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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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    Discernment Prayers. 4th October, 2000.

    Feast of St Francis of Assisi.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, Oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine. St Michael the archangel...

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Lord God, am tenderly attendant upon you little children.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    The letter to the Bishop; you shall find the time to write it and I Myself shall assist you. It is the Lord Who speaks. You shall dispense it once it is completed satisfactorily, and trust Me with the results and fruits of this letter. Be not afraid, I am with you even as I am with the Bishop.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Dear Lord; You know what I have done so far; I ask it of You to Enlighten me to change it in any way that You wish. I think it is almost complete. I know it is longer than I expected but Your Words are so beautiful; its hard to leave anything out.

    I Myself Bless you; in all your undertakings I am with you. You shall proof read it one more time and discern that it is as We desire, and send it, My fearless little prayer warrior, I Bless you profoundly with the needed courage, the needed Fortitude in all that you are under- taking. As you know, the hour is late and We have much to do.

    Lord, I know all are in free will but I hope they are open to receiving Your Words. The time consuming part is trying to find where in the discernments particular Words are, that our Lord inspires me to put in the letter. Do You wish me to mail the bishop’s letter, wait four days and then mail the priests copies as before Lord?

    Do likewise.

    Thank You Lord. Did You wish me to write to Msgr S ?


    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, so many people are angry because the Holy Father still used the term“ brain death.” Lord, I am feeling very pressured, I’m jabbering instead of listening to You Lord.

    Little one, simply send out the letters. Remember, We walk as it were, one step at a time.

    Our Lord shows us again that there is interaction all over, but everything has to be in His Design.

    LT did go to work, and PHC have struck a committee to deal with problems at work like LTs.

    The Virgin of Fatima Blesses you little children; the Lord is profoundly attendant upon LT in every facet of her life. Therefore be at Peace; she has yielded her heart even as you have little children, to Our Lord, and wondrous things happen. Do you not sing” Great things happen

    when God mixes with us?’ Thus it is for the little true faithful ones who say “Yes.”

    Yes Mother, thank You. We pray that the Holy Father will pronounce your Dogma Mother.

    Omen hears part of the Litany,”Sun and Moon, Bless the Lord...

    These were the readings at Mass today, the feast of St Francis.

    Lord, there is so much, yet I am overwhelmed and speechless; we know that You have warned us these times are coming. We pray for those we are encountering; especially the one whose Godchild has died, yet his own children are not baptized, and the one who has extensive cancer who is talking about going on trips, yet I see her not living long, and the one whose son’s f-in-l has committed suicide; none of these people practice the Faith much Lord.

    Little children, pray often, “My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.” Little children, this was given to mankind, to the children of Fatima, because it is a most powerful prayer, causing many souls who might otherwise have been lost, to repent and come back to the Living God. On behalf of those who have gone astray, on behalf of those who are dying, specifically on behalf of those who face sudden death; for the Lord is merciful. Little children, just pray!

    Thank You Mother. Lord I thank You for St Faustina whose feast day is tomorrow, and I pray for the bishop who is canceling Perpetual Adoration in Florida. Lord, I cannot pray any more right now; please guide us and speak to us according to Your Will for us right now.

    This is a moment of Love, as We bask in the feast day of St Francis, while yet in the evening of anticipation of the feast day of the beloved Faustina. It is a holy time and I simply Bless you, anointing you in Blessings and Graces. Forthwith be at Peace. I take you to My Heart each one of you and Embrace you in Divine Love! Little ones, you are Shielded in the Power of My Love. You are safe in Me and I have strengthened you that you may indeed speak boldly whensoever necessary, in My Name: JESUS!

    This is a moment of Unity with all that is holy, My precious little ones. [Our Lord gives us again part of John seventeen;] Father, if they could be one in Me as You are in Me and I am in You...

    Thus you have sought Me perseveringly, thus We have this Unity of One, thus you are My Heart, My Hands, My Voice; fearless instruments in the Hand of the Living God.

    Precious little ones, a day will come when you will understand fully what this Mission, this Epistle of Love was all about, and the causative factors, and the fruits of all your efforts shall indeed be known to you. You have a certain concept of what has been occurring, but in the future it is My Desire that you know fully all that has occurred in this Mission of Holy Love! Thank You Lord. Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers. 11th October,2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    The Lord rebuke you satan, the Lord rebuke any and all that are coming against us and our Missions; Great and glorious is the Lord Our God.

    Mother Mary blesses you children!

    Thus am I present to you!

    Thank You Mother Mary; thank You Jesus.

    Voices of confusion; St Michael the Archangel...

    Mother and I attend upon you little children; it is a holy time is it not?

    Yes Lord Jesus, thank You.

    The Earth is full of promise now, which it had not been before, prior to the beloved John Paul’s Entrustment. Do You understand?

    Dear Lord, may I ask if that means that the spiritual warfare is lessened, or does that still go on?

    It is a period of turmoil for a little longer. The groundswell of Faith is occurring, and Faith is always accompanied, since a Gift from Me, with Love and Peace and Joy. Now people will begin to understand the meaning of Great Commandments of Love.

    You worry because there are many factions; the atheists, and shall We say religions which are rather alien to Christianity, in their beliefs, as well as presence of paganism and New Age.

    Yes Lord.

    I smite the leaders, that the little scattered ones may seek and find Me! Do not doubt I do it in My Divine Mercy, that none are needlessly lost to Me, and in the smiting of the leaders, they too are given time to repent, for I AM Mercy.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    With regard to the scientific climate, Truth is beginning to prevail as an emanating Light among the physicians! You see but the first sparks, the first lighted candles. It shall increase!

    Yes, there are strongholds who will resist bitterly. In the nature of things this is to be expected. Truth prevails , for I am Truth and I am God, Supreme among the nations, and My Will in due course, IS DONE!

    Lord, thank You for MB and PB and the Mercy You have already shown him, but since he is on medication, and he is being requested to speak on Your Cause Lord; and others are letting us know of the decisions made since the Holy Father has spoken.

    The Protection you seek is given to these beloved physicians as well as to yourselves and all associates in Our Cause. As you know Michael is at the ready protecting the entire Body of Christ, with legions of Heavenly angels. My Own are safe in Me!

    Thank You Lord Jesus. As You know Lord, we have a certain amount of anticipation and anxiety, since Your priests and others are now reading or receiving the letters, and I ask Your discernment on how to respond if they phone Me. I do not wish to speak on the phone about Your Words Lord; I am not the one who should interpret or speak to them, but rather the reverse.

    You may take their calls little one, and then should they begin to ask questions, and as you know there is always a devious one in the bunch, you ask them to forward their questions or comments by fax or by mail, for your considered response; I Myself assist you! Therefore be at Peace; We attend upon this matter with profound attention. All will fall smoothly into place. Fear not! Do not worry should there be scoffers in the midst. They scoffed at Me!

    Little one, again I bid you persevere; cling to your Jesus and Our Mother. Angels and saints assist you, for you are on the side of Truth and Righteousness and Justice for souls.

    Because in the letter I am saying the Holy Father is to speak again, I hope they will wait and see if it happens, and I pray that that happens fairly soon.


    Yet the issue of“ brain death” is becoming more clearly apparent to both physicians and fellow Christians, and being brought also to the attention of John Paul. He cannot much longer fail to speak on the issue of “brain death.” You know well that despite his guidelines and what he has spoken, scant heed is paid to his concern for the soul of each human, and so atrocities continue and they decidedly do come to his attention. In due course, he speaks!

    You have already made yourselves vulnerable to those who read Our Words; they have already been told that he will speak, so you may keep these My Words in a certain confidentiality, releasing them as needed, to believing associates.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. After the Holy Father speaks again, may I release them generally on the web site.

    You may then release them generally. This is to shield you from attacks.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord it seems a first step, this letter to the priests and some physicians; except Fr TL in Ontario and Fr H; is it Your Will that I pursue these two. Who else am I to write with the discernment of the Holy Fathers words . Our Lord indicates the CURE list.

    Then Lord, I pray that the director to open to giving me full addresses.

    I do; it is done!

    You may seek out Fr TL and forward the information to him. In due course Fr H with hear of these My Words through associates who have the Words!

    Lord, I just pray that Your priests will believe.

    We pray for Peace in the Holy Land, especially in Jerusalem where many are killed, and the Holy Father has spoken out in anguish.

    Our Lord gives Omen a sense of the pain in His Heart . Then silence for a long time.

    These days have been foreshortened in My Mercy. In this year of forgiveness and Mercy yet little children, these dire events at this time have to be! In that respect Mankind shall realize that even these wars are part of the Plan of Divine Mercy, just as much so as that of the sufferings of victim souls.

    Lord even though this is hard for humans to comprehend I just pray that all be converted.

    Lord we thank You for the Entrustment, and we pray that the dogma we hoped to see in actual words is in fact contained in the Entrustment.

    The Blessing which the Holy Father has brought upon the Earth with his proclamation, endows those formerly without a Heavenly Queen and Mother, to now have one. Many holy and miraculous events occur, and all will know that I am God, Supreme among the nations and that it is My Will that My Mother be recognized.

    Thus I have set Her, your Mother of Mercy; the Merciful One Who judges not; Whose weapon is Love, against the merciless one; and I Bless Mankind in Her and through Her with the needed Graces and Heavenly assistance to persevere and to be victorious, and as you know, in Her Intercession, you will come before Me, the Living God, and know Salvation.

    Thank You Lord Jesus and thank You Mother Mary. Mother, we ask You to greatly influence the hearts, minds, souls and wills of all, so that we will all be more obedient to the holy Will of God.

    Discernment Prayers. 18th October, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit; come by means of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. thanksgiving , be every moment Thine. We were praying about the misfortunes of a visiting priest. We entrust all priests to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    A Holy Angel of Mercy will speak to the heart of the wounded priest and bring him tenderly

    forth into Light and Life yet again for he is downcast and heavily burdened. The discord is not of this priest but of the liar which is the devil.

    Mother pledges to assist Fr L and in a unique and special manner. Little children always remember, all works out for good for those who love and serve the Lord; such a one is Fr L.

    Thank You Mother; thank You Lord. Lord we pray for healing in and of our Archdiocese in all departments, wherever the devil has people willingly or unwittingly co-operating with him.

    Lord, we know it is not an accident that H is back in the role of chairman; we pray for Your Will to be done in whatever is to happen next.

    The Lord is attendant upon this group of physicians here; be at Peace, Enlightenment comes in due course. All is indeed going according to Heaven’s Design. Little children, always remember to wait on the Lord as you have been doing.

    Thank You Lord.

    I thank You for the response from Fr S. It was positive, I know they each have a role.

    He is but the first.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord I pray for Your help in writing the legal report requested for the lawyers of the one You have sent to me months ago who needed protection from psychiatric labels.

    Our Lord shows Omen a gladiolus, two toned with red edges. She is a very Charismatic Catholic, with great devotion to The Holy Spirit, a daily communicant.

    Dearest, We attend upon you as you write. Angels also attend upon both you and her.

    Be at Peace. Fait Accompli.

    Thank You Lord. She has written asking me my opinion of the Holy Father’s address to the transplant experts. I’m not sure how to respond Lord; how much to say.

    The Sovereign Queen Blesses you child. My little one, you may explain to her that what the Holy Father has spoken must be read with deep discernment for the ones who read it shallowly and lightly, will believe it is a victory for what they are doing, which is gravely offensive to the Lord God. You might tell her that you have summarized it in this document, and if she has further concerns then you might give her the entire information which you have prepared on behalf of the Epistle of Love. It is to be discerned to what degree she wishes to be involved in this struggle.

    Thank You Blessed Mother. Mother Mary, I cannot find my latest discernments, I found the file again but all the discernments are not in there.

    Fault. My darling, the discernment you ask of Me comes to you as you sit at your computer; it is a simple matter. I give you saints of assistance. Certain ones of Communication. My darling be at Peace; it surfaces.

    Thank You Mother.

    Our Lord, last week we prayed about CURE because they had not included the Enlightenment about the soul initiating death; but even though You had said they would readily accede, I have not heard back from them; so I don’t know what is happening at this point. Let Your Will be done Lord.

    In due course all falls into the pattern I Desire. Those who are My Own are given Enlightenment readily. Others come forth a little later. But all is going as I Desire.

    Our Lord shows Omen a little shuttle. This is the weaving of souls who belong to the Lord into the Great Seamless Garment of Love. Thank You Lord, for including us.

    We pray again for the one who was planning to have an abortion, thanking You Lord for taking the baby back to Heaven before the mother made that decision.

    Mother has a new star in Heaven.

    We pray for the little star to bring this family back to the Lord.

    Darling, that is what it is all about.

    Oh thank You Mother. Lord we pray that through the Baptisms which both Omen and I are attending on the 29th October, may many family members on every side be drawn back to the Church. Lord, there seems to be so much stress at work. It is very overwhelming and out of control. Lord I pray for more patience and endurance.

    Put your hand in My Hand and leave them with Me.

    Thank You Lord.

    On this special day, help us every day to be the physicians you wish us to be.

    I am placing My Healing Hands upon you and Omen, both of you are My beloved ones; you both work healing love in My Name; and thus on this day, in honour of the beloved St Luke I Bless you both, I Bless those whom you carry in your hearts little children, I Bless

    multitudes of physicians around the world who know Me and also work healing love, in a Great anointing of My Peace upon you. Again at this time in the history of man, the important word is persevere; therefore persevere in all prayerfulness; know that I am with you. Little children always remember, you are never alone; I am with you always; I am your Shield and Protector, you are ever in the Providence of the Living God.

    Thank You so much Lord for everything. Thank You for LT and all the beautiful Messages that You give to me and bless me through her also.

    She is My Own also.

    Thank You Lord. Glory be... May the Presence ...

    Discernment Prayers, 25th October ,2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine! Short Rebukes.

    Mother is in attendance little children; be at Peace.

    Thank You Mother.

    [before we started to pray, I was showing Omen the article in the Sun newspaper, on the 24th, which reported, “the first scientific study of “near death” experiences has found new evidence to suggest that consciousness or “the soul” can continue to exist after the brain has ceased to function.]We are delighted to see Your Words of Sept 29th, come true; that Enlightenment would come during this month of October, Mother.

    My little ones, you see how the Lord deprives the enemy of many of his missiles of attack upon Humanity. My little children, it is a time of My Triumph upon the Earth now, and many here- tofore hidden Truths shall be revealed even in the media which is so anti-Christian as you know.

    Thank You Mother. We are grateful for the responses we have received.

    Little children, it is the Lord Who speaks.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    I Myself assign duties to those who have said “yes” to Me; even as it has occurred to each one of you, so it occurs to the many. Enlightenment comes to mankind at last, with regard to the human soul, which My Own have always known, but which the world had denied for so long.

    Even those pagans and heathens of other spiritualities were aware of the spiritual world and of souls, and yet modern man in his arrogance had rejected and refuted this concept; yet the human soul prevails in each individual, for it is a Gift of the Living God.

    Even so, at times I allow specific individuals to approach the point of death of the body, that at last they know that I, The Lord God, do indeed exist, and on their resuscitation they return as it were, to bodily life.

    They are changed when they begin to comprehend the immense Truth of the Immortality of the soul , and their lives are changed in the direction of holiness at last. And I also cause these events to occur, to specifically Enlighten today’s physicians to the fact that Man is both body and soul. In this realm of the existence of the soul, I have called you My beloved Faithful Missionary, to fight on behalf of human souls as you do. You are not alone; your God is with you; the whole Heavenly Court is with you in this battle and many, and increasingly to myriads of individuals are with you now!

    The masses had in effect been kept in darkness about the so-called “brain dead” individuals, but this Enlightenment has come to the fore, and believe there are conscientious physicians

    who are becoming increasingly aware of the Truth of the human entity which is both body and soul.

    The atheistic idea of the human being, only body, as it were an animal state, is rapidly being

    debunked and Mankind recognizes Truth at last, with regard to the human soul.

    Thank You Lord. We could not thank You enough Lord, that this is coming about right after the letter to the Bishop and priests. I pray that all who received it recognize Your Truth.

    My little sisters, I attend upon each recipient with Divine Inspiration, Infused Knowledge from the Living God. Those who respond to Me in this matter, know Truth in your Messages and the documents when accepted, must be further discerned. [He shows how the Church is about studying and discerning.] Discernment is an ongoing process at this time.

    Know that I am there Enlightening those who study, for I am the Light of the world. I hasten to eradicate all darkness of thought in the matter of the human soul.

    Thank You Lord. I pray for our Bishop because of the heavy responsibility this brings him.

    Little children, consider your Bishop; you know he has many burdens and much work before him, and that it is not every bishop who is receiving such Messages in his diocese, but only this holy man. Pray much for him and await his discernments, which are Mine for I assist him profoundly.

    Little children, I have not uttered these Words idly to you, nor have I caused you to work out all these endeavours idly, but because it is an urgent appeal to the physicians of this

    world, to consider the Will of God, to consider the Gift to Mankind, of soul and spirit, for each human being is called to be animated by Me, The Lord your God, Who is Eternal Love.

    Lord I take courage from the support of Fr JM; I pray that many priests support our Bishop in this matter. PHC has taken a major upheaval now as well.

    Certain ones do indeed. Others are slower little children. This is a matter that has demanded your Bishop’s undivided attention very recently. This is in addition to all else that he works upon this diocese.

    Lord we pray for the one who is to come, that it is the one You choose Lord, and does Your Will.

    I, The Lord God Bless you. I am moving in Heaven’s Great Design, certain individuals into place in this diocese, who will bring My Light and My Assistance more readily to the Bishop. I Myself attend upon the beloved Bishop, Blessing him in a Great Anointing of My Love and Peace so that there are no longer disruptions and unnecessary distractions, from his goals and plans, for this is a time of change upon the Earth, when the Body of Christ becomes a powerful Unit of activity on the Earth now. This Diocese, though far from Rome and far from Jerusalem, is a powerful diocese, because I choose it to be so.

    Lord, I pray for PH, that where he goes, he goes for Your reasons, and contributes to bringing about Your Holy Will in the non-Christian hospitals. May he be Your instrument.

    Your God assures you that I am attendant upon this man all the days of his life. Be at Peace in this matter.

    Thank You Lord. We pray for the Holy Father; all His needs and intentions.

    The Holy Father gives a speech on the misuse of “brain death.” The Holy Father himself will make a speech which will state explicitly the errors that are occurring in this matter of

    “brain death” and so-called organ harvesting, for it has become increasingly clear to him, the deceits of certain medical practices in this area. Those aspects which are an offense against the Holy Spirit, must be addressed and shall be addressed very rapidly now.

    Transgressions of the Law of God are always just that; transgressions of the Law, and they shall be addressed.

    Lord, thank You for this faithful Holy Father. Yet a certain Cardinal has suggested that he could retire at the end of the Jubilee year, just as You predicted earlier in this Mission that they would Lord.

    The beloved John Paul is My Own. As long as I Desire it, he shall complete his Mission on Earth in My Name, and the fruits of his reign shall carry on for a long time to come, for he has brought Truth to the fore, most clearly to all Mankind, all those who will heed. Do not worry about the length of time that he is My Vicar; it remains in My Hands. All goes according to Heaven’s Design.

    Little children, when one does not agree with the leadership, there is always an urgent desire to depose the leader. This is an ongoing challenge to leadership. We do not say dis-regard it, be aware of it but know, that John Paul is My Own, and he is a profound instrument of My Love. He is in My Hands.

    Thank You Lord. We pray for the conversion of those who wish him to go.

    In this year of forgiveness, they have but to come to Me; My Desire is to pour forth Blessings, Graces, Healings, Anointings, on each of My Own, and indeed multitudes about the Earth. They shield themselves from this shower, this pouring forth of rain as it were from Heaven, this shower of My Love. They do not all open their hearts and minds to Love. Yet many do, and this gives My people Hope.

    The others who resist, resist a little while longer, and then they too recognize Truth-I am Truth- because I Enlighten them, I illuminate them to see the state of their souls, and their very thoughts which are not of Me, and they do indeed come unto Me as I Desire them to.

    Many think they are My Own, and have yet not yielded in a manner which is so essential to conversion and to Salvation. Yet, since they are seeking Me, I cause it to happen, even unto many hard-hearted individuals, for nothing is impossible to the Lord.

    Lord, with regard to the ongoing evangelization, do You wish me to just continue e-mailing the summary as I have been doing, or should I do something else now that the Holy Father has spoken.

    Do so; it is The Lord Who speaks!

    Thank You Lord. Is there anyone else I should send the printed material .

    Simply send this to as many others as come to mind. Know that I am with you in all that which you are doing in My Name.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    The apprehension of the killer of Heather occurs rapidly for Heaven hears the prayers storming Heaven on her behalf.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord we come before You thanking You for healing little TA, the little AIDS baby that my sister adopted, because today my sister confirmed that the AIDS tests done on the 19th October have come back negative. This is the miracle healing by Faith that You promised us Lord Jesus.

    I am Truth; every Word I utter is Truth!

    Thank You Lord. Thank You Heavenly Mother.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, The Lord God Bless you both little children, in an anointing of My Love and My Peace and My Joy. My precious little ones, you are living in a time of great change as you know. There is great peril hither and yon about the world. You are yet in a safe area, rather like a Sanctuary where you live, in My Mercy and My Love, but others about the Earth are not so fortunate.

    You will hear of dreadful matters and you will simple continue to pray little children and make the sacrifices which you do in My Name; and stay united with Your Jesus and with Our beloved Mother, in the Unity of the Family of God, and persevere little children, through it all.

    Thank You Lord. I thank You Mother for all the help with transferring the files which You promised. Please help me with the transfer of the new first page.

    All falls into place according to Our Design little one. Persevere.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for Your Healing; since I feel very exhausted. We Love You Lord.

    I am The Lord Your God. A special Blessing is indeed given; Healing anointing. Be at Peace.

    Mother is in all Delight. But of course the Graces pour forth as need be upon you little one. The Love and the Peace and the Joy of the Lord God is always with you. You are cherished of the Lord God, and of the Mother of God. Little children, as We call you to persevere, always remember, Love conquers all, and that you are beloved, and that you do love in the manner Our Lord Desires; you do forgive, and your heart is always filled with love, therefore let Peace reign.

    The weariness is lifted! Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers, 1st November, 2000.

    Solemnity of All Saints and fiftieth anniversary of the declaration of the dogma of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven.

    Here we are Lord, we come to do Your Will. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse. Oh Sacrament Most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine!

    Mother is present. Dear little children, I am your Heavenly Mother, Queen of Angels, Queen of All Saints. Little ones, you are cherished of the Lord God and of your Heavenly Mother.

    Little children, you recognize that it is a time of trial upon the Earth, more so than has been experienced by Humanity in the past.

    Dear little children, My delight is in your Faith and in your perseverence in spite of all that is occurring. You know well that you are supported by Our God and by Me, and thus you are assisted by a myriad of angels and saints on this day which is holy to the Lord God.

    A great anointing comes upon each true child of Faith. As you are anointed here many are being anointed in this time of Grace, this day on which all saints are recognized by Our Church.

    Dear little ones, Heaven is with you in Your Missions.

    Thank You Mother and congratulations on this fiftieth anniversary that Our Church has proclaimed the dogma of Your Assumption, body and soul into Heaven; Queen of Saints.

    Mother thanks me in a very tender voice, ... My darling.

    Mother we thank You for all the Enlightenment on the issue of “brain death” which was given in October as promised. The angels are singing , To Jesus Heart all burning...

    We were discussing some of the reaction of the priests to the Bishop’s letter.

    Wait and see.

    Lord, that makes me more anxious. Its been a time to pray for more humility because of dealing with publicity. I need Your help to say not one word beyond what You have told me Lord. We reviewed the number of items in the media on this issue. Lord protect us from things coming from pride or ego that distorts Your Truth.

    My Love is upon you; I am attendant upon you. I am Your Jesus who loves you so. When you are questioned , should you be questioned, or when you are in a discussion, since you are in unity with Me, and you have surrendered in all abandonment to Love, your will, it will be I, your Jesus, Who speaks; therefore be at Peace in this matter. This is My reassurance to you, for this Mission, for which I elect to use you, is gravely important to your God.

    Thus I Call those who have pondered and believed My Words in Holy Scripture,”Father, that they be one in Me, as I am one in You, and You in Me;” it is in this context,in this Unity of love, that you become an instrument, of My Healing Love. Thus fear not; I shall speak in you and through you.

    Thank You Lord. When reading Holy Scripture, we cant help realizing how very human even the great apostles were; sometimes needing to be corrected, even by each other. So, I pray that under the guidance of our priests and Bishop, we will never stray from Your Truth if we are to speak, we are still imperfect sinners; even though I’ve experienced speaking and being “in the Spirit. ” Lord, it will take our whole lives to truly understand this Unity with You while being in free will.

    Lord, I’ve been looking forward to coming to pray for little Amayah; Lord please heal her from so much pain, by the Power of her Baptism.

    Peace; I attend upon the little family in an anointing of Healing Love and Peace. Would you tell Me you love Me for those who do not.

    My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. We pray Memorare on this Feast.

    The evil one is wrath at such a request, but be at Peace little children, the army under the illustrious St Michael, protects all the children of God ; work begins on the souls so pleaded for, and the pleas resound in Heaven, and on this day which is holy to the Lord, graces and blessings and healing anointings flow.

    Thank You Lord. Lord Jesus, D has offered to redo my website. I would love him to do it, if it is Your Will Lord, because the others have been blest by You to help before.

    The Peace of Christ will come upon D and he will be most capable in assisting you in this project, the revision of the manner in which this subject matter is released to the world. Be at Peace; he is entirely capable and he is entirely capable, and We are with you every step of the journey. Even as I Bless those who assist at Mercy Gate, I Bless those as I will, who assist you in your Assignment.

    Lord You know T and D are concerned about her finding suitable work when she is ready, while also having safe care for the baby.

    The Virtue of Love is that I bid you just trust in your Jesus; We have plans for T and the infant and D and they shall come into being. Be at Peace therefore. The little one T, knows and loves The Lord, and is safe in the Lord and safe under Mother’s mantle. Rest assured, the baby is cherished of the Lord as a precious, precious soul, and is profoundly shielded and protected.

    I hope that it is not too long before D asks for Baptism Lord, so that he is also protected and shielded.

    Wait and see.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I pray for the one who had the miscarriage, who is now bleeding, depressed, slashing, with other harassment. Lord, please lead this one back to Salvation. I have so many in similar spiritual condition; non practicing Catholics mostly.

    Our Lord really did not want to speak about these people. Lord we place all these people on Your altar of Sacrifice for Your healing anointing. Lord please have Mercy, please address this matter.

    Darkness covers the Earth, and the thick clouds the people.

    Small one, you are the one ray of light in this pathetic child’s life. I will inspire you at each meeting and We shall speak together to her. It is“the wages of sin” in the parents of each, that is both the girl and the boy, that is upon them now, as is written in Holy Scripture, that is unto the third and fourth generation.

    Yet this people today, turn a deaf ear to the Spirit of the Living God, and close their eyes for fear of reading Holy Scripture. They shut Me out, and yet they cannot cope in the world, for when they are in the world, they are at the mercy of the merciless one and there is no help for them there as you know. Therefore until each soul begins to yield to the Living God, in free will, they are ensnared in the bondages of the enemy.

    Through your ministrations I shall release the girl in due course; be at Peace, we work together in this matter. Sometimes, a child is given, and that child becomes in essence what you refer to as a victim soul, so that other generations may be released and the dread problem in the family comes to an end. When one is faithful, this occurs.

    As this child is so desperate and cannot seem to find understanding, in My Mercy I will anoint her, and she will anoint her and she will begin to know holy Love at last.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Dear Lord, I ask You to be with me tomorrow as I am trying to be patient and charitable, with a patient who really annoys me. Help me to be more like You in dealing with

    Oh Holy Spirit, beloved of Our souls, we adore You; enlighten us, guide, us, strengthen us console us; make us know and only do Your Will! Lord pleas ebe with me that it go according to Your Design.

    I will attend with you in a unique matter, that this matter be resolved. Be at Peace. I am with you always.

    Thank You Lord.

    Lastly, we shared about the ABC program on ABC, where Bill Maher and others were discussing the “paganism” on which he said the Mass was based, {drinking the Body and Blood of Christ.}

    And the amount of obstruction and interference I was having getting into my website, problems with my fax, computer, etc{material this necessary for my work,.}and we prayed for release from the demonic influences that prevail over the material world.

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth be cleansed, in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth be healed, In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth be sealed in the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

    St Michael the Archangel spoke;

    Michael attendant upon you bids you Peace little children. The reason I am attendant upon your Church militant in this period of time is very clearly because of the Will of our God and because the Church

    is under fierce attack and so I wish you to know that you are shielded in the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God and shielded by the armies of angels of the Lord; you are safe in the Lord. Fear not; be not anxious for most assuredly the Lord is with you. “ I am Michael who proclaims to all Humanity; who is like unto the Lord Our God”. May Peace continue to reign in the heart and soul and mind of each of you., for this is a time of trial for the peoples of God.

    Thank You St Michael. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy, Blessed be God forever. [Omen says St Michael speaks often now, before Our Lord or Our Lady, but he first started speaking only last summer.]

    Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers.  November 4th, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. 

    In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit  in Union with the whole Heavenly Court, we rebuke thee satan, we rebuke any and all that is coming against us, our Missions and our loved ones.

    Forthwith I Bless you little children; I am Your Jesus of merciful Love.  I am ever attendant upon you, precious little Faith-filled ones.

    Thank You Lord for filling us with love.

    They will release the reports of the autopsy of Heather and all will know of the dastardly deeds, the evil that have been perpetrated upon her; and will you wonder why and where is your God.  But I tell you, as I have told you before, for every child sacrificed on the altar of selfishness in abortion, there are actions by the evil one and his evil cohort.  He strikes readily at the minds of those who have not been raised up in Truth or have wondered far from Truth, and these dread consequences occur.

    Little children, you know these times have to be.  I Bless with a shield those who are My Own.  Little ones who are murdered like Heather; I claim them as martyrs.  They are martyrs because of a society that has gone awry, even though they are murdered by specific individuals, they are yet pointing accusing fingers at this society, this Humanity of today.

    Oh Woe!  Weep and repent Mankind, for My Wrath is complete...fulminating sword....

    Speak Your concerns My little one.

    Thank You Lord for giving me the fortitude to give the Words to Fr J which I knew You were asking me to give him but I was anxious, and thank You for his response.

    Little children, I anoint myriads of priests to speak against every unwarranted killing of a Human Life. “ There is a time to be born and a time to die” [Ecclesiastes 3]  Man is united with the usurper, altar this, thus bringing down My Wrath.

    My God, I believe,  I adore I trust and I love Thee; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. 

    Lord, as You know as I was trying to do my evangelization, my password was scrambled and D is coming to help me with the renewal of my website today, so I pray for the return of my password,

    given by Heaven itself.  Lord, let Your will be done. I am obstructed at every turn.

    Beloved, I Jesus am attendant upon you and upon you and upon all your concerns.  Dear little one, D restructures all things.  The Canadian company seek to speak to one in a higher authority and explain once again what has happened to you, restricting you in this freedom of information, and ask how you should subsequently do it not to contravene these barriers which have no basis; they just have set up these barriers and they are of course an obstruction to the dissemination of Truth-I am Truth- and so We know ,All of Us, it is the action of Our mutual enemy.  I anoint you to communicate to the Canadian portion seeking to rectify this matter.  Heaven shall remain the password.  In the interim work with D and be at Peace I am with You.  I am sending St Maximillian Kolbe to help you in disseminating Truth. 

    Thank You Lord. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Blessed be God forever.  Lord, this first Saturday, honouring the Immaculate Heart of Mary, You know that I will be given a special miraculous medal, which I will pin on AGK and I pray that she will be healed from these terrible pains if it be Your Will Lord.

    I ask you to remember every time you hold the infant, to pray healing upon her, just in your heart is fine, for I am with you and I wish to show again and again, the Power of My Love.  You may speak it out loud for the benefit of D if you will, My little one for I am with you

    profoundly, and We are working to take down the barriers around D so that he will come into the community of Love.

    Lord I pray for the conversion of China, especially through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, all the sins against Life that are policy.  Lord please hear our prayer.

    We attend upon China through many , many Faith-filled individuals.  Little children, when you pray for China, remember to invoke the intercession also, of the martyrs who died to bring Truth to the peoples of China .  Despite the great barriers of persecution they still prevail.  Little children, a day comes when the light shines in the darkness and the darkness is no more even there!

    Lord, I am thank you for Nicholas, a new Christian who has become Your Instrument, and I pray for Your Inspiration as I write the letter You have asked me to write to the psychiatrist in London.

    Beloved, I will speak in you and through you, be at Peace.

    Lord, we praise You and bless You and thank You for all Your Mercy. Your Will be done.

    Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers, 8th November, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.  

    Jesus is present.

    Thank Our Lord and Our Mother for listening to us again  and giving us this opportunity to pour out our concerns. Thank You for the Words of Scripture left on my work machine this morning by L who felt inspired by Our Lord to give them to me.  I really needed them in a difficult week.

    It is only in your weakness that My Strength becomes complete.  And-   It is only your weakness that your eyes are constantly turned to Heaven.  He Loves you.

    Thank You Lord. Lord I beg You to heal  AG K from the terrible continuous pain and the family is exhausted.  I pray that the doctor who is seeing her on Tuesday, will be enlightened to see the problem.  Lord, please heal her and help her parents.

    Heaven attends on the matter little children; be at Peace. Jesus is showing us He is looking at the baby and saying, She is well.

    Lord is she well in the future or is she well now?

    Little children, the child is precious to the Lord God, be at Peace.  I am making her well. 

    D comes along . Believe; he hears the Call,  he comes along;  be at Peace, be patient in this simply being always an expression of My Love to him.  Trust Me!

    Thank You Lord. 

    Our Lord shows the Scripture, the Beatitudes,

    I was hungry and you gave me to eat,

    thirsty and you gave me to drink,

    naked and you clothed me, etc...

    that is what the parents live through and have to give , in parenting their children, [except perhaps visiting them in prison]

    How beautiful Lord, thank You so much!

    Lord’ please help because my password is still not restored to me, in fact no response to my letters; also the password from D to D.   We get demonic obstruction., and pray rebukes.

    Our Lord shows Omen a big white pass key.

    Little children, We resolve it in due course; be at Peace.  All goes sufficiently rapidly according to Your God’s time frame for this Work.

    Thank You Lord.  Is this the key for one or both these problems?

    Both.  Locked are the doors of obstruction.

    Thank You Lord. 

    Lord, new and old patients , bring great stress.  Lord the one called ELL appears to be demonically obsessed. I need healing after seeing her.  Lord You know what You wish me to do with her.

    The thing that controls ELL must be cast out!  The enemy does not want to release her.

    Lord Jesus, You are the One, Who casts out evil.  Do You want me to see her?

    I caution, the darkness is immense around her.

    We prayed all the long rebukes.

    Michael consigns the evil spirits to their destination.

    Thank You Lord; thank you St Michael.  Blessed be God in His angels and in His Saints.

    The trespasses this woman has made into the occult have wounded her thus, and now because of your loving prayers, sealed from her is that which had assailed her.  Yes, she yet

    needs much healing  My beloved, and now she is freed up to accept the healing. 

    Thank You Lord.  I really don’t want to be exposed to this in my work because it drains me and my functioning which affects my work with other patients.

    Mother Mary attends; My sweetheart, don’t be distraught, Heaven attends upon all your hearts concerns.  Dear little children, you know very well that Our Lord sends the troubled ones to you for that healing touch.  Dear little children, know that each one of you is as a vessel filled with Divine Love, Holy Love, to pour forth, dispense it upon the needy ones.  Dear little children, know that you are precious, precious vessels of Love, through whom Our Lord works, pouring forth Light and Love upon the so-needy individuals.  Be at Peace therefore; continue knowing and loving and serving the Lord yourselves. 

    Great graces accumulate and pour forth upon you little children, for your patient perseverence,

    and never forget little children, Our God’s Word, that you are storing treasure in Heaven, and one day, on a Glorious day of the Lord, you shall know what it is that you have accomplished.

    Thank You Mother. The fight for the Presidency is ongoing; the spiritual war continues.  Lord let Your Will be done, both in the US and in Canada; that the pro-Life voice is at last heard, that the reversal of all the  immoral attacks of the doctors against Life , soon be stopped.

    They are serpents!

    No wonder Our Lord does not want the doctors who are Christian using the serpent as our oath any more! Dear Lord, turn it around. I know things are terrible but answer our novena, Mother Mary hear our prayer.

    A preview is not given to you in this instance; pray much little children, pray much and be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord.  As You now, You are sending me to the conference in San Diego and Tijuana.

    Please enlighten me to know what You wish me to do or take? Demonic  obstruction. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and sealed in the Holy Spirit, and in union with the whole Heavenly Court,  the Lord rebuke you satan, the Lord rebuke any and all coming against us and our Missions, and our families.

    Michael attends; dear little children, be at Peace. Our Queen will speak!

    Thank You St Michael.

    My daughter, I Bless your journey in a great anointing of Graces in the Power of the Holy Spirit. They flow upon you.  Daughter, you may bring,{She shows some of my documents] which you may be able to dispense to others.  My daughter pray for the poor and the hungry in Tijuana as you do.  My little one, the Lord will speak!

    I Jesus Bless you in an anointing ; I Bless your journey and I Bless you profoundly; new experiences, new thoughts come to mind with regard to the Truth which thou hast so ably presented; and give them the document explaining the Holy Father’s document and what is being done.  I Jesus Bless you; you are My beloved instrument, My precious vessel of Love.  Wither thou goest I am with thee, and I Bless you in more ways that you are aware at this moment.  Peace reigns in your heart; little children, in Unity with Me, it is so! Rejoice.  Together we march to Victory!

    Glory be ... may the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers, 13th November,2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.   Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!

    Tell Me that you love Me.

    I love you My beloved Jesus, I love you more than myself; I repent of ever having offended You; never permit me to separate myself from You again. Would that I may love You always and then do with me what You will.

    I am He Who Lives and Loves eternally; I am attendant upon you little children; Shalom.

    Dear Lord, I have anxiety; I’m not sure how to handle this issue of my health insurance. About a year ago, I could not connect with the administrators of this policy.  Now they have been in touch with me and they want to sell me an extension of the policy.  I’m dealing with some questions about my health. So I don’t know which way to go.  My old doctor retired and returned; so I don’t know whether to contact him.

    Demonic intereference.  Praying short rebukes.

    Forthwith, I bid thee yet again Peace; I am attendant upon you little children of Faith.  The

    moneys can be sent and continued insurance coverage given you that you need, or you may take the moneys doing with them what is wise. The times are unsettling as you know, thus My little ones are somewhat concerned with what to do in such matters. 

    Getting more spiritual attack again.  Praying short rebukes.

    I am He and I Bless thee little children whatsoever you do little one.  The funds, should you decide you require them, are readily available to you.

    Lord even if I took the funds I would still want to seek Your Will.  I don’t want the money for its own sake. I also don’t know what my health will do.  I am totally in Your Hands in the present moment; I do not foresee anything Lord. 

    My dear little one; I Bless you and keep you going sturdily along, until the day you are called home.  Even so, you know little children, there are sufferings when one is yet on the Earth, in the Church militant.  Little children, as long as you are not apprehensive about these things; as long as you care for yourselves as you do in unity with Me, you are safe in Me.  Consider the money as invested as in a savings, and consider whether you would wish to take them and place them in a different savings method more readily available to you should a family member need assistance.  Little one, you are definitely in Your God’s  Providence and you are safe in Me as are your daughters precious to Me, the Lord God.  You have raised them up in the way they should go, and they are safe in Me.

    The question of insurance in case of illness is a valid question.  The insurance is a valid insurance company and does not renege on their word.  See little one, its like having the funds in your right or left hand and therefore I leave you in free will in this matter and yet I assure you that when you make your decision, you will do it by coming unto Me prayerfully, and together we make the right decision.

    Thank You Lord.  I have thought of making a connection with Dr H again since its been a long time, but if it is Your intention.

    Sweetheart call him and we take it from there.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord as You know that there is a guild dinner, but I will be out of the country.  Dear Lord, as Mother said she will be convening all the meetings, I hope that some of the doctors will have been given the opportunity to read of the Holy Father’s moral instructions about “brain death.” All is in Your Hands Lord. 

    Satan is saying, Michael is in a dead heat with me, I am not going to allow him to speak at the meeting.   St Michael the Archangel... We invoke the Queen of angels to intervene at the meeting.

    St Michael says“,The Word of God assures you that He is victorious and that is sufficient.  Believe that the Hand of God operates  powerfully in these meetings.  Yet the enemy is ever wily and underhanded and deceitful; thus there is warfare.  That is why our God calls you little warriors to pray much.

    Thank You St Michael;  blessed be God in His angels and in His saints, blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy, blessed be God forever. Lord, I see the same spiritual warfare in the politics of the day Lord.  We just pray for Your Will to be done both in Canada and in the USA Lord. 

    Tape malfunctioned; the  rest not recorded.

    Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment prayers.  24th November,2000.

    We shared many details of my time away at the conference, then prayed about some of these issues stated more briefly. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

    Lord, only because You are God most Loving and Merciful, dare I come before you to praying through the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of our Mother Mary,  for the soul of D, diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder, who has committed suicide.  Lord, we pray for Your forgiveness of her soul; we believe that she did not understand what she was doing; forgive and bring her safely to life everlasting in You, and for Peace for all her family, in union with all angels and saints, and all souls in Purgatory.  Memorare.

    A Living Flame of Love is upon all the survivors, all her kinfolk; indeed I am your Jesus of Merciful Love.  Do not be distraught little children, on a glorious day of the Lord for each and every one of you, you will be given to understand why this had to be.  

    He quotes Maccabees,“it is a good and holy thing to pray for those who have died, those who have gone before you.”  Believe in My Mercy, believe in My Love and be comforted.   The things of this world are different than how I the Lord think; and who can know the mind of your God.  I assure you that My Divine Attendance is upon D. 

    Now I am not giving you a blanket ticket to say that everyone who commits suicide or is killed by euthanasia, is ready to come before Me, and that is why I call all of you to pray for those in their last agony.

    Little sister, will you pray many chaplets of Divine Mercy for D and her people, and leave all things with Me, your Jesus of Merciful Love?

    Yes Lord Jesus, thank you.

    Mother is weeping and saying, little children, you know there is a chance for those who commit suicide to repent at that final moment, even as they come before Our God.  Believe in that moment of utmost Mercy from Our God, and persevere in all prayerfulness.  It is not for mankind at all to know the mind of God; it is for mankind to trust in the Will and the Mercy and the Love of our God.

    Thank You Lord , and our Mother.  Lord, You know what has transpired at the conference; and what you do and do not wish me to do about it.  The issue of spirituality has come up both through the conference and the mail, but I mean specifically my relationship with Jesus.  Lord help, once again my e-mail is obstructed, but I was hoping to send these doctors the introduction to the Mission. Demonic obstruction; we pray rebukes.

    In due course you will send them the e-mails.  Do not be dismayed, in due course it is open and operative yet again.  It will come to be operative very quickly; be at Peace.

    Thank you Lord.

    Lord, it’s the second time that FC has been prevented from joining me in conferences; and she has been hurt.  Lord help us.

    Just love her and continue to keep in touch, and pray much on their behalf.  The angels are singing, “in His time, in His time...”

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, I know that You have blest me much on this trip; yet I remember that You told me that You blest me in a way that I was not aware of yet; I am back and I still don’t know what that meant Lord. 

    In due course it becomes apparent to you.  My little one, you are an instrument of My Peace and Healing Love; and though you are unaware of it, you have indeed touched other individuals according to My Design.  One day you shall know the fullness of what you do in the Name of Your Jesus, but the day, the time, the hour is not yet!

    Thank You Lord.  Dear Lord, I know that it was in Your Design that I met my old boss, who is one of the few people I know who could believe that there was nothing at all after death; I was able to give him the document from England about the psychiatrists who by research are trying to prove the existence of the soul; I pray for his conversion and salvation and that of all my old associates whom he mentioned.  I was also able to tell him of my miraculous healing from seizures.

    As you well know little children, the darkness still covers much of the Earth, and the darkness the people, and thus they do not see the Light of Your Jesus.  Even so, with the Epistle of Love, which you are given over to do in My Name, Light is happening---a little bit with this individual, a little bit with that ---  and others are working to this end as well round about the Earth, and so you are pushing back the clouds, from the intellects of many in your profession, and they begin to perceive a little bit of the monumental gift of the soul that man has obtained because of the Love of your God for Humanity, the works of His Hands.  Soon they begin to comprehend other facets of the human entity to which they had previously been oblivious.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Dear Lord Jesus, there is the venomous letter of condemnation that MB has received from the so-called ethics committee, regarding “brain death” and his communication with the ex-neighbour who lost her son; they attack him for rejecting what they call “orthodox science.”   He tried to fax it to me but it did not come through.

    Remind MB that all the harsh words ever hurled against him, including this letter, have indeed fallen upon Me, your Jesus, as so many whiplashes upon My Body and they are no more.  Be comforted M I am with you always and ever going before you. I have called you to this Mission of Truth-I am Truth!  In your “yes” to Me, you are a powerful instrument in My Hand, for the Cause of discernment on behalf of the many physicians.

    You see, today they bestow honours on those of great intellectual pride, and ignore those to a large degree, who serve Me, except in times like this, when they attack My Own.  All that falls on Me.  I carry the brunt of your cross.  Sometimes you feel it.  Remember how they treated Me.  I embrace you in the Power of My Love.  The Spirit of the Living God is within you, and surrounding you.  You are safe in the Lord.  I shield you from the fiery darts of the foe.  That doesn’t mean that the foe does not persist in taunting My precious little ones, but again, as is written,”in your weakness is My Strength.”

     Cling to Me; whither thou goest, I am with thee.  This is a moment of consolation as I fill you with all holy Love and Peace and Joy in the Love of the Lord.  Though art strengthened to so great a fortitude! [ and the angels are singing Faith of Our Fathers holy Faith...]

    Little children, persevere yet a little longer.  Trust Me; I am God!  I know what I am about.  My Plans for you come to fulfilment.  And little children always remember, in your “yes’ to Me, in your persevering Faith, you are storing treasures in Heaven, and these you will know

    on a glorious day of the Lord.  Little children, tell Me that you love Me for those who do not.

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not  love You!

    And I ask you little children, to pray for the woman in question; she torments herself with thoughts of what has occurred or what might have occurred, and therefore when you pray for her, anointings of Peace come upon her.  Do not worry about the “ethics” committee; leave them to Me and be at Peace.  Little children, just pray for both friend and foe, and trust Me and be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord. Lord, I pray for the woman with hepatitis C and manic depressive.  She was attacked by a brother, and became afraid of going to the Church.  She wishes to be united with You Lord; she needs it very much because of the suffering she has been through. Lord, please heal her as You wish, please heal her according to Your Holy Will.

    Open the Doors.

    Lord, You are the Door. We bring her to You.

    The deep waters flow, washing away the darkness, the iniquity.  My Healing Love pours forth from Glory, assuaging the woundedness.  The woman begins to take stock of her present circumstances and makes changes in her life.  Be at Peace little Missionary of Love; your healing work is coming to fulfillment in this instance.  Heaven hears your prayers; let the healings begin!

    Glory be to the Father...

    We pray the three o’clock prayer.

    Discernment Prayers, 29th November, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!

    The virtue of Love is such that I am present.  I am your Jesus of Merciful Love.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Omen asked if we should first pray rebukes as we are so consistently obstructed, hindered and attacked,  but Our Lord said,

    That which had obstructed you is not in existence.  Give Glory!

    Glory be to the Father and to the son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end; Amen.

    Lord we thank You for the beautiful archdiocesan celebration on the Feast of Christ the King, and for the special celebration for the catechumens, especially for LT, and for the special Entrustment prayers.  Lord thank You for all these beautiful spiritual gifts.

    Echos of Love surround you little ones; your prayers, your appeals resound in Heaven. Little children, Graces and Blessings flow readily, in this Jubilee, to those who respond to Divine Love as you do.

     Thank You Lord.  We pray for all the RCIA members. We pray also in thanksgiving for the miraculous healing of the baby, TA from AIDS , and for the success of my sisters appeal for loving homes for the abandoned babies, and all with special needs.

    Beloved, I the Lord God, am ever attendant on you, and on your sister, and I hear your prayers with regard to all your kinfolk; and I Bless you in this year of Jubilee with forgiveness most thoroughly, even remarkably in the healing of your kinsfolk. The little Tihana is a special sign of Divine Love, Divine Intervention, and is she not a means of teaching the medical profession that I am truly attendant upon each soul on Earth?

    Yes Lord.  We thank You and pray for their conversion.  We are very grateful that the bishop of

    Seattle has decided to start a guild there, the state where assisted suicide is legalised.  Lord we beg You that the folly of “brain death” not cause the same division and confusion that has happened in ours.

    The vortex of the storm remains as you know little children, over the nation called the United States of America.  What is occurring has been precipitated because, to a large degree, I am rejected by this people, and they suffer much as a consequence.  When they reject Me, they copy the example of the enemy saying, “I will not serve,” and so the evils befall them by their own choice.  And yet I am a God of Mercy, and I am tenderly, compassionately attendant upon My suffering little ones. 

    In this era in which you are living little children, there is a new type of martyrdom occurring on Earth; those who suffer euthanasia, especially those who suffer this unknowingly, not in a free will choice.   This ones are martyrs in the Cause of Truth.  Little children, the people of Life are fighting to put an end to this form of unwarranted death, and “there is a time to live and a time to die,” [Ecclesiastes 3] .  I am attendant upon My beloved Humanity, yet in all free will they elect to do these monstrous crimes against the Living God and against My beloved Humanity. 

    Lord is it time for me to get in touch since they have given an address; do You want me to attend this meeting?

    You may do so; you may attend a word such as, for your consideration.., words to that effect which I will Inspire you to write.   Can you doubt that I would desire you to attend?   It is My Delight that you would attend.  Sometimes you attend as observer; sometimes you attend earing Healing Love, sometimes you attend bearing Enlightenment, sometimes you attend and experience some form of rejection, but in all of these things you are My instruments. Therefore, as you persevere in obeying and loving your Jesus, I bid you attend!

    Thank You Lord.  Dear Lord, I know that all time is in Your hands, and You know the time when the Holy Father will speak again.  I pray for him to speak soon because the Jubilee of the handicapped is coming up soon.  Lord, I pray that the Holy Father would speak before this guild is formed.

    His words are imminent for it is My Will that he speak them in great detail.  Little children,

    Death speaks to the world through the medical scientists and through the organization that is known as “Planned Parenthood;” both of these are in opposition to Me, the God of Life and Love, and thus the Pope, the Holy Father John Paul, refers to the Body of Christ, as the “People of Life”, and I have chosen you to be a voice, for Life, and you shall continue to

    serve and work in this manner. 

    Thank You Lord; please strengthen me to never back away out of fear.

    I Bless you profoundly to endure in My Name.  I am your Strength; I am your Fortitude, I am your Dignity.  I Bless you with the needed Blessings and Graces, all that you need, for we have Unity in Divine Life. Most assuredly give the printed material of the words of the Holy father to the transplants experts that others may read it also.  In this manner, My Words, My Message echo and re-echo about the world. 

    Thank You Lord. Lord we pray about the horrible news that the CHAC have invited a pro-abortion speaker, to address their conference, as they did last year. I don’t understand howe they could do this.  We pray for Your guidance to help stop it Lord.

    Those who serve the spirit of Death, are infiltrating at every leil in the Body of Christ as you well know little children.  There are, shall We say, evil agendas, in every aspect of human life just now, but it is not for long.  You are not the only one who has sent the alarms resounding about the nation because of this news; and together you make a difference!

    Believe ; you shall hear and know the fruits of your efforts very quickly.  You might include A E in your communications. 

    Yes Lord, thank You.  Lord you know that Dr C from the island wrote a beautiful letter against brain death. Also to M O’B whom I promised to write to when the Holy Father has spoken.

     Forward the document about the Holy Fathers speech to him. [Our Lord reminded me of our conversation about the child in Smiths Falls where he had worked and wants me to send the same document to him. ]

    Yes Lord Jesus.  Lord You know that TK is going through decision making about a work contract, according to Your Will and take care of their baby.

    Beloved, I Myself attend T and the infant and the father.  T’s prayers are pleasing to the Lord God.  Mother is ever attendant upon the little family as is St Joseph.  There is no harm in looking into the other company, and subsequently it is essential to pray much in discernment before deciding one way or the other. Therefore be at Peace; at this time all is going according to Heaven’s Design with the little family.

    Thank You Lord.  Dear Lord, we pray for the success of eleventh hour Mission [Guadalupe Project.]; that many will be inspired to come and pray with us outside the hospital and all places where abortions and killing at the hands of physicians is taking place, for all this to end, for the conversion of the doctors, nurses and scientists and all medical personnel and all the “pro-choice” Catholic politicians.

    The angels are singing, I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind says the Lord, and they shall live...

    Lord, we pray for our leaders who call themselves “pro-choice Catholics, who really support killing.  Our Lord does not deign to speak.

     Glory be... May the Presence...

    Because I thought the tape had malfunctioned last week  and we had lost the Holy Words, some of the prayers are repeated today

    Discernment Prayers, Dec 6th, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.   Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! Lord. We seek Your Wisdom, Enlightenment; Lord continue to guide us according to Thy Holy Will.  One Rebuke.

    Therefore be at Peace; I am your Jesus of Merciful Love; I am attendant upon you most tenderly My precious little ones.  Do you wish to present a question of your hearts concern?

    Yes Lord Jesus, thank You.  Lord I do not remember the ways in which You used me as an instrument when You sent me to meetings, conferences etc. Spirit of confusion interferes. Rebuke prayer.

    I am the Lord your God and as you attend in Seattle I shall be with you.  Yes, at times you are rejected and scorned for speaking in My Name, on behalf of Epistle of Love, and this is not unlike what occurred to Myself and My first Apostles, and it has been the case for all My little faithful  ones  who have taken on Missions of importance to Humanity, and it has been the case throughout the generations.  You will be My Heart, My Hands and My Voice, in assisting in healing love to certain individuals and you will be an instrument of enlightenment to others.  You will continue to promulgate the Cause of Life, wheresoever I send thee, remembering always that I am with thee.  

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord I thank You because my password has been returned to me.

    Lord we thank You for the healing of Tihana from AIDS; and the thanksgiving Mass on Christ the King, and for My sister to succeed in this Mission to find homes for the AIDS infected and other

    special needs babies.


    That which you do to the least of My little ones, you do unto Me; welcome into the House of My Father. I am Blessing your sister in a profound anointing of Graces and Blessings.  She is strengthened to persevere in these enterprises on behalf of the little helpless ones.  They find themselves in these sorry states through no fault of their own.  I Myself bless the works of her hands.

    Little children, see in this people the power of prayer for the healing of sufferings.  Would that the medical profession would work more closely with the Healing Power of prayer which I have given to My little faithful ones.  I am your Jesus, Mighty God, Great Physician, Wonder Counsellor.  Through these little children I shall call many back to Me. Bless Me.

    We adore Thee Oh Christ and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

    Let them come unto Me now I proclaim!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord You know that more and more horrors come in the media.  But in the process I do find more links to send the Mission.  Lord, we pray for the conversion of doctors who perform these errors.

    More and more of the scandalous behaviour of the physicians throughout the world today is a great sorrow to your God; that these gifted individuals use their capabilities for the destruction of God-given life.  A time fast approaches when those who are My Own will recall the words in Holy Scripture, “James: is there any sick among you? Let them be brought to the elders, let hands be laid upon them.  In My Name they are healed. ”

    You will see this happening more and more among the believers in My Name.  Our Lord is showing the physicians about the world and saying, “I place before you a Blessing or a curse; choose Life therefore! Heed the Commandments of Love, be true to Your God, be true to your oath, be true to yourselves, love your neighbour as yourselves.”

    Lord these are the Words of the Raphael Oath; I have not had any response to it yet.  You told me a while ago that there is an individual who will promote it.

    You know well that you are living in tumultuous times; that the times are fraught with disruption and confusion and My little ones are busy in spiritual warfare against all that is prevailing for a little while yet.   The Mission will come to the fore; there will be a sizable portion of physicians who will fall into agreement with Me and all that I have given to you

     and the handful of others that believe like unto yourself.  In due course you will see these changes coming forward.  Doubt not; believe.

    Lord we believe. Thank You Lord. Lord we pray for many to be inspired to join us in  Guadalupe Project.

    Little children go forth in Faith, you who can see, and persevere.  It is a time of great sorrow, for I am the Lord of Life and I call My people to stand and fight for Life.  Many of My little warriors for Life are feeling rather solitary, even isolated; yet I strengthen them to persevere.  There will be a sufficient showing of faithful ones., and remember, for every one of you who stands witnessing, many others, for whatsoever reason who are unable to attend, yet pray for the victory.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord, I also lost the Words, about the Holy Fathers, speaking very soon again against “brain death.”

    It shall be so, for there comes before his eyes, word of the abuses of the basic, shall We say

    ground rules in the matter of Life, in the matter of organ transplants, and so he is called to speak yet again, clearly and concisely on this matter, that this abomination before My Eyes cease; and where it persists, that it be clearly recognized as the evil that it truly is.

    Lord, let this come about soon.  That at least they stop because of fear like the abortionists stopped from fear.  Lord please convert Morgentaler.  Our Lord communicates His Pain silently.

    Lord, You have inspired me to know that You wish to be adored after the midnight Mass of Christmas Eve ,on the main altar, so that as many people as possible can adore, till the first Mass of Christmas morning.  Lord I pray to know that is Your Will.

    The Mother of Jesus speaks!  My daughter, you may address the beloved Fr J with this intent to give glory to Our jesus and to make reparation to Our Lord Jesus.  So few do this.  A time of Enlightenment fast approaches.  A great Light comes over the Church ones again.  Truth prevails; Truth is victorious.  You know well that Our Lord Jesus IS Truth!  Therefore ask the beloved priest.  Little children, when you receive a “no” from those in authority, do not become disheartened , but always ask in Faith, and persevere in Faithfulness no matter what is occurring. 

    Little children, I invoke a Blessing upon you as Mother, Help of Christians, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, Blessing come upon you and the Church community of Our Lady of Good Counsel. 

    Thank You Blessed Mother. Lord, I pray about the Eucharistic miracle  that You promised so that the many can be brought to believe that You truly are among us, very soon Lord, even now at Christmas.  I’m sorry for this impertinent prayer Lord.

    My darling I attend upon you and each precious little one of Faith.  The miracle of the Eucharist does indeed appear in due course. Little children persevere in all prayerfulness invoking this miracle to occur.  By Faith are the miracles wrought, by Faith is the Victory won.  Little children a great Blessing comes upon your little parish Church for those Faith-filled individuals.  Bear with Me patiently little one.

    Thank You Lord for bearing with me. 

    Right now I just want to thank You for LT and for this great opportunity for the three of us to pray together for the first time.

    Lord we praise You, bless You and thank You for Your Creation LT who is fearfully and wondrously made in Your Own Image, and You have called her to come closer to You in the Sacraments of Your Love, and we thank You for calling her in this manner.  We thank you for her heart which is so open to You, and her abandonment to Your Love Lord.

    My little one, I am the Lord your God; I am Your Jesus of Merciful Love and I am profoundly attendant upon you.  You know Me well My little one and indeed I am calling you closer to Me in this Communion of Our Love in the Sacraments given to you in My Love.  It is then that I am saying to you as I spoke to the Father;“ Father if they could be one in Me as I am in You and You are in Me.”  In this manner you become in Unity with Me most profoundly.  You already know My Divine Inspirations to you and even Words, and this will grow as you grow in Unity with Me, and I am Blessing you with a great infilling of My Love and My Peace and My Joy.

    My little one, I have already taken all your woundedness of your life, uniting it with My Wounds and it is no more, and all harsh words  hurled against you , any of you little children; it falls on Me your Jesus like so many whiplashes, and is no more. 

    Little children, simply walk in My Light, My Life, My Love,  loving whomsoever I set about you, in All-Godly Love, All-holy Love.  This is the only way.

    Little one, hold My Hand; reach out and hold My Hand in Spirit and Truth.  Hold Mother’s hand as we walk with the beloved Joseph through all the hills and valleys of this life, walking ever in Faith and Hope and Trust and Love, patiently persevering.  Little one, this is the only way, and you are My small sister, part of My Family, the Family of God, of Nazareth , of Bethlehem, the great Family of Peace which I am building upon the Earth, and to which I have called you.  Yes, I have called you by Name.  You are My Own and I Bless you and I name you child of faithfulness, child of God and child of Mary.  You are beloved of Jesus and Mary; never forget it.

     That is why I give to the little ones who attend here at the Mercy Gate Mission, this small prayer.  I ask you to memorize it and then pray it at any moment of need, any moment of anxiety or temptation, before you speak or act in a manner you might later regret, firstly call on Our Names.  Pray this way; I am someone Jesus loves, I am someone Mary loves; I am safe in the arms of Jesus, I am safe in the arms of Mary , because My little one, it is true.  When you call on Our Names prayerfully, We attend upon you, We resolve the concerns of your heart in the Peace of Our Presence, where We wish you always to remain.  Since you are safe in Our Arms, know that you are safe in Our Hearts, safe in Our Love, what better place on Earth to be?

    My little one, alternatively you might simply pray, “Jesus Mercy, Mary help,” or “In Jesus Name is My victory”, or sometimes perhaps, “Be still oh my heart and know that I am in the Presence of the Living God.”

    In this manner little children, practising these ways, you remain in the Peace of My Presence, no matter what is befalling you and those round about you, so that Peace ever reigns in your hearts.

    Mother blesses you; I am your Heavenly Mother.  I have many titles but most of all, I am Mother of Jesus, and by His Word, your Mother too and I love you, and I am the One who comforts you and consoles you, caressing you, blessing you, as a loving Mother, weeping with you, drying your tears, and my dear little one, your magnificent guardian angel is ever attendant upon you.  How awsome are the angels.  Little children, one day you will see your angels in all delight and realise what a faithful companion each one of you has had throughout you pilgrimage on Earth.

    Now My darling child, I am delighted to hold you in My Embrace, holding you to My Heart as I am depicted holding Jesus Our Lord.  As I hold you, I immerse you in My love, in the Wellspring of Love, and the Holy Spirit, My Spouse is bathing you now, in that vast River of Light which is ever pouring forth from the Throne of Glory, the Throne of Godhead in Heaven.

    Thus you are surrounded in the Light of Christ Jesus Our Lord.  It is the same Light with which the Apostles were enabled to do the Works of Evangelization in their day and that Light which has carried the Church these many years unto this time, and all My little children, all God’s precious children of Faith are bathed in this Light, and in this Light flow the needed Graces and Blessings, all that you need little children, to carry you moment by moment, step by step, day by day, throughout your Faith journey.

    Dear little one, hold the Name of Our Lord Jesus ever sacred on your lips and all goes according to Heaven’s Design for you, for He Loves you most tenderly, most totally and eternally.

    I Jesus bid you love Me, trust Me, no matter what is happening, for you are My Own and you live in the Power of My Peace and My Love; in the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God.  Children, know well and teach others, that this is the greatest Power in all Creation, for all Creation is Mine, it is the Works of My Hands.  When you pray My little ones, you are uniting with Me, Your Jesus, Who is Man and yet God, and My Godly Power comes upon you as the needed Graces, Blessings, Healings, Anointings; all that you need to carry you forth in Faith My little children.

     Remember the words of the great saint; let Peace be your quest and your aim.   I am Peace.

    Rest often in My Embrace.  Put your head upon My Shoulder in those needy moments like John; rest on My Bosom.  Be comforted in the Divine Embrace of Love.   I am lighting your pathway to wondrous experiences of Faith, to knowledge, of the Glory of GodHearken to the Voice of the Spirit Who is ever attendant upon you.  Glory be...

    May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with us always; beloved L and L and R and loved ones, children of God and children of Mary, be at Peace; Jesus Christ the King of kings reign!

    [Discussion about discerning locutions on tape]

    Dear Mother Mary, may L know the Name of her gaurdian angel?

    Profusion of Light; you may call your angel, Holy Profusion, or St Profusion, the Name is Profusion of Light. 

    Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.  Blessed be God forever. 

    First Omen saw a profusion of flowers before she got the name, Profusion of Light.

    Discernment prayers, 13th December, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

    Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most holy oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!  A day filled with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Thank You Lord.

    Mother Mary is speaking;  My lovely children, I bless you little ones ; My delight is in the Faithfilled little ones on the Earth who despite all the calamities, all the tragedies, all the crises, continue to know and love and serve our lord.  My precious little children, in this way you are ever pleasing to the Father, and the Graces and Blessings flow.  You know it is a time of great change upon the Earth, and you will see it even more clearly than now during the next few months.

    Most assuredly the Holy Spirit of the Living God, is present rampantly about the Earth, working miracles of Healing Love.  Little children, continue to hold the Name of Lord our God ever sacred on your lips as I often request you . This way, you are always living in His Holy Will.

    Thank You Blessed Mother, our Mediatrix of all Graces, and thank you for the twenty four people at the Guadalupe Project especially the new ones. 

    Thank You for the “yes” from Fr for general Adoration on Christmas morning.

    Consider it to be like unto the Adoration of the Magi.

    Thank You Mother; so beautiful.

    Lord, I cannot suppress this ongoing plea that Your Eucharistic miracle would come especially at Christmas. Let the millions come Lord Jesus. We also need inspiration for the New Years Eve vigil, honouring Mother as Our Lord wishes it done.

    I Myself, it is the Lord Who speaks, attend upon the many little faithful ones in the parish,

    and Divine Inspiration is given to several so that the New Years celebration in the Church

    goes according to Heaven’s Design.   Fr H will assist you.  I address FM this way;

    My darling, the Lord God is profoundly attendant upon you and all the hearts desires of the precious little children who would honour Our Mother thus; and so it comes to pass according to My Will.  Speak to D C.

    I will so arrange it that Fr H will also be involved.  Little children, I have Blest you with loyal priests in your Parish.  They are true children of the Lord God, and of the Mother of God, true brothers to the beloved John the Apostle, and you are thus powerfully blest.  In the next several days the plan will come full circle and the people will be notified in due course.

    Therefore be at Peace.

    Little children, you who walk ever in My Light and My Love, are given Divine Inspirations in a continuous stream of the River of Light flowing forth from the Throne of Glory.  

    Thank You Lord.  Lord, we prayed about the promotion of the Raphael Oath, and now I am told about the retired medical sociology professor, JC who has some interest in the Oath; is he the one You have told us You have chosen to promote the Oath? I don’t know him at all.

    Shall We wait and see.

    Lord I have directed them to the website for a copy of the Oath, I just hope I have done the right thing; since there is no nihil obstat for the Mission yet. 

    It is excellent; thus they have a full-fledged report of the truth with regard to medical practices of today. This man is blest with great discernment, and discernment of Spirits. And indeed wisdom.  He knows well the workings of the Vatican, the workings of the Magisterium, and he also knows how the Spirit of the Living God moves in mankind; therefore he is ideally suited for the works I yet have in mind for him.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord I pray for a patient who has had many miscarriages, and her aunt who has an abnormal grief for her husband who died a year ago. We pray long rebukes for the family tree.

    There is a blight, a darkness on this people which you have touched; it is the Lord Who speaks! Therefore, let it be lifted; Heaven hears the prayers of the Faithful!  I am speaking to YB.  Do not be distraught little one; the accursed affliction which had been upon you is no more.  Indeed, I give Life and Life to the fullest, and it shall be so.  Release from dark bondages unknown to this people is occurring now; for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful; let the Healings begin.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  May the Presence...Mother blessed you in a profound anointing.

    Angels are singing, I will pour out My Spirit upon all mankind and they shall live.

    Prayers for two Catholic, not practicing families, MT and SA, much confusion, strife and distress in the families.  Our Lord does not respond; we give both families to Mother Mary, praying Memorare. Thank You beautiful Mother.

    Lord, I have read of Msgr JB’s conference of the CHCW, and the guidelines for the treatment of AIDS, especially his closing remarks;

    In closing remarks he noted that, while "answers will be found in the Catholic Church, we .... want to be open to dialogue with other religions: Thus we await a witnessing from Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Jews. Wherever it comes from, the light will always be welcome."Thus I feel encouraged to send him the information about my sister’s adopted TA whom You have miraculously healed from AIDS or to ask my sister to forward the information to himIs this Your Will Lord?

    Dearest, you may forward it, making clear reference to your sister, her full name and address and telephone number, so that should anyone wish to investigate  further, it is readily available to them.  

    My dear little ones, you know that it is the darkness of sin which brought the HIV virus into this, My Beloved Humanity, and always it is cast out by Faith in the Healing Powers of Divine Love and Mercy.

    So I may send it?

    Make reference to the fact that you are seemingly unable to communicate by e-mail; it should not be thus.

    Thank You Lord Jesus; I could try e-mail again, and use airmail if I fail. [Our Lord woke me at 3.00am and inspired me to write the letter to Mons JB, and I succeeded in sending it by e-mail just before 5.15am, in time to get to Adoration by 6.00am.] Lord, as You know my mother is out of town.  I understand she is not doing very well, even may be terminally ill, but Lord, she seems to have thought she would die before me, so I feel rather confused because there are many things yet to happen in this Mission which have not come about yet.  Lord, please help to clarify my understanding of this conflicting information. 

    There is a reason for all things that occur little one as you well know. Little one, consider that your mother might at the time of her words to you,  have been beginning to fear her own bodily death, which caused her to believe what she spoke to you.  My little one, I leave her on Earth, for some time yet, because her work is not yet quite finished; and as for yourself, We have a great deal to do together, and it shall be done.

    Little one, you must know, that when there is fear of imminent death, especially when death of a parent occurs, those who are not walking closely to Me, not closely united with Me, act erratically; they are impelled to act and behave erratically.  This is distressing and confusing to those who are walking in the Light of My Trutl, but it is a fact, in the life of so many humans who are either lukewarm, or they know Me not because they have been confused by Our enemy. Even in this trial My little one, I ask you to pray,’ Father forgive them, most assuredly they don’t know what they are doing,’ when this behaviour occurs.

    My beloved one, I tell you this for Love of you, and yet I tell you I Love them, yet they are shunning Me for their own reasons, and in shunning Me, they shun My instruments of Truth.  Do you understand this My little children.

    Yes, thank You Lord.  Lord I pray for healing and conversion in family members far from You and Our Mother.

    I have commissioned you to a unique project as you well know, which has caused you

    distress, and yet thou hast fulfilled My Will in every instance, and I Bless you and strengthen you, I give you the necessary Fortitude to continue, that My Works of Enlightenment are indeed recognised in the Church and throughout the world!

    You know well that even believers, do not always obey the Magisterium, and yet they become aware of Truth when these issues are brought to Light, and that even the unbelievers have a certain wary respect of the words of Holy Father and the Vatican.  My little one, cling to Me as you do; stay united with your Jesus and with Our Mother as you do, because you are My instrument of Healing Love in this matter, and together We persevere in this great battle for Enlightenment to a world darkened by sin and pride!

    Lord, I ask Your Enlightenment with this repeated request to help with the singing and reading in the early Mass, which does not seem to be part of what You wish Me to do.

    The Virtue of Love is such that in this sort of issue, I leave My little ones in free will, but since you ask, I Bless you My beloved little one.  It is acceptable that you relieve M periodically when it is necessary for him to absent himself, but it is desirable that you keep much time for Me and Our primary Issue, therefore I will cause another person to come to M’s attention, and thus you will be relieved, and yet you will on occasion, find yourself volunteering on a needy day.  It is sufficient.

     Thank You Lord, for the great privilege that we come week after week, and You so patiently answer.  We pray that soon these Missions will be recognised.

    It shall come to pass in due course; therefore little children, persevere as you are doing.  You know that nothing is accomplished without much effort and certain distresses periodically throughout your lives, but there ever remains that Joy and Unity of Love, which you have with Me and with Our Mother.

    The Father of all Mercy and Love, Blesses you little children in a great anointing.  The Bishop and many others know Truth in your Missions each of you little children; do not worry about others who do not believe, but persevere in all that you are undertaking in the Name of your Jesus! Blessings and Graces flow rampantly.

     Thank You Lord.

    Glory be... May the Presence...

    Discernment Prayers, 18th December, 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse.  Oh Sacrament most Holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine!  The Lord rebuke thee satan, the Lord rebuke any and all that is coming against us and our families and our Missions; great and glorious is the Lord our God!

    Michael attends.Thank You St Michael.

    Dear Lord Jesus, we always come before You with so much to thank You for, and our Mother.  We give You all honour, praise, thanks and glory; we  bless Your Holy Name, oh God Most High.

    Beloved, the Virtue of Love is such that I am profoundly attendant upon you , both of you and your Missions of Love, therefore be at Peace.

    Lord, I pray for the Holy Father, especially now that I have become aware that while I was in San Diego, a conference sponsored by the Pontificate for CHCW took place entitled “Health and Society,”  but though the Holy Father addressed them, he did not specifically speak about “brain death.”  Lord, I pray this will come about soon.

    I speak to you as “The Word.”  Be at Peace; it occurs not yet, but very rapidly. 

    Thank You, Lord, we just pray for those who are put in this position at the end of their lives.  We pray and thank You for helping me to write the letter at three am last Thursday, through Fr A, to the Monsignor, quoting him, and letting him know of TA’s miraculous healing from AIDS; especially because it seems to have gone through, when I have never succeeded before.  Lord, if it has not gone through please help me to know this so that I can send the letter by airmail! We get a spirit of obstruction and pray rebukes again.  We are tormented! Omen has a vision of something that looks like a bull with horns directed straight forward.   Lord we abandon ourselves to Your Mercy and Love.

    Do not be afraid little children, the message is received.  The enemy is as it were, over- wrought at what is occurring.  Little children, always behave as you do, in all confidentiality, for the foe, the deceiver, at times even deceives himself, as to his grandeur and power.  Little children, that which you do for the Lord your God, is so pleasing; persevere as you do

    My little ones

    Lord, thank You so much for helping me get through; I am so excited, but I have not heard back from any one yet.  The letter about the Oath is also being sent, I don’t know where in the Vatican.

    Be astounded.

    Oh Jesus, let Your Design prevail .  Am I to notify Fr J and the Bishop yet or wait till I hear back?

    It is best to wait a little longer.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord it is so good, when occasionally the internet works for the Lord.

    A beautiful Christmas gift to the Archbishop Barragan; I did not ask but I assume this will be shared with the Holy Father since this is a big miracle, confirmation of the authenticity of this Mission.  Lord hide us from this publicity as much as possible. 

    Lord we thank You that the problems at PHC, reported by LT, are now being investigated.  Let Your Will be done Lord!

    The thing which has caused the distress in PHC is eradicated in the Power of the Holy Spirit, therefore be at Peace.  Oftentimes, the ambitious individuals do so-called cover-ups to give a false impression of their so-called capabilities and success, and this causes suffering for those who work in the institution.  Yet I do not fail to see what is occurring, and in due course My Action is taken; it is taken now in this institution. Rectified are the many wrongs, vindicated are the victims, be at Peace!

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Even though I have not heard from JM in a while I hope and pray that she too is vindicated.

    Pray for your enemies darling children, pray for the enemies of those who come to you in suffering, and teach them to pray for their enemies.  This is your greatest prayer for defeating Our foe; to pray for your enemies, those who hate you. Often those who hate, hate without just cause , but by the manipulation of Our foe.  Little children, persevere in prayer.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Dear Lord, as You know the doctors who wrote me regarding Spirituality in Psychotherapy, did not do it randomly but as they say, I was recommended by the Royal college; which gives me some anxiety about how I came to their notice except by speaking in Ottawa, but now that I found the doctors names again, am I to write back introducing the Mission, or wait Lord?

    Wait, and We shall discuss it at a later date , for these doctors main concern at this time is their survey.

    Thank You Lord.  As You know I wrote to the one who is doing the research in London; but I know nothing about him and I have never heard from him. I don’t even know if I should expect to hear from him or if I was just to send him information to show him Your perspective of his work Lord.

    Continue to dispense the information as you and I agree upon it, and do not worry about the fall-out, I take care of that.  You see, many of today’s doctors do not practice Christian Faith.  His name is Peter and he should be a practising Christian.  Therefore continue to pray as you do little children, for the success of your Missions and trust Me.  I use you as I will, for you have said “yes ” to Me. [ He is showing Omen that this doctor is taken aback by my information.]

    Thank You Lord, he should be, for his own sake.  We will see his published research paper in February.

    Lord, we pray for KS at friend of TK, who has severe illness in her family, and has just experienced a miscarriage, but has been going to a Catholic Church seeking healing from all her pain; Lord You have told us many times, that “when they seek You, You will let them find You;” therefore Lord we pray for K, trusting in You to heal her and her family spiritually and physically according to Your Will.  Lord, please have Mercy on them.

    I attend upon this family for the cries of the little K, her tears rise up to Me, and I attend upon her profoundly, and upon her people; I cleanse this people and make them once more My Own.  Do not doubt; it is the time of the Great Ingathering now, and you will hear even more of these experiences occurring round about.  Now, a great anointing comes upon K and her people. 

    Beloved little ones, persevere in all prayerfulness, for those who know Me not, that they too shall come back to Me.  Come to Me, full circle as it were.  There have been generations, great gaps in the family trees, where once there were stout Christians.  Faith, as it were, has been wafted away, through the generations, and now through this time of Mercy, I am restoring that property which once was Mine; I claim it again and bring it back to Me, for Heaven hears the prayers of the faithful, resounding about the Earth.  Give Glory to the Father!

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.  Amen.

    For My Mercy knows no end!

    Thank You so much Lord Jesus.

    Lord, I pray for the one who did not make her appointment today, because I know she believes  in tarot cards etc., even though she is from a Catholic background though they are not practising.

    Lord, I pray for the conversion of her family; Lord have Mercy.  

    A bag of bones is saddled around their necks. [Death!-the devil]

    We pray rebukes. In Jesus Holy Name it is done.


    May the Presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, remain with them always, beloved children of God and children of Mary; be at Peace, Jesus Christ the King of kings reigns. Amen. This is the opportune moment to flee the enemy and seek the Lord.  She was very close to the grandma who is dead now, and a practising Catholic.

    The grandma is pleading her cause and praying litanies for this family.

    Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints; Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most holy; Blessed be God forever. Lord, may I extend these prayers to all my patients who call themselves Christian.

    Yes My darling, do so always; they are so lost and confused and deceived.

    Dear Lord, have Mercy.  There is Kenny, where Tihana has been healed.  Lord we believe You will heal him too as You have promised.

    He has unity of Love with Me.  The enemy would immobilize My Holy Spirit; and Kenny is a sign of this immobilization, and yet the Spirit of the Living God is not immobilized and works powerfully on the beloved Body of Christ on Earth.  I assure you My Words are not in vain, for I am Truth, and it shall be so. Beloved little children, soon! In your time, soon.  Have I not told you the world will be turned upside down after the 6thJanuary, 2001; beginning immediately after the 6th.

    Lord, the jubilee ends on the seventh.  See Lord, there I go again, praying for the great Eucharistic miracle to come about.


    [our Lord says this frequently to confirm we are praying for the right things. [Like a nine day novena.] You are busy Lord!

    Counting My sheep!

    When we prayed last time Our Lady said about the Adoration on Christmas morning, the response will be like the visit of the Magi.  I was realizing that I did not really know how Our Lady meant that. I need to ask.

    Ask not; wait and see!  You shall see miracles of Love dearest children.  My Love for My little faithful ones is so profound as to be unspeakable, for words in the human tongues cannot contain it.  My little ones, rejoice in Our Love’s union and be at Peace.

    Thank You so much Lord.  I did speak to DC about collecting the ideas about Our Lady’s vigil, but so far I have not heard anything about any plans. Lord, I have lost my beautiful rosary  from Our Lady of all Nations. I lost several from Rome; I think I left it at St Mary’s.   Hail Mary...

    The Rock of Ages bids thee Peace. Do not be distraught: We Bless the child with many  rosaries.  They are not all identical little children . Their beauty lies in the hands of those who touch them prayerfully, proclaiming the mysteries of Love.  Be at Peace little ones. Do not be surprised at the events which are about to occur.

    [I understand that our Lord is referring to spiritual life experiences, not beads.]

    Thank You lord Jesus. I just want to keep AM in prayer because she is writing exams right now. 

    She accomplishes all that I desire her to accomplish, for she prays most pleasingly.  She lives a life of prayer.  Be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord.  And thank You for Omen whose birthday is Wednesday and LTs tomorrow.

    Glory be...May the Presence...

    Discernment prayers, Dec 27th; 2000.

    Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well beloved Spouse! Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!

    I Your Mother, indeed am profoundly attendant upon the beloved children of God all over the Earth.  The sign which K has caused to be placed at the entrance of the parish, I Myself attend upon that it be well recognized; it shall be  lighted and additional enhancements are placed about it that no one will miss seeing it.  I bless K with inspirations with regard to the battle of pro-life against the culture of death.  You may tell him!

    Thank You Mother, and we thank You for inspiring the anonymous donor of 2,000 roses from Mexico, sent to our parish to recognize and celebrate the 2,000th birthday of Jesus. We hope and pray that all Christians in our parish and in the world, recognize the spiritual significance of the occasion, that His Adoration be increased.

    My little children, most assuredly the roses reflect Divine Mercy, and a Blessing on the Priesthood, and the forever Purity of Your Jesus and of Our Mother, and they call thus to the many; “come follow Me, Your Jesus.” Little children, Blessings and Graces continue to flow in this parish of Faith-filled individuals united in the Community of Love.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

    Lord, I have mentioned to several that we aught to plan a thanksgiving vigil on the eve of Mother’s feastday, Theotokos.  There may well be plans but I have not heard of any yet Lord. I don’t know what else to do because we only have a few days left.

    I Myself, it is the Lord Who speaks, attend upon this matter.  Little children, a night of quiet Joy, a surfeit of Love, comes upon you, those who attend prayerfully on this holy evening; a feast of Love.

    Thank You Lord.  It always works that Mother does something to recognize Our Lord, and Our Lord reciprocates.  So Lord, I don’t have to do anything more; just leave it in Your Hands now?

    You have done My Will in speaking of it, of addressing it to the many. Therefore be at Peace.

    Thank You Lord Jesus. Lord, I cannot help continuing to pray  for the Eucharistic miracle to come about soon for the conversion of the many.

    The angels are singing, “I will pour out My Spirit upon all mankind and they will live says the Lord.”

    Little children, I am attendant upon this matter and in due course a remarkable event occurs, and at last the parishioners, to a man, proclaim the good news!  They at last recognize that I am truly present with you, truly Emmanuel, God with you, in the Bread and Wine of My Love.”

    Thank You Lord.  Come Lord Jesus and do not delay!

    Lord, I have heard from a German pro-life worker, who asks me to link with their new website who’s emblem is the feet of a ten-week foetus.  I have asked DK to help do it but he is being called to work early; it seems he may be obstructed again.  Lord please help us; I have been waiting for the best part of this year to get the website updated and revamped and so much obstruction has happened.

    Little children, all will fall into place.  There is a fierce war as you know because our foe considers himself in charge of all these material things and electronic matters, and readily disrupts.  Yet little children, I Bless you with the needed perseverence, and I advise you that I am with you always, and what I Desire to do is done; My Will is done in you and through you.  All will fall neatly into place, with regard to your e-mail, and Our Project, the Epistle of Love.  Be not anxious therefore; I am glad and I do indeed make it happen.

    Thank You Lord.  Just help me get the printing work done so that I can get the updated  Words for the last year mailed to the Vatican before I have to go back to work please Lord.

    It is readily done!

    Thank You Lord.

    Lord, I pray without specifying in words what I believe you have given me to carry; and please help me to understand it correctly and the Peace to carry it as You wish me to do.  I understand there are usually thorns accompanying roses.  I don’t feel comfortable putting it in words right now.

    My littlest one, you know that I Love you most tenderly, most totally and eternally.  There comes a time when your understanding and your memories are clarified,  brought to Light and healing takes place.  My little ones consider such experiences as My Healing anointings, My Love reminding you, I Loved you then as I Love you now.  I am ever with you in all your trials My little one; hosts of angels assist you in every detail of your life, because the Mission to which you are molded and conformed by Me to carry out, is so important to Me.

    All, all that has occurred in your life, was leading you to this time.  I have told you before, those who are My instruments of Peace in the world today, were handpicked by Me, the Living God,  to live at this time, and to do the actions I have called them to do.  Such a one art thou, and therefore do as Scripture says; “In all thing give thanks and glory to Our Father.” 

    Little children, each one of you is storing treasure in Heaven, and you will realize this on that great and glorious day of the Lord when all is revealed to you.  Now I just Bless you with My comforting Love encompassing you in My Spirit in Divine Love, and thou shalt persevere prayerfully and patiently in that I have called you unto.  Would you tell Me that you love Me?

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love You; I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not love and do not trust Thee.

    Dear Jesus, You know that I received notice of the conference of the WHO conference in Vancouver in July, as well as the e-mail from my friend in London.  It occurs to me that it may be appropriate to invite Dr PF in London to present his research then, through my friend PM.  I don’t exactly know what EofL Mission is to play in that yet Lord, but please enlighten me what You Will.

    I will cause further events to take place with Dr PF and he will be open to any suggestions that you and your associate would venture to offer him; therefore make the suggestion that he attend.  My little children, there is a weaving together with regard to the Truth of the soul of each individual.

     The world seems to have acquired a concept that is atheistic and that there is no soul, and then they are amazed by certain oriental concepts that there is a spirituality, another dimension they might call it, and yet they have difficulty in recognizing that each human has a Godgiven soul.  These barriers of belief I break down and they begin to see Truth.  You are one such instrument, but I have many about the world and I am holding you together.

    Little children, that is why I Call to you, pray, discern and act, when you see it is for the good of Truth.  Do not hesitate to contact other individuals as you have been doing.  Yes, you have experienced some rebuffs, some rejections, but they fall on Me, and you shall indeed persevere. 

    My little one, as the weeks go by, you will recognize your position in this conference; and though there will be, as ever, limitations on how much of E of L you may share with others, yet there will be specific sharings of what you have been given. 

    We shall pray with regard to this matter over the next three weeks for it is important to Me. 

    Thank You Lord Jesus.  Lord, we thank You for the Urbi et Orbi, which specified Life and Death issues, though not specifically about “brain death.” We pray that soon he will.  Lord we pray for the nihil obstat for this Mission to come about soon. 

    It is known to the Holy Father at this time, for many of these like stories come to him from about the world and he realizes, he recognizes the evil intent of certain physicians. Who are atheistic in their view of Life and Death.  I Cause him to speak soon now; I am in unity with him profoundly.  Little children, your God is not unaware of these practices which are abhorrent to the Lord God and yet the timing of the Holy Father’s words must be at the moment I Desire[He shows Omen a vision of interlocking clockwork]  for the good of the majority.  Walk in Faith and Trust and continue in Faith to do all that you are doing in My Cause. 

    I pray for the Church to recognize the Mission, or at least parts of it at the time of the conference so that it is not seen as not recognized by the Church and dismissed.

    The Virtue of Love is such that I, the Living God attend upon these concerns of yours. I cause all thing to fall into place according to One Great Design for all Humanity.  Thus little children, strive to see yourselves as the little cogs in the great wheels which are turning in favour of Love and Life and Unity of Humanity at last.

    Thank You Lord.   Lord I need your help for everything, even what is not for the Mission, I am hassled in trying to log onto the Royal College website. and I need Your Light to write the medico-legal letter please Lord.

    I open all the doors; continue to invoke the Spirit and all flows freely.

     Thank You Lord Jesus.   Glory be...  May the Presence...

    Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.

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