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Volume One. MASSAH! updated weekly. The original ongoing Discernments by date.
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    Wednesday 27 February 2002

    ABSTRACT: given 4th June, 1998

    I am He, your Jesus of Merciful Love, the One who holds the Key to Life and Death. As I look upon My beloved Humanity, I see death and destruction all about. Some think they are doing good, but they do evil; some are just doing evil. Children, as atheism is seemingly controlling the scientific world, many things are occurring which are not pleasing to the Lord your God. Much is anathema and My blessing is not upon much which is ocurring now. Many pray for My Kingdom to come upon the Earth now and a period of peace will indeed come shortly. In the interim, there must be a period of cleansing, of purification, of returning to Truth.

     I the Lord your God, Am Truth! Invoke the Holy Spirit, and open Scripture. Many indeed know the New Testament. In the Old Testament there is much that is pleasing, and much that is unclean in the eyes of the Lord your God. As I cast My eyes on My beloved Humanity, I behold many who are trying to be gods.

     I hold the keys of Life and Death. There is a time to be born and a time to die. You play with these very facts of life. You are playing with the very existence of the souls of those you work with, and your own souls!

     I Myself gift many individuals all over the Earth with healing hands. Many whom you designate as incurable, are cured at the hands of My little faithful ones. My Love is no secret; it is for all mankind. It is I who gift each with the needed intellect according to My Will; yet I bid thee pray the Father of Merciful Love, the Our Father, before you interact with other humans in these solemn matters of Life and Death.

     I address you Faithful Missionary in the medical world , and with other of My instruments, I address those whose lifestyles are no longer of Me; who live perilously on the precipice of hell which really exists. At this time I enlighten you, Faithful Missionary, a medical professional, that you might be My instrument, to the other medical professionals. I am asking you to light one candle in the darkness, and leave the rest up to Me; in the power of the Holy Spirit I light up all the darkness !