you!

    Lord thank You so much for our beloved Pastor and all our parish priests, where we feel accepted with our Missions and cared for and for our Bishop. Lord thank You for strengthening Your priests.

    Lord I know that I am going to a psychiatric conference, and visiting my sister, but I need to ask if You are sending me for other than I have mentioned and what I should take on behalf of the Mission.

    You shall go to the conference as to a conference, and yet I will speak to your heart there.

    There is someone you will meet, whom shall We say, is akin to you in the understandings of bodily death. There is a need to make contact with a few people. This will just occur, it will fall into place according to My Design; in the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God it simply happens!

    Because for a few days I began to know that You wanted me to take my summary /index.. Do so! our Lord was already saying. Thank You for the confirmation Lord.

    With regard to your kinsfolk, simply love them and remain at Peace.

    Praying Memorare for them and to attend Mass daily while there. Thank You Lord Jesus, and thank You for the opportunity to visit the Relics of St Therese, and I will take Omen’s Mission in my heart, Life Foundation and my “eleventh hour” Mission.and John and Love of Christ Mission and my daughters and all whom You Inspire me to pray for; and also when I go to Rome, to pray for all these Missions. Lord I pray for the safe arrival of the package of Images and Rosaries in Romania. I need Your Guidance about the next package Lord; who should receive it?

    Attempt to carry as many of the Holy Images and the summary as is feasible on your journeys.

    Its so awesome that in 1982, on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes in answer to my novena, ES and I started the daily Rosary before Mass, for world peace and the conversion of Russia, and now ES is in Heaven, and I have eleventh hour Mission, with J as a link, getting Her Rosaries and Image into the “eastern block”, and I will be in Rome on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, when the Holy Father celebrates the Mass in St Peters eighteen years later! Thank You Lord.

    Lord You have intensified my gifts in a unique way, in that You let me know by giving me Your feelings and reactions to some patients as they speak, sometimes so intensely that I can hardly speak to them. Lord I need Your Guidance as to what You wish me to do when this is happening?

    The Virtue of Love is that I am Feeling in Your Heart, the Intense Sorrow and Pain to Me, by the offenses of these persons, who seek healing not knowing that I Am the Healer!

    My little one, as you have become aware of these circumstances, I take consolation in your heart, and I ask you to simply pray for the troubled ones’ conversion of heart, for the softening of hearts.

    Indeed, the Pardon prayer is a good instrument for it is rapidly prayed and most effective, but any prayer you choose, to speak a word or phrase, asking that their hearts be softened, that their minds be opened unto Me. They remain resistant to My Call to Love, and in this very resistance, they find themselves ensnared in these afflictions!

    There is much Sorrow, that they are, at once wilfully doing what they do, and yet seemingly they are ignorant of what they are doing. Therefore one must continue to treat them with all compassion until Enlightenment comes. You may not see it in every instance, yet simply pray for them; I will move your heart with Inspirations of prayers on their behalf.

    Our Lord showed Omen Pharoah, and each time He gave him a plague He would say,”then he will know that I am God!”

    Sometimes little children, it takes much affliction, much suffering, before a human yields to their God, for I am God of all! Persevere dear little one, persevere.

    Thank You Lord. Thank also, for the help of Raphael in booking the flight to Rome.

    Lord I am praying for T, who is still trying to decide where to work., for guidance and protection. I also pray for the one called D and for his guardian angel if it is Your Will, through Our Mother.

    The One Who is called Faithful and True bids thee Peace. Remain at Peace! Be not anxious little children. T has a position awaiting her. In due course she is aware of it.

    Lord may we know which city?

    The Love of your God is such that I would bring her home to the Vancouver area, because I desire her to be nearby. Love Me.

    We Love You Lord; but I will wait till You Inspire her to know this herself.

    Little children, do you not want T to be nearby?

    Yes Lord, but I don’t want to be the one to tell her in case she thinks it comes from me.

    Then Vancouver it is!

    Thank You Lord. Thy Will be done. Lord I pray for D that he be healed.

    The Lord Your God is tenderly attendant upon D and upon your children, and all such children.

    Whenever this subject of loss of fathers in families comes up Our Lord shows the Wisdom of Solomon and reminds us of St Joseph to show how important fathers are in families.

    He [the guardian angel] wants to be known as Holy Lightening!

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray in thanksgiving for the beautiful gift of a Rosary container from the Vatican library, given by FC. I pray for enlightenment as to a gift for her, but mostly I pray that she be drawn to You.

    I will Inspire you with the appropriate Gift for her in Rome. You Will see it and simply know.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, be with you all. Beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace. Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns!

    Discernment Prayers. 19th January 2,000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine , all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine!

    Forthwith I bid thee Peace! I am your Jesus of Merciful Love. I am tenderly, compassionate- ly attendant upon you My little ones, and upon all those whom you carry in your hearts. You may address Me with the needed questions.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord we need to thank You for all the wonderful graces that You pour out upon us, and the blessings that sustain me through all these travels, the delightful and surprising spiritual experiences that strengthen and sustain me, and the many ways that you constantly show me Your Presence close to me at all times.

    Lord I pray for Juanita and Prakob, the humble beautiful prayer warriors that I met. I pray for their needs as they have expressed them to me and for their spiritual healing. I pray that Juanita be totally healed from this returning ovarian cancer, that she be protected from needing to repeat the radiotherapy if it is Your Will Lord.

    My Healing Hand is upon Juanita; I heal her to the degree I desire to heal her. She is in My Hands. Continue to pray for one another little children, and be at Peace in this matter. But of course, I sent you to meet these little ones. It is always thus. That is why I call you to love whomsoever I set about you at any given period of time, in all-holy love, in Godly Love. This you have done. Thou art My Delight in all that you are doing in My Name. Brave little prayer warrior, My Peace is upon you!

    Thank You Lord Jesus, for using me as Your instrument and keep me faithful. I pray for Prakob, that she would also be successful in trying to get many to pray the Rosary for the needs of the priesthood in her cenacle. So few are responding.

    Mother says,“ I attend upon her; I address you as Our Lady of Fatima, Queen of the Holy Rosary. It is My Desire that much prayer be given over for My beloved priest sons, who are in dire need of assistance, both in prayer and in service by the flock of faithful. Therefore be at Peace, the little group will grow. The Movement will grow exponentially all over the Earth this year, for there is great need and Graces are flowing to motivate the many to pray the Rosary.

    Lord may we give them these actual Words?

    My little one I bless you in all the works of your hands. You may give them the Words if you desire to do so. They are not unlike what people call charismatic Words of prophecy and understanding; Words of knowledge. They would be acceptable to the little ones. Thank You Lord.

    Thank Mother; and we wish to confirm that it is the Will of God that we join the group who have invited us and all who have or will soon complete the deMontfort Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and promote others doing so.

    Do so little children, it is for the good of those who make the Consecration, to draw them ever closer to the Living God.

    Lord I pray for my Hindu friends. They are all Your Creation. Draw them to You.

    Lover of souls, the Blessings of the Lord fall upon all those for whom you pray. My little children, remember; am I not King of all nations? Is Mother not Mother of all Nations?

    Yes Lord.

    Therefore trust. Trust in the Merciful Love of your God and be at Peace.

    Lord, I thank You for always leading me to Masses that are celebrated by faithful priests, even as a stranger. I pray that soon You in the Tabernacle , will be in the center of Your Church where You belong, and that many more will genuflect when they pass before You Lord.

    Little children remember, I take consolation in your hearts; I take consolation in the hearts of the faithful remnant upon Earth, in particular on Fridays. I delight when you console your Jesus, especially on the Fridays in memory of Me, of My Sacrifice, of My Passion.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I was not aware of anyone where I noticed an opening to discuss the Mission. I’m just a bit puzzled because I took along the summary of the Mission as You requested and yet I did not give out a single one.

    A great Blessing comes upon you, for your obedience, and your Faith and Trust in bringing the documents. And great Blessings have come upon the little ones whom you have met and whose needs you have perceived and for whom you pray, and great Blessings come upon you in your sister and her loved ones.

    Little one, as you notice when you go out into the world, there are yet many who know Me not. Do not be dismayed. Simply pray as you do for the conversion of the many and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray in union with the Holy Father this week, that the Unity of the Christian Faithful into One Flock would soon come about.

    Persevere in this prayer and in like prayer little children, for thou knowest well My Words; ”Father, if they could be but one.” These Words strike at the heart of the beloved John Paul, who works unceasingly at this Cause alone, in addition to the multitude of Causes of his hearts concern. Bless him prayerfully often. He has yet much to do in My Name.

    Thank You Lord. Lord as You know I will be in Rome in the next few weeks; am I to get paper- work for the present prayers from the last year, to give the update to the Holy Father, and to the Archbishop who was given all the Words of the first year[1998.]

    The Virtue of Love is such that I attend upon thee profoundly little one, in your works of Merciful Love. We yet await the pronouncement of the beloved John Paul, which occurs in due course according to Our Schedule. You would do well to bring an update to the Bishop, placing it in his hands, and leaving it to his discretion to bring to the beloved John Paul’s attention. Little one, We help you, We help Thong in all that you are doing. Believe and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, thank You for leading me to visit the Relics of St Therese. Lord thank You for the gift of the scent of roses at the Guardian Angel Cathedral before Your Tabernacle and throughout my visit that day. Lord I don’t quite understand Who was actually giving me the gift of roses that day.

    It is the Essence, the Perfume of Heaven, when My little one is faithful in a Mission, going forth in humble obedience. When you come before your Jesus, Who has opened Heaven, you are most assuredly, as you are at every Sacrifice of the Mass, in the Communion of Saints. Heaven is attendant upon you and you are in attendance upon Heaven. Sometimes Mother, or I, or any saint that is attendant upon you, wishes you to know of Our Presence with you, Our Attendance upon you; and so We allow you this Gift of Love.

    Lord it was exquisite; thank You so much.

    Lord I pray for M being rejected or ignored in his attempts to help doctors understand about “brain death,” and for Fr C.

    I am the Lord, your God! Fr C is My Own. Dear little children, simply leave it in My Hands and pray much for the beloved Fr C and the many priests in this similar position; and there are many physicians in your position Faithful Missionary and in M’s, and J’s. It is a time of severe testing upon Humanity.

    You are pleading with Me to bring about a pronunciation of what “bodily death” is, and it shall be so. Wait a little bit. Bid M to remain in patient perseverence, enduring all that is happening in My Name; Jesus! Remember, you are called to endure all things in My Name, and the Truth will out in due course.

    My precious little ones, you are sprinkled as salt about the Earth, in the midst of multitudes of people who have either their minds or their hearts closed to Truth. I am Truth. My Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, comes upon many now, and they begin to seek detailed Enlighten -ment on what is actually occurring in the deaths of these people , these patients who have been labeled “brain dead.” Poor, poor, poor souls who know Me not; how I grieve for them. He is feeling His Sorrow, in and through our hearts. Oh Lord we pray that when the Holy Father speaks all will hear and heed him.

    Our Lord shows us through Omen that, M’s paper and website are now in place, and my Mission is now in place, so that when the words are spoken by the Holy Father, we are ready to go into action immediately, providing the information that the doctors will be seeking. Thank You Lord.

    Little children, bless Me!

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross thou hast redeemed the world.

    Little children, tell Me that you love Me for those who do not!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not Love Thee!

    Little children, continue to love even the unlovable for all are My creatures, and I have an unquenchable thirst for souls.

    Lord please bless us that many will join us; I have spoken with GH about continuing the prayers once a month at the local hospital for the end of all killing not just abortion.

    Physician induced deaths!

    Yes thanks Lord. Father wants to put a little shrine at the parish gates to commemorate all the abortion deaths. Help us to do it in Peace and that many will join us.

    Lord I pray for A as she plans for her next summer and school year.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord your God bless you. A solemn Oath I give to you; A shall succeed in her Mission to become a physician, remaining ever obedient to the Laws of the Living God. As you note, she is a young adult and in free will. I ask you to pray much and to attend upon your financial advisor for the pros and cons of taking the student loan, and remain at Peace.

    And I pray for T as well Lord, that all turns out according to Your Will. Its as if she is saying; Oh that’s Mum.

    Be at Peace; the beloved child loves you dearly. Be at Peace; each one of you is cherished of the Lord.

    O’s daughter in law is pregnant the fifth time, her doctor ordered her not to get pregnant. We pray for her wellbeing and that of her baby, her doctor and her family.

    On your knees before Me little children, each one of you has found favour with Me, the Living God, and I Bless your prayers, the works of your hands, all that you do; and I Bless the many that you carry to Me in prayer. Do not be anxious, all falls into place according to My Design. K lives; she has learned through all the testings and trials to be a wonderful mother and wife, and has been, One might say almost severely molded in these last few years with these testings and trials. I assure you I Bless K in My Merciful Love, and the child, the beautiful child, the new Life in her womb, which is precious to God, and I Bless A in all that he is undergoing. Love conquers all, little children. Continue to love one another and pray for one another; it is the best way to love one another, in prayer.

    Thank You Lord. I’ve lost my glasses again, I’m so busy and feeling so incompetent. I’m not good at staying at Peace when tested, obstructed or frustrated. St Raphael help.

    The angel says, Do you not know that all human eyes revert to this status in the aging process.

    Nothing is impossible to the Lord. The Holy Father has good vision at almost eighty.

    Dearest, love Me and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I promised to pray for Jackie, who has not been doing well, whose pastor with two assistants is praying over her and several others tonight, who are in need of healing. Lord we pray in union with them.

    We heal the little ones who are in need of prayer and healing. We are with them..

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints; Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy, Blessed be St Joseph Her most chaste spouse; Blessed be God forever.

    Discernment Prayers. January 26th,2,000.

    Lord Jesus, we come to do Your Will. We thank You for the Grace of Your continued Presence in our lives, and for our Missions. Please guide us once again on our way. Please guide us to help those You have sent on our path through Epistle of Love Mission. We pray for LV who has written. Demonic interference. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in the Holy Spirit, we command you all demons from hell, go now before Jesus the Just Judge and answer; great and glorious is the Lord Our God.

    I am. Jesus, You’re here?

    The enemy is defeated; Michael works great works of defeat of the enemy. The Army which surrounds My Church is powerful under Michael to defeat the foe.

    Thank You Lord. This man, LV seems to be Yours, and seeks Your Will in healing others, though I don’t quite understand what he does Lord.

    Mother blesses you little children. Indeed be at Peace.

    God, the Holy Spirit speaks; On whom I will, I have Mercy. I have Mercy on you and on all those you carry in your heart. The one who is called LV is indeed known to the Lord Your God! The work he does, is in all intent Merciful Love, in My Name. He does not reveal to you the source of the glandular substance which he uses, but of course I, the Lord God, am aware.

    It is not an essential means of healing. In other words, he could heal in My Name, by Faith in Me. Children, there is an expense involved in creating these substances; an expense involved for the patient seeking treatment. The results are optimal.

    These extreme measures of treatment need not be taken, were the patients themselves in the shelter of My Care; but since it is not so, these many and varied manners of treatment,

    are appearing all over the Earth as the individuals seek healing.

    The areas of affliction he treats are not generally treatable by the scientific methods of physicians and surgeons, and therefore the individual has little alternative as they seek healing.

    I bless L as he continues to love Me and to love his neighbour as himself, as he seeks healing for the afflicted. I Myself, it is the Lord Who speaks; will show him a better Way; I Am The WAY. Bless Me!

    We adore Thee Oh Christ, and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world. Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord, this Catholic Institute of Psychological Sciences, was on Zenit today. I have sent them an introduction to Your Mission as a resource. Is there anything else You wish me to do? I know that the clergy of their faculty are able to discern Your Truth. I’m so excited.

    Dearest, I am the Lord your God, the One Who is called Faithful and True. Have I not told you, you live in a time of great change? This is an early evidence of this change, and what is occurring are many aspects of the great change now all over what is referred to as the civilized world.

    Little children, the Light of Christ is upon you and in the same way that it is upon you, it is upon all the true believers, the children of Faith in the Body of Christ; and so there are opening up these many, shall We say, pockets of Light, in many and varied places, in many aspects of Life.

    You are excited and delighted at this discovery, and it is My Delight that you are aware of what is occurring. Indeed, you have done the right thing in referring the Scientific Letter; the Letter of Love to this people. Do not doubt that Our Words have a bearing on all that is occurring now.

    When God proclaims,”Let it Be,” whatever He is proclaiming to come into being, comes into being! And so it is in all that I Desire for My beloved Humanity. I give them now a release, for as you know, much of psychiatry and psychology has been seeded with lies, to the detriment of the wellbeing of souls, thus this “portal of Light,” is My Desire and will bear fruit, even as your Mission is My Desire and shall indeed bear fruit.

    That you are linked, is most assuredly so; have I not told you, I weave together My little precious souls on Earth, My little lighted candles. I Bless you, I Bless the works of your hands, I Bless you in all that you are doing. Little one, continue patiently persevering as you are doing. That is what My small instruments do best, is to patiently persevere.

    Our Lord is giving us the song, Long have I waited for your coming Home to Me and living deeply Our New Life.”

    It is time now for the many intellectuals, the many of psychological bent to come back to Me with all their hearts; let it be so!

    Lord, will the fact that the Mission has not been given official Church recognition yet, not be an obstruction?

    As you know, you have given the Documents one way or another to many, and they do not respond. Let it be known, they are often astounded and experience the Truth of My Words in an overwhelming manner. Even though you do not receive a response from them, I am aware of their response!. The angels are singing, “Great things happen when God mixes with us.”

    Thank You Lord Jesus. It just seems like an Institution which should display Your Oath Lord.

    My little one, My little one, be at Peace! Many, many are aware of the Epistle of Love and of the Oath; the magnificent Document recognizing the Truth of God, Creator of all that is seen and unseen.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. I’m too excited . My part has been done for now?

    At this moment I just ask you to continue to trust Me; all falls into place in good order. Acceptance by those who believe in Me comes for the Epistle of Love, in which you have been My instrument.

    Lord, I have not given my name, only my pseudonym. Is that Your Will.

    It is sufficient for the moment as it is!

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, I have been asked by GH if I could speak to the pro-life group once the Holy Father has spoken. I could not say no, since people really don’t know how much You are offended in the hospitals, but I had always thought once the Holy Father spoke it would be the time for me to be silent. I never would want to appear to be interpreting the Holy Father.

    It will not be necessary to interpret the Holy Father, but you know how My precious lambs, My precious sheep are. They are though told, in the newsletters and in many and various ways what is occurring, and what the Pope’s Decrees are, yet they do not quite absorb it; and there will be a period of time where it will be necessary for those who comprehend what is happening to share this knowledge in lay terms, with the little obedient ones, that they grasp it fully. Do you understand My beloved?

    Yes Lord. Thank You. Lord I have no confirmation, but it is becoming an assumption that feels more and more true, that the Holy Father will speak soon, at the conference or shortly before; I find myself encouraging those who know about the evil of “brain death” to hold on by telling them that.

    Darling, the Will of the Father is that the Holy Father speak very soon now on this grave issue. Let Us continue to walk in trust that it is so! Continue as you are doing; it is only a little while longer and all is clarified through the Holy Father, the beloved John Paul of Our Heart’s Delight!

    Thank You Lord, and thank You for the Holy Father.

    Lord, yesterday I saw the lady whose autistic son has disappeared since October 5th. Everything I heard convinced me that he is dead but no body has been found. Lord whether alive or dead please may he be found, so the family can find Your Peace and healing. They trust in You Lord,

    but they are hoping he is alive and they are suffering. Lord please have Mercy on them.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God , Bless you little children. T is , as you suspect, with Me, and no longer on Earth. In due course it comes to be known. Angels attend upon this family. I hear your prayer; Mother and I attend also. Heavenly assistance is given. One will come upon the remains, and what you call closure, in due course occurs. Lord, will they know if it was a suicide or a murder; will their questions be answered.

    Sovereign Queen bids you Peace little children; leave it now with the Lord. Thou has prayed well for this family. We gently attend upon them in an anointing of Mercy. Release comes where the body is discovered, to a certain degree. Be at Peace little children.

    Thank You Mother. Lord this week I have seen so many people who need so much information and doctors giving so little. Its hard to help without seeming critical of other physicians, especially when its not information within my own specialty.

    Tell Me that you love Me for those who do not.

    My God I believe , I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not Love Thee.

    We are both experiencing lots of distraction, discomfort trying to kneel. I am having a moment of discouragement. Convert the doctors please Lord Jesus.

    This is precisely what We are working on.

    Our Lord is showing us my printout, the summary of my Mission, and of CIPS, the new Catholic Institution. Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord, there is this opportunity with the priest from St Petersburg; I don’t know whether to forward the eleventh-hour Mission with Images and Rosaries, EoL or both; but there isn’t yet a day set for joint international action and Our Lady of Guadalupe is on a Tuesday this year.

    The Virtue of Love is that M and your other associates are working on the date and the change prayerfully. It falls into place according to Our Will. With regard to the beloved priest, spread his request as much as you are able to. Is he ready to take part in the eleventh Hour Mission? Yes indeed! And with regard to the E o L, his discerning eyes will see that it is My Truth which you promote; and yet as you can see, he is one of My chosen ones who is also very busy even to the point of being overburdened, and so thus when you give your Word to these people, even though they know it is Truth you may not receive a response. Do not regard that as a negative response, for those who believe in Me, recognize My Word. Though it is not in Holy Scripture, My Word is recognized by My Faith filled little ones, and it is indeed recognized in the Epistle of Love. The silence does not remain forever. Once the beloved John Paul speaks on the matter of bodily death, others will then be released to speak also.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I ask for your guidance when I meet the accountant to set things up in the best way. I pray for her soul as well Lord, and that she learns from working with the Mission. Lord, I pray for Thong as we work on redesigning the Web site.

    This is pleasing to Me; precisely what I desire.

    Thank You Lord. I am really overwhelmed because it is very beautiful to me.

    I will be attending this head-injury litigation workshop put on by the litigation lawyers; it suddenly occurs to me that this is getting pretty close to the “brain death “issue again, is it not Lord?

    You shall discern that there.

    It has been ruled by atheism , money and ICBC; I find it ruthless and distasteful, and people’s lives are shattered with no compassion.

    Our Lord shows us how Rome was before Christianity; cruel to helpless people.

    Our clinical records keep getting used against our patients and I have felt like a piece of meat thrown to the lions, being summoned to court; with no confidentiality for patients.

    Little children, thank your God for each new day; give your day to the Lord your God, and then know that all that you do, since you are yielded unto the living God, goes according to Heaven’s Design, both the sunshine and the rain. Little children, it is a time of great change upon the Earth, and you are feeling it as are the multitudes. I Bless you, I bless the works of your hands; I give you increased Fortitude, courage, stamina for all that you are doing, in a world which you have described as merciless in the realm of law, and one must recognize that those who are merciless on this Earth are serving the merciless one, and not your God of Divine Mercy. Therefore, you walk in alien territory at times; yet you are shielded by an army of angels little children, believe; you are safe in the Lord, for no matter what is occurring, the Earth remains Mine!

    Thank You Lord; and lastly I pray for My friends, especially the ones that are hurt by my silence and unavailability. I don’t have much time for social things. I know I have a very atypical life and I don’t regret it but my friends don’t understand. The week has been beyond me in a lot of ways; I know it’s the times we are in; please keep me at Peace and keep me going forward.

    The Scripture quote for now is John 17.

    Lord that is so beautiful; thank You Lord; what do You wish us to sing.

    “Only a shadow.”

    May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always; beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace. Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns. Amen!

    Discernment Prayers. 2nd February, 2000.

    Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord.

    Here we are Lord, come to do Your Will, thanking You for everything on this special feastday, but mostly for the wonder of Your meeting with us in prayer, for two years without fail.

    The day before yesterday Our Lady spoke to Omen, calling Herself Our Lady of Life, showing

    her that she carried Life in Her womb. I had been given the vision of the healing waters last year on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Some time ago She called Herself “Our Lady of the Healing Waters of Life” to Omen , when Omen did not comprehend the meaning; we wonder about the symbolism involved in why St Bernadette had to drink the murky water at Lourdes. Add to this that the Holy Father instituted the Pontificate for Life on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. On the Feastday of Our Lady of Lourdes I am going to be in St Peters and Omen is going to be at Our Lady of Lourdes shrine in Mission, where Omen was promised that by Faith a healing spring would one day break forth, as in Lourdes.

    Our Lady tells us, The Lord is present.

    Thank You Lord.

    Triumphant angels surround the pope, the Holy Father; triumphant angels surround all those who are fighting for Life. Little children, you are both surrounded by triumphant angels. Little children, persevere!

    Mother says, You are My Delight in your faithfulness.

    Thank You Blessed Mother. Teach us more humility and obedience. Lord thank You for helping me to get the Words printed, in spite of all the obstructions. I am overwhelmed with what I have to get done at work before I leave. Lord, Eternal Physician, I entrust all My patients to You while I am away in Rome. Lord I pray for the openness of the Bishop who is to receive the file.

    I open the necessary doors, that all falls into place according to My Will. I Bless you little courier of Good News.

    Thank You Lord. Lord You know that I am very excited about the conference on the 14th. I am sorry that I cannot stay for the whole day, but I ask You to help me to receive the papers that You wish me to receive from this conference.

    It shall be thus. Attend. Documents will be given to you, to peruse on the journey home and at home. He is showing Omen that, Much information is being transferred from you to them and from them to you.

    Lord, I am so overwhelmed with so much that has happened that it is hard to even pray about.

    The virtue of Love is such that We attend upon all that is occurring, henceforth, rest assured, the Lord is with you. Call on My Name, call on Mother’s Name at the slightest little inconvenience and We assist you. The journey is essential for truly the hour is late and so many are yet far from Home, far from Love, far from Truth. You can see as the documents from the Vatican come out, that the lines are clearly drawn now, between the people of Life and the people of Death. It is clearly demarcated, and yet We would draw some of those who have been deceived into the Light of Truth! Thus your Mission is of grave importance to the Lord Your God!

    I Bless you in a great anointing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy. I rest you in My Embrace of Love, that you are able to persevere. Know that you are emcompassed by My Spirit, the Spirit of Love. The Lord is with you, the Lord is in you, the Lord is about you. Be not anxious therefore. I tell you again, My Own are safe in Me.

    Thank You again Lord Jesus.

    Lord we don’t know what has happened that this additional day of conference , revisiting Evangelium Vitae, is called at such short notice, and we don’t have to know. But I ask that You arrange that I receive the needed presentations before I have to leave, that morning. I find myself assuring people that our Holy Father will have spoken and they will have the backing they need to speak out against the issues such as “brain death”, even if some will not listen.

    Triumphant Angels will go ahead of you making fanfare, to assure that you will get through to who you are supposed to contact.

    Mother, thank you for the exaltation in my soul since yesterday ; it seems my life will never be the same again after this conference yet I have no idea what to expect .

    Lord I received a request for the Words to be translated into French, but I know that will be up to the Church, if they decide to use the Words, to be sure that the Theology is accurate, not just the translation. Lord is it time for me to ask about any of that? I simply asked them to pray for the Lord to send the one who is to do it.

    The French people themselves will find a French/English translator in their area; one with adequate expertise to translate truthfully. Be not anxious about this matter. In due course the document will be in many languages but the hour is not yet.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, you know I am disappointed with the quality of the printed copy of the Words I am taking to Rome, but I have no time to have it redone before I leave, and also I ordered two sets but the printer only made one.

    Dearest, this document is of grave importance ; it is clear and concise as it is written. It will be sufficient to just bring the one copy to the Bishop. As you yourself are aware, you have limited time for doing more than that.

    Thank You Lord, and I am struggling with eleventh hour Mission, the updated date and letter are not decided by Life Foundation yet; I know You wish me to take some Images to the conference.

    Do so, it is of grave importance. You are bringing the Good News.

    Our Lord shows us that Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Mother of Life.

    Lord, I am nobody, yet You ask me to bring Images, letters, summaries of my Mission. Please Lord, I ask to do it in Peace. I pray that there be no friction, no obstruction when I try to obey Your Instructions.

    It is more likely that you have, what you call the friction, at home before and after!

    Lord, I know I need to guard my tongue so that I am not creating it. In all the difficult decisions to be made I pray that we find Your Path, and do nothing to offend You.

    Be at Peace; all goes according to Heaven’s Design. Little children, be not afraid when the disruptive events are occurring in your loved ones’ lives. All have to be tested, purified, strengthened, molded and fashioned, according to the Father’s Great Design. Simply persevere in loving and persevere in praying for everyone, and trust Me.

    Thank You Lord. Lord help me with A’s summer plans. Lord, I do have a little anxiety about how best to arrange things for the accountant. I trust Your Providence to Inspire and help me make the decisions according to Your Will.

    Pray and act; I speak in you and through you for the decisions, I am with you. I am God Who provides!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I look at my life and I can’t see how I can continue at this pace. I don’t know if I’m not supposed to ask about this now, but I just can’t see how to continue, it is all so much; it seems that something has to change soon. Lord does everything just stay the same?

    Persevere yet a little and We will cross those bridges when We come to them.

    When Our Lord speaks about “bodily death” he says there will be earthshaking news. We both are receiving this sensation today of some enormous and impending change, but no Words from our Lord to clarify. Lord I have lots to pray about, but I’m too overwhelmed to speak; on this beautiful feastday, I would rather listen than speak. Mother, Our Lady of Lourdes, we entrust all to you.

    My darling, the vaults of Heaven are wide open; graces and Blessings flow upon you, and in you and through you, upon all those whom you carry in your hearts. Precious little ones, in your ‘yes’ to the Lord God, wondrous things happen. It is true you are not fully aware of all that is occurring, and yet since you are called to walk in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love; to patiently persevere, to endure in all prayerfulness, and this is what you are doing, little fighters, you are profoundly blest. Be at Peace, brave warriors of the Cross.

    I pray for Kenny who is still faithfully waiting. We pray through St Therese for healing of the ones with cancer whom we have promised to pray for. We receive no Words, only quiet, beautiful Peace all round. All of Heaven is here; profound anointing, in the words of Isaiah 61.

    We pray Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be... and Memorare for the 88 whose plane plunged into the sea yesterday. Thank You Lord Jesus and our Mother. Thank you again for the two angels whom I saw accompanying me to and from the journey to pray at the cenacle yesterday. [ Mother called them triumphant angels. ] We sing Peace is flowing...

    Discernment prayers. February 5th, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.

    Oh Sacrament most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    The Virtue of Love is such that the Lord your God is attendant upon you little children; Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord Jesus, very unexpectedly at this ligation conference I met this retired lawyer who is pro-life and also GL , also pro-life. I bought this book from him, but while I was meditating upon the reading for Mass today, about Solomon’s prayer for Wisdom, You let me know that the book is not for me but for the Holy Father. Lord help me to know Your Will, and how I am to carry it out.

    Be at Peace little children. Thou art the one consigned to bring the Messages of Divine Truth, to Inspire My Justice for mankind. Be not dismayed at any of the events that are occurring on the Earth today. These things have to be, but as you can see, My faithful little ones work diligently on behalf of Truth and Justice and Peace and Love.

    There are many of you. My Delight is in My faithful little ones; did I not tell you I was weaving you together in a great unity of Love, a seamless garment of Love encompassing the world? It is beginning to be evident to you now little children, and as you know, the word for this year is persevere, and that is just what you shall be doing little children. Persevere in My Name!

    Lord, am I to consult HW , the author or just bring it as a gift.

    I have spoken!

    Thank You Lord. Lord, is it Your wish that I give it to Archbishop LB at the same time as I give him the update of Epistle of Love?

    Indeed, do so! Have I not named you My courier? It is for My Reasons that I have named you thus; it is for My Reasons that I send you hither and yon about the Earth, that My Works of Love be completed according to My Design. One day you shall know the importance of your Mission little children. Now, My Delight is in your humble obedience before Me, the Living God. Again, persevere!

    Lord, is it Your Will that HW be informed in any way?

    That which you do in delivering this work of H’s to the Vatican is sufficient for your part in this. They may wish to contact him in the future, but you have made this first step, the one which I Desire, and your task with regard to delivering the book is finished!

    Thank you Lord.

    Lord please help me to contact The Archbishop, maybe with a short note to let him know what this is about without being too obvious.

    I am the Lord your God. You may simply state that the work, The Blind Goddess, is a gift for His Holiness’s information, and that you are bringing the current Messages in the Epistle of Love to His Holiness’ attention. I Myself will Inspire you as you are writing the note.

    Thank you Lord Jesus. Lord as you know I received a call from Life Foundation regarding Guadalupe Project, which the American group now wishes to join with us in making it international. So far there has not been a date set for the international event. The American group would like to keep it on the 12th Guadalupe, but though that would be ideal, we know that Canadians and others about the world would not be free to participate because it’s a working day and time. Lord since you gave this Mission to me as eleventh hour Mission, I pray for Peace and unity , and Your Will regarding the date please Lord.

    I Myself, it is the Lord Who speaks, cause unity to be restored to Life Foundation, for as you see, it has become truly a worldwide movement. Be not surprised what happens next. I make it one movement. Thank You Lord.

    With regard to the day; though We have united Our Lady of Guadalupe with the beloved Faustina’s Divine Mercy Mission, the three o’clock hour each day is recognized as the Divine Mercy Hour, and since as you have discerned, it is inconvenient to many when it falls upon the work force on a Tuesday, they may not obtain permission readily to attend upon Me. It is thus desirable that it should fall on the Saturday or the Sunday prior to the 12th. The ninth of December is also a day of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s appearance.

    The tenth, is My Day, the Lord’s Day, and also a holy day to the Mother of God, the Woman Clothed with the Sun. Either day, is pleasing to the Lord God. Indeed Tuesday is pleasing to the Lord God, but is as We have stated, not always convenient for the faithful who would take part. Bless Me!

    We adore Thee Oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross, Thou hast redeemed the world.

    See little children, My Mercy is being poured out all over the Earth, and on the Saturday or the Sunday, is poured out on many more, who are freed up from their labours. Yet My Mercy pours forth at the Divine Mercy Hour each day, all over the world, and My beloved priesthood holds open the Gate of My Mercy, each day at every Mass round about the world.

    Little children, this world-wide event brings Love and Mercy pouring forth upon mankind all over the Earth. Little children, you have no idea of the degree of graces and Blessings; of Merciful Love which fall upon Mankind, and I pour it forth through those who are yielded to Me, who love and serve Me with all their hearts. My Delight is in you, My precious little

    ones of true faithfulness. Little children, I take consolation in your hearts of love. Little children, so many do not know Me. Little children, this Movement brings to Light so many who would otherwise stay in darkness.

    Rest assured I work with all the little faithful workers as does Mother, and ensure the success of the selected day. My Peace is upon you little ones; Blessings and graces flow freely.

    Thank You Lord.

    Our life- sized Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was solemnly enthroned at the Cathedral in Durban South Africa, during Mass, on this date the 5th February, which is the anniversary upon which abortion became legal in that country. Lord I thank you so much for that , and I pray for the success of this Mission through Mother in that country .

    My Work is yet incomplete in Durban , in South Africa, and in many places of the world. Yet these Movements have made great strides. One must as it were, prod the consciences of those in key positions in the officialdom of the running of the nations, and of the hospitals.

    Little children, together We are making as I say, great strides in this work, and again, the key word is persevere; do not look back, do not falter, keep your eyes upon the goal; Peace on Earth. I am the Prince of Peace; it shall be thus!

    Thank You Lord; thank You Mother. Memorare. Glory be...May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers. !6th February, 2000.

    [Return from Rome.]

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine! Short Rebukes.

    I am the Lord your God, and I am attendant upon you!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. First we praise, adore, love and thank You for all Your wondrous works, and for all You accomplish in and through us, in spite of our many defects and shortcomings.

    I am the Lord your God and I am attendant upon you as is Our Mother. Little children bless Me.

    We adore Thee oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    See little children, a great work of Redemption is occurring now, through My Church, and you little ones are integral parts of what is happening in the Body of Christ; and indeed, none of My Own shall be lost to Me. As you can see, Enlightenment is coming, person by person, as the Spirit of Love touches them, and My Understanding comes to them,

    “For the darkness covers the Earth, and the clouds the people.”Our Lord quotes Scripture.

    Little children, Enlightenment is coming. I am the Light of the world. I am casting off the darkness which has enshrouded My people for so long!

    Little children, blessed are those who believe and act on their belief, as you are doing. My Delight is in you! You know well that My Church is like unto a living tree, a living vine with branches spreading hither and yond, and the bishops of Rome are astounded at the many turns that are taking place in the Church now. Shall We say, they have their hands full with many new concerns.

    The beloved John Paul is ever attendant on the matter of Life and Death. He himself, like yourselves, is touched by affliction. He has great compassion for the afflicted. He has a heart of love, My kind of Love, for all Humanity. My Delight is in the beloved John Paul.

    You await a word, a pronouncement, of precisely what clinical death is, and that which shall be recognized by those who follow Me, and it is coming in due course; fairly soon. Little children, persevere in all prayerfulness in this short interim till this pronouncement occurs.

    Blandishment! There are those who would brush off anything that the Pope pronounces

    with many, many words such as occurs in the spirit of confusion. Do not be dismayed; My Will is done in and through the beloved John Paul, and those who adhere in all faithfulness to the Magisterium of My Church.

    The face of evil is evident in what is now referred to as the ‘abortion industry.’ How can the slaughter of innocents, and the so-called harvesting of their body parts, be called an industry, and how can this relate to the Kingdom of God; and it is but the beginning of this, which the beloved John Paul, has aptly named,”culture of Death.”

    My little children of Life, I Bless you each and every one. I am Blessing those who compre-

    hend that I am God, and yield their free wills to Me. When you yield your free wills to Me, it is for the love, not only of your God, but the love of mankind, for the betterment of mankind for the Salvation of mankind. Thus little children, when you practice loving your neighbour as yourself, great fruits are produced; to come to know Truth, and to live in My Light and My Love.

    As you know, while you were in Rome, the many encounters were arranged by the Hand of

    your God, that an understanding of My Word, My Will, be known hither and yond about the globe, about the Earth, for the hour is late and much of My Word is yet needed.

    Little children, as each one believes as GI believes now, they too in their Faith begin to believe , so that healing love emanates from them unto others, and thus is expanded the Great Mission of Light and Love and Life. Little children, what would you ask your Jesus?

    Lord even though I don’t understand everything that happened, I thank you for all that You arranged and for bringing me back safely where I belong. Lord, I wish to be sure that our Holy Father has received everything You sent me to bring to him through Your beloved priest.

    Is the good priest’s name not A; would you doubt that it is delivered?

    Oh thank you Lord. He is such a beautiful believer in Your Words Lord.

    It is done. In solemn secrecy the Pope prays on the matter with regard to bodily death, clinical death. It is a great source of pain to know that physicians, once believing they were working healing arts, find themselves working against Life.

    Lord thank You for giving me this deeper desire to pray for the Holy Father, for the great responsibility upon his shoulders, seeing that we all, even the cardinals, are his children.

    In all gravity, in all seriousness of conscience, the beloved John Paul works on the Missal, the pronouncement, which must come. As you see, much is held in abeyance by many about the world, waiting the pronouncement, so that Truth may once again be actively promoted about the Earth. It comes in due course rapidly now, you are not the only ones awaiting the announcement. Many about the world await just such a pronouncement.

    As you have noticed, many have not even considered the concept of ‘brain death,’ which to them is alien words, for mankind has always recognized bodily death, and there was no controversy in the past. The fact that there is now”brain death”, is so because of the organ transplantation issue which We have discussed at length with you.

    Lord, will the Holy Father speak on organ transplantation too, when he speaks of “brain death.”

    He makes a certain clarification with regard to organ transplant now. As you see, it has rapidly gone far beyond the information he had in the past, as has the matter of cloning. These things are, one might rightly say, going out of the bounds of basic decency, basic Humanity, into the realm of horror.

    Oh Mankind, see where your unyielded hearts, your unyielded will, has brought you, and weep!

    Lord, please have Mercy; convert us all, and protect the Holy Father from all danger as he goes to Israel, in all the conflict.

    Hear Oh Israel, the Lord your God, is One God!

    Oh Lord Jesus, if You were crucified, who will listen to him? Lord, thank You for the opportunities for spiritual growth, but it was painful to catch my plane and miss the Holy Father by an hour and a half and not be able to do anything about it.

    Consolation I give to your own heart. “This kind take fasting and suffering to be cast out.”

    He quotes.[My Cause, My Mission takes suffering, sacrifice ands self -denial He explains.]

    My little one, to be denied by so brief a moment of time, such a holy encounter, the holy presence, is a great sacrifice. It is recorded in Glory, but I tell you again little children, when you deny yourselves so great a Blessing, I Bless you more, and I give you consolation in your own heart. In this manner of self-denial, other hearts are opened to My Truth. You do not know what you have done by graciously accepting My Will for you.

    I know I’ll see the Holy Father in Heaven some day. I don’t even know how to ask into that Lord, it is beyond my understanding how You work Your mysterious works of Mercy like that Lord.

    Simply know that I am weaving together the Great Seamless Garment of My Love, made up of the souls of the true faithful on Earth, being woven together as a vast fisherman’s net, that indeed, none of My Own are lost to Me. See, you are united in the Body of Christ, and the Body of Christ encompasses the world; and the lights, each one of you torchbearers , light bearers, casts a different light on what is happening in the world; and together, in a great unity of Love, My Light is upon the Earth, and the darkness is no more! This is the end to which We are working little children!

    Thank You Lord. Lord please heal me now to go back to functioning at my work. I am so overwhelmed and drained by it all.

    I am Blessing you, each one of you, with a Peace beyond all human understanding. You will feel the anointings of My Peace, the Peace of My Presence, more frequently throughout each day and night; You will know that I AM; that I am with you more profoundly than you have ever known before. It is one of My Blessings for you for your faithfulness in action. Little children, My Delight is that, by Faith you are not intimidated by whatsoever I set before you, and that you persevere in all faithfulness, in that which I have called you to do, and thus I Bless you. This is one Blessing; there are further Blessings which you will recognize as you go forward in Faith. Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord .This is all so beautiful, especially that I still feel that I am in free will as I discern how best to act when Omen and I are not together to pray and discern.

    The beloved John Paul begins to consider whether he should be meeting you. My dear little children, at this time I ask you both to simply walk in Faith, for I have plans for you, each one. Just rest in Me little ones; let My Heart be your resting place. Come to your Jesus Who loves you so.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord thank You for the many, especially the chiropractors, who approached me after I had spoken about the eleventh-hour [Guadalupe] Mission, and all had been prepared by You with profound spiritual experiences of their own, and now are ready to go forward with their own part in eleventh hour Mission. Thank You for JW, the gynaecologist from Ghana and his Bishop who wanted to know about “brain death”, the sisters from Kenya, and India, the two young men from Burkina Faso, the four retired nurses from Durban, the two from Mexico, and New Zealand, and France, and others from the States, and the healing with GL. All received the letters and the Images and talked of what they would go home and do to further the Guadalupe Mission.

    Our plans come to fruition through the willing hands of the many little faithful ones with whom We have placed you in contact. The eleventh -hour Mission blooms and flourishes. Rest assured the fruits are immense.

    Thank you Lord. Lord, some are not on internet and e-mail; I promised JW that I would send the printed Words, regarding “brain death” and organ donation, to him and his Bishop.

    Walls of flame surround those who persevere in these practices which are unclean, indeed an abomination before the Lord. Rest assured , feel free to send the Words to them. With regard to the many other Bishops, wait; refrain from acting, for some of them will be in contact with the Holy Father as they pray and discern to make the decisions. They are vividly aware, those who work with John Paul, of the issue of “ brain death” and the implications of what occurs by this pronouncement of “brain death.” Wait a little longer; We shall discuss it again over the next few weeks.

    Yes Lord, I did not feel as free to spread the Words of Epistle of Love, as I could the eleventh-hour Mission. Omen is shown key people involved and paperwork going back and forth.

    Lord, thank You for the connection with Fr A.

    And Blessings flow on that beloved priest.

    Thank You Lord, and for the beautiful Mass on the eleventh with Our Lady of Lourdes and the Holy Father. Lord I cannot even speak any more ; I’m overwhelmed. May Mother speak to us?

    Dear little children, I am your Mother, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and I am ever profoundly attendant upon you, each one. In each one, your own little ‘yes’ to the Living God, Who has accepted your ‘yes,’ you bear fruit in Our Cause, the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls. When you speak thus, people think perhaps of pagan nations or street people, but you see little children, the conversion is needed, within the very Church, and this is what each one of you works at; yes within the very Church, and of course, outside the Church, for shall We say, there are some very well-dressed, damned souls round about. They do not know it; they confuse earthly well being, with spiritual well being, if they even think about spiritual well being.

    Thus you see little children, it is an immense project which you have become tied to, and united with, in the service of Our Lord; and yet, as you so frequently proclaim, and it is true, “for nothing is impossible to God,” for little children, We repeat, persevere, persevere, in all that you are doing. Sometimes it seems like a little, but you are beginning to realize, there is a far greater action, beyond your personal understanding. Rest assured it is true, and much depends on your ongoing ‘yes’, your eagerness, your willingness to serve Love. My children, many graces come upon you, darling children of a Merciful God, you are precious to your Mother also. In the Power of the Holy Spirit the Blessings flow.

    Keep preparing us Mother, never let us say “no.”

    Long silent pause...then Omen says, The Holy Spirit is speaking,

    Michael’s Victory ,Satan being hurled into the Great Abyss!

    You [Faithful Missionary] will be called to visit the Holy Father, and it will be of grave significance. [Omen will visit Our Lord.]

    Jesus says,

    The One Who is called Faithful and True Blesses you again My precious little ones, in a vast anointing of Love and Peace and Joy.

    Our Lord is so powerfully present to us, we are both so overwhelmed with a profound heaviness; it is impossible to think , we have to stop and just rest.

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, Amen. May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always; beloved children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace. Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns. Amen.

    Discernment prayers. February, 23rd 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit, in union with the whole Heavenly Court, we rebuke thee satan and all demons from hell, we rebuke any and all that is come against Holy Church, the Holy Father, or our Missions; in Jesus’ Holy Name is our victory. Great and glorious is the Lord, Our God.

    Healing Love is in attendance.

    Lord, we thank you for so many Blessings and graces; in particular on the 21st February, the second year since you gave me the gift of healing in Your Holy Name by the Power of Your Precious Blood. Lord we pray You for the protection and the needs of the Holy Father, as he visits Egypt, and that all Your Intentions for him be fulfilled. We pray for the conversion of many. Mother please hold him safe under Your mantle of protection.

    We receive great silence and pray the long rebukes on his behalf. Mother tells us that the serpent is coiled nearby.

    I am with you always, be not afraid. Speak little children of your hearts concerns; yes I know them, but My Delight is when you share them with Me, My little friends.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, our priority is to pray for the safety of the Holy Father as he completes all You have in mind for him on this pilgrimage.

    Full of Grace, the Queen of Heaven resides with him throughout this journey, and the shield of the Church of God is tightened profoundly. The Mother of God holds the beloved John Paul under Her Mantle, the Power of the Holy Spirit, and the Great Archangel Michael, ever cognizant of his Mission, his charge, is profoundly about the beloved John Paul with an army of angels, that indeed nothing unforeseen happen to the beloved one.

    The prayers of the faithful work wonders in all that is happening now. My faithful ones have proven that they too can be faithful to the Father of Merciful Love , and great Blessings flow. This man speaks and many are released to know the Way, the Truth and the Life; to come into the Light.

    As it is written that many were healed by simply being in the shadow of the beloved Peter, this man who holds the Chair of Peter, is singularly blest in a similar way. His presence , his voice are instruments of My Healing Love, thus the enemy strives to silence him, but is at once fearful, for I have already defeated the foe who has no power over Me and no power over the beloved John Paul. Still, it perseveres in all wickedness. Children, be at Peace but continue to pray for the beloved one.

    Jesus, Prince of Peace, may many be converted through him. Our Lord is powerfully present to us, but not saying anything. We love You Lord.

    Rest in Me little children, I am anointing you in My Love yet again.

    Thank You Lord. We pray for many to experience what we experience right now. Lord, so many are dying, we cannot help praying again that the Holy Father soon speak specifically on the issue of “brain death” and clarifying what the Church perceives as human death.

    “Hear oh Lord, the sound of my cry; hear oh Lord and have Mercy,” you pray. I am responding little one; at the opportune moment the beloved John Paul speaks the needed words. This will send the scientific world into great controversies as you know; and so it is done at a specific time , with most specific words that are clear, and cannot be interpreted

    in a confusing manner. The work is already begun on this subject. Wait yet a little longer

    children. I am with you in all of this, for have I not Inspired you and brought you thus far?

    Yes Lord, thank You. We claim the Victory in Your Holy Name for your sick people.

    Simply continue in the works at hand and wait on the Lord. I Myself will allow you to know in ample time when there are changes or movements or journeys.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. I told Fr J I would write him a little report on my visit to Rome. I don’t know if I’m to tell him about delivering the second set of Words of Epistle of Love Mission and “The Blind Goddess” book.

    The virtue of Love is that you can be open and direct with the beloved Fr J about every aspect of your Mission. He is a man of great discernment and understanding, and understands your position, his own position, the bishop’s position and the Holy Father’s position, and he does not act in an unforeseen manner, but always in these grave matters with deliberation and prayer.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, may others know of the gift of “the Blind Goddess,” to the Holy Father, or is this still confidential after the fact?

    All who wish to avail themselves of this document are free to do so. It is not a secret document, so do not be afraid to mention it.

    Lord, I have not heard from J, and I don’t know if he has received the box of Images and rosaries.

    There is an obstacle in J’s way right now; would you say a little prayer?

    Memorare, giving him to Mother yet again, and prayer to St Michael. May the Presence...

    J wills to contact you and he shall do so shortly; bear with him, as you know he often feels overburdened or heavy burdened. While you wait on his message your prayers on his behalf assist him profoundly little children. Persevere in all prayerfulness.

    Lord Jesus, I pray for T as promised today. Lord regarding the abnormal cells; Lord we praise, bless you and thank you for T who is wondrously made in Your Image, and D and the baby. Lord, as in Baptism we give you once again her heart and soul and mind and free will, and every cell of their bodies, for Your healing attendance, upon them; we ask You Lord Jesus, Mighty God, Wonder Counselor, Great Physician, to hold Your Healing Hands upon T and this baby, and bless the little family -to- be, and we ask You Mother Mary, to go and stay with T, like You did St Elizabeth, until she is delivered of a healthy baby. Protect them all from the effects of “mad science”. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, in union with the whole Heavenly Court we rebuke thee satan , we rebuke any and all that is coming against T, D and their baby; in Jesus Holy Name is their victory. Great and glorious is the Lord Our God.

    Would you tell Me that you love Me for those who do not?

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You, I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love You.

    Therefore believe that the Great Tent of Protection, the Power of the Holy Spirit, abounds about T; surrounds her in the Comforter’s Love. Be at Peace. Persevere in all humble obedience to the Laws of the Living God, to love your God wholeheartedly and love your neighbour as yourself. Little children, this is the Great Commandment. Love conquers all; let it be so in this instance!

    Lord we pray for the healing of D’s mother and all her children and family. We pray all the long Rebukes. Lots of resisting spirits. Mother please come to their assistance and claim them once more Jesus. We pray miracle prayer.

    Little children, Heaven hears the prayers of the Faithful. Little children, it is My Delight that so many of My children pray unceasingly for the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls. It is begun. Therefore simply pray in the Peace of the Lord’s Presence and wait on the Lord!

    Lord so may I tell T to cancel that appointment and simply trust in You?

    Cover her with Love and tell her that I heal her.

    Thank You Lord, we claim her healing in Your Most Holy Name. Praying for Mrs J. Lord have Mercy on this family; You know what has happened and why. More obstruction and rebuke prayers. Lord we believe, help our unbelief. Omen sees the Holy Spirit soaring above us.

    Thou art in the Presence of the Living God little children. I am attendant upon this woman; Heaven hears all the prayers which are resounding in Heaven on her behalf. Little children,

    all goes according to Heaven’s Design. Little children, I ask you to just pray as you are doing for this beloved woman, and leave all the rest to your God. Little children, now is a moment of sweet surrender, as I pour forth My Love and My Peace and My Joy upon you.

    Blessings and Graces come upon you and all those for whom you pray, all those whom you carry in your heart. I have foretold to the peoples of this time that it is a time of Great Change, that it is a time of turmoil and upsets. Do not be dismayed; all these things must occur, yet My Healing Love is upon you. Persevere in all holiness as you are doing and remain at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I pray for the family who wants to come back to see me; I pray for them and wish them well, but I am too overworked to take them again. I pray for all they need.

    Be at Peace little one, in saying no. I Myself have a plan for these people. Do not even think of the crosses they carry. Simply pray lovingly for them as you do, and leave all the rest up to your Jesus.

    Thank you so much Lord Jesus. Lord, A is trying to get her plans settled for summer work but nothing seems to be coming to conclusion. I don’t know if its obstruction or that Your timing is not right yet; Please help Lord, and for herself and her father as they go to visit T.

    Mother is attendant upon A. Be at Peace; all things fall into place according to Heaven’s Design. Persevere in your prayerfulness for each member of the family. Do not despair; your spouse shall indeed know conversion in time to be taken Home. Rest assured it is thus, for there will be, for each individual, an examination of their souls in the Presence of Jesus, through Jesus’ Eyes, and they will see the states of their souls, all mankind. At that time a great repentance comes on every one who will know Salvation, and they will see the error of their ways in the Eyes of God , and they will , in all sorrow and pain , repent and seek forgiveness, and be welcomed back into the Arms of the Living God. Be at Peace therefore.

    Thank You beloved Mother; how beautiful. Lord please help us to repent now before we die, and not have to spend a long time in Purgatory. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers. March 1st, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament Most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    The Love of the Lord is profoundly upon you, each one of you, precious children of Light,

    precious children of Love; graces, anointings, Blessings are flowing upon you, even as We speak, and during Our whole Conversation, the Blessings flow. Children be not unduly concerned, overly concerned, to the point of fearfulness. Love conquers all; by Faith are the victories won, by Faith are the miracles wrought! Children you have demonstrated this again and again. Continue as you are, My little blessed ones.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.[we were speaking about the increasing lack of Faith even in the parishes and Catholic schools just before we started to pray.] Lord we pray for the suffering people, a million displaced or dead in Mozambique, and the horrors in Chechnya, and the volcano in the Phillippines. According to Your Great Mercy, Lord be merciful to them and give them relief.

    Lord we pray for them but our efforts are so small for so many.

    Our Lord says these people are like the ones that the wall fell on in the Gospel; its not their sins per se.

    Dolors, dolors are all around little children in this time of sorrow.

    Lord, please let the world see that it is the unloving atheistic ways that bring down Your Wrath.

    Militant angels surround you; militant angels under the leadership of St Michael, protect My Church, the Body of Christ. My Own faithful ones are safe in Me, but you gaze out from the security of My Presence and you see suffering and sorrow, which because as I have told you, the weeds also mingle with the precious wheat, My Own also suffer and die through no fault of their own.

    The times in which you are living should be clear evidence to all, that they are signs of impending Judgement. Little children, you will linger a little longer, pleading for the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls. Continue to pray that none of those experience a sudden, unexpected death. Be ready to come before Me, to come to the Embrace of Eternal Love.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, we thank You for bringing the Holy Father home safely from his pilgrimage to Sinai, and we pray for much conversion to result from this, and from his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Lord we pray not to feel too desperate about the state of affairs. I received the invitation to join the Christian physicians, but they believe “brain death” is death; how can I join?

    Yet they sincerely believe that they are doing Your Will Lord.

    Do thou, My little one, be at Peace. The desired pronouncement from the beloved John Paul, is at hand. It shall not be long now. Persevere in all trust. We will await his pronouncement. Little children, each one of you has learned the value of obedience and humility, and this is a means of walking in Faith; enduring all of this and waiting for the opportune moment for the pronouncement to come. The Magisterium will give detailed words, that it is clear to all who take the trouble to listen and heed, the Truth about Life and Death. It will come from the Holy Father, yet the Magisterium has certain inputs and

    certain comments which must be ironed out. Children, when you make a statement, all the bishops working together, be assured that their differences are immense at this time in the history of men.

    Lord it is so good to be safely hidden in my parish while I wait for this to come about.

    Little children, I remind you, you are beloved of the Lord, as is your spiritual director, the beloved Fr J , as is John Paul. Therefore have I woven you together, each soul in the fabric of My Seamless Garment. Therefore it is to simply walk in trust and wait on the word of beloved John Paul. It comes soon little children, and is again a source of controversy in the medical field; this is not unexpected.

    When so many people have been deceived by a lie, then it is good when a big stirring up happens.

    Our Lord tells us,” Mother goes weeping to stand before the Throne of Godhead pleading for Our Missions.

    Thank You Mother of Jesus and Our Mother. Lord, I was reading the beginning of my Mission again; You told me that as the Mission unfolded, I would see the whole picture as clearly as a stained glass window. I am seeing the many parts that You have given me, like a mosaic, but not yet the whole picture, just as I get the sense of what Revelation is about, but not exactly. Lord should I be able to see the whole picture yet?

    But of course you will see the whole picture; it is not yet complete.

    That’s exciting. Lord, does the Holy Father see the whole picture, is it clear to Him?

    It is very clear to him what his Commission is; to speak Truth. I am Truth and he shall speak Truth in the matter of bodily death.

    May I ask You Lord Jesus, can the Holy Father see that we do not understand the Theological depth of this Mission and that we are not manufacturing our own fantasies, “telling the Holy Spirit what I think He aught to be doing,” as was said already.

    Be assured he is aware. He knows that I the Living God, use small instruments in all that I desire to be accomplished in Truth.

    I am so glad Lord, this is so big and overwhelming for me.

    Be at Peace little toddlers in Theology.

    Thank You Lord, keep us toddlers then we can run into Your Arms in trust, and without fear.

    Thus you ran to Rome when I asked you to!

    Lord when I think about that , it was such a precocious thing to have done; and how will I go alone again, when I am not usually the voice You use and Omen is not going?

    Bide your time little children and Trust Me a little longer. Remember, I am God; I know what I am about!

    Thank You Lord. Lord inspire, comfort and strengthen the Holy Father to do You Will perfectly.

    In all unity of Love, the Holy Father makes the necessary pronouncement!

    Thank You for everything. Even when we don’t fully understand. Lord, as You already know A has been offered a chance to go to Durban and work in that hospital for summer. What is Your Will for her Lord?

    The little one, A will obtain immeasurable knowledge to carry her through her life’s work by attending there. It is highly recommended that she be able to attend there. Even so, it remains in her free will. Should there be other events occur, other opportunities occurring, I bless her in whatever she is doing , for she is My Own. She will remain free to simply pray and act. Little children it is the rule; pray, discern and act! When you pray, Divine Inspira- tions come; Great Enlightenment comes to A and she knows what she is called to do!

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I must pray for the healing and conversion of all my friends, Hindu and Moslem, as they give my daughter this opportunity.

    Don’t you see it’s a double Mission for her; by her Christian Love -in -action, Enlightenment comes to more persons than you know, and a Gift of My Healing Love comes in immeasur- able quantities in that place.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, that is so beautiful. Lord I pray for M & A. Dear Lord, You sent L so unexpectedly, yet I was not able to see her. I’m sending her lots of information ; is it complete, I don’t seem ready to seal the envelope yet.

    The Mother of God salutes you. I bless you child; I pour forth a myriad of graces in the Power of the Holy Spirit upon you; I pour them forth also upon the beloved L. Heaven delights in all that is occurring here, for it is pleasing to Our God who is indeed Creator of all that is created, and Who waits eagerly to embrace each one of His precious little ones in the fullness of Divine Love. As you little children have experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit into your hearts and souls, continuously in this Love’s Union, I Your Mother desire it for each and every one of My precious children, that they could know the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. Continue to love one another little children, despite any differences, and pray for one another and await the Hand of God.

    Thank You Blessed Mother, and thank you for the words to understand what is happening in my soul. Mother thank You also for MG helping T and D, especially do I thank You as Our Lady of Guadalupe; wherever I encounter that Image of You, great Blessings come.

    Beloved, graces and blessings flow through you and through your faithfilled children, in unique and varied manners. Believe! There are upon this Earth a goodly number of faithful priests, who live encompassed in their Holy Orders, in the Light of the Glory of God, and who live the Great Commandments to the fullest, for each struggling little lamb, along the pathway of holiness. My Blessings come upon these holy priests.

    Thank You Mother. We pray for J who is to have her first cancer treatment tomorrow.

    Some obstruction. We pray Memorare. Mother asks us to pray Our Father...We pray miracle prayer.

    Mother thank you for the letter from J and the progress he is making getting Your Image and rosaries into eastern Europe. [I received a letter from him on my way here and he has contacts who have taken Images into Hungary and the Ukraine, and he is working on more contacts.]

    In the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph; Russia will be converted!

    Thank You Mother. Let this grow please Mother, that by the end of this year this eleventh Hour Mission just explodes. Omen has friends in Lithuania and other places she’s remembering; and her son is going to Poland soon. Lord we pray for the medical student who read the Mission and wrote for prayers.

    I bless this little one in a profound anointing of Blessings and graces. Providence smiles and the funds become, as needed, available to continue. Little children, to know and love and serve the Lord your God in all integrity, in Faith, does not require riches or fame, but a humble contrite heart before the Father, and the Father embraces you [like a father holding a child on his big knee Our Lord shows us], and teaches you all that you need to know, wisdoms and knowledges- and assists you every step of your journey. In wisdom therefore, keep as it were, an open prayer line to your God, and the Blessings flow. Invoke often the Mother of God, for I have given you to Her, that She be your Mother, as She was Mine; thus you are My brother and My sister in Christ. Little children, believe in the words of Holy Scripture; believe in the Holy Traditions handed down to you from the Fathers. My Church remains as I have told you; I am the Vine, you are the branches. Precious little one, Light and Life and Love , flow to you unceasingly. Rejoice in this Our Love’s union. Even though you are busy as scholars little children, take time to honour Our Father with the Lord’s Prayer. Be at Peace. Glory be to the Father and to the Son.......

    For the woman who wrote regretting having had a tubal ligation and now wishing to have a child.

    With regard to the woman who is My Own and was deceived by the world and suffered in the world; as you know little children, a humbled contrite heart your God cannot refuse.

    In the confessional I absolve each one of My Own from past transgressions, the errors of judgement, all such; and I remind you, the sorrows of yesterday are no more! Live therefore in each God given moment in My Life, My Light, My Love. I Love you most tenderly, most totally and most eternally. Keep your eyes fixed on your Jesus. Little one, you and your spouse, speak to your God in all loving prayerfulness and ask always for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Seek to live the virtuous life; cling to your Jesus, invoke the Mother of God prayerfully and choose some favoured saints and invoke their assistance. Nothing is impossible to the Lord your God.* You live in a time of trial little children and I ask you, remain faithfully in My Church founded on the Rock of St Peter, present even today in the person of John Paul 2. I assure you that My Blessings are profoundly upon you. I am the God Who Loves you most tenderly, most profoundly and most eternally. You will recognize the Blessings that have come upon you as the days and weeks go by. Rejoice in this Our Love’s union and be at Peace. Glory be...

    *Our Lord showed that by prayer even the reversal may not be necessary. Thank You Lord.

    Yesterday was the last day of a novena to the Holy Spirit. At night prayer I asked our Lord to accept my soul during my sleep and teach it all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, to know His Will for my life more perfectly. Instead of falling asleep I became wide awake and Our Lord gave me an amazing piece of knowledge. I pray for confirmation of this as His Truth for me and not my fantasy, without sharing this information with Omen till afterwards. Our Lord confirmed it and told me to await the happening in “joyful expectation.” *** Thank You Lord. May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers. March 8th, 2000.

    Ash Wednesday.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Lord so much has happened, that we cannot mention all today, so please inspire us to speak of the ones most important in Your Eyes Lord.

    I am present.

    Thank You Lord. On the feast of Divine Mercy, also the canonization of Sister Faustina, we are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of our parish with our archbishop, with a Mass at 2.30pm, and it is also the last Sunday of the month, when we pray at the hospital for an end to abortion and all physician induced deaths. Lord please help us to reconcile these important events which conflict in the schedule.

    Work together with Father J who is both excited about the Bishop’s visit, and gravely concerned about the pro-life activities. Arrangements are made and you will understand. It falls into place according to My Design.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Tape recording failed.

    Discernment Prayers. March 15th,2000.

    Feast of the Five Sacred Wounds.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine! Lord we come once again to do Your Holy Will. Since the tape recorder failed last week, we have lost many of Your Most Holy Words; Lord in Your Mercy, may we ask that You hear our prayer for those Words or similar Ones to be given to us once again.

    I Myself atest to all that is given you as Truth, for I am Truth!

    Thank You Lord; we know that You are the Way, the Truth, the Light and the Life. Lord, first we pray for the physical safety of the Holy Father when he travels to the Holy Land; we thank you for the beautiful prayers for forgiveness on Sunday. We pray for many conversions and reconciliation of nations to result from all that he is doing, especially for those who are not satisfied.

    My darling, the Holy Father John Paul, has won a great victory -over -self many years ago, and thus he has remained a constant instrument of My Peace and My Love, and his has been a Joy filled journey. He is assailed cruelly, but this is how the prophets were treated,

    and worse; and I Myself. He is blest above all men on Earth today, for he is unyielding, unswervingly faithful to the Law of Almighty God, and thus great Blessings and Graces are upon this man who is holy to the Lord.

    His name, long written in the Book of Life, will be remembered before God in Heaven for all time and all eternity. Little children, there are many great saints unrecognized throughout the generations. This one, John Paul, I choose to have recognized on Earth by all believers, and those who denigrate, who deny, who defy, do so at their own peril, for he is My victor. He represents Me, as a calm, clear voice of wisdom, of reason, to a world gone awry, a world confused and deceived. Many believing they are enlightened in one way or another, are but victims of deception who do not even understand what they are proclaiming against Me and My Church. These times have to be, little children. My Peace remains upon My Own, for the Mission of Love is yet ongoing. Persevere little children, your prayers are pleasing to the Lord Your God.

    Thank You Lord. Dear Lord, as You speak, You know that I need to pray about the one who came to my practice this week, who years ago was asked by the Bishop to leave the Church and her children in the Catholic school, because she insisted on arguing about interpretations of the Scriptures and practices of the Faith in the Church with the teachers; she says she was told that she was speaking heresy; she left and took her children and joined another Church. Now she has come to me. Lord, long ago You told me that You choose who You send to my office. Now I need Your guidance to heal this woman and her family.

    Our Lord shows us that He is present but he is so displeased with this woman for defying the Bishop that he does not want to speak to me about her; He does not want to address this issue.

    We appeal to Mother , for both she and her husband who she says is an atheist, and her children, and for me, because my impulse is to defend the Church first, but I need to find a way to help her.

    Her mother is a practicing Catholic but not her siblings. We pray the Creed and miracle prayer.

    Lord we claim their Baptisms. We need to pray rebukes.

    Our Lord is saying that ,“ she is in a place now, a church where My Mother is denigrated; this is offensive to the Triune God! ”

    Lord, I pray that not only she, but all people, all churches who do not venerate Our Lady be converted; and that it be done in such a way through Our Mother, that they cannot avoid knowing that is through Her that Salvation comes to them.

    Mother puts Her Mantle upon this family; Heaven hears your prayers little children, precious children of God, children of Merciful Love. We work together for the Ingathering. Thus these prayers, in addition to those already resounding in Heaven on behalf of this people, they Unite to cause a transformation to begin to occur in this woman, and as you have realized it is not by chance that this woman in your home. It is the Will of God.

    We know that You want Unity for Your Church Lord; so unless all recognize Mother as Mediatrix of all Graces, how will there be Unity in the Church.

    Mother quotes Scripture,” Though your sins be as scarlet, when you repent, your souls are made once again whiter than snow.” Little children, continue to pray for those who do not know and love and serve Our God. You have no idea the fruits which this one small prayer alone brings, in addition to all that you are already doing.

    Mother I pray to You for that miracle which will draw that whole Church back to the Christian Unity which Our Lord so desires! We pray Memorare. She has polio since childhood and cannot come to my office upstairs so I will see her downstairs but there is a huge Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and of Our Lord, Divine Mercy that she will have to pass each time and I pray for her to be blest each time. Thanks to Our Lord and Our Lady.

    Lord I pray for the patient who belongs to you, who has been suicidal with long standing depression; she belongs to You, so does Providence Health Care belong to You , but what has been happening where she works is not of You Lord. I pray for both. Demonic obstruction and we pray rebukes.

    You come to Me for a release of this woman and therefore it is given. As to the place of work, I Myself attend upon the circumstances. Rapid changes fall into place for the Light of Christ shines on the place of work. Suicide as you know, is not of Me, is not My Will. Continue to rebuke any spirits of despair, of suicide little children, it is powerful to pray in this manner. For those who have the healing Gifts such as you do little children, it is powerful.

    We pray for all and everyone who works in PHC to be truly converted Lord.

    Just pray as you do and Trust Me.

    Thank you Lord.

    Lord as you already know Mrs J has been found to have two tumours in her back and we pray for her healing and for the spiritual well being of herself and her family. Lord hear our prayers.

    Because you love I tell you this; she lives in My Love for as long as I desire her to. I take away the growths, the sufferings, for nothing is impossible to the Lord your God.

    Thank You Lord; we praise, love and adore You; we don’t know how to thank You enough.

    The Lord fills me with His Love right now. He tells us and makes us experience that when one loves and serves the Lord with heart and soul and mind totally, he gives us so much power over His Heart; it is hard for Him to refuse us anything.

    We call to mind the many ways that mankind is offending God, the scandal of cloning animals to provide organs for transplantation, the outcry over this treatment of pigs on the news today, when

    the majority of the people of the world are not raising an outcry that babies are aborted for body parts to be sold for experimentation and transplantation. Lord when will the Holy Father to speak?

    The virtue of Love is such that the Holy Father will in due course speak.

    Lord will it be before or after he goes to Israel?

    We must wait in patient perseverence little children, for his pronouncement. Be at Peace in this matter; it does occur and it occurs very rapidly now. He perceives the floodgates of evil which this subject of cloning has brought up; the subject of tampering with what are called genetic codes. There is a gross misunderstanding of the Will of God! Though they proclaim to respect nature, indeed they do not; let alone they respect the Laws of God!

    Remain at Peace little children; none of this is hidden from the Eyes of your God, the One Who reads the hearts and souls and minds of Man. The battle continues.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, You gave us beautiful Words for the little abandoned girl, Tihana -Anne, who was found to be HIV positive, and now has been adopted by my sister. Lord we pray again for her healing, because we lost the Words last week. She has now been baptized.

    This little one, is also like unto a symbol of Divine Mercy and Love, even as the first infant [Gregory] who came to your sister, is a sign with regard to Mercy and Love, and even unto the testing of Mankind to see if there is any mercy and love for little suffering ones, yet on this Earth! Therefore, your sister and her family are profoundly blest and anointed in their service to Love. The child herself rests in the Embrace of Divine Love, and Mother is ever attendant upon this child. Angels and saints, graces and blessings, are all about this child and this household of Faith.

    To whom I Will, I have Mercy. I choose to have Mercy upon upon Anne, and she will grow as a sign of Divine Mercy, and she is a unique presentation to Mankind, of My Love. There is a specific anointing and healing of this child which will be recognized as she grows.

    The course of this disease is being altered and reduced for your God is a God of Mercy, and My Wrath does not last forever against those who have brought this plague on the Earth, and My Mercy is for the innocent victims of this plague and therefore I put an end to it in due course. [ Our Lord shows us that He is cutting across its course and shortening the bondages of this plague. ] There are yet healing hands among the medical profession as you know, and I Bless

    the faithful ones with, shall We say, a boost of Enlightenment, with regard to this disease.

    Believe little children and be at Peace.

    Lord we claim it first for Ann, and for all who have fallen prey to it. Thank you Lord, we place all under the seal of St Raphael“ Medicine of God,” and pray that his wonderful Oath is recognized.

    We pray that the physicians will have the humility to thank You and know that it is by Your Mercy, and not by Science alone that the healing and knowledge occurs. We pray for Kenny’s healing too; who has been waiting patiently for a long time trusting in you.

    In the manner in which it comes to them they must needs recognize it as an act of God.

    Raphael delights in all that is occurring . Children, Ann is a symbol of the Victory of Godly Love. Kenny walks ever humbly before Me and is pleasing to the Lord. Raphael is in attendance. Wait on the Lord little ones.

    Thank you Our Lord. We pray for the safety of Caron’s baby. Demonic obstruction,we pray rebukes.

    Children, you do not realize what you have accomplished just now. The serpent was thinking that he had won this battle. Be at Peace.

    Thank You Mother.

    Lord I pray for Your Holy Words for FC and a Blessing for the medal of St Luke, that she realizes the Treasure that she has been given; also for her husband J, and J& all her family.

    I am the Lord your God. As you know, you were heavenly-assisted in obtaining the medal for F, and including J and J and all her loved ones. Little children, to be a physician in every sense of the word, is to have unity with your God, Who is the True Physician, in every aspect of Life.

    I elect to Bless you F, even as the medal is blest, so I Bless you and your loved ones in a profound anointing of Love and Peace and Joy, that you walk ever in the Light of God, that the Presence of God be ever with you; and thus I Bless the works of your hands; I Bless your physician’s hand and heart and mind. Little children, now is a time of great Mercy upon the world. Though sin and evil abound on the Earth, greater is the Mercy of the Lord your God.

    The physician is called to merciful love to the suffering and so, thou art called, and so it shall be. There have been other Words given to you but lost in the transmission. Even those Words, I register in each of your hearts, for these are but words encompassing the Blessing; greater is the Blessing! My Peace is upon you!

    Thank you Lord. I had to stop to say that I was experiencing that even though Our Lord was attending, I was experiencing His preoccupation or pain, about the evils prevailing, as if He needed to hold back the full impact of His Wrath. Our Lord did not speak in response then.

    I pray for my friends L and T, and there family, who are going through a crisis at this time.

    Lord I need to pray before I return L’s call.

    The Woman Clothed with the Sun attends upon this family. Healing Love is profoundly upon L. Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful.

    A guardedness about T attempts to make an obstructive wall, yet the Lord your God attends. Bondages of the enemy are severed, broken. Enlightenment comes to each of them. Because of the children, they say they will stay together, and yet it will be more than just because of the children. The stress of all that is being hurled against their marriage has taken a toll. Restoration is only about to begin. Therefore continue to pray for them. I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally. I ask each one of them that they remember the marriage vows and the time of love that was then, and to bring it into blossom now.

    [Our Lord shows us a Christmas cactus that has no blossoms and then the blossoms come]for nothing is impossible to the Lord Your God.

    Speak to Me of Love children, I am always speaking to you of My Love for you. Little ones, believe, persevere; it is a time of trial. Perseverence is the key word. Little children, love one another as I have loved you, and be not surprised at the wondrous events that become yours.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord I need to pray through St Joseph for Peace and harmony and for God to be at the centre of all the plans for T’s wedding; I specially ask for St Joseph’s help in all that they are planning to do.

    Beloved one, all that you ask of Me I give unto you; St Joseph is in all delight attendant upon this budding family. Mother is profoundly attendant upon this wedding. Graces and Blessing flow. Love, and all the signs of Love at this wedding, do indeed have there effect on those who tend not to know Me or not to be close to Me. In all that is occurring in T’s and D’s life, they are drawn back into the Light of My Presence; into the Great Fire of My Love. Give Glory.

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Lord I pray that D will soon ask for Baptism.

    It is done!

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, I am so grateful for the healing that You gave D. Lord that miracle started when You sent me in Adoration to go and lay hands on her and her son, and by Your Own Design, she came to Adoration and told me that she was healed from the narcolepsy, and her son from the epilepsy.

    So Lord I wonder if that is the miracle You promised would happen in our Adoration chapel, that would bring many back to Adoration, or is there a different miracle still to come.

    It shall come to pass that a yet greater miracle occurs that does indeed draw many, many people back to Me with all their hearts. Little children, persevere in all prayerfulness. There are many who attend upon Me at the Tabernacle in all sincerity of love, and in this Love’s union, your God cannot resist but pour forth Blessings. Therefore, be not surprised when yet greater miracles occur. I Bless you little children, for your part in all that is occurring. There is a great sign occurring in My Body and Blood in the Eucharist which will become known throughout the world, and a vivified Church is at last before My Eyes. Believe little children; you are partakers of a vast miracle.

    Oh Lord, thank You so much; Mother please help us to thank our Lord. Omen was struggling with fatigue and swelling from renal problems due to diabetes. I prayed for some relief of her symptoms according to Our Lords Will.While I was still mediating on this our Lord said,

    The Pulitzer prize winner will come to assist you in a special way daughter [to me].

    Then in answer to my prayer for Omen.

    The Light of Christ is yet burning strongly in Omen, My small Voice, and continues for a time yet. Be at Peace. She has accepted the assignment of suffering in all free will, and My Blessings are upon her. The weariness is part of the suffering. She remains My instrument of Peace. On whom I will I have Mercy. I have elected to have Mercy on the many in and through this woman even as in and through thee. Little children, each one of you is commissioned in a unique fashion by My Decree. Again I bid you little children, persevere, rejoicing always in this Our Loves Union.

    Thank You Lord. Then as I was preparing to leave, our Lord continued to speak.

    In the book of Tobit Raphael accompanied the young Tobit the bridegroom, to find his bride. She {Sarah} had been married seven times and the demons destroyed the husbands. Seven is God’s perfect number. Raphael therefore came and destroyed all the demons.

    Raphael is coming to the fore now because I, the Bridegroom am likewise coming shortly to claim My Bride the Church.

    Lord, thank you. I have been praying to the Holy Spirit for a few weeks, since I came back from Rome, for a better understanding of how my Mission relates to the Book of Revelation. Amazing!

    Then Our Lord gave me a new Saint for my Mission, St Anthony Mary Claret.[1807-1870]. Feast day, 24th October! Again, this is the old feast day of Archangel Raphael.

    He was a priest from Spain who went to be the Archbishop of Santiago, Cuba. He founded the Claretian Brothers, also known as the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He wrote over 150 books, and evangelized many nations. His efforts at reform stirred up a great deal of hostility, even a murder attempt. He preached against the slavery of the black people. He founded the Apostolic Institute of Mary Immaculate. Opening Prayer:

    Father You endowed Anthony Claret with the strength of love and patience, to preach the Gospel to many nations. By the help of his prayers may we work generously for Your Kingdom and gain our brothers and sisters for Christ. Thank You Lord.

    Discernment Prayers. 22nd March, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    The Lord is present.

    I prayed first for some healing and comfort for Omen who is not well, and had phoned me earlier wondering if we should pray today; I felt strongly called to pray because I had been concerned about her health often this week. Lord give her as much relief as Your Will allows.

    A Living Flame of Love is upon you little one [Omen], be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. A big obstruction, we pray Memorare.

    St Michael speaks. St Michael attends upon you. Little children, be at Peace. Fierce is the warfare about the Earth today. Know well that all the beloved Holy Father is doing is the Will of the Father. Know well that the enemy writhes in torment because of these words and deeds, and thus the enemy most assuredly is making haste to make war on the children of the Woman Clothed with the Sun, scattered about the globe, in a desert of Faith. Oh little children, the Lord is with you, the armies of God, the cohort of angels, are as a vast shield, encompassing the Body of Christ, the Church of God securely; therefore be at Peace!

    Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Thank you St Michael. You are well known to the Jewish people. We ask you to protect the Holy Father, and also to speak to the hearts of the Jewish people to be converted to the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of God; that they may recognize Jesus, as their long-awaited Messiah, and that they recognize the Voice of Jesus, in the Holy Father. Lord soften all hardened hearts. When I asked the Holy Spirit for a reading in connection with the Holy Father’s pilgrimage, I was given, Hebrews Ch 4.

    The angels are singing, ‘I will never forget you My people. ’

    When John Paul speaks, it is like in Scripture, Gabriel’s Horn.

    Our Lord, throughout these prayers, made us experience resting in His Presence with long silences. The angels are singing, Jesus, Name above all names, beautiful Saviour, Glorious Lord; Emmanuel, God is with us, Blessed Redeemer, Living Word.

    A long awaited Peace; the Sovereignty of Our Lord God, is at last recognized!

    Omen experiences Our Lord as far away from her.

    Because thou art ill. You have agreed to suffer for specific causes. Thou art in the Presence of Almighty God, the Triune God, who wills to address you thus; The Sovereign Queen of Heaven shall be recognized in the Church of God, for the beloved John Paul will speak the long awaited dogma. It is the moment of Truth for Mankind to comprehend what the Lord God has done for Mankind! I have opened Scripture that it be understood by those who have long studied it, that they recognize the Truth of the Church which I built on the rock of Peter. The Ship of State which is the Vatican, is not a political state, but is the core of the Body of Christ.

    Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, will understand and desire to be united in the One Body, and will come in droves to be united in the One Body, and the Vatican shall surely be a ship, a great ship like unto the ark, but it will be Mankind entering the ship, that all know Salvation from the perils that will one day befall the Earth. I ask you to continue to pray the pardon prayer; ‘My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love You;’ that many yet will come unto Me, the Living God.

    There is a way that I would have you walk, each one of you, My Own little ones, and in so doing you are evangelizing according to your state in life, and being instruments in the conversion of many, for it is most assuredly the time of the Great Ingathering.

    Loving Mercy is outreaching to all. There are those who have bodily hungers and needs, but the majority have a great spiritual hunger which I, the Lord, would fill at this time. I would assuage the anguish of the souls so in need of Comforting Love. Continue to speak out in the Name of Jesus. In so doing you are living all that has been asked of you little children. You are Faith filled children; there are many who have scant Faith and are in sore need of a deepening of Faith.

    Soon they will experience an Enlightenment and have a great hunger, a great thirst to draw near the Bread of Life. Mankind is ever seeking a sign of My Existence, a sign of My Presence with them. The beloved John Paul is himself a great sign. Even so, I will cause specific signs to occur on the Earth, to melt the hearts of many, to take away disbelief, to cause people to know that I am your God, that I am Mercy, that I am Love.

    The Hand of My Justice is stayed yet a little longer because of My Love for Humanity. Continue to be lights along the way for the many weary travelers on Earth who walk yet in darkness not aware of the Light of My Presence.

    The angels are singing, ‘oh what could My Jesus do more, Oh silence my soul and adore’...My God I believe, I adore......

    Speak to Me of Love.

    Lord, I was just thanking You for inspiring Father to install the lights in the Adoration Chapel Tabernacle, so You can shine out all the more. I was wondering whether to tell Father about the miracle that You have said will occur in Our Chapel, or not. Lord we love You so much because we are nothing and yet You have condescended to speak to us faithfully for more than two years, even answering our questions; thank You for placing the love in our hearts. Thank You for the Love pouring out of Pope John Paul. Lord, let the Jewish people recognize the gift of the jubilee.

    I shall pour out My Spirit upon all Mankind and they shall Live.

    The constancy of Love is here. When you come together as you do, in My Name, I am infilling your hearts and souls and minds with all that you need to carry on in all perseverence. You are waiting on Me at this time, and you are waiting on the beloved John Paul to make utterance on the matter of bodily death. This shall come to pass quickly now.

    Simply rest in the Peace of My Presence in regard to this matter. Continue to wait on the swift sure actions of your God, for I am with You always.

    Lord, it is hard to endure, but I know Your timing is perfect. I thank You for the great grace that my sister and I together visited the Holy Sepulchre Church and went to Mass, daily there more than a year ago; I wonder if there’s a special link between our pilgrimage and the Holy Father’s, even though thousands have gone, since my Mission is a response to Tertio Millennio.

    I allowed you and others like you to go through that journey suffering there, so that he would have less suffering.

    Thank You Lord, if I had known that I might have borne it more graciously. Lord bless my dear sister in all that she does.

    Anointed in My Love your dear sister perseveres in all that I would have her do. In union with Me, all goes according to Heaven’s Design in her life and the lives of all whom she touches. Little children you see, there are many little anointed Christians about the world now. The angels are singing the hymn about bringing in the sheaves.

    Lord I was just thinking about the patient who I’ve known for a few years, who suddenly spoke of believing in angels but not God. So Our Lord gave me a new way to help her read Scripture and become a great disciple in Your Name. I have such unexpected opportunities for evangelization.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, bless you with regard to this woman. She has at last opened her mind and heart to the Word of God and healing is begun. She experiences because of the prayers of others, a periodic anointing in the Peace of My Presence.

    Thank you Lord. Lord do You wish me to tell Fr J about the miracle that is to happen in our Adoration Chapel or should I wait until it happens.

    We will wait a little longer till it happens; wait as described, in joyful anticipation of that glorious and delightful moment which is soon upon Us.

    Thank You Lord; and I thank You once again for the anniversary of my miraculous healing after being declared dead, and of the choice of using my life as an example against “brain death.” Our Lord is showing Omen in a vision how the Words of my Mission are being much studied and annotated by the investigators in the Vatican.

    It is a well studied Brief; believe that I am with you and I am with the beloved John Paul and with those that assist him and bring to him the Essence of the Letter.

    Lord we thank You for showing them how Merciful You are to condescend to such amateurs as we are, and patiently answering our naive questions .

    The Sovereign Lord Blesses you now with a great anointing of Peace. Simply remain in the Peace of My Presence while you await the good news from the Vatican from the beloved John Paul.

    We were hoping he would speak during his pilgrimage Lord.

    Be assured the beloved John Paul prays and discerns much and must remain profoundly at Peace on this journey, not ruffling anyone’s feathers as it were, not making waves as you say, but remaining an emissary of My Peace to a war-torn area of the world, an area where strife and hate are, one might say endemic in these peoples, and bequeath Peace to them all; let them accept it therefore!

    Lord, he is in union with You no matter what goes on around him, I pray that when they look at the Holy Father and see the serenity of Your Face upon him, that many may convert.

    A humble contrite heart I cannot refuse.

    Lord I have the idea that when the Holy Father speaks against “brain death”he will be writing the final chapter, so to speak, on my Mission; and with Omen being not well, we need to ask if You will wish us to continue praying together weekly indefinitely as we have been doing, or not.

    We feel our Lord’s Presence but He is silent for a while.

    In the Power of My Love, I have set a day, all to Myself, when I will take Omen Home; in the interim, I ask you to continue your Wednesday visits and pray together. When the Pope makes his pronouncement, and you release the details you have held in abeyance this long, only then is the Epistle of Love completed.

    This does not mean your work is completed, for there are many yet in need of healing. I Myself address you personally and guide your every footstep, your every word, your every action. Be not anxious; all is going according to Heaven’s Design, for each of you have given a “yes” to Me with total sincerity of heart, and total abandonment to Love, and thus you are truly daughters of the Mother of God, echoing Her“Yes”, following Her ways in a matter most pleasing to your God. You have experienced the foreshadowing of Omen’s death but it is not yet; it is just, you might say an early warning sign; it will be at an impromptu moment.

    So after the Holy Father speaks against “brain death,” we will not receive new Words for the Mission, but the works of healing and evangelization must continue, and we still pray together for that. Am I understanding Your meaning correctly Lord?

    Children there will be ongoing discussions, ongoing controversies, ongoing communications with regard to this subject for there is vast subject matter here.

    So Lord, we will continue to pray to discern answers.

    One day at a time little children.

    Thank You Lord. Our Lord gives Omen a burning sensation in her heart and the angels give her one line of the hymn, ‘To Jesus Heart all burning...’

    Lord I have been asked to pray for the couple, where the husband has had a heart transplant seven years ago, now has unexplained fever, and the wife has had a stroke. Lord, we know You are not happy about heart transplants because of the “brain death” of some donors or because it may be done to one whom You are calling Home, but we are not the judges and You have given him an extension of his life, thus we pray for them through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Memorare.

    God is with us, Holy Spirit, is with us... angels sing this song all the Time. We feel an anointing of Peace, in Union with Pope John Paul.

    Lord in regard to the eleventh hour Mission, we have not heard from Fr J so we will probably go to the Mass on the 30th April in our parish, instead of praying outside the hospital on Divine Mercy Hour. We are also happy that Life Foundation will be presenting at Fr M’s parish on the 14th April, and he will be going to Russia next year; a powerful priest contact to have on Russian soil.

    Lord, it is really hard to endure the waiting for the Holy father to speak so that the Truth of Your Mission be authenticated. We know Your timing is perfect; help us to endure this waiting while being excluded.

    Be at Peace; know that the Pope will speak in due course rapidly, soon now, that the matter be resolved with the clarity of Your God’s Will in the matter of bodily death. Be at Peace, be not apprehensive little children, simply wait on the Lord. Thou shalt not kill!

    Thank You Lord. I just pray that our guild will believe. May the Presence...Glory be...!

    Discernment Prayers. 29th March, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate and sorrowful Heart of Our Mother. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine! Lord we come to do Your Will. Lord we pray especially today about Providence Health Care because two people in less than a month, have approached me independently, depressed and close to despair, one suicidal because of prolonged suffering as a

    result of administrative and ethical injustice . Lord, we know that Providence Health Care is Yours, yet not all its workers. Please help me to discern how to help according to Your Holy Will.

    We pray long rebukes in view of the subject.

    We are attendant upon you little children, be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord You knew Your Purpose in introducing me to Mr HW in January. Now it appears it is time to ask this pro-life lawyer to help this victim of injustice, if that is Your Will; and for Your Inspiration as I write to the taxation department.

    Your letters will flow freely, for I give you the necessary Divine Inspirations. The words come to you, to make the necessary strong letter to the taxation people. We open doors now to both you and JM, that the Light of God, Divine Light does indeed shine in all these dark areas of P H.

    Little children you see, you are in the front line in this war, this spiritual warfare; yet you are armed, shielded and protected by Me , the Living God. Be not afraid; persevere little children. “All works out for good for those who love and serve the Lord.” He quotes.

    Lord, as You know, I have already received JM’s permission to forward her information; I have also asked her to consider sending the same information to Msgr R as the Vicar of Health Care. I have also asked LT to document the events in her case without thinking about where it is to go. I ask If You wish them to send information to Msgr R please Lord.

    It will indeed go as we usually do things; one step at a time, one day at a time. Having LT document things is sufficient for the nonce [the present moment]. We shall discuss the matter further on down the road.

    Lord I pray that Mr HW be willing and enlightened to see Your Way to help JM .

    Angels attend upon the document which is forwarded to the beloved Mr HW, thus he too experiences Divine Assistance, Divine Inspirations in all that is to occur. This is also the case with Msgr R. He will remain the good lawyer he is trained to be; objective in all that is occurring, for My Hand is powerfully upon all that is occurring in Providence Health. My little ones persevere, for none of this is of Me as you can well see!

    Lord please strengthen, heal and protect JM and LT and the third person in an action against PH, from this satanic depression and suicidal despair, as they wait for Your Justice to prevail.

    By Your Faith in My Word, and their Faith as it is, We render powerless the assaults against their thoughts which are indeed occurring. We render all such capabilities harmless. This is an unjust way of fighting and manipulating but it is occurring rampantly upon the business world on the Earth today. I give them henceforth the necessary Fortitude and I cause them to know that in their weaknesses I am their Strength, and that they shall henceforth cling to Me , the Lord God. Sanctuary is in My Heart, in and through the Heart of Our Beloved Mother. Sanctuary is thus in the Two Hearts of Love!

    We prayed the novena to Our Lady of Victory this week. Thank You Lord; we pray for the end of all evil occurring in PH, even the things we are not directly involved in or don’t know about, that all may truly be Yours, so that Our Archbishop does not have such powerful opposition when he acts to correct all that is not of You Lord.

    Our Lord shows a huge Archangel being attendant upon the Archbishop; It is Michael, the head of the Army. We are at war little children. I have long told you that these dreaded times were impending. They are present now little children, but the Body of Christ is shielded in a powerful shield of protection. But yet it is true little children in every war the valiant ones can be wounded, and yet I protect Mine in this battle in a remarkable fashion. An infilling of Peace comes upon those for whom you plead, and always My Peace is accompanied with My Love, and that quiet Joy of heart which denotes I am In Residence in that heart. Little children, tell Me that you love Me for those who do not!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Willing hands come to the assistance of these women now at this time as the Light of your Christ is cast upon the circumstances of their lives. Little children, you have already accomplished more than you can imagine. Doors are open; Light is cast on the darkness of evil which has assailed . Evil is no more the dominant spirit in Providence, for I take swift sure action; before My Divine Will nothing stands!

    Thank You Lord, we praise You, bless You and thank You; we glorify Your Holy Name.

    The angels are singing,“if God is for us, who can be against, if the Spirit of God has set us free.”

    Lord I need to pray for me, because it’s been such a heavy week, that sometimes I loose my peace.

    Matrix medal holds you secure Mother says.

    Lord, I need to pray for South Africa again; 31 people died yesterday because of civil unrest and corruption and it is unlikely to settle because they are having elections in a month; they are on the brink of chaos and disaster; my daughter is to go and work and travel there in a few months.

    Little children these times of turmoil have to be, before My imminent return. Little children, again I bid you each one to prepare yourselves well spiritually for unforseen events are about to ccur, not only in South Africa but in ALL the nations of the Earth, for a great cleansing time comes upon the Earth, truly like unto the time of the Passover. And so little children, you must keep your Jesus’ Name always powerfully in your heart and soul and mind, and upon your lips, and cling to your Jesus.

    Here, you have the Mercy Gate of Our Mother, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to bring people, through Her love, unto Me. This is a powerful means for drawing Mankind back to their God, and My Beloved Mother is still repeating all over the world; DO as My Son tells you!

    This is the Message for the people of South Africa and indeed, for the people all over the Earth, for I am calling My Own, even the stragglers and the lukewarm, to come back to Me now, with all their hearts, in repentance, that they can begin rejoicing in the Love of the Lord!

    The loathsome one is yet active on Earth, as is evidenced in these dreadful wars and murders. It is not for long, but it is difficult for a time little children, even more than difficult. Those who know Me not, or know Me not very well, become fear-filled; filled with terror, and this adds to their stresses. And so I am calling each of My Own, to strive to always remain in the Peace of My Presence prayerfully, and at the moments of sudden stress or fear to call on My Name, call on Mother’s Name, and We attend and hold you fast in the Peace of Our Presence, and thus you are spiritually in the Sanctuary of Our Hearts, and you do not open your armour to the assault of the foe. Little children, practice remaining in the Peace of Our Presence, so important for these times!

    Your loved ones I shield in the Great Shield which covers My Church at this time, from the assaults of the foe. Be at Peace.

    Lord we worry about the ones who are not in a state of grace; who are not living Your Laws now.

    Continue to pray , but always in Peace for them, and trust Me; I am the Good Shepherd. They are sealed unto Me and I seek them out. Kenny is My Own. That which is desired most for him, is not yet but is impending. You must believe little children; your God is a God of Truth! I know what I am about.

    Jesus I trust in You. Lord I am happy that my daughter is going to work in South Africa, but my first instinct as a mother is to tell her to avoid the danger that she knows nothing about there.

    Again little mother, one day at a time; she is cherished of the Lord God, and of the Mother of God. She is safe in Us. I have plans for her that shall indeed come to fruition. Let this be considered as part of her training and molding and strengthening.

    Lord, I don’t want her to be hurt.

    Love Reigns! [He means His Divine Love.]

    Thank You Lord. Thank You for the powerful bond of prayerful Christian friends of which she has become a part. Lord, I’ve been too busy to react to the bad news about the tax.

    I just need to trust in Your Providence and stay in Peace till You show me the best way to go.

    Our Lord is silent for a while; I feel His smile and I have had no anxiety about it- yet. I start to giggle. It is utterly beyond me to know what else to do but trust the Lord. I suddenly recall how Our Lord sent Peter to catch a fish which yielded two coins that paid the Temple tax for our Lord and St Peter. All things are possible to The Lord.

    Tell Me that You Love Me and trust Me.

    My God, I believe, I adore , I trust and I love You. I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not Love You!

    I the Lord your God Bless you. Little one, there is a little bit of time now, and well before the end of April you will know exactly what to do and We work through this together. This is burdensome but not entirely unexpected. Mother is tenderly attendant. She speaks to Me as when She said, “Son, they have no wine.”I make things happen for the good of My beloved faithful ones, which each one of you are, My precious little ones. [The Pp*]

    Lord, You know that I am smiling because I know that only You can help me with this problem, and because I was trusting You when I did it also.

    Our Lord reminds us “I am not outdone.” What you do to My little ones, I repay you tenfold.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord I thank You for helping me with Your patients who need so much help on the phone. Lord, please heal them; You are the Healer Lord Jesus. I thank for the miraculous pregnancy to one of my patients who was thought infertile. I pray for healing of the one who fears renal dialysis. She has become close to You Lord. I entrust her to You Lord, heal her without dialysis even if it requires a miracle. Memorare; we give her and her family to Mother Mary.

    You must believe in My Victory for them. A silver spring of water flows from your heart unto this people. You understand Scripturally this is what happens with the infilling of Divine Mercy and Love. It pours out, little healers in My Name, upon all those whom you touch and for whom you pray. You are anointed each one, to be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice, in healing the suffering little ones. Do not be distressed when a specific healing, or level of healing does not occur. I have told you and I tell you again, the healing is always firstly spiritual, and after that, as I will, as the circumstances in My Eyes, warrant.

    Lord keep us truly humble, and not promising anything beyond Your Will. We believe because of all Your healings Lord.

    You place Me in a position where I must heal little children.

    Thank You Lord; it is You Lord who have said that you send all who come to us, and You give us the love with which we love them and pray for them for love of You. Lord I pray that if they want to biopsy her kidney they find normal tissue and proclaim Your miracle and glorify your Name.

    Reciprocal Love!

    Thank You Lord. Lord we thank You for all the beautiful Humility and Faith and Love, Strength and Obedience manifested by the Holy Father’s on his pilgrimage. We pray for much healing and conversion to follow, especially among the Jewish, Moslem and all other religions and atheists, that they realize that You are the King of Glory, the Son of God. Lord, I am still under the cloud because of proclaiming Your Words against “brain death.” I pray that Our Holy Father will soon give the Church’s official position on the subject , before I have to deal with Msgr R on the new task.

    It comes to pass in due time and you will be pleasingly surprised little children.

    Dear Lord, please enlighten Dr N that when he reads the paper from M against “brain death” and after the Holy Father speaks, he too will become a powerful voice helping us to proclaim Your Will. Thank You for inspiring M to give him the last one. Angels are singing “fill my cup up to the fullest ...”

    Lord, I am very blocked in getting registered for the May conference in Chicago. Lord I ask that I find a Church where Mother is truly honoured on the 13th, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, and also the beatification of Fransisco and Jacinta. I thank You so much for the decision the Holy Father has made, consecrating the next millennium to Our Lady of Fatima. I pray for Your powerful assistance in both the choice of courses and hotels, that the schedule and the distance work out for the Mass and Adoration . I have also not heard from the printer since I returned from Rome.

    On your return home We shall go over the documents, choosing together all that We Desire. My little one, I am your Mother. My little one, we shall find the Church which is handy to where you will be. All things fall into place. Heaven hears your prayers.

    Little ones, T comes to the fore again. He is as you know inundated with the great project, and yet We speak to his heart and he responds. Be at Peace. Little children, you realize, as it has always been when one is doing the Lord’s work, that many pitfalls and obstructions are set about you. Just believe that all things work out for good, and that the needed work is completed in Our Lord’s Own time.

    One recognizes little children, the urgency of the Messages and your desire to hastily obey the Will of your God, and this is to your credit and recognized by your God, and yet there are these delays, and one day when, as you say, you will see the entire picture, you will understand even why these obstructions and delays occurred, why they had to be. Be at Peace even in these matters little one, for the Lord is profoundly with you.

    Thank You Mother. Blessed be God in His Angels and in his saints, Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy, Blessed be God forever. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.

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