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Volume Two: Contents

Chapter 1: The Oath: Reflections upon God and Science
Chapter 2: His Words
Chapter 3: Abuse
Chapter 4: Addiction
Chapter 5: Homosexuality
Chapter 6 Abortion
Chapter 7: Organ Donation
Chapter 8: "Brain Death"
Chapter 9: Satan, Sin and Death
Chapter 10: Sorrow and Woe
Chapter 11: Blood: The Covenant: The Blessing and the Curse

Chapter 12: The Ten Commandments
Chapter 13: Conversion
Chapter 14: Instruments in the Ingathering
Chapter 15: Healings, Blessings and Anointings
Chapter 16: Priesthood and the Church
Chapter 17:Archangels and Angels
Chapter 18: Mary and Her Holy Rosary
Chapter 19:Victory and Salvation
Chapter 20:Jesus, Eternal Physician
Chapter 21:Peace in His Presence

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