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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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    Discernment Prayers. July 05, 2000.

    Rebuke prayers of Pope Leo X111. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will!

    Our Lord is profoundly present. Speak Lord, Your servants are listening. The convocation You spoke of last week, of 5200 doctors, scientists, moralists, from 44 countries has started in the Vatican. Lord, we pray that this is the occasion for the Holy Father to speak; we pray that none will leave without knowing clearly Your Will on all matters from birth to natural death, especially on the matter of “brain death.”

    Militant angels surround you little children; the Lord is with you. All is going according to Heaven’s Design in this matter of physical death, bodily death, or as you speak, clinical death, for I am The God of Life and of Death!

    Little children, always remember, it is only Death of the soul which is a grave problem for the soul, and a grave sorrow to the Living God, when such an event occurs! At this time, clinical death is occurring among My Own and those whom I love, in a matter not acceptable to Me, for I am the Giver of Life and I chose a time to be borne and a time to die, for each soul! Thus I have commissioned you to work on the Epistle of Love Mission to the Scientific World.

    “Whatsoever you bind on Earth, is bound in Heaven;” I have spoken to My apostles, and be assured that My beloved John Paul is well aware of this My Assignment to him and to the priesthood, and shall indeed speak on the subject.

    Nothing escapes My Gaze. I am your all-knowing and all seeing God, as you know, and all-powerful indeed! The words you desire from the beloved John Paul, shall fall upon the ears of the world very rapidly now, and all will know the matter of right and wrong in the hospitals which were intended only for the good of the body.

    Physicians in conscience will know what is right and what is wrong in all that they are doing. Your God is benevolent and loving, and yet there is a behaviour among men, which is abominable to The Lord Your God; and this is the matter of holding sway, holding power, by one individual-doctor or not- over another individual’s very life, when I have proclaimed,

    “Thou shalt not kill!’

    It does not say, thou shalt kill in only certain circumstances; it simply and directly speaks; “Thou shalt not kill!” There are NO alternative words to this Commandment!

    Therefore know that in all that thou art doing little one, in proclaiming Truth to a world which stops its ears at the concepts of Truth; thou art doing My Work, My Will!

    Once these individuals are enlightened by the beloved John Paul, then should they persevere in all manner of wickedness, the sin is upon each such individual and thou hast worked a great work on My Behalf. The beloved John Paul will continue to speak of the

    rights and the wrongs of what is occurring in medical science.

    There is a great spiritual warfare all over the Earth as you know; many are dying in wars and

    famines-all man made- and this is a great sorrow to Your God; and those who are dying in a coldly calculated manner, at the hands of the alleged physicians; this abomination is more grievous to Me, than what cruel dictators are doing to My little helpless ones who are My Own.

    Little children, it is a grave affront to Your God, for an individual to choose when one shall be borne and when one shall die bodily death, and I address this warning in My Epistle of Love to the scientific world, and I address this warning increasingly so, through the beloved John Paul. All those who are attending the conference become most clearly enlightened, for many pray on this issue of bodily death, of clinical death.

    Much suffering has occurred for many families in their time of need, their time of crisis, in the illness of a loved one, when these body parts are transposed to another human being and the beating of a human heart, which belongs to Me, is stopped!

    You will hear further on this matter when the beloved John Paul speaks, imminently now.

    Be at Peace.

    Thank You God; we praise you, thank You and glorify You; we bless Your Holy Name! Lord we pray that the doctors attending this conference may be somehow exposed to the Epistle of Love Mission, spread it and believe Your Truth Lord, and also the promotion of the Christian Oath.

    All those who attend this conference return home with a clarity of understanding of My Gift of Life, and a clarity of understanding, of why it must not be tampered with, in the vile manners in which it is being tampered with today.

    The Epistle of Love becomes known with the dissemination of Truths rapidly now. Do not doubt; I have not given you this Commission in vain; I have not sent you to the Vatican in vain. All that you have done has been according to My Desire. It shall be severed by no-one; it shall come to the fore. The priest who is holy, and is in the Vatican, and who has assisted you in the past, continues to promote Epistle of Love.

    Thank You Lord, for Fr A, and thank You Our Lady of Guadalupe, for Your ambassador, and the promises in the Oath, were also approved by CHCW together with FIAMC. So Lord, will this be the way that I will get the rest of these Words delivered to the Holy Father?

    Little ones, as you wait in eager anticipation, wait yet a little longer; I guide you step by step, and you will go forward in Faith. Blessings accrue and flow freely on you and on this Mission of My Intent. After the Holy Father speaks, things become very clear, not only to yourselves, but to all the physicians encompassed in My Love, and changes occur, for it is , as ever, “By Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won.”

    Therefore know, that I shall speak further, and advise you on the completion of Epistle of Love, subsequent to the beloved John Paul’s pronouncement! Be at Peace, it falls into place according to Heaven’s Design.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I pray for our beloved Archbishop Exner, who will have to order and execute the changes required in St Paul’s hospital especially in the organ transplant unite to be in unity with what the Holy Father speaks.

    Therefore believe that the beloved Bishop is a man of his word, and a man in obedience to John Paul, and a man of great fortitude, that I Myself, it is the Lord Who speaks, inspire and guide in all that he is doing in My Church. Therefore simply pray for the beloved AE, for that is what you are called to do, little children. Know little children, that I work with him in a profound manner. You see the difficulties which he will have to face, in dealing with Humanity as it is today, yet I am with him for nothing is impossible to Me.

    Lord, we pray for Msgr R, who is Vicar of PHC, and who has been promoting BC Transplant Society, who promote “brain death.” Lord, this is a great cause of division. Yet we know that he is faithful to You Lord.

    The beloved priest is called to Rome in a great discussion of Truth. Be at Peace, the beloved priest is also beloved of the Lord God, and as you little children have been shown, the most beloved of the Lord God, even they are assailed by the endeavours of the Culture of Death, and must be ever on guard. He holds fast to Truth, be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I need to pray again about the invitation to Fr NK to promote Perpetual Adoration, because nothing further has been done yet and the other pastors have not been contacted, no dates are set, and all is in the hands of Fr JM. Lord, let Your Holy Will be done in this matter. Our Lord is showing Omen the other Churches that have Perpetual Adoration.

    Therefore beloved, pray much for Fr K and for Fr JM and trust Me a little longer.

    Thank You Lord. We thank Yo for J who is back for summer, who has had some success with eleventh-Hour Mission in his own and surrounding countries in eastern Europe. Lord, he has asked for prayers and I have invited him to come and discern about his future needs.

    We attend upon J most profoundly; Heaven hears your prayers. In due course he comes and prays for it is My Will. His journey has been difficult, and he has been tried and tested , and strengthened increasingly through the fight. A great Enlightenment I give to him now.

    He will come but not immediately, for it is not of his nature to immediately attend as you well know, little children. It shall happen in due course.

    Thank you Lord. And I pray for the lady JM who spoke of her belief that doctors owe God prayers of reparation for swearing the Hippocratic Oath for so many years to pagan gods; I was not sure what my role should be. I gave her the addresses in the Vatican that she has wanted to write to for many years’ but she forgot them in my office.

    Place them in an envelope and mail them to her.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for two Catholic families in my practice, especially one in a lot of pain, who are not practicing, and who have young children, not baptized.

    There is a dark place in this woman’s soul. We pray prolonged rebukes.

    An angel is sent there, and a dome of Light is placed over her.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I’m praying about the one called PG who wants to come and see me before the appointment the following week, yet I do not feel called to see her earlier. Lord is it your purpose that she come earlier?

    Enemies are saying they refuse to release her.

    It is the Lord Who speaks. We attend upon this household. Our Lady of Fatima braves the storm that is attacking this household. Leave it up to Your God, and to Your beloved Mother, and attend upon this patient in the original appointment next week.

    Thank You so much for Your Inspiration Lord. Lord, I pray again for LT who has not heard from PH and PHC. Should she write again or what should she do Lord.

    The One Who is called Faithful and True attends upon the beloved L. At this time she should write a follow-up letter to PH. She may simply state that she needs to clarify that she can return. She may state, “further to my previous letter, “and I will enlighten to as to the rest of the words. Be at Peace in all these things; it is the Lord Who speaks.

    Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers, July 12th, 2000.

    Rebuke prayers of His Holiness, Pope Leo X111. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse! Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine!

    The Virtue of Love is such that I the Lord God am attendant upon you. I am your Jesus of Merciful Love. Do you see little children the signs of the times? They are becoming increasingly difficult for multitudes all over the world. Little children, do not be dismayed at any event that occurs on Earth today, for the time of the Great Battle is now!

    Little children, My faithful army on Earth is profoundly assisted not only by your God and the Mother of God, but by countless numbers of angels and saints. Continue to pray in unison with the angels and saints and the holy souls as you do. You are front-line warriors in all that is going on in the Earth today.

    As you know, the enemy has waged a multi-level attack on the on Humanity, attacking essentially every facet of human life. Dear little children, speak now your questions.

    Lord, we come before seeking Your Words of Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Counsel and discernment, for the Holy Father has spoken to the doctors, but not the specific words about clinical death that we had hoped to hear, and we do not know how to proceed with Epistle of Love Mission. Lord we await Your Enlightenment. What would You have us do? Dear Lord, help us to remain totally surrendered to Your Holy Will, especially when we don’t understand what to do.

    Our Lord remains silent a long time, we pray many prayers Our Lord is silently imparting to us great sorrow and we pray many prayers, and rebukes but Our Lord does not speak to us and we do not understand. Lord we pray for the needs of the Holy Father now. We beg Him to speak but He is silent. Mother, do You wish to speak? Silence.

    I ask Our Lord, “what is this Lord Jesus, is it that the Holy Father has been obstructed from speaking? Are we to pray for more words from him?” Immediately a spurt like a flashbulb explodes in my soul, rippling through my throat and at that moment Omen exclaims, “that is what it is.” The angels are singing, “there is a balm in Gilead...”

    Lord, we praise, bless and thank You for beloved John Paul, hold him safe beneath the scapula which he wears, Mother on your feast tomorrow, Rosa Mystica, and on the 16th, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, please protect him. Lord have Mercy on him; let the obstruction be removed that Your Message be heard.

    We are attendant upon you little children; We will speak to you. We wish you to know that We are aggrieved by much that has befallen the beloved John Paul, which is not known to the world.

    Oh Lord Jesus, was he stopped from making the pronouncement we are waiting for?

    He will not be stopped because it is My Will that it be pronounced, therefore little children, continue to be hope and trust! Little children continue to pray much for the beloved John Paul, for the enemy is motivating those who are round about him, who are not My Own, increasingly motivating them in obstructive manners.

    Lord have Mercy; what can we do beyond Our Prayers. Mother Mary, please answer my novena to Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles, to protect the Holy Father, and let his words become known.

    Lord, I know that by telling us, the world will know of this obstruction, as soon as You tell me to put the Words on the website. The ones who are obstructing him now, will know that the world knows through these Words in Epistle of Love Mission which You are giving us now Lord. Lord, protect the Chair of St Peter in the Vatican while he is away, and all those who are faithful to You.

    Please Lord, let Your Words from the Holy Father be released for the world is in dire need of them.

    Wretched, wretched, are the ones who are assail the beloved John Paul. I am the Lord Your God! The walls of flame lick about the boots of those who assail the beloved John Paul, all those who obstruct My Intent yes, even in Israel as well!

    Little children, you are at the time long foretold. You begin to see now, the fierce warfare

    which is epidemic all over the Earth. It is intensified for most assuredly, the enemy’s time on Earth is extremely limited. Mother and I attend upon you little children. You wish to know when the beloved John Paul will speak?

    Yes Lord.

    He has spoken; it is written down, and in due course it will be proclaimed publicly.

    Little children, We know you are waiting, patiently persevering and waiting in eager anticipation for his utterances upon clinical death, and it shall occur. There are vicissitudes. Do not be dismayed; continue to pray for the beloved John Paul as never before.

    Wait a few days more; and you will hear the Message. The world does not want to hear this Message; those who surround the beloved John Paul, do not wish this Message to be given.

    This is Your Victory Lord, therefore the Words will come through.

    The last Message We gave you is a Message of Victory to the doctors. It is; The gates of hell shall not prevail; they presumptuously believe they are prevailing! Alas for them; they are deceiving themselves.

    Little children, rest in My Love and wait just a few more days in the Peace of My Presence.

    Little children, he and those who are faithful to him, have learned much from the doctors who were in attendance there, and it casts a more vivid picture of what is happening in the medical world. Do not doubt that what I have spoken comes to pass and you will know of it very rapidly.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. I believe that when more people know from Epistle of Love, about this obstruction, this attempt to prevent the Holy Father from speaking, more people will believe.

    Lord, I pray fervently that when his Words are published, that he will be safe.

    Dear Lord, we heard at the cenacle yesterday, that Fr N was very sick; that his cancer has returned and a priest from Nigeria is working in his place while he is in hospital. Do You wish us to use this opportunity in any way to promote invitation for Fr NK to come and talk to the five parishes that have Perpetual Adoration. We pray for Fr N to be healed if it is Your Will please Lord.

    On next contact with Fr J you will tactfully ask him if he has done any thing, and take your cue from there. You might volunteer on his behalf to contact the other priests; and yet it is his will that must be done in this instance. So gently inquire if he’s made any progress with the other priests. We will take it from there.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Dear Lord, as You know, FC has called me to see which conference we can attend, and I know I will go where You choose to send me.

    Peruse the literature and I will inspire you that you desire to attend a specific conference, and then you shall come here and We will speak further.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I need to pray about the fact that I have three legal cases coming up close together, with my record being required. I am having difficulty writing one report. I am finding it hard to focus on my work, with what is happening in My Mission.

    Invoke the Holy Spirit of the Lord, and the Mother of the Lord, and Heavenly assistance comes upon thee as you make the required report . When you ask Our Mother and the

    Beloved Holy Spirit as well, great things happen, and the paperwork will flow freely. I will speak with you and through you and in you. Heaven assists you profoundly in all these details of your work.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; I have experienced this.

    Lord, I pray for the conversion of the abortionist doctors as well as for the one who stabbed him.

    Such serial killers as R have caused themselves to be devoid of the shielding protection of the Living God. Even so, as you have commented, it is not attack by anyone who is pro-life.

    To the contrary, it is a vengeful act. I will speak no further at this time. You will see as the investigation is played out, that the people of God are innocent of such crimes and yet they raise what you call a smokescreen, a storm of lies is raised up, of propaganda against believers in Life. It is not so! Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. I was telling Omen I would call her as soon as I saw the Holy Father’s words, and Our Lord said,

    He has his own way of evading the confrontational individuals and he has a means of releasing the desired information which shall appear in due course. Be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus, we believe You. I pray for two pregnant mothers. I pray for healthy babies and safe deliveries. Let TK’s work be of You and for You Lord, through our Heavenly Mother.

    We shield with the Blessed Presence of the Mother of God, each of these mothers and their blessed infants. Truly believe and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. May the Presence... Glory be...

    Discernment Prayers. 19th July, 2000.

    Rebuke prayers of Pope LeoX111. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. Obstruction still present and we pray more rebukes.

    Tell Me that You love Me!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Virtually, all of Us are in attendance upon you. [ all the angels and saints and Our Mother Mary are present.] Little children, speak your words, seek your discernment.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, for hearing us faithfully again each time we call upon You because we have confusion and need direction for the Epistle of Love Mission. Lord, we pray first for the Holy Father, because we have not heard His Words yet, and we don’t know if he continues to be obstructed or if one has received the words from him and been obstructed in printing them.

    I Jesus, Your God, the Rock of Ages, bless You for your persevering Faith and endurance in the face of all that has been occurring. I am profoundly attendant on each of My Own

    among whom you are numbered. Do not be dismayed; there is a reason for the delay.

    Rigid control is exercised over all that the beloved John Paul speaks in attempts to stifle certain of My Messages and Missives. Do not doubt that the pope is gravely concerned with all that is occurring in the matter of the so-called “brain death,” and yet it has not become public knowledge.

    In due course it will and very soon, for the beloved John Paul is not a man to allow others to stifle the Spirit of the Living God, for he is encased in the Holy Spirit, you might say,

    therefore all his words and motivations are according to the Will of your God.

    Lord, I hope not to offend You in anything I pray, but I am recalling that a year ago when we were praying for the removal of obstruction I was having, You both said and acted in showing that any who obstructed these Missions which are Yours, are immediately removed or converted. Therefore Lord Jesus, we pray for the removal or conversion of those obstructing the Holy Father.

    The One who is Faithful and True, the Living God, assures you, that these My Words live on, and are effective in releasing the words of the beloved John Paul. Therefore, be at Peace, it occurs rapidly now. Hosts of angels work with the beloved John Paul in all that is occurring. He is in a great place of Blessing, for the prayers of the faithful resound in Heaven on his behalf, and the Blessings and Graces pour forth as dew upon him, the rays that rain down like the morning dew. Those that facilitate all his enterprises, also are profoundly anointed.

    The obstructive ones are not, and I make the necessary moves now to cause his words to be no longer silenced for they have been written and they have been spoken. Therefore, wait yet a little bit longer–and it occurs. Pray much for all in the Vatican, for the spiritual warfare which you have noticed all about the world, is happening most profoundly within the Vatican. As you suspect, know that it is so!

    I am Jesus, Eternal Victor! My Church, established on the firm rock of Peter, prevails in John Paul, and continues. The words you so desire to hear, occur very shortly now. Little ones, patient perseverance, endurance in this time of trial, your walking always in the Light of My Love and Peace; this is all you are called to do at this time.

    Lord, it is the hardest thing to do right now. Please help us to endure.

    “Revelation of Truth,” is a great Archangel of God, attending at the Vatican. I the Lord God, who know Truth and Who speak Truth, am heard by My whole Flock! Believe and be at Peace.

    Lord, did You just set this angel there?

    Dear Little ones, simply trust Me in these angels.

    Thank You awesome God!

    Mother shows us the “Totus tuus” of the Holy Father, and tells us,

    I Myself, am an integral part of your Mission, little children, for My Heart is the Mercy Gate.

    The priests attendant upon you; all of them know and recognize, Our Lord Jesus Christ Who is Truth, in the Messages. All of those who believe in our God, who take the time to read the Messages, recognize Truth.

    My children, the Holy Father will most assuredly speak, for I am profoundly attendant upon him and the Mission of Truth must go forward. Therefore, do as Our Lord God has announced; wait yet a little longer-it is a very little longer.

    Precious little ones, always in everything you do, you are obstructed by the foe, and tested by your God, and in all of this testing you are being strengthened ,and purified and are increasingly pleasing to Our God. Therefore, endure a little longer, precious children of a Merciful and Loving God!

    The little one, who is named Dominic Francis has Life, Life to the fullest-rejoice.

    Thank You Mother. And the following morning we found out that the parents, even after speaking to the priests, had followed the advice of the doctor and had aborted this baby.

    Lord, just as we are obstructed as above, I am also obstructed, in the Perpetual Adoration. We still have not heard any confirmation of plans for Fr NK. Our Lord gives us His Sorrow, and goes silent. We pray miracle prayer. Fierce spiritual battle. The devil is right here. Rebukes again.

    Michael, attendant upon you, bids you Peace. The thing is under attack, and release is occurring. Thank You St Michael.

    The Queen of Angels and All Saints, the Mother of God and Your own Mother too, blesses you. The Lord is with you; the Lord is with Fr J and with Fr N and with the many, and with the beloved Fr A as well, therefore be at Peace. Little children, the prayers as you pray today, are needed for the priesthood, affected by great spiritual warfare at this time. Therefore as you see,

    the enemy can use a casual word, and cause malignant gossip to occur so readily among the flock, little ones who know no better. Dear children, now is a moment in which the Lord, Our God, Blesses you.

    I Jesus, Bless you little ones, in a great anointing of My Peace, My Love and My Joy. As I am Blessing you, I am blessing the beloved Fr J. An intrusion entered into his thought , causing him to set aside, to the point of neglect, your message request, which is clearly before him yet again. Be at Peace, you know he is fully occupied in all his undertakings. I assist him. He shall deal with it. Almost immediately you shall hear from him, and it is done. Be at Peace; your prayers united with the prayers of the angels and saints and holy souls are powerfully effective in the defeat of the enemy. One day you shall understand the

    full scope of these prayers.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I am so excited that my Pentecostal friend wishes to come and pray in the Adoration chapel. I pray that You will give her a powerful experience of Peace in Your Real Presence, as only You can give Lord.

    Ongoing conversion.

    Lord, I find my clinical judgement so murky. I pray about the patient who needs to be seen by a specialist, but I just found out that the one I chose, does infertility work and probably does these “foetal reductions.” Lord I pray for his conversion. How can I still send my patient there even if it is for something completely different.

    Tell Me that You love Me!

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.

    Little one, sorrowful as We are with regard to that doctor, you may believe that I Myself shield her from that which is unclean, for thou hast prayed much for her. Continue to pray for the conversion of the doctors in this world today that are in the darkest degradation of soul. Continue to pray for him and such as him. I give all that opportunity to repent and to come back to Me, for example, Dr Nathanson’s conversion.

    Lord, please guide me in how to change her prescription. I pray the same for JMB.

    Continue to give a little prayer for each one before their attendance upon you, as you do, little children. You have no idea about the power of one”Our Father,” and then My little sweetheart, I will assist you in discerning what medication to place each of these individuals on temporarily, until My Healing Love encompasses them for it surely shall.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord I pray for Our new deacon, who is far from home and very lonely.

    At this moment, just pray for E when he comes to mind or to your attention. I will make a miracle of Love happen for him, so that he is associated with those close to his age, who are safe in Me so that they are no threat to his Mission in Life. Therefore be at Peace; your prayers accomplish more than you know.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord I pray A’s friend P, in Zimbabwe, for all her need, but most particularly for her mother, who is away from home for treatment of breast cancer.

    You know well that A is secure in the Embrace of the Lord God, in the shield of protection given to God’s Own people, her visit will be a comfort and blessing in that household. Little children, you recognize the epidemic that cancer has been upon the face of the Earth. At this time these diseases have to be! It is a great sorrow to the Lord Your God. Little children, simply pray for those who are stricken, by this disease and many other such serious diseases and trust in the Lord. Little children, at times the disease goes into remission, and others are taken home. Dear little children, simply pray for those stricken and trust in the Lord.

    Angels are singing,”the Love I have for You my Lord...

    T has been given in the role You intended for her.*[I know more but can’t tell. ]

    The Virtue of Love is that We have a unique Mission for your daughter, which comes to the fore beautifully, as the budding and blossom of a beautiful flower. Therefore trust and wait in joyful anticipation, remaining ever at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord it seems that all the visions you gave Ida, twenty years ago, in Our Lady of all Nations, is what is coming about now, I’m not sure why I feel so drawn or how I’m involved. She was told that the dogma , naming Our Lady, Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, which we pray for, will come about.

    Little children, I the Lord God, hold each of My Own precious remnant, on this Earth, attendant upon all that is occurring. You do know the signs of the times, for I keep you aware. Little children, that it is why you find yourself, each one, in continuous prayer, one way or another. That is all I ask you, to be in continuous prayer, that you be aware of the signs of the times, which I present to you in many and various forms. Each of My Own is always held secure in the Shield of My Presence, and yet you must be aware; how else can you help your suffering brothers and sister if you are not aware.

    Lord, You asked me to scan the literature and come again to pray about the conference You wish to send me to, there are so many choices but I can only afford to go to one. [San Diego, Toronto or Philadelphia.]

    Tell Me that You Love Me.

    I love You My Beloved Jesus, I love You more than myself, would that I may love You always and then do with me what You Will.

    The Virtue of Love is such that you will go to the place of the poor.[Tijuana close to San Diego.] It is My Desire that you attend there, and that you invite your dear friend and associate to also attend there. I Myself will Bless you in an unusual way there. Be at Peace, when the Beloved John Paul speaks, you will know, you will be among the first to pick up on the words. Stay attentive as you are, to his holy words and all that is happening to him. Little children, I remind you, you are all bound together in the one Body of Christ, as I Desire by My Will, therefore be at Peace in these matters.

    Glory be.... May the Presence....

    Discernment Prayers. 28th July, 2000.

    Rebuke prayers of Pope LeoX111. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine.

    Therefore be at Peace.

    Dear Lord Jesus, as You know we have not yet received the Blessed Words from the Holy Father, so we continue to pray for there release. Obstruction present and we pray more rebukes.

    Beloved, the One who is called Faithful and True, is in attendance. Little children, Peace; I am your Jesus of Merciful Love! You have been waiting patiently for the necessary Words

    from the Beloved John Paul. It is in the offing; it is coming to the fore rapidly now. One day you will understand why the long delay. Little children pray for the beloved John -Paul

    because as you know , neither this proclamation of clinical death, nor the proclamation on behalf of the Queen of Heaven and Earth, makes him a popular pope, little children, yet he will make both such proclamations. It is a time to trust a little longer.

    It has been almost a year [in September] Lord and I can barely function any longer; maybe I’m not as surrendered as I need to be.

    It is known to your God, therefore little children, continue to wait in patient perseverence.

    Enduring this long testing, you are indeed strengthened little children. Remember, all things work out for good for those who love and serve the Lord as you do. You are always under My Attendance and Mother’s Attendance and yet, there is a reason for the timing of the pronouncements, the final dogma of The Virgin and this pronouncement of bodily death.

    Lord, I have understood that even though I may be ready, but others, or other parts of the Mission, may not be ready yet. May I ask who or what the other parts are Lord Jesus?

    Children, you are simply to present the Words to the beloved John Paul and then wait upon the Lord. You realize children, the implementation of this My Design, My Desire, demands for drastic changes in the scientific world which is, as you know, rapidly heading in the other direction. Yet there are My faithful ones who work with Me Your Physician, to bring Light and Life and Good to the suffering people on Earth.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    The length of John-Paul’s reign is known to Me , and I assure you that the words he is about to utter, with regard to Our Mother, and also with regard to a definition of clinical or bodily death, appears to be long overdue, and yet it must fall at certain time , affecting many different individuals in many different ways. I do not, as it were, lump them together and yet they will be proclaimed rapidly one after the other.

    Lord, August the 6th, the Feast of Your Transfiguration is the second anniversary of the date that these Words, of Epistle of Love Mission, first appeared on the website, not by my design but by Yours. I hoped that the Holy Father’s words, closing words of the Mission would be released by then. We thank You for all those who may have already received Enlightenment from the Words.

    I know we have to wait for Your time, not mine Lord.

    “My trial is about to begin,”proclaims the pope, for he knows what will happen because of these two very different pronouncements which he is called in his heart and soul and mind, to give to mankind. Little children, simply pray for this holy man!

    Yes Lord Jesus, help us to pray more, because sometimes I feel totally prayed out. His is a living martyrdom.

    Lord, You already know that Report Magazine, has contacted me, and JY and MB regarding “brain death,” and Catholic Register has also contacted MB on the same subject. He had agreed to send me a copy of my responses to him for revue/correction, which he has not yet done. Lord I pray for Your Protection over us as we make our responses, since we do not yet have the protection of the Holy Father’s words. We would not like the chastisement we received from the priesthood, to be repeated. We know it must be Your Plan that the media is starting a new cycle of “brain death”


    Thus you are awakening the people to a knowledge which many have been oblivious of. It is essential that many, many, people understand the ramifications of this so-called “brain death.” Rest assured, I shield you. Even though the media is aware of you, the ones to whom you have spoken are, shall We say, the safest. Therefore, be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord. Lord, just help us not distort Your Message in any way.

    Be at Peace; all goes well. Little children, Your Message is Truth, and Truth cannot be evaded by those who know Me. I AM Truth!

    Lord, I don’t know if he is still going to get back to me later, or not.

    Be at Peace; he is a conscientious worker in his field; all goes according to My Will. There is a little time yet for him to contact you with the words.

    Lord You know that I received a message in my e-mail that the doctor who cloned Dolly the sheep, wants to use “brain dead” people to experiment with implanting pig-organs for Four years to see if they are safe. Very clearly, he knows that these people are not dead, because this could not be done in truly dead people, and equally clearly, our local media works very hard to suppress this kind of news which would expose BC Transplant society by showing what “brain death”really is.

    Retain it, hold onto it, but of course, share always with Michael. In due course, many become enlightened. Little children, do not be fearful. Though you are front line warriors I the Lord God, am your Shield. Therefore be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord.

    Dear Lord, the task of inviting Fr NK , but first of his getting approval from The Archdiocese, is handed back to me. I need Your Guidance to do what You would have me do.

    I am the Christ, The Son of the Living God. I bid you do not hesitate, but simply courageously and politely inform him of your pastor’s response and give him the number to call and leave it in My Hands.

    Thank You Lord, as soon as Fr gave me this task I became filled with the Holy Spirit and stayed before the Blessed Sacrament praying My Rosary until I could come straight here to receive Our Lord’s Words for this instruction. The next part of this is that it has happened that my Pentecostal friend has come to Adoration twice and was powerfully aware of the Presence of Jesus as soon as she entered to the extent that she just wanted to cry and cry. Our Lord spoke to her giving her Isaiah 53 to read, and she was able to write the letter to her work as soon as she left. She vows she’s going to call others of her Church to visit including the pastor. This is the second of my friends who has started attending Catholic Church, and gone back to their Protestant Churches to draw others. This reminds me of the parable where the invited guests make excuses and the Lord calls others from the highways and byways to His Banquet. I thought it wise to tell Fr J what was happening. But Lord, if You are calling non- Catholics to adore then please make it plain to our pastors that we will need a Mission on Perpetual Adoration in November because the numbers will need the instructions and Enlightenment. Please help me to succeed in this matter Lord Jesus, it is Your Own Desire.

    The Virgin of Fatima is in tears of Joy. Little children, you have no idea what is occurring. We have suggested to you in many and varied ways that great things would happen since Our Lord is so adored in the little shrine, therefore be not surprised at anything that happens next. Have I not told you that this is a time of great Ingathering for the strays, the scattered sheep? Therefore be at Peace and simply wait on Our Lord. He is in all Delight, the Good Shepherd, working

    with His Flocks as He Wills.

    Thank You Mother. This is so very beautiful and exciting. Lord before I get too carried away, LT really asked me to pray about the letter, that she get the response she needs to return to work.

    Miracles do happen; pray and persevere. Trust Me yet a little longer.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Nothing more?

    It is suffice.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I was speaking to FC and booking the courses we would take in November, and I admitted for the first time to myself and to her that I really hate the part of my profession of prescribing medication, and of trying to keep informed about the new ones, side effects etc. I came upon a problem with one of my patients and I don’t know what to change for when I see her soon. Please help Lord.

    Your Healing Ministry is begun.

    I have no idea how that will come about. I mean Lord are You saying that I won’t need to prescribe, but just to heal by Faith?

    In the interim time you will be prescribing, but I, it is the Lord who speaks, am blessing you with a unique discernment of spirits, and you will see and speak to the patient, and I will permit you to know, what is the root cause of their distress. Do You believe little children?

    Yes Lord, we believe.

    Therefore be at Peace little children.

    Lord its hard to see that I will be free to say what I see to the patient in this setting with this college.

    You will discern yourself and you will know how to speak to the patient and what medications may alleviate temporarily until fulness of healing occurs. You won’t tell the patient, you will just know.

    Lord You entrust me with so much information and then You make me wait and wait for it to happen and ask me to wait patiently when You know how terrible I am at that.

    Did I not tell My followers that they would do greater things than I did when I was on the Earth? Little children, just believe in your Jesus. I am always the Giver of Healing Love.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord this one I have known many years and she went into the States and got married, and has now returned worse than ever. She was practicing Catholic but has walked away from it. Please help because she is in a bad state of suffering now Lord; we bring her before You Lord through Immaculate Heart of Mary.


    My God, I believe, adore trust and love You, I beg pardon for those who do not believe, adore, trust and Love You. Memorare.

    Sorrow, sorrow has been a lot of this woman’s life. Little children, in your anointing of the gifts of healing, believe that even she can be healed.

    Lord, we believe! I was just inspired to give her a Miraculous medal to wear, if she will take it.

    Do So!

    Thank You Lord. Thank You Mother.

    Dear Little children, simply pray for this one; the Lord and Myself, We are tenderly attendant upon her, because Heaven hears your prayers, your pleas, your cries for Mercy. Little children, no prayer goes wasted.

    Therefore know that healing anointing comes on this woman in due course. It is not yet for she is not fully receptive yet. She seeks solace, she seeks comfort, but not of Me, the Living God. Nevertheless, I Will fetch her back to Truth and heal her brokenness. Persevere in all prayerfulness attending this woman.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, my last prayers are for my daughter who has arrived in Cape Town. I pray for Your protection on her because she is with Moslem people but she knows no-one there.

    She is ever held in safety and in Light, and she is most remarkably shielded in the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God, for I am your Shield each one of you little children. She learns many interesting things in this great adventure. Therefore simply rejoice in your love for her and in your love for your God and the Mother of God.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, and Our Mother. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers. 2nd August, 2000.

    Feast of Our Lady Queen of the Angels, and St Peter Julian Eymard, great saint of the Holy Eucharist, Founder of the BL Sacrament Fathers.

    Rebuke prayers of Pope LeoX111. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine.

    We had both experienced severe spiritual attack all day today in very different ways and had shared this before we started praying.

    The Sacred Blood of Jesus, attendant upon thee is truly profound. There is a profound anointing occurring now; the Grace and Enlightenment to assist you further for you have noticed the spiritual warfare is increasing in leaps and bounds. Rest assured, even though demons abound around the Earth, angels and saints , and the grace of your God, abound even more. My Own remain safe in Me. When you have such attacks as you have experienced little children, you realize your unity with Me, is all that is necessary, for the defeat of the foe, for the banishment of the foe, in his attacks against you. Would that all mankind recognized the spiritual warfare; alas it is not yet!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Yes Lord we realize that the spiritual warfare is intensifying, but especially today we praise and thank you for Our Lady, Queen of the Angels and for St Peter Julian Eymard, both so important in our Missions. We pray especially that Fr NK who asked us to pray especially

    for the success of a Mission to Our Archdiocese, to promote the devotion to Perpetual Adoration.

    Since You are drawing the many, I pray for success in his efforts according to Your Will please Lord.

    Beloved, all falls into place according to My Plans for the beloved Fr Neil. He is commissioned to bring much Light to this work. There is no reason or excuse to refuse him. I Myself Bless him and I Bless Msgr M , and even so little children, continue to pray for them. You have now seen recently, glimpses of the assault on the priesthood therefore it is good to pray little children, as you do, for My priesthood. You are most assuredly front line warriors in the Great Battle.

    I pray Lord that You would prepare Fr J, because if You are calling the Protestant people to the Catholic Church, which appears to be happening, then this parish will need that Mission more than ever. Thank You Lord.

    We will continue to pray for the Holy Father whose words have not yet been spoken, regarding “brain death”, and the last dogma, Mary Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, and we pray that the clergy, especially the bishops will be open and willing to concelebrate this pronouncement.

    All doors are opened by Your God, for the beloved John Paul to speak what you refer to as the final dogma; therefore be at Peace, in due course it occurs. But of course the enemy

    would throw up resistance. Little children, prayer and love conquer all; let them be your weapons at this time.

    Furthermore, with regard to the matter of clinical death, of physical death, there is an urgent need at this time for the pronouncement to be made. John Paul is well aware of this and works on this very subject even as we speak. Yet you know there is resistance and attempted obstructions to no avail, for nothing is impossible to the Lord your God.

    In the interim, there has been a movement towards more support for your stand, and Dr JY’s stand and those of like mind–yes MB because eyes have been opened in the word struggle which has been going about, through and about the globe. Do not hesitate in any way, because neither you, nor these two brave companions with you will weaken, for I strengthen each one of you for the Cause in which you fight.

    You see, as you began to speak publicly, evil was not as evil as it is now, the mad science as you would call it, increased its evil with no end in sight, for these “would be gods” have only contempt for human bodies, all bodies that is except their own, which are pampered to the utmost.

    This refers particularly to the news that Dr Ron James, who cloned Dolly the sheep, is now calling for use of “Brain dead” patients to experiment with transplanting pig organs, which was on the news from UK since Thursday July 26th, which I received in my pro-life news digest, and on EWTN on 31st July, but not on the TV news in BC as far as I could see.

    Praying for LT, my Protestant friend who has loved coming and has come frequently to Perpetual Adoration, and told me that Our Lord had asked her to come and said that He would meet her their, and that as she attended last week, and heard the teenagers and the choirs practicing, even recognizing some of the hymns, she acknowledged how this “felt so right” and Our Lord said to her; “welcome Home L.” She is anxious at the reaction when she tells her pastor and her family.

    The beloved L belongs to Me Most powerfully; she understands that I Love her most tenderly, most totally and eternally, and I have invited her to come closer to Me in the Blessed Sacrament, the Bread and Wine of My Love! With regard to her kinsfolk, her pastor, the parishioners, I ask both of you and L to just simply pray for them; the Lord’s prayer is enough, for the angels and saints and holy souls assist you, so that the prayers are indeed magnified as they come before the Lord. It is sufficient at this stage of the journey. I walk L through the journey of Faith. Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Our Father...

    Dear Lord, I have been thinking a lot about the Healing Gift You gave me last visit which was very amazing and filled with mystery to me. May I ask what is the event that which cause the transition from the temporary to the permanent healing, and how will we know when this should happen. Will the patient know when they are healed and want to come off the medication just as DA’s son did, or will I know and tell them when to come off the temporary prescription?

    Little one, We shall attend upon each one individually, and as you know the first healing is always spiritually, and beyond that these individuals have lived in a certain sorry or confused state for some time, and My darling We just heal them, moment by moment, step by step, day by day, throughout their Faith journey. He shows Omen someone learning to swim... thus they must learn to swim in the friendly waters of Love. You see, they are intimidated; they think it will be a frigid plunge, and yet My Love for them is so warm, so We give them a little time to you who love.

    Thank You Lord: will they know the time to come off the medication or will I know and tell


    I will inspire some to desire to be off the medication, some you will coax along, wheedle even. Darling it is alright, they have been dependant individuals, certain of them, for long periods of time. He shows mother, father and toddler, baby not wanting to let go at first. Thus they are in the matter of their well being.

    Lord I pray about the lady who witnessed her ten year old struck and killed by a motor vehicle, and then given for organ donation; a decision not agreed upon by the parents, who seems unable to heal from this grief, to a great degree. Please help me discern how to help since she will not be seen for a while. We get bad spirits; pray rebukes. Lord, please help us to clear these demons away.

    Michael, attendant upon you, bids you Peace little children. R, thou art shielded as in an impeccably designed space suit; it is the Shield of the Holy Spirit of the Living God surrounding you. Each one of you little children, are in the Shield of the Living God, and I, servant of the Living God, Michael, attend. Great jousts with the enemy which attempts to assail, this way and that, the little ones of God. You are blessed of God, for you are little before the Living God and He rejoices in you. The poor woman will come to you seeking solace for sorrow, and will find it. You will be empowered by the Holy Spirit, to do so without jeopardizing your practice, because of your profound Faith.

    Jesus is speaking.

    I Myself will give you the Words. When something so tragic happens in a life as you know often, there is an obsession which lodges itself, in the individual and becomes as it were, unshakable, and in all gentle Healing Love, you and I and Mother, will work a Healing Miracle on this poor soul, for it is only in her healing, that the members of her family, also come around. It is sufficient for today. She is already medicated; it will be suffice until she sees you. It is not in My Trust, and yet, as you well know, she cannot cope without it.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, I pray for the neurosurgeon through whose hands you restored me to life on Earth, and especially his sons, all his children who were undergoing much stress before they left Vancouver.

    But we know how much he believed in the sanctity of all life.

    The Virgin of Fatima Blesses you child. I am attendant upon this family. Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful. Do thou, dear child, simply add your prayers to the many which are rising up to Heaven on behalf of this good man, good doctor and his spouse. Yes, the enemy is attacking the children of the world as you well know little children, and yet indeed we ***

    enter each Who is essentially in the heart of each baptized child, and in due course, they come back to the Living God. It is a time now for families to hold themselves knit close together, no matter what the trials. That is why I have asked you little children, for families to pray together.

    I perceive that each one of you is alone and that you do pray when the opportunity presents itself with family or other associates and this is pleasing to the Lord Your God. I have my seven-fold mantle shielding you and your loved ones and I have the very same mantle shielding the doctor and his family . This does not mean that you escape testings and trials; it simply means that you are safe in the Lord and you will see through the trials, and be strengthened to the necessary courage and fortitude that is called for, for these times.

    Thank You Blessed Mother. Lord, I pray for my brother and all the family in V, who have been through some hard times. I pray that he finds the parish and the cenacle that he needs to keep close to the Church Family please Lord.

    Therefore be at Peace; I do just that, children, I hear your prayers in all delight. My little faithful ones have nothing to fear; I Bless him with the needed work, and I Bless him bringing him into a close-knit prayer group. My little children, certain shields now around all the prayer groups, that are true to Me and to the Magisterium. These people are safe in the Lord, safe under the Mantle of Love; I bring him to such a fold. It is a time now when great changes begin on the Earth, as never before.[Our Lord show Omen a giant angel, with the faithful people looking very little tucked under the folds of the angel’s garment. ]

    Thank You Lord few such a beautiful message. Lord I particularly thank You because on Sunday, the Great Feast of Your Transfiguration, the Epistle of Love Mission will be on the website for two years, by Your Own Design Lord. I hope the beloved Pope soon produces the Words which go onto the finale of the Mission. I don’t think there is another 80year old as productive and hardworking as our Holy Father.

    John Paul causes Us much Joy, and of course during his summer release from the Vatican, he is establishing the necessary words for the final dogma and for the matter of bodily death,

    of clinical death, because he too has heard the grievous insult of the desire to implant pig organs into My beloved humans, treating them as guinea pigs ready for disposal . Therefore be at Peace; his stand is taken!

    Glory be... May the Presence...

    After this my prayer partner became very ill and was hospitalized. We were not able to pray together again till the 30th August. Our Holy Father had addressed the Transplant Congress on the 29th August, 2000.


    August 29, 2000

    Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

    1. I am happy to greet all of you at this International Congress, which has brought you together for a reflection on the complex and delicate theme of transplants. I thank Professor Raffaello Cortesini and Professor Oscar Salvatierra for their kind words, and I extend a special greeting to the Italian Authorities present. To all of you I express my gratitude for your kind invitation to take part in this meeting and I very much appreciate the serious consideration you are giving to the moral teaching of the Church. With respect for science and being attentive above all to the law of God, the Church has no other aim but the integral good of the human person.

    Transplants are a great step forward in science's service of man, and not a few people today owe their lives to an organ transplant. Increasingly, the technique of transplants has proven to be a valid means of attaining the primary goal of all medicine the service of human life. That is why in the Encyclical Letter Evangelium Vitae I suggested that one way of nurturing a genuine culture of life "is the donation of organs, performed in an ethically acceptable manner, with a view to offering a chance of health and even of life itself to the sick who sometimes have no other hope" (No. 86).

    2. As with all human advancement, this particular field of medical science, for all the hope of health and life it offers to many, also presents certain critical issues that need to be examined in the light of a discerning anthropological and ethical reflection. In this area of medical science too the fundamental criterion must be the defence and promotion of the integral good of the human person, in keeping with that unique dignity which is ours by virtue of our humanity. Consequently, it is evident that every medical procedure performed on the human person is

    subject to limits: not just the limits of what it is technically possible, but also limits deter- mined by respect for human nature itself, understood in its fullness: "what is technically possible is not for that reason alone morally admissible" (Congregation for the Doctrine of

    the Faith, Donum Vitae, 4).

    3. It must first be emphasized, as I observed on another occasion, that every organ transplant has its source in a decision of great ethical value: "the decision to offer without reward a part of one's own body for the health and wellbeing of another person" (Address to the Participants in a Congress on Organ Transplants, 20 June 1991, No. 3). Here precisely lies the nobility of the gesture, a gesture which is a genuine act of love. It is not just a matter of giving away something

    that belongs to us but of giving something of ourselves, for "by virtue of its substantial union with a spiritual soul, the human body cannot be considered as a mere complex of tissues, organs and functions... rather it is a constitutive part of the person who manifests and expresses himself through it" (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Donum Vitae, 3).

    Accordingly, any procedure which tends to commercialize human organs or to consider them as items of exchange or trade must be considered morally unacceptable, because to use the body as an "object" is to violate the dignity of the human person. This first point has an immediate consequence of great ethical import: the need for informed consent. The human "authenti- city" of such a decisive gesture requires that individuals be properly informed about the processes involved, in order to be in a position to consent or decline in a free and conscientious manner. The consent of relatives has its own ethical validity in the absence of a decision on the part of the donor. Naturally, an analogous consent should be given by the recipients of donated organs.

    4. Acknowledgement of the unique dignity of the human person has a further underlying consequence: vital organs which occur singly in the body can be removed only after death, that is from the body of someone who is certainly dead. This requirement is selfevident, since to act otherwise would mean intentionally to cause the death of the donor in disposing of his organs. This gives rise to one of the most debated issues in contemporary bioethics, as well as to serious concerns in the minds of ordinary people. I refer to the problem of ascertaining the fact of death. When can a person be considered dead with complete

    certainty? In this regard, it is helpful to recall that the death of the person is a single event, consisting in the total disintegration of that unitary and integrated whole that is the personal self. It results from the separation of the lifeprinciple (or soul) from the corporal reality

    of the person. The death of the person, understood in this primary sense, is an event which no scientific technique or empirical method can identify directly.

    Yet human experience shows that once death occurs certain biological signs inevitably follow, which medicine has learnt to recognize with increasing precision. In this sense, the "criteria" for ascertaining death used by medicine today should not be understood as the

    technicalscientific determination of the exact moment of a person's death, but as a scientifically secure means of identifying the biological signs that a person has indeed died.

    5. It is a wellknown fact that for some time certain scientific approaches to ascertaining death have shifted the emphasis from the traditional cardiorespiratory signs to the socalled "neuro- logical" criterion. Specifically, this consists in establishing, according to clearly determined parameters commonly held by the international scientific community, the complete and irreversible cessation of all brain activity (in the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem).

    Here it can be said that the criterion adopted in more recent times for ascertaining the fact of death, namely the complete and irreversible cessation of all brain activity, if rigorously applied, does not seem to conflict with the essential elements of a sound anthropology. Therefore a healthworker professionally responsible for ascertaining death can use these criteria in each individual case as the basis for arriving at that degree of assurance in ethical judgement which moral teaching describes as "moral certainty". This moral certainty is considered the necessary and sufficient basis for an ethically correct course of action. Only where such certainty exists, and where informed consent has already been given by the donor or the donor's legitimate representatives, is it morally right to initiate the technical

    procedures required for the removal of organs for transplant.

    6. Another question of great ethical significance is that of the allocation of donated organs through waitinglists and the assignment of priorities. Despite efforts to promote the practice of organdonation, the resources available in many countries are currently insufficient to meet medical needs. Hence there is a need to compile waitinglists for transplants on the basis of clear and properly reasoned criteria. From the moral standpoint, an obvious principle of justice requires that the criteria for assigning donated organs should in no way be "discriminatory" (i.e. based on age, sex, race, religion, social standing, etc.) or "utilitarian" (i.e. based on work capacity, social

    usefulness, etc.). Instead, in determining who should have precedence in receiving an organ, judgements should be made on the basis of immunological and clinical factors. Any other criterion would prove wholly arbitrary and subjective, and would fail to recognize the intrinsic value of each human person as such, a value that is independent of any external circumstances.

    7. A final issue concerns a possible alternative solution to the problem of finding human organs for transplantion, something still very much in the experimental stage, namely xenotransplants, that is, organ transplants from other animal species. It is not my intention to explore in detail the problems connected with this form of intervention. I would merely recall that already in 1956 Pope Pius XII raised the question of their legitimacy. He did so when commenting on the scientific possibility, then being presaged, of transplanting animal corneas to humans. His response is still enlightening for us today: in principle, he stated, for a xenotransplant to be licit, the transplanted organ must not impair the integrity of the psychological or genetic identity of the

    person receiving it; and there must also be a proven biological possibility that the transplant will be successful and will not expose the recipient to inordinate risk (cf. Address to the Italian Association of Cornea Donors and to Clinical Oculists and Legal Medical Practitioners, 14 May 1956).

    8. In concluding, I express the hope that, thanks to the work of so many generous and highly trained people, scientific and technological research in the field of transplants will continue to progress, and extend to experimentation with new therapies which can replace organ transplants, as some recent developments in prosthetics seem to promise. In any event, methods that fail to respect the dignity and value of the person must always be avoided. I am thinking in parti- cular of attempts at human cloning with a view to obtaining organs for transplants: these

    techniques, insofar as they involve the manipulation and destruction of human embryos, are not morally acceptable, even when their proposed goal is good in itself.

    Science itself points to other forms of therapeutic intervention which would not involve cloning or the use of embryonic cells, but rather would make use of stem cells taken from adults. This is the direction that research must follow if it wishes to respect the dignity of each and every human being, even at the embryonic stage. In addressing these varied issues, the contribution of philosophers and theologians is important. Their careful and competent reflection on the ethical

    problems associated with transplant therapy can help to clarify the criteria for assessing what kinds of transplants are morally acceptable and under what conditions, especially with regard to the protection of each individual's personal identity.

    I am confident that social, political and educational leaders will renew their commitment to fostering a genuine culture of generosity and solidarity. There is a need to instil in people's hearts, especially in the hearts of the young, a genuine and deep appreciation of the need for brotherly love, a love that can find expression in the decision to become an organ donor.

    May the Lord sustain each one of you in your work, and guide you in the service of authentic human progress. I accompany this wish with my Blessing.

    (Official Text)


    It is our Lord ‘s Desire and Will, that the words given by the Holy Father on the Feast of St John, 29th August, be read always in conjunction with the Audiences of 30th Aug and 6th Sept, because even when the grave apostasy from God’s Laws is recognized, the overriding message must be one of His Mercy and forgiveness, even of murder; He loves every soul and wants to forgive all sinners, but they must change and convert.


    August 30, 2000

    "Metánoia," Consequence of the Encounter with Christ

    1. The Psalmist sings, "My wanderings you have counted" (Ps 56:9). This brief and essential phrase contains the history of the person who is lost in the desert of loneliness, evil, and dryness. By sin, he has broken the wonderful harmony of creation instituted by God in the beginning. "God looked at everything he had made, and it was very good and beautiful," as we could render the sense of the famous text in Genesis (1:31). Still, God is never far from his creature; in fact, he

    always remains present within him, according to the lovely intuition of St. Augustine: "Where were you then, and how far were you from me? I wandered far from you... You, however, were more inward to me than my inmost part and higher than my highest part" (Confessions 3,6,11). But

    the Psalmist had already depicted the vain flight of a person from his Creator in a stupendous hymn. "Where can I go from your spirit? From your presence where can I flee? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I sink to the nether world, you are present there. If I take the wings of the dawn, if I settle at the farthest limits of the sea, even there your hand shall guide me, and your right hand hold me fast. If I say, 'Surely the darkness shall hide me, and night shall be my light' for you darkness itself is not dark, and night shines as the day" (Ps 139:712).

    2. With particular insistence and love, God carries out the search for the rebellious child who flees far from his sight. God himself went onto the tortuous streets of sinners through his Son, Jesus Christ, who just as he enters into the scene of history is presented as "the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world" (Jn 1:29). The first words he pronounces in public are these: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!" (Mt 4:17). Here there is an important term, which Christ will repeatedly explain in words and deeds, "Repent," in Greek, "metanoéite," that is, carry out the "metánoia," a radical change of mind and heart. We must leave evil behind us and enter into the kingdom of justice, love, and truth, which is being founded. The trilogy of parables of the divine mercy collected by Luke in chapter 15 of his Gospel constitutes the most incisive representation of God's active search and loving waiting in his encounters with sinful creatures. When a person completes his "metánoia," his conversion, he returns, like the prodigal son, and embraces the Father who never forgot or abandoned him.

    3. In his commentary on this parable of the father, prodigal with love, in his encounter with the son, prodigal with sin, St. Ambrose introduces the presence of the Trinity. "Arise, come on the way to the Church. Here are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He runs to meet you,

    because he heard you while you were reflecting in the secret of your heart. While you are still far away, he sees you and begins to run. He sees into your heart, descends so that no one can delay you, and even embraces you... He throws his arms about your neck to raise the one who lay on the ground, where he had sought his own Creator. Christ throws his arms about your neck because he wants to take away from your shoulders the yoke of slavery and impose on you a sweet yoke" (In LucamVII, 229230).

    4. An encounter with Christ changes a person's existence, as the storyof Zaccheus that we heard earlier teaches us. The same thing happened to sinners who met with Jesus on their way. On the cross an extreme act of forgiveness and hope was given to the criminal who completed his

    "metánoia" when he reached the final border between life and death and said to his companion, "The sentence we received corresponds to our crimes" (Lk 23:41). To him who begs, "Remember me when you come into your kingdom," Jesus responds, "Amen, I say to you, today you will be

    with me in Paradise" (Cf. Lk 23:4242). Thus, the earthly mission of Christ, which began with an invitation to conversion to enter into the kingdom of God, ends with a conversion and an entrance into his kingdom.

    5. The mission of the Apostles also began with a pressing invitation to conversion. To those who heard his first discourse, who felt cut to the heart and asked with eagerness, "What are we to do?", Peter responded, "Repent (metanoésate) and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit" (Acts 2: 3738). This response of Peter was rapidly accepted "about three thousand persons" converted that day(Cf. Acts 2:41). After the miraculous cure of a crippled man, Peter renewed his exhort- ation. He reminded the residents of Jerusalem of their terrible sin: "You denied the Holy and Righteous One... The author of life you put to death" (Acts 3:1415), but he nonetheless limited their guilt, saying, "I know, brothers, that you acted out of ignorance" (Acts

    3:17). He then called them to conversion (Cf. 3:19) and gave them a great hope: "For you first, God raised up his servant and sent him to bless you by turning each of you from your evil ways" (3:26).Similarly, the Apostle Paul preached conversion. He says this in his discourse to King Agrippa, describing his own apostolate in this way:"Then to the Gentiles, I preached the need to repent and turn to God, and to do works giving evidence of repentance" (Acts 26:20; Cf. 1 Thes1:910). Paul taught that "the kindness of God [leads us] to repentance"(Rom 2:4).

    In the Book of Revelation, it is Christ himself that repeatedly exhorts conversion (Cf. Rev 2:5,16, 2122; 3:3,19), but this is accompanied by wondrous promises of intimacy with the Savior (Cf. 3:2021). To all sinners, therefore, the door of hope is always open. "Man is not left alone to attempt, in a thousand often frustrated ways, an impossible ascent to heaven. There is a tabernacle of glory, which is the most holy person of Jesus the Lord, where the divine and the human meet in an embrace that can never be separated. The Word became flesh, like us in everything except sin. He pours divinity into the sick heart of humanity, and imbuing it with the Father's Spirit enables it to become God through grace" (Orientale Lumen, n. 15).(ZENIT Translation) ZE00083020

    ZENIT, September 6, 2000 The World Seen From Rome

    The Christian Disciple of Christ : General Audience Full Text

    1. The encounter with Christ radically changes a person's life, it provides an impulse to metánoia, or profound conversion of heart and mind, and it establishes a communion of life that becomes discipleship. In the Gospels, discipleship is expressed with two attitudes: the first is that of "going on the road" with Christ (akolouthein); the second in "walking behind" him who acts as guide, following his footsteps and direction (érchesthai opiso). Thus is born the figure of the disciple,

    which is realized in different ways. Some follow in a still generic and often superficial way, like the crowds (cf. Mk 3:7; 5:24; Mt 8:1,10; 14:13; 19:2; 20:29). There are sinners (cf. Mk 2:1415); several times the women who supported Jesus' mission with their concrete service are indicated (cf. Lk 8:23; Mk 15:41). Some received a specific call from Christ, and among those, a particular position is reserved for the Twelve.

    Thus, there is a wide variety of types of calls: fishermen and tax collectors, just and sinners, married and single people, poor and welltodo like Joseph of Arimathea (cf. Jn 19:38), men and women. There is even the zealot Simon (cf. Lk 6,15), who is a member of the antiRoman revolutionary opposition. Further there are some who refuse the invitation, like the rich young man whose face fell and who went away sad at Christ's demanding words "for he had many possessions" (Mk 10:22).

    2. There are few conditions to walk the same road with Jesus, but they are fundamental. As we heard in the Gospel passage that was just read, we must turn our backs on the past, making a clean break, a metánoia in the deepest sense of the term: a change of mind and of life. The path that Christ proposes is narrow and requires sacrifice and total selfgiving. "Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me" (Mk 8:34). It is a path that includes the thorns of tests and persecutions. "If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you" (Jn 15:20). It is a path that makes us missionaries and witnesses of Christ's words, but requires the apostles to take "nothing for the journey... no food, no sack, no money in their belts" (Mk 6:8; cf. Mt 10:910).

    3. Discipleship is therefore not an agreeable journey on a smooth road. It can also entail moments of discomfort to the point where in one episode "many of his disciples returned to their former way of life and no longer accompanied him" (Jn 6:66), that is, Jesus, who was forced to confront the Twelve with a decisive question: "Do you also want to leave?" (Jn 6:67). In another episode, Peter himself is bruskly rebuked when he rebels against the prospects of the cross, with a saying that, according to a subtlety of the original text, could be an invitation to get back "behind" Jesus, after trying to deny the goal of the cross: "Get behind me, Satan. You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do" (Mk 8:33).

    The risk of betrayal will remain waiting in ambush for Peter, who in the end will follow his Master and Lord in the most generous love. In fact, on the banks of the lake of Tiberias, Peter will make his profession of love, "Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you." And Jesus

    will announce to him "by what kind of death he would glorify God," adding twice, "Follow me" (Jn 21:17,19,22). Discipleship is especially expressed in the beloved disciple, who enters

    into intimacy with Christ, receives his Mother as a gift, and recognizes him when risen (cf. Jn 13:2326; 18:1516; 19:2627; 20:28; 21:2,7,2024).

    4. The final goal of discipleship is glory. The path is that of the "imitation of Christ," living in love and dying for love on the cross. The disciple "must, so to speak, enter into him with all his own self, he must 'appropriate' and assimilate the whole of the reality of the Incarnation and Redemp- tion in order to find himself" (Redemptor Hominis, n. 10). Christ must enter into his "I" to free him from selfishness and pride, as St. Ambrose says, "May Christ enter into your soul, may Jesus make his home in your thoughts to preclude every space to sin in the sacred tent of virtue" (Commentary on Psalm 118, letter "daleth," 26).

    5. The cross, sign of total love and donation, is thus the emblem of the disciple called to configure himself with the glorified Christ. A Father of the Eastern Church who is also an inspired poet, Roman the Melode, addresses the disciple like this: "You have the cross as your staff, support your youth upon it. Carry it in your prayer, carry it to the common table, carry it to your bed, and let it be for all your title of glory... Tell your spouse that now he is united to you: I throw myself

    at your feet. In your great mercy, give peace to the universe, help to your Churches, care to the shepherds, and harmony to the flock, so that all of us will always sing our resurrection" (Hymn 52 "To the Newly Baptized," verses 19 and 22). (ZENIT Translation)

    The Holy Father’s words about death arranged in point form.

    Being attentive above all to the Law of God, the Church has no other goal but the integral good of the human person.

    The fundamental criterion of medical science must be the defense and promotion of the integral good of the human person.

    This is in keeping with unique dignity which is ours by virtue of our humanity.

    4. Consequently it is evident that every medical procedure performed on the human person is subject not only to technical limits of possibility but limits determined by human nature itself. “What is technically possible is not for that reason alone morally admissable. DonumVitae4.

    5. He emphasizes that every organ transplant has its source in a great ethical value: “The decision to offer, without reward, a part of one’s own body for the health and wellbeing of another person.”[His address to the Organ Transplant Congress June 20th, 1991] A noble gesture of love.

    By virtue of its substantial union with a spiritual soul, the human body cannot be considered as a mere complex of tissues, organs and functions; rather it is a constitutive part of the person who manifests and expresses himself through it.[CDF Donum Vitae,3.]

    Therefore any procedure which tends to commercialize human organs, exchange or trade them, is morally unacceptable, because to use the human body as an ‘object,’is to violate the dignity of the human person.

    8. This point has an immediate consequence of great ethical import: the need for informed consent. The individual must be properly informed about the processes involved in order to consent or decline in a free and conscientious manner.

    9 The consent of relatives has its own ethical validity; analogous consent should be given by recipients of donated organs as well.

    Acknowledgment of the unique dignity of the human person has a further underlying consequence: vital organs which occur singly in the body can be removed only after death; i.e from the body of someone who is certainly dead. This requirement is self evident since to act otherwise would mean intentionally the death of the donor in disposing of his organs.

    11. Methods that fail to respect the dignity of the person must always be avoided, even when their proposed goal is good in itself. e.g. human cloning for organs.

    12. When can a person be considered dead with complete certainty?.

    The death of a person is a single event, consisting in the total disintegration of that unitary and integrated whole that is the personal self.

    B It results from the separation of the Life principle [or soul] from the corporal reality of the person.

    C The death of the person understood in this primary sense, is an event which cannot be identified directly by scientific technique or empiric method.

    Yet human experience shows that once death occurs, certain biological signs inevitably follow. Medicine has learned to recognize these with increasing precision.

    These “criteria” should not be understood as a techno-scientific determination of the exact moment of the person’s death, but as scientifically secure means of identifying the biological signs that the person has indeed died.

    F The scientific approach to ascertaining death has shifted from the traditional cardio- pulmonary to the neurological.

    This consists in establishing clearly determined parameters, commonly held by the international scientific community the complete and irreversible cessation of all brain activity [in the cerebellum, cerebrum and brain stem]If this is rigorously applied, it does not seem to conflict with sound anthropological principals.

    H The one responsible for ascertaining death, can use these criteria in each individual case as the basis for arriving at the degree of assurance in ethical judgement which moral teaching describes as moral certainty.

    I This moral certainty is considered the necessary and sufficient basis for an ethically correct action.

    J Only when such certainty exists, and when informed consent has already been given by the donor or donors legitimate representatives, is it morally right to initiate the technical procedures required for removal of organs for transplant.

    For more topics/information:

    write: Epistle of Love to the Scientific World Mission,

    15928 88a Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V4N 2X9.



    In Light of the Holy Father’s moral teaching about death, the “brain death” protocol practiced in BC and other places is false. We must either use his guidelines or remove his image from the transplant unit. [Holy Father’s words in dark print.]

    1. In thirty two years the international scientific community has still not succeeded in coming up with a universally accepted and standardized way of declaring “brain death”; there has never been consensus; instead the world is left with thirty protocols for declaring“brain death,” and never with 100% agreement among the transplant surgeons; and no ackowledgement that they have failed.

    This consists in establishing clearly determined parameters, commonly held by the international scientific community the complete and irreversible cessation of all brain activity [in the cerebellum, cerebrum and brain stem] If this is rigorously applied, it does not seem to conflict with sound anthropological principals. The condition this IF requires has yet to be met!

    2. The primary reason for this failure is that since the cardiac and respiratory control centers are both in the medulla oblongata, no matter how “dead” a “body” seems, if the heart is still beating and the respiration continues, THE TOTAL BRAIN IS NOT DEAD; THE SOUL IS STILL PRESENT, or the Holy Father’s word, integration is present: the complete and irreversible cessation of all brain activity [in the cerebellum, cerebrum and brain stem] is NOT rigorously applied.

    3. If the Life Force or soul is withdrawn, there is no vital force in the body left that could cause the respiration or the cardiac functions to continue for hours;

    The statement, the ‘universal donor is a beating heart cadaver’ is false.

    If the heart is still beating THE SOUL IS PRESENT.

    Acknowledgment of the unique dignity of the human person has a further underlying consequence: vital organs which occur singly in the body can be removed only after death; i.e from the body of someone who is certainly dead. This requirement is self evident since to act otherwise would mean intentionally causing the death of the donor in disposing of his organs.

    4. The “declaration of brain death” forms in use in BC, refer to the ‘patients’ coma four times. If you are declaring them dead, is it a patient or is it a corpse? Coma is a property only of the living, not of the dead. Human beings in coma, meet the criteria for life, not death, the complete and irreversible cessation of all brain activity [in the cerebellum, cerebrum and brain stem] If this is rigorously applied. Surely the certainly dead , [one event as the Holy Father says,] would be just as dead six hours later ? Why are these “corpses” singled out to be declared ‘brain dead” again hours later? If they are dead at all, why the distinction; is dead not dead? The very need for different terminology and different treatment of the “corpse” is suspect.

    5. If the soul leaves first, triggering the inevitable biological signs that death has occurred as one event, then the difference between” brain death” and clinical death is negligible and insignificant The real question is whether or not the soul is present, which it clearly is in BC Transplant declaration of “brain death”[ of the “irreversibly “unconscious in many cases.]

    Clearly, all the press about’ beating heart cadavers,’ wriggling toes, pain triggered responses, increased pulse and blood pressure, the need for anaesthetists says only one thing ; the soul is still present and they are knowingly removing organs from live, comatose people, who do not meet the Holy Father’s criteria of certainly dead, but will do so when the organs are removed as he says.

    People give consent for their organs to be donated after their certain death.

    Clearly, the Holy Father does not support “brain death” of the comatose as defined by BC Transplant Society, according to their forms; and probably several other protocols internationally.

    He does not support the non-therapeutic ventilation of bodies[?unconscious patients], in BC at VGH , because to use the human body as an ‘object,’is to violate the dignity of the human person. This is in keeping with the unique dignity which is ours by virtue of our humanity, and

    consequently it is evident that every medical procedure performed on the human person is subject not only to technical limits of possibility but limits determined by human nature itself. “What is technically possible is not for that reason alone morally admissible. [ DonumVitae 4.]

    By virtue of its substantial union with a spiritual soul, the human body cannot be considered as a mere complex of tissues, organs and functions; rather it is a constitutive part of the person who manifests and expresses himself through it.[CDF Donum Vitae,3.]

    9. Organ Harvesting? Any procedure which tends to commercialize human organs, exchange or trade them, is morally unacceptable, because to use the human body as an ‘object,’is to violate the dignity of the human person. Clearly he has also spoken against sale of organs, against presumed consent as practiced in Spain, who treat organs as if they are communally owned. If they care about being Christian, they will have to practice organ transplantation under the moral guidelines of the Holy Father, even if it means losing their status as the country with the leading numbers of organ donations; or is what they do more properly called harvesting? This presumed consent, with exclusion of families is also promoted by a physician/politician in BC.

    This point has an immediate consequence of great ethical import: the need for informed consent. The individual must be properly informed about the processes involved in order to consent or decline in a free and conscientious manner.

    His speech to 6,000 physicians gathered in Rome in May, advised that any situation in which medical personel found their ethics, morals, religious beliefs compromised, needed a conscience clause, so they could abstain from what they believed was wrong. In BC we are told “you must go and declare so & so “brain dead” and you must speak to the family about organ donation; it’s the law.” -or else what? -a blatant human rights infraction in a so-called democratic country!

    “Killing those who aught not to die; keeping alive those who aught not to live; lying to My people who love to hear lies.” Ezekiel 13:v 19.

    In his address to the transplant experts on the 29th, John Paul 11 has uncovered many moral and ethical issues, for those who would study the words prayerfully. For those who read them superficially its just business as usual. For any who believe or care about the human soul, including their own, there is much to change; but the overriding message he expressed in the general audience on the 30th Aug and 6th Sept is that our Merciful Jesus loves every soul beyond what we could ever comprehend, and looks for the conversion of every physician as a disciple of Christus Medicus, the Healer of our souls first, for the sake of our Salvation.

    Jesus to Josepha, “The Triumph of Love” in Way Of Divine Love--

    “It is of no consequence! When you write I will tell you what you have to say. None of My words will be lost. Nothing that I tell you will ever be blotted out. …”

    “I will make it known that My work rests on nothingness and misery—such is the first link in the chain of Love that I have prepared for souls from all eternity. I will use you to show that I love misery, littleness and absolute nothingness.”

    “I will reveal to souls the excess of My love and how far I will go in forgiveness, and how even their faults will be used by Me with blind indulgence…, yes, write… with blind indulgence. I see the very depths of souls, I see how they would please, console and glorify Me, and the act of

    humility they are obliged to make when they see themselves so feeble, is solace and glory to My Heart. What does their helplessness matter? Cannot I supply all their deficiencies? I will show how My Heart uses their very weakness to give life that many souls that have lost it.”

    “I will make known that the measure of My Love and Mercy for fallen souls islimitless. I want to forgive them. It rests Me to forgive. I am ever there, waiting, with boundless love till souls come to Me. Let them come,nor be discouraged. Let them fearlessly throw themselves into My arms! I am their Father.”

    “Yes , I will teach you the secrets of My Love, and you will be a living example of My M

    ercy…” Triumph of Love from Way of Divine Love; Josepha Menendes.

    Discernment Prayers. September 6th, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. We pray a general rebuke. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and in Union with the whole Heavenly Court we pray, the Lord rebuke you Satan, the Lord rebuke any and all coming against us or our Missions. In Jesus Holy Name is our Victory; great and glorious is the Lord Our God.

    Lord we love, adore, praise and thank You for all You have done for us and all humanity, from the beginning to the end of time, and especially now we thank You for Pope John Paul in the words and moral teaching he has given us about human death to the transplant experts.

    Volumes have been written with regard to this pope, and yet they do not comprehend that he is My Instrument, My Voice to this shattered world, to bring it into Peace in My Presence. There are those who scorn him, those who lie about him, those who betray him, and yet I speak in him and through him. He perseveres in all faithfulness.

    Do not worry little children, when they alter his God-given words, for the Truth will always come out, you know that. I am with him even as I am with you little children in this time of great trial. The enemy thinks it is about to triumph over God in all that is good and holy.

    It is not so, and so We continue throughout this year to persevere in all faithfulness.

    Speak little children, your hearts’ concerns.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, for being with us, at all times. I come first to confirm that you enlightened me to know last week, that the Holy Father’s words were yet incomplete, and early this morning I read the words of his general audience of August 30th, and You told me that they are a continuation. I have only seen a summary of today’s, but it seems a continuation too. But it seems that because you want their souls in repentance, the words of the 29th must always be used in conjunction with the words of the 30th, and maybe today’s words also?

    You may most assuredly use the message of last week, and you await in eager anticipation is it not so, for this weeks message little children.

    Yes Lord, thank You.

    Little children, you know the times you are living in. You know also that I have shortened them for your sakes, little loved ones of your God, for the sake of My Beloved Humanity.

    You see the enemy rearing its ugly head in every aspect of life today. It is most painful to behold, by your God even as it is painful to you little children to perceive, and yet at this time, it must be! Speak further.

    Lord I’m not sure whether today’s audience is to go onto the web site, after I see the official transcript?

    We must therefore wait so that it is clarified to you if what he is saying in this week’s message comes to the discernment also. Dear little children, the beloved John Paul, the Holy Father, has suffered much during this conference, this discussion on life and death issues, for he is opposed by the many in all that the Body of Christ holds true in the sacredness of human life; and so I ask you little children, to continue to pray as you do, for his well being and his intentions.

    Yes Lord, we know that his intention for September, is that in their search for Truth the doctors and scientists may find God. Lord You have helped me to understand that You want repentance, and that in putting the Holy Father’s words in point form I saw the Truth of the soul [ Life Force] leaving the body first, initiating the biological signs of death. But by adding the words of the 30th, You show me that this is not a debate; we have to watch our attitude even though we see Your Truth, You are still Merciful Redeemer to all. So I’m not quite sure how You want us to proceed locally in Your Way.

    Mother and I attend upon you most profoundly My precious little one. The Words of Enlightenment, you have fully comprehended. As you know many do not; they glance over them lightly and reject them, and thus they are able, as it were, to put false words, in the Holy Father’s mouth! This is not of Me.

    The One who is called Faithful and True, assures you, that as you have been Enlightened to Truth in the beloved John Paul’s words, others of true Faith, deep thinkers also, come to the same Discernment of Truth!

    He’s showing us little flames of Light around the country, where the speech is understood.

    And yet it always appears to become a battle of the media, and the many voices of dissent. But of course there is, as you say an agenda to obtain the organs. This is not always a matter of loving charity to replace an organ in an ailing individual, but rather it is often a matter of scientific research, scientific achievement at a price to both the donor and the recipient! There is a complexity of issues in this matter, of which the Holy Father is well aware.

    My little children, you know it is not My Design that the multitudes on Earth, have faltering failing organs which no longer work, and as it were, require replacement; nor is it My Design or Desire, that My beloved afflicted one, be held on the machines so that their body parts may be removed to the benefit of others; alas it is only too often to the benefit of the physicians involved. You have learned well little children, that Our enemy often uses charity, a rather misplaced charity, deceiving those who love their neighbours.

    Yes indeed, scientific research is exciting and they are ever finding new and exciting concepts; and yet as the beloved John Paul has spoken, this must always be tempered and limited by the concerns of each and every human soul, for they are My Own.

    Little children you may consider those who have been, shall We say dispatched, by the taking of their hearts or vital organs, as martyrs in these times.

    The beloved John Paul, in his carefully chosen words, asked the scientists, to temper all that they are doing, by careful consideration of each unique individual. You seek Enlightenment of the scientists, that they would come to know Me, even as the beloved John Paul. This is happening in some instances but not all.

    Do not be afraid to give the lists of discernments to your associates as you have done, for they are thought provoking and assist individuals to a clear thinking with regard to this matter of life and death.

    You see, John Paul has spoken quite clearly, and yet to the one who reads it lightly, it is unclear, even ambiguous. Thus it is imperative that the believers invoke the Holy Spirit for each and every one of his pronouncements.

    It is a time now of even greater spiritual warfare than in the past, the very recent past, for it is a time of change and turmoil on the Earth.

    You pray, “this is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad,” but it is the same for each soul. This is the soul which the Lord has made. It is precious to the Lord.

    Lord, we pray for Enlightenment in our own situation; BC Transplant Society and the Govt, how to get Your Messages to them in a non threatening way, that they see the need for conversion for themselves and for the souls affected by this issue of “brain death”, especially as the transplant unit is in a Catholic Hospital. I don’t know how they should be approached Lord and by who?

    We know that it is not a matter of debate but Faith and obedience to Your Holy Laws.

    It is My Delight that you desire to educate them in My Love and My Peace. You know well that many are set on an obstinate path and will not heed. Certain ones will indeed heed.

    Do you wish now to open up Epistle of Love to all the world?

    Whatever is Your Will Lord; I have always understood that after the Holy Father speaks on the issue of organ transplants and “brain death,” You wish me to place all the rest of the Words on the website.

    Let it be done!

    Yes Lord, Thy Will be done.

    Then I will give you the Words, in all charitable explanation as it were, of what the beloved John Paul has spoken, about the passing of the soul and the death of the body. Those who are open to My Words, like you and many like you about the Earth, are attempting to tell them.

    Thank You Lord; are these Words You wish to give me now or...

    I Myself wish you to attend upon Me prayerfully and by Divine Inspiration, the Words will flow to you. I am releasing to you, many more Blessings and Graces in the Power of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen you in this warfare. Accordingly I Gift you, specifically in this matter of death of the human body because thou hast been humbly obedient waiting in patient perseverence as I have asked you to, so a far greater anointing comes upon you this day. You may continue to pray with Omen as time permits, and yet increased Gifts are upon you, that you are sufficiently blessed in this Work of Merciful Love which has been assigned to you. Therefore Be at Peace in these matters.

    Has it occurred to you little children, that I Love each one of you more than you can possibly comprehend. It is in the same manner that I Love each and every human soul. It is a woundedness to Me, this confusion which is upon the scientific world. It is detrimental to Humanity in general what is occurring, and I Desire it to be at an end as far as the majority of physicians are concerned.

    As you know, ethics and morals have been generally caste aside for the younger generations.

    Those raised up not in the way they should grow, present the greatest challenge , for they come as atheists, scientific atheists, to work in this field. Alas, they do not have the needed compassion for each human soul, which is essential for their work and for the preservation of their own souls. See, I have told you it is a far greater Mission than you understood at the beginning. Be at Peace; I am with you through it all! The beloved John Paul prays much on this very issue which is so complex. As you pray, the Words flow to you and will be a part of Epistle of Love Mission.

    Lord, do You also wish me to use the work I have done showing how and where the Declaration of “brain death” does not conform to the moral teachings of the Holy Father, matching his opposing words to what is practiced?

    This is the Truth which must be expounded to all mankind. My dearest little one, you may make these written words simply as a commentary and nothing further so that for those who chose Enlightenment it is obvious to them in the commentary, and indeed let it be included in the Epistle of Love.

    Thank You Lord. Dear Lord, how or when will these Words go to the Holy Father. Once it is on the web site it can be downloaded and printed anywhere including Rome; am I to send or take it?

    The time is not yet for you to see the Holy Father, but you may well dispatch the subsequent Messages to date, to the Archbishop concerned . Therefore be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. How beautiful for him to know that the Mission is an answer to his prayers. [ TMA]. We know and thank You Lord, for it is no small thing, that the Holy Father interrupted his holiday to fly down to Rome, at Your request, to address the issue of death and transplantation.

    Lord, M has asked us to pray for his issues. He has sent the words of “brain deathto a mother whose son died tragically and whose organs were donated, and she has written to the college reporting him; they have written M for an explanation. He needs Your Inspiration to know how best to respond Lord Jesus. He also has problems with high blood pressure. Lord please help.

    Oh Holy Spirit, beloved of our souls, we adore Thee; enlighten us, guide us, strengthen us , console us; make us know and only do Your Holy Will. Give her Peace after the loss of her son please Lord.

    The sorrow which encompasses M is known to Me, therefore I bid thee M , son of Peace, to be at Peace. I fill thee with My Peace and My Love. Your actions were actions of Charity and Love; Enlightenment. There is so much misinterpretation of Truth, that those whose loved ones are wounded to the point of death in accidents, are indeed often persuaded, even manipulated to commit to the organs being stripped from their beloved ones. This remains a haunting memory to them which is not easily healed. Therefore We ask each one of you to pray for this mother, for her healing to continue. I Bless you little children, for your prayers for this woman.

    Beloved M, remain in all faithfulness and Truth. Invoke the Spirit of the Living God, and write a response to the physicians. At this time do not write to the woman. You know there is a manner in which people behave, to keep individuals embroiled and upset about certain issues. He’s reminding us of the saying, “keep the kettle boiling.” and thus it is not an opportune time to address this poor soul. Dearly beloved of the Mother of God and of the Lord God, We assist you in your response. Be not afraid, all goes well. Remember, once an issue is addressed to the college, they must proceed in some action. Your letter in response, I ensure is adequate.

    Little children you see how immense is the spiritual warfare. Remember little children, We are together fighting this depravity which has come upon Man through the evil one, and always remember, cling to your Jesus, cling to Our Mother . Sanctuary remains in the Two Hearts of Love; always, the Victory is in My Name; JESUS!

    I ask you to continue at this time reading Scripture. I especially ask you little children to read and review the Acts of the Apostles and all of the Letters, that you comprehend fully, spiritual warfare as it was then and it is now. Little children, I am with you always and My Peace is upon you and you are enfolded in the seven-fold mantle of the Mother of God, the Mother of all. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment prayers. September, 15th,2000.

    [Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows] 3pm. The Hour of His greatest Mercy. We pray Divine Mercy Chaplet first.

    Lord we come before You seeking Your precious Words to continue Your Mission, to know and do God’s Will. We are under attack because we were discussing the closing of Perpetual Adoration in St Petersburg, Florida, with the typical Protestant reasoning given for the decision, before we started praying. We pray short rebukes.

    Militant Angels surround you little children, be at Peace; it is eradicated.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    The Mother of God attends. Be at Peace, the Lord is with you. You know little children, this is no extravaganza; It is simply the Will of God to be directed for the Enlightenment of the scientific world. Little children, it passes through you who are pledged to be instruments of Our Lord’s Peace and Love, and yet in a specific manner, known only to God, it passes through the beloved John Paul. Little children, the Lord is with you in this Mission, and He is attendant upon you even now, to address the concerns of your heart.

    Thank You Blessed Mother, and thank You Our Lord, for always being present to help us. Lord I come because we feel that You have given us time to pause because we don’t have direction for how to proceed locally. As you know I have given all the work regarding the words of Pope John Paul to the transplant experts, and the two following audiences, and the analysis of the practices of declaring “brain death” locally; to Father J.

    The Virtue of Love is that I am profoundly attendant on upon Fr J. The Lord Your God, the Light of the world, is profoundly attendant upon both you little children, and Fr J; But of course upon John Paul and the entire Body of Christ. With regard to the Words[30th August] which you have given to Fr J, indeed he has carried them with him. I Myself will place them in the appropriate hands at an opportune moment! Yes, I act through Fr J even as I do through you, on your visit to Rome! Willing hands come to assist you in this Movement of Enlightenment to Humanity.

    The Rock of St Peter is being, if it were possible, shaken by the attacks of the foe on Earth today. At every aspect of life these attacks are coming upon Truth. I am Truth, there is no other! That is why I have called you little children, to persevere in bringing this Enlighten- ment to those who will heed. Fear not, and concern yourselves not with those who turn a blind eye, a deaf ear to Truth.

    That which must be done in this My Cause, is indeed being done in the Vatican at this time,

    and that which you are called to do at this time little one, you have done most pleasingly to the Lord, your God.

    Thank You Lord,. But Lord MB and I , and others who have become involved in helping in this Mission, await Your Direction in what we should be doing now locally, so that we do Your Will in this matter of dealing with “brain death.” MB gets quite buffeted out in the world regarding the Holy Father’s words and their interpretations.

    MB now has the Words of your God given Discernments at hand, so that he can refute whensoever necessary, the concepts others have imbibed which are not true; in the interim, this is all I ask of him, because little children, We must remain in this waiting mode, yet a little bit longer.

    Lord, is that a week or two weeks?

    Sign, you are impetuous.

    Lord, my heart is equally impetuous, because even though the words came out of her mouth, my heart was also asking the same question; forgive us Lord. Our Lord shows Omen airplanes in a holding pattern.

    Therefore little children, wait a little bit longer. I am with you, I am assisting you even in your patient perseverence, I am with you little children, you are never alone. Have I not told you that in your “yes” to Me, copying as it were, the “yes” of Our beloved Mother, you have become those precious precision instruments in My Hand, that My Will be done, in mankind at this time. I have many such all over the Earth, each with a specific Intent of My Own. Little children, even so, all of My Own are interlocked, for this great Mission of Merciful Love.

    Lord, if it is not too presumptuous to ask, how will we know when to stop waiting, what we are waiting to see or hear, and what to do next?

    The Will of the Father Decrees that this period of waiting, be a time prayer, petition and penance. Let Us then wait nine days and We return to the subject. In the interim you shall have some communications which verify and enlighten you and I Myself Enlighten you further. Little children, I let you discern and choose your prayers.

    Thank You Lord. I will pray most particularly that the most stubborn perpetrators of death at the hands of physicians, both at the beginning and at the end of life, be converted.

    As You know Lord Jesus, JB, another great helper is going to the jubilee for the family, is offering to take or bring anything I may need from the Vatican, but she is going with Fr H, so I need to pray first before asking her to take the rest of the Words to Fr A and Bishop JL, since I don’t think she should say anything to Fr H who disapproves of my Mission and so far as I know, does not believe it.

    Circumstances cause Us to bid you remain at Peace. The little one would do well to simply place the Communications in the mail; thus you are not seen to be taking any covert action or asking JB to do so. We Bless JB for her kind offer to you.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord, we pray for J who has had healing for his ear, but now has severe pain in the occipital area

    of his head, frequently, and asks for healing because it interferes with his studying and concentrating especially now as he is deciding whether to return to the seminary. Lord, we know You want him to be a priest and you can heal him if You want to. Mother Mary please pray for his healing so that nothing stands in the way of God’s plans for him. He has less than two weeks here and there are always obstructions to his return. Lord please help him, You are Almighty God!

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, Bless you little children, and I do indeed anoint J. Things work out rapidly. When the enemy suspects a son or daughter of God may do great things for God, they are always at the ready to attack. Therefore, as I heal J

    I cause his Faith to be vastly increased, and I put the Shield of My very Presence, the Power of the Holy Spirit, about him in an ongoing healing. Believe little children, his healing is well under way. I do not refuse My Mother on THIS Day! [15th September]

    Thank You Lord Jesus, how beautiful.

    Lord, I pray for My Mother, who is in poor condition, deteriorated rapidly; not really competent to take care of her personal care any more, needing continuous supervision of everything.

    Mother Blesses you little children. The Queen of Angels and all Saints is profoundly attendant upon your Mother little one.

    Our Lord and Our Lady are silent and we pray the miracle prayer.

    Mother, attendant upon you, Blesses you little children. The Virgin of Fatima Herself attends upon Mary. There is a time frame for each life as you know little children; and so as Mary approaches the limits of her time on this Earth, it is good that you love her and that you are concerned for her, all her children; this is pleasing to Our God, for you are living His Great Commandments of Love. My dear little ones, the Lord Himself is assuaging Mary’s illnesses and afflictions, calming them down with the Peace of His Presence, taking away the fears.

    Even so, in due course a plan must be make, so that the dear soul is not alone for great periods of time, for she is fragile. Therefore My daughter, I shall inspire you and your siblings to do what is necessary for the well being and safety of the beloved Mary. Actions must be taken for her safety, and do not delay. Do not, My little one, feel distressed or guilty, that you cannot bring her to your home and attend upon her round the clock, because you have a Mission for your God. Make arrangements for her that she is attended upon round the clock; and is watched over comfortably and secure, as your Lord God causes to become available , for Heaven hears your prayers. Little children, it is not unkind , when you cannot bring an elder into your home, to place her in a caring place. [Our Lady shows Omen a Pentecostal home in Vancouver where she once visited someone]. In these such homes, the Lord is ever attendant upon the loved ones, and they are well cared for. Assuredly be selective and seek the assistance of the family doctor and the various agencies put in place for just such these conditions. Dear little children, do not delay, but begin to consider and take action now. We are ever, as We have spoken, ever attendant upon the beloved Mary.

    It is the Lord Who speaks; she is shielded in Our Love and your prayers little children, bring much good to the beloved Mary. We Bless her and you in the Peace of Our Love.

    Thank You Lord. We pray also C and B in Sydney Australia, because both are deteriorating and doing poorly in their health.

    C teaches them to pray!

    Lord, as they pray for C , let him be healed that their Faith be restored.

    Living Waters flow upon this people for Heaven hears the prayers of the Faithful. Be at Peace for nothing is impossible to the Lord your God.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord we pray more than ever for the promotion of Perpetual Adoration. We have not heard from Fr NK and we have just read that the Bishop of St Petersburg in Florida is closing down Perpetual Adoration in that archdiocese. Please let the door be opened here. Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, please pray for us. We get big silence and our Lord’s Pain.

    The visionary must rest now. With regard to Fr K; I Myself attend upon the matter, therefore continue to pray for the desired visit and remain at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Glory be... May the Presence...

    I, the Lord God, bid you wait until the Holy Father, the beloved John Paul had spoken, before continuing to print Our Communications to the scientific world and all those who would heed. It will just be a brief few lines, to that effect and I will assist you in writing it, and yes indeed continue to dispense the Good News of Our Messages, Our Words, most especially to the

    physicians of today, that they become truly a healing ministry , in unity with the Living God, One True Healer.

    Discernment Prayers, 20th September, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    Omen was thinking of my mother, she was told what I was told when praying for her last night;

    What she is suffering now is working out what she would otherwise have to serve in purgatory, so that her time in purgatory is either much shortened or completely obliterated, thus she could go straight to Heaven. Therefore do not be too distraught over her suffering.

    Thank You Lord. Our Lord also has told us this when we were praying for Amy in the first half of last year, and this applies to people with long standing illnesses such as cancer. Thus our Lord says such illnesses can therefore be viewed as blessings. As we are praying introductory prayers, we receive demonic obstruction and pray short rebukes.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, am attendant upon you little children. Be at Peace.

    Thank You Jesus, Prince of Peace. Omen receives headache and I heartache, which happens when our Lord wants to tell us lots but there is suffering involved.

    All He is saying is,

    My little ones, My little ones.

    Lord, help us to console You. Mother Mary, inspire us to know what to do.

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I Love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. St Michael the Archangel...

    The angels start singing, a “Sacred Heart” hymn. We sing a verse from “Sweet Heart of Jesus...

    We continue to feel His Powerful Presence, with Sorrow and Distress. He wants our consolation.

    We sing another verse from “Sweet Heart of Jesus...

    Mother is telling us that, “There is an obstruction , a sign that says, ‘No admittance ‘ to the hearts of the many.”

    Mother, we pray and are praying for the conversion of sinners, the Salvation of souls.

    Few heed, it is the Lord Who speaks!

    Lord, we beg You to infuse us with the Knowledge of what we should do now. We are under heavy oppression. Omen remembers, but I did not know, that there is an evil “psychic fair” at the mall, which started Tuesday,19th and it is going on until October 1st. This is about four blocks away from where we are praying. Let all who hear proclaim with us now, Jesus Christ is Lord[X7], He is Our Saviour and Our God, our Redeemer and Our King and we adore Him!

    An angel of Light attends upon the mall deflecting evil from those who are My Own, and those who are in utter innocence, because Heaven hears your prayers little children.

    Thank You Lord. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints, blessed be the Great Mother of God, Mary most holy, blessed be God forever.

    Would you like to tell Me that you love Me one more time?

    Yes Lord. My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love You.

    I Desire, it is the Lord Who speaks, that you attend upon Me most rigorously therefore, until this abomination has dissipated.

    Yes Lord, help us to be more faithful. I suddenly remember that the last patient I saw this evening before I came here, is eighteen and five weeks pregnant, and bleeding; and was in the mall at a doctor’s office yesterday. Now she wants to keep the baby, her mother wants the baby aborted, is threatening to make her leave home, and the baby is at risk because the mother is bleeding. I experienced a mental block in the appointment and had to pray to remember Birthright, which I eventually gave her to call. Two or three weeks ago this same patient was saying how much she wished to have a baby. Her father is a “fallen away” Catholic, I discovered the previous week. We pray fervently for this whole family. Lord, do not let this baby be a victim of evil in the mall.

    We pray miracle prayer. [Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.]Lord please protect her from any ill effects of medication also.

    The Virgin will attend upon the family. Be at Peace. Leave them over to Me and Our Mother now.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord we pray for the doors to open for my mother, that we find the place of care for her before my sister leaves.

    Peace: all falls into place according to My Will, according to My Desire! The plans are taking shape even as We speak.

    Thank You Lord; and my sister to find her green card, which she has misplaced, before she has to leave. I also pray that she will soon return to the Church Lord.

    In due course she will find it. Children, the Enlightenment of souls begins now, and the lost sheep are being brought back to the One True Fold, for nothing is impossible to the Lord, your God! Continue little children, to pray and to love as you do, and remain at Peace.

    Thank You Lord, You know that I received an urgent call from LT because the LTD wrote to her saying she would be cut off at the end of the month. She has heard nothing from PHC. Please help Lord.

    It is best that L phone telling them that she is ready and available to return to work as soon as possible. She should follow this with a cover letter, that it be on record. I am attendant upon L and I am attendant upon those who have caused this distress to her, and I am attendant upon those who have seemingly taken no action to resolve the matter. There shall be a resolution! She should do this as soon as possible. Tell her I am the God Who provides and I do provide for her; and to remain during this awkward time.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, MB has faxed this information about Justice Scalia, speaking at a conference of the Christian Legal Fellowship, “Integrating Faith and Law” at the end of the month. I feel inspired that You wish us to use this opportunity in some way Lord. Is MB to attend, and is he to distribute the “brain death” paper, or the Holy Fathers words or what is Your Will Lord.

    Bid MB do so, attend carrying the information and dispense it to those who will accept it for

    perusal and discernment, and just leave it in their hands; most assuredly to the Justice Scalia, who is My Own. Fear not little children, it is not necessary to be brash but in the Spirit of Boldness in Faith, dispense this information which is part of the Good News of Salvation is it not? Let it be both sets of words.

    Yes Lord.

    Peace; I Myself will attend with MB.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, MB received a letter from the college, saying they are forwarding the information to the Ethics committee, which may be a good thing, even if uncomfortable.

    I Myself will be with MB through all of this experience; be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord; on this feast of the Holy Korean Martyrs I pray for JY to be strengthened; and also me Lord, whichever way we are to be used in the furthering of Your Mission.

    Each one of you is assigned in the work that you are doing in My Name, for Love of Humanity, and each one of you is strengthened and each one of you is continuing in patient perseverence at this time.

    You see, the molding and fashioning of other individuals is ongoing, and that is why there are periods when you must wait till other individuals are in a certain place and in a certain mind set to receive what must be given to them. Little children, the actions you are doing, are part of a far greater action on Earth, and thus there are these periods which seem like delays to you, but there is no delay in the ongoing activity of your God, in resolving all that must be resolved.

    I re-affirm you in all that you are doing; continue prayerfully upon your God My little one; I shall speak to you further when you are before Me in the Adoration Chapel. I shall speak to you and you will clearly hear and understand more than what I have told you here this evening, for We are One, now in Spirit and Truth for you are My Own. Dear little children, each one of you is My Own, those who have said “yes” to Me in as it were, following the “yes” of Our Mother. You are truly children of God and children of Mary; you are truly one with Me, Your Jesus. Thus I call you to be My Voice, My Heart, My Hands in the ongoing Evangelization of My people.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. We cannot end without praying for the Holy Father, Our Archbishop, our pastor, and all your priests and religious that You have asked me to send the Words to, that they will now be inspired to come forward and help in the Mission Lord.

    My Light shines in the darkness , breaking through the thick clouds which surrounds the

    people of God, Enlightenment comes to them, each one in due course.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Glory be..., May the Presence....

    Discernment Prayers, 29th September,2000.

    Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

    Prayed at 3pm so we pray Divine Mercy chaplet first. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine.

    Mighty is the Lord your God, to forgive and to heal.

    Dear little children be at Peace in this year of Victory, in this year of Mercy, in this year of forgiveness, in this year the Great Jubilee, the Lord your God is powerfully attendant upon the Body of Christ, My Church upon Earth.

    Dear little children you are numbered in those who have claimed Victory in My Name; Jesus! An anointing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy, is already upon you. Speak little children of your hearts concerns.

    Thank You Lord, and thank You so much for helping us find a safe comfortable care home for my mother before my sister has to leave town. We entrust all to You that all continues to go well. We pray for the conversion of all. May all be done according to Your Will.

    Lord, I am puzzled at how slow I am getting the web site updated; I keep wondering if I am slowed because I am obstructed, or because I am getting things done according to Your Will for me; I’ve been wondering if their needs to be a short introductory explanation of the year long pause before I continuing to add the Words that have been waiting for a year. So much is happening.

    My darling, I will address to you the Words to state that I, the Lord God, bid you wait until the Holy Father, the beloved John Paul had spoken, before continuing to print Our Communications to the scientific world and all those who would heed. It will just be a brief few lines, to that effect and I will assist you in writing it, and yes indeed continue to dispense

    the Good News of Our Messages, Our Words, most especially to the physicians of today, that they become truly a healing ministry , in unity with the Living God, One True Healer.

    Little one, do not be distressed at the periods of time when you find yourself waiting on the Lord, for you know well that all must go according to Great Design and the Communications as you have noticed, fall into place at specific times in conjunction to both what is occurring in the Vatican, and in the scientific world.

    Thank You Lord. Lord maybe this is not for me to ask; but I feel so sluggish and slow getting things done; am I waiting for something in particular and being slowed down? Also I have come to the understanding that You want me to write this amplification of the Holy Fathers words to the transplant experts, to all the priests etc., that you instructed to write before, with summaries of the Mission. Is this really Your Will or am I mistaken?

    As of today and throughout the month of October, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Enlightenment comes to many, many individuals who have heretofore remained closed in

    their minds towards all that you are doing. Be at Peace; you may send these letters, these communications to the priests. Some will study, accept and begin to co-operate with you,

    but alas not all, and do not be distressed at the ones who simply ignore or shun you. It is always the way in the Missions of Faith as you well know, little children.

    Dear Lord, is it Your Will that I write to Our Bishop; why am I so slow about it.

    Silken threads of Love bind thee to the Bishop in My Name. We will assist you in your letter; We make it the tenderest of letters, in all Love for the Holy Father, and the Church, and in all Love for those suffering at the hands of physicians who know Me not, or who have been deceived . A time of Enlightenment is coming to the fore now rapidly for mankind.

    Lord it means sending a copy to Fr R; is it appropriate to do that? I don’t want to stir him up against me if I can help it.

    You might state to Msgr R, this enclosure is to keep you informed that I have sent this information to other priests, or words to this effect to keep him abreast of what is occurring in all courteous words that you are not, as it were afflicting your will or opinion upon him, but keeping him abreast of the issues at hand. My little one, it is extremely difficult to speak to those of certain mind sets, and yet they too, are My Own, and precious to Me. And so, in all prayerfulness, write a covering note and trust Me. I am with you as you write; I am with each priest as they read it.

    Little children, you know well; even in the priesthood, even in the very elect, free will remains, as far as rejecting or accepting anything presented to them. Therefore continue walking as you do in Faith and Trust and leave all else to Me.

    Thank You Lord. I do not find this easy to do but I will do it. It is the Lord’s Mission, not mine.

    Lord, does that include sending a copy of this to the physicians guild, as when I sent the summary?

    Therefore do so; send them a copy as well.

    Yes Lord; this is going to start a fight, but it has to start with them, though they never acknow ledge anything I have sent to them. Some have worked actively to obstruct the Mission.

    Enlightenment comes to some; it is sufficient.

    Thank You Lord. We pray for You to sent the great archangels of protection. Thank You for the support of my Pastor. We don’t know what to expect.

    At this point in time darling children, I ask you to continue walking in Faith and Trust because nothing is resolved at the present moment, but resolution does indeed come rapidly from the Vatican with regard to the misuse of the word “brain death,” even though the Holy Father has spoken, much more has come to his attention and he will be making in the future, an additional commentary, on the usurping of Truth in the matter of bodily death, by certain facets of the medical world. Not all physicians are in agreement with what is occurring in the matter of brain death, and they are, because of the Enlightenment that has been occurring over the past year or two, beginning to see, and even to speak.

    It is yet a little while that you must bide your time little children, but it is not for very long at all, and the tables are turned in Truth. It is exposed to all who will heed. Yes, you know certain ones will remain obstinate because of their own motivations, and yet the majority will capitulate to My Truth, My Own Truth.

    Thank You Lord Jesus, I am so glad he is going to speak again. Lord I wonder if it will be as long as eleven months before the Holy Father will speak again, if I may ask this question?

    Mother blesses you little children; the Wisdom of God is such that Action is taken now against all that is perverse in the medical world which is an affront to God; an offense against the Giver of Life. Many things which the medical scientists have been doing in darkness will now come to light and be exposed for the cruelties that they are. And yet Our Lord does not pronounce to you or to Me, the time that these revelations will come upon Humanity.

    In the interim children pray as you do; remain humbly obedient as you are. Know that the Spirit of the Living God is assisting you, and be not afraid to speak out now.

    Little child, when you spoke in Ottawa, in conjunction with My other little ones, you started a movement which is far from over. Our Lady shows Omen Divine Mercy and says to us;

    the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness is no more! Know that Love conquers all.

    You have learned that Divine Love is the Will of God, and that His Love, pouring through you,

    brings about His Will upon Humanity. I would that there were many more little ones of such Faith. Even so, there are a great many of deep Faith, and Divine Love is pouring forth on the Earth as never before. Little children, it remains the Word yet for this year; persevere!

    Even so you can expect immediate changes during the next month; as Your Lord has told you it shall be in all aspects of human life . Changes begin to occur now ; Enlightenment comes!

    Thank You Mother Mary. We pray and long to hear the pronouncement soon, of Our Mother as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of all Graces, and Advocate.

    Mother, I am so happy for LT who is discovering the depth of her Faith and she wants to become Catholic, loves the Rosary and the Chaplets. But she has not heard anything good from PHC, except that they are proposing a buy out. I promised to pray for her in this matter. Lord I know she is an instrument of Your reclaiming PHC. What would You have me tell her?

    Lord, it is such a great grace that she is able to convert to Catholicism, in the midst of this corruption. It is only her trust in You that can sustain her through this time. Lord have Mercy.

    My little children, the Living Flame of Love is burning well in LT’s heart now. She is My Own and she is precious to Me. The obstacles at work are it would appear, insurmountable. I ask L if she would accede to presenting herself at work on Monday, that she placed as ready willing and able to go back to work, and to be placed upon the payroll; until such time as they make a genuine offer of a buyout for her to consider. They would appear to place her at the moment in an untenable position!

    Lord I know she has already told N she is coming back.

    Then let it be thus, and behold My small sister L, I am with you always, Mother is with you. I set Myself as your Shield about you; even so, I set assisting angels about you; you are ever safe in the Embrace of Love. The words you speak to these individuals in the work place, I inspire and I assist you in all that you say and do . Be not afraid, I go before you always, you are My Own!

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, I pray that MB be Inspired to reach Justice Scalia with the papers.

    Mr Justice Scalia has an open heart to Truth; don’t be afraid to approach him children; he is My Own. MB will come to Me in prayer and I will inspire him. Contact will be made and the documents received by Mr Scalia. Do You believe!

    Yes Lord; thank You. Nothing is impossible to You.

    Angels are singing, “The Love, I have for you my Lord...”

    Glory be... may the Presence ...

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